; It’s High Time to Prepare for Russia’s Collapse

Note to reader; I suspect that the Western elites know Putin’s time running the country is concluding, since the rumors over his health have merit. My concern is the resulting post-Putin Russia will be much more hostile and vengeful toward the West. Of course, this is probably the desired outcome anyway. There’s nothing worse (or better) for the globalists objectives than a wounded Russia with an ax to grind.


An expert’s point of view on a current event.

Not planning for the possibility of disintegration betrays a dangerous lack of imagination.

By Alexander J. Motyl, a professor of political science at Rutgers University-Newark.

Ever since Russia’s attempt to take Kyiv and install a puppet government failed in the early days of the war, a defeat for the Kremlin in Ukraine has looked increasingly likely. What’s stunning after almost a year of war, therefore, is the near-total absence of any discussion among politicians, policymakers, analysts, and journalists of the consequences of defeat for Russia. It is a dangerous lack of imagination, considering the potential for Russia’s collapse and disintegration.

In fact, the combination of a failed war abroad and a brittle, strained system at home is increasing the likelihood of some sort of implosion with every passing day. Regardless of whether this will be good or bad for the West, it’s an outcome policymakers should prepare for.

There are various scenarios for what might happen in Russia after defeat in Ukraine becomes even clearer. Most likely is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s departure from office, followed by a vicious power struggle among the extreme right-wing nationalists who want to continue the war effort and destroy the existing political hierarchy, authoritarian conservatives who have a stake in the system, and a resurgent semi-democratic movement committed to ending the war and reforming Russia. We don’t know who will win, but we can confidently predict that the power struggle will weaken the regime and distract Russia from what remains of its war effort. In turn, a weakened regime, in conjunction with a malfunctioning economy, will invite disgruntled Russians to take to the streets, perhaps even with arms, and encourage some of the non-Russian political units comprising the Russian Federation to opt for greater self-rule; leading candidates include Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chechnya, Dagestan, and Sakha. If Russia survives this turmoil, it’s likely to become a weak client state of China. If it does not, the map of Eurasia could look very different.

Given Russia’s vast expanse, long history of restive regions, and large non-Russian ethnicities—all a result of centuries of imperial conquest—the one scenario that deserves much more attention is a disintegration of centralized control and breakup of the federation. There is a rich history of state collapse following wars, revolutions, system breakdowns, economic crises, and other epochal events. Napoleon’s empire collapsed after his disastrous march on Moscow and subsequent defeat at the Battle of Leipzig. In 1918, the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, German, and Russian empires all collapsed in military defeat. Of course, people, decisions, and policies played a role, but ultimately it was war and the attendant economic and social crises that pushed these states over the edge into political chaos and often violence.

The West should avoid repeating past mistakes, such as trying to help a clearly dying Soviet Union survive and prioritizing Russia’s needs over those of its neighbors.

If today’s Russia follows these countries’ footsteps into collapse, it will have little to do with the Russian elite’s will or Western policies. Bigger structural forces are at work. Putin’s Russia suffers from a slew of mutually reinforcing tensions that have produced a state that is far more fragile than his braggadocio would suggest. They include military, moral, and economic defeat in the Ukraine war—but also the brittleness and ineffectiveness of Putin’s hyper-centralized political system; the collapse of his macho personality cult as he faces defeat, illness, and visible age; the gross mismanagement of Russia’s petrostate economy; the untrammeled corruption that penetrates all levels of society; and the vast ethnic and regional cleavages in the world’s last unreconstructed empire. Even though few may want Russia’s dissolution today, it’s not too difficult to imagine a scenario where growing political, economic, and social instability will, at some point, compel Russia’s constituent units to seek safety in independence.

When Ukrainian intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov celebrated his birthday earlier this week with a birthday cake showing Russia sliced into several pieces, it was, of course, an epic act of trolling. But the idea behind the image on the icing doesn’t seem all that far-fetched at all.

Under today’s conditions, it may only take a trigger to push the system toward collapse. The failed war with Ukraine, which has revealed the weakness of Putin and his state, could very well be the spark that ignites the frayed timbers of Russia’s institutions. Of course, sparks are unpredictable, and Russia could weather the current crisis and survive in its present form, whether under Putin or a successor. But even if it does, it will be severely weakened as a state, and all the structural tensions will remain. Putin may even suspect this. In his 2023 New Year’s address, he invoked the war’s potential threat to Russia’s independence—something he has not said before.

But if the spark does come, would a likely Russian collapse be destabilizing and violent, perhaps including civil war? Historian Marlene Laruelle, the director of the Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian studies at George Washington University, thinks so. “A collapse would generate several civil wars,” she said, as “new statelets would fight with one another over borders and economic assets.” Meanwhile, Moscow elites “would react with violence to any secessionism.”

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115 thoughts on “; It’s High Time to Prepare for Russia’s Collapse

  1. Article I just found titled “A net-zero world could generate $10.3 trillion by 2050, new report finds”

    In my 10 YO understanding of this phrase, I ask from where will this money be generated? Perpetual motion perhaps? Voodoo economics? The title is misleading to me because it says in the article “It is estimated that hundreds of trillions of dollars in public and private capital will need to be deployed to reach net zero.” Deployed is not generated. A gallon of gas in the tank will generate, through a process called combustion, real torque and horsepower enabling the operator to do what is otherwise difficult and time consuming. A relatively small investment in a liquid fuel will generate big gains. Likewise a relatively small investment in electricity will generate big gains (through motors and such) but all with the side effect of emissions, which can and have been controlled in developed countries. So the plan now is to throw money at some impossibility called “net zero?” Finally we found a way to burn money to produce products with zero emissions. Who says money is dirty??

    What CJ has been more or less saying all along; prices of everything will go through the roof to fund this nonsense. But as noted here over and over again, be the landlord. Own the asset. Or in my terms own the technology or the process.

  2. Why the Fed is still seeing $2.2 trillion in daily demand for its overnight repo facility

    The U.S. government needs to strike a debt-limit deal before surging demand for the Federal Reserve’s overnight reverse repo facility will ease, according to BofA Global’s Mark Cabana.

    A government debt deal needs to be reached before demand for the Fed’s repo facility will drop, says BofA Global rates team

  3. Talk about customer inertia. Chase and BofA offer 0.01% on savings deposits and yet deposits fell only 4-5% last quarter. Owning a bank is the easiest money maker. Still!

    US Banks See Customers Demanding Higher Yields on Deposits

    After a year of relentless rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp. took turns on Friday warning that they’re considering boosting the amount they pay out on the trillions of deposits they have sitting on their balance sheets. The moves are poised to weigh on net interest income, the revenue banks collect from loan payments minus what they pay depositors.

    JPMorgan also will have to change the interest it pays on savings accounts, Dimon said. The New York-based bank forecast 2023 net interest income of $73 billion, less than analysts had estimated, partly driven by the interest repricing and modest deposit attrition.

    Both banks have, so far, been able to keep a lid on deposit costs. Both banks pay depositors just 0.01% for their savings on standard accounts, their websites show.

    Average deposits fell 4% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier at JPMorgan, and 5% at BofA.

    1. CJ Evans you are right that Banks are good stocks. Banks thrive on people’s laziness and stupidity otherwise they would not be in business. If people lived within their means, banks would be out of business because they would not have to borrow at interest. Banks also make out at the deposit end because people are too lazy to move their money despite low interest and high fees.

      When investing in stocks, buy companies that thrive on People’s stupidity and bad habits.
      I think Mondelez, PepsiCo, and Coca Cola are other good ones as most people love junk food.
      Much that I hate pharmaceuticals, I think in this world they are good plays as more people have health issues because they trusted the “science” that came from the depths of hell.
      Funeral homes are another good one. If most people woke up and turned to Jesus Christ, most of the above mentioned businesses would not do well.

  4. China set for historic demographic turn, accelerated by COVID traumas

    A glimpse of the scars caused by the pandemic to China’s already bleak demographic outlook may come to light when it reports its official 2022 population data on Jan. 17.

    Some demographers expect China’s population in 2022 to post its first drop since the Great Famine in 1961, a profound shift with far-reaching implications for the global economy and world order.

    New births for 2022 are set to fall to record lows, dropping below 10 million from last year’s 10.6 million babies – which were already 11.5% lower than in 2020.

    “With this historical turn, China has entered a long and irreversible process of population decline, the first time in China and the world’s history,” said Wang Feng, professor of Sociology at University of California.

    “In less than 80 years China’s population size could be reduced by 45%. It will be a China unrecognisable by the world then.”

  5. Gloom and doomers in the housing market beware. Joel Skousen is worried about housing falling. Beware…. 😅🤣😅🤣

    I am in the process of lining up financing and looking for another SFR in the VA I-81 corridor and checked out prices this afternoon. “Unfortunately” the house I bought in the same area three months ago was revalued by 68k from 260k to 328k on Zillow. When I looked as to why, there was an identical one in the subdivision under contract for 330k. Another one is under contract for 328k. Some collapse…. That is equivalent to two new Subarus, which is up from last year.

    It’s called white flight ✈️✈️✈️

    I thought Joel Skousen and the housing economists all said housing was going to fall?

    Don’t be stupid and buy in the bubblicious areas. Buy where I have been recommending. Prices keep drifting up and up and up.

    Bye bye cheap housing. 🤪🤪🤪

  6. NKE, AMZN, GOOG, AAPL, WMT, landlords, MCD, are drooling and can’t wait to extract this $14 trillion reparations payment. Within 10-15 years, all that money will be off the balance sheets of the blacks and onto the balance sheets of those who are promoting the reparations. I fully support the concept of black reparations. In fact, I would like to see $20 trillion!

    Who says I’m racist? I am woke and fully support reparations. So do the shareholders of NKE and MCD. 🤣🤣🤣

    Reparations for Black Americans will cost up to $14 trillion and ‘could finally lead to closure,’ economist Sandy Darity says

    The cost of reparations to restore lost wealth to Black Americans will be $13 trillion to $14 trillion, says a leading reparations scholar.

      1. So far, lots of:
        – amateur athletes
        – retired or second line athletes
        – b-list actors
        – non-active actors/comedians
        – low level/local politicians and bureaucrats or civil servants.
        – local everyday people

        Not so many (or any)senior bureaucrats, judges or prominent politicians.

        I see a pattern emerging.

          1. No doubt. I think we always suspected that, but now its becoming so obvious.

            I think the elites should throw a couple of their own on the pile to even up the percentages, so as not to be too suspicious. Unless they are getting close to some sort of reveal. I know a lot of vaxxed, they do not want to talk about this stuff and I avoid the subject with them entirely. We also know a lot of unvaxxed, and we don’t talk about this much but wonder when the vaxxed will finally figure out the full extent of what they did to themselves.

            1. I do recall that Gavin Newsom did a foolish thing and he paid for it. He was originally injected privately, but received a booster in some ghetto Oakland pharmacy. He was knocked out for about two weeks afterward. He went totally silent and the press covered for his absence. Evidently, he came down with Bell’s palsy.

              The pro athletes and top politicians get VIP treatment. Those not in the inner circles or are foolish like Newsom or Hamlin pay the price.

            2. Recall the controlled and dummies in the alt-media like Lorraine Day, Mike Adams, AJ, Stew Peters, et al. who claimed hundreds of millions would be dead by now from the injections. What a terrible disservice they do to those seeking truth while doing a terrific service for the adversary.

              All I know is that people are generally more sick, including me, and friends and family have unusual problems. Something is going on, though they may not be dropping dead. I didn’t get injected yet am having problems.

            3. BBC news interview with a NHS doctor yesterday. Apparently the NHS will be providing an additional 15 million people with statin prescriptions to address the excess deaths due to cardiac events. The doctor states very clearly the mRNA jabs are the cause.


        1. Not most vaccinated people here in Europe are dying so there has to be some randomness like a lottery, for me it probably is more like a decimating vaccine. Some people die if they got the killer shot, most have not many symptoms. And here in Europe almost everyone got the first and second shot.

          You know, decimation was a form of Roman military discipline in which every tenth man in a group was executed by members of his cohort.

          If done this way, it is easier for the elites to get what they want, remember Satan is not stupid and it is not interested in killing all the masses. Of course, there are not any killer shots for them.


          Polybius gives one of the first descriptions of the practice in the early 3rd century BC:

          If ever these same things happen to occur among a large group of men… the officers reject the idea of bludgeoning or slaughtering all the men involved [as is the case with a small group or an individual]. Instead they find a solution for the situation which chooses by a lottery system sometimes five, sometimes eight, sometimes twenty of these men, always calculating the number in this group with reference to the whole unit of offenders so that this group forms one-tenth of all those guilty of cowardice. And these men who are chosen by lot are bludgeoned mercilessly in the manner described above.

          Polybius, Histories, book 6, chapter 38

          1. Is it God’s responsible or is it man made?

            This is a question we ought to have in our minds, as Christians, as we got faith in God and in the Church of the Christ. We ought not to concede so much credit to the satanic “magic lies” that go like a puffy bird chanting the incredible “powers” he has not. I suspect it is God himself behind this and for all the dog and pony show of the elites and all their monetary system, this time they are not in charge at all.

            But we do not know, yet.

            So, for the moment, we should try to adapt to this circumstances as for some years, the microorganisms responsible will evolve and will be with and within us creating lots of trouble and stress.

      2. TikTok star Waffler69, 33, known for eating tons of fast food and other bizarre items, has died from an apparent heart attack… TMZ has learned.

        The food influencer, whose real name is Taylor, passed away Wednesday according to his brother Clayton, who believes Taylor suffered a heart attack.

        Clayton tells TMZ … Taylor was experiencing some discomfort and had called his mother, but things got worse, so he called for an ambulance to rush him to a hospital from his house in Louisiana. Taylor died at the hospital.

    1. I am sure those who get the reparations payments will have it spent and they will be poorer than before. Many lottery winners get the windfall and have it spent in five years and they end up being as poor as they ever were.
      People who are poor deserve to be poor because they are too stupid to see that their habits make them poor. This is why we have the government and economic system that exists today.

      1. Jesus was a better behavioral economist and before his time when he famously said we’ll always have the poor amongst us. Of course, he was right. Not only was it about greed, but he also knew that stupid people always act like stupid people. Nothing’s new under the Sun.

        The antichrist and false prophet (Francis as Peter the Roman) will sound even more compassionate than Jesus. The people will side with the antichrist.

        1. Yeah he also said something about how hard it is for a rich man to get I to heaven. Yall call his people the worst names under the sun. Christians don’t aim to be rich because the Bible says not to worry about it. Weirdest supposed Christians here gonna be gnashing some teeth, according to the Bible anyway

    2. Most of the Blacks in my area have good paying jobs, new cars, many dudes I know have pretty young white girlfriends. They are not hurting at all financially. And anyone that is qualifies for all the welfare programs which include free food, free housing, free health care. So many have already been giving the reparations.

      I’m wondering if they do implement a reparations program, how people will prove they are black or their ancestors were slaves? Birth certificate, just skin color? Many mixed people out there and many white people with black ancestors that were slaves.

      1. Not my concern. I let the offended retards figure that out. I profit. As a long term property manager and SFR investor I know first hand how different peoples are. The media are full of shit. And so are the offended crowds of iron and clay.

        Daniel’s iron and clay kingdom describes all the different degenerates living as one. Just like in John Lennon’s Imagine. Even the retarded Christian dummies float around and say that God loves everybody and be happy, you’re saved. Smile everyone.

        Appearances are very deceiving. Be a property manager and deal with the different walks of life. Life is not someone’s Facebook page. People are full of shit and so is most people’s belief systems.

  7. Not the only firm out there with a similar story. Is it really supply chain?

    Volkswagen Sales Fall to 11-Year Low After Chip Shortages Crimp Output
    Monica Raymunt

    (Bloomberg) — Volkswagen AG expects easing supply bottlenecks and existing orders to boost sales this year even as shortages of semiconductors in 2022 led deliveries to an 11-year low.

  8. Good inflation data this morning.

    Core CPI (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.2%

    Core CPI (YoY) (Dec)
    Act: 5.7% Cons: 5.7% Prev: 6.0%

    CPI (YoY) (Dec)
    Act: 6.5% Cons: 6.5% Prev: 7.1%

    CPI (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: -0.1% Cons: 0.0% Prev: 0.1%

    Real Earnings (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: 0.1% Cons: Prev: 0.2%

    1. It sure did dip when the numbers hit. spy was at397 then went down to 393.
      lower unemployment claims. But ya once again, in the midst of all this constant fear mongering doom for that last half year, the numbers haven’t been terrible at all. Looks like a propping up of bios, shitcos, pennies, even BTC is doing well.

      Very Odd!

    2. The annualized inflation rate for the second half of 2022 is under 1%, and that’s where we’re headed. Because of the flawed way shelter costs are measured, they were underestimating inflation early last year but overestimating it now. Per Apartment List and CoStar data, apartment rents have dropped 4 months in a row. The Case-Shiller home price index has fallen 4 months in a row (through October, the most recent one available) and likely will have fallen the past 2 months.

        1. As we can see from the table provided by BLS, shelter is equivalent to about 33% of the total CPI measure. Of that amount, owners equivalent of rent is equal to about 75% of the total shelter measure. How the CPI is measured determines these numbers. It’s not necessarily that the CPI is in error, it’s just a reflection of how the CPI is calculated.

          Table A. Relative importance, December 2021.
          Item and Relative Importance

          Shelter 32.946% of total CPI measure

          Rent of primary residence 7.398%

          Lodging away from home 0.914%

          Owners’ equivalent rent of residences 24.251%

  9. No cause of death given and no autopsy either.

    Thoughts and prayers. 🤣🤣🤣 Here’s a thought, the child was injected and murdered. The story has clearly been vetted by the Pentagon.

    Huron kindergarten student passes unexpectedly

    “Death at any time can cause many different feelings and have a profound effect on students. It is important for you to talk with your child about their feelings of grief, even if it is difficult,” Dr. Tatman said. “The best way to help is to listen and be reassuring. Realize that people move in and out of the grief process. Encourage them to celebrate life to support recovery.”

    1. New York times journalist believes his boss’s propaganda, which was vetted at the Pentagon, received his mRNA injections, and now he’s dead. Unfortunately for him, he’s now looking up.

      New York Times journalist Blake Hounshell ‘dies suddenly’ as paper pays tribute to ‘dedicated’ colleague

      NEW York Times reporter Blake Hounshell has died as the publication pays tribute to a “dedicated colleague.”

      Hounshell died unexpectedly on Tuesday morning, The Times confirmed to The U.S. Sun.

      New York Times reporter Blake Hounshell has suddenly passed away

      Hounshell reportedly had a ‘long and courageous’ battle with depression, said his family.

      A cause of death has yet to be determined.

    2. Soccer Star receives mRNA injections, begins to suffer from vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS), struggles with nascent myocarditis, develops covid-like symptoms, and dies from a heart attack.

      Soccer Star Dies Suddenly After Suffering Heart Attack

      Former soccer star Modeste M’Bami died Saturday after a heart attack.

      According to French news and culture website Melty, M’Bami had tested positive for COVID-19 a few days prior to his death. His agent reportedly said that M’Bami was “very tired and kept coughing,” according to the report.

      Whether or not M’Bami had received a COVID vaccination or booster shots was unreported. M’Bami retired from professional soccer in 2016, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, and would therefore not have been required to receive one as an active player might.

    3. I think those links are prime examples of how this “died unexpectedly” is a hoax. The Coroners usually don’t release the cause of death to the public that soon. I think the SOS operating within the covid charade event, has turnedcoat and is playing the good guy now. Ukraine news states bodies are piling up, pfft..ya right! It’s almost like they are rubbing it our faces how they can release fake news and nobody can do anything about it.

      CPI data tomorrow, last few times had a small effect, nothing major, but if decent numbers combined with a boring FOMC speech could make Jan a great month. Really odd how all that doom/gloom combined with the selloff from the last week of Dec didnt matter, and most all stocks have recovered.

      Out of BBBY and I assume most shorts below $3 have covered by now, any one that bought should be taking profits, but seems they have to fufill CALL options, in the money and they have to buy back shares which would continue to pump up the share price? Not sure about that, but very crazy odd how they released possible BK news and within two days it doesn’t even matter.

  10. Air Force football player Hunter Brown dead at 21

    Air Force football player Hunter Brown suffered a medical emergency on his way to class Monday and died, the academy announced Tuesday. He was 21.

    Brown, a sophomore center for the Falcons from Lake Charles, Louisiana, was on his way to class from his dorm room when he collapsed. Emergency personnel attempted life-saving measures but were unsuccessful, the school said.

    1. As the dummies around us keep getting injected, it is in our best interest to figure out how to stay healthy despite dealing with the best efforts of those around us to do the contrary.

      1. I can’t believe how quickly humanity has become this retarded. I never thought I would see such a sharp degradation not only in my lifetime, but by the time I turned 57. It’s not going to be long until humanity blows itself up. Jesus is going to have to come soon, and according to the Old Testament prophets he will show up.

        1. Totally agree, CJ. If we had been told just 5 years ago how bad and how fast it would’ve gotten, we would never have believed it. The clot shot mass homocide is hitting them upside the head and they still can’t clue in to what’s going on.

          1. He is an article that the average person will read and believe. More retardedness vetted out of the Pentagon. I feel so sorry for these infants; when they grow up and have sundry of problems, they’ll never understand what caused it. They’ll never realize it was because their parents jacked them up on all sorts of injections.

            Scientists find more evidence that breast milk of those vaccinated against COVID-19 may protect infants


        2. Move to a lower pop conservative leaning location. But at the same time close enough to the things you may need.

          Perhaps if the family unit was stronger the vaccine propaganda wouldn’t had worked as good as it should. But, right after Christ, the adversary has been attacking the family unit since it started to persecute Christian Jews for having multiple wives in the Roman Empire. One wife only, they say. But brothels. Divorces. All good. And in today’s society – homosexuality, trans surgery on minors, abortions, fornication = all good. Strong family units = less trust/reliance in the state = indoctrination koolaid not impacting as good it should. From Paul, in the New Testament:

          1 Corinthians 7:2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own (heautou) wife, and let every woman have her own (idios) husband.

          In the original Greek – “own” has a completely different meaning for the husband versus wife.

            1. Nope, not a Mormon. I just read Scripture and see the things happening around me. From Scripture, it’s not a sin to have zero wives. One wife. Or five wives. As long as it’s done per God’s guidelines. There’s examples in Scripture of marriage failures and successes with just one wife, and with multiple wives.

              But the world pushes fornication, masturbation of porn, feminization of men, and empowerment of women. They normalize sin, and then sell you the antidote through lawyers and the court system; divorce is a $28 Billion dollar yearly industry, and 80% of them are initiated by the woman.

              When a man marries a woman – he’s giving her the position of power; because she is no longer competing with other women. The man loses attractiveness. It’s like a kitty cat that finally catches the string, and then gets bored. She has the monopoly, which removes accountability and incentive for good behavior. And the penalty for her bad behavior is destruction — divorce; which she knows will greatly favor her in this satanic world system. The Bible even condemns believers going into a court system run by un-believers to solve disputes between believers.

              So how should the marriage look like? Well – Scripture says the God fearing man should be the ruler of the marriage. He’s the head of the household, and Jesus Christ is the head of them both as he’s head of the church. The man is to love his wife, like Jesus loves his church. The wife is to be submissive to her husband. Not to wear expensive clothing or jewelry. So the human tradition of going into debt with an expensive diamond ring goes against scripture as well.

              But it becomes difficult for the man to be the head of the household if the wife has the monopoly power position. For Christian men, especially if they’ve been blessed with success, my advice would be to consider marrying without a marriage license; and getting registered with the state. Yes you’ll pay higher taxes as a single, but that pales in comparison versus losing the power position in the marriage; which Scripture says the man ought to have. Just look at who’s initiating the divorces – 80% are women. Remove the power position the satanic world system gives them, and that number drops significantly.

          1. Otto — keep the critical thinking /analysis coming. Why is only one behaviour demonized in society (coincidentally common practise in the foundation of Abrahamic religion)… meanwhile divorce court has the empowered single mom calling the shots in the modern dysfunctional family.

            1. It is a well deserved fate. We have gone astray too much: in Abrahamic religion, personal and social relationships and more surprisingly in our diet.

              Bible fathers and the whites from the North used to be the herders and animal keepers, now we are happy watching Netflix with Doritos and Coca Cola doing nothing and believing all the lies the SoS controlled TV troughs to us.

              Not herder in history has got any access to all the beet sugars and corn syrups we are having today, so the people eating vegetable cheap energy sugars are getting duller and duller and more retarded, as the brain can not develop properly if you do not eat animal fats.

  11. As uncertainty fades, so does the dollar

    U.S. dollar on the verge of first ‘death cross’ since 2020 as rally unravels

    Joseph Adinolfi

    The U.S. dollar is on the verge of its first “death cross” in two-and-a-half years as a rally that peaked in September with the greenback at its highest level in more than two decades unwinds.

    1. Powell seems to remain sorta hawkish yet the market doesn’t care? BBBY may be having that short squeeze I mentioned a few articles back. Terrible financials, and I have never shopped there. They may try to get one last pump out of it and if that happens all the other memes in the basket will uptick too. If they do put out a BK PR it may take a month to fizzle out, and awhile longer to delist so there is time for a pump. Base and precious metals are looking interesting. BTC made a quick comeback bounce this week.

      1. The big losers last year are eading so far in 2023. Even gme. All these penny biotech are outperforming

  12. Pilsen Food Pantry reeling from sudden death of stalwart worker: ‘He was an angel’

    Celso Dionicio Ignacio died unexpectedly Saturday from gastrointestinal bleeding, according to Dr. Evelyn Figueroa, director of the pantry and a primary care doctor at University of Illinois Health. He was 50.

    “He was an angel,” Figueroa said. “We’re very much reeling from sadness. It’s a disaster.”

  13. The scenarios for future war are currently predicated on the existing timeline maintaining itself. Given that, it’s only going to be economic pressures like the ones Russia are currently experiencing that will tip the scales toward war.

    But, what if Bible prophecy actually will come true? What if we’re near the end? What if Francis is the last Pope? If any of this is remotely true, we could see war and the conditions prevailing at the time wouldn’t matter. If these powers know that there is some sort of denouement coming, they’ll pull the plug, because it won’t matter anyway.

    Xi warned China invasion of Taiwan would be ‘shambles’ ending in ‘defeat’ with 10k killed
    Luke Whelan

    President Xi Jingping of China has been warned an invasion of Taiwan would be a “shambles” for his military and end in defeat with tens of thousands killed or taken as prisoners of war. A complex think tank war game showing a hypothetical attack on the island showed Taiwan would remain an “autonomous democracy” after the invasion although both sides – including Western allies – would endure “sobering” costs.

    1. Russia’s Budget Gap Surges to Record as War Hits Finances

      Bloomberg) — Russia’s federal budget deficit widened to a record in December as revenues plunged amid restrictions on oil exports and spending on the invasion of Ukraine grew.

      The fiscal gap reached a record 3.9 trillion rubles ($56 billion) last month, according to Bloomberg calculations based on preliminary government data released Tuesday. That brought the full-year shortfall to about 3.3 trillion rubles, reversing a surplus in the 11 months of the year.

      Finance Minister Anton Siluanov later confirmed the full-year figure, which he said amounted to 2.3% of gross domestic product, in televised comments at a government meeting. “Those indicators aren’t bad,” Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said after Siluanov’s brief report. Neither official mentioned the war.

      The preliminary data showed spending for the year was up more than a third compared to pre-war forecasts. Government expenditure in Russia is highly seasonal, with big spikes often coming at the end of the year, widening the deficit.

      Inflows from high prices for oil, gas and other commodity exports in the first half helped offset rising spending, but that trend is now shifting.

      1. Russia is tiny compared with the corrupt West. USA Inc. and allies are given the silly boyish bear a beating to learn his lesson.

        Even schoolboys learn the rules of the game very quickly.

        We used to play soccer in the colonnade of the church when it rained. But boy, when older bullies came demanding the place and they meant business, a couple of kicks, slaps and punches were enough to convince us to run away fast!

        Russia will cry and cry to no avail. They are stupid: not advanced gadgetry wins a trenched warfare war, you need more boots, guns, and ammo if you wanna have chances of winning this kind of conflict. Look at WWWI and the loss of lives in the European trenches.

        The only thing they can do against OTAN with their cherished “precision weapons” is to bomb the Ukraine to the Stone Age. Russia as a post-communist country in the closet has nothing much else to offer. We ought to remember that communism is the darkest and more malign of the SoS’s Pandora Boxes, able to destroy the soul an spirit of any society and the lives of millions of people with incredible speed and destructive fervor, and that Russia has been under the communist yoke for more than a century.

        There is a reason for Christianity to be as wide and far away in the world as the stars of the skies and it is that with all its faults and corrupt history is more forgiving, more just and much more lucid and healthy than any other social order.

        1. Bernard, you said a couple of things that are so true, and I want to say Amen to them. At the core of most politics is the conflict between communism (which is anti-Christian) and Christianity itself. The cultures that previously flourished under Christendom have been decimated by communism. Thanks for the reminders to us all:

          “We ought to remember that communism is the darkest and more malign of the SoS’s Pandora Boxes, able to destroy the soul an spirit of any society and the lives of millions of people with incredible speed and destructive fervor…”

          “There is a reason for Christianity to be as wide and far away in the world as the stars of the skies and it is that with all its faults and corrupt history is more forgiving, more just and much more lucid and healthy than any other social order.”

  14. We need to have student loan debt relief, so the Biden regime can empower NKE, SBUX, AMZN, AAPL, WMT, and me as a landlord!

    Bezos has a $400 mm yacht and a stock that is struggling. Please 🙏 hand out student loan debt relief.

  15. Before I became an asset owner, these types of stories would enrage me. Now, I encourage them. The people who pay are the people who don’t have student loans nor any sizeable amount of income generating assets. That means about 70% of working stiffs are net losers. This is great news for landlords and Jeff Bezos. Enjoy! Millennial tenants whose student loans are being forgiven will be sleeping in bunk beds and enjoying their woke multiculturalism while they eat cat food on a crate.

    The Biden regime and the Pentagon need to throw in the race card for an easier sell.

    Feds propose ‘student loan safety net’ alongside forgiveness

  16. Timothy Fitzpatrick, I don’t believe that this guy called “Mr. E” is a member of the “everyone is a tranny crowd,” whatever that is. All of his earlier videos are scrubbed, and more educational on the basic anatomical differences between men and women. He has been pointing out the ways that the Kabbalist trans/nonbinary/androgyne agenda is alive and well in the media, in politics and education, and it has a tremendous influence on our cultural views and actions affecting gender and gender expression. This topic has been mentioned several times on this blog. Mr. E’s video I posted on Yuval Noah Harari and his book is especially chilling, and he advocates much more sinister plans for our future. You might want to check that one out, considering the content of your own blog!

  17. This is Klaus Schwab’s WEF consultant, and poster boy for NWO transhumanism, Harari. He wrote a book called Sapiens. Check out the contents. These Frankensteins have our future mapped out for us, because we are “hackable animals, ” and “an animal of no significance.”

    This is a story of Billy Graham, a famous freemason “evangelist” of high rank and involved with the presidents, and his son Billy Graham who said that if Jesus had vaccines then, he would have wanted us to take them.

    Both of these videos are done by a Christian, “Mr. E.”

  18. Now for some very good news…

    Ivermectin works for me. I started taking it 24 hours ago, and most symptoms from my covid are gone. Still some dry bronchioles, but that is quickly subsiding. Back to working out again tomorrow.

    Get ivermectin at

    I purchased 200 x 12mg tablets.

    It works! I read that some at risk people or those with long COVID who take one or two 12 mg tablets a week show no more symptoms.

    I will get my next batch through Tractor Supply’s website. It’s cheaper, but I have enough for about 2 years.

      1. I take a ton of it and still got covid from family. The ivermectin has helped a lot. I should take some oregano oil, but am already taking so many supplements. I want to see if some disparate symptoms diminish over time with ivermectin. I got covid almost three years ago. It was much worse then.

    1. Ivermectin is poison. Symptoms are your body healing and detoxing you drug shill.

      1. Sounds like some bang up analysis. You should start a blog. You obviously don’t read the blog. Only little bits here and there and make conclusions like those you rail against.

    2. I’m glad Ivermectin worked for you, CJ ! 🙂
      And nobody here is a “drug shill,” Jacob Greenspan.
      We’re simply freely sharing information with each other in this matrix.
      There would be nothing to gain from shilling ivermectin, anyway, as it’s off patent.
      For most of us here, all this comes down to hard-won knowledge gained through experience, seeking the truth, thinking independently and “out of the box” in this matrix we live in.
      All of us should do our own research before making decisions on everything – it’s called adulting.

    3. I am happy you found Ivermectin helps you recover from Covid. I wish you continued recovery.

  19. CJ Evans, if there is a dissolution of Russia or Putin’s government collapses how do you think that would affect the timeline to WWIII?
    I would think a strong Russia is needed for WWIII. If Russia falls apart would China then pick up the slack or would we go straight to the dystopian world run by the Antichrist without a world war.

    Very interesting food for thought about a dissolved Russia.

    1. The scenario of instability laid out in the article is worse for the West and geopolitics in general than if Putin stays in power. Who will step up to take control? He will probably be much worse than Putin, who is controllable.

      A Russia that has economic problems persisting (economics ultimately will be the reason) via a power vacuum of corruption and a degradation of Russian energy production will be the catalysts for global military catastrophe. A wounded animal with nothing to lose can be deadly.

      If Russia continues to scale back production, it won’t be from their choice, since that would be caused by lack of investment to keep its domestic industry going. Thus I see Russia, Inc. getting increasingly desperate as the decade plays out. This will be the real reason for striking the West. Western oil and gas technology and money left Russia. Russia is totally incapable of keeping up production momentum now. The West beats them hands down. USA, inc. production up 2.5mm bbl a day while Russia down 1mm bbl a day.

      War always comes down to economics. The more desperate Russia becomes, the more likely and severe this future war will be. The Western faction of the SoS wants this war and is cultivating the ground right now.

      As current circumstances continue to unfold the way they are, it becomes more self evident to me that war is the only logical conclusion.

      1. Just because the headlines say someone died, doesn’t mean they did. Nice touch when they put up a photo or video of the person holding their chest or collapsing to make a point. Just like the staged shootings they have fake victims with fake identities. And as always Go fund mes set up the very same day to collect those sob story donations. Not hard to move military personel around the globe and reassign them to new jobs after faking their deaths. I work with these miltary types at my job, they get two salaries and qualify for double dipped pensions.

        I do think there are people passing away after getting jabbed and getting sick but it’s a smaller percentage than we think. The Elite messed up, they didn’t do as good of a job as they wanted to. Many are waking up to the hoax so they may not get another chance at least not for awhile, so now they are switching to the good guy mode of operandi. Plenty of funding in that too, money on the way down and money on the way back up.

        The SOS, power elite, control “ALL” sides of a narrative. But I’m preaching to the choir here on that one.

        As I have said before, I’m taking the contra on the Ukraine event. A 100% Hollywood production wargame that robbed billions from the USA and others to support the final phase of the BRI. Commenter Fitz nailed it by letting us know Russia is still the Soviet Union. The Black Sea is a Russian lake. No collapse for Russia or China, only increased strength, and this fits in well with Chris’s force majure idea. Mr Motyl has a paycheck to worry about.

        1. He may have bills to pay, but he knows this world is not a simulation and if he’s wrong consistently, he’s out of a job. And he won’t have respect of his peers. Russia has been embarrassed and his prior articles predicted that would happen.

          I also knew this would not work out well for Russia either. It’s all about economics and Russia is draining its treasury fighting and making up for its poorly managed energy sector.

          Ultimately, he gets paid with his track record.

      2. CJ Evans, I agree Russia is backward on technology compared to the West. Russia only got as good as it is today thanks to Western investment in their energy production and other industries after the fall of the soviet union. The West brought them the technology. Now that the western businesses have pulled out, Russia will fall behind on investment and technology as they lost the western technological pipeline. The Russian economy is a crap show as there is much more disparity between the haves and have nots than in the west. Russia is always ruled by gangsters. The USA has recently become ruled by socialist gangsters. Would be interesting to see what happens to Putin.

        1. Those who think this is all a holographic universe and this is all an SoS simulation just don’t get it. They are unable to grasp what is taking place economically speaking. It’s all about economics.

          The war in Ukraine is irrelevant now. It’s the results of this war that are troubling.

          Russia is having a very difficult time with maintaining its energy production. It’s unable to overcome the loss of Western expertise and investment.

          These dummies think about SBUX or MCD leaving Russia. That’s meaningless garbage. These naive people have no idea what built up Russia’s energy industry. It’s just a hologram.

          Russia’s going to have an ever more difficult time paying their bills. If this goes on another few years Russia will do anything.

  20. BREAKING: Los Angeles Rams Player Rushed To Hospital Following Game, Currently In Stable Condition

    Another scary scene unfolded on Sunday after a player on the Los Angeles Rams was taken to the hospital following his team’s game on Sunday.

    After the Rams loss, Rams head coach Sean McVay announced that Russ Yeast was taken into the hospital.

    “Rams safety Russ Yeast has been taken to a Seattle hospital after suffering a pulmonary contusion during today’s game against the Seahawks,” Pro Football Talk wrote.

  21. Multiculturalism; woke and broke. Both run dependently with one another. Be the landlord to the millennial sad sacks. Check out the photo in the article. Let’s have fun! 🤣🤣🤣

    Millennials are now the ‘roommate generation’ after being squeezed out of homeownership by high housing costs, said Redfin CEO

    Another reason that Kelman pointed out regarding the trend is that rent increases continue to outpace wage growth, even as the US rental vacancy rate increased. This makes it harder for millennials to save up enough money for a downpayment on a home.

    1. The average home shopper is competing against big corporate money, which puts home ownership way out of reach for many. Even myself, who has a sizable down payment in the form of a paid off owner occupied property, I was forced to pay over asking if I wanted to get in the game. And It’s all cash or stay home. Contingent offers get scrapped. Fortunately logic took over and I did not end up one of those FOMO (fear of missing out) data points on a chart that paid $60K over asking. Renting becomes the only option for many.

      But if rent prices exceed incomes the tenant simply stops paying. This is a left handed cost saving maneuver that is effectively legalized. Stop paying and you can’t be thrown out. Or at least it becomes very difficult to remove a non paying renter. If it’s a mom and pop landlord that relies on the extra income of a rental to pursue a particular lifestyle, either life changes or the property gets sold. And who will be ready with cash to buy it? Some investment firm perhaps?

      See this 2021 article here. Isn’t it interesting and sad at the same time when the conspiracy becomes reality?

  22. We know the objective is to ban the use of all hydrocarbons in the home. Natural gas has been used for cooking for about a hundred years and now the governmental authorities who overinjected the sick masses are supposedly telling the same sick masses that they are getting sick from nat. gas.

    I sound like Hezekiah, but I won’t live long enough to see the dystopian future, as long as I have peace in my days.

    US Safety Agency to Consider Ban on Gas Stoves Amid Health Fears

    1. You know something is up when they bring the race card into the article. These people are fools.

      1. Well, it makes perfect sense. Those who are advocating the continued use of natural gas in the household are racist and bigoted.

    1. TF, last I read, white people are less than 8 percent. The Uke war is the gateway jews have wanted for thousands of years. Here is the opportunity to put whites inextricably into negative reproduction.

      The lower Don and Volga region is the genetic origin of whites, or Aryans. Jews have targeted this womb. Guarantee you jew teams of killers are working there under cover of this war.

  23. I wonder if employers around the country will do the same thing for their employees as the Buffalo Bills are doing for Hamlin.

    According to the Pentagon, social media and the controlled MSM are pouring prayers and support, but nobody asks what caused it. The Bills pay his entire salary, Hamlin is a hero, the nation supports this all, but NOBODY in the MSM questions it. According to the Pentagon, if you question it, you’re the enemy and are racist.

    Most all the “independent” news sites are directly controlled by Arlington and McLean Virginia. All these stories are first vetted by senior editors in the Pentagon. There is no such thing as grassroots reporting. It’s ALL top down.

      1. I remember Adam Rich from Eight is Enough when I was young. So many famous actors, singers, and other personalities we remember from our younger days are falling away. More than likely another VAX death. Just a reminder that the life on earth as we remember is falling away. Heaven help those who don’t read and understand God in the Holy Bible. As their world falls apart they will lose it without God.

        The Bible reminds us that Jesus Christ is eternal and unchanging while this world is ever changing for the worse and becomes an unrecognizable Satanic toilet bowl.

      2. Tristan Thompson’s mother has died “unexpectedly”.

        The 31-year-old basketball player – who has daughter True, four, and a five-month-old son with reality star Khloe Kardashian – is said to have left Los Angeles “as soon as he could” to be with his family in Toronto after he received the news that his mother Andrea had suffered a heart attack and passed away at home on Thursday

          1. Joe – I commented about him (Mr. E. Transvestigations) a few weeks ago, and posted a link to one of his videos on the Kabbalist religion of the S.O.S. that includes Baphomet worship. The Baphomet of course has the goat head and the features of both mail and female. You see signs of Baphomet worship all over this country, including the push for transgenderism in all sectors, including now more and more in schools and libraries (for ex: drag queen story hour). Found only a few of his links mirrored on Bitchute, as all of the others were scrubbed from YouTube. Do you know where all of his videos went, and could you post some links??? You mentioned the one on the Kardashians, but there were so many more, and he ended up making other channels under under names that were subsequently scrubbed. I can’t find him now, and his work was genius.

            People underestimate how this pushed gay/bi/transgender paradigm of SOS has affected every walk of life. Women and men are indoctrinated every day by the inversion of God’s design: feminism, gay and lesbian rights, porn, abortion rights, and transgenderism. Then we all scratch our heads and wonder why women are too masculine and men are too effeminate. And worse than that, we blame the victims for being duped from a young age, instead of blaming the parties doing the indoctrination.

            And it all plays into the agenda of the SOS. Masculine women and effeminate men, all confused at the core of their being about the most basic part of themselves (their gender and what features God gave them to go with it). For example, the SOS has been pretty successful to get women, ordinarily the givers and nurturers of new life, to think it’s preferable to kill their baby, often conceived outside of marriage, and instead be out of the home competing with men for careers. Generally women and men are so confused about their gender roles that they are not much interested in marrying and having children. It’s all part of the depopulation plan.

            1. Joe, I did find some of Mr. E’s newer videos (under another channel called Apocalypse_ Watchman by Mr. E) but I can’t find his older scrubbed ones. This video is worth 13 minutes. He talks about the role of the androgyne in mass media as part of the Kabbalist transgender agenda by the SOS, as it ties in with the NWO agenda. He starts with the brainwashing of our nation through images on the screen – this one of the most-watched androgyne/trans movie star ( Zoe Saldana). He brings the video topic to the ultimate U.N. goal of depopulation (except of course for the androgynes).


            2. Bernardine, be careful with that “everyone is a tranny” crowd. I think a lot of it is just misdirection. Certainly, there is a trans agenda going on, but this conspiracy subgroup pushes it to absurd extremes, thus spoiling the whole movement itself. They claim absolutely everyone is the opposite gender of what they say they are. Obviously this is just retarded nonsense.

      3. Kevin Lemons Has Passed Away Unexpectedly At Age 44

        It is with deep sadness that we join the family of Kevin Lemons in announcing his transition early this morning. Kevin Lemons was not only an extraordinary, highly respected songwriter, artist and choir director, he was a devoted and loving husband, a trusted leader of his music ministry and a pillar of gospel music’s vital choir scene.

      4. Beloved young coach at Devine Middle School unexpectedly passes away after collapsing in class. He was 35.

        SAN ANTONIO – His playful, easygoing personality made him an easy pick to be a student’s favorite coach.

        But 35-year-old Jacob Sanchez was also an inspiration, a leader and an innovator that made him so likable to those he worked with at Devine Middle School.

        On Thursday, Sanchez collapsed at the start of class and staff members conducted CPR.

        The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office reports he died of a heart attack. On Friday, the Devine community gathered for a vigil before the start of school and school counselors were available to help students cope.

        Principal Kandi Darnell was with him just minutes before he collapsed.

        “He seemed fine and everything seemed fine,” she said.

      5. Schuylkill Co. woman suddenly passes away over holiday weekend, she was 21

        A woman from Schuylkill County, currently serving in the United States Army, suddenly passed away on Christmas while visiting with family.

        21-year-old Briana C. Kromer, P.F.C. who was stationed at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, was visiting family in Andreas for the holiday when she suddenly passed away.

        A 2019 graduate of Tamaqua Area High School, Briana attended Lehigh County Community College before enlisting in the United States Army.

        The details surrounding her sudden death are currently unknown.

      6. Family’s heartache as ‘caring and kind’ mum suddenly dies two days after getting engaged; she was 31

        A family has shared their heartache after a young mum suddenly died just two days after getting engaged.

        Kirsty Cracknell, from Hull, passed away unexpectedly before her 31st birthday.

        The tragedy has devastated her family, with brother Craig saying: “It caught everybody by surprise.

        “It’s very difficult, the unexpected, and we as a family have always maintained the mantra of no parent should ever have to bury a child.

      7. North Jersey Firefighter Jordan Darley Dies Suddenly Leaving Behind Wife, New Baby

        Support was surging for the wife and child of Passaic firefighter Jordan Darley who died suddenly in November 2022.

        Darley, 40, died after going into cardiac arrest, according to a GoFundMe page launched for his wife, Lucia, and baby, Jordan.

      8. GFPD investigating parking lot death

        The Grand Forks Police Department says foul play is not suspected in the death of an adult male found in a parking lot near Red River High School.

        Officers were sent to 2211 17th Avenue South just after 9:30 this morning (Sunday). When they arrived they discovered the adult male deceased on the southeast side of the school.

        The GFPD says there does not appear to be any danger to the public. The name of the victim was not released.

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