The timeline to the Great Reset; A Q&A session with a concerned reader

All my responses to Crypto-Dave (CD) are in bold italics

CD: CJ, any thoughts on the crypto markets? Far from banning crypto, I think Wall St wants to control it because the wealth they can extract from it will be orders of magnitude higher. Not to mention that it could be used to more fluidly transition into use of digital ID and the much-feared CBDCs.

•Look at the couple trillion in digital assets that did not exist previously. These digital assets can now be leveraged and help the increasing value of all asset classes.
•The technology is being refined and will prove invaluable to the central banks when they roll out their versions.
•Cryptos help to greatly suppress gold prices, too.
•clearly the investing public doesn’t care about anonymity anymore, which was a a supposed attribute associated with BTC and other coins. Only a few like XMR offer anonymous holding.

CD: Like Catherine Austin Fitts said a few years ago, they needed the ingenuity of the private sector to develop the tech bc they could not have done this themselves. But now the sector has reached a minimally acceptable degree of maturity in terms of blockchain speed, scalability, security and decentralization (I don’t know if they actually care about the last one) and regulation is starting to enter the space so that the big institutional money can finally come in.

Indeed, the sector’s advances have reached a level that the monetary authorities can now harness it for their objectives. There are some reasons why large institutions shy away from cryptos. If I were a large institutional investor I wouldn’t really be looking to invest in cryptocurrencies as they don’t generate any income and are impossible to price. I also wouldn’t risk my capital investing in them of any size.

CD: Some think that they will eventually make the jump from TradFi to DeFi. The BTC halving is due in about 10 months. Usually the BTC price takes off around this time and one wonders whether the timing of all this crypto drama involving the SEC fits with this fact.

I would be accumulating BTC in advance of this halving. I have been saying since 2017 that the powers seem to be backing BTC as it has a number of sanctioned derivatives trading off it like futures.

Any defi with official currencies will only appear that way. They will be tightly controlled along a blockchain running from only a few source computers.

CD: At the same time, Hong Kong and London appear to be opening up as crypto hubs and Europe is further ahead than the US in terms of clear regulation. Coinbase and Binance US have been sued. Other US exchanges might start to preemptively delist many coins in order to avoid being targeted. So they appear to be driving out the ‘crypto-native’ operations (so that Wall St. can take over?). US banks that allowed on-ramping of funds into crypto exchanges were dissolved including one that many say was not insolvent.

I think a lot of this is background noise and a result of many many uncertainties that preclude us making a definite prediction based on these factors. I often think of the Monte Carlo simulation in this regard; making a definite prediction with so many uncertainties usually obtains a wrong answer, at least for investing.

CD: All this makes me wonder if they are intentionally leaving the US retail crypto trader behind as part of a plan to further impoverish average Americans.

I doubt that. Americans are well positioned to impoverish themselves by their own hedonistic choices. I suspect cryptos will remain in the states.

I don’t own any sizeable amounts of cryptos as they don’t generate income.

CD: If one has timed the cycles properly, one has become very wealthy buying BTC and this may continue over the coming years.

You are correct, two trillion in wealth created, but people do take money from other sources to buy them. Although, BTC is worth a trillion or so, those buying it and expanding its price did so by taking money out from elsewhere to pay. Theoretically, if BTC didn’t exist, we could say that the devoted money could have been parked elsewhere (like gold and silver).

CD: I wonder if the scenario will be that people get stranded in the old system with the devaluing dollar and unable to access the new system.

Own income generating assets. This alleviates investors from the problems of a dying fiat currency regime. If the mark of the beast appears it won’t matter to anyone in the remnant and who resist anyway.

CD: I don’t have the expertise to do anything but wonder and so that is why I am asking you.

I know the topics of crypto and internationalization are not your favourites. I believe you stated in the past that you are staying in the US which I think is completely honourable and commendable.

I have been saying that I am staying in the United states, since I’m relatively assured that the dollar will remain strong and that dollar based assets will continue to excel versus elsewhere in the world.

If I thought the dollar was actually going to die like a ZeroHedge reader would think, I would be looking to diversify outside the borders of this country. So, it’s not like I am not aware of elsewhere around the world, rather I am, yet I see value left in the States. This is especially true with regards to residential real estate.

Furthermore, the large multinational US-domiciled firms earn their money with ever softer dollars, so it’s natural to assume that there’s just an upward bias with regards to earnings and revenue. This will intuitively also mean an ever higher stock price.

Also understanding the conspiracy helps me to have more confidence in the underpinnings of the greenback as the primary means to build a new world order. There have been a lot of people who were bullish on China and yet those who invested in it have not done so well. The United States offers a unique combination of opportunities that just seem absent elsewhere in the world. All of those dollars swirling around the world are looking for a home and it is natural to assume they’re going to like assets domiciled in this country. To me it just seems obvious.

CD: Some of us are hedging the situation in our declining increasingly totalitarian rainbow-flavoured home countries by getting a second residency and passport, which has the advantage of overcoming lockdown travel entry bans that tourists would face if we ever decided to leave to our 2nd country, and can be used for KYC on exchanges if needed. I don’t have a portfolio of rental properties that are tying me to a certain location so I’m not in the same boat as you.

If you care to comment on these issues, I would appreciate it since you have the rare combination of being aware of the elites’ (Satanic) plans and are educated in the ways of Wall St. finance.

Please understand this.The rainbow-flavored degeneracy that is being forced fed to us takes trillions upon trillions of dollars to take shape. The New World Order and Great Reset take tens of trillions of dollars in deficit spending to bring about and make a reality. Think of how much it costs governments who are just the golem to brainwash and re-engineer the minds of billions of people. The costs are virtually incalculable. This is why the US government effectively raised its debt ceiling by 4 trillion dollars for the next couple years. It is important for them to make electric vehicles and the multi-breed population completely subservient to their masters. The trillions that are needed to be spent ensures ever higher asset prices and the required incredible wealth and power consolidation over the next few years.

Most people who stumble upon this conspiracy, look to find a place to escape to and reach for their passport and try to find a country that is relatively free. But that’s the thing of the past. There’s no place to go, and for the most part this new world order is a mental and spiritual prison, rather than one with whips and chains. My only advice to you would be to take heed of this timeline and the most likely outcome for asset price valuations and find a place that is not so densely populated. You don’t have to leave the United States nor any country in which you live. However, as a remnant Christian I would find it very difficult to live in any area of the world that was not at the least nominally Christian.

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61 thoughts on “The timeline to the Great Reset; A Q&A session with a concerned reader

  1. This is just a thought and it dovetails with the primary concepts of this site;

    Everything the Fed and government do is intentional by design. Thus, the intentionally dovish monetary and fiscal policies of covid brought upon the inflation and the resulting higher interest rates.

    Thus, after all the supply chain interruptions and ongoing supply chain reconfigurations work their way through the economic system, inflation will continue to persist indefinitely, much to the chagrin of many investors.

    Consequently, I would not be betting on a reversion to the mean anytime soon. This has been planned for a long time and I suspect it will probably percolate until mid-decade. We both know what this means to the average person on the street.

    The results of higher inflation and interest rates are very straightforward. Only the biggest and most powerful, and those with the deepest pockets will survive and consolidate the wealth in each respective economic sector. It’s this wealth and power consolidation that will be necessary to facilitate the emergence of the Great Reset.

    Our adversary is definitely extremely ingenious and never underestimate it.

    1. It is true. Satan and those who work for him are much smarter than the average human.
      The only way the average human can catch on to these ingenious games by Satan is to develop a daily prayer relationship with God.
      Only God fully knows the devious plans of Satan. Those people who don’t believe in God and those who don’t bother with God are totally lost and definitely will be those wage earners who get squeezed.

      1. The average person is very naive and easily duped by the propaganda and messages of the MSM and controlled alt-media. Many very intelligent people with high IQs are being steamrolled and are unable or unwilling to recognize it.

        The adversary may be smart, but it is somehow being supported by a huge monolithic force that remains unseen. It’s corporate logo is on the back of the $1 FRN.

        You are right, get right with Jesus. Our adversary hates that name above all other names.

    2. CJ – I’ve been reading your blog to try to stay afloat in a drowning United States. We own our small rancher but they keep raising our taxes. We’re trying to move and I’m trying to decide if we should keep our house and rent it out or sell it.

      It’s a small rancher but we worked on it and it’s probably one of the nicest homes in our neighborhood. A friend of ours rented their house out and the tenants destroyed it. Instead of making money they lost money as they had to make expensive repairs. I also met a man in our neighborhood who told me that his renters refused to pay and he couldn’t get them out. My friend’s son had the same issue; the tenants refused to pay and refused to leave. They actually told him that if they paid THEM $1500 to rent a van they would leave.

      I know that they have property managers, which I can use. Can you give me your feedback on whether you think it’s worth it to rent out a house that is really nice or whether it’s best to sell and reinvest the money elsewhere?

      1. If someone is not familiar with being a landlord or is risk averse in these matters, I would say to continue living in it. If you sold, you would be out with the rest of the people looking for places to rent. If you rent it out, you will be grinding your teeth at night.

        Your rent will be much greater than property taxes. If your house is the nicest in the neighborhood and you sold you would most likely suffer from house “regression” in which high priced houses in a neighborhood suffer in value by the lowest ones around it.

        As investors, we should buy the cheapest ones in the neighborhood and benefit from “progression”.

        With a nice house, you also wouldn’t get the rent you may hope for. The crappy houses around you pull the remt value down.

        It would be better to know if I knew around where you lived and the value of the house. Thanks

  2. Very interesting turn of events in Russia today.
    Apparently the dispute between the Wagner group leader and the top brass of the Russian military has gotten out of hand. Somebody on Hal Turner’s site suggested that the Wagner group chief intended to fight a real war in Ukraine but realized that Putin and the Russian military are just there for the show and therefore tied Wagner’s hands behind their back.

    On the other hand, this could just be a fake by Putin to weed out opposition.

    These wars are dog and pony shows with a predetermined outcome. That said, the major outcome that is definitely predetermined is the return of Jesus Christ coming to judge all of us as well as the events in Revelations.
    It is time for us to get our spiritual house in line with Jesus Christ.

      1. This is a great article.

        It is absolutely amazing how people get so easily duped into taking Vladimir Putin’s side in any conflict. The dialectic approach to world government is still in effect and the alt-media choose to be friends with its enemy’s enemy.

        I am tired of having to listen to the alt-media who continue to heap praise on Putin like he is some kind of master chess player. There are very few individuals in the alt-genre that can break out of this mold.

        The only reason why I subscribe to Joel Skousen is that he understands this conspiracy as well as Golitsyn. I don’t refer to him in regards to most anything else, but Skousen has been correct with the understanding of this conspiracy. This is why we don’t see him on the alt-media shows anymore.

        Putin is an evil charlatan who is an expert in dispensing propaganda and making his Potemkin village of Russia look like a mighty warrior. He can’t even subdue half of Ukraine, so he’ll threaten the world with his nuclear arsenal. Anybody who takes sides with him is allying himself with an antichrist KGB colonel. It’s like here in the States, never ever trust anybody who has ever worked for the CIA, even if retired. You never retire from the CIA until death.

        Putin is the perfect hero for an overflouridated ALT media crowd.

        1. All the leaders on this earth such as Putin, Bidet and Trump are players in the SOS team to keep the hagelian dialectic going. There is no real white knight in this world right now.
          The white knights will show up with the return of Jesus Christ but none are here now.

          In the meantime, do not get sucked up on taking any sides because any side in this dialectic battle will take a beating at some point.

    1. Yet more wild developments in Russia with the so called Wagner Group Coup:

      As suddenly as he started the coup, he has ended it. This tells me that the whole thing is a staged setup according to the last paragraph of the above article. It is staged for Russia to move equipment for defensive positions and it is also staged to purge the top brass in the military as well as those opposed to Putin.

      Lesson learned. If there is ever a massive rebellion against our leftist government in Washington or a massive opposition movement , DO NOT , and I repeat DO NOT get involved. These events are setups to purge out the opposition. There will be a purge by Putin of any lower level Wagner people that went for this Coup thinking they wanted to overthrow Putin. These coup participants are good as dead.

  3. Ten year UST still doing well. Cheap financing for strong entities.

    I am working on a small loan (175k) for 7.75% financing. High, and about 200 bps higher than before COVID. Given high inflation, it’s okay. I will be raising rent on vacant units this year by about 10-15%. Relocating rental properties from PGC to more easy VA jurisdictions.

  4. Hardly a recession, especially as inflation is continually underreported by government data. Only mass immigration and fiscal deficit spending are keeping data above zero… Own the income generating assets.
    Latest estimate: 1.9 percent — June 20, 2023

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the second quarter of 2023 is 1.9 percent on June 20, up from 1.8 percent on June 15. After this morning’s housing starts report from the US Census Bureau, the nowcast of second-quarter real residential investment growth increased from -2.1 percent to 2.2 percent.

    The next GDPNow update is Tuesday, June 27.

  5. There has been a lot of buzz lately about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. running as a presidential candidate with alternative ideas against Joe Bidet. I appreciate his stand against the Covid Vaccines and his stand against Big Pharma. But is he the real deal?

    I have my doubts for a couple of reasons:

    1) I was impressed with his independent thinking outside the two party system, but I am very
    disappointed he chose to run as a demonrat. The fact that he is campaigning in the party of
    AOC, Ilhan Omar, Obummer and other progressives raises a red flag. Is he really middle of
    the road?

    2) Lately I have read RFK Jr. is getting backing from some wealthy Wall Streeters and most of all from Block CEO Jack Dorsey. This was the Jack Dorsey who censored conservatives on Twitter when he was president of Twitter. Jack Dorsey also censored anti vax arguments. See these articles and read for yourself:

    The above article points out that Robert F. Kennedy Jr was invited to a lavish dinner with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Gary Cohn, and Larry Summers all of which are establishment SoS figures.

    These articles remind me that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is most likely part of the Synagogue of Satan tag team like Obama, Clintons, Turdeau, and of course Trump. A clear indication that RFK Jr. is part of the Synagogue of Satan tag team is if his campaign catches steam and the media promotes him and he stays alive. The only way to know if he is the real deal is that he doesn’t get traction and gets dragged through the mud and/or he gets popped off. The SoS is in control and they would not allow a candidate to get traction who genuinely challenges them.

    After this research, I am reminded that there is no mortal being here on earth to save us. There are no mortal white hats nor white knights to come and save us.
    The only one to save us is our Lord Jesus Christ. We can only save ourselves by turning to Jesus Christ and acting on his word.

    1. RFK Jr. has been to the Wailing Wall. Check out Tim Fitzpatrick’s Informer.

      1. Rense is also a big critic. He says RFK is being groomed as a palatable alternative to the current crop of misfit democrats and an attempt to bring back Camelot. He’s a commie like Ted. He’s nothing like JFK. At least JFK uncovered some of this conspiracy when info was hard to come by, tried to stop it, and was killed because of it. RFK Jr. knows better and still prays at the wailing wall.

        1. I agree with you 100%. I use to live in MA when Ted Kennedy was senator and he was nothing but a drunken buffoon political insider hack. Ted Kennedy was a political insider like Joe Bidet. Ted was nothing like his brother John F Kennedy who tried to do good things for his country and paid for it with his life.

          From what I am researching so far Robert F Kennedy Jr is only talking a good game while he will sell us down the river. I think some in the SOS cabal are grooming him as an alternative to Bidet. The cabal know Bidet is a disaster and they know the public hates him so they are grooming an alternative player so Trump would not make a comeback.

          1. Just look how some of the Wall Street big wigs and Silicon Valley elite are supporting RFK Jr. This tells me he is a SOS player who talks a good show.

            1. Anyone who doesn’t criticize the tribe is working for them. It’s a simple litmus test. It’s also a depressing test, because no modern political figure comes close to passing it.

              As for RFK, he calls himself a “Champion for Israel.”

        2. Dredging up and rebranding the Kennedys tells me the Establishment is running out of fops. I think the majority of the population is drifting away from politics, disinterested and distracted. Those still engaged in politics retain some smokey idealism, or are on the payroll.

          Every system exhausts itself. Our turn is nigh.

          Europe is spinning around the drain. Look at the latest influx of aliens.

    2. RFK jr. is not the real deal. As compromised as the rest of them. Just because the Kennedy clan suffered a horrible fate does not mean they were bucking the establishment.

      d mentioned below about the wailing wall, but there are also photos of RFK Jr. on Getty images in the same room with Jeffrey Epstein.

      1. Wow, RFK Jr really went low if he was with Jeff Epstein. He is definitely not a white knight.

          1. Using white puppets like Biden and RFK to install Marxist policy keeps the agenda moving. Imagine having inept people like London Breed, Lightfoot, Harris, Adams, and any other dumbed down believer of the program at the helm. There would be mutiny. It would be uncovered for the Marxist policies that made South Africa the nation it has become…

  6. This morning’s data dump. Ask yourself, would China be willing to run that size of a current account deficit to make the yuan a reserve currency? Jobless claims creeping up….

    Chicago Fed National Activity (May)
    Act: -0.15 Cons: 0.00 Prev: 0.14

    Continuing Jobless Claims
    Act: 1,759K Cons: 1,782K Prev: 1,772K

    Current Account (Q1)
    Act: -219.3B Cons: -216.9B Prev: -216.2B

    Initial Jobless Claims
    Act: 264K Cons: 260K Prev: 264K

    Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg.
    Act: 255.75K Cons: 242.01K Prev: 247.25K

    1. Zero Hedge posting their crap about house prices “tumbling”. Not in my area.

      1. NAR data show all houses. I wish prices were falling around me and the sectors I seek. This overall data is nothing unexpected. Selling mansions and high end condos in NY or SF will hurt. Elsewhere, not so.

        Case Shiller shows fading prices on the margin. FHFA data show continued increases.

        ZH never invested anyway, and stayed out of dollars, so its followers can feel good with any weak data point.

        With the urgency to remake the world into a multicultural shithole, trillions need to be spent and any intimation of Fed hawkishness is just that. Full throttle fiscal spending continues.

  7. Here Are the Key Takeaways From Powell’s Testimony Before US House
    40 minutes ago

    (Bloomberg) — Here are the key takeaways from Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s testimony before the US House Financial Services Committee in Washington Wednesday.

    •One issue that immediately took center stage was banking regulation. Lawmakers pressed Powell for more details on the Fed’s plans for revising its supervision and regulatory practices in the wake of the failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and other regional lenders. Republicans warned against enacting capital standards that would be a burden to smaller banks. Some Democrats grilled Powell on whether there was a “cultural shift” under the Fed’s former vice chair for supervision, Randy Quarles, that encouraged lax oversight. The Fed chief refrained from criticizing his onetime colleague.

    •Community banks came up often, with Powell saying that he personally received a mortgage from one and that policymakers keep them in mind when making decisions about supervision and regulation. The Fed chief said community banks are not a focus of the proposed regulatory changes and that the central bank does not want to do something that would cause more of those banks to consolidate.

    •Powell described an economy that is still strong, with inflation running too high, and repeated that most officials think interest rates will need to go higher to tame prices. He said the Fed is in the unusual situation of “overachieving” on its employment mandate with the jobless rate running near multidecade lows. That message may not be appreciated by Democrats, who applauded the Fed for pausing its interest rate hikes last week and who are worried higher borrowing costs might push millions of Americans out of work. Republicans urged the Fed not to back down on its inflation fight and to be aware of how higher rates are straining the banking system.

    •There was a decent amount of discussion about the Fed’s balance sheet, which more than doubled in size during the pandemic as the central bank bought Treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities to stabilize markets and bolster the economy. Some lawmakers stressed the importance of shrinking that portfolio. Powell said the Fed is running down its holdings at a pace of about $1 trillion a year by letting securities roll off the balance sheet as they mature, not by selling assets. Powell also faced questions about losses the Fed is facing on its balance sheet now that the interest it pays on reserves is greater than the interest it receives on its holdings. While the Fed was previously passing along its balance-sheet profits to the Treasury, the US government needs to borrow more money on the margin now that it is no longer receiving those remittances. But Powell reiterated that the Fed does not manage its balance sheet with fiscal goals in mind.

    US equity markets extended a streak of losses as Powell thwarted bets that the Fed was near the end of its tightening cycle. The S&P 500 dropped 0.5% and the Nasdaq 100 tumbled over 1%. Yields on Treasuries were higher across the curve, while the VIX index hit a pre-Covid low.

  8. Jerome Powell will equivocate later on this morning. For the common Man and for the multi-breed, he is the absolute worst Fed chair. But then again, Bernanke invented quantitative easing and the same can be said about him. But then again, we can make a claim that Greenspan was the worst.

    Ah, they all suck. We can say they’re inept, but they do the work for their masters whose corporate logo populates the reverse side of the $1 FRN.

    Of course, if you’s gots the assets, they’re working for you and doing a great job.

    Vote Democrat. Vote quantitative easing. Vote poverty for the lower 80%. Even in the countryside, in Columbia Furnace, VA, the desperation is plain to see with more than a dozen applicants for a rental property in a weekend. The people are desperate and the FED bankers create the desperation that the government needs to clamp down on your rights. The people are like the Israelites slaves in Egypt and love their servitude. They worship their gods and idols and don’t want to wander in the desert with Moses. Don’t waste your time talking to the heathen.

  9. Just an FYI on an anecdotal piece of data in the SFR market.

    I listed my recent purchase outside of Woodstock VA for rent this past Friday and received 11 applications in the first 48 hours. Even with Father’s day on Sunday, the demand was much much higher than I ever thought.

    The people are desperate and I have the goods.

  10. These are very important charts for those looking for validation of my investment theses.

    The debt ceiling deal will allow the Feds to increase its spending run rate to about $7 trillion annually.

    Multicultural utopias are big money makers for those in the top 10% of balance sheet wealth. Happy Juneteenth.

    Buy those stocks and income generators.

    1. When we bought our first house in the 90s, the agent we were working with had a lot of data I had not seen before. He showed me a chart of historical interest rates and showed they were always lowest in an American presidential election year.

      Do you think this will still hold? We always chose our term renewal to coincide with the election year and historically did well with that pattern as we can only lock for a maximum 5 years in Canada (Commercial as well as residential).

      1. I suppose that would still hold. There is a pattern to that I have observed in theory. With this said I would not necessarily let that determine an investment strategy.

        I do think that any cuts to the Fed funds rate do seem to be coinciding with the 2024 election. I say another year from now could see some cuts.

        As always, the Fed was late to raise, and I believe they will be late to stop cutting. They should stop now indefinitely. The public inflation data has come down enough to merit a suspension of rate increases, but of course, the Fed will continue until a catalyst will force them to unwind. Maybe that comes in another 12 months.

    2. Will it touch that 2020 highStill cant get over PPSI. Not really sure why it’s going up other than possible energy for ev sector? They really pumped up some stocks the last few weeks.

  11. What does the Bible say about Mount Zion – the throne location of King Jesus on his Holy Mountain, God’s beloved city, and the heavenly Jerusalem?

    Psalm 48:2
    Beautiful in elevation, the joy of all the earth, Is Mount Zion in the far north, The city of the great King.

    Question – Is the daughter of Zion – the Earthly Jerusalem – in the far north?

    Micah 4:7
    The Lord will reign over them in Mount Zion from this time forth and forevermore.

    Psalm 125:1
    Those who trust the Lord are like Mount Zion, which can never be shaken. It remains firm forever.

    Psalm 2:6
    I have installed my own king on Zion, my holy mountain.

    Isaiah 14:13
    You said in your heart: I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God. I will sit on the mount of assembly, in the “far reaches of the north.”

    Hebrews 12:22
    No, you have come to “Mount Zion,” to the “city of the living God”, the “heavenly Jerusalem,” and to countless thousands of angels in a joyful gathering. You have come to the assembly of God’s firstborn children, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God himself, who is the judge over all things. You have come to the spirits of the righteous ones in heaven who have now been made perfect. “You have come to Jesus.”

    Revelation 14:1

    And I looked, and behold, the “Lamb” standing on “Mount Zion,” and with him one hundred forty-four thousand who had his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads.

    I think it’s very obvious Mount Zion isn’t the earthly Jerusalem, but the location of a heavenly Jerusalem on earth. The Book of Enoch refers to this Holy Mountain being at the “center of the earth.” If you use the worldly globe map given to us by the adversary – you would believe the daughter of Zion (earthly Jerusalem) is close to the center. But if you use the correct map – the flat earth map, which is even used in the united nations logo (sometimes the adversary puts the truth in front of you), the center of the earth is at the “North Pole,” which would indeed fit scripture as far as it being in “the far reaches of the north.”

    There are a couple of old maps from around the 15th century depicting the North Pole – and a very large mountain is depicted right in the middle:

    It’s even, possibly, hidden in the dome of the US Capitol Building:

    The throne location of King Jesus – camp of the saints – God’s beloved city – may be at the North Pole. This continent has been pretty much removed from our modern-day maps. But, per scripture, Mount Zion is in the far north.

    I know some believe the adversary is going to use a ufo invasion – in one way or another. Some say it could be to hide a rapture event – “Project Blue beam” which I very much doubt (no rapture imo). Instead – I believe if a ufo invasion is orchestrated by the adversary – it would be “very real” in terms of impact/loss of life. Similar to how the Two Towers collapsing were very real. Or how covid was very real. But “who’s behind it” would be the deception. Such a well orchestrated event would bring religion down to its knees. How many would abandon religion and God if no rapture occurs – and instead we receive a very well done deception regarding an alien invasion?

    All I know is “if” the adversary in the off chance ever uses a ufo/alien event to unite all the nations together, and to go after their ‘ufo bases” anywhere near the “North Pole” – you may very well be deceived into walking straight to the King of Kings – camp of the saints and God’s beloved city – and to your doom.

    1. Has anyone ever considered we’re living much further in the Bible Timeline than we’ve been taught? How far along? Possibly almost 2000 years after the Great Tribulation, Armageddon, and the Rapture/1st Resurrection. And almost 1000 years after the 1000 Year Reign of Christ on Earth. We may be living in Satan’s little season:

      Revelation 20:7-8
      When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison, 8 and will go out to deceive the nations.

      We may be living in satan’s little season – which culminates to a war against God’s camp and beloved city, and the Great White Throne of Judgement. Therefore, the great tribulation, mark of the beast, and armageddon have already occurred long in the past.

      There is plenty of Scripture to support that the 2nd Coming already occurred in the 1st century:

      Matt. 16:27–28
      Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom 

      Mark 14:61-62
      61 Then the high priest asked him, “Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?”

      62 Jesus said, “I Am. And you will see the Son of Man seated in the place of power at God’s right hand and coming on the clouds of heaven.”

      Revelation 1:7
      Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.” So shall it be! Amen.

      Revelation 22:7
      Look, I am coming soon!

      James 5:8
      You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.

      John 21:22
      Jesus said to Peter, “If I want him (John) to live until I come again, how does that concern you? Follow me!”

      When you’re looking at Scripture – without any indoctrination/influence – you will see Jesus made it clear he’d return sometime during “their” lifetime. Not our lifetime 2000 years later. But “their” lifetime. The apostles also wrote the same way in their letters – “we who are still alive will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.” 1 Thessalonians 4:17. Paul wrote that letter to the “Thessalonians.” I don’t think this city even exists anymore.

      Matthew 24:33-33
      In the same way, when you see all these things (destruction of the temple), you know that he (Jesus) is near, at the door. 34 “I can guarantee this truth: This generation will not disappear until all these things take place (which included Jesus returning in the clouds of Heaven). 

      Type in 1915 San Francisco World Fair.
      Type in 1904 Saint Louis World Fair
      Type in 1893 Chicago World Fair

      How did our humanity build those buildings? And why were they all destroyed? Were these buildings inherited by us from the peaceful 1000 year reign of Christ on earth? Scripture says all of the nations on earth will live in peace during the 1000 year reign with satan locked up. But after that reign satan will be loosed to deceive all the nations one final time before he’s thrown into the lake of fire.

      If satan was able to deceive 1/3 of the angels, then perhaps we’ve all been very deceived in terms of the Biblical timeline we’re living in? We may not be living right before the great tribulation/rapture – when we could be living right before the war against God’s camp and beloved city (aliens/ufo deception).

      1. Very interesting case here. You are suggesting that Jesus Christ had his second coming already. I have not read any reports of his second coming unless his ministry in Matthew, John, Luke, and Mark was his second coming. If that was his second coming then when was his first coming? What about the 1000 years of peace? I don’t know of any 1000 years of peace in recorded history.

        I would take this one to the Lord in prayer for clarification.

        1. It is my belief that the 1000 years of peace come after Jesus Christ’s second arrival.

          1. Hi Andrei – Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. The 2nd coming, per scripture, occurred in the 1st century near the time Jerusalem fell (70 AD). The Great Tribulation occurred with Nero as emperor – whose name adds up to 666, and persecuted Christians for 3.5 years. This persecution started shortly before the fall of Jerusalem.

            Therefore, the 1000 year peaceful reign and 1st resurrection also occurred, and have been finished a very long time ago. This would obviously mean much of our history has been manipulated or altered. But it would fulfill scripture because scripture says Satan deceives all the nations. The army he gathers is like sand on the seashore for the final battle before “Great White Throne of Judgement.”

            If the 1000 year reign started at the the end of the 1st century – then Satan would had been loosed near the end of the 10th century. But we didn’t start to see Satan’s fruit until the renaissance/enlightenment periods started. Between 1400-1800 AD. These periods were considered periods of advancements in scientific and social progress. The attack on the word of God with Freemasons coming up with the globe earth moving around the sun, and the sun being at the center of creation.

            I assume between the time Satan was loosed and the 14th century there was a “transitionary period;” where Satan couldn’t get much headway in a world predominately Christian. But each century he gained more control and followers. Things like freemasonry started to form in the 16th century. I find it interesting what we were taught about the “Dark Ages.” Between roughly 400 AD to 1400 AD. If they were the dark ages – where is the formation of freemasonry during that time period? Where is Satan’s fruit if he had 1000 years of dark ages? You would assume he would thrive in such a era – but his fruit shows up in the “enlightenment and renaissance” periods. Each century it has gotten worse. I think most Christians would agree today we are living in Satan’s little season – regardless if they believe we are before the great tribulation or before the war against God’s beloved city and camp of saints (which I believe is mount Zion and at the North Pole).

            We shall see how things progress. The illumanti game plan detailed the major events that were to take place. This was before the two towers fell. But first it would be Russia. Then Terrorists. Then 3rd world countries. Then asteroids. Then the final card is a ufo invasion. Rapture believers think the ufo invasion card will be used to explain “rapture.” But I think such an invasion would be as real as the two towers falling. They wouldn’t be aliens but perhaps ai controlled – highly advanced top secret spacecraft. With the final conclusion being the gathering of all the nations together to fight off the alien threat at the North Pole. If you type in “ufo bases arctic” you’ll already see the predictive programming. As always – faith in King Jesus – as he’s the way, the truth, and the light. Regardless if we are living before the great tribulation or before gog and Magog from
            Revelation 20. We should know as things progress. We’ve already received plenty of false flags for great tribulation. Such as covid vaccines being the mark, or Euphrates river drying up.

          2. That’s premillennialism. IMO it is an illogical position considering that the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel Dan 9:26-27 has already been fulfilled. Premillennialism rests on the reverse interpretation of this.

            The post-millennalist/amillennialist view (I believe CJ falls into this camp with myself) basically posits that the final judgment is all that really remains (and probably some kind of Armegeddon-like scenario leading up to it).

  12. Only 4 trillion dollars for the next couple years? So not much is going to happen? Look how much the debt went up for the last 3 years.
    4 trillion aint much!

    1. Given the eye popping numbers of the covid stimulus, it may not sound like a lot, but it is definitely enough to keep the Federal spending at about $7 trillion a year. Pre-covid, it was around $4.5 to 5 trillion.

      The smart money in the know immediately began pouncing on stocks, especially the techs, as the federal government is clearly continuing the transformation of society and it is putting the cost burdens on the backs of Joe six pack.

      Prior to covid the federal government was running no more than $1.2 to 1.3 trillion in the red every year. We are reaching a new level as this current system is set to expire. The monthly deficit numbers seem to be coming in much worse than expected even now. I showed you how bad May’s deficit data was.

  13. Cj what is your take on this buzz I hear property owners are soon going to be required to upgrade their properties to conform with the sos green agenda .

    1. We talked about this in the past and it seems that England is at the forefront of making these changes. By definition, whenever the government intervenes with any program, regardless of intention, it works to restrict supply and stimulate demand at previous equilibrium price points.

      In this case, retrofitting for an ESG objective will only restrict supply and consolidate the ownership structure of the SFR rental property sector into the hands of fewer and deeper pocketed entities.

      There have been continual changes over time, and most of this involves HVAC systems here in the states. Most people don’t realize that the whole HVAC system is continually made intentionally obsolete to force people to continually buy and upgrade. This is especially true with regard to the refrigerant used. These refrigerants are not compatible with older models and quite often I have to buy a whole new system.

      My recommendations for the landlords who stop by this blog are fairly straightforward. We have to accept the circumstances and they’re not done happenstance. This means we can’t over leverage and if we do take on additional debt to buy properties we must keep up with raising our rents. I know many landlords, including myself, have been reluctant to raise current tenant rents, but it is now impossible to stay in Business without doing so. All of these restrictions and requirements are there to shake out the small investor and to hand the housing stock to the institutions.

      1. On the ag side, I heard a brief report the other day regarding Ireland. The ROI government is reducing the number of cattle by 10 percent. I think the total number of cattle now is 3 million. So reduction of ca. 300,000. Greenhouse gas emission is the cited cause. Of course this is the strategy of reduction of the food supply.

        I tried living on oatmeal and peanut butter recently in order to save money. It doesn’t work for me. I am an agricultural worker and my labor is often heavy. The grains diet didn’t sustain me. I felt weak and couldn’t lift as well. Alan Watt said this is the goal; to reduce our protein intake, weaken our immune systems so we might be more easily culled by disease.

        1. I have been hearing and reading that England government has begun taking livestock land and converting it to solar panel farms.

          1. Please keep in mind that all of these activities require massive amounts of central government deficit spending to achieve. The reason is that these multicultural activities are terribly inefficient means to spend money and “invest” for the future.

            It’s clear that multicultural governance and ESG is leading the Western world in the path it’s heading. Believe me, it’s not the other way around. It’s clear the central banks have plenty of ammunition left to prove to the world that we can all mix and be one big retarded family.

            This is why I have been commanding the followers of this blog for years to invest in income generating assets.

            Don’t let the Communist steamroller of satanic stupidity impoverish you.

            Diversity in government only brings lack of true talent to the decision making process. Invest knowing less talented people are making the financial decisions of the nation states. Bank on stupidity and inefficiency. Own the income generators!

            1. Mark Carney is not getting the credit he so richly deserves for bringing ESG to the banking sector. He was bragging about signing all the major global financial institutions on to his ESG program before COP26.

              I suspect that all corporate/government lending covenants are tied to ESG scores and that there is a penalty to be paid if your loans are out of covenant. They can’t do the “E”, they won’t do the “G”, so that leaves “S”.

              The SOS new and ever destroying covenant brought to you by Mark Carney.

        2. Ireland may be a test case experiment to see how people react. If the Irish just roll over then they will roll out similar programs to the rest of the world. Check out this article for what some members in the government are suggesting “for the good of the people”:

          I strongly suggest everyone to read George Orwell’s “1984” and also read Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” because these are coming to a theater near you. Prepare!

          1. The Irish people have been hollowed out and cartoonized so badly that it pains me to be in an “Irish” bar. The fake “Irish revolution” of 1920. Non writers iconized as the soul of Ireland. (Have you ever tried to read “Ulysses”?) The Globalist Yeats. The buffoon Irishman, drunk and florid and maudlin, “singing and dancing and carrying on.”

            I’ll go into Murphy’s in the early afternoon for a shepherd’s pie, before the cops and soldiers come in and start drinking and roaring. The air of stupidity in an Irish bar is so depressing.

            1. Anything that denigrates the ancient Israelite remnants is allowed. Look at those who are condemned in the media and education system for a clue to figure out who are the biblical people from the OT. Look at those who are celebrated and get holidays as a clue for those who are not. Which peoples and races are celebrated on Amazon Prime?

  14. > …for the most part this new world order is a mental and spiritual prison, rather than one with whips and chains.

    You may be on to something. At least in the US it is (for now?) being rolled out on a pretty much 100% voluntary basis. Those with enough money can vote with their feet and move to a place where the NWO is hardly even noticeable. Those less fortunate can always just choose to ignore the constant brainwashing (at schools, universities and corporations), though it does take a mental toll on one to be surrounded by all this mental insanity. Still, it is certainly possible to ignore it. Basically, at this point the NWO appears to be about voluntary enslavement (and the corresponding reduction of one’s lifestyle), and amazingly enough I’d say that like 60-70% of the people go for it.

    1. I agree. This march to the Synagogue of Satan New World Order can never happen without voluntary compliance. This current system could be overturned in a second if enough people woke up. Unfortunately, that appears not to be the case. Just look at how many people ran to get the Covid vaccines for French fries and lottery tickets. So many people use credit cards and overspend instead of using cash and keeping within their means. So many people believe the lies from mainstream media.

      If most people thought critically like we do, then we would not be as far as we are in building the NWO.

    2. @ Eugene. Yes indeed! I have been saying this for nearly 10 years now. However, let me add to your point. When you say those with money can move away to safety, I will say that is not necessarily true for the majority who are in a comfortable position – but true for the very small majority of uber rich.

      There are plenty of incentives economically that the majority of people are drawn to. In CA, we have a property tax incentive that allows anyone over 55 to relocate and keep their original tax base. For a long time – pre covid – this was limited to a few counties and the purchase price of the replacement property must be equal to or lower than the place they are leaving. Many NorCal folks relocated to planned developments in El Dorado County. Post covid the law was changed to include ALL counties and one can buy a more expensive home so long as the taxes on the overage is paid. Still a good deal compared to anyone coming in cold to buy a house. This change was done as a response to the massive fires we had to help people relocate.

      People are moving to large gated communities that are attractively priced. In short, an elderly couple sells the Bay Area home that they have been in for 40 years and buys something cheaper. After long term capital gains taxes are paid, they still pocket a lot of money after paying cash for the replacement property. For young couples who can’t afford the bay area, moving to TX or AZ is a “no brainer” economically. While people think they are moving towards freedom, they are in fact moving into a planned community (or call it a 5G ankle bracelet). Nothing moves massive amounts of people in a short time better than war or some kind of (manufactured) economic incentive or instability. People simply move where the money is.

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