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08/15 Update – It’s a great time to be alive; Day trading and a stock tip, Investment opportunities, Housing fundamentals, Nationalism and more

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Housing remains an excellent choice
-Discussion of a 8/15 MarketWatch article, Mortgage rates keep falling — will they finally drop to 0%? 
-This blog was the only one that was consistently correct in its prediction of bond yield movements and the circumstances behind these drops.  We were so confident that we correctly predicted the best assets to accumulate.
-The three reasons why housing will continue to shine;
1) Ever-falling bond yields
2) A world awash in ever-softer dollars; This enhances values in the former Commonwealth, Europe, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, etc., which is why everyone needs to stay up on US Fed policy.
3) Powerful Western demographics; The United States population has grown by 84 million people since 1990 (more than two Canadas), and 51 million since 2000 (two Australias). Most of these people are lower-end segments and are creating constant demand for middle-income housing, which, of course, is no longer being built.

Day trading tips and suggestions, a stock pick
-I add to my prior article on day trading, with a few more vital tips to abide by. We need to have iron-clad discipline. When we deviate, we lose.
-Keep track of earnings and never hold a large equity position (or any) in a day trade account into an earnings report. The chance for a major blowup is too great.
I received a YouTube video from a Canadian subscriber regarding the odds of making money in day trading. 
Another stock pick; eMagin (EMAN: NYSE-AMEX). Excellent ground floor opportunity on a penny stock

Trump and nationalism
-Despite what the world is claiming, we are not about to go into the abyss. The alt-media Cassandras and MSM keep pounding home about riots and COVID deaths, but the stories are greatly exaggerated and have only been stumbling blocks for the fearful and unwashed.
-I largely support Trump’s platform and loved the nation that was, but that nation is no longer in existence. But, I am wasting my time really spending any time contemplating the kayfabe election outcome, except as it may affect my investing. Ultimately, we only have direct control over our personal choices and if some choose to get worked up and depressed over this manufactured farce, that is up them.
-Imagine if we didn’t act properly and saw this all unfold as predicted. I know I would be depressed being broke, but since the yield curve moves regardless of which puppet is in office, we need to act accordingly.
-If I played by the rules of the investment industry and had a slightly sociopathic mindset, I could be making a boatload in the investment community. I certainly would not be creating a need for someone in which they would buy a useless service or read a site like ZeroHedge.

08/09 Update -Changes to social, public, and tax policies if the dollar loses its reserve status, and how to invest; Trump as the dialectic change agent 

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-We discuss the probable changes to Federal and state public finance and tax polices if the dollar loses its reserve status. 
-Corporate income taxes as a percent of government revenue has been falling for decades. Government tax policies across the board have helped to enhance asset prices.
-Changes to tax policies such as the long-term fall in effective corporate income tax rates, the defined contribution plan that encouraged stock ownership, the large cap gain exclusions in owner-occupied real estate, and the 1031-tax free exchange of investment real estate, could all come under attack as the government attempts to increase tax revenue.
-The government will need to increase tax revenue, since the U.S. will need to begin relying more heavily on internal sources for funding. Many relying on passive income (myself) could lose out.
-Labor intensive employers lose out under the current tax regime, and find it profitable to offshore capacity. If the USD loses its status, this would need to change as employers would be forced to bring productive capacity home.

Look for a change if the dollar loses its reserve status

-While this would benefit many previously disenfranchised workers, these large employers will lobby the government to reduce their tax and cost burdens of hiring workers. Payroll taxes may fall, but the costs and responsibilities of the usual employer benefit menu of healthcare, child day care, retirement plans, tuition assistance, etc., will shift to the government. 
-New Mexico already places a sales tax on services, and this could expand around the country as the states will need to increase their own revenue if the Feds can no longer easily transfer money to the local level. We could see Federal surcharges on all sorts of transactions.

An ever-increasing employer cost; If the USD loses its reserve status, look for a single-payer system to emerge, which just shifts healthcare burdens to the government. How else will labor intensive businesses make money back home?

-If the USD loses its status, look for taxes of all kinds to increase markedly. They would then be on par with the former Commonwealth nations and Britain; perhaps even as high as the EU. These revenue streams would fund all the social programs that used to be the “burden” of the employer.
-While we could see a reverse of the trend in the chart below, a sharp shift to socialism would effectively reduce the costs of hiring by the large employers. 

-On the surface, if the USD lost its reserve status, stock prices would fall. Dollar-based assets would lose their allure as a way to park cash, but a weaker dollar could enhance the profits of firms with heavy exposure outside the U.S. Large firms around the world with large international exposure would be sought out as a way to mitigate currency fluctuations.
-Since overseas dollars would flow back home, many costs of life here will rise much higher. Price to income multiples of real estate and rent levels will rise to levels observed in the former Commonwealth. There would by little means for the U.S. to export its inflation.
-Trump is the change agent that has served the globalists well. By conflating a polarizing and unstable man with nationalism, the elites have conditioned the demoralized population to “throw the baby out with the bath water” and elect a previously unelectable candidate team who will throw the nation under the bus. The demoralized people will rejoice as they burn the flag and the nation to the ground.

08/02 Update  – Subscriber Q&A Part 2; Stocks and investments to own with a weaker dollar, Post-election concerns, Thinking outside the box

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-What I think will happen in the U.S. post-election.
-Investing based on a weaker dollar. Investing in alternative assets and businesses.
-The dynamics of this dollar system in a post-election environment. My concerns about government actions in the wake of the election. A post-dollar world is being entertained as a vote against nationalism. Don’t wish for something too hard, you may just get it.
-The stocks that I would look to hold regardless of the dollar’s situation.
-Financial planners and investment managers suffer from an inherent conflict of interest. They will always recommend investments that they can control. Overcoming social proof is essential to successful investing.
The typical advice articles in the business press deter us from owning assets that cannot be professionally managed.
-The obsession over racism; the average person in the world senses something is drastically wrong, but is in complete denial and has misplaced their frustration and fear. These folk are stuck in the first phase of the Kubler-Ross Model. They are proceeding through the five stages of grief and are completely unaware of their circumstances. You must separate yourself from the rest of humanity as they are slowly going insane. They are mourning the deaths of their former lives and aspirations, but don’t yet know it. That is gone forever.
-More than any other period in our lifetimes, we must think outside the box and develop other ways to make money. If you are unwilling to climb out of your comfort zone, I can’t help you. There is no easy way around this. It will only get worse over time.


08/01 Update – Q&A with subscriber emails; The dollar, asset prices, bail-ins and asset confiscation

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-We contemplate a scenario where the US dollar loses its reserve status. What would happen to the prices of the assets in the US? What would happen to stock and bond prices? What would happen to real estate? What would happen to the cost of living? Tax policies would definitely change and the nation would drift further into outright socialism to compensate for the spiraling costs of daily life.
IMF – Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (COFER)
-A discussion of all the current alternatives to the USD and what would have to happen for the USD to lose its reserve and transaction status. A discussion of why the USD is different than all the other current alternatives and why shaking the world of its dollar habit will be very difficult.
-The IMF’s SDR and its shortcomings. The drawbacks of gold.
-How asset prices respond to a dollar collapse.
-The idea of asset confiscations and “bail-ins” revisited. The reasons why we have not heard of these topics for several years.

07/19 Update- The economics of wealth consolidation and an analysis of how the wealthy benefit from deficit spending

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-An analysis of how the large multinational corporations are best positioned to benefit from deficit spending. These firms are the most effective at extracting the wealth of the bottom 50% (up to bottom 90%) of the population. These are just normal functions of deficit spending and the QE environment.
-Think I’m wrong? Just look at the following two charts that show how the S&P 500 earnings have exploded since the early 80’s, when the massive deficit spending campaigns were initiated under the first Reagan regime. 

S&P 500 index (blue), S&P 500 earnings (gold); Prior to 1980, fiscal deficit spending was minimal and stock earnings and price growth were subdued. Post 1980, stock prices and earnings exploded in tandem with the deficit spending.
S&P 500 index (blue), S&P 500 earnings (gold); The largest firms are best able to exploit the explosion in fiscal deficit spending. The accumulation of wealth by these firms will continue as long as the nation-states continue to spend recklessly.

-The largest corporations control the media and will always encourage deficit spending. All these liberal causes mean massive deficit spending. 
Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen testified on Friday that robust fiscal action is needed. They authored an article on the Brookings Institute’s website. I suspect that COVID will drag on and accelerate in the winter months. This will necessitate at least 3 trillion in additional spending. All of which will trickle up to the balance sheets of the elites and their income-generating assets. The Fed can easily build their balance sheet to 100% of GDP. At that point we wlll need to address what will happen next.
-I analyze the mechanics of how this wealth extraction works in real time through the exothermic and endothermic phases of deficit spending programs.
-I am the only analyst who is explaining this in a way that encourages us to make the correct financial and personal decisions. The YouTube alt-media personalities with +100k followers are useful to the Synagogue of Satan elites, because these people provide the sheep with a release valve to vent their anger and frustration. Virtually all their followers are instructed to take antithetical actions for their well-being.


07/17/20 Update – The economics of inflation; Predictions for this monetary system and how to invest for the future

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-These massive monetary and fiscal programs are “exothermic” in the short run. Unfortunately, they are “endothermic” in the longer run. The elites (and we) know this.
-Over the longer term, this massive stimulation eventually trickles up to the income-generating asset owners as profit. While those without the assets may spend much of this money, they are left to effectively service the resulting debt burden via their wage income.  As such, the wage earner’s quality of life slowly deteriorates. The process is very slow, so the average person cannot make the connection.
-By definition, the more assets that investors and business owners hold, the wealthier they become from this deficit spending.
-I provide a thorough analysis with observations and data confirming our suspicions. This analysis is vital for making our long-term preparations. 
-We must keep the true spiritual aspects of this system in mind, so we are not deceived by the propaganda promoted by its supporters.
-My outlook on inflation runs counter to the conventional. We can make more timely predictions. 
-Look at the next chart. There is a high long-term positive correlation between lower levels of public debt as a percent of GDP and higher inflation. The higher the economic debt burden, the lower the long-term inflationary potential. 

The Fed knows this, but cannot publicly say so; As public debt as a percent of GDP explodes over time, inflationary pressures subside. Over time, a greater portion of future economic potential is devoted to servicing outstanding debt.
MZM continues to outpace nominal GDP growth and current estimates now peg it at an amount greater than GDP. The many routes that effectively sterilize this money have proven successful.
The long term trends are clear. The more public debt rises, the lower price inflation moves. Thus, current Fed monetary policy becomes more sustainable. The Fed wants inflation as low as possible and it knows that deficit spending is deflationary.
There are many ways the USG and Fed hide their tracks. The Fed encourages its member banks to park cash, while the USG benefits from the offshoring of dollars via the illegal drug business, balance of payments deficits, and military spending

07/12/2020 Update – How to move forward during the end times in a world of ever-greater centralized control

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-Financial self-sovereignty is the key to overcoming.
-We can judge a person by their fruits. The founding fathers were not obsessed with centralized control. In fact, they eschewed a powerful centralized form of government and resisted a privatized central banking system. These people may have been Freemasons, but the Freemasons of 250 years ago were nothing like those of today. The ones today are obsessed with globalism and centralized power.
-A commentary on the formation of the United States with a warning for those who dislike the USA of today.
-The Bible is pro-nationalism, while Satan needs a centralized global government
-The technology for the end time system discussed in the Bible is already developed. The only hindrance is the people’s willingness to accept it. The people have overwhelmingly rejected the Bible and the gospel has been preached to the whole world.
-The private central banking cartel has already effectively formed the prototype global government. Through these QE-style programs, the private banking elite have turned the nation-state governments and international corporations into golem that are all thinking with one hive mind.
-The wealth consolidation needed for the elites to gain the power to carry out their final stages of this end time regime has yet to conclude. We need to move forward under this spiritually oppressive system, because it will get much worse for all of us.
-By becoming financially self-sovereign, we can more effectively overcome many of the obstacles that the globalists throw in our paths that force us to depend on them.

6/07/2020 Update -Don’t overestimate humanity;  The KISS guide to making money

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-The internet’s role in impoverishing the world.
-Analysis of gold, stocks, bonds, and commodities
-Analysis of residential real estate
-The mind control and conditioning is virtually complete. There is absolutely no going back. We are done as we know it and now have to accept what is coming.
-My experience with day trading against Robinhood app users. It’s like stealing candy from a baby’s mouth.
-The elites have conditioned humanity to act like a bunch of godless animals. You may disagree with me, but they have already won. The game is over, and it’s up to each of us to move forward on our own.
-The one stock I did recommend on my blog (4/6 post) during the downdraft was SPLK @110. That was the biggest winner around, hitting a 190 high.

5/20/2020 Market Update – The least accurate alt-financial writers and websites get all the MSM and controlled alt-media exposure

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-My blog’s thesis has been consistently correct for at least seven years, but I will never receive any coverage. I continue to pull ahead, because I listen to my advice. Have you? Unfortunately, I doubt it. I get lumped in with the hundreds of ignorant and disingenuous alt-finance writers and YouTubers.
-A discussion of the big picture and what I see for the next couple years in the asset markets.
Affordable housing markets see prices rising as the number of homes for sale continues to drop
-Overall death rates during this flu season in the United States are down 2% when compared to the past three. This means there were no flu or pneumonia cases as they were all categorized as COVID 19.
-The Christian, alt-media, and MSM Cassandras sang to the same sheet of music to paint an apocalyptic picture. There was a picture, but it was planted in their minds. This caused the manufactured economic collapse that provided the excuse to drop interest rates and consolidate global control via QE and such.

5/17/2020 Update – Market trends and monetary policy in focus; News tidbits; A further discussion of the elites’s agenda to pervert Christianity 

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-A discussion of market trends in light of the latest fiscal and monetary policy initiatives. A discussion of gold and silver, short-term rates, mortgages and real estate, and equities.
-The Fed is handicapped in establishing NIRP as the dollar is the reserve currency. What about IOER, MM funds, global dollar swaps, repos, and the 80% of all physical dollars that are held outside the country?
More talk of UFO’s in the MSM
Poland’s fake nationalist president quotes Talmud to fight Covid-19
-The differences between the earthly and temporal bible timelines and the spiritual timeline.
-As observers of our adversary, we need to understand the esoteric underpinnings that drive the elites and their secret societies as they establish their new world order. The Synagogue of Satan and Freemasons are obsessed with Old Testament genealogies and earthly timelines.  

5/11/2020 Update – In response to a number of emails; How to spot the best YouTube preachers

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Note: I received 6-7 emails as a result of my prior podcast, with the subscribers specifically asking me about YouTube preacher recommendations. I do not discuss the markets, so if this subject does not interest you, please disregard.

-In these final days, remnant Christians are finding it increasingly difficult to find a true church that has not been compromised.  Our next choice is to seek pastors and preachers on the internet.
-While there is no one pastor on YouTube that can fulfill all the needs of each person, I use a checklist of criteria that helps me to see if someone is worthy of my time;

  • Does your preacher understand the differences between the modern nation-state of Israel and the Israel of the Bible? Does he say that the Old Testament was written for the Jews and that the Jews were God’s chosen people? Can your preacher locate the modern-day equivalent nations based on their references in the Old Testament?
  • Does you pastor believe that the Bible must be taken literally?
  • Does your preacher say that we all basically worship the same God?
  • Does your preacher adhere to the “once-saved-always-saved” doctrine?
  • Does he preach the pre-tribulation rapture?
  • Does your YouTube pastor prophesy with dreams and visions? Does he (or she) sell books and merchandise? Do they appear on Judaizer shows?
  • How often does you pastor talk about hell and the eternal judgement? Jesus talked about hell more than heaven.

-My take is that the nation-state of Israel was established by the Synagogue of Satan private banking families to be the keystone piece of deception for the tribulation period.
-In the late 1800’s, the protestant seminaries were infiltrated by the secret societies, so that they could pervert Chirstian doctrine. This included introducing the idea that the Jews were God’s chosen people and are the true Israel. This set the table for establishing the nation-state of Israel and for Christians to misdirect their worship in the last days. 
-Concepts like the “pre-tribulation rapture” and the “once saved, always saved” idea gained traction during this period as well. 

5/09/20 Update – Investing and living in a world engineered to go insane; We are NOT all in this together

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– I respond to reader emails. I discuss the multifaceted psychological attack against humanity. The simultaneous introduction of all these concepts is not by chance. By fostering cognitive dissonance and employing advanced gaslighting techniques, the new world order elites have been slowly driving the population insane.

  • The NWO engineers are gaslighting investors as the world transforms its monetary and economic systems 
  • The mainstream press have recently introduced the UFO disclosure narrative
  • Soviet Russia and ChiComm China have stepped up their gaslighting campaign against a demoralized and vulnerable West regarding this engineered coronavirus bioweapon
  • These manufactured crises will accelerate as the elites know that they can get away with it and the timeline can speed up

-Although most see chaos, I see order
-What negative interest rates mean to us as investors. What to expect going forward and how to exploit the ostensible insanity to profit and stay afloat.
-In the NWO, 2 + 2 really does equal five, and it can as long as the population believe it. It’s normal for commodity prices to go negative. NWO Economics 101 can explain why house prices and rents will rise in an economic collapse. This is all normal in the NWO  
-What this all means for real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, commodities.
-As long as we have Netflix, the internet, and cell phones, there will be no civil unrest. The only time we will have riots in the US is if Trump is reelected and he lets the states go bankrupt.
-An analysis of Ezekiel 38-39 and Genesis 48-49. Knowing how this upcoming global war unfolds is dependent on having a knowledge of biblical prophecy
-The elites are ratcheting up the gaslighting by introducing the UFO and extraterrestrial narrative. This is no by coincidence. The goal is for us not to believe anything. Only a demoralized population will fall for anything. 

4/20/20 Market Update – Stocks, gold, commodities, oil futures chaos and USO, REITs and real estate all in focus; Answers to emails with advice

Stocks; S&P 500 eminis touch 100-week mva, as predicted. It has been unable to take it out the first time around, as predicted. Momentum plays have shown life and some are making new highs (e.g. AMZN, EQIX, NFLX).
Oil; As of April. 16, USO held 148,264 June 2020 WTI crude oil NYMEX contracts—or roughly 28% of the total open interest for that contract. Traders front run and sell the roll over contract, because of the $6-7 contango premium. They also sell USO. The futures price falls towards spot as it get closer to expiration and USO/UCO shareholders always get hit.
Gold faces problems in the short term. Last Thursday’s unemployment data was gold bearish and it has been falling since. Some traders are booking profits as open interest and spec longs both drop.
Fed announces this week’s QE purchases; More gold bearish news; The Federal Reserve announced this week’s purchase schedule and it has fallen some more, which may be alerting some short term gold bulls to pair back. The Fed is scheduled to purchase about $15 billion of USTs and about $10 billion of MBS a day. This marks a sharp drop from about $75 billion a couple weeks ago. 
Tentative Schedule of Treasury Securities Operations | 4/20/2020 – 4/24/2020
Tentative Schedule of FedTrade Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Operations for the period from April 20, 2020 to April 24, 2020
Real estate; I have never recommended commercial and retail REITs. One REIT holding up very well (SRVR) is taking advantage of the secular economic shift.
Commodities; The world may be starving, but that doesn’t mean we buy foodstuff futures or their tracking stocks. Prices to the producers continue to remain subdued. The problems lie elsewhere and there are difficulties for investors trying to profit from this dynamic.
-Answers to a number of emails, including the angry ones who responded to my earlier article. Advice for those just starting out.

4/15/2020 Update – An analysis of the direction of the asset market; I overestimated humanity’s response to this manufactured coronavirus crisis

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-All of today’s economic numbers came in much worse than consensus, which points to a more protracted economic downturn than we previously contemplated. Today’s economic data releases were the first ones published in the wake of the manufactured coronavirus crisis.
-I overestimated humanity’s response and we need to accept that we will be acting differently than all those around us.  We are too few in number to enact any change.
-The mild reaction of stocks to these grim economic data points shows that stocks should test that 100-week mva soon. That is currently about 2881.
-Gold should be supported with this economic data. 
-The banking elites have achieved their goals and powerful central government intervention on all fronts will be the new normal.
-The Fed will have to establish much higher municipal and state lending program levels (many multiples more after the dust settles) as well as multiple times higher levels devoted to their recently announced two corporate lending facilities.
-Real estate could actually do okay in certain sectors. On one hand, we have the elevated risk of foreclosure and loss of homeowner income. On the other, we have government forbearance programs, massive monetary stimulus, lower mortgage rates, lack of alternative investment choices, and a massive supply deficit in working class housing.
-Never underestimate how low mortgage rates could move going forward. Denmark has already offered negative yielding mortgages.
-Commodities are behaving as expected with deteriorating demand. Poor economic number mean low commodity prices.

4/12/2020 Update – A discussion of the latest Fed initiatives and where I think the world is heading

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-A preface on my blog’s primary purpose and its guiding philosophy. A discussion on why we have been more accurate over the longer term.
Federal Reserve takes additional actions to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy
-An in depth analysis of the seven latest Fed initiatives.  The Fed is quickly becoming the primary dealer and lender in the corporate and municipal debt sectors. 
Based on the amount of corporate debt outstanding and the potential drops in GDP and economic activity, I would have to conclude that the Primary and Secondary Corporate Credit Facilities will have to be eventually enlarged by at least 100-200%.
-There is little reason to believe that the $500 billion earmarked for short-term municipal lending via the Fed’s Municipal Liquidity Facility will be adequate. A bipartisan governor committee is asking the Federal government to come up with another $500 billion to bailout the states hardest hit by the manufactured coronavirus crisis.
-The level of Fed asset purchases continues to rise as the balance sheet crosses the $6 trillion threshold. 
Tentative Schedule of Treasury Securities Operations | 4/13/2020 – 4/17/2020
Tentative Schedule of FedTrade Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Operations for the period
from April 13, 2020 to April 17, 2020.
S&P 500 technicals discussed; A look at the next point of resistance on the S&P 500 futures. I suspect that this will be tested, but will initially fail. When that occurs, I find support back at the 200 week mva.
-Joel Skousen provides an in depth analysis on the wild exaggeration of the coronavirus crisis and the number of actual cases. Here is a pdf of the latest World Affairs Brief for reference.
-I agree that the US dollar will eventually find its demise as the global reserve currency, but we need to see that its collapse will be from strength, not weakness. Anyone predicting the date the USD gives up the ghost is foolish. I receive many emails regarding this matter. I was forwarded this CBS News article from a listener titled United Nations Proposes New “Global Currency”, and thought was very telling until I saw that it was dated September 9, 2009. 
-The reason why we own gold.

4/8/2020 Update – An analysis of Ben Bernanke’s April 7th interview and how we need to prepare for where the world is heading

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-I provide a line by line analysis of today’s Ben Bernanke online discussion, sponsored by the Brookings Institute. 
-Mr. Bernanke was careful to steer the moderator away from comparing the economic effects of coronavirus crisis to the Great Depression, and instead, equating it to a national emergency.
-Mr. Bernanke discusses all of the programs already in use and those that are proposed. There are many and I enumerate them all.
-I observe that the Fed is beginning to assume some authority that was traditionally under Federal government control, especially with regards to corporate lending. This, I assume is necessary when a future national emergency will render the United States government unable to respond.
-Mr. Bernanke mentioned that the Fed may become active lenders, directly lending to corporations.
-Mr. Bernanke states that there really is no limit to how large the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet can grow. As we did so in the past, he compared the potential size to the relative size of the BOJ’s existing balance sheet (100% of GDP), and stated that the Fed could grow it to that size relative to the U.S. economy with no problem. I agree.
-He mentioned that disinflation or outright deflation will be the main problem over the intermediate term and pointed to commodity prices as an example. I agree.
-When asked if the balance sheet size would cause price issues, Mr. Bernanke equivocated, because he knows that QE is deflationary by definition, but cannot say so.
-To the untrained eye, Mr. Bernanke’s interview wasn’t very revealing, but I see it differently. He speaks of a future world of personal austerity and centralized corporate power,where credit will be very difficult to obtain, as it will be dispensed and administered from a centralized source.
-My overall take on the discussion and my analysis of what lies ahead for us and humanity.
-This coronavirus crisis has been manufactured as a dry run for future national emergencies. These actions while ostensibly temporary will be enduring in effect. Mr. Bernanke mentioned the term “hysteresis.”

4/6/2020 Market Update – An auspicious break in the coronavirus narrative and the markets are responding

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-I observed a coordinated narrative break. Is the worst over? The mainstream business press is contemplating this and we cannot discount it. The reality is not the true situation, it’s whatever the mainstream press say. Beware of the “jumping of the shark” agenda of Zerohedge. In the post 2008 system, real numbers don’t matter. 
-Former Fed members and Janet Yellen making the talking circuits
-The New York Fed releases its new purchase schedules. 
Tentative Schedule of Treasury Securities Operations | 4/6/2020 – 4/9/2020
Tentative Schedule of FedTrade Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) Operations for the period from April 6, 2020 to April 9, 2020
-Scheduled purchases amount to $73 billion today alone, with slightly higher amounts over the next few days.
-Thinking about residential real estate; Under the post 2008 monetary system, the federal government has the power and ability to quickly establish mortgage forbearance programs. Borrowers can now easily defer mortgages for up to 12 months. This is much cheaper in the long run than letting these people go into foreclosure.
-The S&P 500 200-week mva is proving formidable, but if we can get a further break in the NWO narrative, I think it could be taken out.

4/4/2020 Weekend Update – Finding investment opportunities during periods of economic and societal transformation

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-Those who can interpret the logical structure of this monetary and financial system will be able to continually spot the most profitable investment opportunities. The controlled alt-media have been proclaiming collapse since I started reading the genre in 2002. 

Spotting investment opportunity depends on how we interpret reality

-All the nation-states are gradually moving to a system of centrally planned economies, run by the owners of the central banks.
-I often get asked how the owners of the private central banks gain control via QE. The more assets on the central bank balance sheets, the more this hidden cartel can control the economic spigots and the greater a stranglehold they can place on all economic sectors and governments.
-I estimate the Fed’s balance sheet will grow to about $10 trillion over the next 9 months and its owners will have fully turned all the nation-state governments into their golem.
Golem –  1: an artificial human being in Hebrew folklore endowed with life, 2: something or someone resembling a golem: such as
Profitable sectors over the next several years; The firms that benefit from war preparation spending and engineering. I also see the track-and-trace technology firms prospering. As global trade collapses and the U.S. effectively transforms into second-world status, many industries will exploit the collapsing U.S. cost structure to bring production back to the homeland. Most of the 20,000,000 who will be permanently unemployed will staff the growing domestic supply chain.
-Patriot Acts discussed and how the formulation of the Patriot Acts and DHS included input from people like the former East German Stasi head, Markus Wolf. Many of the unemployed will find gainful employment tattling out on their fellow citizens and neighbors.
-Rental real estate will get hit hard as it’s estimated that 35% of all condo owners in the major cities experience negative cash flow. Many of these overstretched and naive landlords who invested later in the cycle, and those who thought Airbnb was a great and easy way to invest, will get hit hard. This is where we can exploit the asset value destruction over the next couple years.
Shale oil has a very viable future. The large multinationals will essentially control the entire industry once the smaller independent drillers go bankrupt. Once global supply shrinks to meet the drop in demand, prices will rise again. As we predicted, Sam Zell was wrong.
Storing cash: I wouldn’t be overly worried about keeping money in the bank. Most people look down on cash with contempt and don’t use it. The average person has been brainwashed by shows like Breaking Bad and conflate cash with drugs and crime, not freedom from an oppressive government. Now, most conflate it with the coronavirus. If the Fed can conjure up $557 billion in one week, I think it’s safe to assume it and the U.S. Treasury can fill the banks with the needed cash in any (imaginary) bank run.


Response to emails: What happens to the United States if the Coronavirus crisis persists? 

-A review of the U.S. Army’s Civilian Inmate Labor Facility Program. This program was discussed for expansion during the 2008 crisis and a modified form could provide millions of jobs for the ~20,000,000 that may never again find gainful employment.
-In a post-economically collapsed environment, these labor facilities could produce much of the items we previously imported. Economic collapses are deflationary in nature and this one would be no different. The U.S. could regain a competitive cost advantage.
-Contrary to the belief of the alt-media, the barbed wire fences of these camps would be turned around to keep people from trying to gain entrance. These CILF workers would have a roof over their heads, three square meals, and medical care provided. They would all be there voluntarily.
-The importance of the Patriot Acts going forward. The brave new world is already here and the unwashed will willingly accept anything now to relieve the pain and fear.
-The narrative is only providing for one outcome, forced vaccinations and ID cards with biometrics to prove one’s loyalty to the greater good. Maybe subdermals for private employees?
-The concept of the CCC from the Great Depression is discussed; a prototype from which to follow 
-Donald Trump’s approval ratings have risen as he has spent $2-3 trillion in a reelection year. Perhaps if he was elected for a second term, he may decide to just roll it all up and let things collapse. Incumbents who are not allowed to run for office again may make the least popular choices. Maybe a Hillary victory would prolong the largess.
-On many levels, Trump has been a valuable asset to the globalists, and they may want him to either serve a second term or may just delay the election
-If this crisis persists until the fall, the elites may just keep it going during the winter months. Perhaps they may introduce more strains to demoralize the already demoralized masses.
-The news narrative keeps getting worse. The housing market looks to be blown to oblivion.
Continuity of Government in a post-economically collapsed environment.

4/1/2020 Market Update – Bear flags and broken mva’s; Coronavirus narratives and corporate consolidation

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-S&P futures forming a weekly bear flag and cannot get above the weekly and monthly moving averages
-The only index holding up is the Nasdaq 100. Technology will play an important part in the NWO’s next phase
-The news feed and narrative are still the same as before, but there is more commentary from the so-called experts. Here is an opinion piece from Bill Gates, who is laying the groundwork for our future.
-Massive corporate consolidation seen in the major industries, especially in the domestic oil and retail sectors. In this instance, independent shale oil producers are angry that the majors are not seeking government assistance in international matters.
-Dollar still showing strength and is hampering market recovery. Bond yields still falling and is an encouraging sign that the massive consolidation wave is about to hit.
-Rental real estate will get hit hard here, and those who are over-levered will lose most of their equity. Those who do not have much debt and can collect their rents will benefit in the long run. 

3/30/2020 Market Update – Encouraging signs in the equities and debt markets

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-A discussion of today’s important S&P 500 futures market action; just look at the major monthly moving averages.

The 50-month and 100-month MVA’s seem to be important here. When all things break loose, simple mva’s are important measures.

-The Fed will do the heavy lifting as long as the USDX remains above 96-97. It is currently resting at about 99, despite all the domestic QE.
-MSM and alt-media reporting are encouraging greater QE numbers. These trillions must find a home. It’s just a matter of time until they end up in the asset markets. Imagine the DCF calculations with a 0% risk-free rate (10-year UST).
-The commercial and high yield debt markets show resilience and have come back to life, now that the Fed will backstop the markets. This is perhaps what the equities are keying in on.
-US Treasuries still offer the best relative value with their elevated yields. However, their yield advantages have dropped tremendously vis-a-vis other prime credit nation-state debt, as the Fed is unleashing about $4 trillion in permanent QE, as well as formulating long-term commercial and asset-backed lending programs. This is on top of the $2.2. trillion in fiscal stimulus.
-The system is functioning exactly as we have theorized for years.
-One thought here. The PTB may not wish to see Trump leave office, but used this manufactured crisis to force his hand to unleash this spending during an election year. If Trump were not running for reelection, there would have been a high probability he would have minimized this crisis.  
-Mortgage rates keep dropping now that the Fed has already bought over $200 billion in mortgages.

3/28/2020 Update – The coronavirus crisis; Navigating through the largest transfer of wealth in human history

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-It doesn’t matter whether this crisis is legitimate or not. This manufactured pandemic has the potential for formulating the largest transfer of wealth in human history. A discussion of how we can successfully navigate these waters.
-I am observing that there has not been any let up in the media’s fear campaign. This tells me that the elites intend to maximize their asset grab. Perhaps we may see even more manufactured horror.
-There is a complete lockdown on the crisis narrative. Fox fires Trish Regan for minimizing the circumstances. There is a total blackout regarding the objective discussion of effective treatments and cures. The elites want to maximize this story line and political correctness rules.
-Many of the +30 million unemployed will never find gainful employment after the crisis concludes.
-Prices of the stocks of the companies that benefit from this crisis are holding up very well and some have even risen nicely. There is a lot of liquidity waiting to be deployed. Once the elites consolidate enough wealth, they will release the tension.

Those with cash and under-levered assets will once again come out ahead when assets post-crisis are selling at discounts

-Only a demoralized society can fall victim to these wealth transfer schemes. My concern is that the elites have seen how soft we have become and may try to increase the pandemic scares in the future. They seem to be effective.
-Permanent Fed assets up $1.5 trillion since the manufactured repo crisis. Fed assets now at $5.3 trillion
-The $2 trillion in fiscal stimulus is longer-term deflationary as the offsetting debt financing needs to be serviced. As the world is less able to service the total debt outstanding, the global economy sinks in a sea of deflationary red ink. Bond yields fall further and the monetary system is strengthened.
-I agree with Bernanke, Yellen and Powell; the Fed has plenty more fire power and can buy up so much more.
-Those who were under-levered going in to the downturn will be the most able to exploit the upcoming opportunities. The timeline is occurring so much faster than in 2008-09, because all the needed programs are already on the books.
-It is becoming increasingly clear that btc will not play a major role in the future of the global currency market, though the libertarians who are anti-dollar and built the blockchain technology have served a useful role for the elites. I see digital dollars and other currencies. Services like Zelle are much better at transferring cash than btc and other alt-coins.
-Trends to stay; loss of freedoms, the demise of habeas corpus, indefinite detentions, the elimination of cash, though the USD will be the last one to go that route.
-Private real estate lenders pulling back entirely, leaving investors high and dry


3/26/2020 Market Update – A discussion of all that has changed since my last podcast update

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-The Fed has acted swiftly since my last podcast on Sunday. Since Monday morning, the Fed slashed rates by 100 bps to effective 0%, announced unlimited Treasury and agency mortgage purchases, and become primary lender and liquidity provider to corporations.
-The Fed balance sheet should hit $6 trillion over the next few weeks. Given the upcoming $2 trillion fiscal stimulus package, the Fed balance sheet could hit $10 trillion by the end of the year. 
-The Fed announced they may begin to buy bond ETFs to stabilize bond markets and yields going forward.
-The central planners knew the USDX was rising too high and announced that the Fed would act first with their monetary programs. While these Fed initiatives are dollar bearish, the USDX continues to remain elevated. The ECB and BOJ remain relatively taciturn, but also need to act more forcefully than currently.
-As long as bond yields fall and inflation growth sinks, the Fed could theoretically buy every asset available.
-Bernanke making a case for Section 14 of the Federal Reserve Act to be changed to include corporate securities and state and local debt.
-Keep in mind that 30-year mortgage rates could hit 2.5% by end of year. Those who are hoping for a residential real estate collapse may be disappointed.
-I would have to believe that stocks may be subject to official intervention here.

3/22/20 Market Update – Stock investing; Keeping our perspective when analyzing the organized chaos to spot the upcoming opportunities

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-The success of the NWO in carrying out these manufactured crises have been only made possible since the late 1990s, when the FCC rewrote ownership rules.
-My observations of the militarized news flow, and how to interpret the narrative
-I doubt the elites want a “collapse,” but we need to comprehend and observe the well-coordinated time line to determine when opportunities exist.
-I am not recommending stocks right now, because I have to believe that since events unfolded so quickly, latent and current problems will emerge over time. Many investors are still in denial and have been contemplating a V- or U-shaped recovery; similar to the mindset that existed as the Nasdaq was crashing in 2000.
-There will be opportunities to buy stocks. I discuss what I am looking for when determining buying points. What sectors offer the most upside and where I intend to buy.
-My dad died 12 years ago. He grew up during the Great Depression and fought in WWII. The people back then were more resilient than those of today. They were not running around talking of a rapture to carry them away from harm and adversity. The Russians who were dragged off to the gulags during the Russian Revolution to be tortured and die were not looking for Jesus to descend from the clouds. 

3/20/20 Market Update – Predictions and recommendations after a rough week for all

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-As a long time student of consumer and investor behavior/psychology, I offer a number of observations and predictions over the short- and long-term.
-I answer the many emails I received over the past 24-36 hours. Today’s markets ended on the worst note possible. The markets are setting up for something ominous next week. I normally do not go into the weekend with open futures positions, but I went long a couple gold contracts as the price rose towards the end of Globex trading.
-Keep in mind that the NWO elites are controlling the narrative and wish to see this. They have their media on lockdown with one calamitous story after another. Don’t ever think that many of the alt-media outlets are not influenced by these elites. The pressure seems to be unrelenting and we need to accept this reality.
-The few investments I recommend over this unfolding timeline.
-I observe the behavior of the mainstream media and how it has converged with the alt-media for the first time in at least a decade. The fear is being generated from a central locus. The fear is the object we need to analyze. The virus is a relative scam.

3/20/2020 Update – Why the US dollar is so important; The importance of the globalist-controlled media in perpetuating this growing market calamity

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-The importance of tracking the value of the USDX over the longer term. A 25-year analysis of the USDX and its role in the fluctuations of the asset markets.
-These market movements make sense, given the crisis and the globalist media’s role in causing the panic. The dollar is behaving as expected in light of this unprecedented volatility. All the major markets are behaving as expected.
-The future timeline of this manufactured crisis depends on how the globalist-controlled media (and the fear-mongering alt-media) respond. Do they release the tension to reduce the panic? Do they continue to scare with a full-court press?
-In the post 2008 system, bonds, currencies, and commodities are behaving as we theorized they would.
-The optimal values of the USDX and what happens when it deviates from that sweet spot.
-The Fed may have to address the rising USDX by flooding the globe with negative-yielding dollars.

3/18/20 Update – Trillions in bailouts and yet the dollar continues to rise; Collapse from strength?

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-The elites infiltrate the alt-financial media with their change agents to make antithetical recommendations, so that those who are planning for collapse still lose money.
-Anyone telling you that the latest bailouts are hyperinflationary is either unqualified or a change agent.
-Sovereign bond yields have risen over the past few days, because traders know many trillions in spending and stimulus are coming.
-Trillions in elite bailouts and the dollar is still rising. Collapse from USDX strength?
-Will the Fed have to go to negative short-term rates to stem the strength of the dollar?
-The collapse preppers were only correct about the stock market. They were wrong on the dollar, bonds, commodities, silver, peak oil, and bitcoin. Even gold has not been stellar, but has only held its own.
-Once again, Malthus has been proven wrong.
-I warned the alt-financial preppers who were preparing for dollar weakness and rising bond yields that they were getting it wrong. Only three months ago, the alt-media were proclaiming $100 Brent crude after the Saudi drone attacks. Now they are claiming oil may go negative.
-Silver has gotten crushed. Wow…. so sad.
-We theorized that a collapse would come from dollar strength. It may be lights out, unless the Fed can add trillions more in bailouts and go negative on the rates.
-I take no money and offer no services, because of the potential for conflict of interest. Those selling survival gear and supplements will tell their followers that this pandemic is real and that millions will die.
-The fear is now the reality. The pandemic is most likely hot air.

3/15/20 Update – This crisis has a time limit; The many options available to the Fed and Treasury

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-The Fed needs to act fast as this coronavirus crisis has a time limit. The Fed may announce actions prior to Wednesday’s FOMC statement. The Bank of Canada has cut 50bps. The Bank of New Zealand just cut 75 bps. The Fed will most likely cut another 50 bps. That is okay as long as QE initiatives are discussed.
-The Fed has expanded QE to $80 billion a month. I expect the Fed will have to increase this to $100-120 billion, with a possible upfront balloon.
-If the Fed pushes back on the whole QE concept on Wednesday, we need to sell everything
-There are many tools available to the Fed and US Treasury to enhance market functions.
-Enhanced QE
-Enhanced purchases of government-sponsored mortgages
-Purchases of equities and corporate securities (modify Section 14 of Federal Reserve Act)
-I have been encouraged that the USDX has held up here. A strong dollar is better than a weak dollar under these circumstances
-The Trump regime can backstop its SBA initiative via the TALF program
-The problems in the mortgage market rest more with the processing logjam than with lack of investor interest in the MBS market.
-The Fed’s are consuming too much of the world’s credit availability. Thus a stepped-up QE program will alleviate most problems in the Commercial Paper, Mortgage, and Repo markets.

3/13/20 Market Update – Coronavirus crisis; are we being scared again into accepting negative rates and debt austerity?

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-An analysis of some of my recent observations
-How long will it take before enough investors catch on to the hype? 
-The plunge protection team knows how to gauge the markets via internet sentiment and real-time social media data analysis. They bide their time and pounce for maximum effect.
-Are we being had here? Are we unwittingly being victimized by the central banking cartel of owners into accepting ever-falling interest rates and punishing austerity in return for safety? 

3/12/20 Market Update – The coronavirus crisis compared to prior crises (1987, 1994, 2001 2008) and how the bears got it wrong; A big warning for gold traders

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (Duration 19:55, 9:00 PM, gold 1,580)

-This current crisis is different than 2008. The 2008 crisis paved the way for Obama to be elected, but this current crisis does not necessarily make Trump look bad. The Democrats are promoting unacceptable candidates and Trump can come out of this looking good. It depends on his future actions.
-I am not so sure Trump is hated by the elites.
-The alt-finance bears betting on a monetary system and dollar collapse have lost big here.
-Bitcoin undergoing unprecedented liquidation as I write
-The dollar holding up as yields collapse. The dynamics behind this post-2008 system are much different than the prior system.
-Commodities and silver & platinum are tickets to poverty
-A big warning for those trading gold long. Beware of forced liquidation
-This post-2008 system is ready and able to handle the upcoming trillions in emergency fiscal spending.
-High end real estate will get hit here. Working class housing with good numbers will hold up fine.

3/9/20 Market Update – The more we panic, the more the elites can drop bond yields

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-I provide an analysis on why bond yields must continue falling over time.
-This current crisis provides a multi-functional narrative to further the new world order. This coronavirus scare helps to further isolate humanity, promote political correctness and despair, while strengthening the NWO monetary system. The post-2008 system is well designed to leverage these manufactured catastrophes.
-Panic in the street presents great opportunity for the owners of the central bankers to drop bond yields. The gains in bonds have been spectacular and have been led by the gains in US Treasuries.
-The USDX has fallen hard as the yield differentials between the USTs and the other nation-state debt have narrowed tremendously.
-The best nation credits have responded the strongest. The weaker nation credits have seen yields rise.
-The oil markets illustrate the tendencies of this post-2008 monetary system. When crisis strikes, the price movements have been down.
-Mortgages in the U.S. will soon have a 2-handle and bidding wars have begun to break out this selling season.
-Once these problems sort themselves out, I see opportunities in stocks once again. The upside will be as fierce as the downside.

2/21/20 Market Update – The system is operating as we theorized; longer bond yields plumb new depths

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PMI data show contraction for the first time since 2013. European and Japanese economic data show marked declines. Price growth data from last month show fading. The Coronavirus concerns have only added to demand shock. The demand shock is so far prevailing.
-Our theses remain intact as the markets are behaving the way we theorized.
-While I haven’t actively day traded stocks in almost 15 years, day trading can be very profitable. It provided my seed money to invest in real estate. While I do not provide a trading service, I have received interest from many Martin Armstrong refugees.
-Our goal is accumulate income generating assets as we get older. The younger we are, the more we should speculatively trade. Plow your profits into income generators.
-The supply of most items continues to remain elevated as interest rates plumb new depths. The 30-yr UST dropped to a new all-time low today.
-Any correction in stocks and other assets will remain muted as long as rates here fall.
-Fed Vice Chair, Clarida, says the markets are not pricing in rate cuts, but he is being disingenuous. He knows rates are coming down and he needs to temper trader enthusiasm.
-With dropping bond yields, housing data rise in the face of uncertainty. There is a lot of hidden demand as many renters would rather own.
-I haven’t forgotten about Facebook’s Libra, and neither has Facebook. They are still working behind the scenes in stealth mode to make it a reality. Shopify joins the consortium.

2/10/2020 Update – Some thoughts on the current crisis timeline and what it means for investing

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-This system is being fed by crisis and uncertainty. Interest rates seem to want to keep going lower. The worse the economic prospects, the more stable the monetary system.
-Demand is contracting as the world swims in a sea of oversupplied markets. Commodities keep stumbling. This is great news for investors and helps the central bank agenda.
-Powell will give Congressional testimony tomorrow and Wednesday. I have to believe that he will tip his hat to the Coronavirus crisis. This crisis plays into the overall narrative. 
-Based on recent market behavior, I have some suggestions on what I think will unfold.

2/1/2020 Update – Manufactured crises, falling rates, and QE are elements of a system the futurists and Bible discuss

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-Last weekend, we said we were not sure how the coronavirus crisis would unfold,99 but stated that interest rate support (bond price resistance) may have been breached. One week later, it’s become clear that this crisis clearly has legs, and it looks that if this situation grows and becomes more protracted, the long end of the yield curve will invert further, with yields putting in new all-time lows.
-This crisis is such a propitious circumstance for the central banks that has ostensibly come out of nowhere. We can see that this system is working as predicted as commodity prices tumble, inflationary pressures abate, and economic growth fades. If the opposite happened, I would be worried about the loss of control.
-Do not listen to the official word out of the Fed. In order to keep the Federal government in business (The Fed’s prime directive), The Fed desperately needs lower inflation and fading economic growth. This will strengthen its hold over the system of its owners. Much lower rates will prevail over the next few years.
-Powell and Clarida both seemed poker-faced when asked about future policy moves. They both know that QE can never die and that rates must come down
-The futurists and the Bible talk of a financial system that mirrors this current one, but with a regime of institutionalized negative rates. If you can comprehend a system with rates of a negative few percent, then you have the final system. No need for collapses anymore.
Denmark has finally passed the costs of negative rates onto their depositors. The official word is that negative rates work. Get ready around the world.
-Falling rates will continue to crush the working class. Rents in America’s heartland spiral higher, and it doesn’t matter if the people can afford these costs. Three to four years ago, I begged those listeners in Middle America to buy rental properties, since they were so cheap versus rents. Some deals can still be had as it all comes down to the numbers.