In response to a subscriber; A politically incorrect, but honest, rant for the very small remnant


Serkan Arslanalp”
“Barry Eichengreen”

I wish our economic guidance was provided by people with names like “Adam Smith.”


NWO propagandist and DARPA/DoD creation

This comment by Carlos was submitted in response to one of my comment postings regarding a research paper presented to the Fed this weekend at Jackson Hole. This research paper titled, Bloated Government Indebtedness Seen As Here To Stay, was authored by the two above mentioned individuals.

While I have my contentions with Adam Smith regarding his microeconomic policies, which do help to enhance the calls for a globalized economy, Carlos has a great point. Economists like Adam Smith are nowhere to be found. All we have left are government and Fed sycophantic lackies.

The blue liberal people feign compassion, but don’t lift a finger to help anyone but themselves. These blue scumbags cry about compassion and look to government to bestow social largesse on the reprobate masses, but just like Judas, they want to use other people’s money. These blue sodomites spend thousands a year in CPA fees to avoid paying any income taxes.

This bloated regime of expanding debt and higher interest rates is all the more interesting considering that this semi-permanent structure described by these two authors was completely avoidable in the first place. Keep in mind that the COVID monetary and fiscal policies of both the Fed and Trump/Biden were the sole catalysts for what we are observing right now. These two synagogue of Satan presidential puppets precipitated the largest peacetime spending binge in history, and it continues to this day.

Phony opposition and DARPA/DoD Pantagram creation

We on this blog predicted and acted accordingly to succeed financially as far back as March and April of 2020 when the Fed and federal government spending and monetary policies were initially announced. I begged the readers to buy as many income generating assets as possible, even if the people were dying in the streets. I roughly doubled my net worth since this phony covid emerged, while bolstering my passive income that easily pays for the extra mortgages I took on with cash-outs.

It’s nearly impossible to listen to MSM anymore with their manufactured racist diatribes and calls for more government intervention, social justice, and societal reengineering. I can no longer listen to the average person talk about the most meaningless and banal bullshit that spews out of his or her mouth. I’m tired of having to endure advertising that roughly comprises 60% black people though they are about 13% of the population.

Alex Jones; Freemason and controlled ally of the patriot movement

I have a friend taking an Alaskan cruise as I write this and she keeps texting me that I would love it up there, since there are no people. I told her I just want out of the blue areas with the people’s twisted logic and self-absorbed degeneracy.

The blue liberal people feign compassion, but don’t lift a finger to help anyone but themselves. These blue scumbags cry about compassion and look to government to bestow social largesse on the reprobate masses, but just like Judas, they want to use other people’s money. These blue sodomites spend thousands a year in CPA fees to avoid paying any income taxes.

Prices of houses where I have been buying are up about 15% yoy. It’s mostly a red area with small government and the conservative money is flocking there. I also should have kept my mouth shut and not promoted Shenandoah County. The people there aren’t stupid though the Hispanic misfits are beginning to overwhelm rents and government coffers.

The only truth left is contained in the Bible and maybe the Book of Enoch and such. We won’t find any truth in Pope Francis or with your local pastor. Jesus was correct, when he comes back there will be almost no one left who understands the truth.


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47 thoughts on “In response to a subscriber; A politically incorrect, but honest, rant for the very small remnant

  1. While Carlos says -I wish our economic guidance was provided by people with names like “Adam Smith.” I wish film makers were free to portray their characters as they wish. I like my movies to reflect the history as it was

    I used to love watching historical fiction movies and shows about Europe and America – but if they are anachronistic to show diversity with the cast – I’m out. For example, the latest Jane Austen movie ‘Persuasion’ has a diverse cast. I can’t watch it – I can’t pretend that Britain was racially diverse at that time when it wasn’t.

    A Danish movie is coming out – historical drama, and the cast is not ‘diverse’. Imagine a Danish film with Nordic looking people!!! I love the response to the question about diversity. Unapologetic. I look forward to seeing this film. We need more of this.

  2. Fed Set to Double Its Economic Growth Forecast After Strong US Data
    14 minutes ago

    (Bloomberg) — The US economy has been looking so solid lately that Federal Reserve officials will probably need to double their projection for growth in 2023 when they publish an updated outlook later this month.

    Following a string of stronger-than-expected reports on everything from consumer spending to residential investment, economists have been boosting their forecasts for gross domestic product. One widely-followed, unofficial estimate produced by the Atlanta Fed even has it expanding 5.6% on an annualized basis in the third quarter.

    That marks a sharp turnaround from three months ago — the last time policymakers updated their own numbers — when the consensus view was that the economy would stall in the current quarter. And it may be enough to prompt Fed officials to scale back their estimates for interest-rate cuts in 2024.

    “Consumer spending was robust in June and July, so the third quarter is virtually baked in the cake at this point,” said Stephen Stanley, the chief economist at Santander Capital Markets US who is projecting 3.7% growth in the July-to-September period. “5% seems too high, but not impossible.”

    Any read on GDP growth above 3.2% would mark the strongest quarter since 2021, when the US was experiencing a rapid recovery from the initial shock of the pandemic. The acceleration is in stark contrast with the outlook for China, which has been downgraded in recent weeks amid a mounting property crisis.

    When Fed officials last updated their own projections for the US in mid-June, they showed the median policymaker thought GDP would expand just 1% in 2023. At the time, that marked an upgrade over the previous projection round in March, which implied a recession this year.

    That number will probably go up to 1.8% or 2% in the new projections set to be released at the conclusion of the central bank’s Sept. 19-20 policy meeting, and the outlook for the unemployment rate could be revised lower, according to Omair Sharif, president of Inflation Insights LLC.

    The growth upgrade may also lead Fed officials to scale back the easing they had projected for next year to 75 basis points of rate cuts instead of 100, Sharif said.

    Widespread Upswing

    The Atlanta Fed tracker — which is separate from policymakers’ quarterly projections — is volatile and will probably be revised down some before the government publishes its first official read on current-quarter growth at the end of October. But it underscores the widespread upswing in sentiment over the past few months.

    Read More: Goldman Cuts US Recession Chances to 15% on Improved Inflation

    Despite the rising optimism, the central bank has signaled it will probably leave its benchmark interest rate unchanged at the September meeting.

    A rate hike in July brought it into a range of 5.25% to 5.5% — the highest level in 22 years — and Fed Governor Christopher Waller said Tuesday that policymakers can now afford to “proceed carefully” given recent data showing inflation continues to ease.

    “The economy accelerated over the summer, but the Fed is willing to wait out September,” said Diane Swonk, the chief economist at KPMG LLP in Chicago. “A soft or ‘softish’ landing is now the most likely scenario.”

    Even if the odds of a recession have come down, forecasters are largely sticking to predictions that growth will slow in the fourth quarter. Looming headwinds include rising gasoline prices, a resumption of student-loan payments and the possibility of a government shutdown.

    Many also believe the impact of aggressive rate hikes over the past year-and-a-half, and tighter credit conditions in the wake of bank failures earlier this year, will soon begin to show.

    “The end of the three-year student forbearance program is likely to exert some drag on consumer spending as over 27 million borrowers will need to start making monthly loan repayments,” said Thomas Feltmate, a senior economist at TD Bank Group.

    “I suspect we’ll also see some of the air on business investment come out over the coming quarters — particularly with rates having turned higher in recent months — and credit conditions remain quite tight.”

    ©2023 Bloomberg L.P.

    1. Of course consumer spending and residential home investment spending goes up when prices go up. There is no choice but to spend more when prices go up.

      The question is the “real” spending and investment going up after factoring in inflation increases.

      Also I feel that inflation is being way underestimated.

      I see NO fed interest rate pauses and I see more inflation down the road.

  3. Shareholders of domestic oil producers are having a field day. I wonder what Warren Buffett sees in OXY?

    I just bought a really nice end unit townhome in downtown Woodstock. State Farm says replacement cost is $410,000. I wonder why homebuilders are not keeping up with demand in the general area… That’s because home prices are not rising fast enough to match building costs.

    What cost $200,000 to build in 2006 now costs double that. Hmm…. Rents are also double. Why not home prices? Something will give….

    USA, inc. and asset owners are cleaning up!🚀

  4. Japan’s Households Cut Back Spending as Kishida Mulls Measures
    6 hours ago

    (Bloomberg) — Japan’s households cut back spending in July as persistent inflation continued to erode purchasing power, adding pressure on the government to ramp up aid when it unveils a fresh batch of economic measures in coming weeks.

    Outlays dropped 2.7% in July from the previous month, the biggest fall since February 2022, as consumers pared back outlays on cars and telecommunications, ministry of internal affairs data showed Tuesday. Spending was also down 5% from a year earlier, twice the amount forecast by analysts.

    The weak data add to signs that the economy’s recovery is struggling to build momentum domestically as inflation continues to outpace wage gains and consumer spending remains below pre-pandemic levels. Key consumer prices rose 3.1% in July from a year earlier.

    Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he will expand and extend gasoline subsidies beyond their previously planned expiry to help households as he plans a new round of economic measures to be unveiled this fall. The price of gasoline recently rose to a record even with existing subsidies.

    “Consumers are being selective as they try to cope with inflation,” said Harumi Taguchi, principal economist at S&P Global Market Intelligence. “Wage gains increased in the spring wage negotiations, but they aren’t spreading to everyone, and people are feeling inflation more acutely as daily necessities like food get more expensive.”

    While Japan’s economy expanded more than expected in the second quarter, the gains were largely driven by external demand as measured by both exports and inbound tourism. Private consumption fell an annualized 2.1% in the quarter, an indication that Japan’s longest spell of inflation in decades is weighing on household pocketbooks and threatening to upend the recovery’s momentum.

    Economists expect the growth figure to be revised lower in data due Friday after recent corporate capital spending figures came in weaker than estimates. Looking to the current quarter, analysts see the economy slipping back into reverse after the flattering result of the previous three-month period.

    The fragile situation will help the Bank of Japan justify keeping its ulta-easy monetary settings to support the economy until inflation becomes sustainable in tandem with wage growth. Weak spending could force the BOJ to prolong its stimulative stance even as risks of side effects grow. The latest wage data due Friday are expected to show real wages adjusted for inflation continued to fall in July.

    Another round of economic measures may help prop up support for Kishida, whose approval ratings have renewed falls in recent weeks. Existing measures are helping hold down the overall inflation rate by as much as 1.5 percentage point.

    But more spending also presents problems for a government that has yet to finalize long-term funding for its ramped up defense budget and birthrate support steps.

    Financing further spending through borrowing is also set to get more expensive amid upward pressure on bond yields. Should the central bank move away from its monetary stimulus it could lead to further rises in borrowing costs for a country with the developed world’s highest public debt load.

    “Government spending needs to get back to pre-pandemic levels, so I don’t think Kishida will just hand out cash to everyone with his new economic measures,” Taguchi said. “Instead, I think he will focus on continuing price relief measures and targeting aid at people with low incomes.”

    ©2023 Bloomberg L.P.

    1. As real yields continue climbing notice how the USDX keeps rising. The dollar is still looking like the best one on the block. And this includes the Russian ruble and Chinese yuan, which both are struggling against the greenback. I would have thought the ruble would be performing relatively well considering oil prices have been rising out of its intermediate weekly channel.

      This goes to show us why income generating assets continue to outperform. There’s really no other place to go, especially for investors who despise the dollar.

  5. Mexican Local Investment Booms Led by Construction, Nearshoring
    6 hours ago

    (Bloomberg) — Mexico’s gross fixed investment rose the most in over two years in yet another sign the country is benefiting from the relocation of companies to tap the US market and from the government’s infrastructure plans.

    Fixed investment, a measure of capital allocation that includes spending on factories and machinery, rose almost 29% in June compared to the previous year, its fastest increase since May 2021, the national statistics agency said Monday. Investment grew by 3.1% when compared to May, beating a 2.4% median estimate of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.

    Latin America’s second-largest economy is being propelled by companies setting up operations in to take advantage of access to the US market, a process known as nearshoring. Construction investment grew 37% annually while investment in machinery and equipment rose almost 21%, according to Monday’s figures.

    June’s fixed income data includes a methodological change by Mexico’s statistical agency moving the base year to 2018 from 2013.

    ©2023 Bloomberg L.P.

    1. The flooding rains ruining the burning man festival is a judgement of God. This event is nothing but a neo Woodstock of sex,drugs, and music with weird art thrown in. It is mostly a Satanic orgy by wealthy techies. Most people who go to this thing have air conditioned RVs and have decent wealth.

      What bothers me most is that the National Guard was willing to help but the assholes running the event declined the assistance making the event goers suffer even more.

      I think this mishap spells the end of this event.

  6. Is the $djci breaking out of its weekly channel? WTI moving up… Hmm…. How high will the Fed move up on the Fed funds rate before it realizes that it won’t matter? Profligate fiscal spending continues without restraint. Investors and fiat holders demand higher returns to compensate for poor fiscal and monetary policies.

  7. There goes #112 again. Petrus Romanus is out praising Communist Chinese as a “noble people “. He admonishes the few Chinese Catholics to behave and be good Communists.

    In overture to China, pope sends greetings to a ‘noble’ people

    ULAANBAATAR, Sept 3 (Reuters) – Pope Francis sent greetings to China on Sunday, calling its citizens a “noble” people and asking Catholics in China to be “good Christians and good citizens,” in his latest overture to the communist country to ease restrictions on religion.

    Francis made the unscripted comments at the end of a Mass in Mongolia’s capital, calling up the former and current archbishops of Hong Kong, Cardinal John Tong Hon and Archbishop Stephen Chow, to flank him as he spoke.

  8. Jimmy Buffett, a once big mRNA injections proponent, is now dead. Of course, no cause of death was given.

    1. I literally found this out 5 mins ago and was reading the article. Most musicians are radical liberals so it does not surprise me he was on the vax train. Still sorry to see him go. The article is interesting as it describes the business aspect of his music. You can say he was quite an income generating asset.

      1. When I read these types of stories, the first thing I ponder is whether or not he repented before he took his last breath. I know The human condition and I doubt it very much. Odds are he’s playing Margaritaville to a packed cube of demons.

  9. I was asked by a reader about the upcoming and ongoing covid mandates and how to fight back.

    My answer is simple; tell the government to go f*** itself. If they bring back mask mandates then wear a mask, but when it comes to the mRNA injections, I draw the line. It’s clear that these injections are making people sick and are the sole cause of the excess mortality rates being recorded worldwide. Long covid symptoms are a misnomer and should be called long injections symptoms.

    Spike protein shedding is affecting those who were not injected and are killing pets as well. All mammals, I mean all mammals, are being impacted by the protein shedding of those who were injected. I don’t know how long after injection that people continue to shed spike protein, but there’s evidence that it could be indefinite, if not permanent. It depends if the DNA in the cells have been rewritten and how many injections the sad sack received. Only time will tell, but after two plus years, it’s not looking good.

    The pharmaceutical firms who received the instructions on how to formulate this satanic poison from the DoD pentagram, the CDC, and the Biden regime all stated that the protein shedding would inoculate those who did not receive the injections. So don’t listen to those who tell you there is no spike protein shedding.

    Tell the government to go f*** itself. If they force these injections on you, I would recommend dumping 20 lb boxes of coarse threaded drywall screws from the interstate overpasses. Sabotage what you can. What happened in 2020 and 2021 must never return again, because the next time they will come for blood.

    1. Amen. Tell the government to take a hike if they mandate vaccinations.
      I am grateful that I own a few guns. I hate to use them on people but if the authorities come to my house to force injections on me then that is a physical threat to me and I will have to defend myself.

      In Austria their government knocked on peoples doors to arrest them and fine them if they did not show proof of vaccination. If that happens here then I will take up arms and fight this because they are imposing physical danger on us.

    2. Just in case,

      Re VIRUSES:
      Video, 22Min: The Final Rebuttal of Virology ( No excuses, if a 16-Year-Old knows…
      Video, 40Min: A Beginner’s Guide to Germ Theory, Dr. A. Kaufman on Jerm Warfare (odysee)
      Video, 41Min: Official Evidence that Virology is Pseudoscience – C. Massey June 10 2023 (BiC)
      Article: (8) Cold Virus on Ice – Proton Magic News (
      Article: The Scientific Fraud of Virology (Tracey’s scribblings)
      Article, Dr Cowan: What Does—& Doesn’t— Make Us Sick (
      The need for a new medicine based on a: New Biology – Tracey’s scribblings (

      Re MASKS: Masks (

  10. This explains quite a bit. It was posted on a Belorussian monastery website.


    Sermon of Metropolitan Anthony Surozhsky.

    September 2 we celebrate prophet Samuel day. He stands on the verge of two decisive eras in the history of not only the Israeli people, but also of humanity. Before him, the people of Israel acknowledged their only Lord God. The holy ones ruled on earth: the patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob; God’s chosen ones – Moses, Jesus, Navin; the judges – Samuel.
    And so, during the life of Prophet Samuel, a tragic turnaround occurred: it was the moment when the faith of the Israeli people shattered. They looked around and saw that they could not see an heir for Samuel; and they were asked: what will happen when he dies?.. And instead of trusting God, as their ancestors trusted Him, they decided that being under the leadership of God was scary; you never know where God is leading; he said to Abraham, “Rise, leave your land, leave your people, and go where I am leading you… “And Moses He commanded to raise the Israeli people from Egypt and bring them to the promised land – that is, to the land promised by the Lord, not pointing out where it is, or what it is, requiring confidence in Himself… It became too scary to live only on trust, I wanted certainty, security.

    And the Israelites prayed to Samuel, saying, “Give us a king, that we may be like all the other nations…” This is Israel’s first denial of God’s sovereignty; the first time Israel has demanded that it become “like all else” – that is, renouncing to be the only one, unlike any nation. And Samuel turned to God with a prayer, what should he do. And God’s answer was, “It’s not you they have rejected, but Me; warn them what this means; and if they still desire to become one of the nations instead of being the people of God, in the exclusive sense of the word, if they agree to be subject to the king of the earth instead of being ruled To the King of Heaven, give them a king… »

    And so it came to pass: Israel demanded a king, and Saul was made king.
    This is the first turning point in Israel’s retreat. This retreat from God as the sole content of their life, as their sole leader and Lord, was completed many centuries after, when before the court of Pilate, in the face of Christ the Savior, the people of Israel, under the leadership of their chief priests and elders, declared, “We have no king except Caesar… Thus, the Israelis not only renounced the direct leadership of God, not only demanded to be one of the nations, but agreed not to be a people, but to dissolve in the Roman Empire as one of the components, nothing different from the others.

    This is why Prophet Samuel’s name is so significant in the history of the Jewish people, why he stands before God in awe, and why Samuel’s horror should be an example and call to us. Amen.

    1. Samuel is significant to the Israelites as mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. He was probably a Levite. Moreover, Samuel’s father was from the tribal lands attributed to Ephraim.

    2. People’s desire for a mortal king instead of relying on God as their ruler is fertile ground for the Antichrist to arise as the desire for a king opens an entry point for the evil one to enter and rule the world.

      Never trust mortal leaders in this corrupt world. The only leader to trust is the God of Abraham and his son Jesus Christ who physically descended from Abraham.

  11. Meanwhile in Europe…


    As Rates Near Their Peak, the Pain Begins for Europe’s Borrowers

    European borrowers face repayment on trillions of euros of debt sold when financing costs were many times lower.

    Interest rates may be peaking in Europe, but for the consumers, companies and governments that borrowed trillions of euros during the era of ultra-low borrowing costs, there’s still plenty of pain in store.Through the end of this decade, borrowers across the continent face repayment on a mountain of debt sold when financing costs were many times lower. Although the adjustment is painful in many places, including the US, it’s a particular shock in Europe, where interest rates were below zero for eight years. Many borrowers have delayed refinancing in the hope that rates would come tumbling down again. But with economies having largely performed better than expected, that’s looking increasingly unlikely.Read More: Lagarde Keeps ECB Rate Debate Raging as Key Figures Awaited Investors predict that the coming years will be marked with defaults and spending cuts as a larger portion of corporate, household and state income goes into financing debt. A stark indicator of the approaching sea change is the gap between what governments and companies globally are currently paying in interest and the amount they would pay if they refinanced at today’s levels. Apart from a few months around the global financial crisis, the gauge has always been below zero. Now it’s hovering around a record high of 1.5 percentage points.

    “If your bet was the 2010s was the new normal where rates kept falling and you can always refinance, this is a really difficult environment,” said Mark Bathgate, a former Goldman Sachs Inc. and BlueBay Asset Management investor who now runs his own advisory firm. “The issues in European credit could be a lot worse than in the US. There was a lot more scope for excessive leverage to be built up. ” Milton Friedman first coined the idea of long and variable lags in monetary policy in the 1960s. Put simply, it’s the uncertain lapse of time before changes in monetary policy start to impact the economy. While the price of assets such as government bonds often moves in anticipation of, or immediately after, a central bank decision, it takes time for rate shifts to feed into longer-term contracts, and so into price-setting, labor markets and, eventually, inflation. For companies, many of which borrowed heavily during the pandemic, the big refinancing wall starts in 2025 and peaks in 2026. High-yield firms in Europe have over $430 billion of debt due in the second half of the decade, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    Article continues….

  12. Argentina Central Bank Sees Monthly Inflation Spiking Above 10%
    56 minutes ago

    (Bloomberg) — Argentina’s central bank expects monthly inflation in August to have accelerated to almost double the pace of July after the government devalued the peso, two officials said in another sign the economy is quickly deteriorating.

    The central bank estimates consumer prices will increase at least 10.6% from July, the fastest monthly rate since Argentina was coming out of hyperinflation more than three decades ago, the officials said, asking not to be named citing preliminary internal high frequency data and private online researchers like PriceStats. Beef, fresh produce and medicine prices are seen as the biggest contributors to the acceleration, according to one of the people.

    The August data, to be released by the country’s statistics agency on Sept. 14, would dwarf the 6.3% monthly inflation that Argentina posted in July, confirming the significant impact on prices from an 18% peso devaluation announced by the government earlier in August.

    Still, the projection by the BCRA, as Argentina’s central bank is known, stands below forecasts by private economists. Buenos Aires-based consultancy firms EcoLatina, EcoGo and Consultora Ledesma estimate the monthly inflation to be between 10.8% and 13%.

    “We’re seeing a very elevated pass-through because this devaluation occurred in the context of high uncertainty, little government credibility and very few reserves,” Santiago Manoukian, research chief at EcoLatina, said.

    A central bank spokesperson said the bank does not calculate its own inflation index nor confirm private estimates.

    The administration of President Alberto Fernandez devalued the peso’s official exchange rate on Aug. 14 after suffering a bruising defeat in the country’s primary election. The measure, agreed with the International Monetary Fund as part of a troubled $44 billion loan program, was designed to help cash-strapped Argentina rebuild reserves by bringing the artificially stronger rate closer to those seen in the parallel market.

    The central bank boosted its key interest rate by 21 percentage points to 118% following the devaluation. As part of the IMF agreement, Argentina has also agreed to maintain the key rate above inflation “to continue to support demand for peso assets,” according to an IMF statement by managing director Kristalina Georgieva.

    The country will vote in a general election on Oct. 22.

    ©2023 Bloomberg LP

  13. Housing price data for June. A mixed bag, with FHFA data (applies for housing with federally backed mortgages and typical SFR market stock) looks better than expected. Case Shiller slightly lower on seasonally adjusted numbers, while n.s.a. data come in better.

    FHFA House Price Index (YoY) (Jun)
    Act: 3.1% Cons: Prev: 2.9%

    FHFA House Price Index (MoM) (Jun)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.2% Prev: 0.7%

    S&P/CS HPI Composite – 20 s.a. (MoM) (Jun)
    Act: 0.9% Cons: 1.2% Prev: 1.0%

    S&P/CS HPI Composite – 20 n.s.a. (YoY) (Jun)
    Act: -1.2% Cons: -1.3% Prev: -1.7%

    S&P/CS HPI Composite – 20 n.s.a. (MoM) (Jun)
    Act: 0.9% Cons: 0.6% Prev: 1.5%

    1. Very bond bullish data….

      Consumer Confidence (Aug)
      Act: 106.1 Cons: 116.0 Prev: 114.0

      JOLTs Job Openings (Jul)
      Act: 8.827M Cons: 9.465M Prev: 9.165M

    2. Investors and landlords who have quality properties can more easily turn them over to property managers to manage and the landlord doesn’t need to live there full time.

      Properties that exist in rougher areas will tend to have higher amounts of time and aggravation added to the mix. The upshot of buying in better areas is that we are not necessarily constrained to living in that area if we choose. This provides us much greater flexibility in running our lives.

  14. Schwab Value Advantage Money Fund

    SWVXX 7-day yield is 5.21%.

    This is the money market fund from Schwab with which I park money. Not bad. For those with risk aversion I recommend this.

  15. On the subject of elections, what I find concerning in the SF Bay Area are the many East Indians running for local office and getting elected. They literally know how to play the game. They are not just here to work in the tech field but establish communities, build massive temples and hold political office. And now they are after the presidency with Vivek Ramaswamy? The evil white man is slowly getting replaced.

    Vivek the Republican is a conundrum. The left would love to vote for someone of color but he’s a Republican. If they don’t vote for Vivek they will feel bad for not doing their part for diversity. The right will take the high road and be among the first to say they don’t care what he looks like but are voting for his red state business like policy to better the country. And better than your dem moron Biden. I can hear the bickering now.

    In reality Vivek may be another distraction or important asset in deciding how people think. Maybe like a Ross Perot kind of deal. Let the games begin! Trump conveniently has trouble now. Not a year ago. But now as all eyes become focused on the race.

  16. I was asked once again by a reader if the BRICs nations can form a viable alternative to the US dollar.

    The answer under current circumstances is an absolute no. It is impossible under current economic circumstances for any nation to form a viable alternative to the US dollar. Regardless of how many nations sign up to this supposed Confederacy, there is no way that they can seamlessly conduct any sizeable amount of business when there is no common currency in which to transact across borders.

    When I observe these nations working and functioning, all of these nations’ goals in the confederacy is to maximize exports, which is fine in isolation. Unfortunately for them, none of these nations, including China, wish to utilize their currency in a way that mirrors the US dollar. In order to do so, CCP China knows that it will have to run massive trade and balance of payment deficits, so that it can flood the BRICs nations with the needed yuan to facilitate cross-border payments.

    I often refer the reader to the Triffin paradox in this regard. The Special Drawing Right was attempted in the late sixties as a concept for a global currency, but it was soon determined that it was impossible to coordinate monetary policy with all of the national currencies that comprised the SDR basket.

    Within a few years, the globalists determined to use the US dollar as the exclusive choice to globalize the world. This is why the United States began to run structural balance of payments and trade deficits from the mid-70s on. Essentially, the US government was willing to gut its own industries and throw its working class population under the bus in order to make the US dollar what it eventually became.

    The government of China is completely unwilling to go the same route and there is no other nation that can come close to competing. When we observe the European Union’s circumstances, we notice this microcosm of what doomed the SDR. Even with like-kind Israelite remnant nations, it’s extremely difficult to coordinate monetary and fiscal policies in a manner that can create a currency that can rival the dollar.

    In the case of the BRICs nations, they are united by one overriding theme; to overthrow the US dollar as the currency for import/export trading. Unfortunately, the contempt for the US dollar cannot overcome endemic corruption within their own governments, nor is not good enough when the BRICs members are unwilling to do what it takes to create a viable currency alternative.

    And the gold shills can proclaim that gold will replace the US dollar all they want, but if that happens, the global economy would collapse overnight as all debt would immediately become untenable. I ask the reader, where would the currency growth come from to service the debt that is already outstanding? In order to make gold a global currency, the powers would have to engage in some sort of debt jubilee on a huge and massive scale. This would bankrupt the world instantly and set back the plans of the Great Reset for at least a decade while the world figured out any US dollar replacement.

    There’s a reason why the all-seeing eye is on the back of the US dollar.

    1. If the SoS wants to crash the world economy which could be one of the options on the table then they could ditch the dollar and switch to a gold backed currency. In which case the money supply would have to shrink significantly in order to back the new currency with significant gold for each unit of currency. Based on the above discussed theory, most debt would be wiped off the books as it would become worthless.

      On the other hand, they could make the current dollar gold backed, but there would be such a tiny amount of gold backing it that there would not be a significant difference than the fiat dollar is today.

      For now the USD is king until the SoS decides otherwise.

      1. The current monetary system is a self-generating machine and cannot be turned on and off at the whim of a secret power. There would be too much upheaval and they would not be able to get away with it. It’s clear that the current powers are doing whatever it takes to keep the current system intact to achieve their goals. Crashing the economy is not an option for them. They could have crashed the economy in early 2020, but all they did was consolidate the monetary mechanism into their hands. They even usurped control of many of the traditional government functions. The global economy is gradually becoming a centrally managed phenomenon and to decide to whimsically collapse the world’s economy would run completely counter to all that they have done and achieved up to this point. For better or For worse, we’re all in this current monetary system until some sort of massive exogenous Force like a force majeure changes the circumstances.

        I asked myself, why would the powers want to collapse things now when they are achieving so much under the current scenario?

    2. I just found this interesting short article –

      In the referenced article, it says that a flood of USD coming back form foreign aid was a huge threat to existing monetary policy while the dollar was on the gold standard. There just wasn’t enough gold to pay out. So under Bretton Woods, throwing USD around as aid was fine (until it wasn’t).

      But this time there is no gold standard. Perhaps the exact same scenario of flooding the world with USD has proven to work post Nixon. Is that basically what you are saying above?

      In physics there can’t be such a thing as perpetual motion. But even physics equations can’t explain how the Fed Reserve works. That leads me to believe that the Fed / USD is the only working example of perpetual motion.

      1. Not exactly, as I doubt that there was any threat of repatriation in that regard, but what I find interesting is how the historian terms with the phrase “to create a new prosperity without war.”

        In many respects, allowing the American dollar to move to a fiat status takes a lot of sophistication in the markets and in the users of that currency. In many regards, it was a huge shock to the system and its doubters kept inflation elevated for another 10 years.

        I’m not telling you that moving the global currencies to a fiat system is an inherently good thing and I’m not placing a subjective opinion on it, but it takes a certain amount of sophistication for the engineers of the monetary and fiscal systems to allow it to succeed.

        There needs to be coordinated global action from all the major players. For instance, a major economy can’t use gold for its currency and allow others to use fiat. There needs to be coordinated action on the parts of the central banks around the world.

        In this regard, this historian is correct. If we wipe away the veneer presented to us by the alt-media, the world has experienced an unprecedented set of circumstances in which we do find peace. Whether this peace is genuine or not, is not the point. By allowing currencies to move to fiat status the New World Order engineers have allowed the wealth to be dispersed to all four corners of the world. As long as the fiat dollars remain outside the United States, there will be no inherent spikes of inflation within the borders of America. By allowing the major currencies to be sterilized in emerging markets and lesser developed nations, inflation can be effectively exported and thus those currencies can be used to help build up other nations. I think of immediate beneficiaries like China, India, Southeast Asia, Russia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Africa will always be Africa, just like George Orwell stated in 1984.

        It has been a remarkable achievement by these powers to achieve this globalized new world order. This has been at least 50 years in the making and the whole world has now been built up by the powers via America and the US dollar.

        This is the primary reason why I say America is above and beyond any other country that’s ever existed. No other nation was close to being up to the task and no other nation was willing to allow its wealth to be drained from within its borders and allow its competing international markets to be built at its expense.

        I cannot emphasize how amazing these achievements have been and this historian is largely correct. It is unprecedented in human history and is a necessary step to create the last days global government. We are now on the precipice of an opening of the cocoon with the butterfly emerging from it’s latent larvae state.

        Gird your loins, my friends, amazing things are still in front of us.

        1. Thanks for the explanation. I have to wonder if the coordinated global leaders participated thinking they will benefit somehow. Or were they in on the set up? Or perhaps went along knowing the long term wasn’t going to be good but had no other choice but to participate. What you explain might be not unlike getting a target audience hooked on crack. It’s really bad for the consumers while being really good for the supplier. And for a short while they both really like it. And now the consumer is one step from overdose and is looking for rehab?

  17. One day I woke up and thought to myself. Thank god I am different from everyone else. This is a bit off-topic but I want to offer to share a view of my world.

    Every single day, I’ve seen the masses heading for the hard times, creating their own messes and problems for themselves. People always went back to the tittytainment loop and gave excuses when withdrawal symptoms appeared. This stuff the elites created decades back had been so effective in creating brainless zombies in the world, especially in 3rd world countries where alot of people don’t have a job.

    People seemingly misled up to the middle class level and wasted their true potentials as a human being.

    It really doesn’t bode well for me during my younger days, I got bullied and outcasted. But now this past formed a shield 🛡️ against the dumb things people do.

    I’m more than glad to pay the price for being “different” with anyone else.

    1. This was posted by another on this site a while ago. Worth ones time to read again.

      If you are looking for a safe place to avoid getting triggered, then you are living on the wrong planet.

      This world is God hating, Christ denying, Spirit ignorant; full of evil and apathy and billions of heretics daily walking and relishing in whatever delights their flesh.

      If you attempt to stand for truth, you will face provocation. If you are on social media, the risk goes up 1,000x.

      You should avoid getting triggered, but how?

      The world’s solution is to create trigger-free environments (safe spaces), or to force silence on your opposition (i.e., isolation or destruction).

      God’s solution involves meekness and charity. These are not strengths of wit or physical force. They are spiritual strengths provided by God to those whose flesh is crucified with Christ (Gal 5:22-24).

      Meekness is not weakness; it is “forbearance under injuries and provocations”. Charity is not simply hugs and kisses; it is “not easily provoked” (1 Cor 13:5).

      Instead of removing you from this present evil world, God is interested in creating workmen who are not so trigger-able: in other words, to strengthen you to withstand provocation.

      With meekness and charity, you need not hide from provocation, nor must your knees jerk left and right with enflamed retaliation.

      Around you are flesh-driven people provoking your old man of flesh. In Christ, your old man is dead, which means your fuse is cut off. There should be nothing to trigger.

      This leaves the opportunity to minister to the button-pusher with patience, wisdom, truth, and love instead of flying off the handle. Through Christ you can avoid getting triggered (Phi 4:13). Beware, others may be triggered by this.

  18. Yes Evans, regarding mention of Shen. County. I learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut about a good thing. I tell people I care about and who think like a survivor.

  19. What a dull life these front men lead. Listen to shit like “Bloated Government Indebtedness Seen As Here To Stay”, then eat a $200 lunch, hoping they can retire before all this takes place. They look out at the mountains and wonder what’s in there.

  20. Talk about spewing nonsense. I asked my relative who works at Health Canada about the new Covid variant and she spewed all kinds of nonsense about how this one has changed and is ‘different’. I warned her that people just don’t believe that stuff anymore and won’t be lining up for shots.
    But what they do believe in is Climate Change initiatives – so many are talking about buying electric cars and smart 15 minute cities. Even just talking about it, without doing anything emits a virtue to everyone listening. I can’t help but roll my eyes.

  21. I’m pretty fed up with the way everything is going and I can’t wait to exit. We’re looking tyranny right in the face. Pretty soon America will be a replica of China, without a peep from the citizenry. I saw a video of people walking down the street in China and just because they can get away with it, the Chinese police stop them without reason, talk disrespectfully, and demand they hand over their phones to be checked. It doesn’t take much sense to see that American police are now militarized and are doing the same thing. Every day I read of police committing horrendous abuses and get away with it. I just watched a horrible video of a gang of 5 police abusing an elderly woman. It made me sick for days. What is wrong with these people? Nothing usually happens to them. God help us.

    1. We Murkins grew up with the saying, “California is the future.” We also hear “China is the model.” Is California being depopulated for China? In my opinion, yes.

      Did Satan turn mobs loose on Seattle and Portland? Yes.

      Do the Chinese have a huge colony in Vancouver? Yes.

      Does COSCO own the port of Long Beach? Yes.

  22. This is a perfect article. You really hit the nail on the head about blue liberals. They always like us to believe that the red conservatives are the greedy wealthy people when in fact most of the greedy wealthy families promote socialism. These wealthy liberal scumbags like to raise taxes on everyone else to pay for welfare programs to “help the poor” . Yet these same liberal scumbags scream bloody murder when they have to pay more of their own money in higher taxes to fund these programs. I also find that many of these liberals also are slumlords who jack up rents on the poor slum dwellers who can least afford it and/or they squeeze the government for higher rents. They always try to squeeze money out of the government for themselves.
    Talk about cognitive dissonance here.

    When you point out their inconsistency then they only scream at you for being a racist Nazi pig and the less belligerent types will just explain that the conservatives are just more greedy.

    I have prepared tax returns for these idiots in the Northeast. So I saw this first hand.

    These same liberals say that women should have a choice to murder their unborn child with abortion via the argument “My body, my choice”. They also take it a step further claiming that people have a right to be transgender. Yet, these same scumbags say that the Covid vaccine should be mandated on everyone.Where is the “ my body , my choice “ ?

    At this point it is not important what other people think about me. My goal is to be right with God and live by the Holy Bible. Stay out of arguing these points with people as most people nowadays just don’t get it. Arguments and fights are not worth it. Just be good with God and keep your distance from toxic people.

    1. Yes indeed Andrei. My sentiments exactly. We are in these Times where logic reason and most of all The Righteousness of Christ Jesus is gone. We are on our own to navigate this Evil gone to the Sewer World System. The Beast is wearing us down mentally.
      You said you have prepared taxes for these people in the Northeast. I’m in Vermont.
      One of the very few sane ones left in this almost God forsaken State.

      1. Tracy
        I live in New Hampshire. New Hampshire used to be sane and conservative until the influx of people from Boston and New York moved up here over the years. Now New Hampshire is tilting liberal thanks to these out of staters leaving their messy blue states and voting for the same idiots that caused the same problems where they left. Instead of realizing the errors of their ways, they move to another area and mess up the new area with the same issues where they left.

        I definitely see this happening in Vermont.
        Vermont was a beautiful charming place that is being overrun by New Yorkers who develop whole tracks of land, bring the crime and drugs, and bring to Vermont the badass New York attitude.

    2. I refer to Judas deliberately.

      John 12:3-6 KJV –

      Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.
      4 Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, which should betray him,
      5 Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?
      6 This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein.

      Judas managed the money of the ministry, not because he cared to help, but because he lusted after the money. Jesus knew Judas was siphoning funds. Judas would be your perfect socialist today.

      1. Christ’s response (Young’s Literal Translation): 7 Jesus, therefore, said, `Suffer her; for the day of my embalming she hath kept it, 8 for the poor ye have always with yourselves, and me ye have not always.’

        Judas was only posing as someone who cared for the poor. He said what he said to perhaps put himself in a good light? Christ also said: He who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

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