Studying hatred in society; it’s the government that promotes it

Institutionalized hatred; don’t listen to what the government says, look at what it does to its citizens

dollarization and a strong military should have… enabled the US to remain strong… no matter how much foreigners continued to expand in numbers.

But I do see your point overall. Dollarization has been used as an excuse to explain to white people why mass immigration has happened. Whites need only an ounce of specious reasoning to mentally justify SoS shenanigans.


With the dollar becoming a standardized means of payment throughout the world beginning in the 1970s, the two most important imports to demoralize the relatively homogeneous population of the United States was drugs and crime.

By promoting the US dollar to the Western Hemisphere as a de facto legal tender, the drugs and resulting crime initially began to pour in from the southern border. By opening up the borders, the worst criminals could now come into the United States and establish a beachhead. Drug manufacturers and distributors south of the border could then begin manufacturing and shipping drugs into the United States with the protection of the DoD Pentagram and CIA, so that our government intelligence could begin to soften up and demoralize the Americans.

This all began right around 1980 or so. Notice the confluences of all these threads started pretty much in the 70s, right around the time the world began to accept the dollar as a global form of payment. As the dollar established itself further around the world as a means of remittance, drugs began pouring in from all four corners of the globe into the West. Illicit drug manufacturers and distributors would receive payment via pallets of $100 bills. This, of course, was coordinated by the DoD Pentagram and the CIA, whose true missions are to demoralize and to destroy the American population, because white Americans are the true enemy.

Remember this well, the government hates our guts. I know this, because I don’t listen to what its charlatan elected officials say, I look at what it does and based on what I have observed over my lifetime, it is clear that you and I are the real enemies.

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8 thoughts on “Studying hatred in society; it’s the government that promotes it

  1. Look at the answers I provided you. I added the answers to your previous comment posting.

    My responses above are in bold italics.

  2. Reminds me of feminism and MGTOW like it’s all part of the large 🪛 being jammed up our __.

    Every single right values from the past had been reversed.

    1. That’s right. Everything that is good and holy is an abomination to today’s people. I listen to the heathen. They will give lip service to Christian values, but don’t even know that their worldviews are inimical to scripture.

  3. Notice how the asset markets immediately took off once the debt ceiling deal was announced and agreed upon. I told you this would be the case.

    This is Marxism and Communism with just a veneer of social justice and free choice to give the illusion that the voters and illegal breeds are getting something. The wealth and power of the world must continue to consolidate going out to the force majeure and another $4 trillion in agreed upon debt generation will continue feeding the engine.

    For those who are interested in finding out more I have an interesting video for you to watch.

    I believe this video will help answer some of your questions.

  4. A huge data dump this morning.

    Jobless claims higher than expected and seem to be reaching a new plateau.

    Import/Export prices are lending to subdued price pressures, yet Philly Fed Prices Paid component is stronger than consensus. The Empire State index came in much better.

    Retail Sales overall look stronger. Overall, nothing too earth-shattering.

    Continuing Jobless Claims
    Act: 1,775K Cons: 1,761K Prev: 1,755K

    Initial Jobless Claims
    Act: 262K Cons: 250K Prev: 262K

    Export Price Index (MoM) (May)
    Act: -1.9% Cons: 0.0% Prev: -0.1%

    Import Price Index (MoM) (May)
    Act: -0.6% Cons: -0.6% Prev: 0.3%

    Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg.
    Act: 246.75K Cons: 233.38K Prev: 237.50K

    NY Empire State Manufacturing Index (Jun)
    Act: 6.60 Cons: -16.00 Prev: -31.80

    Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Jun)
    Act: -13.7 Cons: -13.5 Prev: -10.4

    Philly Fed Business Conditions (Jun)
    Act: 12.7 Cons: -10.9 Prev: -10.3

    Philly Fed CAPEX Index (Jun)
    Act: 9.90 Cons: -1.40 Prev: 2.50

    Philly Fed Employment (Jun)
    Act: -0.4 Cons: -4.4 Prev: -8.6

    Philly Fed New Orders (Jun)
    Act: -11.0 Cons: -15.8 Prev: -8.9

    Philly Fed Prices Paid (Jun)
    Act: 10.50 Cons: 9.50 Prev: 10.90

    Retail Control (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.2% Cons: 0.0% Prev: 0.6%

    Retail Sales (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: -0.1% Prev: 0.4%

    Core Retail Sales (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.1% Cons: 0.1% Prev: 0.4%

    Retail Sales Ex Gas/Autos (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: -0.3% Prev: 0.5%

  5. European Central Bank raises rates by 25 basis points after Fed opts to pause

    The European Central Bank on Thursday announced a new rate increase of 25 basis points, taking its main rate to 3.5%.

    The central bank has raised rates since July 2022 in an attempt to bring down record-high inflation across the region. The latest inflation reading showed prices cooling down at a faster-than-expected pace, with headline inflation coming in at 6.1% in May and core inflation, which excludes volatile items, coming in at 5.3%. This remains well above the ECB’s target of 2% headline inflation, however.

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