April 22nd Subscriber-only podcast; Social proof everywhere in these last days and how to overcome it


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Social proof is everywhere and we all suffer from its ramifications. Don’t fall victim to it.

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation. The term was coined by Robert Cialdini in his 1984 book Influence: Science and Practice, and the concept is also known as informational social influence.

Social proof is considered prominent in ambiguous social situations where people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior, and is driven by the assumption that the surrounding people possess more knowledge about the current situation.

As we get closer to the final days and life becomes ever more confusing, we will be faced with many mind-blowing decisions. If we rely on others around us, we are doomed for failure.
-Social proof in the churches. Why is the same PC doctrine preached everywhere, even by the fire and brimstone dummies? Based on the devolution of humanity and the church itself, It clearly is not correct, yet it is recognized as proper.
-The psychology of lines and parking spaces. Yes, there have been studies done to gauge why we are attracted to lines.
-Social proof in everyday life. Why get a college education? Why get a job? Why pay so much in income taxes?
-Social proof with investment decisions. Why the booms and busts? Why the conforming opinions of experts?
-Social proof in the patriot movement and in politics. How could ostensibly open-minded and discerning people be so stupid?
-Will there be social unrest before the bombs start dropping?

Prominent Russian TV presenter says war ‘against Europe and the world’ is on the way following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine

A prominent Russian TV presenter said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is approaching a “new stage” in which Moscow will find itself at war with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — and by extension, the entire world.

“I believe the special military operation is entering a new stage. Ukrainians alone are no longer enough,” said Vladimir Solovyov, according to the translation of a video clip tweeted on Thursday by The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis.

-Alex Jones and Infowars at it again with the false dichotomy. Russia good/Ukraine and the West bad.

-NBC News says Dr. Fauci is a national hero for dedicating his life to helping protect the lives of others. Fully 60% of the population believes this. Only 20% do not.