A message to the remnant; time is running short

We have had a tremendous effect

Many people who uncover the objectives of the New World Order, its purpose for humanity, and who have tried to warned others, believe that we have had little effect, but I differ on this assessment.

When I first came to the realization of how the world really operated, which was about 20 plus years ago, I recall reading many of the documents that were published 50 to 60 years ago that discussed how the objectives of the new world order should be achieved by the year 2000. It’s clear that these architects and engineers have been continually pushing back their time frame. Yet, my observations are such that I believe they feel compelled to accelerate their timeline and are getting sloppy. Perhaps many at the very top recognize that some set of circumstances outside their control is forthcoming.

In the 1960s-70s these people at the top of the pyramid thought they would have had our guns by 2000. They thought we would have been already an over-injected self-imposed panopticon slave camp by the turn of the millennium. They thought the Soviet Union and the United States would have comfortably merged. Unfortunately for them, too many people in the United States were savvy enough to keep pushing back and delaying these Marxist and satanic plans.

But as time goes on, these patriots and defenders of the truth slowly die out and are replaced with fewer and fewer people. I was in my mid-30s when I woke up to these objectives. That was a little over 20 years ago and based on the trends in my health I’m not going to live much longer. As my life passes, there’s one less fewer of us. Now there’s not much left except a few of us who can correspond with one another and try to help each other.

We still do have an effect, but the adversary will try to demoralize us with the concepts that the United States was built by Satan and the founding fathers were a bunch of Satan worshipers. They get us to believe all sorts of falsehoods that creates double-mindedness and allows this multicultural iron and clay kingdom to emerge as it has since the early-80s.

Forces outside of everyone’s control are now in play

Now the time is drawing to a close and we have to come up with contingency plans on surviving. God has been good to us and has given us a lot of time to prepare. There’s just not enough of us left and the people who are still here have been largely demoralized or are stuck chasing red herrings that were planted by the DoD and CIA and their controlled media.

The time to prepare is now. I believe we have until the end of 2026. Based on the behavior of the monetary and fiscal authorities, they are gaming the monetary and economic system, so that it expires around that time.

Don’t look for a 2008-style collapse. The tens of trillions of dollars in money that have been printed since are out there like heat-seeking missiles, looking for any asset.

God bless and pray for the remnant; don’t waste your time with the heathen, other than to pray that they don’t impact us. The lines have been drawn and the sides have been hardened. Now’s not the time to argue with fellow washed Christians regarding which denomination or Bible version is superior or correct. Carry the testimony of Jesus in your heart wherever you go and may your actions exemplify it. Now is not the time to pick a battle with your fellow believer; that ship has sailed.

I do have one recommendation however; we must warn fellow believers that they will not be raptured out of here. That was a falsehood given to us by our adversary. We must remain resolute and continue with our plans. Life down here is just a pit stop and we are promised something much greater at the finish line.

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24 thoughts on “A message to the remnant; time is running short

  1. I saw that ‘hackers’ took down Russia’s banks – which we can’t trust any news now, however. People keep saying to get your money out of the bank before the CBDC is implemented. Do you think the CBDC is coming soon and if we should withdraw our money before this is implemented? Do you think they’re going to implement it any time soon?

    Do others still use banks or credit unions? I’m trying to navigate what’s coming and I don’t know if I should withdraw money now because of the CBDC. What are others doing?

    1. I like Credit Unions as they are institutions owned by the depositors and are Non-profit. I have used credit unions for the past 20 years and I get much better service and cheaper fees than a shareholder owned bank of any size. Each depositor at a Credit Union has one share and since they are nonprofit there is not an emphasis on fees. Before depositing any serious money in a credit union be sure they have NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) insurance. The NCUA is Federal insurance for the credit unions which is equivalent to FDIC.

      Most credit unions in any town will allow you join if you live in the area, however, there are some that will only allow you to join if you work for a particular employer are are a member of a particular group.

      Mutual savings banks work on a similar concept as credit unions as depositors are the shareholders/owners except these institutions are for profit and the ownership percentage is based on the amount of deposit. So there is unequal control in a Mutual savings bank that is based on the size of the deposit. Mutual savings banks do provide great service because the depositors are the owners. The other nice thing about mutual savings banks is that if they “demutualize” by issuing shares to the public then the depositors get first dibs on buying the stock usually at an IPO price which could go up from there especially if the bank merges.

      The banks I would STEER CLEAR OF AT ALL COSTS are banks that are PRIVATELY owned by a small group of owners.These banks unlike Chase, PNC, Citizens are NOT publicly traded and are held by a small group of wealthy people. They obviously don’t care about the depositors and only serve their own profit needs.These may also be fronts to launder money. There is one bank like that in my neighborhood and I think it will probably go out of business or get taken over.

      The large banks like Chase, Citizens, Citibank,etc are safe financially, but the account fees are high and generally provide poor impersonal service.

      1. Thanks Andrei. These are shaky times to navigate.

        Why is 2026 the time to get one’s affairs in order? Is the mass die-off to be completed by then?

        Then what?

        I’m unsure what affairs to get in order.

        1. I estimate the force majeure in 2027. So many factors at play.

          •the expiration date of the current system. The necessary power and wealth consolidation needed before the Great Reset and Force majeure should be completed by 2027.
          •China says it will be ready for global war with a comparable navy by 2027
          •the Great Reset for 2030
          •the lining up of circumstances since 2020.
          •the pale horse released in 2021 with the injections
          •the last days currency already is in use, it has a pyramid on the back of it.
          •the unbelievable inability of the human population to recognize the upcoming peril.

          I also have gone into great detail regarding the true OT eschatology, which is still in effect, and how it is all lining up for this decade. I also enumerated other things like the prophecy of the Popes.

          We will not have any collapses until these unfold. The Bible says so as well as the NWO think tanks say. So relax, but prepare for the next three plus years. As for which affairs you need to get inorder, only you and the holy Ghost can decide that.

    2. Canada is testing the digital currency and says they’ll keep cash acceptable as long as the people still use it. So use it. Keep cash relevant. Don’t use points cards and keep credit card use to a minimum. I’m sure they’ll try to make it difficult or highly inconvenient to use cash at some point but for now, you can make it more difficult for them to implement the digital currency.
      I would keep some cash at home just in case – power outage, ‘cyber’ attack, aliens. Cash was king in Canada when the banks went down last July.

  2. Look at the problems in Philadelphia because of that overturned petroleum truck which destroyed an I-95 overpass. That’s nothing compared to what could happen with what’s planned later in the decade.

    This should be more confirmation to us that we are to avoid living in densely populated areas. It’s okay for us to live in these areas and do business for now as that’s where the money is located, but we need to make contingency plans and have an area that we can quickly travel to in times of emergency. If someone is stuck working and living in the DC area, have a house or piece of real estate that is at least a hundred miles away. That’s not going to be the perfect location, but it is much better than having to depend on mass transit and highway bridges.

    1. I would agree with this, it takes time to figure out what you need in a new place and where the resources are. I went through a couple of power outages in my town this past winter – I was lucky but many around me were not – power was out for days. I took this as a sign that my luck might run out next time – I’m set up for food, lights, electric heat should my furnace conk out. But not for a long outage. I came upon a generator this week for a good price and I jumped on it. One more thing I’m prepared for. Woodstove is next.

  3. Treasury Statement Released On 6/12/2023 2:00:00 PM For May, 2023

    Consensus Outlook
    Forecasters see a $205.0 billion deficit in May that would compare with a $66.2 billion deficit in May a year-ago and a surplus of $176.2 billion in April this year. May is the eighth month of the government’s fiscal year.

    Only national governments that “celebrate” diversity and forces it upon us can run huge fiscal deficits and get away with it.

    Large fiscal deficits began to accrue during the first Reagan regime, right at the same time Bush began to dollarize the Western hemisphere, offshore domestic manufacturing capacity to China, and tear down the borders to any and all who would come. This is especially true to those who didn’t speak English and would forever work to out number the once homogeneous population.

    Diversity and deficits go hand in hand; the enemy can shine us on and call us white supremacists If we complain.

    Deficits do matter, they concentrate the wealth into the hands of those who own the media and the large corporations; the ones who feed us the lies on the benefits of diversity.

  4. I just played a pump organ for a funeral service at a tiny old anglican church congregation. The tiny church was packed – all white Christians in attendance. We all respectfully wore our black attire. The service was reverent and heartfelt. The congregation rose up in song in unison. So powerful, the voices swelling in song. One of the elder parishioners was given a chance to speak and he talked about the founding elders of this little church – the ancestors that took care of it. he made mention of the present attendees, where they came from, who their parents and grandparents were. It seems to me this old man is concerned about the legacy of his church and who is going to carry on. Indeed. It is slipping through their fingers. But I am amazed that this moment in time is still with us – it has not been erased. We must forge on. All is not lost quite yet.

    1. Although the “celebration” of diversity has been destroying society’s fabric, tradition still can be found. As you observe, it’s still there and our enemy hates tradition. Tradition of the past is like a bomb-proof redoubt that even the devil can’t penetrate.

      Diversity and political correctness are Marxist and are only there to upend tradition and to accelerate the demise of society, or to create a new one.

      I’m glad that you still see pockets of tradition, especially of the old European white culture. This is the only thing keeping it all from blowing to Kingdom come.

      Hold fast to tradition; it’s all we have left as a weapon against our adversary.

  5. Seems to me that the evil is the norm for this era.

    A lonely era where big tech controls everything in person’s life 🧬.

    I just left my unvaccinated group with a few nasty souls I don’t tolerate to coexist beside.

    Seems to be alot of people nowadays just working hard towards their grave and that’s all ….

  6. I am sorry to hear about your health CJ Evans. You may live longer than you think.

    I remember hearing that judgement was going to come in the year 2000 and the world was going to end. When that did not happen then it became 2012 per the “Mayan Calendar”. I think most of that was a distraction to get the population looking away from what the SoS was really doing.
    This time I do feel time is running short as most people have turned their hearts away from God and Country. The older people who were patriotic, freedom loving Christians are dying off and being replaced by a younger generation who do not know God. In addition, this younger generation does not appreciate Freedom and responsibility. Most of the young set today are self entitled and believe big brother should take care of them. That is why we will get big brother real soon. When people ask for entitlements they don’t realize those entitlements come with many strings attached.

  7. CJ, I’m sorry to hear that your health is bad and I hope you are exaggerating. Maybe you want out of here early and this caused your exaggeration.

    I think the world regime will fail to achieve its pan-zombie society. Fail spectacularly. I think so because the world regime assumes that every person can be bought off, from the white trash next door chain smoking and texting, to the disgusting bourgeois elements in the metro areas. Not so. Many productive, energetic people sense the dead end planned for them. That includes military and LE personnel.

    The regime is making its way because of constant, ubiquitous propaganda, and laws, and money created from thin air, which it disburses strategically. The regime’s Achilles’ heel is corruption. The corruption exceeds the outrages of Rome, Britain and Babylon. Catherine Fitts says $21 trillion is missing from the Treasury. This house of glass will not weather the rage that is coming.

    So stay positive, my friend. You merit a longer life than this system does.

    1. The globalist plans have taken longer than they originally thought as the people who lived in the United States going back to the 1950s and ’60s were much more difficult to break. As I’m sure you know, the population here was much more homogeneous and were savvy to liars and disingenuous arguments.

      Beginning after Reagan was elected in 1980, and after his assassination attempt by Daddy Bush, the New World Order architects decided to open up the borders on a wholesale level and to make the United States a much more “diverse” country, where “diversity” and “political correctness” would prevail. This was not to empower the minorities, but to suppress and eliminate the power of the majority.

      Any honest student of History will quickly grasp that diversity is the worst objective for a nation as there is no cohesion and the power of those who stand to defend against any adversary is watered down to the point of what we see today. Of course, sentiment like this is considered racist, but by opening up the country and the rest of the West to an overwhelming deluge of non-congruent people, we get to the point where we are today.

      Now there’s no going back. But I suspect that this process took longer than expected and tacked on another 20 to 25 years to the process. The white folk were a very hard nut to crack. With whitey increasingly becoming a less significant force, the objectives of the Great Reset will sail right through as the other races of people pose no threat.

      1. I have always been puzzled by Jesus parable of the The Narrow and Wide Gates since I was a kid.

        I have always remembered it well and it has been on the back of my mind many times since. Intuitively, I have been probably close to get the meaning of this parable many times but I never really understood it to the point, you know, Jesus teachings are not that easy, nor the Bible is that easy.

        But we may nowadays have the point. For me is quite clear, anyway… so let’s make one simple question to lighten it.

        Who are choosing the easy Wide Gates of perdition?…

        The simple answer is that the white European Israelite’s descents are going through it in masse.

        Matthew 7:13-14


        Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

      2. The great die off is to happen by 2025 correct? They injected those coming into the country too didn’t they? America is to be depopulated by 70% I read.

        Anyone know the plan after that?

    2. I hope more LE wake up. Mark Passio has a good video on how the “Order Followers” are the real danger to society. If you know any, you may want to enlighten them.

      My health is not so good either CJ – I am glad I’m on my way out. I actually pray for the end of this world. It’s far too wicked now.

  8. What is happening now is a Playbook from Atlas Shrugged. Code Book written for the Illuminati back in 1954. John Galt is Lucifer who soothsayer The creators of Industry to destroy their creation and go hide out until such a time.

    Quote at the end of the book.
    He stepped to the window and pointed to the skyscrapers of the city. He said that we had to extinguish the lights of the world, and when we would see the lights of New York go out, we would know that our job was done.” John Galt.

    Atlas Shrugged is a metaphor. John Galt created the Motor. Metaphor for…created the way the World runs per se. aka Lucifer runs the World by proxy by humanitys sinful nature. Lucifer in reality created nothing except order out of Chaos which in reality is more Chaos.

    I find it interesting in the book Galt/Lucifer and all his Striker Minions hide out in Colorado. Does DI Airport underground ring a bell. Supposedly this where most of The SOS Cabal Elite are going when the crap the proverbial fan. Then…in a later time when most of the Chaos subsides they are coming back as the Worlds supposed saviors. Satan and his mark of the beast. Folks this book and Ayn Rand is a deep study. I’ve studied for years and finally understand why it’s The Code Book for The SOS Elite Cabal.

  9. Lol. A local gold dealer I chat to thinks he’s already ruptured… and, despite himself, he got me to understand how the deception happened. Sure he’s ruptured if he can survive what’s coming but he seems to think nothing evil can come his way because he’s on the metaphorical mountain already. Again, not a bad way of seeing things except what if his family is tortured or starved or other horrors befall him? Because he believes that cant happen because they’re all raptured. At least when that happens to Christians who haven’t been blue pulled we know our faith must endure anything and everything worse than the worst horrors of history. I don’t see any use arguing with him, he’s not interested and is blissfully happy

    1. It sounds very Buddhist and Hindu. He’s been poisoned by the infiltration of the Eastern mystic religions since the late 50s and early 60s. He thinks he’s the Lotus flower, where he can rise out of the mud and beyond the dirt around him and bloom like a beautiful white flower.

      These type of mystic religions are very self-absorbing belief systems.

      A lot of people believe that their perception is reality, but usually what objective reality is versus their subjective view are two different versions.

      Indeed, you bring up a great point. What happens if some unforeseen and deleterious circumstance envelops his life? Being on some metaphorical mountain is certainly not going to help him deal with real adversity when it truly presents itself.

      And you are right, don’t waste your time trying to convince him otherwise. Don’t cast your pearls before swine. He will most likely only get agitated.

      1. He’s a southern Baptist and he invited me to his church. I may have misunderstood him and he means he’ll be skyrocketed to heaven somehow. But I got the sense he thinks he is fortified right here and no evil can touch him because hes already raptured. At least as a southerner he likes guns and gold, tho like many of these dealers he loves collectibles and jusy deals cuz its part of the gig. I think the baptists have some weird ideas nowadays. The churches are often very pretty and pop up darn near in the middle of nowhere out here but I don’t want to know what goes in inside them. I said to him, go to church? I am a church.

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