November 10th Market Update – The major markets analyzed; My predictions for the next couple weeks

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-For some listeners, I may have you drinking out of a firehouse on this one. -Don’t look at the dire wealth disparity reports and conclude that things have to fall apart. This growing wealth divide is being intentionally manufactured. We need to plan to not be left behind.
-A preface: Recall the Saudi drone attacks on September 14th… Anyone buying oil and gold and shorting stocks off that news was punished. The traders who made the money shorted oil and gold overnight and bought stocks off the low. Always fight the primal urges and the calls from the alt-media.
-US bonds put into focus. What is going on with the 10-year? Some technical analysis. No worries in a managed market.

-The SPX and Europe Stoxx 600 analyzed. Guess where they are going? I do see some particular counter trend opportunities short-term domestically.  Global stocks have been on fire all year. They know where the world is going. So do we.
-The USD is creeping back up again. Not a good sign for those at the Fed who were hoping for a bigger drop. What will happen when Lagarde begins to dance to the Draghi tune?
-Why I own gold. We should be less concerned about the economy blowing up and more concerned with our personal lives blowing up.
-Gold had probably the worst week in 3-5 years on a technical basis. GLD tonnage continues to drop and the latest COT report is even more overbought than the prior one. It does not look good and a test of the rising 50-week mva is highly probable over the next couple weeks.
-Commodities in focus. For Americans, trying to take advantage of higher meat prices outside the U.S. is tough and anyone buying pork and hog futures has been beat up. What happened to corn? Getting beat with an ugly stick (as we expected).
-Commentary and observations on the power structure and where the global political power is moving.

Despite being financially decimated, most alt-media junkies will never accept that they’ve been had

Lack of memory perpetuates the alt-financial scam

I watched an RT clip years ago, where this clown [Max Keiser] said that Canadian real estate was going to plummet 90%. The opposite happened. Another agent from the Deep state to make the masses poorer.

I admit it; at one time I was duped, too. During the early part of last decade when I was new to the “truth/patriot” movement, I found myself following the advice and warnings of people like Max Keiser, Alex Jones, KWN, Steve Quayle, Daily Reckoning, etc.

There was a difference between what these charlatans said back then and what they say now. In 2005, gold really was a great investment and house prices were topping out. I knew this, because I observed the sovereign debt build-up trajectory and wondered how the nation-states would be able to finance further spending. Gold’s price rise reflected this growing concern and I was warning all my friends at the time of impending calamity. I looked like a prophet, and so did the gold shills.

I sold 75% of my rental properties in late 2005, and put it all into U.S. gold and silver eagles, because I determined that the capitalization rates and IRRs on rentals were moving dangerously lower and that, for the first time in modern history, rental income streams had completely detached from property values. So, of course, I listened to those who were proclaiming a real estate collapse. Of course, I heeded the warning of the gold shills. It made sense.

If this monetary hierarchy was coming unglued it also implied that the U.S. dollar was toast. We did observe the USDX tanking into 2008, as confidence was shaken to the core. So far, so good…

By 2011, a growing consensus had figured out what we talk about all the time. The private central banks had created a whole new synthetic set of economic laws. First and foremost, The central bankers discovered a way to keep the governments in business while maintaining the existing global hierarchy.

The central banks could essentially add as much sovereign debt to their balance sheets as needed to keep the governments spending. These stimulus programs would counterintuitively keep interest rates and inflationary growth moving lower over time as the ballooning debt burdens would suck the life force out of the economy and act as a massive deflationary offset. Furthermore, the USD, as the global reserve of this current system, would find structural support.

It’s a scheme that has been running for 11 years and seems to be moving forward as intended. The governments are the customer service windows of the elites and carry out the NWO agenda. For now, their prime directive is to keep the governments in business until some future course of events.

But the alt-financial “gurus” kept professing the same talk from 2005 because 1) they chose not to see the reality, as that would mean lost prepper and book sales business 2) they are really out of their realm with respect to economic matters or 3) are intentionally misleading the alt-media crowd.

I believe it’s a combination of all three. I have been warning others in articles, shortwave shows, and blog posts since early 2013, and my thesis has not changed in almost seven years. Investing based on belief will lead people into poverty. Investing based on observation and reality usually leads to long-term success. Satan is still in charge of this world and we best accept this.

Max Keiser – A failed actor and comedian, born in New Rochelle, NY, found work bashing the West

Max Keiser; shilling his agenda while promoting the anti-Western narrative on the controlled opposition media

Max Keiser grew up in Westchester County, New York. After studying theatre at New York University, he took a variety of jobs in stand-up comedy and in radio…. – Wikipedia

Hi Chris….

What do you think about the rumors of China formulating their own gold backed crypto currency?

They have 20,000 tons of gold to use as backing to issue their new crypto currency – to destroy the US$. A lot of crazy stuff coming from the alt- media.


Max Keiser; Investment adviser to the unwashed who hate the West

I did not hear about this until I Googled “gold backed crypto” and “China” and up popped Max Keiser’s name. Indeed, this anti-Western charlatan, who proffers the pro-Russian and China narrative is at it again. This supposed financial expert, who was born in New Rochelle, NY, gets paid handsomely to denigrate the West and his own nationality on RT, Al Jazeera, and Press TV.

Mr. Keiser is heavily promoting bitcoin as the anti-Western answer to the fiat currency regime, but bitcoin was most likely a creation of Western intelligence. Moreover, the private central banks of Russia and China are controlled by the same elite families who own the Western central banks. Despite what the gold shills proclaim, China and Russia want low gold prices as much as the West.

Here is a warning to those die-hard crypto fans who believe anyone pro-crypto. Don’t be fooled by Mr. Keiser’s self-promotion. I stopped listening to him almost 10 years ago, because he was wrong most the time. He will cherry pick his track record and proclaim that you should listen to him, because he told everyone to buy bitcoin at $1. I do recall that he was pumping DASH at $600-800 as well. If you bought DASH at those levels, I bet he sold his DASH to you. He also started a few failed blockchain initiatives that were built with other people’s money. He only recalls his triumphs.

China’s secret gold-backed cryptocurrency to destroy U.S. dollar – Max Keiser – Kitco TV

On November 1st, Mr. Keiser was on TV, promoting the notion that China, which he claims owns 20,000 tons of gold, is about to develop and begin promoting a gold-backed cryptocurrency. This new cryptocurrency is designed to force the dollar to go to “zero.”

Okay, let’s break this down…

1) Let’s assume China owns 20,000 tons of gold. Who owns it? Does their privately run central bank, the PBOC, which was modeled after the Western central banks, own it? Does the ChiCom government own it? Do the Chinese citizens own it?

The Chinese and Russian central banks are both private concerns and are owned by the same elite families who own and control the Western central banks. Do you see a pattern here? They spend lavishly to support RT, Al Jazeera, and Press TV. Get the hint? It sounds like a kayfabe wrestling match with hired-hands in the ring while their owners relax in the luxury skybox.

2) The over-indebtedness in China on many levels is even worse than in the West. China’s economic miracle was built upon a shaky foundation of fiat currencies and their economy was designed specifically to be built as quickly as possible before the upcoming global war. Only fiat can accommodate this objective.

So, why would China attempt to destroy the U.S. dollar at this point? ChiCom and the PBOC would only be slicing their own throats. If the USD collapsed to zero (as Keiser says it will) the yuan and ruble would go down as well as all the global debt markets would collapse within weeks.

If China introduced a gold-backed crypto, what’s to say it would really be backed by gold? The ChiCom government that Mr. Keiser supports and rallies around has been known to lie often and has a long history of killing tens of millions of people who disagree with it.

3) Even if China introduced this cryptocurrency, and it was successful in destroying the dollar hegemony, how would it be able to service its internal debt burden once they went to gold-backing? China’s internal economy would collapse within months as there would no longer be enough currency growth to help service its debts.

4) Mr. Keiser somehow places a non-sequitur connection between bitcoin and this new Chinese crypto concept. We are aware that China has essentially forbidden the trading of btc by its citizens, and why is this? The ChiCom government knows what my readers already know; btc was a creation of Western intelligence and not by Satoshi Nakamoto. Thus, promoting bitcoin for the purpose of upending Western fiat money does not make sense.

5) Given this line of logic, wouldn’t it better for our readers to just buy physical gold? If China really owns 20,000 tons of gold, that alone could be enough to destroy the USD. But it hasn’t, because that would mean ChiCom would be guaranteeing a mutually assured destruction. I truly doubt China’s authorities own anything close to that amount and despite what the gold shills proclaim, China and Russia want low gold prices as much as the West.

It sounds like Mr. Keiser is promoting his blockchain agenda, while kissing up to his bosses on the anti-Western media outlets.

Just because someone takes the red pill, doesn’t mean he is full of knowledge. It only signifies that he has found out that the world is full of lies. We then have the burden of spending the rest of our lives trying to discern fact from fiction. Satan has employed a wide array of sell-outs who are there to trip us up.

A subscriber observes: YouTubers overwhelmingly bearish, pro-gold, and expecting recession

It’s hard to remain bullish when so many around us are bearish

I spend a lot of time scanning You Tube. I consider it fascinating for its variety of very often useless information. It’s 99% pro-recession and 99.5% pro-gold. I have never been more bearish on gold. I am really getting close to unloading mine.

I’m almost wondering if You Tube would reject a video negative on the crash idea and gold. All the money in both is being made promoting it not buying and selling.


YouTubers, alt-financial media, and mainstream business are all bearish

Anecdotally speaking, I have to agree with Dave’s assessment. I observe that not only are the people who post YouTube videos very bearish, but so are the alt-financial and mainstream media.

It’s naturally safe to assume that the alt-financial media will always be bearish, but I have to conclude that since mainstream business is politically partisan and an arm of the elites, there is an agenda here. For instance, I take much of what Bloomberg says with a grain of salt, since it is anti-Trump. It often paints a more dour economic and geopolitical picture than say, CNBC or MarketWatch. Furthermore, the owners of the central banks need economic malaise and low price growth, so they can continue buying up the world, while keeping their scheme going until they are ready for the next phase. An ostensibly skeptical mainstream business media helps to promote this needed environment.

Debt slaves cannot bid up prices when they spend their money servicing debt

It is so easy to read all the bearishness and assume that things are coming unglued, but this has been a common refrain for years. Eventually, this worm will turn, but how long will that take? The elites benefit from the current conditions; low economic growth and low inflation. The student debt situation was planned purposely to keep the younger folk from bidding up prices further. Debt slaves have a hard time bidding up prices when they devote such a large amount of income to debt service.

I am not bearish on gold

I do have one suggestion with gold. I would hold on to my positions here. I have a long-term holding of upwards to 10% of my portfolio, and I don’t think too much about it. In some respects, I see it as a counter-balance to the asset inflation, so I wouldn’t be so quick to sell. However, it is always good to take some profit off the table, and if you have some gains, peel off 10% or so of your trade.

I am encouraged that the old 1,525 level from early this decade does not seem to be a huge deal. It is providing some short-term resistance here, but it is holding at this lower level and I find that encouraging. While the COT report has unwound somewhat over the past several weeks, it is still elevated. GLD still has an elevated gold holding, but needs to get closer to 1,000 tons from its current 915 tons.

I do sweat often with my predictions, because it’s so easy to get confirmation of the contra in all the media. I have a lot of foreign readers and if you are concerned about a dropping dollar, I would take some exposure off the table. It seems TPTB have turned to the Fed for further stimulus and to try to keep the dollar from breaking out above its longer-term range. A drop to 95 on the USDX would not be out of the question, but please consider that scenario if you cannot afford the risk. But, I am sticking to the plan.

In a centrally-managed financial system, anyone forecasting with cycles will be wrong

Most “experts” have been wrong, because if they admitted what we have been saying all along, there would be no need for their “services.”

Note: I don’t see any upcoming recession. This morning, the Commerce Department said that U.S. GDP grew at an annualized rate of 1.9% in the third quarter, down slightly from the 2% pace in the second quarter, but higher than the 1.7% estimate.

The GDP price index fell to 1.7%, lower than the last reading of 2.4% and less than the 1.8% estimate.

The muted price reading provides an auspicious backdrop for the Fed to continue monetizing debt and cutting short-term rates.

GDP Released On 10/30/2019 8:30:00 AM For Q3(a):2019

Morning Chris:

I think you will enjoy this video and, unlike the very smart and insightful host, not be “worried” about what he sees down the road:

Is A U.S. Recession Coming? with Raoul Pal | Recession Watch

Here was my response:

Hi William,
After I plowed through a couple of the commercials for this highly monetized channel, from which I am sure he is making some decent money, I was immediately confronted with the recession scare and the cycles.

I don’t know of what cycles these people see, because there aren’t any right now. This is a highly managed monetary and financial system. In fact, the poorer the economic performance, the more excuse the central banks have to monetize all of the sovereign debt.

The Big Bang of cycles took place in 2008. That was the first time in human history with a fiat monetary system that sovereign credit demand [debt issuance] outstripped the world’s net savings rate and organic credit growth [availability]. Since then, the central banks have been monetizing everything that is needed to keep the governments in business.

I don’t get caught up with economic recession and such, and if there were one, I would see it as an opportunity for the asset markets to move further higher, in direct contradiction to what the scaremongers of economic recession and cycle analysis proclaim. This is a synthetic economy and it could be the one before the supposed end times, if you are of that mindset.

Economic cycles [based on traditional economic research] are things of the past. Ever since the economic crisis of last decade we are in a new paradigm. Anyone who refuses to understand this global conspiracy needs to be rejected, because they do not see [or refuse to, since they have expensive services] what we talk about on a daily basis.

People of his ilk have been talking about a cycle top since mid-decade [and before]. I remember this gentleman’s videos from back then and he’s been wrong for years. Anyone who doesn’t understand this conspiracy needs to be rejected. Period, paragraph.

Thanks for the highly monetized video. I feel bad for the people who latch onto this stuff.


I get many emails about Martin Armstrong and here is my finding with his cycles analysis. He maintains that late 2015 was the start of his big bang. But according to his analysis, he previously said that the cycles will unfold regardless of how people try to repeal the trend. Now, his blog posts say that the sovereign debt markets are holding up, because the politicians are pressing the central banks to monetize debt. Based on Mr. Armstrong’s prior work, I thought that none of that could reverse the cycle. I digress….

Since 2008-09, a whole new set of economic laws have been invented and the global economy is much more centrally managed. This new system has legs, because the people prefer it to the old system. It is impossible to forecast anything based on cycles, because the economy that we once knew has been replaced with an artificial one. The central banks fund any necessary spending needs and manage the entire yield curve.

Anyone who is forecasting while refusing to acknowledge the elephant in the room is misleading you and not worthy of his hire. I am here to tell my readers what is going on and I don’t charge a dime, nor do you have to plow through monetized videos with willfully ignorant personalities who discount any talk of the global conspiracy for a one-world financial dictatorship.


If we think housing and living are expensive now, just wait a few more years

This dialectic process may take years, but it will end with a one-world financial dictatorship and global communism

Hi Chris,

I’ve been to Sydney, Australia about 30 years ago. The north shore communities from Manly Beach to Palm Beach are stunning.

The housing market [in Toronto] is picking up here. You can get a 25-year, 3-year fixed rate of 2% mortgage. Rents downtown have almost doubled in the past 15 years. The divide between the haves and have-nots keeps on rising.

V – Toronto

All I can say is that there is much more pain to come for those who do not properly plan for this sobering reality. For those who are scared of the “crash & burn” narrative promoted in the alt-financial media, I am warning you that this slow grind into the abyss can last for years and we have more pressing personal concerns that we can control.

The sheep will never willingly accept global socialism or communism on their own terms, but if the elites inject the pain (a byproduct of keeping the governments in business), while concurrently conditioning the youth in the public indoctrination centers and providing them tons of mindless diversions, the reprobate population will eventually embrace all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto.

A new survey released by the Washington, D.C., nonprofit Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation reflects that, if the younger generation gets out and votes in 2020, those running for office on the far left have reason to be hopeful.

According to YouGov, which conducted the poll, capitalism, amid a widening divide between the haves and have-nots, has plunged in popularity from a year ago, with one out of every two millennials — ages 23 to 38 — supporting it.

Meanwhile, 36% of millennials polled say that they approve of communism, which is up significantly from 28% in 2018.

More than a third of millennials polled approve of communism,, October 28th

The goal of the new world order elites is to create a one-world communist government, though their media will call it socialism. If the population wants socialism then they will need a monetary system that will suit their desires. This system is already in use today, and as the consolidation of wealth and power accelerates, the system’s central management will grow to accommodate the impulses of the sleeping masses. Moreover, by the time it gets fully implemented, it will contain all the most excellent features of blockchain to make sure there is no cheating.

The sheep will not willingly accept this if given a free choice. So, the rulers of this global Talmudic toilet will present their Marxist ideology as a response to their dialectic form of Talmudic capitalism, and the younger folk will eat it up. Think I’m kidding? Over the next 10-15 years, the current crop of young folk will be as virulent and politically correct as Strelnikov in Dr. Zhivago.

“The historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism is on full display in this year’s report,” Smith said in a statement on Monday. “When we don’t educate our youngest generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims murdered at the hands of communist regimes over the past century, we shouldn’t be surprised at their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas.”

Other nuggets from the report include that 22% of millennials believe “society would be better if all private property was abolished,” and that 45% of Generation Z members and millennials believe that “all higher education should be free.”

More than a third of millennials polled approve of communism,, October 28th

So, where do we go from here?

All I can tell you is that those who are waiting for a crash and burn scenario will be sorely disappointed as this financial divide will continue to grow. As long as the central banks work to keep the nation-state governments in business, this is the natural outcome. Why have a crash and burn? That would be too obvious. The best way to get the one-world communist government is to introduce it gradually to the Godless masses.

My advice to my readers is to go out and build a life and shut out this crash and burn garbage. Crashes always happen and when the next one occurs, be ready to capitalize. Don’t sit on the sidelines like the others. Plan for the future and accept where the world is going, because we have no control over its direction.


A subscriber asks; Would a weak dollar help the U.S. stock market?

Please note: I am trying to catch up on some email backlog. I received this email from a foreign subscriber on October 19th, and it was written before the stock averages climbed higher and the USDX stabilized. Managing currency risk is important to him.

Hi Chris,
I like to give you my market observations – please be aware that I am not a professional in this field like you, but nevertheless.

As you observed, the FED is printing money. Not surprisingly, the $DXY US Dollar index declined. Whether there is causation here or not I do not know.

As the value of the USD declines, US stocks denominated in USD should rise to maintain value for that reason alone. But in general (S&p500, Russell 2000, especially DJI), they did not do that. I tend to believe your prognosis that stocks should rise with money printing. But at the moment, they don’t. They declined a bit.

Now as the stocks on average do not rise (actually quite a few declined), some stocks need to rise to make up the difference. I need to learn which stocks these rising stocks are because I am desperate to get some speculative gain (because I lost a lot of money following Armstrong in the past).

I discovered something that I cannot explain that you might find useful:

Following Oil shipping company stocks rose sharply from 2019-10-04 to 2019-10-17:


These come out of a scan that I designed, together with a few others that gained from the BREXIT hope and some other random retail stocks. The oil shippers were by far the most stocks that were included in the results. It might be that this was some kind of short cover rally but still, some gains are quite spectacular.

Generally, I thought it might be good to invest in companies that can benefit from the lower USD such as those that export their products. Otherwise I think I am in a fairly difficult situation because if stocks do not appreciate even with a declining USD, then there is no gain, and in fact there is a loss because I am not living in the US.


Here is my response:

Thanks for the email. I am sorry for the late response.

I am also sorry to hear you were listening to Armstrong. He has a set of objectives and they are not aligned with your well-being. His primary goal is to create a need and to make you feel dazed and confused, so you buy his expensive services and reports, and attend his conferences. Given that his “Big Bang” was a big bust, he now spends most of his time covering his tracks and diverting his readers. His stuff is now like a hall of mirrors.

A weaker dollar does not encourage higher stock prices

Here is my macro-thesis about USD-based assets, especially stocks. But this could also apply to domestic real estate, private businesses, and U.S. Treasuries. US stocks should hold up as long as the dollar remains firm and the Fed adds to its massive stimulus. The only USD-based stock market is in the US (of course), but with the dollar as the reserve currency and with this global monetary regime holding up, these massive pools of worldwide dollars need to seek USD-denominated assets. Thus, domestic stocks and dollarized debt are the natural choices. That’s by default.

Notice how the US stock market fell last decade when the USD tanked to the low 70s on the USDX. Notice during last decade’s crisis how all the major markets performed when the USD tanked and even the mainstream doubted the system’s integrity. Why would a foreigner hold domestic stocks when the USD is weak? They wouldn’t. Why would a US citizen be over-weighted in domestic stocks if the dollar is fading? They would be looking to diversify into international holdings. Thus, the longer the USD holds up, the better the stock market does here.

On an a priori basis, one may think that the firm USD has not really benefited the U.S. Treasury market, since yields are relatively higher on U.S. government debt, but I beg to differ. I say the strong USD has helped the U.S. Treasury market tremendously, especially when we consider the sheer size of all the U.S. sovereign debt outstanding. If the USD were weak here, I suspect that the treasury market would be having problems. While we continually hear how Russia has been moving away from dollarized assets and debt, we need to keep in mind that it has lost many billions in the process trying to prove a point.

It may be logical to assume that if the USD goes down for the dirt nap we could see something akin to how the Venezuelan stock market performed in nominal terms, but a dollar collapse would infer some sort of crisis situation in the global monetary system. I don’t see that happening yet. The USD’s role in international finance precludes this potential of an upward stock market spiral from a weak dollar.

The dollar is holding up despite the Fed’s attempts to weaken it

Another observation here; notice how the USDX has held up, despite the massive FED monetary stimulus. I am encouraged how the USD has held here, which says something; the other major central banks will have to follow and ramp up their monetary stimulus. I think the market is anticipating this. I also think that if the yields on the 10’s and 30’s move higher, we will see the Fed begin to buy longer-dated securities.

Political change agents make sure power flows only one way

My observation is that the globalists continually push for more centralized control, and once they achieve their objectives, they never relinquish it. It’s all about consolidating the wealth and power of the new world order. Thus, the EU and euro will never break up; no one will ever be allowed to leave. The elites make sure their change agents are elected to high offices in those countries and that diffuses any nationalist tensions. Italy and Greece come to mind.

Shortly after the BREXIT vote in June 2016, I theorized the elites would manipulate the outcome by placing their change agents into positions of power, which would delay or overturn any hope of a successful BREXIT. It’s been almost 3.5 years since that vote and we are still at square one. It seems that the British government continues to fumble and stumble, which is actually the intended result.

I would not be investing based on a weak dollar

Be careful if you intend to invest based on a weak USD.

If we consider the shipping tanker firms; Geopolitical risk in the energy industry is pushing dayrates higher across the industry. Not only is the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil supply leading to fears that more oil will need to be shipped around the world over the next few months, but the Trump administration is also putting sanctions on foreign suppliers to the industry. China’s Cosco, one of the world’s largest vessel owners, was hit with sanctions recently, and if companies with U.S. ties can’t use Cosco, it will put quick pressure on rates in the spot market.

I know this may leave you at square one, but I would rather invest based on observations and reality. If we invest based on trying to double down, we usually end up with losses by taking undue risks. I know that asset values look rich here, and they are. But if we know the agenda, we can invest with more confidence. The primary objective: the central banks need to do whatever it takes to keep the nation-state governments in business. We need to plan accordingly.


October 24th Market Update – The current Fed policies explained and what they mean to us

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here

The Fed keeps increasing their overnight and term lending, as well as providing a monthly POMO of $60 billion.
-These stop-gap measures will not solve the real problems; the U.S. government is consuming more than 100% of the world’s available credit. Thus, longer-dated bond purchases in permanent operations (QE) need to take place forever (and very soon).
-The fact that the USD is holding up as well as it is tells me that there is still confidence in this system. The other central banks will have to ramp up their stimulus as well.
-Income-generating assets will be supported here. The only two concepts that will destroy this current scheme are a loss of confidence of the stimulus programs and higher inflation growth.
-If there is higher inflation or a loss of confidence, assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate would suffer, while commodities would benefit. Essentially, it would result in a reversing of the market performances over the past decade.
-The global investing pool gets excited at the prospects of more QE. I know I do, as it helps support the prices of my assets. The QE programs have gone on for about 11 years now, so betting that confidence will crumble soon is hoping for an outlier event.
-Higher inflation will be the result of a loss of confidence, so they are both related to one another.

Burke Station Park is beautiful this time of year. I may have a simple house, but my side and back yards look like this. Lots of wildlife.

A subscriber emails me about the Talmudic toilet of the new world order

Just saw your photo on your home page. Proof positive a person can know what’s really going on, yet be happy. Awesome photo and glad you posted it.

Having beautiful Fall foliage here in Vermont. Hope things are well in your neck of the woods.

T – Vermont

Here was my response:

Thanks for the email. Personally, my life is going pretty well. Obviously, the world is a Talmudic toilet, but I cannot change that, and must try to affect change from with whom I interact. That’s why I have my blog.

There is a YouTube livecam of the Mad River Valley covered bridge that I turn on to look at the leaves. A lovely time now.

I hope all is well with you up in VT.

To which T responded:

A Talmudic toilet is absolutely correct, which we know Donald James Trump is a part of and most around him are, too. I just had someone that I’ve known for years in the Christian patriot movement say that DT is God’s anointed….

To which I respond:

If this is what the Talmud promotes, and we know the agenda, why do we still fall victim?

The patriot movement as we knew it no longer exists. The globalists destroyed it with military precision, and used their change agents to put it through the metaphorical wood chipper. The patriot’s anointing of DT was just the epitaph on the patriot movement’s tombstone. Somehow, the movement that used to stand for God and self-sovereignty is now conflated with racism, conspiracy theories, Nazism, Alex Jones, Sandy Hook, and partisan politics.

I observe that Trump is keeping true to his real colors and spending the U.S. government further into bankruptcy.

Why do I live a life free of consternation and worry? I am older and possess a thorough understanding of the agenda for the new world order. Thus, I can scrape out a financial existence that doesn’t undermine my morals and Christian worldview. The County executives in the areas where I live and invest know my opinions and mindset. I don’t care what they think anymore. I tell them they govern with a capricious and antichrist spirit, because they accept federal money and have no competition. I have no concern what my neighbors think anymore. I have about 20 years left in this dimension and am just riding it out.

Mr. Bezos is having a good time exploiting others. He knows the internet is a confirmation bias machine.

The long-range goal of the NWO elites is to completely destroy our confidence in the nation-state as we know it. Only then can the final version of the one world government appear. I say they are doing an effective job and have to tip my hat to them. They worship Satan and he is in control for now.

I think of how the minds of the younger folk have been shaped and kiln-dried in the public indoctrination centers to accept global government and a global blockchain financial system. Most of them are hopelessly hooked on social media, despise our country and its sovereignty, and use the internet as a confirmation bias machine.

Trump: Sponsor of the biggest kayfabe match in history while spending us into insolvency

Most I come across outside of this blog have been spiritually neutered. Though they may be running around quoting this and that, they lack the necessary introspection and discernment. The pastors on YouTube who worship and pray for DT’s success are legion. He is a charlatan fighting a kayfabe wrestling match with his ostensible adversaries, while the nation-states rot from within. I observe that Trump is keeping true to his real colors and spending the U.S. government further into bankruptcy.

Get your heart right with God and learn how to be financially self-sovereign. Stop listening to the alt-financial gurus who keep us trapped in our preexisting biases. The patriots who support Trump can never admit they were duped and continue to throw good money at bad. The best way to avoid these dilemmas in the first place is to remain detached and objective. We need to be humble enough to admit we are wrong when presented with contrary information, but the former patriots are just as lost as their liberal enemies.

Change comes from within.

October 16th Update – Good opportunities still exist in real estate; My analysis and outlook

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-I have a bunch of listeners who are always asking about real estate. I try to answer the many questions I receive and analyze the demographics and market dynamics.
-I analyze the investment numbers to show you what to look for when you invest.
-If you are peculiar like I am (I guess you are, since you are following my stuff) then you are not going to want to work for a corporation or the government, nor run a traditional business, because you will have to be beholden to a lot of easily offended stakeholders and customers. I grew up poor and this is why I live an austere lifestyle. The benefits of being self-sovereign are incalculable and worth living the simple life.
-Real estate is all about money and time. The younger you are, the less money you need. However, if you are my age, you can always develop a cash flow into retirement age, and you will be much better off for it.

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