The United States economy; while the people struggle, the best is yet to come

How much of the propaganda do you discard here?

Thx Evans….


Here’s my response;

Before I begin this conversation, I just want to say that I do not endorse anyone in particular, including this person on the above video.

The U.S.; the envy of the world? I say yes

A lot of what this gentleman says is actually quite correct. But instead of circumstances getting worse, I see them improving… for the asset owners and for those who remain underlevered and can control spending.

In the post-QE world, the United States in many ways has become an island onto itself. It can fund whatever type of deficit spending it chooses and is in the most propitious spot of any other country in the entire world. The people on the street may not see this, but the government and those with the assets are cleaning up.

How is this possible?

USA, Inc. is an energy and agriculture powerhouse; by far the largest in the world.

How is this really possible? I have mentioned for a long time about the United States and its potential for energy independence. The late Lindsey Williams even discussed this that as World War 3 approached, the United States would become a self-sufficient energy producer once again. Why is this the case? If the government and energy producers really wished to do so, the United States could have been energy self-sufficient a long time ago, but it needed to spread its dollars overseas to make the USD the global reserve. This is why we imported so much oil and energy for decades. Now, the United States is by far the largest energy and agricultural producer in the world. Nobody comes close. Nobody.

While most other nations dwell on supplying, the United States dwells on consuming

In the post covid world, we are observing how the supply chain is being reconfigured and I see the two nations that are benefiting the most from all of this; Mexico and the United States. I don’t see Canada benefiting as much as it is a high cost socialist country with tight regulations on labor. Canada has become too communist in nature to benefit from the realigning of the supply chain. Mexico stands to benefit more than anyone else besides the United States. Mexico can withstand high overnight interest rates, which is trying to subdue their internal inflationary pressures, and their strengthening peso is Testament to the demand for Mexico’s currency as supply chain elements are attracted to its lax laws regarding industry and labor as well as its lower costs for production. Mexico is also a friendly vassal state of USA Inc., and the synagogue of Satan.

It may seem that the US government is trying to commit suicide, but given this large backdrop, I see how its secret leaders are feigning weakness to lure an attack by its enemies. This secret cabal intends to bring the United States across the threshold into the new world order more powerful than before. We may hate the results, but the United States is the fan fave of the synagogue of Satan.

The Federal Reserve can fund any amount of deficit spending needed

Now that the Federal Reserve has proven it can purchase any amount of debt needed to keep the US government in business, either through its own balance sheet or through stuffing government debt into institutional funds, money market funds, or overseas accounts, the United States is an animal beast.

I’ve been talking about this for a long time and how the people who are scared that the United States is going to collapse will be entirely wrong. I am actually extremely optimistic on the outlook for the United States economy in aggregate, especially when we compare it to the other economies around the world. This includes Europe which is struggling with higher inflation, Russia, and even China.

My standing orders have not changed; own the income generating assets

Of course, this is all made possible by the owners of the Federal Reserve. Their corporate logo is on the back of the $1 bill. I don’t see it on the Russian ruble nor the Chinese yuan.

So, instead of saying how the situation is going to get much worse, I say it’s going to continue getting better; for those who can control their spending and own the income generating assets.

There’s no need to wonder why there’s going to be a global conflict later in the decade. The United States will be the envy of the world as every circumstance possible will benefit America at the expense of all other countries.

I’m warning you all that inflation is going to eat you up if you sit and invest in lead and gold. Own income generating assets and be very frugal with your spending.

So, the gentleman that you linked to is not all that far off of what I’ve been saying all along. Where he sees crisis, I see opportunity. Most people will be steamrolled into oblivion while a few will prosper at their expense. Don’t become a victim of this transformation. For better or for worse, the United States is quickly becoming the beast of the world… Once again.

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14 thoughts on “The United States economy; while the people struggle, the best is yet to come

  1. The riots in France are a set up for increased government surveillance via smartphones and electronics as noted in the following article:

    These events , while they appear spontaneous on the face of it, are really preplanned from the top by the synagogue of satan to advance their agenda.

    That said, I think they will hold up the USA to leverage the USA economy until the very end.
    If you are in the USA there is still time to make hay.

  2. Unemployment numbers look good on the surface, but hourly earnings data come in higher than expected. Good for the landlords.

    Canadian employment data came in hotter than expected. That should help the CAD

    Average Hourly Earnings (MoM) (Jun)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.4%

    Average Hourly Earnings (YoY)(Jun)
    Act: 4.4% Cons: 4.2% Prev: 4.4%

    Average Weekly Hours (Jun)
    Act: 34.4 Cons: 34.3 Prev: 34.3

    Manufacturing Payrolls (Jun)
    Act: 7K Cons: 0K Prev: -3K

    Nonfarm Payrolls (Jun)
    Act: 209K Cons: 225K Prev: 306K

    Participation Rate (Jun)
    Act: 62.6% Cons: 62.6% Prev: 62.6%

    Private Nonfarm Payrolls (Jun)
    Act: 149K Cons: 200K Prev: 259K

    U6 Unemployment Rate (Jun)
    Act: 6.9% Cons: 6.6% Prev: 6.7%

    Unemployment Rate (Jun)
    Act: 3.6% Cons: 3.6% Prev: 3.7%

    Employment Change (Jun)
    Act: 59.9K Cons: 20.0K Prev: -17.3K

    Full Employment Change (Jun)
    Act: 109.6K Cons: Prev: -32.7K

    Part Time Employment Change (Jun)
    Act: -49.8K Cons: Prev: 15.5K

    Participation Rate (Jun)
    Act: 65.7% Cons: 65.5% Prev: 65.5%

    Unemployment Rate (Jun)
    Act: 5.4% Cons: 5.3% Prev: 5.2%

  3. More Homebuyers in Manhattan Are Paying in Cash, a New Report Says

    Recently, more Manhattan homebuyers have been splashing down cash for their new abodes.

    In the past three months through June, about 65 percent of purchases were made without financing, an increase from 57 percent in the first quarter. It is the largest share seen since appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. and brokerage Douglas Elliman Real Estate began keeping track of payments back in 2014, Bloomberg reported.

  4. As you have been saying all along short term rates continue to rise, but so are longer dated ones. Keeping treasury holdings to the short end has been the profitable move. I listened to you and put my extra money in a MM fund. My brokerage account has a few good options. I think it’s yielding about 5%.

  5. I think it may be both- they will crash the US at some point, then vacuum up all the attractive assets at bargain prices. Then the ‘great reset’ and up we go again… and part of that will be the China model- the third way: Ultra capitalism/corporate fascsim (big business partners with the state) combined with socio/political communism. They are signaling clearly that China is their model. But yes, own productive assets. I would certainly diversify in the sense of having some assets on hand physically, owning productive assets, having some assets offshore someplace nice and stable, etc. After security and cashflow, the key is to have options, choices and resources set in advance.

  6. A reason why jurisdictions and newly enacted legal code is restricting the ability of store workers to confront shoplifters, while police turn a blind eye, is that this problem is meant to get so out of control that stores and retail establishments will find a solution; that will be a swiping of something that will verify your identity so that you can enter. Cell phones with QR codes is the first step.

    Understand why States like California and Oregon are making it a crime to confront shoplifters. The ultimate objective is for the crisis to get so far out of control that the solution will be presented to us. We will have to eventually verify ourselves wherever we shop. Crisis, reaction, solution.

    Be good little multicultural boys and girls. Don’t talk back to your slave masters.

    1. I also see QR codes being required to enter stores. They tried it out in France and some other Western European countries in 2021 to prove that you’re vaccinated with the kill shot.

      I think in the future they will require a QR code for vaccination status to enter any store in the world (USA too) and by the way they will also discontinue home delivery so you will have to go to the store. If you aren’t vaccinated then no groceries, no internet, and no bank account. In addition , vaccination status will be part of the social credit score on the QR code.

      Welcome to the multi cultural new world order.

  7. If anyone took Zero Hedge investment advice to heart, they would be fully invested in gold, silver, and cash under the mattress and more than likely broke as these assets did not keep up with stocks and real estate.

    Income generating assets are the way to go. I am grateful I kept most of my money in stocks and did not listen to Zero Hedge or other doomsayer’s advice. Otherwise, I would be living paycheck to paycheck and would be required to take a killer vaccine to keep my job.

    Do not listen to the doomsayers. Take it to God in prayer for honest guidance. That’s what I did and I really saved myself.

    1. Gold and silver will not save you when the crap hits the fan. Real estate is much harder to steal and actually stocks in a brokerage account are harder to steal than cash, gold, and silver.
      In a desperation situation having food and alcohol are the best items as well as handyman skills.

  8. Atlanta Fed Latest GDP estimate: 2.1 percent — July 06, 2023

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the second quarter of 2023 is 2.1 percent on July 6, up from 1.9 percent on July 3. After recent releases from the US Census Bureau and the Institute for Supply Management, the nowcast of second-quarter real gross private domestic investment growth increased from 8.8 percent to 9.6 percent, while the nowcast of the contribution of the change in real net exports to second-quarter real GDP growth increased from -0.75 percentage points to -0.72 percentage points.

    The next GDPNow update is Monday, July 10.

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