American house prices to keep rising; Wall Street offering to take a claim on title for upfront cash

“More people will make thousands by selling stakes in their homes to Wall Street firms, according to one company that already sees elevated interest from homeowners”

So as Americans seek out less-traditional avenues to tap their trapped equity, a mini-boom has begun in bank-originated home equity lines of credit or HELOCs. Now, if a group of startups and investors have their way, home equity investments — created by companies that offer homeowners lump sums of cash in exchange for a portion of their equity — will represent a new frontier.

More people will make thousands by selling stakes in their homes to Wall Street firms, according to one company that already sees elevated interest from homeowners, from Business Insider, February 10th.

Note to reader: Whether it’s stocks, bonds, sports teams, or American housing stock, whenever institutional money invades any asset sector, prices rise, sometimes substantially. Wall Street will eventually stake claims to millions of homes across America. Making money off an immoral population is more simple than you think.

Institutional money set to leverage people’s misery by taking title in lieu of upfront money

This all should be great news for practical SFR investors; as spendthrift and demoralized homeowners are less able to make ends meet, Wall Street and institutional money now plan on stepping in to slowly take title as impoverished homeowners use home equity to pay for essentials. Title is eventually transferred to the institution.

Although mortgage rates for HELOCs may be too costly for homeowners, Wall Street can borrow more cheaply while gradually taking over the average American’s home right from underneath them. This ultimately means that more money will flow into the housing sector, driving up prices and making housing even less affordable than it is now. SFR investors should continue to see further long-term gains. This is because Wall Street knows that the implied capitalization rates and IRRs on many American homes are still attractive. Perhaps these institutions will just lease back the property to the dazed and confused former homeowner and current occupant.


Below, I offer the full article titled, More people will make thousands by selling stakes in their homes to Wall Street firms, according to one company that already sees elevated interest from homeowners, from Business Insider, February 10th.

Can’t control spending impulses? Sick from mRNA injections? Let Wall Street slowly take title

The unprecedented surge in home prices during the pandemic has left US homeowners with historic levels of home equity.

However, higher mortgage rates have made it more difficult for Americans to take advantage of this wealth. The crux of the issue is that traditional methods for tapping home equity, like selling a home or taking cash out through refinancing, no longer make financial sense for homeowners.

So as Americans seek out less-traditional avenues to tap their trapped equity, a mini-boom has begun in bank-originated home equity lines of credit or HELOCs. Now, if a group of startups and investors have their way, home equity investments — created by companies that offer homeowners lump sums of cash in exchange for a portion of their equity — will represent a new frontier.

“If people are not incentivized to move or refinance, they’d like to extract trapped equity within their homes,” Chris Abate, CEO of real estate debt investor Redwood Trust, said during the firm’s fourth-quarter earnings call on Thursday. He said the company foresees “strong demand” for the home equity investments in the coming months.

The days of mortgages with rock-bottom rates are gone, resulting in a pullback in both refinances and home sales. In large part, that’s because homeowners who purchased a home or refinanced during the pandemic are unwilling to give up their cheap mortgages. According to a Redfin analysis of government data, 85% of US homeowners tote a mortgage rate far below today’s level of 6%.

Home equity investments, or HEIs, present homeowners with a way to access their equity without losing their current interest rate or amassing substantial debt — a serious consideration today with the cost of living elevated by inflation.

Abate said Redwood anticipates that HEIs will be a “big focus area” for their company, which has invested $316 million in the sector so far.

“Our HEI initiative is really meant to sort of modernize the home equity process, he said. “We are excited about things starting to institutionalize there.”

Redwood isn’t the only company interested in building a portfolio of HEIs. Other institutional investors like Bain Capital, Citigroup, and Prudential Financial are betting on the shared equity products originated by financial tech companies like EquiFi, Unison, Hometap, and Point.

“There’s a lot of smart money that understands both private equity and real estate quite well that’s trying to figure out how to partner in this space,” George Kenny, a managing director at Tangent Capital Partners who is an advisor to EquiFi, said in a statement.

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95 thoughts on “American house prices to keep rising; Wall Street offering to take a claim on title for upfront cash

  1. Our adversary speaks to us in many ways. For instance, the percent of white people in commercials today comprise about 25%.

    This is the goal of these synagogue globalists; in order to bring about their Elysium utopia they need to lower the percentage of white people in the population to no more than 20 to 25%. All of the other peoples pose no problems to the objectives of the New World Order. All of the other races in the United States have easily embraced their manufactured cultures from DARPA, the DoD Pentagon, and McClean. There’s nothing empowering about any of this if you are a supposed minority. You’re just a useful idiot if you think or identify with any particular side.

    Enjoy your multicultural iron and clay! It may be a satanic Kingdom, but we’ll all have racial equality.

  2. A blast from the past and a warning for the future.

    January 30, 2023

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced its current estimates of privately-held net marketable borrowing[1] for the January – March 2023 and April – June 2023 quarters.[2]

    •During the January – March 2023 quarter, Treasury expects to borrow $932 billion in privately-held net marketable debt, assuming an end-of-March cash balance of $500 billion.[3] The borrowing estimate is $353 billion higher than announced in October 2022, primarily due to the lower beginning-of-quarter cash balance ($253 billion), and projections of lower receipts and higher outlays ($93 billion).
    •During the April – June 2023 quarter, Treasury expects to borrow $278 billion in privately-held net marketable debt, assuming an end-of-June cash balance of $550 billion.3

    1. Seeing how commodities spike during wars – maybe thats part of the logic behind digital bill gates tying up tangible assets in farmland. Looks like Kondrateiff wave cycle is calling for a sustained run on Commods — which would coincide with ww3… and supportive of your call on SFRs and cash flowing assets

  3. More DoD propaganda printed as Buzzfeed bullshit to blame rich people for causing inflation and ruining the lives of the regular people.

    “The Price Has Gone Up, And Quality Has Gone Down”: People Are Sharing The Things That Rich People Have All But Ruined For The Rest Of Us

    If you think back to childhood (or even just back to a few years ago), it’s clear that many things in life that were once intended for the masses have become wildly more expensive.

  4. Here’s a warning to all those who have been deceived with the once-saved-always-saved deceptions.

    I noticed the word “works” appears eight times in Revelation 2. Jesus is warning those who do not show proper works that they will receive a harsh judgment. For those who say works avail us nothing, I listen to Jesus. Besides, the Laodicean relishes in taking Paul’s words out of context. That’s because they can enjoy a good life during the times of Daniel’s iron and clay.

    Works in this instance does not mean we have to serve the homeless in soup kitchens and be nice to people, lest we are served “karma”. Works in this instance means we change our lives and live according to what we claim to aspire to be, which is saved. That takes lots of work, and it means we have overcome, resist, and wrestle to our last dying breaths. And unless you are converted on your deathbed, it also means we have to give back to the saved and try to save others through example.

    Rev 2:2: I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

    Rev 2:5: Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

    Rev 2:9: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    Rev 2:13: I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

    Rev 2:19: I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first.

    Rev 2:23: And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.

    Rev 2:26: And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

  5. I purchased this condo in August 2015 from the bank for 90k cash (actually it was a FNMA-backed loan, so the taxpayer reimbursed the bank for the loss).

    Now, I am selling it in a 1031 exchange, deferring taxes, so that I can buy another nicer property in my desired target area to prepare for WWIII. As you can see, there has been little let up in the price appreciation. Why? QE has been wildly successful (and still is). Besides, over my ownership time frame, the market rent increased from about 1575 to about 2300.

    I bought this property around the same time I started this website, and had been recommending the reader to do the same thing; buy SFRs, since there would be no collapses. Because of depreciation, my taxable cost basis is about $70,000. In addition, over the course of renting it for about 7.5 years, I have generated about $90,000 in net rental income.

    Why did I recommend this and was confident that there would be no collapses? I knew that QE was a viable monetary tool and that as long as bond yields remained low, QE would provide ALL the means necessary to consolidate the global wealth needed to facilitate the emergence of the tribulation period, which culminates for Americans as the “force majeure”. The NWO engineers needed to consolidate as much wealth and power as possible to guide the planet to and through the Apocalypse.

    Now, I marvel at how low REAL bond yields are in the face of sustained inflation. I tip my hat to the synagogue of Satan. They are the Nicolaitans, and have conquered the people. But this doesn’t mean you have to be swept into the trash bin with the rest of humanity.

    Plan, relocate, learn, tell others. Our time to prepare will be over by 2027.

  6. Sounds like a marvelous technology. It can be used on people with debilitating diseases and conditions. Perhaps it could even be used to cleanse our minds of evil thoughts like racism and the contemplation of a savior, while allowing us to buy and sell.

    Brain implant startup backed by Bezos and Gates is testing mind-controlled computing on humans
    PUBLISHED SAT, FEB 18 20239:00 AM EST

    •Synchron is part of an emerging crop of companies testing technology in the brain-computer interface industry.
    •The system is implanted through the blood vessels and allows patients to operate technology using only their minds.
    •“It helps them engage in ways that we take for granted,” Synchron CEO Tom Oxley said.

    1. This sounds like predecessor technology for the Mark of the Beast. Those who take the Mark of the Beast will give up independent thought and it will alter their Human DNA so God will not recognize that person in the Book of Life. For who ever does not have their name in the Book of Life will be sent to the Eternal flaming Inferno.

  7. I just performed a Google search on the term “income generating asset”. For some reason I get a lot of questions asking me what exactly that means.

    The bottom line is that you buy an asset that produces a constant income stream, and it’s one in which it generally rises with the rate of price inflation if not monetary inflation.

    The best income generators are those whose income streams rise with the rate of monetary inflation. The most obvious examples would be the Blue Chip type of stocks as well as the sports teams. This is why their values continue to escalate so noticeably. Their income streams are rising much higher than the CPI over time. In essence, this is the result of the wealth consolidation process in action; under our current monetary and economic system, those with these assets continue to generate more income and build a much higher net worth over time.

    Unless a person has a seven-figure portfolio, I generally steer people away from paper investments as a primary means to generate income. And I would never recommend any Bank investments like CDs and money market funds. Those are just short-term cash parking vehicles.

    I have always discussed rental properties for the average person as this is the most effective way for a average Joe to participate in this phenomenon. My rents continue to go up and the cash flow generally rises higher than the CPI over time. This necessarily means that the underlying asset continues to appreciate faster than price inflation as well. This self-generating mechanism is the reason why house prices continue to escalate faster than the general price level.

    I strongly suggest people staying away from Reddit for advice. There are a lot of synagogue-sponsored deceivers out there who plug away and whose role is to infiltrate internet sites.

    To wit, I just happened to read something off of subreddit due to the Google search. In the subreddit section of income generating assets, there are a couple people on the thread who keep telling the readers and commenters to not buy income generating assets but to invest in yourself. They keep saying that passively produced income is overhyped and that it is better for young people in their twenties to invest in themselves for income. I say this is hogwash.

    This is what I recommend to a 20 something; when you start out you take a lot of risk, not just with money, but with your time and efforts, and the chance of making a mistake. At 57, I make very few mistakes and I’m very methodical in my process. At 27, I made tons of mistakes and was foolish. As we get older we’re supposed to make less mistakes, because as we get older our mistakes are more costly mentally and physically as well as financially.

    In one respect, the Reddit deceiver employed by the synagogue to trip up the reader is correct; bet on yourself. But how I would recommend it would be to bet on yourself to be able to build a portfolio of income generators. Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates are examples of people who built income generators by betting on themselves. Don’t think that by betting on yourself you have to go out there and earn active income on an ongoing basis. You want to bet on yourself by going out and working to build a little mini empire of income generators. It takes a lot of learning, sweat and labor, risk-taking, and determination to get to a certain level in which your passive income can supplant your active income.

    Always bet on yourself; ultimately it should mean betting on your ability to grow your income streams. Don’t listen to these disingenuous subReddit deceivers.

    1. This is very sound advice.
      When I was in college the mantra was to get the degree and get that high paying corporate job. Once settled in the corporation you are set for life. That is all HOGWASH. The reality was that most of us graduated either without a job or some low paying “entry job” that was a dead end.

      With hindsight, I would have been much better off taking the tuition money to buy blue chip stocks and rental properties and skip college. They would have quintupled in value or more .Most professional salary jobs today are stressful dead end jobs .
      The employers today thank you for your loyalty by making you take the jab and/or laying you off.

      After graduating college, I later learned to invest in stocks and now work is an option for me. If the employer wants me to take the Covid Jab or any other jab I can tell them to take the needle and shove it up their ass and walk off the job. That way I can set an example to co workers who listen (most don’t) to stand up for themselves.

      The thing to keep in mind is that today’s economy does NOT reward hard and loyal work. Today’s economy rewards those who own the passive income assets that make money off of self entitled suckers who will never turn to God and just don’t get it.

      1. We live in a world controlled by Satan and his perfect economic system that is designed to enslave and destroy humanity.
        Sad to say most humans are complicit in his plan as they refuse to turn to Jesus Christ for guidance.

    2. I think the mechanical – building trades are a viable option also. I learned much just from being an electricians apprentice for a couple years. Also had a small lawnmower repair business when I was in my teens.

      1. Indeed. We are always to develop a skill set that differentiates us from the rest. Just being mechanically inclined and having the ability to be a mechanic or a carpenter will put somebody at a great advantage. Whatever we do, run it like a business. I knew nothing about carpentry 20 years ago. I just knew that if I learned it I would be able to be more successful with sfr’s and with saving money when I deferred the work out to others.

        In times of great stress such as we will see later in the decade, having a skill set that will be in demand will help us greatly, especially if we refuse the mark. Someone will always hire a mechanic or a carpenter.

  8. The nominal GDP has risen by over 6 trillion dollars since the bottom of covid in 2020. That is an amazing increase in just three years. This is the reason why all this fresh debt can be serviced, at least on an indefinite basis. Indeed the interest obligation will suck the life force out of the economy, but the government doesn’t care about us anyway. Actually, based on its true actions, the government hates us.

    When we look at the larger picture and observe the percent of Federal debt held by the public to GDP, we see an intermediate term moderation. It’s the nominal GDP we’re concerned about, rather than real GDP. I suspect that real GDP may actually be closer to being negative, since the price deflator and CPI are woefully underestimated, and that is intentional. Nonetheless, when it comes to servicing the debts, I look at the nominal GDP numbers over the massaged “real” ones.

  9. Excerpt from this week’s World Affairs Brief…

    Can either Russia or Ukraine win it? I don’t think Ukraine can win it outright, but with the West’s help they might make it so costly to Russia in terms of used up military might and troops that Russia backs off for now. I don’t think Russia can conquer Ukraine either as long as the West continues to pour in modern equipment, which also has its costs and limits.

    But so far, I’ve seen no sign of the US or NATO threatening to cut off military aid and force a negotiated settlement (with the inevitable loss of freedom) as they have done so many times before in history in order to let the Communists win: White Russians vs. the Bolsheviks, Chang Kai Shek vs. Mao, Batista vs. Castro, and the Sandinistas vs. Nicaragua.

    All of these former betrayals of liberty were part of the decades old globalist plot to build up Russia and China as future enemies, in order to create wars and conflict to advance globalism, which plan is now largely complete except for China which still isn’t ready for WWIII.

    So, as we enter this last final great war of history the globalist have to actually start fighting Russia and China, first in proxy wars and then in a nuclear war in order to eventually force all Western nations into a militarized global government.

    So, as I’ve long explained in the brief, there’s a much bigger agenda here than simply a war between Russia and Ukraine, and there are no “good” side, only innocent people caught up in the war between the 3 global powers conspiring to control the world.

    1. We know who will win. Those who are getting ready to rebuild Ukraine. You heard me say it before. The manufactured war is not much more than a redevelopment project. Every so often I see stories like this that confirm what I have been saying from the beginning.

      So who wins? As CJ says, those who will own all the income generating assets in Ukraine. Isn’t a perfect business model one which controls both sides of the supply and demand chain?

      By the way, I made a similar comment in more detail on another site and it got deleted. Fortunately I copied it so I can maintain my train of thought.

  10. I have been reading in the sports business pages that the NFL Washington Commanders will most likely be sold to Jeff Bezos for $7 billion. That is a mind blowing number and makes the Denver Broncos purchase last year for $4.5 billion look like a bargain bin sale. The Denver Broncos has a great heritage and to see how prices are running up in the NFL is just beyond comprehension.

    My current cash out interest rate is 7.25%. I am working on a slightly larger one with a newer loan for 8.45%, and while these rates look terrible, this is what I am observing;

    The Feds are giving Ukraine $80 billion in new spending. The Feds are borrowing $300 billion more than projected for 2Q23 fiscal year.

    I am warning that we may actually see double digit interest rates, but that is okay for me, as my rents will have to be raised a lot over the next couple years.

    Just as the price of a nice piece of steak at a restaurant has gone from $18 in 2017 to over $30 today, so will the prices of virtually all income generating assets.

    In real terms, an 8.5% mortgage rate today is equivalent to a 5% loan in 2017.

    The largest and biggest firms can pass along all these costs to the consumer. The small businesses will get scooped up or put out of business.

    1. I think once the non bank investment/corporate real estate type firms buy up all those bug infested teardowns to fix up and rent out, they will never go back on the market for sale. The affordable one/two bedroom, one bath homes will no longer be available for purchase. Property taxes on these shitshacks will become more expensive so that renting, even with higher rates, would be the obvious better choice than the hassles of home ownership.

      1. That’s right. The investors will own it all, and just like Jeff Bezos and the Washington Commanders who sees massive lucrative broadcasting and marketing rights out into the future, the SFR investors who seem to be paying up are already looking out to the future at the “migrant” demographic explosion and the massive waves of deficit spending that accompany it. The rents will be mind boggling. Those houses will never come back on the market unless someone else is willing to pay up like Bezos.

        1. It’s quite possible many of those shitshacks will get torn down and rebuilt into duplexes. In my area 6000 – 10,000 sq ft lots are common for homes built in the 50s. CA is pushing cities into what I call communist housing developments and many lots that were SFR are being converted into maximum density. Or, if the house is in good shape, ADU permits are being fastracked.

  11. The world will be falling into the abyss, yet GDP will be climbing. As debt servicing climbs, so does nominal GDP and the wage earner is steamrolled. Own income-generating assets.

    Atlanta Fed GDP estimates: Latest estimate: 2.5 percent — February 16, 2023

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the first quarter of 2023 is 2.5 percent on February 16, up from February 15. After this morning’s housing starts report from the US Census Bureau, the nowcast of first-quarter real residential investment growth increased from -10.4 percent to -8.1 percent.

  12. In Canada, we have a steady stream of migrants coming in through a gap in the border at Roxham road which is not far from where I live. Apparently they are being transported from NYC to the crossing on the American side (I would do the same) and pointed where to cross into Canada and claim refugee status. Quebec does not accept them because they are not french speaking – it keeps the migrant population in this province much lower than the rest and confines the migrants to the large cities as rural Quebec is no place for outsiders. It seems that Quebec is collecting them and sending them close to where I came from in Niagara. Glad I left.

  13. Based on the actions of #112, Peter the Roman, the ultimate objective of the Jesuits order is crystal clear; it’s obviously not to promote the name of Jesus nor the Catholic Church, but rather to wipe away both from the consciousness of those who inhabit the earth during the tribulation period. The world will accelerate into this period later in the decade.

    Notice the tableau being established now. The synagogue of Satan has to ease the transition into the Apocalypse.This will maximize the number of people who will accept the current and worsening evil while rejecting the admonitions of the two witnesses and the calls to repent before Jesus’s coming.

  14. Very little coverage on the detonation of those toxic chemicals in East Palestine OH. It’s a heavily rural white conservative area in which our own government exploded chemicals like phosgene to poison and decimate the population going into the force majeure. Look for more acts of warfare against white Christians here in the States. Like 9/11 in which I was personally affected, look for more acts of terrorism to be carried out by government elements against its own people.

    DoD Pentagon developed the toxic mRNA injections against its own people. Once a person gets to our level of understanding, it’s obvious the American white Christian is the real enemy.

    What a successful psyop. Wow! Get ready for the force majeure. The way things are going we may have even less time than 2027.

    1. I suspect inflation is going to run hotter than many people are contemplating for longer and interest rates are going to hit people hard. I think this is going to continue throughout the decade out into the force majeure. I suspect there is going to be no real letup on the financial end, and the shift from abiotically produced oil and gas to a highly inefficient regime of electric and renewables are going to continue to pound Americans into the dirt.

      When we couple this with the rigged elections, so that the antithetical platforms of the people who took over the Democrat party are shoved down the throats of the Godly people, true Christians are going to continue struggling here.

      Stay away from those people who have supposed dreams and visions. Paul Begley submitted a YouTube video recently in which he stated that he had a dream in which God’s people would not struggle through this. The Bible tells us something completely different as God’s people will groan and struggle through all of this and will be persecuted. Begley must be a pre-tribor and obviously is not concerning about trimming his wicks, because he believes he’ll be raptured out of here before all it happens.

      There are so many dumb people that get hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. The people who say the truth in which it is too depressing to contemplate for those who are unprepared get hundreds of views. I am in the latter category obviously.

      1. The larger the corporation and bank, the easier it can handle inflation and higher rates. The weaker companies struggle. The little man dies on the vine.

  15. The numbers this morning look poor and inflation is hot hot hot. Philadelphia Fed is terrible.

    Borrow money. Inflation looking to stay for a long time. Stocks and real estate are good investment holdings in this relatively poor investment environment as this systemic inflation makes stocks and housing a more sensible hold. They tend to hold up much better in these types of environments.

    Stocks are holding up well, because there’s no place else to put money, other than residential real estate. The large corporations are more easily able to pass along inflation to the consumer. Landlords are more easily able to pass along inflation to the tenant. I think my tenants are going to be in for a shock later this year when I begin to raise rents again.

    Building Permits (Jan)
    Act: 1.339M Cons: 1.350M Prev: 1.337M

    Continuing Jobless Claims
    Act: 1,696K Cons: 1,695K Prev: 1,680K

    Core PPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.5% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.3%

    Core PPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 5.4% Cons: 4.9% Prev: 5.8%

    Housing Starts (Jan)
    Act: 1.309M Cons: 1.360M Prev: 1.371M

    Housing Starts (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: -4.5% Cons: Prev: -3.4%

    Initial Jobless Claims
    Act: 194K Cons: 200K Prev: 195K

    Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Feb)
    Act: -24.3 Cons: -7.4 Prev: -8.9

    Philly Fed Business Conditions
    Act: 1.7 Cons: Prev: 4.9

    Philly Fed CAPEX Index (Feb)
    Act: 7.50 Cons: Prev: 10.50

    Philly Fed Employment (Feb)
    Act: 5.1 Cons: Prev: 10.9

    Philly Fed New Orders (Feb)
    Act: -13.6 Cons: Prev: -10.9

    Philly Fed Prices Paid (Feb)
    Act: 26.50 Cons: Prev: 24.50

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.6% Cons: Prev: 0.2%

    PPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 6.0% Cons: 5.4% Prev: 6.5%

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 4.5% Cons: Prev: 4.7%

    PPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.7% Cons: 0.4% Prev: -0.2%

    1. Earlier this month the US Treasury estimated that it needed to borrow $300 billion dollars more for this second fiscal quarter of 2023 than anticipated. The US government keeps generating massive amounts of deficit spending. I am not commenting on the reasons for it as you already know my sentiment, but in this environment there is no way on God’s green earth that asset prices will fall on any sustained basis. We need to wipe that away from our minds.

  16. I was asked by an email whether I thought silver coins were a good thing to hold. Up to 20 years ago I would have said that would have been a wise choice to hold a few pounds of silver eagles or the old silver dollars. The problem is that most people you will encounter won’t understand the value of it anymore.

    Society at large has slipped so far away from anything that is real that if you transacted in your silver coins, they would most likely have to be heavily discounted to the point that it would no longer be practical.

    What I suggest to you is that instead of silver and gold coins, we hold a bunch of currency in 10, 20, 50, and $100 note denominations. The average person will recognize it and will not require you to discount it as much.

    I am not saying that owning gold and silver is a bad thing, but I would never recommend holding them for the Apocalypse. Most people today wouldn’t recognize them.

    I cannot believe how quickly humanity has fallen. People tell me that the internet was a good thing and that it woke people up, but our adversary exploited all this technology to enslave humanity and bring us to its denouement.

    1. CJ Evans you are once again on point. I have found silver pre 1964 coins in loose change in the rejected slot of coin counters. They were left there because whoever dumped the coins in had no clue of the value of silver coins. Todays younger generation do not have a clue about the value of old silver and gold coins. Gen Y and Z are so out of it .
      I have seen a video that was posted by somebody on this site of 20 something’s given a choice of a ten dollar bill or a silver eagle and they went for the ten dollar bill even though the silver eagle was worth more than double the ten dollar bill.
      This said, I would not count solely on gold or silver coins in the apocalypse. In fact I have read that in Venezuela people really don’t care for old silver coins but place a high priority on food, batteries, and other hard to find necessities.

      I would stock up on necessities such as long term food storage, batteries, medical supplies, clothing and any other necessities. Other great items to stock up on is hard liquor and ammo.
      During chaotic times ammo was in high demand and alcohol was also a very heavily bartered item. By the way , Gen Y and Gen Z are heavy drinkers.

      I would also consider a couple of rifles for self defense and hunting for meat.

      Gold and silver may be helpful in a currency collapse but it is not everything.

      1. In a survival situation old wisdom is the way….

        I have been reading a blog of a survivor of Venezuelan crisis for years, Jose of Venezuela, and in an article he explained how common Venezuelan people survived the worst year of hyperinflation with no jobs and no ability to buy flour or bread. Of course they bartered and relied on their communities for some of their basic needs, but what it really surprised me was that this period was called the “Year of the Mangoes”.

        It happens that almost all Venezuela is perfect for mangoes and in a tropical climate they fruit three times a year so savvy people would collect them and eat them cooked as a full meal with something else, and survived even they hated them, because fruit, as it happens, it is quite a complete meal if you add some full proteins and some fat.

        Of course too, with any fruit, you can do some alcohol to drink, barter or sale. I agree a lot with Andrei, in any crisis or scarcity situation, alcohol is valuable. Any gardener knows how fickle nature is, as it gives you too much at times, and nothing so many times. Alcohol, of course in excess is bad for you, but it is too a way to store good times produce when you do not have any other means. If you drink it with your meals and into your capacities it will add some flavor, fizz and calories. Not that bad if not much else is available. And not that bad if weaker people around you need more nutritious food and you do not have much to spare, so you can share your best food with weaker people and not that good food with some alcohol with stronger people.

        Why I say this?…

        It is not just me, the Bible is full of recommendations about planting and keeping vineyards, so, I find it ridiculous modern anti alcohol stories because there are anti scriptures and anti scarcity logic.

        Noah went trough the flood and what God instructed it to do?…

        Genesis 9:20

        Noah, a man of the soil, proceeded to plant a vineyard.

        So, anyone trying to do anything in the land take the advise seriously, plant fruit trees, vineyards, barley or anything you can store for longer as alcohol and keep it for the strongest people to drink with meals, not to get drunk and not drinking in any situation it will get you in any trouble.

    2. I have a bunch of nickels pre 1964, I assume they are mostly silver and worth more than five cents. The banks just value them at five cents. Even those old copper pennys only ring up as one cent at the banks. Will the pawn shops give more for them? Where would you take them to get physical value?

      BTC and related stocks are upticking, it’s just at the point where it feels it’s a bulltrap and will tank back down soon, but maybe not.

      CYN still holding up above one dollar. It needs to close ten days above one dollar, however it closed one day right at 99cents so it may have to go another ten days before a compliance PR.

      1. People don’t know the value of things anymore. Maybe we’re delusional for thinking gold and silver still have value. 🥺

        I recall getting involved with gold and silver in 2004. Prices were 400 and 4.50. if someone told me what they would be valued at today I would have been excited. Looking at the 20 years charts however, we get a different perspective. Lots of opportunity costs holding these metals long term.

        Bought a quick thousand shares of CYN today. Gamble I guess.

    3. I’d be afraid to buy silver or gold because FDR confiscated it and I expect the same in the future.

      What do you think of bank bail-ins? Morgan Stanley predicts collapse of banks. Thinking of getting my money out of bank and CDs.

      1. I don’t think we have to be too concerned about any precious metal confiscation. I think the current society at large has rendered them an anachronism and I truly doubt many people actually hold gold or silver anymore for it to even matter.

        I think we should be more concerned about restrictions on buying and selling and functionally rendering cash more obsolete by the day.

        Last September I was in the local Truist bank and inquired about savings account interest rates. I had a few hundred thousand dollars sitting around in my checking accounts. At the time, the CPI was raging at close to 9%, yet the bank manager stated that savings accounts were only yielding 10 basis points (0.10%). When I asked about a 12-month CD, she mentioned about 85 basis points. I asked myself who would be silly enough to park money in these vehicles, yet next to me there was an elderly gentleman with a few hundred thousand dollars who dutifully rolled over his CDs while I was waiting. He couldn’t be getting more than 1% on his money.

        So think about this; are there any bank bail-ins coming in the future? I say they’re already here. Anyone who deposits money at the bank is already losing five or six percent a year on his or her money. Take that out 10 years and they’ve lost about half of their money in spending power due to the differences between interes income and price inflation. Moreover, that misguided gentleman has to pay income tax on whatever he earns.

        After I left the bank that day, I determined to buy another property and had a binding contract on another one a week later. I’m grateful I did. I got a good deal for an all cash offer and the property is gone up about 30% since. The market rent has also gone up about 15%.

  17. Data this morning initially better than expected. Retail sales bounced back and Empire State index not as negative as anticipated.

    Unfortunately, Industrial Production, which was expected to recover, printed terribly lower than expected. It was unchanged versus a 0.4% consensus. Capacity utilization was 78.3% and that was less than expected. Last month’s print was revised from -0.7% down to -1.0%.

    Even the flood of “migrants” can’t change these numbers for the better. Even all the extra massive government deficit spending can’t change these numbers for the better.

    If I had a guess, I would say the covid injections are having their intended effect. My hats off to the DoD Pentagon for distributing a wildly successful mRNA injection bioweapon. Evidently DeMar Hamlin was not allowed to talk about what happened to him and what caused his heart to stop.

    I like the deft use of the word “migrant”. The synagogue even uses the word “refugee”. I even like the repeated slogan of the mRNA injection campaign. Whenever anyone would ask if it works, all the governments would say, it’s safe and effective.🥺😞🥺😞

    1. I wish this priest would refer to modern Jews as Pharisees. It’s not only more accurate, but it also makes clear to people why modern Jews aren’t the good guys they portray themselves to be.

      1. These modern “Jewish” Central Bank owners, according to Old Testament prophecy are most likely not even Jews, but are actually from Esau Edom, who made that deal with the devil, which was the same deal that Jesus rejected in Matthew 4.

        Their all members of the synagogue of Satan. Jesus warns us about them twice.

        1. Amen to that CJ Evans. I think Esau who traded his birthright for a bowl of stew and his descendants harbor such resentment towards Jacobs descendants that Esau’s descendants made a pact with the Devil to get revenge.

          I really do believe and there is literature pointing to the fact that today’s so called “Jews” are not descended from the tribes that Moses lead across the Red Sea.

          1. Why Did Esau Not Get Along with Jacob?

            From Cain and Abel onward, many brothers have been rivals. However, not all brothers were rivals before they were even born. The Bible states that while Rebekah was still carrying her twin sons in her womb, they started fighting each other. When Rebekah asked God what was going on…

            The Lord said to her, “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.”

            Genesis 25:23

            1. When Esau’s descendants who were the priests, rabbis, and leaders in the Roman’s vassal government in Judea told Jesus that Abraham was their father, they were actually correct. However, most of them were mixed with Edom lineage and did not even have Judah nor Benjamin blood.

              Judas was an example of this. This devilish behavior is genetic in nature. It’s in their DNA.

            2. The Lord Jesus Christ had a conversation with this group. This group told him they are the children of Abraham, and that they’ve never been slaves before. Which is odd because how can they be children of Abraham and not had been through slavery in Egypt, Assyria, or with the Babylonians? Jesus didn’t rebuke them either, so they were telling the truth. But the answer is simple – they were children of Ishmael (first son of Abraham). And Esau also took wives from the descendants of Ishmael’s line. Meanwhile, Jacob (Abraham’s 2nd son – Issac was his father) took his own separate path away from the descendants of Ishmael and his brother Esau. Only Jacob’s line went through slavery. Jesus tells the group he’s speaking to they are not the true children of Abraham, because if they were they would had gladly accepted him; but instead are doing the will of Satan. Mohammed, very likely, had a similar deal presented by Satan as Jesus in Matthew 4. Because Mohammed first wanted to commit suicide after his encounter with the angel that had him start Islam. But he obviously never killed himself but instead had great wealth, prestige, women, and power. When before starting Islam he didn’t have those things. Muslims say that Mohammed came from the line of Ishmael.

            3. The Mormon Church believes the American Indians are the lost Israelites.

              Of course, the people who claim this people or that people are the lost sheep of the house of Israel/Joseph are unable to piece together the OT. They just make up stuff that makes them feel better.

              Just read the Jacob deathbed promises for the last days (after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ) for a clue as to where they are today. Those promises were not for pre-Jesus history, but for after. Let me know who you think fits the bill. And only the Laodiceans think it means spiritual. 😅 What dummies of the Schofield lies.

            4. Jesus’s hair was like wool and his feet were like a furnace or dark skinned, yet not a black african just dark skinned. Revelations 1:13-15. So the true Israelites were obvsiously not caucasian and possibly they eventually became more caucasian or white skinned through breeding while migrating north? And with stories of Jesus’s family settling in South France, yet that region has also been invaded in the past and people breeded out and replaced.

              Of course I am restarting my journey into trying to find out truthfullness, and I see it will be a never ending effort, scriptures, timelines, genealogies,etc. Combine that with all the confusion with history being rewritten to fit agendas. There won’t be that full belly satisfaction of knowing and having the real answers, besides the spiritual concepts which are straight forward descriptions.

              I feel you are accurate in saying the USA and Great Britain as nations, fit the bill in context for the birth right blessing.

            5. The peculiar thing about skin color is that it doesn’t evolve, rather the generations change as the breeding changes. It’s A peculiar thing about human skin; when the races mix the skin only gets various shades darker. We never come from dark skin and it changes to white skin. It’s only the other way around. So anybody who was considered European 2,000-3,000 years ago would still be the same skin color if they were white.

            6. Esau and David were both described as having a “ruddy” appearance which can be interpreted a red hair. Looks like the Scots and Irish have that hair color cornered.

  18. A parasite has invaded and taken over the West. It has leveraged the Jacob promised and God-given power birthright of the United States, Britain Commonwealth, and Western Europe. It’s now spread the disease all around the world.

    Of course, this parasite is called the synagogue of Satan. It is sucking dry its host and causing all sorts of debilitating illnesses. The West and the United States are beginning to struggle under it with a debilitating fever, and will soon begin to struggle to stay conscious. It will eventually culminate with a grand mal seizure. The fever will eventually break and the end will come. But we have to all go through these terrible times over the next several years to a decade and then the end will come. We will not be raptured out until our blessed father sends back his Son.

    No more synagogue of Satan banking families. No more concern about Petrus Romanus and the false prophet and antichrist. It will all be a distant memory and it will all end.

  19. The train derailment news is too obvious to keep a lid on it, so the DoD Pentagon has decided to cover it.

    After a train derailment, Ohio residents are living the plot of a movie they helped make

    When Ben Ratner’s family signed up in 2021 to be extras in the movie “White Noise,” they thought it would be a fun distraction from their day-to-day life in blue-collar East Palestine, Ohio.

  20. Monthly CPI data look okay at first blush, but the annual is slightly higher than expected. Moreover real wage earnings is continuing to climb and shelter costs are remaining elevated above expectations. Overall, I think this is a slightly hotter number than I thought was going to happen. Personally, I would have thought the financial markets would have fallen on these numbers given that the Fed will be concerned about real wage earningsgiven the backdrop of tight employment data as well as the continued elevated shelter costs.

    Core CPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.4% Prev: 0.4%

    Core CPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 5.6% Cons: 5.5% Prev: 5.7%

    Core CPI Index (Jan)
    Act: 302.70 Cons: Prev: 301.46

    CPI (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.5% Cons: 0.5% Prev: 0.1%

    CPI (YoY) (Jan)
    Act: 6.4% Cons: 6.2% Prev: 6.5%

    Real Earnings (MoM) (Jan)
    Act: 0.7% Cons: Prev: 0.1%

    1. Holy moly. I have not been keeping up on this much as there is a media blackout on it. This looks catastrophic. Moreover, they arrested a news report for trying to cover the derailment and fall out.

      The guy filming is in Darlington PA, seven miles away as the crow flies.

      All of that stuff is going to blow over Pittsburgh.

      1. Very concerned about the water and river contamination downstream from this. If we thought food was expensive now – just wait.

      2. I think these train derailments and resulting environmental disasters are a plan to do in people that the vaccines were not able to do in. These train derailments seem to affect rural areas where the vaccination rates are lower.

        1. Have you also noticed the heavy chemtrailing? They’re hitting every state that I can see that I traveled through on east coast and heard from another NV getting hit.

          1. Oh yeah. Every once in awhile we’ll comment on the chemtrailing, but what use does it do at this point? I’ve been noticing it now for 20 years and a good day is when there are no chemtrails in the sky in the morning. Unfortunately, four out of every 5 days shows chemtrails.

            What I marvel at is how the controlled environmental groups will discuss how cows burp and fart methane, gasoline powered vehicles are killing us, natural gas stoves are giving us cancer, and we consume too much, yet they’ll never mention chemtrails, 5G radiation, nor hazardous railcar spills that end up sending toxic plumes across the state. That’s because the environmental groups are all controlled by the synagogue of Satan and are little dancing bears.

            At least knowing all this, I know to not even give environmentalism a further thought in my decision-making processes and I do not consternate about any of the synagogue’s scare tactics. The real problems like chemtrailing, GMO foods, allopathic medicine, and mRNA injections, are never discussed by the adversary as being the real problems.

      1. And the name of the movie — “White Noise.”

        It just so happens that this planned attack is in one of the few heavily white parts of the country. Lots of Germans live there, who are “Amalek” according to the SoS.

        I remember you said a few years ago that you’d be careful about moving to remote areas because the government could just carpet bomb them. That’s exactly what is happening. Rural whites are being removed, but the overall disruption to the US is minimal. Urban and suburban dwellers don’t really care about this attack because it doesn’t affect them.

  21. Is the end of the papacy going according to some sort of master prophecy?

    The first pope of Malachy’s prophecy, Celestine II, was elected in 1143.

    442 years later, Pope Sixtus V was elected in 1585; (Malachy’s prophetic passage for Sixtus V was “Axle in the midst of a sign” (or prophecy))

    #112, the final pope, is Francis as Peter the Roman. Another 442 years forward from the election of Sixtus V brings us to 2027.

    The Catholic ruling hierarchy says very little about this prophecy, yet it seems to be tacitly obsessed by it, with most of the popes somehow conforming to it one way or another. Fatima is a red herring and can mean whatever a person wants it to mean. I am convinced the prophecy of the popes is the legitimate one.

    Francis’s first official visit was on Thursday March 14, 2014, and was to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore just outside the Vatican. There he prayed to the Virgin Mary. Immediately afterward, he then made his way to another chapel in the Basilica where he then knelt down in front of a mysterious tomb, which turned out to be the tomb of Pope Sixtus V.

    Did Francis recognize the prophecy and that he would be there to fulfill it? We will find out in 2027.


    Do you want to live in the multicultural areas or the cities in 2027? I sure as heck do not.

    Jesus is going to cast many of the weak Laodicean Christians into hell for their false beliefs of loving everyone and infinite love. Why? Because they took the expedient way of the world to live in this world. Jesus is going to more likely accept those who are currently being maligned and pulverized; those who were considered racist, misogynist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, against multiculturalism, neo-Nazis, etc.

    Personally, I find most traditional non-European cultures to be completely antithetical to biblical teaching and morality. Most cultures today, especially the black and hispanic cultures, are derived by direct edict from DARPA, the DoD Pentagon, and McLean, VA. There is absolutely nothing grassroots about the black and hispanic culture. it was ALL given down to the masses by schools of behavioral scientists at the top levels. It’s all synthetic. Just like today’s white culture, which is meant to be a demoralizing synthesis to white people.

    Wonder why the world is falling apart? The most capable have been set aside while the least capable are increasingly being allowed to rule. Of course, that is allowed by the adversary.

    Most Christians, even the ones who used to debate me with Paul-only disingenuity, have chosen to be stupid, because it allows them to live in this world more comfortably and believe their once-saved-always-saved bullshit. Some of these dimwits will be shocked at the judgment throne.

    1. Luke 13:25

      When once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then he will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’

      Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in your presence, and you taught in our streets.’ But he will say, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you come from. Depart from me, all you workers of evil!’

      In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God but you yourselves cast out. And people will come from east and west, and from north and south, and recline at table in the kingdom of God. And behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last.”

    2. I thought all the anti-white mantra was to turn blacks and whites against each other? I saw Target and Amazon both now display shopping for “black-owned” businesses. It’s such a shame they’re trying to turn us against each other while they laugh all the way to the bank…

  22. Public and Church criticism of #112, Peter the Roman, intensifying after #111’s death.

    Pope Francis Faces ‘Civil War’ At Heart Of Church

    From his reforms to his foreign relations, criticism of Pope Francis has intensified since the death of his predecessor Benedict XVI, revealing a climate of “civil war” at a time when the Catholic Church is engaged in a global conversation about its future.

    Benedict, a conservative German theologian who was pope for eight years before resigning in 2013, died on December 31 at the age of 95.

    Within days of his death, his closest aide, Georg Gaenswein, revealed Benedict’s concerns at some of the changes made by his successor Pope Francis, notably his decision to restrict the use of the Latin mass.

    The criticism was not new. Many in the conservative wing of the Roman Curia, which governs the Church, have long complained the Argentine pontiff is authoritarian and too focused on pastoral matters at the expense of theological rigour.

    But it was followed by the death of Australian cardinal George Pell, and the subsequent revelation that he had authored an anonymous note published last year that directly attacked Francis.

    1. Apparently Francis is also the Papal Treasurer. Controlling the purse strings. This is I am told is an unusual thing for a pontiff to do.

  23. Wealth consolidation in action; The large money institutions offer going on title for money, which is spent by the desperate homeowner on daily essentials. Much of that money goes to support revenue and profit at the largest firms. The owners of these assets get wealthier as the average guy eventually sells everything he owns just to keep food on the table. The wealthiest asset owners continue to see consolidation of wealth as this heightened regime of inflation and nominal bond yields continue to be a one-two sucker punch to 90% of the population.

    The concept of the large institution taking title is key in the 2030 agenda of not owning anything and being happy. The banks will indeed own It All As Americans sell everything they have to make ends meet.

    1. For references, can we get scriptures posted that states against multiculturalism?
      I’m surrounded by Christians that say Jesus accepts everyone and we should too, and ask where in the bible does it say we can’t accept immigrants.

      Prices have went up in my area. It’s not Vegas or near a beach, but I guess that doesn’t matter. Another problem is property taxes have also increased.

      Minus the maintanence costs and property taxes, it makes renting look less of a hassle. However now that rents are increasing, it’s making living in a van more appealing. The problem with that is finding a place to park.

      1. The rejection of the OT as an operating guide for the Laodicean Christian was the worst mistake. This “mistake” was injected into the church by the synagogue adversary at least 150-175 years ago at the seminary level.

        The OT contains hundreds of admonitions and recounts of instances at what happened to the ancient Israelites when they deviated from God’s commandments and the prophets warnings about intermarrying with different peoples, races, religions, lifestyles, cultures, etc. Whenever the Israelites mixed their cultures, religious practices, and peoples with other non-Israeilte peoples, almost without exception, trouble followed.

        Ask yourself why the Jews were instructed to stay within their faith. That’s because they took the lessons and admonitions of the OT seriously. But the adversary has convinced the Christian church that the OT no longer pertains to them and that the God of the OT and NT are somehow sending different messages. The messages are the same; today’s Christian has been duped to believe otherwise and that the OT admonitions mysteriously don’t apply to them.

        Of course, this process to disassociate the Christian from the OT started after the secret societies infiltrated the seminaries here in NA and in Europe 175 years ago. Today’s Christian sounds just like a Buddhist. Sloppy agape nothingness.

        The warnings to the Israeiltes about mixing are just as vital today, and were even given credence up to about 50-70 years ago. This has nothing to do with loving or hating your neighbor, it has all to do with supporting your nation and people. It doesn’t matter what people or nation you are. The devil won in this regard and the Paul-quoting, infinite loving dummy is fully deceived and seems well adjusted to the iron and clay of Daniel. Today’s Christian is well adjusted and rationalizes the open borders as loving the neighbor, even if it means destroying his nation and own people.

        I just avoid these willfully ignorant dupes. I advise you to do the same.

        1. Like you always said, the only way to have all these different people live together is to have an all powerful central government. It looks to be global with a bully social media run by the same force managing it all.

          If people think all the various misfit people can live together then they should be happy with the way things have turned out. A powerful central banking system and a powerful elite who can engineer things are needed.

          1. And trillions and trillions of dollars of deficit spending. Costs of everything going up and my readers who have listened to the reality of my research have been cleaning up. There really isn’t that much risk involved either. With multiculturalism, making money is easy, as long as you don’t identify with any of the fake sides.

            Housing crash? Hogwash! Multiculturalists force massive centralized spending to support it. Housing costs will continue to spiral. Wall Street will own tens of millions of homes. The dumbasses deserve to be fleeced.

            2030; the people won’t own anything and they will be happy. Wall Street will legally own it all! There are a few who know how all this works and will prosper. People like we are who are savvy to this stage show will come out ahead.

            Enjoy your multicultural kingdom!🤣🤣🤣🤣

            Remember how this racist has been warning you how predictably get ahead and have a life relatively free of financial stress.

            I have been saying this for a decade and have been doing exactly what I recommended.

            1. To get everybody from all the different races and cultures to live together requires a massive police state to manage it all and keep everyone in line. And we wonder why the Constitution is going away?

              Just driving down the highway reminds me of how hellish the world has become.

      2. House prices have doubled, and so have rents. Cap rates and IRRs don’t seem so stretched and are nowhere near as low today as they were in 2005-2007. I do the math myself and see that just looking at the Case Shiller chart doesn’t mean much when we don’t look at the other factors that determine asset values.

        With the Feds spending so much more every year, I see little reason for prices (or rents) to fall on a sustained basis. It’s like fighting gravity.

      3. God scrambled the languages in the Tower of Babel.

        Our taxes went up. They’re bleeding us. Then, to top it off, the state went hunting for minor infractions against those with a trade and are demanding hefty fines. They lack a soul. Don’t care if you’re barely making it.

      1. That video is Revelations seal 6 which is just around the corner.
        The blood moon also is prophesied in the Book of Revelation chapter 6 verses 11–13, where verse 12 states, “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.”

  24. Proverbs 24:1


    Be not envious of evil men,
    nor desire to be with them,
    for their hearts devise violence,
    and their lips talk of trouble.

    Whoever plans to do evil
    will be called a schemer.
    The devising of folly is sin,
    and the scoffer is an abomination to mankind.

  25. It is impossible to enslave, mentally or socially, a bible-reading people. The principles of the bible are the groundwork of human freedom.

    Horace Greeley

    It is very easy to enslave, mentally, spiritually, or socially, a Christ- and Bible-rejecting people. Multiculturalism and the rejection of biblical Christianity are the groundwork for human exploitation.

    CJ Evans

    1. We are seeing at this times so many examples of both extremes.

      But in order to see and judge well what is right and proper you have to be not blinded or deft by God and take the Bible as the Father and the Son intended letting yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit, not by the cherry picked, agenda driven bits of Bible you are given from contaminated, corrupt, earthly religious rulers.

    2. This is why the Synagogue of Satan wanted to get the Bible and Jesus Christ out of schools, government, entertainment, etc. They wanted to get humanity away from Jesus Christ as a way to enslave us. Jesus came in the flesh to free humanity for those willing to see the light that is staring right at them.

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