Elysium slowly emerging; Wealth disparities to continue widening

Income-generating asset prices will keep on rising

Government spending, not interest rates, is the ultimate litmus test to determine the direction of asset price values; The Iron and clay kingdom comes with a steep price tag

Subway is far less expensive than McDonald’s. The initial investment for a potential Subway operator ranges from $222,050 to $506,900, according to Subway’s 2022 franchise disclosure report. That’s up from between $116,000 and $263,000 in 2019.

Here’s what it costs to open a McDonald’s restaurant, Business Insider, January 23rd

Owning a Subway franchise; double the cost, half the fun

Income generating assets of all kinds have exploded in value since 2019 and their costs perfectly coincide with the covid “stimulus”. I have been warning the reader for a decade to own income generating assets.

According to this article, the cost of opening a Subway franchise has effectively doubled in the past three and a half years, while the author notes that this is still a relatively inexpensive venture when compared to other franchises.

Let’s face it; the only people who can now afford to open a Subway sandwich shop are those who already own a portfolio of income generating assets and have benefited from the covid “stimulus”.

If you are an SFR investor, your net worth has probably doubled in the past few years, so opening a Subway franchise in real terms is not a big deal. But for some poor working stiff looking to get away from working for the man, opening a Subway franchise is now nearly next to impossible.

Two-thirds of Americans expect the housing market to crash in the next 3 years; I take the contra

Most adults said they feel that the housing market is headed off a cliff, but unemployment remains low and house prices are rising, albeit at a slower pace. The housing market may be in a slowdown but home prices remain high. Two-thirds of Americans are expecting it to crash, according to one report.

Two-thirds of Americans expect the housing market to crash in the next 3 years. Are they overreacting?, MarketWatch, January 25th

Overall; U.S. house prices are still relatively inexpensive

The annual home buyer report by NerdWallet, which surveyed over 2,000 adults in the U.S. in December, revealed that 67% of Americans believe a housing market crash “is imminent within the next three years.”

A recent report by Redfin , which tracked home-sale prices for the four weeks ending Jan. 15, found that the median price of a house sold in the U.S. was actually up 0.9% from a year ago, at $350,250.

Overall, home ownership is still a big milestone for the survey respondents. According to NerdWallet, 83% said that buying a home “is a priority.”

Some 11%, said they plan to buy a house in the next 12 months. Among this group, they planned to spend roughly $270,000.

The process to Elysium continues; Wage earners vs. passive income earners

Most people who work for a living have effectively seen their real wages cut by 15% in the past three years. I tell salaried people now to give only 85% effort to their jobs. A multicultural and multiracial kingdom of iron and clay doesn’t come cheap.

It’s quickly turning out to be just like Elysium. Imagine what it will be like in another five to 10 years.

I read one article after another, about how the average person thinks real estate is going to crash. All I come across are YouTube videos proclaiming the demise of the domestic housing market. Gird your loins, my friends; you have not seen anything yet. While the incredulous people living here get sicker and die by the millions, ostensibly for reasons that have nothing to do with covid nor the injections, the uninjected immigrants and illegal aliens will continue to pour across the border and replace the Americans. They all need a place to live.

Eventually, the Federal government will step in to regulate housing and rents, but at what price levels will that happen? I have been warning the reader that housing in most areas of the U.S. is relatively inexpensive, especially when it comes to rental income. If you think prices and rents are high now, just wait a few more years.

All I need to look at is the level of federal government spending. Interest rates mean little when the federal government is running trillions a year in the red.


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41 thoughts on “Elysium slowly emerging; Wealth disparities to continue widening

  1. Otto, it’s possible that we are nearing the 7,000 millennium of human history, where it suggested that the world then comes to a close. However, you then go on to suggest that world doesn’t come to an end and that the tribulation is seven years in duration and the millennial reign of Christ is ushered in with Satan imprisoned. This is a premillennialist view that is not consistent with traditional Christian eschatology. Does God end history at the beginning of the 7,000 year or at the end of it? The seven years (a week of years) is extracted from the Book of Daniel as the 70th week from the MESSIANIC 70 weeks prophecy. Premillennialists then amalgamate it with a 3.5 years reference in the Apocalypse and reason that somehow the seventieth week (3.5 + 3.5 = 7) of Daniel and the 3.5 yeas in the Apocalypse are one and the same. The 70 weeks prophecy has nothing to do with where we are at today eschatologically. As I mentioned, the 70 weeks prophecy is all about Christ’s first coming. It was fulfilled and there is no gap between the 69 and 70th week, as Premillennialists claim. It is a fulfilled prophecy, or else Christ never came the first time (that’s just the way it works logically).

    So, what about the millennial reign of Christ? Catholic and Orthodox (the great majority of Christendom) teaching is either amillennial or postmillennial. In other words, they teach that the 1,000-year reign of Christ was either figurative and already happening or that it was literal and made up the first 1,000 years of Church history. Only when Protestantism came about did we really see premillennialism come onto the scene (the idea that the 1,000-year reign of Christ is yet future). You have to figure out to which camp you belong (premill., amill., or postmill.) and adhere to the respective eschatological view consistently. Once you do this, it should bring more clarity to your chosen view.

    But a word of warning. The Holy Spirit does not reveal prophecy to any man who then interprets it privately. Authentic prophecy has to be publicly interpreted—that is, by the Church through consensus on meaning (in the Catholic Church, this is the Magisterium’s job. The Magisterium uses the teachings of the Church Fathers [tradition], who were generally amillennialist or postmillennialist), as well as from Scripture. In short, authentic prophecy cannot contradict Holy Scripture, Tradition, or the Magisterium. Premillennialism seems to contradict all three pillars of the Faith to varying degrees. It’s an illogical view that tends to deny Christ’s first coming and deify Jews.

  2. CJ, Vancouver Canada is an interesting example of the UN Agenda 2030 smart city agenda. Currently, they are bulldozing hundreds, if not thousands of SFRs to replace them with high-density condos, townhouses, rows, etc. They make huge offers (well over asking price) to single family home owners and buy up blocks of houses and then demolish them and erect hideous concrete/glass stack-and-pack prison condos. I would have to think it would be a similar scenario in San Francisco, especially Silicon Valley. Add in massive subway contracts throughout the city, and endless amounts of Asians, blacks, and Sikhs (also hispanics). Kalergi Plan in full force.

    1. In my area we also have a larger group of foreigners coming in. And I’m wondering how besides tax payer funding. There is what is called SNAP, LINK, which takes care of food and health insurance, then there is HUD which provides free housing or based on income. There are food pantries which are always well stocked.

      I know single mothers that have benefited with these programs but there seems to be more money that is given out to incoming people. From my questioning some of people I know there are grants that I assume are paid to people thru a debit card and it’s loaded up to a certain amount each month.

      Which I wonder why do we have all these homeless people in blue states when all the non working foreigners have a roof over there heads and insurance that they dont pay a dime for? The homeless should at least also have these things?

      I don’t understand how people can be brainwashed in being replaced but it’s happening. I can’t organize a large group of people and just show up in Japan or Guatemala and just immediately be accepted with funding, food and employment. Just here in the USA.

      1. Only in America. USA is the best country if you are an undocumented foreigner coming to the states. Not so great if you are a native or legal resident.
        USA is also great if you are an owner of income producing assets.

        1. I know one could google it but can you provide a list of income producing assets?

          I think those are out of reach for many. Doesn’t mean one should give up and not try, but I think most will go for employement options. Have to qualify for a loan and then it’s a long term struggle with debt management until profit.

          1. It takes time or money, you are correct. Our current business started like this guy (he has since moved and expanded):


            Same way, beat-up used equipment in a two car garage until we got a letter from the city two years in telling us to move or shut down the business so we moved it and expanded, one loaf at a time. Much harder to start now but not impossible and that would be a young mans game anyway.

    2. The only people who put up a fight in history were the white European Christians. They exclusively colonized the entire Western Hemisphere in their image.

      Water down that power and we have Babylon. Iron and clay and the people have lower IQs and intellect. They are so easily managed

      The best part is that when we say this, the victims of the conspiracy you mention say we are the problem.

      Ssshhhh. Be mindful of not offending the livestock. They are so easily duped and taken advantage of.

    3. That’s the only explanation that makes sense. When you consider how is it possible to drive the prices of real estate way beyond what regular working people can afford, the finger points to the deep pockets. The goal of course is to re-engineer how society lives, among other things.

    4. a resettlement for mainland chinese, TF, vancouver bc is their beachead


      watch the ccp dump 300+ million chinese in africa

  3. Regarding dollar strength or weakness, any thoughts about the SDR system and how it has the potential to knock the dollar off world reserve status? The link I posted not too long ago with a video of an economist saying the dollar world reserve status is rock solid and would take at least 10T to pose a threat to its dominance.

    But enter the SDR basket system and CBDC that are openly being developed to take over? Apparently Saudi has just opened the door to trade oil in other currencies. The dollars world reserve status is mostly dependent on oil, and taking that out of the equation could be the beginning of the IMF dream come true of a one world currency and gov’t?

    1. If we understand why the dollar succeeds as the global Reserve, we can determine why nothing else currently works, nor will it unless it’s a global currency run by a global central bank AND global treasury.

      Multicultural and multiracial US is a much stronger Babylon template than a homogeneous template.

      The SDR never worked… never will. The IMF engineers knew all about the Triffin Paradox back in the 1960s when it conjured up the idea of the retarded SDR concept. The nations whose currencies back the retarded SDR all have conflicting interests and goals, and unless they are all in sync, the SDR is DOA as a transaction avenue.

      This is why Kissinger ran around in the early 70s, making deals with foreign governments to solely accept the USD for payment. The synagogue knew that only a currency run by one country would work at the time. The greenback built up the whole world.

      The Synagogue developed the Euro as they thought they learned enough from the failures of the SDR, but even a concept between different Israelite nations struggles to compete.

      I addressed the whole flawed clunky SDR concept and why it can’t work in its present form. It’s even an antiquated form of a reserve, let alone a transaction based concept.

      Read about the Triffin Paradox or dilemma.

      1. A while back you had posted a FRED chart showing balance of trade, I believe US dollar reserves were added to the measurement in around 1993 – would it be correct to say there was a silent balance of payments crisis at that time or would there be a better explanation for the change? I don’t honestly know and the mention of Triffin always makes me think about it.

        1. I recall back in the early 80s when trade deficits and the necessarily accompanying government budget deficits began to become routine. There was a great consternation forming over the ballooning balance of payment deficit. Where were all these dollars going to go without causing price inflation?

          The budget deficits provide the dollar “printing” and the trade deficits provide the avenue to ship these dollars overseas to the countries that accept these dollars as payment for commodities and manufactured goods.

          It’s a two step process, which is why we saw both budget and trade deficits occur simultaneously. In order to have tame price inflation in the face of high monetary inflation, the printed dollars needed to be sterilized and shipped outside America’s borders.

          Kissinger’s agreements with foreign governments in the 1970s to only accept dollars over everything else for payment set the table to truly make the USD the global Reserve and global transaction currency. In order for the international community to accept dollars for payment, they also needed to hold a store of them. This is why the SDR is a lousy reserve. It’s worse than gold, since the SDR also depreciates as its components depreciate. Even worse, there are no SDR denominated investment vehicles like the dollar has with treasuries. Moreover, export driven businesses can’t transact in SDRs. The SDR is like breeding a horse and a donkey. We just get a sterile mule.

          In the early to latter-mid 80s, the concerns of this dollar printing from the twin deficits caused UST yields to rise again going into 1987, for instance, and set the stage for the 87 stock market crash. The Fed and UST were still figuring out how to work all the parts. With the help MSM business, I say the monetary and fiscal authorities have succeeded. The greenback is truly the only true global currency.

          What other nation is willing to do what the USG did to promote the dollar as the go to currency? No one. Moreover, no dollars have ever been called in, which allows the dollar to flourish in the illegal industries of wealth laundering and drugs.

          The most ingenious and devilish part of the engineering of the NWO was the well thought out multidecade process to get the USD to what it is today.

          I tip my hat to the synagogue. I truly see how amazing a job they have done. For if the dollar never became what it did become, we wouldn’t have the global economy and global monetary system we have today. I’m not telling you it’s a wonderful thing, I’m just telling you that a lot of thought went into it and the powers that be purposely chose the US dollar, because it was the only currency that had a powerful enough nation to support it. There is something very special with the United States and no other country comes close to it.

          Now that the dollar has largely served its purpose, the drum beat to destroy America’s reputation around the world is in full swing, because the synagogue most likely has a concrete plan to replace the dollar sometime in the future. I don’t know what the replacement will look like as of yet. Currently there isn’t any viable alternative to the dollar. Maybe a force majeure will change things.

          1. Thanks for the clarification. It truly is amazing what was accomplished. I wish I had understood it in the early 90s, I could have saved myself 20 years working as a wage slave. I do my best to help my children and anyone else who will listen avoid the same fate.

            Maybe Force Majeure will change things, I contemplate sometimes what remedies could be negotiated but I realize that is something way above my pay grade.

            1. Ken what do you know that would have saved yourself from being a wage slave or done differently? You would still needed to have employment?

            2. Yes, but I had opportunities to be independent 5 years out of university. I was in the automotive industry and at every turn margins were being squeezed, mergers, closed factories, chasing business that would never make money. Lots of late nights and weekends struggling to get ahead and in the end it practically all went off shore – it was always going to and that is the part I didn’t understand and it was integral to the monetary system.

              My grandfather had an expression: Steady pay, steady poor.

              I am not a rich man but my life has become richer since my time is my own and I spend it with whom I choose.

          2. A puzzle to me, CJ, is why the regime is destroying the U.S. military. I think the regime still needs an effective military for the near future to back the USD. Until it is ready to kill the USD.

            Maybe it has mercenary forces on tap that can get anything done, like enforce the dollar or suppress rebellion. Maybe it has directed energy weapons to use on mobs and aerial weapons that can do anything.

            So maybe the regime doesn’t care about the dollar. It is concerned about resistance.

            1. The military needs to be weakened at this particular period for the force majeure to be induced and carried out by Russia/China alliance. Russia and China needs to not respect the US, and this is why we see what we see in politics and the military.

              What amazes me is that the great percentage of the US adult population takes all this intentional buffoonery as legitimate. They actually feel they have a vested interest in this comedic stage play, which is only intended to induce the Russia/China alliance to strike.

              It seems that CCP knows more about the US formation than the dumb Americans. Israelite remnants typically have a deep hatred of government when it’s as over the top as it currently is. The CCP knows that people like me with my weapons will take out many people. You think I’m kidding? The US citizens are the world’s largest army. By watering it down genetically, the hope is that the synagogue will weaken it to the point of collapse at the force majeure.

              Keep in mind, the result of this will be a final melting of the nation-state concept. Post WWIII, I suspect the US will join and merge into an “Oceania” type of concept, which will probably mean the USD global reserve will go away via this force majeure.

              This is why we are observing a manufactured tension between Russia and the West, especially the US. This is not a cold war resurgence. This is setting the tableau for WWIII.

              Mark my words, it will happen.

              The US and the dollar built up the world, now it needs to be knocked down. It’s no longer really needed. the USD global system is quickly becoming an anachronism, but what lies on the other side of the force majeure is still not certain, and I will not spend too much time speculating on the unknown.

              Plan, relocate, build, prepare. 2027 the year the prophecies will begin to be fulfilled.

              I don’t waste my time anymore trying to explain my actions and my hardened views. You might as well be talking to your dog. The unbelievers will see what you are doing, but will be unable to comprehend why you are doing it. Do it unilaterally. Don’t make waves, do it with urgency and purpose.

              John 3:8
              The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

      2. A global currency run by a global central bank AND global treasury may be the goal but the big question is can it happen? Or perhaps the mere threat of such a system is enough to steer people in a direction that is at minimum advantageous to the global elite with a finish line being the one world gov’t. I have stated over and over again that in order to have people en masse move in a common direction it has to be their (our) idea. Call it the Delphi Technique or whatever, but every crisis, however big or small, is a step closer to slavery.

  4. The heart attack in the SFR market is turning out to be seasonal flu and indigestion. It looks like this Spring we will see renewed vigor. The articles in the media are intimating that the market is quickly recovering.

    Get your cashouts now and start the process of relocating to the homogeneous areas! When things really fall apart in 2027, you will want to be around like kind. Stop believing the programming and commercial propaganda.

  5. The headline data slightly lower than expected. The core matches estimates. Spending and consumption data a notch below consensus.

    YoY PCE at 5.0% was the biggest positive surprise.

    Overall, decent data points for the bulls.

    Core PCE Price Index (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.2%

    Core PCE Price Index (YoY) (Dec)
    Act: 4.4% Cons: 4.4% Prev: 4.7%

    PCE price index (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: 0.1% Cons: 0.2% Prev: 0.1%

    PCE Price index (YoY) (Dec)
    Act: 5.0% Cons: 5.5% Prev: 5.5%

    Personal Income (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: 0.2% Cons: 0.2% Prev: 0.3%

    Personal Spending (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: -0.2% Cons: -0.1% Prev: -0.1%

    Real Personal Consumption (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: -0.3% Cons: Prev: -0.2%

    1. Unless those numbers are fudged then what recession? At least we see again how the media persuades people of something that isn’t happening. Yet eggs and certain items are increasing in price, the debt clock is the highest it’s ever been. It appears they have commited to keep kicking the can down the road and all is well for the time being.

      Kinda crazy how TSLA still upticking. It was horrible doom and gloom the last month or so but now it’s a totally different scene.

      And as I mentioned in a previous comment a few articles back, AMZN to go over 100 this week. There ya go! PRCH OPEN RDFN also doing well.

      1. The globalists needed to show Musk who was boss. They told the goy boy to straighten out and sing to their sheet of music and retake #1 wealth position. Sing the praises of EVs, brain chips, and PC Twitter.

        It was overboard looking at the TSLA drop.

        Remember that the synagogue needs a multicultural and multiracial ESG world and that take trillions and trillions of cheap money. The proposed world poses no threat to the establishment.

        1. Plenty of cash and low debt. Higher tute ownership, small float. They have until June 13 to get the share price above $1 for ten days or declare a R/S which they can do before that date. I’m looking at their SEC filing dated 1/18. Is that an offering they are planning to do or one they already completed as it’s extended from last year? 6.5 million shares isn’t that much of dilution. Yet I’m seeing a $2.98 exercise price when a large amount of warrants come into play.

          Up from the Dec lows with increased volume.

          They can release a decent PR and pump up over $1 then do the offering. Or they could do the offering, tank the share price and then R/S. I’ve seen it happen both ways.

          However they have cash surplus, so no hurry to do an offering. I say they give it a new contract type of PR pump.

          I could go into this, what are you thinking?

  6. While people can’t afford to buy, builder constructs thousands of rentals for investors


    As potential homebuyers wait for prices and mortgage rates to recede, an Arizona company is moving in to fill the void by buying and renovating rental homes that offer an experience similar to a traditional for-sale subdivision.

    Tricor, based in Scottsdale, has constructed or renovated 22,000 rental homes since 2014. It completed 2,600 last year. The firm operates in 10 states and is licensed as a general contractor in 17.

    “We just have a lot of traction in Texas,” said Joel Thomas, vice president of construction for Tricor, adding that investors still see the need for housing in D-FW. “There are people who are moving to Dallas regularly, and even if we’re thinking it’s slowing down a little bit, the pace is still outpacing new construction or available units for rent.”

  7. CJ Evans,
    I really think Elyssium scenario in the movie will become reality in the current trajectory.
    Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are building rockets as well as Virgin Galactic. Then there is talk by Elon Musk of settling on Mars. There must be a reason for all this. I think the uber rich have plans of leaving Earth as the Earth’s ecosystem collapses and/or the masses wake up and go after the uber rich. After Earth becomes an environmental and social toilet bowl the uber wealthy will blast off to an orbiting space station and or go to the moon or mars and leave the masses to rot on Earth. This assumes that there really is an outer space and the planets and sun are not just an illusion.

    These people can run but they cannot hide.

    1. We have never even been to the moon; can’t go now, certainly didn’t go then. How can these people leave the earth? The entertainment consumers have been believing a lie.

      My opinions don’t mean anything. But my observations hold merit.

      Supposedly, we have not been back to the moon in 51 years. We currently do not have the technology to leave lower earth orbit as of this post. We certainly never went in 1969 on Apollo 11. The whole Sci-Fi genre is propaganda.

      The wealthy are stuck here with us.

      Rev 6:16-18 KJV
      And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
      And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
      For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

      If you actually believe we can pass through the Van Allen belts and sail off into a harsh radiated space, I have a bridge to sell you. Space radiation is lethal for more than a couple hours in space between the Van Allen belts and the moon. Besides, the spaceship would cook to 250 F. Satan has deceived the whole world! LIES!

      Another falsehood; the people will NEVER wake up! They are holding on to this illusion as much as those who promote the illusion. Just asked an injected person if they have regrets. the answer is NO!

      Am I the only one who understands behavioral psychology? I talked to trained psychologists and they don’t see what I see. I have been a student of behavioral economics for almost 40 years. The evolution in the advancements in this field is breath taking.

      The people love their servitude.

    2. Why would they leave Earth to go live on some inhospitable rock? That’s assuming they can even get to the moon or Mars, which is impossible.

      “Elites” have no fear of the masses rising up. People are afraid to say anything politically incorrect, so the idea that they will take up arms to overthrow the system is preposterous. People also don’t even know who is in charge. They keep saying it’s “the liberals” or “the corporations” without recognizing that it’s actually the synagogue. So-called patriots on the right are actually the biggest supporters of the SoS.

  8. GDP, PCE both better than expected.

    Durable goods orders looking nice at a sharp rebound from last month.

    What’s up with jobless claims? 186k? What are people getting sick and quitting? 😅 Going on the government dole? 🤣

    Chicago Fed index basically flat.

    The macro numbers look good! Life is good (four more years).

    1. I never understood the appeal of opening places like Subway, Jimmy Johns, Jersey Mikes, Blimpies, Quiznos, etc..Seems like one could rent a small area in a mini mall or build a small building and make their own sandwiches rather than get an expensive franchise. Some of those franchise owners are sleeping in the back rooms. Selling sandwiches 7-10 bucks a pop would require alot of customers per day to cover operating costs.

      Since the numbers are not as bad as the media hype states, and things are going good, maybe Powell gives a 50 rate hike instead of the already priced in 25 next month?

      TSLA really popped since yesterday AH, although I think expectations were set low. Occasionally see a few of them in my area, there are a few charging stations too. Expensive, not much elbow room and not really an attractive car to look at. I would never buy one.

      I was thinking the EV theme would come back now that those earnings beat, the other EV stocks aren’t upticking much, at least not yet. I’m wondering what the next sector pump theme will be. BTC still on the rise, OIL in the news, and yep…even real estate related stocks are slowly upticking.

  9. High profile income-generating assets like sports teams increased 30% in value in one year.

    The World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams 2022


    The world’s 50 most valuable sports teams are worth a combined $222.7 billion, 30% more than a year ago, the biggest increase in five years.

    The NFL continues its dominance, with 30 of its 32 teams in the top 50, making up 60% of the list. The last time the NFL was represented by at least 30 teams was 2014. Last year, it had 26.

    In 2013, the league had a record 32 teams in the top 50. But back then, the top three on the list were soccer teams: Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona. This year, the NFL has six of the top ten and 13 of the top 20 teams on our list. The main reason for the NFL’s success: the richest media deal in sports, worth $112 billion through 2032.

  10. CJ, was wondering what you thought of the Anthony Migchels article on Henry Makow’s site today about the WEF being set up to fail as a way of bringing in CBDCs.
    The things said by, for example, Yuval Harari, are so in-your-face, over-the-top evil that one wonders if he isn’t purposely trolling just to get the worst reaction possible. Of course, he may just be reflecting the supreme arrogance of the WEF.
    He posits that the USD will collapse as the world chooses a gold-backed Chinese currency. This is interesting given the claim that Saudi will start accepting non-USD for oil purchases.

    1. I don’t really get involved with the individual puppet, per se. Whatever any of these WEF cast of characters say is for shock value and they are actually very successful at demoralizing the recipient of such over the top opinions.

      The one comment that holds credence is the one about not owning anything and being happy by 2030. Why? Because I can extrapolate from the start of 2020 and figure out that by 2030, this prediction will be largely correct. All we need is another couple of crises and it will be fulfilled. There is not a peep out of the people.

      I notice how the alt-media get uptight about CBDCs. I say to relax. If someone is already poor, what does it matter? I observe how the alt-media get uptight about trivial things like which politicians said what. I observe how they rally around a supposed Nazi sympathiser.

      I get it. These banal topics are easily relatable. It’s the little things that stick out to most.

      I remember Bilderberg and how the alt-media railed against it. I don’t even know if it still takes place. I assume it does. Same will go for Davos and the WEF. Then there will be the next alt-media pinata.

      I am warning the readers to do as much as they can to prepare for what’s coming. We have four more years. I am buying more properties out in the rural areas. Prices out there are on fire, because there are others who read what I am writing and are not complaining, they are taking action.

      Take action and stop consuming this shock value. Of course, what these WEF clowns say is abhorrent with everything that is congruent with biblical Christianity, but there aren’t many biblical Christians left. The world’s population deserves what it has coming to them.

      They celebrate Daniel’s iron and clay kingdom, they get punished.

      1. Everything you are saying makes a lot of sense. The push for enslaving the population is a real and true trend, I am amazed how many normal people play around blind and deft as this trend does not exist, listening to politicians rosy economic fantasies and continuing their unclean lives pretending to be as rich as they were yesterday or fifty years ago.

        Work harder for loosing purchasing power each time a “new” crisis arrives, and give many thanks and your blood to the unmoral sexual pervs and dishonest crooks that rule all around the whole Babylon, the Prostitute on the Beast.


        Revelation 17

        One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits by many waters. With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

        Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. The name written on her forehead was a mystery:

        Babylon the great

        The mother of prostitutes

        And of the abominations of the earth.

        1. Amen brother. The Bible talks about how these people will rule. Homosexual pedophilia with church and politicians? So what, the Bible says so. Why get indignant? That ship has sailed.

          The alt-media’s talk of such debauchery and sybaritic lifestyles just externalizes the hierarchy. What gets me is how shocked people still get..I don’t waste my time and energy indulging in the topic.

          Humans have been on this planet for 6,000 years. For the first 5,950 years, people prayed for their people and village and relatives and country. For the past 40-50 years, the people pray for the whole world. What good does that do? Pray for your like kind. Pray to Jesus.

          Plan. Relocate. Build. Prepare.

          1. Looking at a cash out for as much as 600k. Pushing forward plans and getting a move on. Two more properties and a 1031. All in homogeneous areas out of the cities.

            Plans into action. The time is NOW.

            1. God created it all in seven days. On the seventh day God rested. The Bible says – for God 1 day is like 1,000 years. So that’s 7,000 years total. Does anyone know exactly what year we are at right now – per Scripture? Or a very good approximate guess?

              Here’s what I’m thinking – on the seventh day – God rested. That’s 1,000 years of rest. Guess what happens right after the Great Tribulation? Satan is thrown in prison – and the followers of Christ enjoy a 1,000 year Millennium Reign on Earth. It’s a 100% peaceful reign after much suffering and wars. After the 1,000 years are up – satan is unleashed – deceives the nations to go to war against God’s people, but Satan’s armies are destroyed by the LORD himself. That’s the end of the story. Because after that comes the Great White Throne of Judgment – and New Heavens and Earth.

              So — does anyone know what year is it – per Scripture alone? If this theory of mine holds true – we would have to be under 6,000 years by at least 7 years – considering the two witnesses have 3.5 years and the beast also has 3.5 years. So once that clock hits Year 5993 – it could mean the beginning of Tribulation. Sometimes the Holy Spirit reveals things to me – and I thank God for that. This could be one of those times, but I could be way off left field. Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on what year we are at right now.

  11. I was in dark city a few days ago. The economy is a socialistic one. There is no way a capitalist economy would allow the mass of government workers and contractors I see. I see these thousands of the lesser nomenklatura running around in their leased Mercedeses. It can’t last unless the regime wants it go on.

    I guess your income is good so long as the government stays socialist, CJ.

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