The US dollar as the global reserve and how it ultimately destroyed America’s future

CJ, would it be fair to say that the primary objective of the dollarization of the world was to drive demographic change in America and the West?

Timothy Fitzpatrick

It’s certainly an objective and probably one of two primary ones. So, yes. Let me explain.

However, before we dive into this discussion, I want to refer the reader to the concepts underpinning the Triffin dilemma, and how they are phenomena exclusive to the country whose currency serves as the global reserve.  The concepts behind this paradox were well understood as far back as the early 1960s. Although this blog has referred to Triffin numerous times in the past, I still instruct the reader to keep the ideas behind the Triffin paradox in mind as it helps to illustrate this article’s primary theses.

A driver for demographic change

Without the dollarization of the Western Hemisphere and the use of the dollar in world trade, the US, by function, would have remained a relatively closed and homogeneous nation as it was until as recently as about 1980.

The dollarization of the Western Hemisphere means that many countries south of here actually use the dollar as a de facto legal tender, not just as a reserve and means of payment in international trade. I am now reading that a couple of the Argentinian presidential candidates are contemplating using the dollar once again to replace their peso.

This dollarization means that the borders of the US to Latin America are to open up. They hold the dollars, they hold claims in the country, and since their home countries accept dollars as defacto legal tender, their residents are highly motivated to come to the US to obtain as many dollars as possible. This is why these workers come here and undercut the natives for pay in dollars. As the fiscal and trade deficits accrue, the race to obtain and spend dollars escalates by the residents of these countries.

With respect to international trade, With the world accepting dollars for payments of imports, other foreigners now have a claim on US assets. This also necessitates holding dollars as a reserve.

As the US increasingly relies on foreigners to support its balance of payments deficits on the fiscal and trade side, it must cater to these foreigners to lend to zero out the equation.

Thus by function, the US must water down its message. By opening up the world to the dollar, the US, and by extension, the West, must adjust and become open to everyone who uses the greenback. Thus, diversity reigns supreme.

Why is Spanish being encouraged in the US? Because the Western Hemisphere uses the dollar, not just for trade, but as defacto legal tender.

Thus, I am certain that the SoS knew a long time ago that when the USD became the global trade currency after 1971, the US, by function, would transform into the whore it is today.

This is why there are no other countries in the world that want to have their currencies become the global reserve to replace the dollar. They look upon what has happened to the US with its multicultural garbage and do not want any of that for their homogeneous makeup. If the China yuan truly replaced the dollar, their country would end up going down the same path, by function.

The greenback accelerates the building of the New World Order

The second objective is about the overriding conspiracy to build the NWO. Why? The conspirators knew that the world needed to settle upon one standardized currency in which to build up the world and more evenly distribute the global wealth in an efficient manner. Since the early 1970s, these elite conspirators have really been wildly successful in their objectives. The US was the only nation up to the task and the choice of the dollar was a no brainier. Even the entire Euro area still can’t compete.

If there was no global dollar, the emergence of the New world order would be about 30 years behind where it is today, since global trade would be only a small fraction of what it is currently. The nations of the world would have little motivation to become export driven if they had to overcome an inefficient payment scheme. The dollar solved all that. Anyone with dollars could now buy from any country.

For instance, without the world accepting dollars for manufacturing payment, China would be 30 years behind where it is now in economic advancement.

We effectively already have a one world currency; it’s the dollar. So if we want to figure out one of the real reasons why our nation-state enemies hate America, it’s because they want to end the dollar hegemony or to give its enemies more say in this realm.

It seems the globalists are ready to try something different and an American defeat in WWIII or a Pearl harbor type event can solve this dilemma. The US seems to have become the bully and callous enforcer of the NWO, much to the chagrin of the rest of the globe.

So, those are the two primary reasons the global elite chose the dollar; to turn the US into the eventual hated global whore and to accelerate the timetable for the building of the new world order.

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28 thoughts on “The US dollar as the global reserve and how it ultimately destroyed America’s future

  1. I picked up a link, You can read Zero-hedge Premium disinformation articles here:

    Paste the address of the article you want to read into the search field and enjoy (don’t forget to add ” www. ” if your app doesn’t pick it up).

    1. It must be demoralizing to have to pay for an economic and financial service that is actually cunning propaganda.

      ZeroHedge readers deserve to be fleeced.

  2. So much for dollar collapse. I have been saying for a decade, Dollar is the KING, NASDAQ will go even higher. America will get powerful while Americans suffer.

    Dollar is VERY VERY Powerful in Asia, since I’m from India, no one wants my currency, as soon as I show dollar, the exchange guy face lit up. They don’t like chinese yuen, japanese yen ONLY DOLLAR due to poor conversion rate for other currencies.

    America can print infinite amount of dollar, the demand for dollar is even more high in India now due to 20% tax on Indian currency spent abroad.

    expect dollar to be used even more, 60% of world population is Asian with 36% being either Indian or Chinese and they both are being forced to use dollar even more.

    the ALT-NEWS are all CIA, they tell you the EXACT opposite to whats is going to happen. Do exactly opposite of what Zerohedge tells you.

    Dollar is slowly, secretively, cunningly replacing asian currencies for sure

    1. Honest and detailed explanations of real transactions of foreign and domestic money in India are rare around in the West, so I think your comments as a local are a rare and really precious.

      Dollarization in Argentina and Latin America as Evans explained and dollarization in Asia as you report here may help us to make the picture of today ‘s financials much much clearer.

      So, collapse of the Dollar?… What collapse is supposed to be, you Zero Hedge’s son’s of devil?…

      John 8:44


      You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  3. Chris, this insightful article has made me think questions things I hadn’t thought of before. It makes me question which American wars were legitimate. For example, which wars were really about stopping Communism, or were they all about this dollarization agenda? And did the powers that be know this, or was it Satan manning the whole thing?

    1. Since 1913, I think that just about every country that has fought a war in which the United States was somehow involved seems to become more globalized in the aftermath. Look at all the countries from World War II onwards to today. The United States military seems to go in and rip open tradition and countries, so the bankers can take over, industrialize, and globalize the nations involved.

      I get to the point in my analysis where I wonder if any war the American military has fought since World War I was a legitimate war. World War I commenced the year after the Federal Reserve Act was ratified. That should be a clue.

      The secret powers use false flag attacks to justify American involvement, whether it be World War I, World War II, or more recently, the Trade Center false flag attacks to justify the wars in the Middle East.

      Look at all the wars that were fought in the name of stopping Communism. The result always was an opening up of the nations involved to the global bankers.

      There is no Godly reason to ever join the US military, for there is nothing Godly about it anymore.

      I’ll never know for certain what the ultimate reasons were behind each War since 1913, but the ultimate result, in its gestalt, is a dollarized world managed by a bully enforcer. The Soviet Union became very strong for the first 30 or 40 years only because it relied on prison slave labor by the millions to build up industries, roads, and rail lines. The USSR eventually became a straight up socialist country that eventually collapsed under its weight. In my eyes, the USSR was a potemkin village used as a controlled opposition for the United States to march around the world and dollarize the entire globe. Think of all the waisted energy, resources, and lives. So much bloodshed. God help us.

      That’s how I see the synagogue of Satan running this world. They own the central banks, they put their corporate logo on the reverse side of the $1 bill, and they carry out their deeds in broad daylight.

  4. If the Fed’s message today couldn’t keep the markets down, nothing will. Trillions in new deficit spending will keep it all moving higher, while the bottom 90% suffocate to death.

    Ottawa Senators approved for $1 billion sale. Highest paid for a hockey team, and it’s in one of NHLs smallest market.

    The rabble can get side hustles to pay rent.

    1. And it still won’t help Canada win another cup. Gary Bettman will see to that. 30-year drought now that a Canadian team has not won a Stanley Cup. Similar with England in world cup soccer.

      Bread and circuses for the masses.

  5. Once the Argentinian peso is replaced by the USD as legal tender, look for desperate Argentinians to flood the US.

    In distorted Buenos Aires rental market, it’s dollar vs. peso

    Dollar-wielding foreigners living it up in Buenos Aires while locals scrape by; Argentina’s sky-high inflation and weakening currency has yielded a schizophrenic rental market — a bargain for some, a curse for others.

    Dollar-wielding foreigners living it up in Buenos Aires while locals scrape by; Argentina’s sky-high inflation and weakening currency has yielded a schizophrenic rental market — a bargain for some, a curse for others.

    Ordinarily, a middle-class couple like anthropologist Martina Campos Lopez, 33 and her computer technician husband Bruno Suarez, 43, would top rental agents’ lists of eligible tenants.

    But they earn in pesos — a currency trading at 488 to the dollar on the black market, where most people do their trading.

    More than a year ago, the couple had to give up their apartment in anticipation of a price hike. They have been unable to find another, and were forced to move in with Lopez’s mother. With their toddler.

    “The most difficult is this feeling of being like a child again, without independence,” Lopez said as she showed AFP around the small house.

    “Our life is on pause. A temporary measure has become permanent. It is discouraging,” she said.

  6. Headline numbers looked good. Producer prices growing less than expected. Core comes in as expected. More evidence the Fed will pause.

    Core PPI (YoY) (May)
    Act: 2.8% Cons: 2.9% Prev: 3.1%

    Core PPI (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.2% Cons: 0.2% Prev: 0.2%

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.0% Cons: Prev: 0.1%

    PPI (MoM) (May)
    Act: -0.3% Cons: -0.1% Prev: 0.2%

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (YoY) (May)
    Act: 2.8% Cons: Prev: 3.3%

    PPI (YoY) (May)
    Act: 1.1% Cons: 1.5% Prev: 2.3%

  7. Excellent analysis, CJ. I was going to post your initial comment as a standalone article. Glad you did it. Makes so much more sense than any other theory I’ve heard, which usually centre around Marxist cliches of “imperialism”, “colonialism”, and “big oil”.

    1. There is a spiritual underpinning to the dollar that its critics cannot recognize, and there is evidence that it will exist until the job of building the endtime NWO is complete. Their god approves of their work. It even says so on the reverse of their business card, the back of the one dollar FRN.

      If I were the devil I would be pleased. The world is full of their Federal Reserve notes and virtually all country use them to ship goods and slaves.

  8. Here’s a YouTube video titled, “The Futurists (1967), Scientists predict the 21st Century.”

    Look at the panel of those interviewed and ask if they were close to being correct. Their underlying premise was that people at large would be more intelligent, but also seemed to cling to the concepts of Malthus. A couple did recognize the upcoming industrial revolution and its impact on the lesser developed nations.

    I view their futuristic views of economic activity and microeconomic functions as being very close to being correct. This one aspect was the most accurate of all, especially with regards to Buckminster Fuller’s theories on economic development and consumption.

    Of course, with regards to consumer intelligence, the opposite occured as society became degraded and fractured. The IQ tests are now continually recalibrated downward to make them more inclusive for a multicultural society. A similar error of this outcome was determined by Arthur C. Clark, which underpinned 2001, A Space Odyssey. These futurists falsely assumed that the people at large would be more intelligent.

    Anyway, it’s an interesting video.

  9. ZeroHedge’s Twitter feed continues to double down on its predetermined collapse narrative. The stock market continues to defy their pro-Russian predictions, so now they continue to pump out USSR-type propaganda regarding Russia’s military victories in Ukraine.

    So many duped Patriots have lost their financial shirts as well as their minds waiting for the “collapse”that ZeroHedge promises is just around the corner.

    ZeroHedge = TASS = USSR Pravda. It still amazes me how often the alt-media continue to refer to ZeroHedge’s propaganda. This even goes for Joel Skousan’s World Affairs Brief brief.

    1. All news sources must be viewed with intelligent discernment. Each news source has some truthful articles but many others are lies or hyperbole. Zerohedge,among many others, such as Rense, and Henry Makow are biased towards Putin as well as other biases. Some of there event reporting and human news reporting may be accurate but DO NOT rely on them for investment advice and beware of bias.

      I definitely would not rely on ZeroHedge nor any other alt news source for Investment advice.
      I would be so much poorer today if I believed Zero Hedge back in 2012 and took all my money out of stocks and put it in cash and gold. Then I would have a much harsher choice about the covid vaccination mandates on the job(i.e vaccine or destitution). Zero Hedge and most alt news sites are set up to scare people into poverty and enslavement.

      1. Take all information to the Lord in prayer. God will give you the best discernment upon request, but, only for those who have an obedient relationship with God.

  10. Look at last month’s deficit data. I think of the Triffin paradox. What other nation would do this to their citizens?

    Look at what the Biden regime is doing to the worker. It crushes the worker in the name of helping the worker. Typical Marxist thought.

    The only way to keep up is by being the landlord and owner of the stocks of the companies where the multicultural idiots piss away their paychecks and government benefits.

    Released On 6/12/2023 2:00:00 PM For May, 2023
    Consensus May: $-205.0 B
    Actual May: $-240.3 B

    Consensus Outlook
    Forecasters see a $205.0 billion deficit in May that would compare with a $66.2 billion deficit in May a year-ago. May is the eighth month of the government’s fiscal year.

  11. Thw “US” has not become a global bully. The occupiers of the US government call the shots and overthrow regimes which so not comply with IMF type global financial policy. In south africa things are heating up because of cozy Russian ties. The white business community of course follows the west and an important US trade deal is now threatened. This is all a game and a farce. Even when congress writes a letter threatening US trade relations due to arms apparently being loaded into a sanctioned Russian ship… well WE know congress rubberstamps what the infiltrates of the government at DC lobby houses which are really policy houses, demand is tabled and nothing else. We know these people are NOT American and any writer worth his salt has to make the painstakingly yet obvious neccesity of being clean. For example we can speak of an america. business, but if we nelect to refer to cracker barrel as a blackrock-controlled business operating in america, we sow seeds of confusion. Needless to say, only seeds of confision are sown in the alt media. Now, the godfather of South African mining and statehood, Harry oppenheimer, was given GIVEnlN a great swatch of Russian mineral rights some years back. His foundation openly listed CFR as a partner. They claim to advise national governments at the highest levels and indeed they do. When the ANC government spouts that smart meters are going to be installed to switch of water heaters automatically, where do people think they get this from? Journalists are too panicked and stupid to notice that their financial godfather is a bolshie of the highest order. But blacks have a wonderful time claiming the “USA” overthrew libya and the “US” president is a moron. In fact Biden is a plant and a robot and the Clinton’s took so much dirty money from the infiltrates. In fact, people saying what I’m saying here … Hicham is to mind what you say and say it properly, was a concern which is why the Trump know your enemy skit played out. No one bit and the majority pro Russian alts never batted an eye. These infiltrates have controlled the us since at least the 50s as any student of history knows and britian going back to the 19th C. They used to show their hand only occasionally like when reagan betrayed the SA defense force, out on a limb for the USA, in angola. Southern Africa knows the truth, at least a few thinking souls, because we were the last Bastian of independent whites anywhere and we know how britian “inexplicably” betrayed tanganika in the 60s. In fact tptb are not behind timewise as you state as they know well when JC will turn 33 as do many of us and thatz the year of total destruction. When else pray tell?. It was all brought home to me in the creepiest way when an khazah (freshly charged with babylonian zohar magock as they are) who ended up in za and wrecked an old mining house ripping off the biggest bank in the process, wrote a book called Forging God’s Signature. Straight out his subconscious and we a horrible image of the author prancing along a London pavement with a stick in his hands. But wait, looking great in his jeans and loving em so… So yes its important to call things what they really are. Remarkably black south africans understand immediately when it’s explained the US is run by cfr infiltrates. They too yearn for peace, justice and know intuitively the hope lies somehow only in America. This desire the world has for America as much as Hollywood created it is really the world’s hope. There’s nothing like discussing the refugee hotels in NY with 1st generation Mexican Mericans. The one wears her new name proudly in a gold necklace with the curvise word they so like: McMartens. Quickly they become us and not them and the same goes for chinese. THEY are simply trying to overwhelm the system. The mojook too wears out after a couple of decades so new recruits are tortured into becoming the next wave. The Warsaw ghetto bunch did wonders and yeah the UK has been coddling the Uzbek for the last while. Probably they have Chinese villages undergoing processing …

  12. Thanks for the blog. You give me a lot to think about. The way you explain it makes it so obvious. No wonder why the Communists hate logical discourse and label us as racists whenever we try.

  13. Core numbers come in largely as expected. Headline data slightly better. The Fed will probably pause.

    Core CPI (YoY) (May)
    Act: 5.3% Cons: 5.3% Prev: 5.5%

    Core CPI (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.4% Prev: 0.4%

    Core CPI Index (May)
    Act: 307.82 Cons: 307.53 Prev: 306.49

    CPI (MoM) (May)
    Act: 0.1% Cons: 0.2% Prev: 0.4%

    CPI (YoY) (May)
    Act: 4.0% Cons: 4.1% Prev: 4.9%

    CPI Index, n.s.a. (May)
    Act: 304.13 Cons: 304.06 Prev: 303.36

    CPI Index, s.a (May)
    Act: 303.29 Cons: 303.70 Prev: 302.92

    Real Earnings (MoM) (May)
    Act: -0.1% Cons: 0.1% Prev: 0.1%

    1. With the debt ceiling being raised effectively to an unlimited amount, we have four trillion in fresh multicultural debt coming over the next couple years. I am betting on ever higher asset prices. If you say anything to the contrary you are hateful, a white supremacist, and racist.🤣🤣🤣

      If a white guy wants to be really racist, he should buy up the housing stock and stick it in LLC’s.

      1. If you are really a pissed off white male, the best bet is follow CJ Evans advice. Buy up rental real estate, buy stock in companies that cater to the wage slave like Mondelez, Walmart, Coke, Pepsi , etc as the hoards consume junk food.

        The other great move is stay out of the political process. In reality, your vote DOES NOT count. It is interesting that the leftist are pushing the voting process and elections. Your vote for the opposition will get overwhelmed by the leftist votes through ballot box stuffing, people voting who officially are not entitled to vote such as bribed illegals, and those leftists who vote in multiple places. They want you to vote to maintain their illusion of “democracy “ and the illusion of their legitimacy. The political process is only a rigged dialectic.

        Even if the opposition wins such as Kevin McCarthy, they just prove to be false opposition. I find that most of the opposition prove to be only enablers for the other party. There really are not multiple parties with different ideas. Some politicians just pretend to be opposition. The Republicans always act as enablers for the Democrats such as Kevin McCarthy caving in to the Democrat’s wishes.
        The good news is that the dollars will keep flowing from the federal government to the asset owners.

        The key point is don’t get angry. Get even by buying assets and getting rich as a result. The best way to get at the Demonrats is to become rich while they rail against the wealthy. Do you see any evidence of these socialist politicians who rail against the wealthy give up their wealth? It is interesting that those who berate the wealthy are wealthy themselves.

        In addition to the actions above, get your spiritual house in order by reading and following the Holy Bible. Study and follow the ways of Jesus Christ.

        Jesus did say give your wealth to the poor. That is totally correct to share your wealth with the poor. By sharing your wealth with the poor you ultimately become wealthier as they will spend it and it flows to the top 10% anyway. If you are part of that top 10% then that is great. Ultimately sharing your wealth with the poor helps you get wealthier in the long run both spiritually and materially. If that poor person uses that help wisely then that is also a win for you and them. The socialist politicians want you to share your wealth with them while they keep theirs to themselves and they only share their money to gain control.

        1. In addition, if you are a pissed off male then be very careful about dating women. A lot of today’s women younger than 50 are brainwashed by the system and are mostly looking for sugar daddies. They can be a drain on your wealth. I would date with extreme caution.

    2. All my calls about previously discussed stock picks here came true, yet I didn’t hold. BBBYQ bounce, SOFI, CCL, OPEN, RDFN all hit my targets. I replied BXP was headed over 60, looks like it may get there, would not hold after that, however Chris, you and I said that about PPSI when it got over $5, and it’s still holding up.

      Cohen bought a bunch of GME, decent short percent and cash holdings, could touch $30 on this news this week, very odd since the stores in my area are always empty. Other meme stocks like AMC will be sympathy play. AI mania still happening. EV sector still going strong so Lithium stocks could uptick. It’s been a green month, yet Oil chart seems to be predicting a downturn probably after summer ends. One could get bullish on BTC around that time, as another halving is in 2024.

      1. Notice how the stock indexes took off after the debt ceiling deal was reached. The mainstream tried to play it down as a measure of fiscal prudence, but I read the numbers and all I saw was a screaming opportunity to continue holding stocks, real estate, and everything else.

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