Slavery reparations; A means to confiscate wealth and destroy the last bit of resistance


Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, which should betray him, Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor? This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein.

John 12:4-6 KJV

The people who “control the bag” want your wealth

I am warning the asset-owning reader, I strongly advise you to begin investing outside of the multicultural areas. If and when a slave reparations scheme is implemented, the least troubling outcome will result in a regime of punishing restrictions on asset ownership and transfer, and a rollback of the tax benefits that have promoted asset-price inflation. The most worrisome outcome; an outright confiscation of white people’s wealth like in South Africa.

I scanned my news feed this morning and performed a search on “slave reparations,” and about two dozen articles written in the past week showed up. For the most part, they seem to illustrate a similar outcome; a sense of inevitability to the scheme.

Any type of de facto property expropriation, whether it be in the form of “swollen wealth” taxes, outright confiscation or liens, will very likely be classified as “slave reparations” to make it more palatable. We all lose, even the blacks. I am warning the reader to begin diversifying investments out of the black and multicultural areas.

The true purpose behind the concept of slave reparations is the decimation of the last bit of resistance to the New World Order. These multiracial puppets are being promoted at the mainstream news outlets by their senior editors at the DoD Pentagon for a purpose. The Americans are the real enemy and the white people need to continue to be knocked down financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Check out this falsehood being promoted to the nation’s youth.

In a sinister cartoon airing on Disney+ called “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,” the characters proclaim, “Slaves built this country, and we the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering and continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in a systemic prejudice, racism and white supremacy that America was founded with and still has not atoned for.”

Disney’s reparations cartoon shows exactly why Ron DeSantis fights, New York Post, February 7th

Here is another passage from a recent MarketWatch article, which says it includes “expert” testimony;

The panel responsible for the nation’s first state-level exploration of reparations for Black Americans discussed an important question this weekend: How will the state pay for reparations?

The California reparations task force listened to testimony from experts who suggested possible sources for compensation, after previous meetings had touched on the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars in monetary reparations for specific harms. The experts’ suggestions included taxing the rich, such as through a state estate tax or a “mansion tax”; incentivizing the wealthy to help fund reparations by providing tax breaks, akin to how charitable giving minimizes one’s tax burden; or helping all taxpayers with below-median wealth by means of a tax credit, which would in turn help Black households.

The experts’ suggestions about possible sources of funding were based on their testimony that current U.S. tax laws favor the wealthy — who are most likely to be white.

“Our tax laws as written have a disparate impact,” said Dorothy Brown, a tax professor at Georgetown Law and author of the book, “The Whiteness of Wealth: How the Tax System Impoverishes Black Americans and How We Can Fix It.”

A pair of estate planners who testified introduced the idea of taxing “swollen” wealth to replace “stolen” wealth….

How to pay for reparations in California? ‘Swollen’ wealth could replace ‘stolen’ wealth through taxes – MarketWatch, January 30th

Here is another cleverly crafted article outlining similar sentiments where non-whites are determining social policy;

Boston’s mayor has announced the membership of the city’s new commission to study reparations, joining a growing number of cities and states across the country considering the possibility of making direct payments to the descendants of American slaves.

Speaking at Boston’s Museum of African American History on Tuesday, Mayor Michelle Wu highlighted the city’s role in the slave trade. “Even after Massachusetts outlawed slavery,” which was before the Revolutionary War, “we still benefited from the labor of enslaved people. Inequities are evident even today in what we see in home ownership, wealth, and education.”

The mayor announced that a Boston attorney, Joseph Feaster, who said he has “long been” a supporter of reparations, would be chairman of the commission. “I can feel in this room the reverberations of my ancestors,” Mr. Feaster said. Previously, he served as the president of the eastern Massachusetts chapter of the Urban League and was the youngest president of the Boston chapter of the NAACP.

Boston Poised To Jump on the Reparations Bandwagon, New York Sun, February 8th

As we approach humanity’s denouement, look for many other similar ideas to be deliberated by the “experts”. Of course these so-called authorities are only puppets being played by the adversary. Plan, relocate, build, prepare. We have four more years.


1st comment;

It’s the rollback of tax exemptions, credits, and benefits accrued to asset owners I’m concerned about. The states and the Feds will use reparations as the excuse. Why confiscate when the authorities can just change the tax code?

It’s not a black and white issue. The states, the Feds, and wealthiest who favor all social spending and redistribution will use this to extract the wealth without having to take the blame.

The simple make it a race issue. I see it as a means to an end.

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42 thoughts on “Slavery reparations; A means to confiscate wealth and destroy the last bit of resistance

  1. M2 fading, but so much higher than five years ago. About 50% higher

    For those not wanting to work for employers nor having profane customers to deal with, there are a number of income generating assets out there that are still reasonably priced. When Jacob’s trouble hits us like a punch in the face, we’re going to be forced to take jabs, take a mark to buy and sell to have a job, and renounce your faith. At least if you own these assets we’ll be one step ahead of all of the others who didn’t trim their wicks and burned all their wax believing in the pre-trib.

    This end time beast system will be commercially based and will mirror our experience during the covid injection campaign. Thus I doubt many income generating assets will be confiscated. Buying and selling them or another matter.

    I’ve been recommending the right strategy for a decade now and I can only get you so far if you don’t want to listen. There are many alt-financial douchebags out there that serve up warm milk for the masses.

    1. CJ,

      You said “there are a number of income generating assets out there that are still reasonably priced”; other than SFR what else catches your attention?

      1. I’ve mentioned many of these over the years, and this author enumerates most of them.

        You have to figure out which ones work best for you and your personality. Several of them I would not recommend, savings and CD accounts or anything related to crypto. Building a self sufficient business based on a skill or talent is also a good one. This means we need to differentiate ourselves from others.

        I mention RE often as that is easy for Joe Six pack to grasp.

        I am buying decent houses out in the relatively rural areas of VA and may turn them all into Airbnb’s eventually.

    2. CJ – sorry if I’m a slow-learner. What is your strategy for making it through the beast system?

      Spouse received a letter from state advising we owed them a hefty fine for a minor infraction. He contacted someone who told him all these states are looking for money so they’re leaning on contractors. It’s despicable. My spouse wrote to them and explained my high medical bills but they don’t care. They said we can pay “installments.” It wasn’t even his fault, and is such a minor thing it’s ridiculous. These people are soulless. They don’t care if you can’t afford your food; it’s all about theft.

      We lived in a rural area and our taxes kept going up until they reached over $7,000+ a year for hardly any services. I knew a woman who worked at the school cafeteria and told me of the huge catered luncheons the city held for the government employees. It made me sick – people could barely get by yet these “public servants” were extorting money from taxpayers to fund their perks.

      I see the anti-white sentiment which I believe is meant to turn we the people against each other. We live in a mixed area and never have we had ANY racial problems whatsoever. Being older, I’ve had young black guys help me when they see me struggling. It’s heartbreaking that these devils are trying to turn us against each other. My spouse was at a park and a group of young black children were playing. The ball rolled in front of my spouse so he tossed it to the little girl standing there. He was shocked at her vitriol: “Don’t you touch my ball! YOU’RE THE DEVIL!” We were flabbergasted. That child didn’t think that up – she was taught that white hate.

      Then you have all these cops killing and abusing people and getting off. I saw a video of a reporter who went to multiple police departments asking how to file a complaint. He was verbally abused, and then a black cop physically abused him, putting the reporter in the hospital.

      Police have been given so much immunity by the courts that they now kill and abuse with impunity. They sexually abused our daughter during a traffic stop. Think this doesn’t go on??? Think again. After they abused her as she cried they charged HER with a nonexistent “offense” to intimidate her. It worked. She refused to pursue a lawsuit. Now sex perverts are out “keeping us safe.” The prosecutor, wearing his little cross lapel took one look at the video and exclaimed “OH MY GOD” then went on to prosecute OUR DAUGHTER AND DID NOTHING TO THE SEX PERVERT COPS.

      I called our lawyer who advised me TO DROP IT!

      We’re IN Nazi Germany. We have no rights.

      Now, more than ever, we need to reach out to our fellow Americans and show them we are NOT each others’ enemies.

      1. Life is going to become much more unbearable over the next several years out to a decade for those who run small businesses and for those who work for wage income.

        I have been warning the reader for a long time now to get out of the multicultural areas, as it’s not only about living amongst the people with their high crime rates and demands on government, but it’s the governments themselves that are going to cause the problems.

        The problem ultimately rests with the government as it allows this reprobate behavior and actually encourages it while it heavily taxes and regulates hard workers, small business owners, and wage earners.

        Most of the people don’t feel it directly as the governments just float debt and tax through inflation. I have been warning the reader for a long time to leave these multicultural areas and find more homogeneous locations in which to settle. We don’t have any choice and these problems are going to manifest and get much worse and magnify over the years. I generally now stay away from other types of people when possible. This means I generally become a loner in a lot of respects and only deal with other types of people when I am the landlord and hold the controlling interest in the transaction.

        For instance, the amount of regulation in Prince George’s County Maryland for landlords and business owners has intensified to the point that I am beginning to sell properties out of that County. I have owned rental properties in that jurisdiction for 20 years and the direction of change is only intensified in the past four or five years. The rental inspections, heavy and capricious fines, licensing fees, rent regulations, and property taxes have become so onerous, which actually means much higher rents for tenants living in the county. But keep in mind, the mixed race population there, which is heavily black, demands the social programs that actually strangle them financially.

        Ultimately all it does, is drive out sound business practices out of the county. Smaller independent landlords generally charge less than market rent, which I do, but the regulations are driving them out of the county, leaving only large institutions who charge full market. I explain to County employees that I’m actually the best form of subsidized housing the county can have, but all they hear is some white cracker ass trying to lecture them.

        I strongly recommend you leaving where you live and relocating. I have been putting out the warning for some time now that we only have about four years left to make this transfer.

        I noticed that in the more heavily white areas of the country, house prices have been doing much better than in the multicultural areas. I’m not the only white person who is noticing what is going on. While most white people won’t tell you what I’m telling you, they know in the back of their minds that what I’m saying is correct. Get out of the mixed areas and get to a homogeneous area. The homogeneous area will not have these regulations crushing you.

        The time is now! Make your move. I’m 57 years old and I’m doing it now. By the time I’m 60, this process for me will be complete. I am giving myself three more years.

  2. As the wealth is more and more consolidated, these lofty valuations on all sorts of income generating assets make perfect sense. The livestock and their spending support these valuations. There are no collapses coming as long as the people enjoy their Sodom.

    It’s kind of funny, in the past this was all theory, but now I tell people to see reality just look out the window. It’s right in front of us. Take a look at the people for the answer.

    Billionaires Are Making NFL Teams Too Expensive. Soon, Ownership Rules May Change

    NFL team valuations have skyrocketed to record highs in recent years, boosted by red-hot demand for broadcast rights for live sports, and the lofty price tags will soon force the league into making some tough decisions on who’s allowed to own a piece of a franchise. What’s certain is that the new owner of the Commanders won’t be an institutional investor, because they’re barred by league rules — at least for now.

    If valuations keep rising, we may see more teams go public within 20 years, a status now limited to a very few elite clubs such as Manchester United, said Sal Galatioto, president of financial advisory firm Galatioto Sports Partners. The media rights are so lucrative because all teams get equal shares of the media revenue whether they’re at the top of the standings or in last place. That means no one loses — unless they can’t get in the game to begin with.

    “It’s the most bulletproof investment in the world,” Galatioto said. “My golden retriever could run an NFL team and make money.”

    1. By the way, most Christians today are deceived and actually enjoy many aspects of Sodom. Many aspects of the world that is supported by today’s Christian resembles much of what the Bible described regarding the times and circumstances surrounding the Tower of Babel. It’s called political correctness, infinite love, and multiculturalism.

      I wonder how far the pre-tribbers and the “once saved always saved” people will go into the tribulation before they realize they were probably mistaken.

  3. Traders Are Starting to Put Big Money on the Fed Going to 6%

    (Bloomberg) — A shift in sentiment on Federal Reserve policy is emerging in interest-rate options, where several big wagers on the central bank’s benchmark rate reaching 6% — nearly a percentage point higher than the current consensus — have popped up this week.

    The thinking behind them flies in the face of what has been an article of faith over the past two months: that the Fed, after raising rates eight times in the past year, is near the end of its tightening cycle. Already, rates are high enough to cause a recession that will require the central bank to reverse course this year, the thinking goes.

    But strong January employment data released Friday challenged that thesis, and comments by Fed officials this week have eroded it further. Now, a pause after just one or two more rate hikes is not looking like such a done deal.

    1. You probably already saw this interview with Jerome Powell by David Rubenstein a couple days ago. Nothing too remarkable or revealing except that Rubenstein has Powell looking like a bumbling buffoon. It almost sounds like there is a laugh track.

      Could you imagine Rubenstein doing this to Greenspan or Bernanke?

      1. You get it. Powell seems to always be over his head. The synagogue money club members have privileges. A holdover from Trump.

        Bernanke disagreed with Powell’s approach to COVID, but Powell did what his owners wanted; pour out trillions to the end user without compunction and keep rates low for way too long. That is currently ruining the lives of the many while enriching the few.

        The stupidity was too obvious, so only a goy boy would be picked to carry it out.

  4. Otto, first you claimed the right to privately interpret scripture, which the Bible itself forbids. Then, your next excuse to do so was that by simply praying, God would somehow give you the correct interpretation. This is circular, Otto. How does one know that he is hearing God and not his own heart, which is entirely wicked? You don’t. That is why the Church was installed by Christ Himself.

    Regarding the thousand years, you assume it is impossible for the thousand years to have been the Church age (past event) because you assume that there was never any kind of a mark, even if Revelation follows your chronology (which you don’t know for sure, regardless of what you think the Holy Spirit tells you). Many assumptions and little logic, it seems.

    You have no authority to making the claims that you do, other than the authority of yourself. And why should anyone accept your authority on prophecy? If all you need is scripture and the Holy Spirit with which to correctly interpret prophecy, then why is there no unity on the correct interpretation? Obviously, your formula doesn’t work. Time to get a new one.

    No matter how much you want to believe that you have a personal line to the Holy Spirit and, therefore, your interpretation must be correct, you are your own authority, which has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit. Sola scriptura is a walking contradiction.

  5. No collapses…
    1Q 2023 GDP Latest estimate: 2.2 percent — February 8, 2023

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the first quarter of 2023 is 2.2 percent on February 8, up from 2.1 percent on February 7. After this morning’s wholesale trade release from the US Census Bureau, the nowcast of first-quarter gross private domestic investment growth increased from -6.2 percent to -5.6 percent.

    The next GDPNow update is Wednesday, February 15. Please see the “Release Dates” tab below for a list of upcoming releases.

    1. Easily offended and docile consumers are the best types for the ruling oligarchy. They are so easily parted from their money.

      The reasons are simple. Those who are easily offended tend to rarely admit they are wrong on a matter. They tend to make impulsive and whimsical choices and take inconsistent and often counterintuitively deteriental actions. Subjective people are more easily manipulated than those who can remain objective long enough to reason out certain actions.

      Those who make financial and economic decisions and choices based on subjectivity and feelings are usually less affluent and are on a lower economic demographic. Governments and corporations eschew objectivity; they do not want anyone truly questioning their decisions.

      It is imperative for the large corporations and the government to retain in the target audience this subjective mindset when it comes to advertising, consuming, and manipulating the target into acceding to certain actions the government may take, even if it is detrimental to that consumer or voter. Moreover, in order for the producer of a product to make a higher level of profit, it is vital that their advertising continually shifts the target consumer into a more base and subjective mindset.

  6. Own income generating assets….

    US Budget Deficit Widens Rapidly, Threatening Debt-Limit Timeline

    (Bloomberg) — The federal budget deficit is widening rapidly, according to the latest estimates by the Congressional Budget Office, raising the risk of the Treasury running out of cash earlier than expected amid a debt-ceiling standoff.

    The excess of spending over receipts totaled $459 billion for the first four months of the fiscal year, which started Oct. 1, according to CBO estimates released on Wednesday. That’s a $200 billion increase over the same period a year earlier.

  7. Church of England explores gender neutral God

    LONDON, Feb 8 (Reuters) – The Church of England will look into the use of gender neutral terms to refer to God in prayers, but the centuries-old institution said on Wednesday there were no plans to abolish current services.

    The issue reflects growing global awareness about the assumed usage of pronouns causing offence or upset to those who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

  8. The Synagogue of Satan have played both sides of the race issue. The SoS have exploited blacks and indigenous people for the slave trade and they exploited bigotry to keep the blacks down with Jim Crow laws and apartheid. Now the SoS are turning the tables against the whites and putting the blacks on a pedestal. They don’t give a rat’s ass about blacks or whites. The SoS are just creating division and fighting among humanity to distract people so the SoS can maintain power and implement their evil plots against humanity. The reparations plan is part of their plan to cause division and resentment among people.

    1. Reparations are all about confiscation of wealth, since whites own 85% of the wealth anyway. When confiscatory policies appear, chalk it up to reparations.

      This will definitely be a go after the force majeure.

      This is important to keep in mind; if local jurisdictions are to individually conduct reparations and transfer payments, they don’t have the backing of a central bank that can print money and float debt. The only way they can get it is through direct taxation, or worse.

      This is why I’m paying particular attention to what is going on in California. I’m looking at this through many layers.

      1. Usually California leads the country. Sometimes it is Massachusetts as it was the first state to penalize taxpayers for not having health insurance and also the first to allow same sex marriage.

        1. Vermont was the first for Civil Unions. Signed by Gov. Howard Dean behind closed doors Summer of 2000.

  9. The sheenies are behind this. For every dollar stolen from a white for a black, the sheenie lawyer will be there taking .50 of it. And let’s see how jews stop being “white” when this kicks off.

    1. You got it. One for the black people, two for the synagogue. Three comes out of the pockets of the lowly white asset owner, since whites own 85% of all the wealth anyway. Just guilt and shame whitie into submission and call it reparations.

      1. Since everything is anti-white now, how do you see our way out?

        We live in a mixed area and have never had racial problems. However, now we have to worry that someone will be deluded by the lying mainstream media into thinking all whites are racist, thereby justifying crime against whites.

        We’ve been treating others nice as we always have, but I’m wondering if there’s any way to turn this monstrosity around. I think the police brutality is serving to enrage blacks – and I don’t blame them. However, whites are also victims of police. I was talking with a young black man, and we were discussing our experiences with police brutality. It hurts because we have to realize that we need to join forces instead of allowing the devils to divide and conquer.

        Each of us should read The Gulag Archipelago.

        Evil people always support each other; that is their chief strength.
        Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        The price of cowardice will only be evil. We shall reap courage and victory only when we dare to make sacrifices.
        Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers . . . we are ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.
        Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  10. I keep reading how the former Soviet Union is #winning.

    Moscow Considering Windfall Tax to Cover Plunging Oil Revenues

    Moscow is considering a one-time windfall tax on large corporations as a stop-gap measure for dangerously declining oil and gas revenues that have left the country with a $25-billion deficit.

    According to Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, Moscow is discussing a “voluntary”, one-off contribution from big businesses.

  11. I suppose that could happen. I see more of non-compliance with climate change protocols – then you can punish everyone. Just make normal things illegal, like gas stoves or wood stoves, or gas powered cars. On local news, carrots and potatoes were dangerous to eat because now it’s been discovered there is an abundance of lead in the soil.

    I do remember a Passionist priest giving a talk at a retreat in 1996, advising us to be good to the poor because the time is coming, that if you are not helping them, they will just come and take it from you. I had the distinct feeling he was advising us of end of days. We were incredulous then but I did get the feeling of foreboding. Maybe he knew more than he let on. However, if you are the one making all the dough off of the disheartened, I suppose it makes you a target, in one way or the other. I live amongst a mixed bag of mostly white people – some so well, some are really poor. I try to lay low. I don’t think it matters about race – if people are hungry and need, they will get what they need where they think they can get it. For now, I try to enjoy the peace we have been granted for awhile.

    1. It’s the rollback of tax exemptions, credits, and benefits accrued to asset owners I’m concerned about. The states and the Feds will use reparations as the excuse. Why confiscate when the authorities can just change the tax code?

      I don’t see it happening in Canada.

      The simple make it a race issue. I see it as a means to an end.

      1. Reparations in Canada are ongoing. Taking money from hard-working white Canadians and giving it to underserving “indigenous” Canadians who are mostly low IQ, high impulsivity, alcoholics and troublemakers who live on taxpayer-funded “reservations” that resemble 1980s Soviet Union. Once they authorities “discover” more “mass graves” of so called indigenous, the reparations agenda will ramp up in harmony with America’s manufactured reparations agenda.

    2. Yes I am wary of the time when people feel justified in robbing from you. I talked with a man who lived in Guatemala for awhile and told me his neighbors were so poor they stole everything they could off their neighbors. Now those with this mindset are flooding into the country. I know a man in real estate who is having a heck of a time with foreigners stealing houses in CO. They apparently read the obituaries to find someone who died and then break in.

      The realtor owned the house and couldn’t evict them, because a Mexican woman claimed to be the girlfriend of the deceased man. The realtor had to pay someone to serve her an eviction notice – and she was in a gang and the realtor was wary they’d assault or kill him. After evicting them they broke back in and stole the washer, dryer, and deceased’s vehicle. The realtor thought the cops were in on it.

      You will never read this on the news.

      Post-surgery I had complications and spouse drove me to ER. I was in medical shock from acute pain and could barely stand. I looked around at a sea of foreign faces and not one of those “people here through no fault of their own” got up to offer me a seat. That’s when I saw the sense of entitlement they have and how the media lie.

      I had to go lay down in our car while spouse waited for me as I couldn’t stand. In spite of being in horrible shape the hospital treated all the “poor refugees” ahead of me with hangnails and tummy aches. They all got free care. Finally I could bear it no longer (the doctor refused to prescribe adequate pain care after my flesh was cut open with surgical knives; another attack on the people; many have committed suicide.)

      Spouse drove me to another hospital. I have continued to get notifications from that hospital that I owe them a lot of money. I explained REPEATEDLY that I was not seen and they continued to harass me to pay a bill I never incurred. I recently exploded on them and accused them of theft by deception and they finally stopped harassing me.

      AMERICANS ARE THE NEW DISCRIMINATED AGAINST CLASS. And we’re told we’re racist if we oppose this nonstop influx. What a lie. It’s not about race – it’s about our inability to access medical care. It’s about piling too many people onto the float until it sinks. It’s about handing everyone but Americans free medical care, housing, money, while Americans go without. Everything is a lie.

  12. How about Reparations for the Vaccine Injured instead payable by all the people and companies responsible for and who promoted and benefited from the damage instead?

        1. I come across so many of these stories. They are all basically the same; cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, quick onset cancer, die suddenly, etc.

          I don’t waste my time talking to other people about it anymore. But I have to conclude based on my observations over the past 12 to 18 months that much of the problems and peculiarities we are observing in the employment markets are being caused by the injections. Once we determine that the injections have played their part with the employment data, then everything else makes sense.

          1. Bingo. The aggregate shift down in demand through the whole economy from excess deaths, long term disabilities adds insult to injury in light of the boomers retiring and the demographic decline of the west. It makes for a very enfeebled public. I suspect the purported SFR asset purchases by large money interests are in some respect to pick up slack in the asset market and prevent a deflation in the housing market. It kinda makes sense in light of the other manufactured supply shocks in the last few years.

  13. I’m out of the all my stock trades. CYN putting gin a descending triangle on the hourly. NG Test of 1.00

    1. I’m suprised you held that long. Although the stock only has about four more days to close above $1 and it will satisfy listing standards. And that PR should give it a bump up, so they may provide some kind of contract PR or news to keep it above $1. If not they can still have an offering, then R/S yet doesn’t appear they are going that route. Was a very interesting trade, I think some of your followers participated, since it went up after you mentioned it and didn’t go back down.

      Incredible how fast TSLA popped back to $200. And take a look at CCL, possibly slowly headed back over $20 by summertime. Seems like any stock that was at December lows is upticking back to the Oct and November levels of last year.

      1. I just trade it for scalps. Been out since yesterday morning between 7-8am. It has no revenue. It was a hot ticket, but their new IR can only push it so far. There are no new catalysts. Press releases and an active Twitter account can only push it so far. Volume dried up and their appearance at a conference today didn’t do any good.

        Let’s see if it falls back.

  14. Amen brother! You nailed it. Judas didn’t give a hoot about the poor, but he coveted the possessions of others and wanted them. That’s why he was the treasurer of Jesus’s ministry and had the bag. Jesus knew Judas was stealing out of the bag behind everyone’s back. The apostles were probably clueless.

    Those preaching about the downtrodden blacks don’t care about them or other blacks. These low lives have been given power by the devil and exposure so they can steal the wealth of others who worked hard and invested for their future. They sacrificed short term pleasure for long term gain. Now the Judas’s of the world are lusting after that wealth, so they can spend it.

    1. The reparations scheme is a ruse to confiscate wealth. Since 85% of all wealth is owned by white people the best way for the elites to take it is to tax or confiscate it in the name of racial justice and fairness.

      The typical brainwashed dummy Christian and economist will read my blog and think I’m KKK and neo-nazi. Perfect conditioning. The reengineering is so comprehensive the thought of pushback is as remote as a herd of cattle murdering the rancher.

      1. CJ, let them think that. They are beyond waking up. I am sure the SoS will ride the Nazi card all the way until the end of the world. It has worked so well for them, why let a good smear fall to the wayside? St. Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, and the Old Testament are clear about race realism, as you well know. 😉

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