Governments worldwide continue to suppress human liberties in anticipation of some set of circumstances

The question is why?

Note to reader: I have included a copy of this week’s World Affairs Brief below for your review.

As objective observers of the world’s condition, we must stop discounting any future possibility, however remote we may think it to be.

  1. I observe the sudden changes in direction to the world’s economy and monetary system since the advent of the covid response in March 2020, and contemplated why the monetary and fiscal authorities would engage in such ostensibly foolish policies. Of course, at the time I warned the reader to rapidly deploy capital into procuring income-generating assets, since the outcome to me seemed obvious.
  2. I observe the nonchalance of implementation and reluctance of the monetary authorities to recognize the adverse repercussions of their actions, and told the reader that this was not by chance.
  3. I observe the concerted effort to undermine and sabotage the global supply chain, and can’t help but think this was done with intent.
  4. I note the sudden emergence of the former Soviet Union, and remarked that its timing was not by coincidence.
  5. I have been drawing parallels between the 2020’s with the circumstances of the 1930’s, and have been concluding that the world seems to be embarking on similar paths. While the names and individual circumstances may have changed, the outcomes seems to be similarly inevitable.
  6. In the 1930’s, the U.S. tightened the screws on Japan until it finally attacked. The U.S. seems to be engaging in the same sort of activities against Russia in the 2020’s, which has responded by shedding its false skin and re-emerging as the new Soviet Union.

Barring some unforeseen event like wormwood or the appearance of the two witnesses, war seems to be the only logical outcome. What seemed remote just a year ago seems more likely by the day. If we can remain focused on the ultimate outcome with regards to what is the desired objectives of 2030 and beyond, all these crises and losses of our personal freedoms make sense. We can then take preventive measure to make certain we do not easily fall victim to the planned agenda to achieve these goals. I have long reminded the reader that we still possess a great amount of control over the direction of our personal lives.

If we can remain above the propagandist distractions that our adversary throws our way, we can make the right moves financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Despite what we hear, there is still time, but the noose tightens every year.

I wanted to forward the latest issue of the World Affairs Brief. Its primary topic of discussion this week is in regards to the globalized agenda on suppress our personal freedoms.



As we already know, there has been a concerted effort to crackdown on our personal liberties, regardless of the country. Whether it be in the U.S., Russia and the former Soviet bloc, or China, the campaign to subdue humanity is in full swing. For you who keep complaining that the world can never engage in a nuclear campaign against the West, especially the United States, you do a terrible disservice to your fellow patriot. There is only one reason why the governments are engaging in these tyrannical measures; the powers-that-be know something is coming and they do not want any dissent. These powers want us completely in the dark, so we cannot make the proper decisions when the time comes.

As of right now, I know of only two scenarios that could be the reason behind this quickening loss of our freedoms;

  • Economic collapse
  • War

The first one is less likely than the second.  Instead of collapse, I envision the Western economies and elsewhere shifting from a relatively free market into more of a Soviet-style command economy. While the shift has been underway for a long time, it has only accelerated in the wake of the pandemic. I look for more and more centralized planning to be promulgated going out to the end of the decade and especially after war.

It most likely won’t be from a bioweapon, as that’s been used already for maximum effect, and the globalists know that too many people have caught on. Though our loss of freedoms from the COVID scam will remain long after the world has forgotten the pandemic, the erosion of personal liberties will be forever lost until Shiloh comes.

There are other reasons, like an approaching asteroid and such, but I do not speculate on such outlier events.

To me, the most probable cause is an upcoming global war. To me, this makes the most sense. I am planning for it in all my actions, and you should, too. V. Putin may be dead soon, but his successor could be much worse than Stalin while making Putin look like a piker.

May God bless my readers and may He provide for you during this growing time of trouble.