The Show

I am a 30+ year student of Economics and Finance. I study scripture daily. I have a formal background in Economics, Mathematics, and Finance. Topics of money and Economics are not mutually exclusive to the Bible, and my unique combination of knowledge allows me to understand how the world is wrapping things up in these final days of Satan’s reign.

I know that events are speeding up rapidly, and to the untrained eye they can appear depressing, but we need to persevere and overcome, so we can succeed. We must remain focused, patient, and objective. Much of what we hear on the Patriot and alt-media is designed to create learned helplessness, division, tension, stress, and indecision. It is deception appearing as our ally. However, we must continue to build a life in every way possible. Independent thought and reasoning must be placed front and center.

We are being deceived from every angle, and the alternative media is now fully compromised. The all-seeing eye plays particular attention to the alt-media and Christian community.

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