How to succeed in a troubling world; Part 2

We still have a lot of control over our lives

What’s everyone’s best tips on surviving the BS that’s coming? Thanks


Early on in my alternative investment career I decided that owning rental properties was the way to go and it was because it was a type of asset that could avoid a lot of the problems that manifest with those who have assets confiscated. It’s very easy for the government agencies to take bank and brokerage accounts, yet traditionally it has been difficult to take real property. Even with all of what is going on in the residential real estate sector today, I am still afforded a lot of discretion over my management and have a lot of freedom when compared to other forms of investment and business. 20 to 25 years ago I knew nothing about real estate and didn’t own any. But I was determined to learn, because I saw this as the most effective way for me to separate from the pack.

Tax jurisdictions tread very lightly when it comes to confiscating real property and it’s only after court orders have been reached through legal channels that this can be the case. The government knows that if they take your house you can just burn it down to the ground and destroy the entire property.

For other readers, they may have a certain skill set and talent base that they can leverage to do other things. Everyone is different, but the key is to become as self-sufficient as possible in all your regards.

Is FEDNow the real problem?

I really wouldn’t make a huge deal about FEDNow, since it will be the monetary system run by the Central Bank and government rather than through individual banks. There will be no way that the powers can abolish cash until the force majeure, and both systems will run concurrently. The largest seven banks hold about 85% of reserves and whatever they dictate will be the method chosen eventually for all. Playing hopscotch from bank to bank will avail us nothing at this point.

For those who are concerned about FEDNow, I claim that this is a red herring, and that by occupying your time and energy on such matters keeps you from concentrating on the tasks at hand. I believe there are many more important objectives that we need to be concerned about.

I’m going to continue keeping my current banking setup as there’s really nothing you and I can do to change the trajectory. The time to hold all this back was 30 to 40 years ago, and when the country was more white we had a more unified resistance and the synagogue of Satan moved much more slowly and judiciously. Now that the country has become multiracial and multicultural, there’s absolutely no more resistance and that’s why the objectives for the Great Reset and New World Order have accelerated tremendously.

The time to complain has passed and tapping on a keyboard will avail nothing. We put up a good fight, but now we have to go into survival mode. I suspect our resistance pushed back the objectives for the New World Order by about 25 years.

I’m here at a condo in Prince George’s County as I type and I am dumping my properties that are in highly regulated multicultural, and Marxist jurisdictions.

So what do I concentrate on as I approach 60?

  • I personally cannot think of a worse predicament to be in as these changes become rapid-fire than to be sick and dependent on the medical establishment.
  • I also cannot think of a worse outcome than to be dependent on government benefits and government pensions.
  • After that, I cannot think of a less auspicious predicament to be stuck in than to work for a rainbow Antichrist firm.

These Great Reset objectives have been long coming and I recall reconfiguring my lifestyle back in 2004 and 2005. I thought the end was coming then, but it never did. We were able to hold things back. However it helped me survive the manufactured collapse of 2008. I now embrace all of my self sovereign techniques as they give me a leg up on those who are not in such a propitious position. The lifestyle choices I recommend can be used all the time and will give you a piece of mind regardless of what’s going on outside in the world.

There’s nothing we can do to change the global circumstances or those in your area. That ship has sailed. Also, I would highly recommend you not get caught up on the news of the day or the daily topics in the alt-media. Other than economic research and reporting, I do not discuss the daily news. What good does it do anyway?

God bless and Godspeed all.

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22 thoughts on “How to succeed in a troubling world; Part 2

    1. He has a lot of subscribers on Bitchute. Good for him.

      Why would there be bail-ins at this point? The Fed, not the FDIC, by executive fiat decreed that it was taking over the insurance role. After the manufactured crisis, the noise died down. All seems normal, and since the Fed perpetuates the moral hazard of the large depositors, if the Fed changed course it would now receive the blame for any blowups.

      “Executive fiat; An authoritative decree, sanction or order issued from an office with executive or managerial authority, without necessarily having the force of law or its equivalent.”

      Does the Fed have the power to do this? Does it have the power to place UST assets on its balance sheet in the trillions forever, which ensures it controls the treasury market? Does it have emergency powers to pump out COVID stimulus loans? No, but that doesn’t stop its owners from usurping government authority.

      The Fed will backstop every bank deposit in the country before we see bail-ins. It effectively already has. With the unlimited monetary printing powers that the Fed now possesses, it will generate as much cash as needed to make anything a reality.

      1. Forget that guy above – someone warned me he was throwing hand signs.

        I’m just concerned because they made bank bail-ins for a reason. I know someone who bought a lot of NMN for health reasons and was pulled over and cops confiscated it. We’re in a police state. I’m wary of everything now.

    2. One more thought I have mentioned a lot and one that is important to keep in mind. The inflation caused by covid stimulus was entirely intentional on the part of the monetary authorities. They pressed the gas and kept it pressed for almost two years after this blog warned in December 2020 that the central banks and their government golems needed to rein in spending and return to a slightly tightening posture. We enumerated all the points on how the authorities needed to modify their wild spending and stimulate without causing asset bubbles and inflation.

      In hindsight as far back as then we knew their actions were entirely intentional and that they had another objective in mind. Fast forward to today and it’s clear the powers want to create as much inflationary misery for the common people as possible. Also, inflationary conditions helps to concentrate the global wealth as those with the assets who are not overlevered will continue to shine. I suspect this inflation will persist long after people think it will fade. That’s because it is purely intentional.

      Thus, suppressed long term rates allow the governments to continue borrowing while you and I die from a thousand cuts.

      So, we could say one of the crises this decade is the inflation story that will drag in for years. All intentional. This is why I have been pounding the table regarding owning income generating assets and how the prognosticators on YouTube are wildly incorrect.

      Did you see the latest debt ceiling deal? The ESG false world is greased with trillions in deficit spending that is paid by us in worsening living conditions.

      People are under a spell, because of the EM radiation and injections. One of the crises is taking place right now in slow motion.

  1. I would suggest a two-fold plan, to the extent you can execute it:

    First: Have the “4 B’s” on hand: Boots (hiking/waterproof), Backpack, Bicycle and Berkey (water filter). If you look at photos of people in total crisis or chaos, you’ll see people walking, in street shoes, carrying grocery bags and luggage, etc. There are a dozen forces or events that could force you to leave out on just a few minutes notice. So have those basic tools on hand to be ready move instantly. That is realistic prepping. The ‘lone wolf’ with his bullets/bullion and beans’ is not all wrong but has no sense of reality. There is plenty of history to study on what really happens in chaos: Selco, Argentina, Balkans, US civil war, etc. The next thing would be medical, food and defense in whatever form is realistic for you. The Mormon approach (God help them) is actually very practical and doable as far as deeper, long term in home prepping. Most people vastly over estimate the weapons and vehicles aspects and neglect more realistic needs. (Really just more brainwashed American consumerism- focused on toys and stuff and spending over practicals…)

    Second: Use the Evans/Buffet/Rich Dad methods for your financial and investment efforts. It’s very simple: Own productive assets, meaning ones that generate positive cash flow. Rental real estate, small businesses (Essential/recession proof), dividend stocks, farmland, etc. They tend to keep up with inflation while also generating cash. That keeps their values strong while most things start falling in price and valuations.

    NOTE: The other most valuable thing is almost completely lost and will be vital: Real, practical SKILLS. Like carpentry, plumbing, medical care, agriculture, orienteering, mechanical ability, etc.

    The great delusion is that you can make it totally on your own and trust no one. The truth is it ALWAYS requires groups, families and some form or tribe or community to survive for more than just a few short weeks. If you are a loner, what do you think is going to happen when you sleep, let alone when you are sick…?? THINK.

    1. Sully very excellent suggestions for survival.
      I would also suggest getting out of the cities and move into the countryside. People are much more trustworthy in the countryside and you have the ability to live off the land.

      When all hell breaks loose in the city it will be everyone for himself and no one can be trusted. Close knit groups are much better for survival.

      Guns and gold are not everything. One should have all sorts of supplies.

      Another essential element is to get your spirit in alignment with God by studying the Holy Bible. Only God’s help will ultimately get one through the hell that will break loose.

  2. Justin Trudeau’s regime is either obtuse or it is carrying out a well planned directive to widen the wealth gap and concentrate the nation’s wealth. Dunning-Kruger once again at work with direction from the very top. The level of immigration pondered by Trudeau is killing the financial futures of most Canadians.

    Gap Between Canada’s Rich and Poor Is Widening at Record Pace
    2 hours ago

    (Bloomberg) — Inflation, higher interest rates and declining real estate values are worsening wealth inequality in Canada, with younger households bearing the brunt of the financial pain.

    The richest 20% of households controlled 67.8% of net worth in the country in the first quarter, while the bottom groups accounted for 2.7%, Statistics Canada reported Tuesday in Ottawa.

    That difference of 65.1 percentage points was 1.1 points higher than the same period a year earlier. It’s the fastest increase in records dating back to 2010, although the wealth gap is still slightly narrower than in 2020.

    The widening wealth gap is a challenge for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose government has pledged to reduce inequality only to see it expand by a rapid rise in house prices during the pandemic. It also highlights a consequence of the Bank of Canada’s aggressive increases to interests rates to combat inflation, which are squeezing the country’s indebted households.

    The least wealthy were affected more by recent economic pressures, seeing their net worth drop by 13.8%, more than triple the rate of decrease for the wealthiest.

    The gap in the share of disposable income between households in the top and bottom 40% reached 44.7 percentage points, up 0.2 percentage points from a year ago.

    The decline in net worth for all households was due almost entirely to real estate, with the average value falling by 8.6% from a year ago. The least wealthy group saw their mortgage debt rise at a much faster rate than the overall value of their property holdings.

    Debt-to-income ratios for younger and core working-age groups were also at record highs, and well above pre-pandemic rates. The ratio for the youngest households reached 207.5%, up 13.4 percentage points from a year ago. For those aged 35 to 44 years, the ratio jumped 16.6 percentage points to 275.8%.

    Younger households have recently increased their share of Canada’s total population, accounting for 47.3% of all growth since the third quarter of 2021, due primarily to high levels of immigration.

    “Persistently high interest rates and inflation are likely to continue to strain households’ ability to make ends meet without going further into debt, especially vulnerable groups, such as those with the lowest income, the least wealth and those of younger age groups,” the statistics agency said.

    ©2023 Bloomberg L.P.

  3. Just sent that Dunning-Kruger effect definition to a friend at work. He is in hardware store sales and very knowledgeable and getting paid 17 an hour. Told him he is at least worth 26 an hour . Businesses tend to take advantage of these people.

  4. Mate,
    You’re a champion.
    I feel special now you have addressed my question in it’s own blog post. I concur with your views on property. It is very difficult to confiscate atm.
    Would still like to hear from your readers on their tips.

  5. “I now embrace all of my self sovereign techniques as they give me a leg up on those who are not in such a propitious position”. So what are they? thanks MJ

    1. Since 2001 I have learned to make my own money. It was certainly a struggle in the early years, but by understanding how this synagogue of Satan monetary system works I was able to save a lot of grief during the latter aughts and sold 3/4 of my rental portfolio in late 2005. I parked it into physical gold and silver at the time, which I subsequently sold in 2012 through 2014. I even shorted my physical holdings with front month futures contracts to profit with falling prices. I started loading up on properties again in late 2011 as I saw how quantitative easing was a viable monetary tool.

      Now that I move forward to today, I use my knowledge of the system in an objective way to generate passive income and drive capital appreciation from the assets that benefit from QE.

      I learned the truth about Economics and finance, even though I was a trained economist when I worked on Wall Street. I have a masters in it and I did a lot of research then shifted to sales and marketing. But I was totally unwashed at the time. I think a lot of people fall into the mistake of thinking that self sovereignty means they have to mirror what they see on the prepper shows on A&E. That is not the way to become sovereign in this world.

      I use my thorough knowledge and understanding of biblical studies to extrapolate how the adversary is running the show and I have never underestimated it. There’s no need for me to dwell on The daily news feed and to read ZeroHedge and the other alt-media disinfo outlets. I’m an independent researcher and do not rely on other people for my understanding.

      When it comes to reading the bible, I rely on pastors and teachers who are no longer walking this planet. If someone wants to understand the Bible I would recommend finding people who are no longer above ground, since all that I come in contact with by living bible teachers on social media and YouTube have been contaminated by the devil and its teachings. It’s all about NT-ONLY garbage and fallen angels. It’s PC iron and clay detritus.

      To the untrained eye, I come across as a raging racist. I’m really not and I work with all walks of life, although I generally stay away from homosexuals as they can’t be trusted. The Bible say this. But this is the reality of how the world works and if you are tainted with any political correctness or if you have to trip over yourself to prove that you’re not racist or xenophobic, etc, you already are boxing with one hand tied behind your back.

      I don’t care what people think about me, as trying to be part of this world is too much of a compromise for me. It was a big struggle for a while, but now I’m at total ease with myself. I walk around all day quoting Jesus and the Bible and I pray often.

      I would recommend leaving all churches and organized religions. I apologize for the many Catholics out there, but I am a self-taught Jesus man. I left the church for good in 2004 after reading the Bible.

      Our adversary is obsessed with the Bible. They use all religions to confuse the masses. Don’t be confused.

      I’ve developed the wherewithal to discern fact from fiction and have the confidence that the holy Ghost has given me to figure out things that are important and that are just red herrings.

      I read up on health issues daily and take many supplements and have developed a workout routine in which I engage. Though I’m slowing down somewhat I look a lot better than people my age. I haven’t been to the doctor for any sickness in at least 15 years. I’d have to think about the last time I actually went to a doctor for medical condition. I do what I need to do to stay out of the doctor’s offices. I take long walks at night and do plenty of calisthenics when I’m not working and rehabbing properties.

      I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that having this blog has helped me tremendously. Of course, I dedicate my blog work to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the name of Jesus, but because I have this blog it forces me to study and to continue learning. This process has helped me personally as well as the reader’s. It forces me to stay sharp, so I make the proper financial and personal choices.

      As for covid, we determined early on that covid was a big scam designed to have people take soft kill weapons. Whether or not there was a real virus was not discussed on this blog as I felt it took away from my true purpose. I never took any of these injections and I implored the reader to do the same. Once we know the adversary and how it operates we know how to respond to the stimuli it injects into our artificial world.

      This is the type of prepping I refer to. It’s not a physical battle, but rather, it is a spiritual war that is ongoing and one in which we really can’t escape.

      I don’t smoke and I don’t touch any of our adversary’s drugs or alcohol. I drive a 21-year-old Ford F-150 and I don’t look my part. I haven’t had a drink since 1997. I pray two or three times a day and ask for wisdom and the strength to get through each day.

      Prepping as portrayed by our adversary is just going to wear us out. Buying 40 acres with a redoubt in Southern Colorado and hunting everyday is not the way we face our adversary. Our adversary works through executive fiat and with its filthy satanic paper. Just take a look on the back of the $1 Federal Reserve Note. Our adversary tricks us into eating its poisons and taking poison injections. Our adversary sprays poison in the air and lights forest fires across countries like Canada to sicken us and to get us to believe the lies of climate change.

      I’m not just a one string banjo, as before quantitative easing I wasn’t as bullish on real estate as I am today. It’s under quantitative easing but there’s a whole different world. I don’t even have to be concerned about China financing American deficit spending. The Federal Reserve does all of it now, from top to bottom. This iron and clay kingdom is very powerful and I suggest we get used to it, because there are many situations coming later in the decade that many will find awful. These frugal preppers that we see on the TV shows and YouTube videos are not going to be equipped to handle it.

      1. On a side note I have been thinking about how incompetence is being displayed within businesses. People just don’t listen anymore. They have their own predetermined thoughts already before you try to speak a word to them. Do all here see the same?

        1. Indeed I do. Look at the dummies who died trying to reach the Titanic. The CEO said he didn’t want to listen to 5o year old white guys. He wanted affirmative action. He got his wish.

          It’s a simple concept. As long as the central banks can wallpaper debt in any scale, which it seems able to, the adversary can engineer any false reality it desires. The economic lies that the rainbow lovers latch on to can ostensibly be shown as feasible as long as the central banks can remove all surplus debt that is beyond the regular economy’s ability to finance.

          No worries about pandemics and crises. Iron and Clay kingdoms are possible as long as the governments can spend tens of trillions more than the organic economy can absorb.

          Businesses can borrow with little thought to re-engineer the minds of their consumers and to build an ESG affirmative action utopia of foolishness.

            1. That’s a great point. Incompetence generates debt and is wasteful and costly. A judicious mentality and common sense save money and are frowned upon leading up to the Great Reset.

              Those who are incompetent and foolish believe the lies and foolishness is promoted.

              I often think of the Dunning-Kruger effect; the most competent individuals undervalue their competence, while those with the least of talents overestimate their abilities. The SOS is promoting the underqualified and playing them as the most able.

              In terms of individuals, there is nothing worse then those with little talent and a lower IQ, but with a chip on their shoulders.

              The world is being run at the top and is one large Dunning-Kruger experiment.

            2. Satan promotes and uses incompetence to destroy society, cultures, and nation states to create chaos which is soon to be replaced by the new world order beast system.

              Just look at the USA on how the most incompetent, out of it person got installed as President. I really mean installed in a big way. Elections are not genuine unless they agree with Satans agenda.

              Joe Bidet and his administration is a perfect example of incompetence and stupidity being promoted. Yet there are 42% or more that still like him. The other 58% sit around and do nothing about it.
              Satan loves it when the good, competent people have been neutered to do nothing.

              For now Satan and his minions rule this world, but it will only be temporary.

      2. I appreciate your forthrightness and insights. I did purchase seeds and we always have a small garden because I know that all food – even organic – is irradiated, destroying the nutrients.

        What do you mean that there are situations coming later in the decade that many will find awful?

        We were able to purchase a 2nd property, and were going to sell our current small house. I was wondering if we should hold onto it and rent it. It’s in a high-tax state, and we sank money into it and it’s small but well-built, and nice. Do you think we should sell and reinvest the money somewhere else or try to keep it and rent it out?

        1. You bring up an interesting thought about whether to own a particular rental property. During the span of ownership of any one of my rentals I ask myself if I would buy it at the current market value. If my answer is a definite no for whatever reasons, I’m inclined to sell. This situation often appears for me when I own a property in a high taxed or highly regulated jurisdiction.

          I have been articulating my frustrations about owning property in Prince George’s County Maryland. It’s a terrible place to do business and its government is adversarial to landlords and business owners alike. Despite high rents, I determined that it was in my best interest to take the money and invest it elsewhere. A couple months ago, I worked out a 1031 tax-free exchange into a more friendly jurisdiction and geographically safer location in Shenandoah County Virginia. The process was easier than I thought and with the amount of cash generated from the initial sale, I was able to find a nice property and it rented out easily. I am now in the process of selling two more properties in PG County and transferring those assets in a tax-free exchange into two more houses in Shenandoah County. I picked this County as it is a compromise for me giving my personal circumstances. It is a beautiful location though.

          I bring up my situation for a reason. I would recommend you continue holding properties, especially if you already have the equity built up in existing holdings. However, you should ask yourself if you would continue owning it at current market values or whether you would be better served by deploying that equity into another property in a friendlier jurisdiction. For me, the typical property taxes for a house in Prince George’s County is about $5,000 and up. The house I bought in Virginia has annual property taxes of $1,450. While the rent is slightly lower in the new house I actually pocket more money and net rental income.

          As for owning rental houses I prefer to hold houses that are less than 2,000 ft. Anything more than 2,000 square feet comes with a higher cost of ownership and ongoing maintenance costs without a commensurate increase in rent. The sweet spot for rentability coupled with reasonable capital costs to me are rental houses that are about 1,400 square feet to 2,000 square feet with two full bathrooms. Rental houses with a lot of plumbing tends to cause a lot of plumbing issues. Any experienced property manager will tell you that water and plumbing issues are the primary problems. HVAC is second. Houses with a smaller footprint are going to be much easier to manage and the differences in rent when compared to large houses is not that big of a difference.

          I bring this up, because you mentioned your house is small. But most profitable rental houses are ones that are small and well built. Thus, it sounds like the house you’re talking about could make a good rental property.

          If your other rental property is in the same location of the house you currently live in I would say perhaps try to hold on to it, but you could also take your profits tax-free since you lived in it and deploy it into other real estate elsewhere.

          I think the choice for you would be more of a lifestyle decision and whether you wish to get out of a high tax jurisdiction. High taxed areas tend to have high regulations and are prone to be more pro tenant.

          As for other situations coming this decade, I suspect there will be that force majeure as I’ve enumerated many times in the past. The M.O. of our adversary is to employ war and the punishing costs of war to invoke a force majeure. That’s the way it’s always been and I suspect that’s the way it will be going out toward the end of the decade.

          We see how the table is being set for such a denouement. The mouthpieces for our adversary seem to be very clear in their intentions and given that we only have seven years left until 2030 I suspect there will be a couple more crises similar to covid. I look at the current trajectory for the Great Reset and I have concluded that the only way for the powers to achieve their goals in that time frame will be to engineer at least two more crises. At this point, I don’t know what they will be, but I suspect one of them will be a global conflict.

          I look at how China is having a much more difficult time with its economy as they are now beginning to face massive over capacity issues on the supply side as the West realigns their supply chain away from China. I suspect China is going to struggle mightily as we move forward over the next several years. I see the global alignment of nations coming together in a way that I have not seen previously.

          Anyway, these circumstances are outside our control, which is why I don’t dwell on them everyday. But I know they’re coming, so I am planning accordingly and I’m working on my end to reconfigure my property portfolio away from highly regulated jurisdictions with large populations and to more remote locations that still offer opportunity.

          You are heading in the right direction with your mindset and I think you should take some time to consider what I think the future circumstances hold and where you think you might feel most comfortable owning real estate. I do think owning rental properties is a very good bet going out this decade for all of the previous reasons I’ve stated.

          1. Thanks CJ. Going forward I think having a house with at least some land for growing food on is crucial.

            Do you use a property manager? I know they probably take a sizable sum every month but I wonder if it might be worth it.

            1. I self manage. I buy properties that are only an hour or two away. By self-managing, I’m able to charge slightly below market rent and get the best tenants. For instance, the Last tenant I approved for the house that I just bought was a married couple with two young children. Their household income was about $150,000 a year and both had 800 plus scores. They’re in the process of building a new home and are selling the one they’re living in and going to rent my property for 12 to 18 months. Good people. My kind of people.

              If the landlord is having persistent problems with tenants, the landlord needs to look into the mirror to see who’s wrong. Your tenant should be a direct reflection of you and suit your personality. This only goes for single family residences and if you own an apartment building it’s a lot different.

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