Behavioral economics at work; Bitcoin was established to be a substitute for gold

The manipulation of gold (blue candles, left axis) and the vital role bitcoin (red and green candles, right axis) serves the central banks; Since the implementation of the COVID monetary and fiscal policy programmes, the price of gold has acted in a counterintuitive manner, while btc took off

Consumables Substitution Effect – As the price of a good increases, the demand for its substitute rises

In classical microeconomics, as the price of a consumable good increases, the demand for its competing substitute rises.

The substitute effect under everyday circumstances is straightforward and makes perfect sense. When we have the choice of consuming a number of goods; whether it’s cans of beans, soda, or clothing, as the prices of one or more of the choices rise, the consumer will be more likely to consume the competing choices, ceteris paribus.

Investment Substitution Effect – As the price of an asset falls, the demand for its substitute often rises

However, humans can be rationally irrational when it comes to buying investments, and this relationship is often the other way around; many investors tend to demand more of an investment as its price rises. This is often at the expense of its equivalent substitutes, which will often fall in value on a relative basis. Intuitively, the reverse makes sense, too; as the price of an asset falls, the demand for its substitute often rises.

In investment and behavioral microeconomics, as the price of an investment (bitcoin) falls, the demand for its substitute (gold) rises. In the case of this analysis, the price change of btc is the independent variable.

Of course, we can never know for certain whether bitcoin and gold are perfect substitutes for one another, but if we view their behaviors through their recent market action in the wake of the promulgation of the now ongoing post-COVID central bank monetary intervention, we do possess more empirical data and observations that this is most likely the case. Moreover, we can rest assured that the powers-that-be also know this and have purposely established this relationship with its inculcation to the masses via the business media.

This blog had theorized since 2016 that btc was developed and released by dark intelligence simultaneously with the introduction of QE in 2008-09 as a tool to suppress the price of gold. And while we can never know for sure that this is the case, we can investigate and observe over the longer-term to determine if this relationship is valid.

While the price action of Au and btc over the longer term are positively correlated, and will trend upward in tandem with the increases in the money stock measures around the world, I suspect that Au (and Ag) will not rise as quickly as long as btc is around and being heavily promoted by the MSM.

However, from time to time, we do see how the prices of Au and btc play off one another over the shorter term, and if recent price performance is any indication, these assets are highly related investment substitutes.  While this relationship may not matter to some people, I view it as an important one when it comes to trading both of them in the short and intermediate term, and in a linear environment.

I mean “linear” in the sense that this relationship is stronger when the markets are operating as usual and volatility measures are lower than normal or typical. However, from time to time both investments may drop in value together if we have that proverbial “Minsky moment,” which forces investors and traders to cover and liquidate from any unforeseen market event, whether it be endogenous or exogenous. A Fed tapering pronouncement is one example. We also observed that the manufactured COVID crisis was another instance.

But it does seem that when the market for btc suffers adverse circumstances, gold responds more favorably. It also seems that this relationship works best when circumstances affect the price of btc, rather than when circumstances affect the price of gold.

Keep in mind that often when the price of an asset falls, it can have a sympathetic response with its equivalents. Investors experience this often with the stocks of companies in the same sector. But I am confining this commentary to within a particular sector, and that is of assets that are considered monetary equivalents and stores of value.

Long-term successful traders recognize these relationships in action. Contrarian investors leverage these opportunities for long-term gain.

Barron’s; Inflation is here and it’s time to worry

Some of my recommendations and predictions under the current monetary policy programmes;

    • Value stocks – These firms can pass on inflation to its customers, and have a diverse customer base. Asset pricing models benefit these equities over other stocks, as their earnings are definite and immediate.
    • Growth stocks will continue to lag. Many of these face fierce competition. The downward pressure on many of these firms has been relentless
    • Commodities will remain strong as demand picks up again. With the willful US Fed on autopilot, it’s difficult to put the toothpaste back in the tube. The supply-chain shocks will persist, and actually may be encouraged by the Western governments themselves. For instance, the Biden regime’s energy policies have resulted in diminished oil/gas output, while restricting energy transport.
    • Residential and warehouse real estate will continue to power ahead under the current set of monetary and fiscal policies. Given the higher levels of inflation, real estate prices will remain remarkably resilient to higher mortgage rate levels. According to the USA Today, the real estate market continued to break historic records in April, as home prices rose 21% YoY and the median home-sale price soared to $348,500. In May, this level rose above $350k. A year ago, we predicted an intermediate-term rise to $385k when it was $315k. We are quickly reaching our target.
    • Residential rents have begun to rise again in earnest as the average renter will get squeezed from all directions. If rents rise higher than expected, this will provide rental investors more confidence in higher property prices. I predict rents will rise much higher than generally expected and the landlords will once again, gain the upper hand.
    • Ranch/farm land – Regardless of interest rate levels, farm and ranch land prices will continue to trend higher. This would mirror our experiences of the late 1970s.
    • Bond investors will increasingly find it more and more difficult to stay ahead, even if prices remained elevated from a loose monetary policy regime.
At some point, I have to conclude that this can’t be an accident

As millions remain out of work and as economic growth remains reliant on extraordinary monetary and fiscal support, the Fed’s concerns about the recovery are well founded. If the Fed is right that the U.S. economy is still weak enough to warrant near-zero interest rates and quantitative easing, while wrong that pricing pressures are temporary, investors are looking at the threat of stagflation. Longer term, some investors and economists warn of a so-called debt jubilee, effectively a default through hyperinflation, and the risk of the U.S. losing its reserve-currency status.

Policy makers are walking a fine line. The costs of not getting it exactly right are high, already affecting bottom lines, wallets, and investment returns, while threatening to unleash economic forces not seen in generations.

Inflation Is Here and Hotter Than It Looks. Why It’s Time to Worry., Barron’s May 14th

I came across an article from this weekend’s edition of Barron’s, and wanted to share it with you. I have attached a link to the web version, and you may be able to read it without a subscription.

Inflation Is Here and Hotter Than It Looks. Why It’s Time to Worry.

I have also attached a pdf version of it below. While the pdf version does not contain a few charts that were available in the web version, everything else is the same.

Inflation Is Here and Hotter Than It Looks
What’s the goal here?

I wanted to end with one final observation that was analyzed by Joel Skousen in his latest edition of the WAB. He makes an interesting conclusion as to why the US Fed is remaining remarkably loose, and while he often refers to sources I do not hold in high regard, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the growing inflation dilemma in the West.

I believe it has to do with the “great reset” the globalists created in the wake of the exaggerated pandemic. Locking down the small business and restaurant economy and then offering periodic stimulus payments got everyone on the dole, and each bailout bill had lots of bad legislation in it furthering government control—one of the goals of the Great Reset.

Creating high inflation allows Democrats to decry the not-so-free markets; blame them, and induce people to demand price controls, which Richard Nixon succumbed to during the high inflation of 1971. If price controls ever get reinstalled, I suspect they will keep them in place and never let us be free from them again—much like these pandemic restrictions. Price controls are a key aspect of Fabian socialist “solutions,” and may well lead to calls for even more government controls in healthcare, housing, and food.

Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief, May 14th

As with deficit and all forms of social spending, the resulting inflation helps those with the assets, while hurting those who do not own them. If you were acquiring income generating assets over the years, you already have seen how your asset prices have kept pace and even rose higher than the general cost of living.

As asset owners, we will have to eventually confront the growing chorus from those left out of the bull market runs. As prices rise, the risk of facing new punishing taxation policies, ownership restrictions, or outright expropriation will climb as well.

A response to a reader; The importance of Old Testament prophecy leading up to WWIII

been reading you for a while but still don’t understand the relevance of old testament prophecies in which you put so much stock.

can you help me out in a couple of sentences?


As a Christian who takes the Bible literally in every detail, I have always been intrigued with the prophetic aspects of scripture. The Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT) are loaded with prophetic markers to let the student gauge the Bible’s accuracy over time. As such, prophecy has often been referred to as “history in advance.”

The prophets of the OT were concerned primarily with three matters:

1) The foretelling of events and circumstances in the near and intermediate term regarding the ancient Israelites, as well as their neighboring kingdoms and adversaries when it involved Israel,

2) The spiritual fulfillment of the Abrahamic blessings with the arrival of the Messiah (Jesus), who would reconcile humanity back to its Creator,

3) Eschatological affairs regarding last day events.

The OT prophets identify which nations will be involved in WWIII

Although the advent of Jesus fulfilled the spiritual covenant, the physical aspect of God’s promises to Abraham are still in effect today. Indeed, Abraham was promised that the Messiah would come from his seed, but he was also told that kings as well as a company of nations and a great nation would come from his seed in the last days. The last days refer to the period after Jesus’s birth, thus these promises did not pertain to ancient Israel.

While the NT prophets did not mention the physical aspects of the Israelites in last day events, the OT prophets went into great detail about how the endtime events would revolve around these twelve tribes (13 with Manasseh).

Thus, when we analyze the eschatology of the NT, we are left with an incomplete picture. If a Christian scholar refers exclusively to the NT and Daniel, he will have a much more difficult time discerning the timeline and how it relates to the geopolitical world today. When we study the OT prophets in regards to eschatological matters, we begin to see how the Israelite remnants are intimately involved in every detail of the tribulation period.

While it is much more difficult to accurately interpret what the OT prophets have to say, it is worth the effort. Essentially, the OT prophets spoke in great detail about a devastating war that involved certain tribes and nations.

Why do we know these OT war prophecies concern the last days? It’s simple; there has never been a war that has involved this combination of peoples and countries in human history. Thus, it has yet to occur. But based on the developing geopolitical and economic circumstances, it should transpire sooner than most are expecting.

The OT prophets help us predict the timing of WWIII

When we try to unlock the mysteries surrounding last day events, the NT doesn’t reveal the entire combination. OT prophecy is needed in this regard to help the student correctly line up all the tumblers.

If we can objectively view the OT prophecies and what it said regarding the fate of the Israelite remnants in the final days, we can easily determine which nations they founded and where they are today.

So, why is all this important, and why am I emphasizing OT prophecy now? The answer is simple here; time is short and I believe that we are about to enter the time of Jacob’s trouble. This is the most amazing part of this analysis; the locations of the nations in WWIII are lining up like pieces on a chess board, and they all conform to OT bible prophecy.

The OT prophets help us determine which nations will be destroyed in WWIII

While the NT and Daniel explain the end days timeline, it offers an incomplete picture, since we do not know which nations and peoples are involved, and in what capacity. When we objectively analyze the OT prophets (Jacob was a very important prophet, too), we can easily deduce that this upcoming WWIII will be the prophesied time of Jacob’s trouble that will be the catalyst for Jesus’s return.

If we fully embrace what the OT prophets say, God will force Gog, Magog, Meshech, Tubal et al. (Russia and China along with its secret confederacy) to subdue Ephraim (Great Britain) and annihilate Manasseh (the United States, which is the “land of unwalled villages”). With the U.S. out of the way, the rest of the West will suffer a similar fate as well.

Based on my analysis, as well as others, it also seems there are elements within the Western governments themselves that are promoting this first strike offensive against the West to enhance the objectives of the New World Order. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it will be much worse than anyone expects. God will see to it.

Based on the willful ignorance of virtually all of today’s Christians, they will be totally astonished when it does happen. Esau, working with Japheth, will finally subdue Shem and Jacob.  Although, the Western adversaries will not wish to destroy the West, God will force their hand and the devastation will force God to intervene and put an eventual end to it. Basically, when all hope is lost and when countless millions are killed, God will supernaturally destroy Israel’s and Judah’s (the political nation-state of Israel) adversary.

The dominoes are falling and we must start preparing

Based on my most recent observations, time is running very short. We need to spiritually and physically prepare now, because today’s fire and brimstone Christian pastors will be astonished, and have not been properly warning their congregations.

Any church pastor on YouTube is forbidden to speak out against the government and its objectives that are antithetical to the American population. A combination of 501(c)3 tax deduction status as well as cognitive and willed ignorance, and disbelief renders the church pastors ineffectual when they are needed the most.

I have been reporting that the massive deficit fiscal spending is nothing but wealth consolidation, and as War gets close, this spending and wealth consolidation will go parabolic. All of the prerequisites leading up to war, including the debilitation of the Western population via the covid jobs are proceeding as planned.

If this makes sense to you, you’re going to be on your own.

05/12 Market update; We are lab rats with a one-party system, centrally-planned economy, and a Soviet media

60-90 minute wait at my local gas station. Other NoVA fuel pumps are experiencing the same routine, and FCP are are actively monitoring. The people are lab rats in a real-time experiment

To download right mouse click here – (3pm, duration 30:41)

-A huge warning for stock investors. The stock market is undergoing its first meaningful correction as official inflation data confirm that the US Fed may have to act soon to rein in inflation growth. The S&P 500 rose past the 4,000 minimum level needed for a meaningful retracement, and we are now getting it.

-After a recalibration, I have determined that people are now acting rationally irrational once again. I have simply lowered my expectations for humanity, and now their behavior is again making sense.

-Manufactured austerity; housing shortage to last forever! Gas shortages and living supplies shortages to persist in a centrally planned economy. The people now have the government they choose and want.

-Fake supply shocks and shortages. The police are monitoring hour-long waiting times for gas at the gas stations down the street from my house in NoVA. These supply shocks and shortages are manufactured and allow these elites to experiment on us in real time.

-Donald Trump was the perfect compromised patsy to blame for bringing the U.S. under a one-party system. He borrowed billions from the Rothschilds and still supported the mRNA jabs. The demoralized Christian pastors were praying for Trump, who was propped up as a globalist change agent.

-The MSM and even some of the alt-media (e.g. ZeroHedge) work to demoralize the population.

-The U.S. government is only a customer service window for the synagogue of Satan, who use the Pentagon (DoD) and CIA in Arlington and McLean, VA, to control the media. Our media is centrally run and has become just like the Pravda and TASS during the time of the Soviet Union.

-Satan points out racism. Satan wants everyone to be a light shade of brown. Satan demands we love everyone, including ourselves. This change in mindset is necessary, so the Americans can be treated like livestock.

-The fire and brimstone preachers on YouTube are now useless in helping us determine the truth. Though they speak with such authority; they tell the outliers to shut and be careful we don’t go to hell. These pastors lack the cognitive capacity and courage needed to assist their suckered congregations leading up to Jacob’s trouble. If you don’t go along with their Laodicean teachings, they warn you that hell awaits the liars and deceived.

The CIA and DoD; Engineers of the largest gaslighting campaign in history

Our lives have become propaganda memes developed in Arlington and McLean, VA. There is no more truth coming from the government, and the MSM work to demoralize its consumers. We are the unwitting participants of the largest gaslighting campaign in history. We are no longer going to find confirmation of our own observations. The average person will be slowly driven insane.

Google as well as the other major technology and social media firms own our data and know us better than we know ourselves. The elites, who control these firms and the data gatherers in the government agencies, don’t need the constitution. They have access to our most inner thoughts and views. Agenda 2030 is a layup from here.

They treat us like livestock and fungible commodities, because we allow them.

-COVID vaccine injuries will be greatly underreported, while COVID deaths and cases will be greatly exaggerated.
-The reasons the MSM give for the rising real estate prices in this cycle resemble those from the early-mid 2000s. The PTB using the US Fed, allowed house prices to rise the first time around, so they could collapse them. That provided them with the reason needed to consolidate their control of the monetary and financial systems, as well as provide the excuse to accelerate their wealth consolidation with QE.
-Real estate is rising this time via financial engineering, foreign government money, sovereign wealth funding, and open borders. But the MSM says it’s the remote worker and nesting in a post-covid world. More gaslighting.
-Many areas in the U.S. have seen ten years worth of real estate appreciation in only a year.
-If the U.S. did not pump in 6-7 trillion in stimulus, the economy would have collapsed.
-Overall demand is way down, but growing inflation at this point seems to be mostly supply-side driven. The supply chain is busting apart.
-Real cost of living expenses are rising at close to 10%/ year, yet the Feds say it is rising at 2-3%.
-QE and deficit spending is wealth consolidation. The Higher the spending, the closer we are to the force majeure.
-The US Fed is being willful with its implementation of monetary policy. Powell engages with the homeless outside the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building and says he’s looking out for them. He tells the minorities he’s looking out for racial justice.
-The same dark force that owns the central banks created the crypto concept and let it flourish, so it could provide it with the manufactured existential problem for the central banks. The central banks have now been working on their own solutions to combat the cryptos. Crisis, reaction, solution, at its best.
-Events and processes are coming together for something big in the next few years.
-People are no longer rationally irrational. Asset prices have fully detached from reality.

Canadian doctor sounds the alarm on covid “vaccines”

My sister forwarded me a link to two letters written by Dr. Charles Hoffe, a Canadian physician, regarding the disturbing issues his vaccinated patients have been experiencing. I wanted to forward this to you, and if you are thinking of giving in to the MSM and peer pressure to get vaccinated, I urge you to PLEASE reconsider. A desperate, demoralized, and sick population can be easily manipulated into doing anything. Please be strong as the next few years progress, since global events will unfold as we have been analyzing.





Evidently, this physician was not fully aware of the potential side effects until after he administered the vaccines. If there are this many obvious and rapid injuries, how many of his vaccinated patients will become sick over the next three to four years? How many of these people of childbearing age are now effectively sterile?

This dovetails all with the 2025-2027 force majeure scenario we regularly focus on here on the blog. Only a sick and demoralized population can be subdued and easily convinced of anything.

Please do not take the vaccines. I would have to believe that many people are choosing not receive their second rounds as many have been or know of someone who has been injured.

I would also suspect that those in Russia and China are not receiving the same vaccines with the same ingredients as those in the West.

A response to a listener: The Bible reveals where the Israelites are located in the last days

Important Note to reader: The only Jew mentioned in this article is Judah. None of the other biblical people mentioned here were Jews.

Ephraim and Manasseh are still around; A line-by-line Biblical explanation of the Birthright promises
It all starts with Abram

In Genesis 12:1-3, God makes a calling to Abram to take certain actions (e.g., leave his country and his father’s house, etc.) and that if he did, God would bless him; 1) His descendants would be a great nation 2) Through Abram’s genealogy, the world would be blessed by a Messiah to reconcile it back to the Creator. At this point, the promises were conditional of obedience.

When Abram proved his righteousness with God, the above promises became unconditional, and then more conditional promises were expanded, as we read in Genesis 17:1-7. God says that Abram, at 99 YO, proved his righteousness, and so God expanded his promises to Abram. God promised that many physical nations would come from his seed, and his name was changed to Abraham. He was also promised that many kings would come from his loins. At this point, these expanded promises were conditional on Abraham continuing to walk with a perfect heart.

These promises then became unconditional as Abraham walked with God. Read Genesis 22:16-18. After Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac, God made all his promises unconditional.

The promises are passed to Isaac and then to Jacob

In Genesis 26:1-5, these promises are then passed to Isaac.

In Genesis 27:27-29, Isaac passes these blessings on to Jacob.

In Genesis 28:13-15, God blesses Jacob and passes the promises to Abraham and Isaac unconditionally on to him.

In Genesis 32:26-28, the Lord (Jesus) expands the blessings and changes Jacob’s name to Israel.

In Genesis 35:9-12, God expands the promises to Jacob. “And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins…

A nation and company of nations was added to Jacob’s blessings, in addition to the world being blessed (through Jesus) by his seed.

Jacob passes the birthright blessing to Ephraim and Manasseh

In Genesis 48:12-20, Jacob passes the birthright blessings on to Joseph and then through to his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Genesis 48:19 says these two sons will become a great people and a multitude of nations in the LAST DAYS.

The Jews never fulfilled any of these birthright promises, especially when we consider the detailed explanation of Jacob’s promises made to Joseph in Genesis 49:22-26.

In Genesis 49:8-12, Jacob’s promises to Judah for the last days were pertaining to the kingly line; physical and the blessing (spiritual). There would be a physical king somewhere on the earth all the way until Shiloh come. This wasn’t pertaining to Jesus, though that was part of the promise.

All of these promises were now unconditional.

God brought up Moses to make certain these promises were carried on to the future generations. In Leviticus 26:14-45, we see how God punishes the descendants of the 12 tribes (13 with Manasseh) when they don’t walk with God. It is through war and terror. This was repeated in Deuteronomy 28:16-62.

This one point is vitally important to understand; the Abrahamic covenants with the Israelites are non-revocable and are still in effect today.

Let’s take a look at the West

The West was once richly blessed, but has fallen into despair by their adversary, so why do these nations get abused so much? The answer is simple; these populations are unwittingly following God’s unconditional covenant given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s 12 sons (especially Ephraim and Manasseh, as well as Judah). They are punished with terror and the abuse of strangers who manipulate and terrorize them. They are still around.

The upcoming force majeure I warn about will be a military defeat. I know how the Israelites are punished; it’s war and defeat. The adversary is chastising them right now, which is why our adversary is promoting the most wicked behavior. The increasing degeneracy being promoted by our adversary serves a vital purpose; it increases God’s punishment on the Israelites, while increasing the power of their conquerors. The high will be made low, and the low will be made high. Our adversary knows who has the birthright blessings, and is exploiting Ephraim and Manasseh’s stupidity and wickedness. They are using and abusing the Israelites today, as well as keeping the current bunch of snoozing and compromised pastors asleep.

In order for our adversary to achieve their objectives for their new world order, they need to keep us in the dark and remove Jesus from our minds. If we all started praying to Jesus, the adversary’s power would disappear. The Israelites get so abused, because they don’t know who they are. It’s the worst form of punishment. God holds them to Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, but they don’t know it.

In Hosea 1, God says that while his promises are unconditional, He never said that the people would be consciously aware of their blessing. So, even though God would still fulfill them, he told Hosea that the remnants would not know. He would blind them, but they would always be on the planet until the end of days.

So, if you want to know where the last days physical Israelites (not Jews) are located today, just use some simple logic, deductive reasoning, and the process of elimination to pinpoint their locations. The Bible is descriptive enough that an objective person can figure it out.

I can tell you this much; the Israelite remnants today are the stupidest bunch of idiots on the earth, and deserve what they have coming to them. They can’t figure out who they are, and they are so easily deceived.

The keys to financial and spiritual success; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

If everyone is buying, find out why the seller is selling. Taking the contra in trading; Contra broker

I have uploaded a new video to Brighteon.

Take the Contra and Be the Lone Wolf; The keys to financial and spiritual success

Success in trading and investing; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

-A discussion of what I look for in trading the smaller stocks
-The key to successful investing
-An analysis of residential real estate and its prospects going out to mid-decade.
-What I look for when investing in anything
-As long as the PTB wish to use the dollar-based system it will work.
-My theories on why foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds are buying up residential real estate

Finding the truth in these last days; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

All of today’s pastors and preachers in the end time Church tell you to turn inward and look for Jesus, while our enemy quietly conquers us. We are now a conquered nation and the pastors sleep.

-The fire and brimstone pastors are in way over their heads when trying to understand the spiritual aspects of this dollar-based monetary system.
-If Jesus said the devil will deceive the whole world, including the end days church, and if 90-95% of today’s Laodicean church Judaizes the Bible, I say to take the contra.
-If 90-95% of the Western Church preachers are unwitting Schofield Judaizers, it’s safe to assume they are wrong. If these pastors say that Joseph’s and Jacob’s days on this planet are done, I say, take the contra. They are still here somewhere.
-Today’s fire and brimstone preachers are having a more difficult time explaining their flawed understanding to the their cognitively-dulled and morally-compromised congregations.
-Today’s preacher litters his preaching with non sequiturs and logic errors. God made certain that the Bible was written in a very logical manner, if only we can wipe away the PC veneer.
-Meshech (ancient Moscow) and Tubal (ancient Siberian capital) know where they are today. The Israelite remnants do not. Prophecy is being fulfilled.

World War III in Bible prophecy and how to survive what’s coming

I have uploaded a new video to Brighteon.

World War III in Bible Prophecy, and How to Survive What’s Coming

This video provides a detailed analysis of these last days leading up to WW III, and how to properly identify the modern peoples and countries with their Biblical and prophetic names.

Our adversaries, working through their central banks, established the British pound and US dollar as the two truly global reserve currencies, and used this monetary system to engineer their new world order plans. How come the people don’t know or realize this? Perhaps our enemy knows much more about the Bible and the birthright promises than the dumbed-down and PC Christians.

World War III in Bible Prophecy, and How to Survive What’s Coming

The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel

The modern lies about the Lost Tribes of Israel