There is still time; Panic over Russia-China alliance

Below is an excerpt from this week’s World Affairs Brief regarding the ongoing and unfolding circumstances surrounding the three major military powers of the United States, Russia, and China.

Despite the continued pressure for a greater military escalation, we still have time, as China is still not ready to fulfill its role in World War III.



Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine this week was an obvious ploy to bolster Biden’s sagging image, but it gave Russia and China their own political opportunity that they had doubtless been waiting for—the announcement that China would provide military support for Russia’s war effort in Ukraine which is in need of new missiles and munitions after a year of fighting. Conservative pundits in America, including Tucker Carlson, jumped at the opportunity to blame Biden for ushering us closer to WWIII, as if this “new” alliance between China and Russia hasn’t been going on for decades.

This alliance is not new and anyone who thinks it is hasn’t been reading beyond the mainstream news for decades, which has covered for Russia and China while they were sharing military technology and engaging in huge combined war games. Even though this long standing alliance is meant to ensure that both Russia and China work together when the war starts in earnest, neither are ready for WWIII yet so the big war is not imminent.

Moscow’s complaint to the UN about the US attack on the Nordstream pipelines added more hype to the dire warnings about imminent war. However, the inevitable war is not going to be driven by even such a significant sabotage event. The stakes are too high to start throwing nukes in a tit-for-tat retaliation. There will have to be a major trigger event directly involving China in the future. The resulting nuclear war will forever reshape the world, and Russia and China are not going to start it until they can justify a massive pre-emptive nuclear strike on Western military bases, and handle the aftermath—an aftermath that is still very questionable, for all the participants.

During my years analyzing world events I have uncovered conspiracies not only from the Anglo-American globalists that have helped build Russia and China as future enemies, but also the conspiracies by Russia and China themselves: Russia faking the demise of Communism in 1989/90 in order to gain Western aid and trade and China opening up their markets to get trade and technology from the West as well, which it has used to build the largest armed force in the world. Well-meaning conservative pundits who don’t understand these historical deceptions can’t possible get it right about the current war in Ukraine nor the coming World War III. Let me give you a few examples of well-meaning but erroneous analysis this week.

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson dedicated his monologue to the “new threat” now that China has agreed to help arm Russia. Carlson is way late in the game, and fails to mention the essential background information about how Russia helped arm China after WWII, both during the Korean War and the Cold War years, transferring most of its military technology on aircraft and ships to China. Everything China’s military manufactured up until the 1990s was mostly copies of Russian designs and technology.

By then China’s espionage in the US exceeded what the Russians could steal and they began to copy Western fighters and ships instead. It was then that Russia realized China was outpacing them and would be an eventual competitor as well as ally. So, to check China’s growing technological advancement, Russia stopped transferring all its advanced military technology to China, which still holds today. But it was too late. With Chinese spies penetrating the West’s military industrial complex—aided by the US Commerce Department in the 1970s and through the early 2000s—China has continued to advance forward, especially in naval warship production and missile technology.

Even accepting the growing threat of competition with China, Russia still knows it must depend on China’s massive military production ability to make up for Russia’s somewhat limited capacity for military growth. Conversely, China knows it must rely on Russia’s nuclear missile forces, the largest in the world by far, to successfully mount a pre-emptive nuclear strike against all the Western military bases at the beginning of the next war.

I don’t think the common military preparations for conventional battles that was hinted at in the announcement this week will lead up to a nuclear strike. Russia and China will only use nukes to start WWIII, including in an EMP strike, to level the playing field. Then the war will turn conventional.

But there is room for doubt about China’s commitment to aid Russia. Yesterday, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi said hypocritically (as they prepare for war with the West), “Conflict and war benefit no one,” and then called for a cease fire and a negotiated settlement based upon its 12 point plan. The plan mostly involves consolidating Russia’s gains already in Ukraine and creating a standoff distance between NATO and Ukraine. It looks to me like China wants to de-escalate the conflict soon to avoid having to make good on an expensive resupply of Russia for a war China never strongly approved of in the first place. Russia wants combat drones, artillery rockets and more shells.

Ed Dowd, a former fund manager for BlackRock who has turned conservative, told the New American in this interview, that he thinks WWIII is partly about solving the huge US debt crisis and covering up for the excess deaths caused by vaccines.

I have also said in years past that WW3 will give the globalists the excuse to wipe away the unsustainable national debt and start over with a new global currency, but Dowd doesn’t understand that a new global currency can only happen if Americans join a militarized global government, it isn’t enough just to start a war to force that upon us. As I’ve long hypothesized, the US allowing a Russia/China first nuclear strike to decapitate the US military (which PDD-60 mandates we absorb) provides a “New Pearl Harbor” tactic sufficient to goad Americans into accepting anything their globalist leaders propose to “save themselves.”

But the interviewing host, Ben Armstrong, is dead wrong when he claims Europe is fomenting this war with Ukraine because they want a Russian backlash to destroy America. While there are “former” Marxist and Communist leaders in Europe like the UK’s Tony Blair, Germany’s Angela Merkel and current Chancellor Olaf Scholtz (one can never know which side they are really on), the globalist Deep State fully controls all the intelligence assets in Europe, and most of the politicians.

The Western nations themselves are fully under the control of the Anglo-American globalist conspiracy, and are not trying to destroy the US, which would lead to their own demise at the hands of Russia. They simply want the USA to join them in their NWO, not destroy it.

As for the WEF and their “Great Reset,” I believe this is a pipe dream of the lower level globalists that will never see fruition once war comes. Lower level globalist yes-men don’t really think that WWIII is going to be nuclear or as devastating as it really will be. They just fret publicly about it because it’s the popular thing to do, but they are privately doing nothing to prepare for it—which proves they don’t really believe in it or think they are vulnerable. They tend to think it will be conventional and that the world will recover as we did after the destruction of WWII. They will be wrong.

The rapid decline of Western morals, full of political conspiracies and financial corruption leave little doubt that it won’t ever be the same after this war, because of massive social unrest from the EMP strikes alone. Things may well deteriorate into internecine warfare among competing evil forces that will never end until the Second Coming.

I don’t think their transhumanist vision of a robotic, AI world will ever happen nor the dystopian vision where we “own nothing and are happy.” These are Satanic delusions, which is the source of their evil schemes, and that is why the WEF chooses anti-God lackeys like Noah Hirari as a spokesperson to promote these godless, transhumanist ideas.

But the Leo Hohmann piece at The Gateway Pundit deserves a more detailed rebuttal because it mirrors all the common errors in conservative thinking in supporting Russia—at least for those who really don’t understand the larger conspiratorial past that has led to this current war. Here are excerpts with my comments:

…the usual Western propaganda line of the moment, which is their fixation on ridding the world of Putin, whom they see as the last obstacle to them ushering in their utopian one-world technocratic superstate… This entire system — their utopia our dystopia — depends on Putin’s defeat.

No, it does not—at least not at first. He doesn’t understand how the US has been helping BUILD Russia and China as future enemies, and why they need this last world war to finally get the US into a militarized global government with the POWER to mandate the controls of this new global world. The NWO won’t happen voluntarily and they know it. It’s the war itself, inducing Russia and China into attacking the US military with nukes and absorbing that first strike that is the primary goal—not the defeat of Russia via the Ukraine war. That merely assures the weakening of Russia’s conventional military which makes them to rely upon China in going to war with the West.

But Tony Blair and Lord Hague, along with their pal Joe Biden, say the West must continue providing unlimited weapons to Ukraine until Putin comes to the conclusion that he won’t succeed. Ukraine is fighting valiantly and will defeat Putin, or so it goes in the minds of these Western globalists, blah, blah, blah, repeating all the stupid lies that are meant to condition the Western masses to believe that Putin can and will be defeated and forced to accept a humiliating peace on the West’s terms, which would involve him turning himself in to face trial for war crimes.

This is partially wrong, again. The West knows that Russia can’t be defeated in absolute terms, but they do know they can make this Ukraine war so costly in terms of men, equipment, and munitions used up and lost that Putin will be forced to accept some form of settlement to save face, and to make sure Russia has something left to pursue the larger war with the West to come.

They must know that Putin is not going to accept defeat in Ukraine and that there’s every possibility he will unleash his superior nuclear arsenal on the West before he entertains such a thought. Russia will defeat Ukraine and probably end up annexing the entire country, instead of just carving out the eastern section populated by Russian speakers as they had originally planned.

Wrong again. Russia can’t defeat Ukraine unless the West stops military support, which doesn’t look likely anytime soon. And, as I’ve long written in the WAB, Putin can’t “unleash his nuclear arsenal” unless he has the conventional forces to occupy and control what he partially destroys. Otherwise, the West just rebuilds and comes after him again. So far, he doesn’t seem to have the conventional forces to occupy even a part of Ukraine, let alone all of Ukraine or Western Europe and USA, and Putin knows it.

Tony Blair actually thinks China will save us. He must not have seen the comment Tuesday from China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, who said China is “ready to join forces with the Russian side.” Yi made a point of saying China’s cooperation with Russia would happen “in all areas,” toward the achievement of a restructured world order that China and Russia see as “more equitable.”

China was not happy with Putin’s attack on Ukraine, but after Biden’s political show/visit to Ukraine, president-for-life Xi stepped in to claim support for Russia to balance the playing field a bit. How much support China can or will give remains to be seen. The US has responded with threats of its own against China if it does given military weapons to Russia, but I don’t think the US has much leverage over China given our near total dependency on Chinese products.

But notice that Wang Yi does admit to China and Russia’s ultimate goal of establishing their own version of the NWO –which won’t be more “equitable” except in the Communist meaning of forced redistribution of assets which kills all incentives in an economy. I’ve been trying to tell conservatives for years that Putin isn’t the good guy and is not fighting the Western globalists because he’s a Christian or out to keep us free. He’s doing it to defeat the West so he can dominate the world with his own NWO.

The Western media, bought and paid for by globalist Western corporate interests,[no, it’s controlled by the Deep State enforcers of the larger globalist conspiracy] is not telling us what China and Russia are saying and how closely they are working together strategically.

In fact, the media has covered up all of the secret technology transfers to Russia and China for decades, because they don’t want the public to know how our own globalists are working behind our backs to betray our national sovereignty in the next war.

We aren’t being told what Putin said in his seminal February 21 speech, which was directed at the West as much as it was to his own people… Putin said a lot about the resolve of the Russians to fight off Western encroachment on its culture, it’s economy and its security. The U.S. government in Washington has now blown up Russia’s natural gas pipeline, a source of cheap gas for Western Europe and revenue for Russia, while exporting poisonous LGBTQ+ propaganda that Putin described as “anti-family,” and it has dubbed Putin himself guilty of international war crimes.

Lohmann’s problem, along with almost all other commentators is that they take Putin’s public remarks as actually reflective of his real intentions, and Russia’s “national interests.” No nation involved in a conspiracy to conquer others ever tells the full truth in public or acts on “national interest.” Putin has learned how to play to both Russian Orthodox and Western Christians by pretending to be one, and by lambasting Western tolerance of the evils of homosexuality and warped transgenderism. But neither Putin nor Russia are paragons of morality. Corruption, bribery, theft, drunkenness and divorce are rampant in Russia, as well as Putin’s personal life.

It’s easy for Putin to criticize Western idiotic tolerance of woke morals because his conspiratorial purposes involve trying to strengthen the moral fiber of his country or military purposes (which isn’t working very well) while the Western Globalists have been conspiring for decades to undermine US Christianity, morals and critical thinking skills so that they can more easily deceive us into accepting the “great reset” and a global NWO. Both purposes are evil, but different according to each side’s conspiratorial intent.

By the way, during the Cold War years, the US Communist party at Russia’s insistence was always promoting immorality, drugs, and anti-family ideas to help degrade American values, so Putin as the follow-on dictator to the phony fall of the Soviet Union is a hypocrite for playing like he’s a champion of culture and virtue. As a KGB colonel in the Soviet years, he knows the entire history of Soviet “other measures” meant to attack morals inside the US. Now Hohmann quotes from Putin’s Ukraine War anniversary speech

“The Western elite make no secret of their goals, which is, I quote, ‘Russia’s strategic defeat.’ What does this mean to us? This means they plan to finish us once and for all. In other words, they plan to grow a local conflict into a global confrontation. This is how we understand it, and we will respond accordingly, because this represents an existential threat to our country.”

Whether or not you agree with Putin’s above declaration does not matter. This is how Putin’s government feels and it will act accordingly.

No, the West isn’t out to destroy Russia with the Ukraine war. It needs both Russia and China for the nuclear war to come, which can’t happen yet. Even though conservative pundits everywhere have picked up this false notion that the West is out to defeat Russia in Ukraine, this is not only not true but not possible. And, Ukraine is not going to grow into a “global confrontation,” because it isn’t a sufficient provocation to bring China into the attack on the US. The US can’t start the world war, but they can make sure that Putin and Xi someday have to resort to nuclear weapons when a larger trigger event happens—either in Korea or Taiwan.

Putin is using this speech to gin up support for the war and make Russians feel threatened when the US and NATO have no intention of going beyond pushing Russia out of Ukraine, or into a negotiated settlement, which China is now pushing for.

As I said, what they are doing in this war is probing Russia’s military weaknesses, which are many, and weakening Russia’s conventional military to ensure Russia and China will have to work together in a joint nuclear attack on the West.

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8 thoughts on “There is still time; Panic over Russia-China alliance

  1. Hey Bloomberg! There’s no confusion on this website; we know where the missing workers went. They either died, are now too sick to work, or are taking care of those who were injected and injured. All from the mRNA injections.

    Millions of US Workers Are Still Missing After The Pandemic. Where Did They Go?

    (Bloomberg) — Millions of workers are still missing from the US labor force three years after Covid-19 surfaced, and economists are scratching their heads as to how big the gap actually is and where all these people went.

    One estimate found at least 2.1 million who retired earlier then expected. Another calculated a shortfall of 2 million immigrants at the height of the pandemic. Other research pointed to a million or more out of work because of long Covid.

    There’s not even an agreement on the overall size of the hole — how many more Americans would be working in 2023 had it not been for the pandemic. That’s a problem because officials at the Federal Reserve need to know if Americans are temporarily or permanently out of the labor force so they can set monetary policy, said Anna Wong, chief US economist at Bloomberg Economics.

    “It’s a very confusing picture,” Wong said. “We don’t even have good facts to work with.”

    1. I wonder if those of us stepping out of the workforce was an unexpected outcome. If it weren’t for the pandemic, I would have stayed on the hamster wheel at work, unaware of what other things I could be doing. Did they just expect us to go running back to our jobs after being bullied to take jabs?

      1. The government is able to account for some of this. Especially during the filing of tax payments and tax returns. They see you stepped away and are doing your own thing.

        Somehow the Fed can’t account for any of this stuff. Like the large elephant in the room is not thought about.

  2. I took 12 mg of ivermectin a day for 30 days after having COVID for seven days and noticed that my systemic body inflammation has gradually declined, yet the decline has been substantial. Just an anecdotal observation.

    Body inflammation manifests in overall soreness and could cause back pain, ankle pain and swelling, shoulder and hand pain. It can manifest with blurry eyesight. Body inflammation is a killer and can destroy whole organs, including the heart, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Ever since I took that regimen of ivermectin, I noticed the body pain caused by the inflammation declining.

    I will probably take a dose a week indefinitely. It’s interesting how the MSM is placing a link between covid and diabetes, but I would suspect it’s actually a link between the MRNA injection and diabetes. Regardless, diabetes is generally caused by body inflammation.

    Of course, I never received any of the DoD Pentagon bioweapon injections, nor have I received any vaccine since 1979. I hated them when I was unwashed and I certainly hate them now.

    1. Where did you get the ivermectin?

      I am noticing a lot of diabetes commercials on TV lately.

      1. When I had gotten covid and was really sick, I had mentioned on the site that I wanted to try ivermectin. A reader suggested as a place to buy it. You can get it there without a prescription and the price is actually very cheap compared to elsewhere. Of course, I didn’t get any insurance reimbursement on it and had to pay the whole thing out of pocket.

        I’m not endorsing the site, nor do I have any vested interest in it, but I would recommend going there. It’s run by self-described Patriots.

        If you choose to do this I would buy it sooner rather than waiting to get sick, because even their overnight option, which cost $45, took 4 days for delivery.

        I purchased two 100 tablet boxes. I read that if stored in a safe place it can last up to four to five years. When I get sick again for anything else, I will take some ivermectin.

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