A subscriber-only update; The timeline to war becomes clearer

I wanted to pass along this quick update to the website subscribers. It’s regarding the timeline to war, and how it will probably commence, at least according to the latest comments from Joel Skousen and the World Affairs Brief. Given the pro-Russian bias of the alt-media, I no longer view Mr. Skousen’s military analysis as being popular, and have not been seeing it much lately on the establishment alt-media shows.

S. Koreans as they become more prosperous, continue to think war is unthinkable, just like Americans do about war against the US. But this idea isn’t strange to the Russians and Chinese. A Nuclear pre-emptive strike is their only option to take down US military superiority. Despite S. Korea’s naive commitment to “peace” they are starting to prepare in earnest for the inevitable war with N. Korea.

Seoul is investing in its own national defense capabilities like never before. These include new missile systems that South Korean troops have showcased, sometimes in joint maneuvers with the U.S., in response to North Korea’s recent uptick in missile activity that both U.S. and South Korean officials suspect to be the prelude to a seventh nuclear test.

There has even been discussion in South Korea about the country obtaining its own nuclear weapons, or at least deploying those of the U.S., as was the case throughout much of the Cold War. “The North Korea nuclear threat is imminent; it’s there at our doorstep,” the second South Korean official said. “We really want to deal with this.”

They will have to and it won’t go away with diplomatic solutions—it will be a military conflict, that I believe will be the trigger event for WWIII.

World Affairs Brief – Joel Skousen 7/22/2022

Joel Skousen has been the most accurate regarding this long-term plan to the unfolding inevitability to WWIII, and I wanted to pass his latest comments regarding it in today’s World Affairs Brief.



Of course, Mr. Skousen is not an expert in many topics, and I do not refer to his work in those regards. However, I have been following his geo-military analysis for the past 15 years, and have yet to come across anyone who has been more accurate.

And that’s bad news….