April 30th Subscriber-only podcast; More about the timeline to war; The Jews who groom you

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-A quick discussion about the timeline to war

-I comment on this week’s World Affairs Brief and its discussion on this timeline. I have included a copy below with a link here to download.

WAB April 29

-A brief discussion on a video from Brother Nathanael titled, The Jews who groom you. I bring it up, because of personal circumstances.

-Growing up with Jewish friends, dating many Jewish women, and having Jewish family members, I know what Brother Nathanael is saying.

-Behavioral psychology; We need to learn how to spot the specifics in how our Christ-rejecting pers sabotage our ways of thinking and demoralize us. Negativistic behavior, passive aggression, dismissiveness all come to mind.

-The last days Christian church pastors who claim the Old Testament was written for the Jews and that the primary OT personalities were Jews not only make sloppy hermeneutical errors, but work to destroy the Christian church by creating a fatal cognitive dissonance. In other words, how can the Bible be written for a group of people who upend Godly society? Look around and listen to what Brother Nathanael is saying here.