Want to know why younger generations seem so pissed? Look at the housing market.

Note to reader: if many of these disenfranchised Americans think their financial situations are perilous now with the typical home costing 4.5 times household income, how will they feel about their chances of success when that multiple reaches 6.0 later this decade?

Most of the grooming these young adults received in their schooling left them totally dependent on the system. Moreover, government-sponsored socialism with a bully media promoting multiculturalism just don’t work as ostensibly intended. Socialism and multiculturalism only truly work for the financial elite, and though I may loathe these concepts in theory, I leverage these sobering truths for my financial gain. America’s open borders have been very profitable to the asset owners. The areas in which I own rental housing have been overwhelmed with non-English speaking trolls who work to drive up rents and house prices. The best part for the landlords; we’re only in the third inning of this manufactured housing crisis. With a federal spending debt limit that has been effectively removed, coupled with the massive waves of multiracial lower-IQ immigration, house prices will continue to escalate, despite prediction to the contrary.

Those at the very top of this pyramid already know this outcome, but they need to present it in the media as a bubble waiting to collapse. You and I know how to profit from the misery around us, which is why we own the houses that these young folk need and the stocks of the companies that they frequent. These young folk piss away all their money at WMT, NKE, AAPL, MCD, CMG, SBUX, AMZN, META, NFLX, MSFT, etc. They can’t control themselves and have been bred that way to be perfectly at ease in the iron and clay kingdom.

They are like docile livestock who gleefully roll up their sleeves to take their DoD Pentagram mRNA bioweapon injections. Those who pass through our modern school system end up with broken hopes, shattered dreams, a pocket full of debts, while simultaneously placing their faith in a fraudulent multicultural philosophy. The upshot is that sadness and despondency of the heathen can be very profitable to the asset owners. Just make sure we’re not the victims.

Want to know why younger generations seem so pissed? Look at the housing market.

•Gen Zers and millennials have serious economic anxiety.
•Factors at play include a shaky economy, student debt payments, inflation, and healthcare costs.
•But the biggest issue is probably a housing market that simply feels unfair.

Gen Zers and millennials are anxious.

You see it in survey results. You sense it in anti-capitalist TikTok videos. You hear about it when talking to your friends or colleagues, or if you’re a parent of a 20-something or 30-something, from your kids. This economy has younger Americans on edge.

Here’s just a sampling of recent research:

  • A new survey from Deloitte found the high cost of living is the “top societal concern” of both generations, according to my colleague Josée Rose. More than half of both generations said they live paycheck to paycheck.
  • A study by TIAA Institute earlier in the year found that 41% of young adults said their finances control their lives.
  • Gen Zers are missing their credit-card payments at an increasing rate, per the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • And in the workplace, 32% of young adults (18 to 29-years old) said they are not satisfied with their pay, and 34% aren’t happy with their opportunities for promotion, per Pew.

There are lots of possible causes for this economic anxiety to point to. From a shaky economy to student debt, to general inflation and spiking healthcare costs, there’s lots to be worried about.

But there’s arguably no bigger factor than housing.

“I think if you talk to people my age or younger who are salty about capitalism,’ two things have really driven their discontent,” influential writer and geriatric millennial Matt Yglesias noted earlier this year. “One was the long, weak labor market in the wake of the Great Recession, and the other is how badly the housing market functions.”

When you look at the housing market, it’s particularly grim right now. For example:

  • The rent-to-income ratio, or the share of American household gross income needed to rent an average-priced apartment, stood at 29.6% in the first quarter, according to Moody’s. That’s up from 22.5% back in 1999.
  • The number of metro markets where the average figure exceeds 30%, which is the threshold at which renters are considered to be rent burdened, now stands at seven. Back in 1999, there was just one: New York.
  • The housing market has never been this unaffordable for new buyers, according to my colleague Phil Rosen, citing data from the Mortgage Bankers Association.
  • This lack of affordability isn’t just in a handful of coastal markets, either. Of the largest 25 markets, just four are considered affordable, where monthly payments on new mortgages are less than 25% of household income, per Goldman Sachs.
  • And for those who can afford to buy their own place, they’re getting less house per dollar spent. Whereas $300,000 could have bought a roughly 2,000 square-foot home in March 2000, today the same amount might buy a 1,400-square-foot property, according to data cited by my colleague James Rodriguez.

Yes, some of those other factors, like healthcare costs or student debt loads, have also gotten much worse in that time too. For example, health insurance premium contributions and deductibles totaled 11.6% of median income in 2020, up from 9.1% in 2010, per the Commonwealth Fund.

But while Americans have different health situations (and lifestyles and levels of student debt), all of them live somewhere. And whereas shoppers can trade down to cheaper brands when facing inflation, or potentially put off medical care to save money, the amount they pay to keep a roof over their head is pretty rigid.

Together, those factors are pushing an increasing share of young Americans to delay renting their own place. In 2021, 68% of 25-year olds were living outside their parents’ home, according to Pew, down from 84% in 1980.

For those who are able to rent, the monthly checks to their landlords are taking up a bigger and bigger share of their income.

And while many, many millennials and Gen Zers are able to buy (30% of 25-year olds own their own home, per RedFin, while 62% of 40-year olds own their home), their budget isn’t going as far. They’re getting less square footage per dollar spent, and new buyers are facing mortgage rates near their highest in more than two decades.

Back in 2021, John Myers, Ben Southwood, and Sam Bowman wrote in journal Works in Progress that a shortage of housing and associated high rents and housing values had contributed to slow economic growth, poor health, climate change, falling fertility, and more.

Two years on, the article is worth revisiting, given in many cases the outlook for renters and wannabe homebuyers has only gotten worse. They wrote then:

Many young people have had to delay forming families and often take poorly paid, insecure jobs that can barely cover rent and living costs as the price for living in culturally attractive cities. They see opportunity as limited and growth as barely perceptible. Meanwhile, older generations sit on housing property worth many times what they paid and, stuck in a zero-sum mindset, often prioritise the protection of their own neighborhoods over the need to build more homes. Can you blame young people who resent older people, and the West’s economic system itself, when this is what it offers them?

Note,: This article first appeared in the Jeff Bezos-controlled Business insider on June 4th.


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37 thoughts on “Want to know why younger generations seem so pissed? Look at the housing market.

  1. I worked at One Seaport Plaza and 33 Whitehall St. I often passed by this building, which was an odd looking structure. Almost $500mm later, it will sit vacant. This firm should have taken that $500 million and bought up a bunch of single-family properties.

    Tower at 111 Wall Street epitomizes crisis of NYC’s commercial real-estate market


  2. The US is building factories at a wildly fast rate
    7 hours ago

    •New data from the Census Bureau reveals construction spending by US manufacturers more than doubled from last year.
    •The US government has offered billions of dollars in subsidies in the electric vehicles, semiconductor, and solar panels industries.
    •The US added around 800,000 jobs in manufacturing over the last two years to compete with countries such as China.
    •Last year, production at American factories increased — and so did the production of factories themselves.

    According to data from the Census Bureau released last week, construction spending by US manufacturers more than doubled over the past year. For April 2023, the annual rate reached nearly $190 billion compared with $90 billion in June 2022, with manufacturing accounting for around 13% of non-government construction.

    The US government has offered billions of dollars in subsidies for the production of electric vehicles and solar panels to compete with countries such as China and to fortify US leadership in sectors including clean energy. According to the World Bank, China makes up around 30% of global value added from manufacturing, about double the US. Over the last few decades, Asia has taken up a greater share of global factory manufacturing.

    Factories are being constructed everywhere from deserts to resort towns as the US tries to bring back manufacturing of goods commonly imported from lower-cost countries. Many battery and electric vehicle factories have popped up in the Rust Belt, while solar panel and renewable energy factories now span much of the South and Southeast.

    The US has added around 800,000 jobs in manufacturing employment over the last two years, employing around 13 million workers per the May Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report. However, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, the manufacturing skills gap — caused by the labor market’s struggle to find workers with highly technical and manual expertise — could lead to 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030.

    Manufacturing, though, has accelerated its move back to the US from other countries over the past year. According to Kearney’s 2022 Reshoring Index, 96% of American companies have shifted production to the US or are evaluating reshoring operations — a spike from 78% in the 2021 index.

    The sudden rise in factory construction corresponds with passage of the CHIPS and Science Act in July 2022, which provided $280 billion in funding to boost manufacturing of semiconductors, as well as the Inflation Reduction Act in August 2022. The IRA has sought to create new jobs in manufacturing, construction, and renewable energy, estimated to create up to 1.5 million jobs by 2030.

    Construction spending in most areas of the US economy has fallen in contrast, including office, health care, and educational construction. Residential construction has also declined amid a big cooldown from the pandemic housing market boom.

    Census Bureau data reveals manufacturing construction spending has escalated from January 2020 until April 2023 in every region except New England and the Mid Atlantic.

    While the spending boom could lead in turn to a future manufacturing boom, the new factories need to actually get built first. Much of this spending may go toward legal setbacks or delays from the National Environmental Policy Act, requiring projects with federal involvement to conduct environmental impact reviews.

    Some Chinese companies have recently moved supply chains out of the country, following in the footsteps of some Western countries following the 2018 trade war with China. Tensions with the US and rising costs have pushed some Chinese companies to look to India, Thailand, and Vietnam for manufacturing.

    Read the original article on Business Insider

  3. I just read this article:

    This young man said”Guys are guys and girls are girls” at a high school in a small very conservative rural Idaho town of all places and got punished for it. This should serve as notice that the socialist hucksters working for the Synagogue of satan are infiltrating rural conservative areas of the USA. This seems to tell me that you can run but not hide. I think that the wealthy urban people moving to rural areas to escape the blue areas are bringing the multicultural socialist garbage out to the red conservative areas. Moving is a big exercise so choose your areas wisely as more places are getting infiltrated by the socialist trash.

    The only refuge is obeying the word of the Holy Bible and bringing Jesus Christ into your heart. The earthly refuge is buy up rental properties and buy stock in companies that rent and sell to these socialist idiots.

    1. This technology is psychopathic by nature and by definition. Any decision is final, regardless of any errors and/or ramifications.

      AI is psychopathic according to its properties. Most people will interact with AI as they would a person, yet there is no emotion and any decision made by AI is final. Imagine having records that are incorrect or your name is wrong. AI doesn’t care, though it will tell you that it apologizes for your inconveniences.

      1. The people who create AI are psychopaths that work for the Synagogue of Satan. They are pushing AI to take control of, take over, replace, and ultimately destroy humanity. It is a means to destroy humanity as Satan wants to destroy us as we are created by God.

      2. This AI talk makes me think of a lyric line from Donald Fagan’s IGY (1982).

        “A just machine to make big decisions
        Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision
        We’ll be clean when their work is done
        We’ll be eternally free yes and eternally young
        What a beautiful world this will be”

  4. Will Argentina ditch its peso for the dollar?

    Leading presidential candidate says he’d “blow up” the central bank.

    By Ignacio Olivera Doll
    Bloomberg News
    Thursday, June 8, 2023

    The Argentine peso has had a tumultuous life. In the 1980s it was temporarily dethroned by a new currency called the austral. An arranged marriage with the dollar in 1991 produced some years of bliss but ended in a ruinous divorce. More recently, the peso has suffered the humiliation of being tagged the worst-performing currency in emerging markets.

    Now an Argentine economist running for president is proposing to put the currency out of its misery once and for all.

    Javier Milei, who is also a congressman, says that to quash triple-digit inflation, the nation should formally adopt the dollar. “The peso melts like ice in the Sahara Desert,” Milei likes to say, alluding to the currency’s rapid depreciation: It has lost half of its value against the dollar just in the past year.

    If Milei wins the presidency in October and follows through on his pledge, Argentina will become the largest economy to dollarize. Its gross domestic product is about five times that of Ecuador’s, which is the biggest among the seven sovereign nations that have embraced the greenback, according to the International Monetary Fund.

    Steven Hanke, a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University who is an enthusiastic advocate of dollarization, says he advised the Menem administration to switch to the greenback in the 1990s. He is still convinced that it is the best route. “It’s time to mothball the central bank of Argentina and the peso and put them in a museum,” he said in an email. Milei says that if he is elected president, he’d “blow up” the central bank. …

    … For the remainder of the report:


  5. A big swing and a miss on the jobless claims number this morning. 261, 000 versus 235,000 expected. The growth stocks really like this number and so does gold. This number helps their cases and the FED May lean toward pausing more than before.

    The 10-year, which opened up with a higher yield immediately fell back on the release of data to nearly unchanged.

    1. I mentioned RDFN back when it was under $5, could go up more eventually. OPEN and PRCH still in the game as well. I can attest to the housing problem, I have been outbid on every house I wanted. Wont even talk to an agent ever again, going to deal with the owner if possible. Autos are inflated as well. Almost 20k for a crappy little chevy spark or mitsubishi mirage? Used cars with rust and over 100k going for insane prices, used to be higher the miles lower the price.

  6. Are there any areas that you recommend that will be safer in America? I’ve even considered leaving the country but it’s not possible.

    We moved from a high-tax state in the north but family refuse to move with us because the test scores and schooling aren’t as good in the southern states. I don’t know that education is all that great to have now. Who would even want to be in such a sick system? All the traditional well-paying careers are no longer attractive to work in so I don’t know that family is necessarily correct.

    Any thoughts on this CJ or anyone? I read yesterday they’re handing migrants free college in MN. Some in our family has crushing student debt – it’s just shocking that Americans keep taking it. Why? I like talking to neighborhood kids in our old city and they all said kids in their school are all ‘toxic.’ America’s overthrow is complete. All you have are emotionally unhealthy, nervous, hateful, amoral, dumbed down youth. What a terrible sight to behold.

    1. And what a time to date! A family member is meeting only ‘scam artist’ women who try to get whatever they can get a guy to pay for. Unbelievably, he dated a woman with two kids, still living with her husband, and she goes out and claims she “forgot” her credit card and would he buy her children’s clothes! I think husband is pimping his wife out to try to roll guys for money! I told him to RUN! He took her out to dinner, yet she ate not a bite, and had her entire dinner wrapped to take home – probably to feed her shiftless husband and kids.

      The family member is business-savvy and showed me a computer-generated ‘woman’ – someone he said who is too-pretty to be single in her mid-30’s. He said the first thing they try to get is your phone number to ‘talk’ when really it’s probably someone in a foreign country trying to get you to send them money.

      I wish the end would just come now.

      What a sick country we are now in.

      1. I think I’ll make a podcast on this one. Thanks for sharing and this is certainly not the first time I have heard of these things. This country has really fallen tremendously and is now a Potemkin village. It’s ripe for military defeat later in the decade. The only thing holding back our temporal adversaries is Bible prophecy. Our enemies know more about eschatology more than today’s Western Christians.

    2. This is so true. I see it in the Boston area as well. I would suggest home schooling kids today if at all possible and I would not encourage going to college unless they are VERY academically inclined towards the Math, Science, and Engineering. Public schools everywhere are really breaking bad. The public school in my small New Hampshire town has really gone downhill as they are pushing critical race theory and the transgender and homosexual garbage. No wonder why the generation Z is screwed up. Once you take public schools out of the equation, then you can consider the red states in the south and red states in the west and midwest. Stay away from Colorado as it has become a socialist multicultural toilet bowl. Minnesota and Illinois are also socialist toilet bowls. Basically, any state with large cities heavily lean socialist.

    3. I hear they are blasting Islamic prayer calls in Minnesota. Who could’ve imagined such a grotesque thing.

      Stick to red states, of course, but especially Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, etc.

      1. The Dakota’s are often overlooked. Other than these two states being packed with nuclear silos, ND and SD are great places. I would recommend them as cheap alternatives for those looking to escape the horror shows in the public schools. Housing there is dirt cheap.

  7. Pakistan Rents Out Roosevelt Hotel to New York for $220 Million

    (Bloomberg) — Pakistan has rented out its iconic Roosevelt Hotel to the New York city government for three years, helping the cash-strapped country earn $220 million from the deal.

    The New York administration will pay a rent of as much as $210 for each of the 1,025 rooms of the century-old hotel owned by state-run Pakistan International Airlines Corp, Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said Sunday.

    The hotel had to be shut due to financial losses after the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The New York city government will now use it for “immigrant housing business,” Pakistan’s finance ministry said in a statement last month.

    The development comes when Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is trying for a bailout from the International Monetary Fund to avoid a default amid the nation’s depleting foreign exchange reserves.

    Pakistan was spending $25 million a year in taxes and salaries even after the hotel was shut. The South Asian nation expects the deal will help it clear all its liabilities including reconciliation of $66 million demanded by the hotel’s union.

    Pakistan has been trying to turn around its loss making national flag-carrier for decades that is afloat only because of regular government bailouts. In July 2020 it had planned to hire a financial adviser to start the process to redevelop the hotel.

    Earlier, Deloitte had recommended the best use of the property would be to redevelop the site into a mixed use through a joint venture.

  8. Hello to those living up north. This is what happens when your government overwhelms the demand side of the equation with a bunch of non-white non-English speaking single men of fighting age.

    The citizens of Canada continue to suffer while its government overwhelms the supply-demand equation with its open border policy similar to that of the United States.

    Shush, don’t say anything, you’re racist.

    By the way, the air quality in Fairfax county is Dreadful right now. It’s full of smoke from the fires started from the Marxists looking to upend. But once again, don’t say anything, you’re racist.

    Bank of Canada raises policy rate 25 basis points, continues quantitative tightening
    Media Relations
    Ottawa, Ontario
    June 7, 2023

    The Bank of Canada today increased its target for the overnight rate to 4¾%, with the Bank Rate at 5% and the deposit rate at 4¾%. The Bank is also continuing its policy of quantitative tightening.


    Globally, consumer price inflation is coming down, largely reflecting lower energy prices compared to a year ago, but underlying inflation remains stubbornly high. While economic growth around the world is softening in the face of higher interest rates, major central banks are signalling that interest rates may have to rise further to restore price stability. In the United States, the economy is slowing, although consumer spending remains surprisingly resilient and the labour market is still tight. Economic growth has essentially stalled in Europe but upward pressure on core prices is persisting. Growth in China is expected to slow after surging in the first quarter. Financial conditions have tightened back to those seen before the bank failures in the United States and Switzerland.

    Canada’s economy was stronger than expected in the first quarter of 2023, with GDP growth of 3.1%. Consumption growth was surprisingly strong and broad-based, even after accounting for the boost from population gains. Demand for services continued to rebound. In addition, spending on interest-sensitive goods increased and, more recently, housing market activity has picked up. The labour market remains tight: higher immigration and participation rates are expanding the supply of workers but new workers have been quickly hired, reflecting continued strong demand for labour. Overall, excess demand in the economy looks to be more persistent than anticipated.

    CPI inflation ticked up in April to 4.4%, the first increase in 10 months, with prices for a broad range of goods and services coming in higher than expected. Goods price inflation increased, despite lower energy costs. Services price inflation remained elevated, reflecting strong demand and a tight labour market. The Bank continues to expect CPI inflation to ease to around 3% in the summer, as lower energy prices feed through and last year’s large price gains fall out of the yearly data. However, with three-month measures of core inflation running in the 3½-4% range for several months and excess demand persisting, concerns have increased that CPI inflation could get stuck materially above the 2% target.

    1. The air has been clear here pretty much all day, the worst is probably past at this point. I have no doubt that these fires are deliberate, the funny thing is that Ottawa got the worst of the poor quality air and since it is a basin it just hung there.

      BoC usually moves rates in lock step with the FED, there was only one time I remember a 0.25 raise by Poloz in isolation. All the news photos I see of Tiff Macklem depict him holding his hand flat at different levels, as though he is modulating economic output with his hand. Lol.

      1. The air quality in Fairfax County is the worst I can remember. It smells like burning plastic.

        Ever since upwards of 80% of all zombie adults got injected, I’ve had nothing but health issues. I now have psoriasis that I never had and all of my joints hurt. Moreover, I get joints that randomly swell up. I never had any of these issues before, but don’t try to tell that to the injected dummies but there’s a connection. Meanwhile, the injected are suffering from even worse conditions.

        The DoD Pentagram really hit one out of the ballpark this time. The human genome is permanently destroyed, yet the masses are more concerned about political correctness and taking vacations. These are all the telltale signs that a denouement is coming.

        1. No doubt. D.C is the worst right now. I have been checking it here:


          My wife has a cousin who is flying a water-bomb helicopter in northern Quebec right now. Most of the fires he has been hired to suppress in the past have been arson according to himself and other people on the front line. I can see the media reports now talking up climate change as the problem.

          We also feel the ill health effects, I suspect the atmospheric spraying is a major factor. Apparently it has been admitted that the majority of cloud seeding materials being used contain Barium and Aluminum sulphates.

          That is Ba and Al. BaAl.

    2. I feel for a Canadian friend of mine who has a variable rate mortgage. Ugh!

      I noticed that the fires are occuring mainly in Canada’s only two conservative-run provinces, Alberta and Ontario. They’ve already arrested dozens of arsonists in Alberta.

      “In 1905, Lenin directed members of the St. Petersburg Combat Committee to commit acts of robbery, arson, & other terrorist acts.”


      “…lighting fires is an effective form of terrorism justified in Islamic law…..”


      1. Very well said.

        The average person is confronted with a set of objectives that are just too horrible to contemplate. Now that society has gone off its rails and is terribly immoral, not amoral, the enemy can rush right on in virtually unopposed.

        Ask yourself why isn’t the mainstream reporting this as possible terrorism? It’s rather obvious that it is a strange time of the year for this to happen. The answer is simple; the media are owned by the same entities that are controlling the groups that are setting these fires. Just look to Russia prior to the Bolshevik revolution. This is what we are seeing right now in the United States and Canada.

        My great-grandparents and grandmother left Lithuania in 1917 to come to the United States, left behind it all of their possessions, and took a boat to the United States. They saw what was happening in Russia and during the tail end of World War I. They knew it was coming to their land. Meanwhile at least 90% of the people just went about their business and ended up being put into the gulags by Lenin and then Stalin. Most people never make a whimper nor prepare. They are incapable of responding and will excoriate those who are.

  9. Chaos being created everywhere folks. This is The SOS Cabal Plan for the World.
    Order out of Chaos. Crises reaction solution divided and conquer. Pit everyone against each trusting no one. It was one of their many Plans as a result of the Scamdemic. Our World has flipped since then. No point of return.
    A prudent man for seeth the evil and hideth himself.
    Be careful when you travel and even in your everyday surroundings when going out in general.
    A time is coming we will have to get out of our own jams. No help from police friends neighbors etc. People will clam up for self preservation and will help themselves only. It’s coming folks. Simplify our lives. Owe no one nothing.
    One more move for us I hope in the next couple of years if God willing and leading to where.

  10. I received this from a reader….

    People better get their heads extracted out of there … and start figuring out that Donald James Trump was never…..their friend. He was complicit in all he did for the Satanic Luciferian Synagogue of Satan Cabal because he is one of them. Trump was used to further ruin the RepublicRat Party as I suspect Ron Sesantis is also. Trump sold his Soul to Satan decades ago. He was a buddy of Jeffrey Epstein and he said he would lock Hitlary up instead he locked down Amerika. Trump could have Pardoned every one of those people. The Cabal has other Plans for them and us.

    Folks we as Christians Patriots those who don’t go along with all this Satanic Evil. We are left on our own now to depend on our Lord and Savior Jesus. Only he can help us. This Country is being taken down and out. The hand writing is…..on the Wall. The Evil Cabal have pretty much accomplished their goals of misery. If anyone thinks Trump or Desantis is the answer to this mess then your what The Scriptures deceived. All the ones who voted for the Pied Piper before were deceived and The LORD allowed you to be to show what’s really in your hearts.

    These people in this article will pay a huge price unfortunately. That’s what we get for putting our faith and trust in entities that really are Evil. Ya see Trump was that Snake who took down and destroyed many.


  11. Business insider put this turd on the table two years ago, acknowledging a problem that was already brewing long before covid. Gen Z in particular got this in response, implemented by government and supported by the Corporate business community:

    – Lockdown
    – Stimy cheques
    – Mask mandates
    – Curfews
    – Mandatory vax or face expulsion/termination
    – entry restrictions and restricted travel
    – mass price inflation of already out of reach assets
    – interest rates hikes
    – wokening of everything they were familiar with. (All the Z’s I know hate this stuff)
    – soon to get unemployed or blocked out of employment because immigrants will take entry level work and will absolutely work for less.

    I know many Z’s that were home schooled or quit school and have their own businesses – they are doing fine. Many others are just waiting and I’m not sure for what.

    They have my sympathy, it was already a tough row to hoe.

  12. Why are all these supposed migrants men? Why are they all young men of fighting age? During a time of civil unrest in America, Russia and China will strike. It’s coming soon, while the people are too sick to deal with all this. The time is now. The enemy is being allowed in as a “humanitarian crisis.” The penultimate stage act is being set up.

    The people don’t want to hear. Their lives are too cozy.

    NYC Mayor Eric Adams wants to house migrants in churches, proposes private residences down the road


    During a press conference on Monday, Adams announced the creation of a two-year partnership with New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) that allows up to 50 houses of worship or faith-based spaces to offer overnight shelter for up to 19 single adult men at each location.

  13. The Marxists demanding change are now burning down Quebec and Ontario forests….

    Air quality plummets in New York as wildfires rage in Canada

    Officials fear it could be Canada’s worst fire season ever


    More than 160 forest fires have broken out in the province of Quebec with at least 114 raging out of control as officials warned that it’s shaping up to be Canada’s worst fire season ever.

    There are more than 400 wildfires across the country as leaders appealed for international help to bolster local fire crews. An additional 200 firefighters are coming from France and the US, and Quebec is also in talks with Costa Rica, Portugal and Chile as it searches for additional resources.

    Fires have forced about 10,000 people from their homes in Quebec, with most of those in the northwestern Abitibi region and the eastern Côte-Nord region.

    1. It is pretty bad here, we had a red sun all day and smoggy everywhere. I had trouble breathing all day but it started raining an hour ago so I think the worst could be over.

      We needed the rain too. Thanks be to God.

    2. Quebec 2023 = Santa Rosa 2017.

      I took a quick look at the map and see what appears to be some rural communities in the Abitibi region. In one article I saw where the writes asks why the sudden fires. I did not follow it for the answer but I’m sure climate change will be the reason. In my opinion the fires are designed to force happy rural people into the cities and we will begin to see proposals to deal with long term housing issues caused by the fires. Like in the US, there are many large scale urban projects going up and I don’t think the plan is for them to stay empty. Pull up a 5G coverage map to see where you are NOT allowed to live.

  14. What amazes me is how long the RBA waited until raising rates. With its overnight cash rate at 4.1% and inflation running anywhere from 6.5-7.0%, rates are still too low.

    RBA interest rates: Reserve Bank increases cash rate by 25 basis points in attempt to quash inflation
    RBA decision to raise Australia’s cash rate by another 25 basis points brings the official rate to 4.1%, its highest level in 11 years


      1. That’s right. Buy everything with at least four walls.

        Mortgage rates eventually may be 10%, but it won’t matter. This will only mean that inflation is still raging. When I was a child in the late seventies, I remember my dad saying how lucky he was that he had a low interest rate from the 1960s. Mortgage rates were upwards of 15%. House prices barely budged. I showed from the historic records that home sales fell through the floor. Nobody wanted to sell their houses. But prices leveled out for about a year around 1980-81, and then began to take off again. Between 1975 and 1985, house prices doubled with all of those high interest rates.

        I suspect the institutions are scooping up these properties for the flood of people across the border. Whitey will continue to die off from the jabs and the government will pay these institutions to house these non-english and non-white newcomers. I suspect that in the United States many of these newcomers who are male of fighting age will be instructed to engage in Acts of terror and other forms of mischief.

        With the debt ceiling raised at least another 4 trillion dollars, I cannot think of any scenario in which asset prices will tumble in any meaningful way. Of course, all bets are off the table when we encounter the next manufactured crisis, whatever it may be.

      2. And you can bet that any manufactured crisis will be specifically timed to coincide with the need of the Federal Reserve to begin adding assets to its balance sheet. Because that’s what it’s all about. Fake crises, the same old reactions, and new and draconian solutions.

        With each crisis the wealthy get wealthier. The top 10% of those in balance sheet wealth won’t say anything, because they are making too much money. The top 1% are making most of that.

        This war later in the decade will mirror exactly what’s described in Ezekiel 38 and 39. You folk in Australia and New Zealand better heed. You both were formed by Ephraim. The United States is Manasseh, which is the land of unwalled villages. When we describe eschatological affairs we identify these nations by who formed them, not how they are today.

        For those white people living in Australia and New Zealand, if you want to see Israel look in the mirror.

        Ask yourself, why are only the white Nations being destroyed with immigration? Why are only European, the former Commonwealth, and United States being decimated with dissimilar people? If you want to know where Israel of the last days is located, I think the answer is self-evident. The political state of Israel is as homogeneous as it comes. Clearly this should be a telltale sign that this is not the Israel of the Bible when we regard end time events.

        The denouement is all coming later this decade and all the calls of racism won’t matter. Many of your loved ones are not going to live to see 2030.

        1. Many of your loved ones who got vaccinated with the Covid Clot shot will not live to see 2030. Most of my friends and relatives who got the clot shots now have additional terminal health problems AND now have cancer.

          Everybody who wrote here have taken the words out of my mouth about what is really happening here in the USA and the rest of the western world. It is interesting that they are only pushing increased immigration into the Western countries and not places like Israel, China, other Middle Eastern countries, etc. This is part of a diabolical plot to destroy the Christian world by the SoS.

          It is getting to the point that I no longer recognize the USA nor Canada ar I remember when I was a child. I no longer care about the USA as it is loaded with idiots of all races that are signing their own death warrant.

          Your only hope is to get your spiritual house in line with Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. The other big defense is BE THE INCOME PRODUCING ASSET OWNER so you can make a living off of those who will never seek Jesus Christ. Being an asset owner will protect you from being required to work for an employer who will mandate vaccines as well as mandate behavior and thinking that opposes God. Otherwise, if you are a wage earner without assets and want to be in line with Jesus Christ BE PREPARED TO BE HOMELESS AND STARVING.

  15. Russia puts in a solid set of economic results in May as the sanctions shock and low base effects wear off

    Russia’s economic trends in May were positive across various sectors, according to RosStat’s recent data release. They showed growth in agricultural output, metals production, freight wagon output and more as the initial shock of sanctions wears off and the economy starts to enjoy a boost from wartime production.

    Indeed, the Russian economic performance in the last few months has been so strong that in its latest report, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) said it was worried that the economy might be overheating.

    In April, Russia’s agricultural output experienced a significant rise of 3.2%, partly due to an all-time record harvest in 2022.

    The metals industry, a key sector in Russia, recorded a notable increase of 4.8% in output during April and is bolstered by the fact that it is one of less sanctioned sectors.


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