A note of sobering encouragement to the reader; the few

As life gets tougher for the many, crisis can present opportunity for the few
Our goal is to remain standing after 15 rounds. Opportunity knocks for the few.

The powers want a new system, but they cannot bring it in overnight. They need our consent.

•With interest rates and bond yields continuing to grind higher, only those who have prepared properly will survive financially. Only the wealthiest and the few will overcome what is coming over the next several years.

•Unless the powers manufacture another crisis to bring down bond yields, the next “calamity” will be caused by these rising longer interest rates and strengthening dollar. It will bring the entire global economy to the precipice. The costs of borrowing will continue escalating. Thus, having cash available as well as unlevered assets will allow investors to survive.

•Most companies, families, and individuals who are unable to recognize the times will continue going bankrupt as we trend out to 2030.

•I cannot emphasize enough that this manufactured crisis and calamity-in-the-making will be a slow motion affair and will destroy the lives of the many while enriching the few.

•Whether one relies on a job and a pension or derives income from passive sources, only those who own the assets with little debt are going to survive.

•I intend to remain fully invested in my rental properties as the rents continue their relentless climb. Even out in the more rural areas the rents have been escalating dramatically.

•The stock market obviously does not like what it sees on the longer end of the treasury yield curve and it could take a big hit here in the short to intermediate run. But judging by the way the Federal Reserve has been managing its policy since COVID-19 rolled out, it seems intent on remaining hawkish, which contrasts to its extremely dovish policy of three years ago. This manic/depressive mindset was not by chance.

•Since the government and central bank responses to COVID began rolling out in March 2020, this writer has enumerated each step in fine detail and how it was deliberately planned. We now stand at the precipice as long-term fixed income yields continue climbing.

•As the world and financial situation becomes more tenuous by the day you’re going to see an increased likelihood that colleagues and those around you are going to want to tune things out. If as many as 80% of the US adult population took the injections to get along, this demonstrates that there is no more resistance to the rest of the steps as we move out to the Great Reset.

•Remain resolute in all of your decisions and continue putting your overall plan into action. I cannot emphasize all of this enough that this ongoing financial crisis is completely intentional. When we consider the current profligate federal government spending and its fiscal policies as well as the bipolar Federal Reserve actions and plans, it is clear that there are no errors here and that these powers who control these entities want a new system. They can’t bring it in overnight, so they’re going to allow it to emerge piecemeal as we march towards the precipice. We will cry out for the new system.

•Life for us few who understand will be like engaging in a 15-round boxing match. Our goal is not to knock out our opponent, but rather to remain standing at the end of the bout. The end of the financial and spiritual fight for us is 2030.

•For those few of us who understand, we can actually come out ahead. This is the most intriguing aspect of all this. We can’t change the outlook for concepts like a digital currency, but if we can comprehend and act upon the obvious steps, we can actually come out okay until we are shut out in the wilderness like in Revelation 12.

•God help the remnant, because nothing and no one else will. Put your faith in the accuracy of the Bible. No other religion or philosophy can help. I hope to see you all alive and well in 2030!

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25 thoughts on “A note of sobering encouragement to the reader; the few

  1. Just saw this https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/subway-agrees-to-be-sold-to-jimmy-johns-owner-roark-capital-121920474.html and note the chain was bought by an investment firm. Not sure if this has been the norm over the last few decades, but the real estate firm CBRE recently bought one of my customers. But my customer is a service organization for bio analytical equipment, leaving me wondering about the obvious mismatch is business models. Perhaps all this is just a classic case of income generating asset consolidation. Because financiers are not in the business of making a product. They are in the business of making money.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

      Given the prices of the other firms in that sector, the sale of Subway was probably one or two billion below what I thought it could fetch at full market value. Roark bought a company that was desperate to be sold off after the founder died. Subway’s sales have continued to move higher over the past couple years though. They were starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

      Overall, a decent deal for both sides, given the circumstances.

  2. A Nuke hoax would make it happen overnight. I think they are leading up to it.

    I think they are practicing a Nuke explosion hoax and make it convincing.
    It will be just a regular bomb or even no explosion in an abandoned field or area somewhere probably in Nevada. The supposed Canada fires had smoke all the way to the Southern USA.

    They are wanting to replace the current financial apparatus with a CBDC China model. People will lose everything, there won’t be pensions or social security or property ownership or even debt loans, when society starts back up, people will have to start over with the new way of living. All debt/loans cancelled and the trillion dollar National debt cancelled.

    Nuke explosion hoax will be the catalyst that will allow them to implement ALL their agendas and draconian policies in a short time frame. Nobody will resist, or be skeptical, like with a climate change, another pandemic or alien hoax, because we are being attacked, which enacts, martial law and a complete military takeover. No more Presidents, Senate, Congress, Governors, or Mayors needed. No essential services this time around, just national guard trucks in every neighborhood with food boxes and water bottles. The Ukraine wargame hoax sets up this chapter perfectly in their playbook, which since February 2021, they are still keeping it going. When the electricity and media comes back on months later. It will be blamed on Russia or even NK and the USA decided not to retaliate.

    As we all know there is a pre written playbook at work with these events, and a Nuke hoax with all the recent chatter and movie, is on the table. This one event restarts everything that we know from that point on in a very short timeframe.

    Be on the lookout for large National Guard units moving on the highways, or if your friends and relatives that belong to the National Guard are being called up for long durations.

    1. I actually see the nuke hoax as a possibility. This event would scare most people to the point where they are so distracted and cannot think straight. That would be a perfect time for the SOS to accomplish a lot of there designs in quick time as the masses look the other way.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and protect you and yours!

  4. Hey CJ – always enjoy your take and advice. Things have been getting bad everywhere judging from news reports on crime. As things grow worse financially I’m sure crime will increase.

    What are your thoughts on the jab – my friend’s son got it and now has cancer. He just underwent surgery to remove it and is waiting results to see if it metastasized. If 80% took it will those 80% die or will some just be controlled? I know someone who had a stroke from it. I still don’t know what’s going on.

    1. My friend’s daughter, age 36, got the jab and boosters. Now she has an enlarged heart, and suffered two miscarriages.

      What’s going on? Profits. Wall Street and the City are raking the peasants around and extracting money. Same as it ever was. Yes, crime will increase as government grows.

      1. Pfizer’s own study for its mRNA injection before the “rushed” rollout showed that of the 30 pregnant women who were tested, all but one suffered a miscarriage. About 97% of the test group lost their fetuses.

        It seems clear that the true intentions of the injections were achieved and the weapon was a success.

    2. Dr. Bryan Ardis has good analysis of the clot shot. the “spike protein” is literally snake venom, that causes blood clotting and other ill effects. There are probably other things in the clot shot, like graphene oxide etc. In my opinion, it is a slow kill weapon. some people got the “hot batch” and will succumb and die in due course, some sooner, some later. Some got placebos, including those cases where an ethical nurse gave saline solution instead. we don’t know who got the bullet in the Russian roulette. But we know that those who refused the clot shot will survive that test at least, but there are sure to be many others as we progress to whatever end game they have in store for humanity.

      1. Ardis is controlled op I saw on 7 grains of salt – so are many of them. That doesn’t mean they still don’t tell us truth. I think you’re right that they delivered a slow-kill weapon. I just wondered if the full purpose was to depopulate some, while controlling the others? Because family and neighbors all got it and seem okay. So I’m wondering what’s going on.

        1. good point. my wife is skeptical b/c no one in our immediate families, who all got the shot, seemed to have suffered any significant adverse outcomes in the past year. the rabbit holes all run deep with everything and it’s all quite confusing.

          wouldn’t be surprised if anyone with any publicity is controlled opposition these days

          1. So here’s something to consider if you believe there are no ill effects for some. Evil enters via penetration. This can be through the eye, ear, nostril, mouth, pores etc. but the point being it enters through a hole WITH consent. If there is no hole, one can be made with piercing or injection – this requires absolute consent and runs counter to the true nature of human beings and counter to the will of God.

            To say that some jabbed appear fine excuses the behaviour and the basis for which they opted in. Even Satan could only muster one third of the Angels in that spiritual war sometime before “In the beginning”, SOS got more than 2/3 of humanity to opt in and accept evil – including the friends and family you think are fine.

            Something else to consider. If we go to an extreme and the jabbed all end up dead going into 2030, we would be facing the people who conceived and implemented the plan or at least knew what it was and sidestepped it without stopping it. They would be our neighbours.

          2. Yes I trust none of them now – it’s how the powers that be break up any attempt to organize. I believe that’s why we’re seeing acts of vigilantism in the UK (Bladerunners) where they’re knocking down surveillance cameras, Thailand where they destroyed a 5G tower, and in Ireland where they’ve set fire to houses for migrants while the Irish go homeless. It’s happening in America too – I read of surveillance cameras being shot out but they memory-holed the article – afraid of copycats. But I expect it to go on throughout America by vigilantes.

            I read that this is a war of stealth and it will be fought back by stealth.

            The powers that be have many weapons at their disposal that could wipe people out – but…they’re still going after the guns for some reason. There will probably be more false flag gun “attacks.”

            We must never give up our gun rights. I never even thought about having a gun but watched Active Self-Protection and you see that evil is real and someone could harm you unless you have a means of self-protection. I know a beautiful young lady who was accosted outside of a store by gang members (possibly MS-13) who refused to allow her to leave. She was able to convince the leader that she would get with him and gave him her phone number. They let her leave. She fortunately gave them the wrong number.

            I shudder to think what could have happened to this young lady had she not had the ability to think on her feet while surrounded. She was unarmed. Look up the atrocious murder of the beautiful Felicia Ruiz in TX. Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never Never NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUN RIGHTS AND ABILITY TO DEFEND YOURSELF.

            If anyone needs further proof then look up the Armenien brutal rape of young Christians. They drove a stake up their privates and hung them on the cross to die an unconscionable suffering and death. That’s what convinced me. Do you want this to happen to you, your sister, your daughter, your aunt, your mother, your wife???

            NEVER give up your right to protect yourself.

            1. …And to protect ourselves from both enemies foreign and domestic. Our worst enemies appear as our friends, as did Lenin and Trotsky. I don’t see much of a difference between those two and The misfits in the executive and legislative branches of the US government.

              The only reason we do not have a global government is because of 2A and the sizable minority who stand guard. For a clue as who that sizable minority is, take a look at the media for the answer.

            2. Amen, don’t ever give up your guns. I always believe in the right to own a gun but did not see the need to own one.

              Then the George Floyd riots occurred across the USA which were anything but peaceful and nonviolent. The cops stood there and did nothing. In fact the cops arrested some of those who were attacked.

              That convinced me to buy a few guns. In addition the empty grocery store shelves convinced me to buy a gun for critter hunting as there may be no other way to obtain meat.

              DO NOT count on law enforcement to protect you. In fact in many blue states, the law enforcement may be the victims worse enemy.

            3. Depending on gun laws and right to protect oneself, it may not be wise to shoot someone. One would still be arrested, especially if your attacker dies, and probably get a prison sentence. Injured attackers could sue. However you would still be alive and hopefully not raped or injured. You could fire a warning shot, and an attacker may run away or pull out their gun and shoot you.

              Legal cases out there to research to see what happens when you shoot someone in self defense.

              Non lethal weapons could be a better alternative. Noise cannons, bb guns, mace guns. Knives are hard to use for many, and too hard to carry swords or spears around.

              Any suggestions besides guns to defend yourself? I guess it depends on the situation and location.

      2. I think the clot shots are selective killing.
        Some people who got it experienced immediate health issues and soon died whereas others got health issues a year later. I have seen this with my own eyes.
        I have seen more strokes since covid vaccination and also more cancers. I have also seen people who had health issues before that have gotten much worse since vaccination.

        On the other hand, I know a few Mexicans who got the clot shot and did not feel any side effects. They are so far so good after a couple of years. I think they got placebos.

        This tells me that these Covid vaccines effects are targeted to certain populations.
        It is obvious that the Covid vaccines are not intended to protect against Covid but are designed for population management.
        People who took the Covid shot still got Covid and also got it more frequently and worse.

        My advice is stay away from all vaccines today. Vaccines make you sicker than the disease itself. The only time I got the flu was after getting the flu shot that year. No more flu vaccines for me.

        1. I read today that Doug Casey is recommending that people leave America. Has anyone considered that? It’s obvious America is done.

          1. Where do we go? I have been hearing about the alt-media leaving the US for years now. This tyranny is global now. Americans stick out wherever they live. I am staying put. The COVID shenanigans was and is worldwide. I remember all the other people from other countries posting their experiences. It was much worse than here in the states, and some states hardly posed a problem.

          2. Sad to say it is much worse outside the USA. I used to consider living in Canada or Australia. Since the Covid scam, I found out that those places were much more harsh on the vaccine mandates than the USA. I also realize that Canada and Australia are just as morally compromised as the USA on homosexuality, pornography, etc if not more compromised than the USA.

            Europe also was very strict on the vaccine mandates to the point where they fine people and forbid grocery shopping if they were not up to date on their killer vaccines.

            Latin America is so socially corrupt beyond recognition where their governments only function on bribes and on wealthy influence. In addition the crime and gangsterism is out of control in most of the Latin American countries.

            Southeast Asia has the same problem with crime and corruption.

            Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea will get taken over by China.

            All this said, I am staying right here in what was the good ole USA.
            The world is controlled by the same Synagogue of Satan actors everywhere. The whole world is turning into a demonic toilet bowl.

            1. I think it is wise staying put in America. If I was younger I would definitely go to America and leave Europe for good.

              South Europe is tricky for Anglo speaking people but anyone with plenty of money can live well in the big cities or in the Mediterranean touristic spots without sticking out too much just speaking English. Western and North Europe are easier for English speakers but the weather can be dark and gloomy.

              However, get ready for a huge cultural shock and be careful about what yo do and who you trust, mostly if you are a man.

              Europe is getting more polarized with the feminist agenda so a foreign man to survive in this continent must not show any weaknesses at all and be on his guard around all women all the time.

              The slightest mistake with a woman here and you are going to be an easy prey to this system, it is the same for local men too, but we are more used to it.

              As I said I think you do well staying in America if I was a foreigner I would not come.

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