A 911 call and a police force that will not help the white man

Below is a copy of an email I sent to the Fairfax County Police Chief. It’s in regard to an altercation I experienced a couple nights ago in which I had to call the police.

As we draw closer to the force majeure, there is a reason why I tell Caucasians to avoid people of other races who are not from this country; these people are not acclimated to the American lifestyle, they are unfamiliar with contract law, they bring their baggage with them, and they generally are “takers,” since they are here to collect money that the U.S. government promises them.

In this instance, I could have easily been seriously injured or worse if I fought back or said anything that upset these primitive people. Previously to this incident, I never met any of them nor had any interactions. They do not know who I am either. I still wouldn’t recognize most of them as it was late in the night and was dark.

Re: 911 police call May 10th, pm. (address redacted)

As a board member of my local HOA, I normally conduct routine business around the development. It’s mostly perfunctory and routine in nature. However, yesterday evening, while removing two flyers from two stop signs in the development, I was quickly surrounded by 12 to 15 Hispanics who started chanting racial epithets and were threatening me with bodily harm, because I removed two of their flyers. I didn’t even know they were nearby as it was about 10:00 at night. I left the 30 or so other flyers alone as they posed no imminent danger, although they still are a nuisance to the neighbors. I didn’t have a chance to say anything to these people except to ask them if they were serious.

They were all in their twenties and thirties and I’m a 57 year old white guy with my best years behind me.

I immediately called 911 to attempt to diffuse the situation and two officers were dispatched who took the information. The older officer [black, the younger Hispanic] effectively sided with the gang, told me they were good people, and not to worry. I just answered his few questions, but I knew he was just shining me on. I’m sure you know what that phrase means; you say what’s expedient to not have to do anything to get involved.

Well, I’m looking out my window this morning, and two of the Hispanic people who were yelling, cursing, and threatening me are back in the common area of my court.

I do not want these people to know where I live, but it is clear that Fairfax County Police failed me in this instance. I no longer feel safe in my community and now feel handicapped in conducting routine business as a board member.

Your officers dismissed me out of hand and refused to investigate the issue anything further. They refused to listen to me when I tried to discuss the situation as the elder officer kept chuckling and smiling. The two cruiser cars however, hung out in my parking lot for at least an hour shooting the breeze.

I get it, I guess I’m a piece of dirt, but at least your officers don’t have to make it that obvious.

Thanks for not helping.

(Address redacted)

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72 thoughts on “A 911 call and a police force that will not help the white man

    1. Philly Fed prices paid moving up monthly and higher than expected. Longer yields pushing up on resistance. Hopes of Fed rate cuts fading, too.

    1. My theory since the beginning of covid and the nearly simultaneous east bay housing boom, is many of these vacant or nearly vacant buildings will be converted to housing. Perhaps not all due to complications in renovating, but I bet many will be. Over a year later – after me suggesting this openly to people (who may think I’m crazy for coming up with the idea) – I’m seeing opinion pieces suggesting this very thing.

      I believe the manufactured homeless crisis is also a strategy toward the goal of high density low income housing in city centers. Also don’t forget that the BLM riots were all in areas of cities that were slated for redevelopment for at least a year prior to any riot activity. Since 2009 we have been watching in real time a slow but sure transformation of residential real estate that will be controlled by only the largest institutions. The banking “failures” are now running in parallel to the fire sale of business districts that have been wiped out by the covid EMP strike to the business sector.

    2. A future loser tenant on the government dole forever who will vote Democrat until her death is bringing her family from a country of mentally disabled takers of dole.

      You and I pay for the “compassion” and each sad sack that leaves Venezuela for here further destroys this country. The costs are astronomical, but the average person is utterly incapable of figuring out how.

      But, I already know the costs, which is why I’ll be the landlord while the wage slaves wither on the vine.🤣🤣🤣

      Each little bit of stability someone finds in America comes from someone else who already lives here. It is not a positive sum game. It is a zero sum, at best, and with limited resources, we all have to pony up a little for each low IQ recipient of social largesse.

      Did you see what stocks did today? ⬆️⬆️⬆️☝️☝️☝️🆙🆙🆙. Bring on the social spending…

      Social largesse will always be promoted on Bloomberg and the other MSM outlets. That’s how the rich steal from us and get richer. In a decrepit and cognitive impaired society of multibreeds, own the income-generating assets and be the landlord! Stupid landlords will be shaken out leaving only the institutions and well capitalized.

      We Didn’t Have a Choice’: One Family’s Perilous Escape From Venezuela to NYC
      Family joins wave of migrants heading to the US border, hoping for a chance at asylum and stability.


  1. I’m still bullish on oil and the energy sector in general. I just read that the Biden regime drained over 9 million barrels last month out of the strategic petroleum Reserve. Instead of adding back as they had originally promised once oil dropped to $70 and below, they instead have continued to drain it and it probably drained close to 200 million barrels.

    Everything that Democrats do has become a bald-faced lie.

    The Biden regime or whomever is in charge as president, which will be Democrat forever, will drain the SPR down to nothing, because they truly do not care about you or me. And when this spr is fully drained and the Democrats keep insisting on clean and green energy, then the price of oil will rise to $150 a barrel and gas will be back over 5 to $6 a gallon. Don’t try telling the so-called open-minded liberals of all this; they’ll piss all over you

  2. Tell me something I don’t know already. My investments in Shenandoah County are already paying off handsomely, while the population of Northern Virginia continues to dwindle.


    New Virginia migration data shows an uptick of people moving into some rural areas



    The states in green saw more people move in than move out between 2020 and 2021. The states in red saw more people move out than move in. Source: IRS.

    Last week, I reported the big headline for Virginia: For the ninth year in a row, these IRS stats show more people moving out of Virginia than moving in. That doesn’t mean the state is losing population. Census Bureau data shows that births outnumber deaths, and this net out-migration, so Virginia’s population is still growing, just more slowly than before. I’ll look at birth rates another day; for now we’ll just focus on people who are moving into or out of the state.

    The figures last week also showed that Virginia’s net out-migration is driven by Northern Virginia. From 2020 to 2021, Virginia had a deficit of 7,224 people from more people moving out than moving in. In Fairfax County alone, the net out-migration was 14,588 people.

    Here’s the big picture:

    1. Most of Virginia is seeing more people move in than move out.

    It’s mostly just Northern Virginia, parts of Hampton Roads and parts of the Richmond area that are the problem. That means …

    2. Most of rural Virginia is seeing more people move in than move out.

    That runs counter to a lot of what we think but it’s true. And get this:

    3. This trend of net in-migration in rural Virginia isn’t all that new.

    Many rural localities have been seeing more people move in than move out for several years now, so we can’t specifically attribute these figures to that Zoom migration. However:

    4. In some rural localities, we’re seeing in-migration accelerate.

    We might be able to attribute that acceleration to the pandemic (and rural broadband). We should probably hold off declaring that, though, until we’ve seen several years of data, not just one — remember, we’re looking for trends, not what might turn out to be one-year blips. Finally:

    5. Many of these rural localities will continue to lose population even if there’s an influx of newcomers.

    That’s because rural localities tend to be older, and old people tend to die, and those large numbers of deaths outnumber both births and the net number of people moving in.

    While the numbers vary from place to place, the big story is that even before the pandemic, many rural localities were seeing more people move in than move out — and now the pandemic seems to have amped up those trends. We are going to have to adjust our mindset: Rural Virginia isn’t seeing people move away. As reported previously, it’s not even seeing a disproportionate number of young adults move away. Rural Virginia might like to see more people move in (or not, in some cases) and more young adults stay home, but the basic trend lines there are in its favor. What hurts rural Virginia is an aging population that is dying faster than it can be replaced. What hurts Virginia overall is the hemorrhaging from Northern Virginia. We are in the odd position that our state’s economic engine is also right now the main drag on the state’s economy.

    So, good news for Danville, but not necessarily the Old Dominion.

    1. Very interesting. It is also interesting that this article is from NPR which is an ultra leftist outlet. I see this as a possibility in blue states. Heaven help those who gave up their guns.
      Those who still kept unregistered, illegal guns like the criminals will have the upper hand and crime will skyrocket. In addition, the government will have more reason to be tyrannical as most citizens will no longer have guns. Just look what happened in Russia when the Bolsheviks coerced everybody to give up their guns.They later lined these armless citizens against the wall and murdered all of them.

      This could be coming to the USA once the Democrats are in full control of all three branches of the US Government.

      1. Andrei, there will be thousands of homicides. Paybacks of all kinds, general explosions of rage. The American herd has been prepped for this for decades. What’s the number one TV show? The Walking Dead. What is it? Forty five minutes of decapitations and shotgunnings. What’s #2? Breaking Bad. What is it? A psychopathic meth dealer doing what he’s gotta do. Most people are mob and the mob loves blood.

        Is .gov curtailing sales? No. Wall Street is making a ton of money off the programming. I go in sport shops and see a dude buy a rifle he probably doesn’t need. He puts it on his credit card. Ammunition, optics, accessories, camping gear, tactical vehicles, clothing. It is Wall Street doing business. Fear is great for business. Rage is great for business.

    1. Another article about migrants in NYC being housed in elementary school gymnasiums.

      1. What better way to keep the Christians quiet than by saying the United States was never a Christian nation in the first place?

        I think of the many so-called alt-Christian pastors on the internet today who proclaim about all of the secret societies that founded America and that it was the work of the devil. Think about the demoralization campaign they either wittingly or unwittingly perform on the people. These pastors do the heavy lifting for Lucifer and they don’t even know it.

        When we take this in the context of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, today’s Christian can thumb its nose at the blessings and the cursings by saying the United States was never Christian anyway, so it doesn’t apply or that these OT laws were only written for the Jews.

        It doesn’t matter anymore, because the enemy won. They that hate us now rule over us, because as Christians and Israelite remnants, we most certainly have fallen under the curses. They that hate us shall overwhelm our borders. They that hate us will stage mass shootings and manipulate the people into giving up their firearms. They that hate us will fly jet planes into buildings and scare the people. They that hate us will exploit our birthright and bankrupt us. They that hate us will inject us with poisons and we will deal with slow debilitating illnesses and deaths before our time. They that hate us will convince us that we are pieces of dirt.

        And when the adversary is good and ready, they’ll burn the whole place down and today’s Christian will take it like a dog,

    1. Watched the videos. That was ugly. The Covid vaccines are designed to kill and maim and debilitate. Promoted by the SoS. Now they want to use the same mRNA technology for the flu shot and vaccines for other diseases. Check out this article:


      My doctor told me that the mRNA technology will be the “wave of the future”. Actual, real scientific studies have shown that mRNA is dangerous as it eventually kills the subjects. They tested it on mice and they all later died.

      1. Would not be surprised if they start mandating other vaccines with mRNA technology at the workplace or for daily activities like shopping.

  3. I just had a conversation with a Hispanic worker in my business complex. He seems like a decent guy making a buck remodeling one of the industrial condos for sale. As the conversation unraveled he mentioned he lives in Oakland. He went on to say he’s not racist but it’s getting really bad lately. One incident he described was he was at a buddy’s place hanging out in the back yard drinking beer and smoking cigars. A group of black guys storm the back yard demanding everyone’s wallets or money. Pretty sure they just got robbed and the perpetrators left with no shots fired.

    Another story was about the local grocery store and why they are no longer open 24 hrs. The local black thugs would come in, fill up a shopping cart, and walk out. They don’t even try to be sneaky. They just waltz right out of the store and no one says a word. A few blocks down they sell those products for pennies on the dollar. What a great business model. Clearly they are learning form the upper echelon of the business world. My co worker lives in Oakland and told me he sees this sort of thing regularly in the self checkout lane. I guess check out means have a hand full of items and walk right past the register on the way to the door. The clerk and security guard just stand there. What’s the point of having a security guard? Maybe the guard is also black and can’t be fired for fear of retaliation? And was probably hired out of fear of retaliation.

    I’m not racist but spent 20 years working in Oakland and have witnessed some rather interesting events. Two shootings – one of which put one bullet hole and three bullet dents in my truck. I’m only reporting the news.

    1. You don’t have to defend yourself for calling a spade a spade. You see it first hand. I have employed dozens of Hispanics over the years. One Hispanic guy with a small crew just replaced my deck at home. Cheap price and he did a good job. I referred him out to a neighbor. He is in his early 50s and seemed like a good guy to me.

      1. Timothy, I appreciate the sentiment and completely understand where you are coming from. I’m a bay area native so sometimes it’s better the devil you know. And by the way, my Oakland exposure has been cut significantly about 5 years ago and about to experience even a bigger cut this year.

        1. It’s coming here to Fairfax county. The reason why I wrote this article is to illustrate how the police are going to let this basically go unchecked, unless there is a capital offense. You and I are on our own and cannot rely on the police anymore. It’s not scary or fear inspiring, but rather I find it demoralizing. That is the idea that most cannot grasp. I’m not scared or fearful, but rather I feel a sense of demoralization to see how good is evil and evil is good.

          Al, it’s time to withdraw. Do what you can do to withdraw. I have two more condos I am listing for sale in July. One of them will be a like exchange and the other one I may pay capital gains taxes. One of the condos I bought in 2020 I will sell for a gain of about $100,000. The taxes will be minimal.

          I don’t waste my time discussing these topics with anyone anymore except to those who stop by the blog and are seeking advice. I won’t waste my time anymore with friends and such. They don’t want to hear and while I pray for them, they’ve made their decisions. You know they’ll take the mark and the necessary injections when the time comes.

          1. CJ Evans,
            I think a major reason why the police did not take your side is because those harassing you might be gang members and the cops knew that. These days cops care more about their own safety than enforcing the law or keeping peace. If they went against these guys harassing you then one of their guys would probably track the police officer down and threaten his life. Even if the cop arrested those guys, some leftist judge would let them off and they would come after you and the cops after they get off. This is a reason why the cops did nothing. Nevertheless, the cops should have made an effort to make peace and should have been more sympathetic to you.

            The USA has become very demoralizing in the last 10 years. I no longer care about this country and I no longer pray for Americans as they turn their back on God and each other.

            This is a time to focus on Jesus and his heavenly kingdom as the society that we knew as kids has melted away into an evil blob.

          2. Agreed about the feeling of demoralization. My friends and I just shake our heads in disbelief. But consider Christ, who was surrounded by demoralized people never stopped doing good. He never denied anyone who would seek God. I’m certainly not trying to make my self comparable to Christ, but we all must try to imitate him.

            In a week I’ll be closing on a house in a nice little pocket of the city I grew up in. Mid to late 50s development with nearly 1/4 acre lots. Far from the commuter train and at the end of a court. My condo sold for full price in a week and is the main source of cash rolling into the new house with large workshop in the back yard. As mentioned, my $2300.00 / mo. payment is fixed as asset prices and inflation rise. And no prepayment penalty. I also get to keep my tax base and only pay 1.25% of the difference from what the condo sold for and the price of the new place. I’ll be paying about half what anyone coming in cold would pay. CA has it’s problems for sure but I’m happy to take advantage of the recent Prop 19 property tax transfer.

            This is all happening at a fast pace and I’m somewhat in a daze while running my ass off emptying out the condo. The hand of God is putting all the pieces together to make this happen. For example, the title company found an issue with the condo that would prevent it from closing. A re-conveyance in 1999 didn’t get recorded (or something like that). This was one of the refis I did when the rates dropped and somehow bank A or B didn’t record to the county. Of course I kept all the paperwork for all the refi loans – until last year or so. I searched everywhere three times and found my original docs for the condo sale but that was not the correct info. In the end the title company called me and said that the title company that recorded it in 1999 will insure the title for the new buyer so the closing date is still on track. Otherwise it could take something like 30-60 days to find the record and that would for sure bump me out of this deal. Understand that some aspects of this deal are completely out of my control. I must have shredded the old paperwork and the PROOF that the title company can use NOW. But despite that I’m still on track to close next week.

            I could tell this story to some people I know and they would be polite while dismissing God’s intervention. Some might outright call BS. Some would certainly agree it’s the hand of God bringing all this together. You and others on this rather unique blog can appreciate the story and agree that there is only one possibility for anything to work out. I have put offers on a few houses that did not get accepted. Despite how hard I tried, it never worked out. I could have made all the plans to get out of CA, and I have contemplated it, but never acted on that seriously. And what are the chances of myself, a serious classic car enthusiast, finding a house owned and shop built by a serious classic car enthusiast? Everything happens for a reason. My 86 YO mother is always praying that “if the move (in general) is necessary let it be.” This is how to pray. Not our will but the will of God.

  4. I’ve been doing some more analysis on William Cooper and I have some sobering conclusions that differ somewhat from my previous stance.

    There was something that got to him that precluded him from claiming the truths of Christianity. Though Cooper did publicly profess his faith in Jesus Christ, I’ve listened to dozens of his shows again in search of some way in which he definitively professed his Christian faith. I didn’t see much of anything that I could consider a true belief. If anything, he often damned the Bible with faint praise. He often lumped Christianity in with all the other religions as Lucifer’s opposition. I noticed he never specifically pointed out Christianity as the true way.

    Now, you may not be a Christian, but the Bible is the only place that refers to the devil as Lucifer, and when it comes to discussing the devil and the evil forces in this world even the atheists defer to the Bible in its explanation of the substance of the adversary.

    I have to conclude that there was something controlling and holding back Cooper, for whatever reason. Perhaps, he wasn’t as true a Christian as we would think or believe.

    1. Cooper was a phoney. The story he told of his father doesn’t hold together. That was at the start of Behold A Pale Horse. I tossed the book right there. A waste of my time.

  5. Economists out running around screaming that asset prices will collapse if the USG defaults on its debt. But what happens if the world races to unload its massive pile of greenbacks? Perhaps the opposite….

    1. If the US defaults on its debt I’d assume rates would rise… would that also ironically make the USD rise?

      1. It could. That’s right. As the reserve, any instance that causes any currency supply issues could cause the dollar to rise. Notice how the dollar has risen over the past few days, albeit from an intermediate lower level. Just because the federal government won’t be able to service its debt doesn’t mean you and I are off the hook from paying our loans. We could see a scenario where borrowers scramble to procure dollars on an elevated basis.

        Longer term it’s certainly an issue as to whether someone wants to continue transacting in dollars, but shorter term it creates upward pressure, especially if collateral based on short-term treasuries comes into question.

  6. With all of the required technology in place to worship the beast, we can all do so quietly, isolated, and in the comfort of our expensive homes.

    Those whose souls are damned will give their allegiance to the beast in a quiet room and will respond affirmatively to the commands of the image on the screen.

    Office parks and commercial buildings will be desolate. The malls will be quiet. There will be very little personal interaction and we will only respond to social media stimuli as well as the image of the beast on the screen.

    When the time comes, there will be no one to truly discuss the ramifications of worshiping the image. We will make the fateful decision out of fear and wishing to belong to worship the image on the screen and to click the “yes” icon.

    There will then be additional instructions to receive a subdermal implant and the necessary injections. By opting in the recipient will do his or her part to end gun violence, crime, hatred, racism, gender inequality, and vouch total allegiance to the new Utopia.

    In other words, don’t invest in commercial properties anymore.

    1. BXP going down and down. BXP just borrowed money via green bonds. Borrowing based on lies and willful ignorance.

      To BXP shareholders 🤣🤣🤣🙏🙏🙏

      I see an RTC-type mechanism being set up where JPM buys the mortgages in foreclosure.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. At first, family members will hide it from other family members that they took the mark and pledged allegiance to the new Utopia. However their mind control from the electromagnetic radiation and chemical lobotomization will kick in and noisome and grievous sores will appear on their skin. They will hate those who remained and didn’t pledge allegiance. They will turn you in and wish you were dead.

  7. I was wondering why you made the comment the other night about No country for old men, this post sure gives the context.

    Change is constant, we all know that and sometimes things can change for the better. But every once in a while, something changes and it is spiritually disturbed. It plays on my mind for a while when I realize that the way it will be tomorrow is never going to be the way it was yesterday.

    1. When it comes to the NWO, change seems to always work against the children of God. It’s like flipping a coin 50x and having it comes up tails each time. At some point we have to conclude the coin is tampered and walk away from the game.

      Change is not necessarily bad. Changing our personal circumstances for the better is always good.

      But why does ALL the change in the outside world work against the common man? As an economist, I look at an act of “change” and can peel back three of four derivatives worth to figure out that any injected and synthetic change in the world is now a zero-sum game, at best. Humanity is no longer benefiting from the changes I am observing. The adversary and the devil are gaining, however.

      Each act of “change” seems to somehow, however ostensibly inadvertently, support the concentration of wealth and power into our adversary’s hands. Funny thing….

      Who tells us that change is constant? Our adversary, of course. It seems we can only have change that furthers the objectives of the NWO. All other changes are not allowed. The more change, the more overwhelmed the people become. The people are too overwhelmed now and will accept drastic and toxic changes that they normally would not have previously.

      1. For sure, and that’s the thing that I find spiritually disturbed. Change always seem to be presented as a situation where compromise is required.

        In a compromise between good and evil, only evil profits. That is the very anatomy of compromise.

      2. > But why does ALL the change in the outside world work against the common man?

        Probably because the life-style which the (white) common man grew up accustomed to is no longer economically feasible. For now the illusion is being maintained by money printing, while China is required to give us real goods in exchange for the funny paper. This cannot last very long. What would you do to solve this conundrum if you were one of the top families?
        While it could be reptilouds or cabalists or some secret societies acting out of pure hate of the common man, the reality is likely a lot simpler. It is by and large a class war, with an intention to change the social order, while allowing for the people at the top to keep control.
        There is a small chance that the present developments do not represent the final intentions of TPTB but rather are being pushed to totally discredit the existing form of government, thus allowing TPTB to introduce some other arrangement, which would presumably be cheered by the common people after all the abuse. This is the only hope. Otherwise the future looks rather dim.

        1. It’s over. There is no answer under the current set of circumstances. Any hope of a delay vanished after humanity’s reaction to COVID. The United States has been defeated and destroyed. We are now just caged animals and the adversary knows this. Watching how people all around me behaved and still behave was the final nail. The only hope of surviving the apocalypse now is divine intervention by the source who created us and the universe. Other than that we have no more hope. Now’s the time to start praying, because that’s the only action the common man can take other than leaving the cities. We must escape like Moses or Abraham.

          Why not try Jesus? What do you have to lose? There are tons of self-loathing excuses we can use to blame ourselves. But what good does that do? Other than that we each are on our own staring in the mirror at our worst enemy. No one is coming to the rescue. These types of blogs are only here to recount the days to our death sentence.

          1. I wonder if my real estate agent will be alive and able in July to help me sell my two condos….

            I wonder how a 52 yo woman can be fine in April and find out in May she has stage 4 breast cancer….


      3. CJ, you talk about ww3, which indeed is one of J u d3n ‘s contingency plans, but how do you think that will develop? will it go nuclear? If so, will it be a tactical nuclear war(nuclear bombs of small and medium size dropped in strategic points) without going full blown aggressively nuclear.

        Imo, the j u d3n won’t risk a very devastating nuclear war(but rather a small nuclear war limited to some areas), because if they do, they’ll lose control over the survivors and won’t be able to implement the digital shit and smart cities bullshit.

        If it goes to a post apocalyptic post-nuclear war scenario, I find it hard to see how k!k3s can take over again fast — their printed shit won’t be worth a damn, neither their gold, etc to a people who were angered and forced to survive a nuclear war.

        In a post apocalyptic war, the frail k!k3s like Rat’sChild(ren) would be easy target for robust 6’5″ marauding Chad and his gang, or for their marauding multi-culti Golems, unless they hide in NZ or other remote place.

        So , how do you see the ww3 and post ww3 world going?

        1. It will take place exactly as Ezekiel 38-39 describes.

          Once we see that the Eurasian nations are inhabited primarily with Japheth’s remnants (whose proper names are enumerated in Ezekiel’s confederacy) while the Northern Israelites (the northern kingdom remnants named Israel) primarily settled in Europe, we can realize that the Great War in Ezekiel 38 and 39 is actually describing World War 3. It really is an uncanny match. It’s what I also describe as Jacob’s trouble.

          The Freemasons also describe how three world wars are needed to get their satanic New World Order in place. Even if we heavily discount this Freemasonic red herring, I ask you, why does the third world war of Albert Pike’s description, the current tableau for the upcoming third World War, and the description in Ezekiel 38 and 39 match so perfectly?

          This is the most politically incorrect theory, which is why it is the most accurate. The Israelites are supposed to be completely in the dark when this all goes down. Today’s Christian thinks the Israelites are in the political nation state Israel of today. That’s all part of the Great deception.

          When we go back to the Old Testament, especially back to Genesis, we see where these ancient tribes ended up. We follow their descriptions and the promises of the last days to reveal, by cut and paste, where they ended up in the last day. Thus, the land of unwalled villages is most likely America. It is most likely America with lower Canada included.

          So, what does this mean? Well, it means that the war will be completely unexpected and that the inhabitants of these areas will be devastated to a degree that was not expected, even by those engineering the war. It will be a war that will cause the new world order to unravel, because God promises to intervene and put an end to it all. These are in the latter days, after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It will mark The end of the New World Order’s dominion over humanity.

          So many people stop by the blog and believe that this war will be fake or will be just some manufactured diversion to get us to all fall in line, but the Bible tells me something different. The Bible tells me that there will be a secret conspiracy by certain factions to devastate the land. The Bible says God will intervene, the dead will be buried for 7 months, and the stink will be all over the land. Imagine the United States and Europe stinking like the dead carcasses of the Japheth invaders. God said repeatedly through the OT prophets that he always knew where his people were located.

          I’m preparing for it and I believe it’s coming soon. The engineers of the New World Order can kiss CBDCs goodbye. God’s going to wipe it clean. Just as this version of the Tower of Babel is being completed, it’s all going to be destroyed in a fit. The Great Reset will be the Apocalypse. As everything is falling apart, our adversary is going to frantically push the subdermal mark and the injections that will cause the noisome and grievous sores and will damn the souls of its recipients. I’m planning for it to come in rapid fire succession and I suggest you do the same. When it comes it will come like a storm.

  8. It is so sad to hear about your confrontation with gangs and the police laughing at you. Thank the Lord that this was not worse. It is a small wonder why whites live apart from the blacks and latinos. Time and time again blacks and hispanics are more likely to commit crimes. Just look at the black and latino neighborhoods. Just look at Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic as well as Mexico. Then there is Jamaica and South Africa with majority black populations that have high crime rates. The riots in 2020 convinced me to buy some guns because these rioters were attacking people and trashing property while the cops stood there and did nothing. DO NOT count on protection from your local police. Your case is an example of this.

    Multiculturalism ,like communism, is a big scam because people with different cultural attitudes can never live together. I seen from personal experience that the crime rate gets much worse once the blacks and hispanics start moving into an area in substantial numbers.
    I live in southern New Hampshire and Nashua and Manchester used to be relatively safe. Once the Democrats got control, they increased the welfare and handouts which attracted a lot of lower income blacks and hispanics. Since that time, the crime rate in these cities in NH have gone way up and there are more drugs and gangs. History has proven that multiculturalism never works. The only time when different cultures live together is by force from rigid authoritarian governments that give handouts. That is coming soon.

    Your situation is proof that if you are a Christian then GET OUT of the Democrat run areas like Maryland, Massachusetts, the whole West Coast, and New York. Get out of all major cities. Just look what happened in Chicago a few weekends ago when teenagers when on a rampage and attacked people and property.

    This is why the old testament in the Bible still holds true today. That is why the old testament forbid the Israelis to mingle with neighboring tribes. As soon as they mixed with other tribes there was moral decay and they turned away from God.

    You cannot count on Kings(the government) to look after you. Only God and Jesus Christ looks after your best interest.

    1. Andrei can you or someone list the scriptures where it says not to have relations with neighboring tribes or genders of another race? I think there are more than a few of them. I was asked by a younger female who became upset when I told her exactly that, but didn’t know what bible chapter to refer to. Popular culture has the kids brainwashed. Hey if it’s true love and everything lines up for a decent relationship, I get it…..but to just date someone because what they see on tv says is the in thang, is kinda sad.

      Can’t be out after dark in the cities these days. I assume Chris you have a way to protect yourself. And keep in mind renting small old houses out one will be likely be dealing with out of towners.

      1. Now that Rishi Sunak, a Hindu, is England’s prime minister, I have been read that Britain’s net immigration this year into next may be double its previous high, up to 1mm. But a Hindu looking out after a Christian nation is just fine. It’s racist and hateful to call out Sunak on his policies.

        The entire old testament is full of instances where the Israelites screwed up by fornicating and “whoring” with foreigners and worshipping their foreign idols and gods. Canaanites, Moabites, Ishmaelites, Egyptian idols and practices were forbidden, because they introduced doctrines that weakened the strength of the Israelite people.

        Dealing with strangers and foreigners in a hospitable manner is much different than blending with them and adopting their heathen customs and practices. If we spawn children with these foreigners we especially ruin the people. Look what happened with the Israelite kings that did so. Solomon, etc.

        Those today who use the Bible against us are those who want things and are seeking self enrichment and self justification.

        Today’s Christian is demoralized by what I call a “prosecuting attorney’s” argument. Through disingenuous arguments and cunning, a skilled attorney can demoralize the most innocent people into believing they are guilty.

        This is why it is so imperative to understand the contextual matters of scripture, and today’s NT-only bunch are not prepared to deal with our adversary’s masterful manipulation of the Bible against its own believers to achieve their devilish goals.

        As the force majeure approaches we need to unilaterally separate from people, especially the NT-only crowd. These Christians will only plant doubt in your mind in the face of the obvious.

      2. No one says not to have proper relationships with neighboring tribes, genders or strangers, what the Bible advises against is about taking then as wives or spouses or falling to your carnal desires with them.

        Hospitality was a given and a duty to any stranger traveler in the ancient world in many cultures, it still is, we can think in Odysseus journey to Ithaca and hospitality is such and important theme in the old Greek Homer’s story, like when Penelope struggles so much with the suitors because they are taking advantage of her hospitality when Odysseus is away.

        For me the best examples of not marrying any strangers are in the Isaac’s chose of a wife and in Jacob’s chose of a wife.

        I am going to put Isaac’s commands to Jacob to show the importance of this.

        Genesis 28-31


        Jacob Searches for a Wife

        Isaac called Jacob and blessed him and commanded him, “You must not marry a Canaanite woman. Go to the house of Bethuel, your mother’s father, in northwestern Mesopotamia. Laban, your mother’s brother, lives there. Marry one of his daughters. May God Almighty bless you and give you many children, and may you become a group of many peoples. May he give you and your descendants the blessing of Abraham so that you may own the land where you are now living as a stranger, the land God gave to Abraham.”

        1. The importance of hospitality in the Bible

          Genesis 18


          The Three Visitors

          Later, the Lord again appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre. Abraham was sitting at the entrance of his tent during the hottest part of the day. He looked up and saw three men standing near him. When Abraham saw them, he ran from his tent to meet them. He bowed facedown on the ground before them and said, “Sir, if you think well of me, please stay awhile with me, your servant. I will bring some water so all of you can wash your feet. You may rest under the tree, and I will get some bread for you so you can regain your strength. Then you may continue your journey.”

          The three men said, “That is fine. Do as you said.”

          Abraham hurried to the tent where Sarah was and said to her, “Hurry, prepare twenty quarts of fine flour, and make it into loaves of bread.” Then Abraham ran to his herd and took one of his best calves. He gave it to a servant, who hurried to kill it and to prepare it for food. Abraham gave the three men the calf that had been cooked and milk curds and milk. While they ate, he stood under the tree near them.

          The men asked Abraham, “Where is your wife Sarah?”

          “There, in the tent,” said Abraham.

          Then the Lord said, “I will certainly return to you about this time a year from now. At that time your wife Sarah will have a son.”

          Sarah was listening at the entrance of the tent which was behind him. Abraham and Sarah were very old. Since Sarah was past the age when women normally have children, she laughed to herself, “My husband and I are too old to have a baby.”

          Then the Lord said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh? Why did she say, ‘I am too old to have a baby’? Is anything too hard for the Lord? No! I will return to you at the right time a year from now, and Sarah will have a son.”

      3. Not to be rude Greg but you can look it up for yourself. Google it. Yes it is there in the Old Testament.

        1. Ha not rude at all, I even tell people that sometimes or hey why dont cha get a calculator or dictionary. We could say that for any question someone asks. I can google it or even read from the many different copies I have in my library. But that defeats the purpose and the fun of participating on a forum, especially with highly knowledgeable people with various experiences and opinions. As always, thanks for the replies!

        1. You wrote this? It’s very well written and concise. Thanks for sharing it.

        2. Great article. Lets face it, people of different races have different attitudes,BUT, and a big BUT, if they follow the ways of Jesus Christ then they are all one except for appearance. This is not to condemn one race versus another nor to exalt one race over the other. All races have their different but equal function in the world. The only multiculturalism that works is being one with Jesus Christ. Those who follow Jesus are all brothers and sisters regardless of physical differences. The multiculturalism pushed by the SoS is designed to belittle the white European culture and belittle Christians.

        3. Hi, did you ever do a part 2 to this article. If so please post it

  9. CJ, I knew this was coming. I said that you were going to get a pipe over the head. Not if, when. It relieves me to know that you are removing to the mountains.

    I grew up in PG and we were “desegregated” in Jan. 1973. At the first homecoming after we were trucked away, negro males who had been trucked in to replace us felt up the cheerleaders. At halftime, when the cute little suburban white girls were shaking their asses and pompoms on the field, negro males went out onto the field and felt them up.

    The assaults, burglaries, robberies, muggings, bullying, rapes, graffitti, trash, decline of merchant services and retail services, came with desegregation. My old neighborhood is Africa with an ersatz economy, artificial middle class from gvt jobs. Without guv money the place would like like Camden, NJ.

    People, why are whites disappearing from ads?

  10. Gated communities exist for a reason. Consider living in one, or living in a place where there is little need for gated communities.
    What do you expect the police to do in such a case? It appears you have not even been assaulted, just verbally harassed while being in a public place. Verbal harassment is not illegal.

    1. Harassment is a crime. Threats in order to act in a certain way is a crime. Seriously?

      1. Show me one example of someone being charged and indicted based solely on a affidavit by the victim of being verbally harassed. Seriously. In like half of the states there isn’t even the “stand-your-ground” doctrine, meaning you’re expected to make a reasonable attempt to flee the place where you’re being physically assaulted, let alone merely harassed.
        Calling police to report being harassed may work in the case where one is being harassed by one’s spouse or by one’s well-off neighbor or something, where the 911 call serves as a documented evidence of one’s “stress level” to be used later in a civil suit for protection order. There is no protection order from street gangs. Grow up. Do not live in a ghetto assuming you can afford not to. Move to a better place. This is the only practical solution.

        1. There are different types of harassment. I was conducting routine HOA business. You speak of different types. Harassment and threats of bodily harm are criminal offenses as well as civil. it depends on the circumstances. I don’t know of any gated SF detached communities in Fairfax, though there must be a few somewhere.

          The police blamed me rather than talking to the people whom owned the three cars that surrounded me. They didn’t want to get involved. Now, these people will be emboldened. The police didn’t even want to get details.

          I am already working to get out of here. Have you read my other work?

          The point of the article was that even in civil Fairfax, where this stuff was previously taken seriously, they have begun to turn a blind eye. Maybe where others live this is routine. Maybe it’s ghetto where you live and are used to it.

          1. Some nut at work went ape#$#$ on me when I called global warming a hoax. Her head almost exploded.

            1. The people not only believe lies, but are totally wedded to them. Things are now wrapping up pretty quickly post COVID. The vast majority of the world is under a spell that cannot be broken. You, me, and a few left are the outliers. Don’t even waste your time anymore talking about the world with the heathen. It really happened like the Bible said. We are just waiting for the proper catalyst, or the force majeure, to allow the One World government to emerge according to the Bible.

              Matthew 7:6 KJV
              Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    2. Eugene, where do you live? CJ was clearly threatened with bodily harm if he interfered with the flyers. That is illegal. Period.

    3. If these guys verbally threaten a person with physical violence then that is a crime.

  11. I contacted the real estate agent who sold one of my condos last month to tell her that I intended on selling two more in July. She texted back and said she should be able to, but she was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and that it was without previous symptoms.

    I wonder….

    1. The Realtor most likely received The Clot Kill Shot.
      Chris…Get Out while you still are intact. This is no place for a God fearing Truth Seeker such as yourself. I thank The Almighty for His Mercy on you. The devils are coming after us but we should not make it easy for them. I got out of there back in the 80s and never…looked back. My best friend Al Cuppett a retired Army Officer lived for many years in Madison, Va. beautiful area. Was fortunate enough to visit with him several times. He is now Home with our Lord. If I was to live in Va. that area would most likely be the place. Vermont still has its advantages. Open carry wide open spaces etc. Yes the Politics suck but we are not California Oregon Washington State or Maryland. If you’re ever coming up to Vermont my husband Greg and I would love to host you. Btw we paid off our house this last January.

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