The Libra is much bigger than Facebook; Its head wants to work with the central banks and governments

The Facebook Libra; The new world order’s answer to the current fiat monetary system
Facebook’s wide audience makes it the perfect firm to develop a private currency. Here’s a full list of the Libra Association founding members. The largest globalist-controlled payments firms must be included if we are talking about developing a replacement to the U.S. dollar

If I were to establish a global monetary system on a blockchain, I would first establish a working rapport with the governing authorities. I certainly would not try to overturn the status quo (at least, not initially).

  • The latest price moves of bitcoin show that it can never replace the current fiat transaction currencies for 90% of the population. Only stable coins will encourage spending, not speculation and hoarding.
  • David Marcus, the head of Facebook’s blockchain project, said he wants “someone who knows how economies tend to work” to lead the Libra Association.
  • Executives at Facebook’s Libra are taking the correct approach by soliciting its desire to work with the central banks.
  • The Libra promises to be fully accountable and audited. Its centralized blockchain will trace every transaction to its respective user.
  • The Libra will be a private currency, but backed by government debt. It is nothing more than a sovereign debt buying scheme and the user is the ultimate buyer of that debt.
  • Bitcoin can become the go-to for asset protection and its price may rise many fold from current levels, but its current decentralized structure precludes it ever being more than an asset.
  • Scarcity can never be an attribute for a proposed monetary system. The elites will never allow that.

“We need someone who knows how economies tend to work, who understands how to operate in a very complex, decentralized governance type of environment,” [David] Marcus told The Information in a Q&A published on Friday.

“And we need someone who has the gravitas to be able to carry the message on behalf of all the members — the hundred members and more of the association when this thing goes live — rather than have each and every one of us have piecemeal conversations left and right with all of the different governments and regulators that this whole network will be subject to.”

The executive in charge of Facebook’s currency says he’d love somebody with central banking experience to help lead it – CNBC, June 28th

David Marcus, the Facebook exec who helped hatch its Libra digital currency project, said a managing director with experience in government and central banking would be a great leader for the independent group that will actually oversee the currency.

As I stated previously, I believe that the major western governments and their network of central banks will ultimately have a say in Libra’s formation and probably have already guided Facebook on how to approach its blockchain creation. It will ultimately win approval in some modified version as it looks to perpetuate the existing banking hierarchy.

Why we believe the Libra is much bigger than Facebook and was planned a long time ago

A subscriber emails;

So true that the Libra is much bigger than Facebook. This was planned from Basel, Switzerland 🇨🇭 a long time ago. Just my two cents….

V – Canada

Libra’s astrological sign; For eschatological students, the name “Libra” for a currency is an interesting choice.

While we may never know where the Libra concept was truly conceived, understanding the conspiracy for global government and its financial dictatorship can prove invaluable when we come across new and novel concepts like the Libra. Facebook, with its wide international acceptance, is the perfect vehicle for introducing any new global currency and monetary system.

Think about these questions; How will the world look when the Libra becomes widely adopted and accepted as a means of payment? Could the Libra effectively replace fiat currencies and paper money? Facebook and its messaging apps are actively used by about 3 billion people worldwide and that number grows by the quarter. Given Facebook’s total global reach, I can easily see how the Libra becomes an accepted and secure form of payment; from Amazon to your local grocery store.

The rider of the black horse in Revelation, which is an allegory for the end time monetary system, is holding a pair of scales

Now, picture a scenario where we hold views that are antithetical to the new world order, and we make them publicly known. What happens if we get banned from the major social media platforms? Imagine over the next 10-15 years where businesses only accept the Libra, because its centralized structure will make it free of most fraud, and you and I are shut out of using this private currency.  I see the Libra as the logical new world order solution to money after a protracted global conflict, currency collapse, or loss of confidence in the nation-state governments.

Anyone caught defrauding others or preaching “hate” will lose their Libra credits and be banned. Thus, in order to use this new global currency, we will eventually have to prove we are good global citizens. No white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, nationalists, racists, abortion foes, or anti-homosexual activists will be allowed to use this new system. Christian pastors would have to tow the politically-correct party line or else they will all be banned from using this blockchain currency. The Christian Bible would be rejected for everything else.

The stories of fraud and deception under this current monetary system are legion. We are bombarded daily with stories of exploitation against the elderly and infirm. The media scares us to death about identity theft. We hear about debt consolidators swindling thousands from desperate people. We read about how the decentralized blockchain currencies like bitcoin are used for blackmail, extortion, and embezzlement. Under the Libra currency regime, these scenarios would be impossible. All transactions will be traced to the source and to the penny. Every user would have to play nice as all the manufactured problems currently plaguing the existing monetary regime would be rendered academic. White collar crime would be an anachronism. As we can clearly see, the Libra will provide the manufactured solution to all the manufactured problems.

Under this system, all the major nations will have to make an agreement to allow for the use of this Libra currency. It will transcend borders and all the major nations will have to come to some form of consensus on its use. There will be manufactured crises growing out of this and they will all result in a one way path towards greater centralized control.

This is where the world is heading. I read it in the Bible.