2022-2027; A nation in decline and the probable timeline to war

Four more years

Circumstances are aligning and 2027 seems to be on tap to be the pivot point. The time is now; four more years to prepare.

Given my recent contemplations regarding what I think is in store for the later half of this decade, I wanted to pass along some analysis from this week’s World Affairs Brief, Year End Review 2022. Included in this review are some predictions for what is to come as we move out further in the decade.

The circumstances of the past three years have rewritten the script and it now seems some sort of a denouement awaits us this decade. Despite what many in the alt-media proclaim, these powers have not lost control of the narrative and there will be no great awakening. Many of these alt-personalities are being disingenuous, because it is clear that the vast majority of the population (i.e. 80%) fully believe the MSM line. We must not mistake people reacting to their misery and heartache as their awareness of the truth; they are now nothing but rats in a highly controlled lab experiment. These people do not want to know this truth, and do you blame them? Only several percent of humanity understand these times, and as the older and wiser people who know of this conspiracy die off, there are fewer younger folk to replace them.

So China’s timetable is the controlling one, in my opinion, and China’s military claims they will have achieved first class military status by 2027. That puts her capabilities into the “ready” category in the middle of the last half of this decade, which is where I have estimated she would be ready for several years now.

World Affairs Brief, December 30th

I will add more thoughts in the comments section as I see fit, but given the globalists’ successes to date, there is no turning back now and we cannot “turn this around.” All we can do is pray to God and prepare. Take action and hope that God can delay what is coming. Pray that you will survive as what’s upcoming is survivable IF you take action and make the right choices.

Below are some verbatim excerpts from the WABs Year End Review along with Mr. Skousen’s predictions with regards to what is in store, including the timeline to the upcoming war. This war has been revealed to us for decades and is a fait accompli. The actions of the nation-states up to now indicate that it’s game on, and whether or not these ostensibly suicidal actions are deliberate or being carried out through spiritual engineering is for you to decide. While I don’t agree with some of what is said in the Brief, I include it here for your contemplation.


The all-seeing eye of Lucifer is looking down on his creation

True conservatives fought crucial battles this year and won against impossible odds in the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, striking down some gun-restrictions and freeing a beleaguered Christian baker. But we are still losing the war. The rulings were so narrow they can be ignored by individual states or are set to be overturned by new rulings and future bad legislation—bad laws that will soon come after this year’s election proved that election fraud is so entrenched it can throw major races and erode any political clout that was left to resist this dangerous agenda. Don’t fall for the false hope from optimistic conservative politicians and organizations who claim they can “win back our freedoms.” There are no winning strategies when so many people have become corrupted by irrational and evil schemes that, combined with vote fraud, they can outvote us from here on out. Most people are followers of leaders in business, entertainment, news networks, universities and even churches who have fallen headlong into soft-thinking and the dangerous agendas promoted non-stop by the establishment. Agendas like the moral abyss of accepting and promoting gay and transgender deviant behavior as normal—which a society cannot long endure without suffering the consequences. Then there is the insanity of zero-carbon energy and transportation demands that will clearly end in shortages, poverty and economic disaster, were it not for the real possibility that war will overtake events before the world can drive itself lemming-like over the cliff of falsified climate science. Even more dangerous is the fact that the entire world is effectively diverted from seeing the approaching world war that will descend upon us later in this decade, by the media concentrating on much less important stories. If the press doesn’t beat the drums of concern on a key issue, people go blindly on in their pursuit of normalcy. Far from seeing a reversal of all these dangerous trends in 2023 we expect only an accelerated decline for this once great nation.

Intellectual Corruption: Nothing is more symptomatic of the rapid decline in moral and intellectual values than what is happening at US universities. All of the social sciences are dominated by the Left intent on denigrating Western culture and values, and even the professors of “hard” sciences are falling into this yes-man trap of towing the establishment line on climate change, gay “rights” and vaccines. PC pressure is at a maximum in college classes and no one in position of instruction, authority or administration will tolerate negative views on homosexuality or transgenderism. Administrators now outnumber professors at the most prestigious schools, and racial profiling against white males is worse than ever. Male enrollment is now less than 50% at many schools.

Scholar Victor Davis Hanson writes about the coming demise of the US university system. He rightly observes that government-backed student loans have been the primary cause of university education being priced out of reach of normal people, amid a decided shrinking demand. I personally believe that high school graduates ought to seek other alternatives to get specialized training and avoid wasting their time and money at woke universities.

Remember, there’s a moral element of corruption to this bizarre change in rational thinking among all levels of educational institutions. Beginning in the 1960s the student Left at universities became synonymous with “free love,” and moral abandonment. Homosexuality was still mostly in the closet during those times, but now that it’s fully out in the open, it is being promoted to ever-younger age levels. Children are being first groomed to challenge their innate gender and are then enticed into more deviant practices as teens.

Bioweapons and the future of medical care; “become your own doctor”

Future Bio-Weapon Pandemics: Will the next man-made pandemic come in 2025? It’s likely as Bill Gates and the WHO ran a “tabletop” simulation in Belgium about the next pandemic, projecting it to hit in 2025. It will be dubbed SEERS, Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome of 2025.

Our greatest fear that between now and the coming war, will be trying to evade the return of bio-weapon releases and the inevitable return to masks, travel restrictions, and economic lockdowns, and all the economic havoc that this produces when living under emergency orders—which have never gone away. So, beware, and get very healthy so you can resist what’s coming without succumbing to dangerous vaccines and drugs. Never trust the medical establishment again to solve chronic health problems or Deep State induced pandemics.

Here’s an articulate video presentation by “The Patriot Nurse” on what’s changed in the establishment medical system since Covid that explains, in her words, “why you need to become your own doctor.” She doesn’t mean that literally, but that each person know how to take care of their own health problems outside of the medical system, which no longer has your best interest at heart. She says a lot of the most caring people have been forced out of the system due to conflicts between their conscience and the new dangerous protocols they are forced to use.



In each year end brief, I reiterate my estimate of when I think war is coming. It hasn’t changed but bears repeating for new subscribers. Having some idea of the timing is important because this Third World War will be different than all other wars America has been involved with.

First, we’ll face peer capable enemies with powerful military forces. That hasn’t happened since we were up against Germany in WWII, and never occurred during our recent wars of intervention against lesser militaries in the phony “war on terror.” Fighting Russia and China will be very different, and the American mainland will be attacked.

Russia has the most powerful nuclear forces in the world, and China as the most powerful conventional forces and the world’s largest navy. Together they will be tough to beat, especially if our own globalist government absorbs a nuclear first strike on our military forces (in accordance with PDD-60) in order to force us into a militarized global government in response.

The pre-emptive strike will only happen, however, when both are ready. Russia is almost ready now with her nuclear forces, but will never be fully ready in conventional forces due to the weaknesses caused by the war against Ukraine. China, in contrast, is already ahead of the West in conventional forces, but still has more to build in order to feel confident going up against slightly superior technology in the West. Her growing nuclear arsenal is unknown but also growing steadily.

So China’s timetable is the controlling one, in my opinion, and China’s military claims they will have achieved first class military status by 2027. That puts her capabilities into the “ready” category in the middle of the last half of this decade, which is where I have estimated she would be ready for several years now.

Still, that doesn’t mean the strike will happen then. We are dealing with three major conspiratorial powers— the Western Globalists, Russia, and China, neither of which fully control the timetable of the others. No one knows when the war will start precisely, but I do believe Russia and China will need a trigger event to justify it.

Despite all the nuclear blustering by Putin, I don’t think Putin will use Ukraine to start a nuclear WWIII—because China isn’t ready to back him up yet. In fact, China is somewhat irritated with Russia’s invasion seeing how it is weakening Russia’s conventional military and setting the world on alert.

My best estimate is that North Korea will provide the trigger event by attacking South Korea, which will demand a US military response because we have so many US troops stationed there for defense—approximately 28k Army, Air Force and Marine personnel. That attack could come on orders from China, which controls NK, or in response to NK’s leader Kim Jong Un’s vow to attack US forces in Asia if the US tries to interdict and stop China’s invasion of Taiwan. In either case, I don’t think China will signal NK to start the war until China is ready.

Everyone needs to get as prepared as you can—considering both relocation out of blast areas and preparing for fallout and the famine that will come on the heels of the EMP strike by Russia and China that will precede briefly the nuclear strike on military targets–not cities per se (at least not at first).


Each New Year’s celebration I find myself wondering how much time is left. We live in the “calm before the storm” in peace and prosperity that can lull us into a false sense of security. Once the storm clouds become obvious, it will be too late to prepare before the storm will break upon us in all its pent-up fury. I suspect we only have until around 2027 to really prepare. There may be more time, but I strongly recommend planning to get the bulk of your preparedness done in the next four years (and my dad agrees with me). I say this both to jolt us awake about the seriously short time left and to give us hope that there is (barely) enough time left to prepare if we work hard at it. It is time to accelerate our efforts.

Location: Where will you be living four years from now? High interest rates in 2023 are already causing housing to slow dramatically. New homes are down and lumber is very cheap again. That is good if you are looking to buy land and build on it.

If you have been saving up, it could be your last chance to move to a more secure location. It will take all four years to build on raw land, and accomplish the necessary preparations, so if that is your plan you need to start the process this coming year. In future years you run the risk of not finishing a house and your preparations in time. Watch for properties that already have significant homestead or self-sufficiency infrastructure (animal outbuildings and fenced pastures, solar panels, a well, solar water heating, etc.) so you don’t have to implement everything yourself.

Those near military targets like those listed in our book, Strategic Relocation, need to especially concentrate on moving. Likewise those who live in the middle of urban centers surrounded by masses of unprepared people. At least move to the outskirts with larger lot sizes even if it means a little longer commute. As the danger of war looms closer arrange to work remotely so you aren’t caught up in a commute or in downtown when a first strike happens.

A great many people won’t be able to move before Hard Times and will have to make do with preparing at home where you are. Don’t give up entirely—there are things you can do to make any existing single family home more survivable.

If your relocation dreams are clearly not going to materialize, look for other unique ways to improve your options. Consider family and close friends who have rural property in a more secure location but need help improving the land or keeping it up. Look for appropriate ways to offer help or ask if you can raise a garden or animals on their land. Make sure it is always mutually beneficial. Don’t be a freeloader. If you are an active participant, adding value to the property, you have a much better chance of being kept on in Hard Times—sometimes even over other family and friends vying to be let in….

Finances: Try to keep your income lifeline alive as much as possible in the coming economic ups and downs. Although our savings are deteriorating with inflation, be careful to set aside money for big projects while converting a little extra of your spending budget each month for hard goods (tools and food storage) that will hold their value. Throttle back on any unnecessary spending now, especially eating out and junk food. Keep a tight budget even as you enjoy the good years left. It will never be as easy to make money as it is now, but you will need to convert the extra money from these years of plenty into what you need for the lean years ahead.

Prioritize Your Efforts: Working backwards from the end of 2027, consider what training and projects must get priority so you can meet your most important needs. Try to fit the largest projects in first (assuming you can proceed with them), and work the smaller ones in around them. Focus your effort on what will make the most difference in a crisis—water, shelter, food and repair skills.

Although the time is growing short there are indications that God is giving us a little more time: Russia is taking longer than they wanted in retaking Ukraine; China is being more cautious about going after Taiwan. The wars on Iran and the overthrow of Syria, have been pushed back. The pieces in the geopolitical chessboard are having to wait for the goals they so obviously have geared up for. But the delay won’t last forever. These powerful players are not giving up, only waiting for the right time to move. Eventually it will erupt in another world war and, for us at least, it will happen overnight. One day we will have relative peace and prosperity and the next will bring war and devastation—the beginning of many years of hard times. I am not making a prediction about when it will be, except that I think there are still a few precious years left. How we fare in those hard times will depend on what we do with that time.

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196 thoughts on “2022-2027; A nation in decline and the probable timeline to war

  1. Well that lady in the video threw a satanic hand sign CJ. Are you aware of that? Also Joel Skousen is associated with Infowars which is known controlled opposition.

    1. Skousen is long gone from Infowars and Rense, because both are pro-Putin. Skousen was kicked off Rense. Jones hasn’t had Skousen back in a long time.

      1. What makes you think Skousen is legit? I’ve noticed he never talks about the SoS. That’s usually my litmus test for controlled opposition.

        It’s also strange that Skousen thinks nuclear armageddon is coming in a few years, yet he’s afraid to hurt his reputation (and income) by revealing the group behind everything. That makes me suspect he doesn’t believe what he’s peddling.

        1. His timeline to war sounds about right and he’s been more correct about Russia than anyone else in the alt-media.

          There will be a war. The globalists are planning for the type of war that Greg says. It will go much worse than expected. Skousen agrees with me.

          I take contention with most other stuff he says. Last week’s brief he asks if 2023 will be the year that the bubble bursts. He reads too much ZeroHedge propaganda. Ironically, ZH is pro-Russian. The great non sequitur that I notice.

  2. Landlords and the owners of large companies like Nike and Amazon will push for black reparations over any other idea. I find the idea of getting money into the hands of those who will piss it away very appealing.

    The asset owners make a lot more money when blacks are fatherless. The last thing the establishment wants is intact families sitting around the dinner table together, discussing how to overcome the problems of the world.

    Black families need fathers — not reparations for slavery


  3. Fr. Kramer on everything and more of what we have been saying about the Bergoglio papacy after Benedict’s death:

    He must have been reading this blog. But he states some of these cardinals are waiting to boot Francis out until it’s obvious he’s is a heretic. I think it’s already obvious to many that the “pope” has excommunicated himself, and Francis has the college of cardinals already stacked in his favor.

    And for those of us who are out here, this crisis of the church leaves us in a personal moral dilemma. Do we attend the false Francis satanic church or a headless, non-apostolic schism church, both choices in cannon law appearing to be heretical. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. The third choice isn’t much better: remain churchless, effectively making us apostates. ( Except I didn’t leave the church, the church left me, so maybe I’m not technically an apostate, but am only to the friends on both sides of this war, the novus ordo attendees and the schism attendees, because I’m not attending either.) https://jmjsite.com/are_you_still_catholiclettersize.pdf
    Caution: reading about cannon law is as fun as reading about IRS laws.

    Francis makes the death of Benedict more dire and the clock is ticking fast, because most of the old pre-VII priests have been forbidden from saying the ancient pre- VII form of the mass, unless Francis hasn’t found out about them yet. Maybe these old holy priests are in a tiny church in a tiny village in Spain like Bernard mentioned, for example, saying the ancient liturgy undetected by the satanic Francis. I keep thinking about priest holes, like this is what it’s coming to again in church history. The true church will probably end up in the catacombs like it was in early Christianity, because the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, according to God’s promise. Wake up slumbering catholics. The remnant catholics like myself who understand the faith and this serious dilemma are so scattered, I wonder if there will EVER be someone nearby to have mass with in the catacombs. Not to mention the priests who can still do the pre-VII Latin mass are retired and dying off, at which point there will be no mass. The end.

    The main point is this: The visible church of the antichrist is being rapidly installed. This will effect everybody, and should concern everybody, not just catholics…Because as the church goes, so goes the nation (and the world).

    1. And I meant to add that the only VII that has been really vocal and active in the pro-life effort has been recently defrocked by Francis for frivolous reasons, while he allows sex perverts to continue on. I just can’t.

      1. To clarify what I wrote late last night, in reference to the Rense interview of the European priest, Fr. Kramer: Francis is a tyrant, on an active mission to destroy the church, and taking down all the priests that are too Catholic. He is simultaneously stacking the church with heretics of his own installation, who will support him in his mission. (Sounds like politics to me.) He hates catholic tradition. He is also being aided by American politicians…. Fr. Kramer named some of them: Bill, Hillary and Obama. Francis’ latest priest victim was Fr. Pavone, the vocal pro-life priest. About the most humiliating thing you can do to a priest is defrock them. I have researched much of Fr. Pavone’s work, having previously been involved in pro-life work, and he has tried to stay true to what is supposed to be a pro-life mission of the church, but that mission got usurped with everything else in VII in the 60’s.

        Also, to clarify more succinctly the options now left for Catholics under the reign of terror in the Vatican, and explaining the crisis the faithful like myself are experiencing. None of the below choices seem optimal.

        1. Stay in the Novus Ordo mass, headed by a heretic, satanic fake pope orchestrating the rapid demolition of the “one holy, catholic and apostolic church,” turning it into the Whore of Babylon
        2. Stay in a “schism” traditional church which is no longer apostolic according to cannon law (but neither is the Novus Ordo now). A further problem: some of the schism/trad churches do the old latin mass with no legitimate apostolic leadership, rendering their mass illicit under cannon law. Some schism/trad churches do the old latin mass with the new V II language, and are under the jurisdiction of the false pope, also rendering their mass illicit under cannon law. (Also, the various trad churches judge each other on the language differences and there is no cohesion of the schism churches with each other.)
        3. Become an apostate with no church, except the one in your heart, essentially becoming protestant. Which means giving up the tradition of the church that was there since the installation of Peter as the father of the church by Christ, and jeopardizing your unshriven soul to eternal damnation.
        4. Try to find an old priest who is still actually catholic, trained to do the pre-VII mass, who hopefully is doing masses somewhere hidden, before he is shut down.
        5.. Read the daily mass in your home without a priest, using an old latin missal. Pray to God you find others to do so with you, like the early Christians in the catacombs. Embrace the notion that you are living in the age of the Abomination of Desolation that scripture tells us is happening.

        Here is further reading on item#2 above. Hopefully this helps someone.

          1. Swiss, I skimmed that article. I don’t doubt there is corruption in anything that involves fundraising in a non-profit. I never meant to imply that Fr. Pavone was perfect, but the point is that he was defrocked for doing a lot less than a lot of other perverted priests have done. And how ironic, because he is being defrocked AND he’s one of the only priests with a bold pro-life presence. But he is also with the N.O. which is besieged with corruption.

            My trad (schism) catholic friend sent this to me today (below). Often the trads come across as condemning the Novus Ordo Catholics, and I do see a bit of that coming through this article, even though I understand their point. It’s like an ongoing dispute between the left and the right.

            “If you wish to be loved by Jesus, be humble, gentle and simple. Judge and accuse yourself alone; excuse all others.” – St. Margaret Mary

        1. Matthew 16:18

          And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

          The Greek word for church is ekklēsian. Which essentially means an assembly of followers. Or called out one’s of Christ.

          What I find interesting is in the book of revelation we find out that Peter’s name will be on the rock of the foundation for New Jerusalem:

          Revelation 21:14:

          The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

          Let’s be frank – no church, kingdom, or country on earth has been 100% free of corruption or infiltration of the adversary. But….. we know when God’s own Son becomes King on earth – there will no longer be deceit or corruption. So Matthew 16:18 could very possibly be referring to New Jerusalem – Peter’s name will be on the rock of the foundation as he is one of the 12 apostles.

          My wife is Catholic. I don’t really have a church. Many Protestant churches have also gone astray with the lopsided focus on love alone + saved by grace alone; so I simply go to a Catholic service on Sunday.

          1. Otto, I find it interesting that your wife is Catholic and you attend mass with her, but say “I don’t really have a church.” (Like you, I have been in many non-catholic churches, and they were more milk than meat.) And yet, if a church is, by definition, a gathering of two or more in Christ’s name, then you have a church, but maybe you don’t have a deep fellowship with like-minded others gathered there with you, which I long for. The Novus Ordo has turned into an effete religion. (Wondering – do you go to a Novus Ordo mass or a trad mass, and is it in schism or in alignment with the Vatican?)

            We went to see some good friends today, and the man has been Catholic his whole life, his wife grew up protestant. She won’t go to the dying country parish with him because there is no community there for her. He is a historian with a sharp legal mind, and shared his knowledge of the history of the church, and reminded me of the church’s corruption through the centuries, like you said in your comment.

            After having fellowship and talking about the list of options before us (that I listed here in a previous comment), we all watched a movie together called Father Stu. Highly recommend it for you and your wife, based on a true story. I’m also reading a great book called Father Joe, another true story. Both plainly reveal God’s truth and beauty, found even among the darkness and mundane, sinful nature of man. In all the darkness, there is the word incarnate, coming down to meet us here on earth, and in the mass’ last supper (“do this in remembrance of me”), until we meet Him again. And if there is ever any doubt of God’s grace in the darkness and despair of this world, meditate on some sublime sacred music here:
            and here:

            God be with you.

            1. In a sense — I do attend church (gathering of believers), but at the same time I can’t call myself Catholic because I haven’t gone through the process of becoming Catholic. I’m not anti-Catholic, nor anti-Protestant. Because who I am to judge how God called someone to work for his Kingdom? I’m certain from Scripture there’s people entering the Kingdom of God that are Catholic and Protestant. Un-circumcised. And circumcised. Jew (but believer in Christ), and Gentile. God judges the heart — I can’t be the judge. I’m a sinner. But we will have all have a judge one day.

              This is one Scripture but there are many others:
              “Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father. 22 You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. 24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

              We did watch father Stu. I actually recommended it to her, and it’s indeed a great movie.

            1. Thanks, Swiss – this looks like a comprehensive website and I am going to wade through it. It no doubt helps (especially in times of church crisis) to know a lot more than I do about church history (the good, bad and ugly) and to read the words of the saints, in order to gain perspective.

              “…where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so that as sin reigned in death, grace might also reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:20–21)

          2. Otto – you quoted from scripture:
            23But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. 24 God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

            Amen, and with respect to your church attendance – protestants share the same history of catholics (if they go back far enough) and they are both Christian. Luther was the first protestant, and a catholic priest. Catholic means universal. At least you understand and don’t try to point your fingers saying catholics aren’t christian, as many do.

            *** If all Christians could figure out a way to work together and not be so divided (and deceived), we could get a lot more done to defeat Satan and his legions. ***

  4. Japan minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes


    Japan’s trade and industry minister said on Thursday post-Cold War free trade and economic inter-dependence had bolstered authoritarian regimes and the United States and like-minded democracies should counter them with a “new world order.”

    “Authoritarian countries have amassed tremendous power, both economically and militarily,” Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yasutoshi Nishimura said in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

    “We must rebuild a world order based on the fundamental values of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law,” he added.

      1. I live in fear that this will eventually happen to my daughter who insisted on taking these bioweapons, despite my begging her to do otherwise. Did you ever see the Stephen King movie, Storm of the Century? It feels like that movie where the satanic main character won’t leave the town until he takes the good guys’ kid to raise as his own, because the whole village made a pact with the devil. Satan wants our kids. Now they are dying as they try to live their lives, and we are collectively left mourning. This whole thing is diabolical, a true nightmare.

    1. Can we really believe the Japanese though they are one of the most Pro-US countries in the world even more Pro-US than Singapore 😉

  5. Benedict’s corpse is still warm and Francis is already making changes. Petrus Romanus is emphasizing his role as Bishop of Rome, so that he can more actively manage Church affairs.

    Pope Francis reorganises Vicariate of Rome to be more collegial
    Pope Francis publishes the new Apostolic Constitution ‘In Ecclesiarum Communione’, which reorganizes the Vicariate of Rome by strengthening the role of the Episcopal Council and making the Pope, as Bishop of Rome, more present in the Vicariate’s decisions


  6. The thrill is gone.

    McDonald: Why American women are undatable


    “I don’t even want to go on any dates anymore. They just feel like a chore.” I heard this from my twenty-four-year-old male patient this week. I hear it frequently from men everywhere. I hear it in bars, at professional conferences, over coffee at lunch. I hear it because American women have become undatable.

    American women today suffer from a combination of emotional and characterologic pathology that renders them unfit to be romantic partners to men. On the emotional side, they are angry, anxious, and dysregulated. Men find them exhausting and not at all fun to be around. In addition to their unpleasant emotions, men must also contend with their toxic personality traits: narcissism, ingratitude, and an overbearing and judgmental attitude that appears to be constant. American women approach dating as a fact and fault-finding mission, with a degree of arrogance that can only come from a profound absence of self-awareness. They have no idea what their role is in the encounter or how to properly support the man who is leading the date. They act as saboteurs rather than facilitators. Most men have tired of this.

    Certainly, the failings of men play their own role in the dating disaster of today’s America. I have written about these failings extensively here and in my first book, United States of Fear. Masculinity is in decline in the West; without it, dating cannot be successful. Strength, courage, mastery, and honor are the essential traits of masculinity, according to Jack Donovan, author of The Way of Men, and few men display those traits today. Yet equally few women display the essential traits of femininity, either. Donovan explains that to find a woman desirable, a man requires nothing more than for her to be pretty, carefree, and charming. Today’s American women cannot even meet that expectation.

    1. This article by McDonald hits the nail on the head for American Women born after the late 60s. The other problem the article does not address is that most American women 50 years and younger are Non Christian atheists. They hold anything but kind Christian values and are anything but modest and chaste.

      Just a reminder for guys AND ladies out there; it is NOT about sex and money. Relationships are about promoting the will of God and bringing the heavenly kingdom down here on earth.

      1. Women today lack Christian values; even though many of them call themselves Christians. They’ve been indoctrinated by the the world system, and they choose to follow the ideologies of the world versus Scripture. So I guess you can call them “New Age Christians.” They will simply pick and choose which part of scripture applies to them. Even married women – many of them choose to wear very seductive clothing out in public; which in proverbs 7 it frowns upon a wife dressing seductively for other men. They are simply following the beat of the world system. With the see through tight yoga pants and mass cleavage on social media. That should be reserved for your husband – not the whole world to see. If a wife agrees to marry a man and moves into his household to eventually cause trouble and stress – then how can God trust her inside his own Kingdom?

        In Europe – there’s going to be more Muslims than Christians within 50 years. One thing they have is stable strong family units. Granted – they aren’t being put in the ringer with indoctrination and infiltrations. But they have more stable and stronger family units. Today’s Christian family can barely afford to 1-2 kids – and if it’s not a money issue – then perhaps they’ve been indoctrinated to think about the environment or climate change. But Muslims are having 3-6 kids and those kids aren’t being raised by the world system in daycare – but by the parents. If the great tribulation doesn’t occur before the 50 years, then at least in Europe, Christians that are left aren’t going to have to worry about climate change, but countries like France becoming majority Muslim, and starting wars in the neighboring Christian countries.

    2. This is a big problem, not just in the US.

      SOS understands the psychology, the numbers and the chances for the average man. Tinder brings the problem to its ultimate outcome with no resolution at this time. 90% of women on Tinder and similar apps are going on “dates” with about 6% of the men. The other 94% of men are getting no hits.

      The result is that these women are unable to pair bond and have a normal relationship, let alone a family in the future. Huge problem that will probably have a greater contribution to depop than the vax or even war.

      For the SOS, both problem and solution rolled into one

      1. Another piece in the destruction of our society. A friend at work just broke up with a girl he was engaged to. She had been engaged several other times. You think he would have got the hint before getting so involved. She was good looking but that wears off after awhile.

    3. This guy Donovan is a bull fag who leads men retreats. He influences this author. The author sounds like a professional crisis Hegelian. We have to do something, we have to do something.

      I say easy credit and revolving credit is the cause of disintegration. It fuels narcissism.

      1. I never heard of any of these guys. I did wonder why a 24 year was in the doctor’s office?

        Real estate investors like broken relationships and broken hopes and dreams. Broken families stimulate housing demand above what would normally be. The feminist movement and open borders have been the two biggest boons to real estate prices. Feminism destroys the family and the institution of marriage. You’ll notice how these feminists try to assuage their guilt by endorsing all other sorts of behavior. The more degenerate society becomes the higher real estate prices move.

        1. Have you seen these angry women prosecutors who seem to want to stick it to people? It was explained on a documentary where these women reached heights in their career and didn’t marry or have children. Now they’re bitter older women in their mid 40’s many past the age of being able to bear children. They bought the lies.

  7. Traders initially popped the indexes because wage growth was lower than expected, with downward revisions from the prior month as well. On the other hand,the unemployment rate is dropping and payrolls still remain robust. Although the payrolls were not as high as some had whispered, they were still above consensus.

    Average Hourly Earnings (YoY) (Dec)
    Act: 4.6% Cons: 5.0% Prev: 4.8%

    Average Hourly Earnings (MoM) (Dec)
    Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.4% Prev: 0.4%

    Manufacturing Payrolls (Dec)
    Act: 8K Cons: 10K Prev: 8K

    Nonfarm Payrolls (Dec)
    Act: 223K Cons: 200K Prev: 256K

    Participation Rate (Dec)
    Act: 62.3% Cons: Prev: 62.2%

    Private Nonfarm Payrolls (Dec)
    Act: 220K Cons: 180K Prev: 202K

    U6 Unemployment Rate (Dec)
    Act: 6.5% Cons: Prev: 6.7%

    Unemployment Rate (Dec)
    Act: 3.5% Cons: 3.7% Prev: 3.6%

    1. We will go cashless very soon as part of establishing the Satanic beast system. Electronic transactions are easy for big brother to monitor and track. A digital currency system such as debit cards, digital wallet or credit cards allows big brother to control who spends what and who can purchase what items.

      If you are not vaccinated with some sort of killer vaccine then big brother just freezes your digital money so you can’t buy anything including groceries and gas.

  8. Some more thoughts on Ivermectin:

    It won tons of prizes for its effectiveness, and it should be very cheap because the patent expired. However, I think there’s some price gouging going on now, due to the “black market.” In some countries it’s still OTC, but not for Menasseh!
    I was able to get prescriptions of it from an old school doctor I was working with, whose license was recently stripped from her from the medical gestapo, because she was prescribing ivermectin to lots of people, and IT WORKS too well for the globalists who want to kill us! After coming after the doctors, they then they came after the big pharmacies and forbade them from selling it, even with a prescription. I was then able to get some from a pharmacy in New York, with a prescription through the same doctor (and it was expensive and not covered by insurance), before she lost her license. This situation everywhere is why people resorted to ivermectin in animal medicine. My dad was a brilliant scientist (chemist), and I feel that I can confidently say what is true and has already been said: the chemical compound of Ivermectin is the same in human form as it is in animal form. (You have to watch the other compounds it is contained in). It should be very cheap, I have not looked at the most recent websites and I am glad Collin sent you one and you ordered. I have heard that some ivermectin in human form is now intentionally “watered down.” I have not taken a deep dive into that. Just do your due diligence, please, before being your own doctor, which is what we all must resort to. (And then, even sometimes, we will need a doctor, but it’s getting harder and harder to find a good one who explores root causes and alternative treatments, like I did with my autistic daughter – and helped him pay for his expensive mansion on the waterfront of Long Island sound while I was at it.). It pays to do a ton of research on what you are taking, it’s quality, and what others are saying, including alternative doctors. Dr. Stella Immanual (sp?) comes to mind – she’s a Christian doctor who does online consultations and prescribes ivermectin, last I heard. And there are quite a number of others.

    Tons of articles on Ivermectin on this site, and I would encourage you to read them ALL. If nothing else, it is downright fascinating in how miraculous this unsung medicine is, with almost zero side effects and almost zero risks. And apparently can be used topically also which you might want to explore in your case. I just pulled one up for now, but you can click on the search engine on this site and look for other articles on Ivermectin: https://www.barnhardt.biz/ivermectin/.

  9. The job market is much too strong, because so many people are getting sick and dying and they’re leaving the labor force. According to official economic data, they are voluntarily quitting.

    When it is formally announced that Demar Hamlin is dead, the Buffalo Bills will need to hire another safety. All these job openings creating employee demand. If I were a football player and saw what I saw on the field Monday, I don’t think I’d play another down if I were fully injected.

    Job Market Too Strong for the Fed’s Policy Makers

    WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve officials suggested at their most recent meeting that a continuing streak of robust hiring could keep inflation elevated and was a key reason why they expected to raise interest rates this year more than they had previously forecast.


    1. Every time they get a booster, they shed mega doses of spike protein and mRNA, affecting those around them. After a month or so, the shedding subsides, yet the body never gets rid of the mechanism and will continue infecting its organs from spike protein that destroys organ cells and tissues. We already know what the spike protein does to the hearts of the unfortunate soul that it affects. It is well known how the spike protein forms amyloid clots in the bloodstream. We are obviously seeing massive spikes and Cancers. Some people get brain fog, some people die on the spot because the spike and mRNA take up residence in the brain stem and destroys the autonomic system. Some people have terrible nerve disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Some people get MS or ALS. Some people break out in grievous sores. I’m breaking out in sores.

      Thank God this is the last full decade for humanity.

      1. I am sorry to hear about your health!! I think that many of are encountering the effects of shedding!! Please consider some of the protocols I mentioned. There may be nothing we can do, but it is worth a try. Right now I am taking ivermectin to counteract the spike protein/shedding. Can you get your hands on some of that? God be with you.

        1. I take all the other stuff already. I even use a nebulizer with peroxide. I don’t know how to get my hands on ivermectin. If you know of any way please post.

            1. Do you know anything about them? It looks like the pricing is pretty good. Expensive to ship though….

            2. I just bought two boxes, 100 capsules, 12 mg. That looks like a high dosage compared to the normal 3mg. $425.

              Overnighting it.

            3. I don’t know anything about them other than what they say on their website. I got mine no problem and they send you dosing instructions with the order. So far so good. They also note the ivermectin is made in India and not China. 🙂
              FLCCC has lots of useful information including Treatment Protocols. https://covid19criticalcare.com/

      2. You may want to consider extra Vitamin C and Vitamin D to counteract loose spike proteins from nearby vaccinated people. I live alone so that probably makes a big difference. If you live with vaccinated people then that could be an issue but Vitamin C is noted in some circles for counteracting spike proteins and spike viruses. Vitamin D also counteracts Covid 19.

        Also, I would pray to God and plead the blood of Jesus Christ to protect yourself from spike proteins. Ask God to cleanse your physical body of spike proteins and nanoparticles you may have picked up. God loves you and does what is best for you when asked.

        1. I do all this stuff. I take at least 40 supplements a day, because I have a low threshold immune system.

          I take 20,000 IU vitamin D3 and 3-5 grams of vitamin C powder.

            1. Otto, that cardiomiracle looks good and pretty comprehensive. I’m glad it works for you. I was looking at the ingredients. It’s a lot of what we all already take individually, but we use higher quantities. I like that it has mushrooms (I’ve ordered a lot of those through this place called Fungi Perfecti), and also this has quite a few amino acids which is great neurologically. I noticed that it has some Quercitin, Zinc, D, and C which is also in the Zelinko protocol, but the dosages for those are on the low side. You probs wouldn’t want to increase the scoop numbers because the B’s are already high, but maybe add some of the other things from that protocol if you are so inclined. Also, think about Carlson Norwegian cod liver oil. You can get it in Lemon and it’s palatable. Most of us are getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids in our diet, and I didn’t see it on this ingredient list. Also, Tumeric (on the ingredient list) is really good for inflammation for anyone. I have previously gotten food grade turmeric and put it in capsule form, and thinking I might do that again. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

            2. also, I was thinking, Otto, that the bioflavinoids in this are great to continue, and best coming from the whole food if possible. Especially veggies with rich bright and dark colors. Sprouting is good also for plant micronutrients – have you thought of sprouting? You can do that on your windowsill.

      3. Isn’t the ivermectin for Covid illness and not vaccine illness? interestingthe Covid has never been offically identified as a virus to this day? The Hamlin event seems staged. With the other players praying taking a knee and the ambulance drive out televised. HMMMM! Millions of dollars in donations are coming in. Not many other hurt players have got this much or anything.

        They control all sides of the narratives. The vax and anti vax sides.
        Shedding may be or may not be real, however I do not think Chris you are around enough people to worry about it.

        BBBY BK news, wondering if it bounces with the short interest? Metals may have their day this year?

        1. So, yes, ivermectin is for covid and yes, it’s also used by many to address symptoms in the unvaccinated from shedding from the vaccinated. We are all in uncharted territory now, trying to address the vaccine injuries and the secondary injuries associated with shedding of the vaccines. And it is now widely believed that it is the vaccines actually causing most of the symptoms of “covid.” And no, shedding is not imaginary, it’s real. Important to remember that we are dealing with a bioweapon that includes mRNA, spike proteins, nanoparticles and hydrogel, and other unknown substances. Nobody (including most doctors who still think this is a vaccine) has a clue what to do about the injuries and we are going to have to try to figure out on our own what works. Ivermectin is actually tested, safe and effective, unlike the vaccine, in addressing the symptoms of coronavirus. Most doctors will not or cannot prescribe ivermectin now because it has been suppressed by the CDC.

        2. I have COVID from family. I have been reading that ivermectin is effective against the spike protein and mMRA shedding, since it’s effective against RNA illnesses. I’m around vaxxed. I am going to begin taking it routinely. 16 mg doses two-three times a week. Colin recommended a website for the ivermectin and though it seems pricey, the website had it cheaper than anywhere else and at higher doses.

          The supposed studies that determined ivermectin was not efficacious against covid was at low doses. Google really rips ivermectin apart.

          I’m going to read up on finding cheaper versions of ivermectin and they are actually for sale on Tractor Supply’s website. There are some forms that seem cheaper although they’re supposedly meant only for farm animals.

          1. look on the Barnhardt website for a plethora of info on ivermectin for animals, as You only want to get certain types of those. I was thinking in addition to internal use, you could try the paste variety on one of your skin lesions and see what happens. ( I would also try to rule those out as not being something else first. See a doctor if you can. Try to figure out if it is perhaps a different immune response, like an allergy.) I have used both the prescription Ivermectin pills for humans (and still have some on hand) and the Ivermectin 1% sterile solution (make sure it’s injectable) for cattle (from TS) with equal success. I also bought the horse paste to have on hand, just in case. But please read about all this on the Barnhardt website and make sure you are getting the right animal substances – she goes into detail on what to get and not get – so you don’t harm yourself! BTW, I have ordered medicine from India in the past for my daughter, and it’s worked OK. It’s hard to know though about the quality and oversight and great if you can get references, and it sounds like Colin already has used them so it’s been vetted and hopefully ok. I hope it all goes well for you.

            1. P.S. you don’t inject the animal injectable, you take it with a syringe by mouth. Just read the website.

        3. Gold chart looks like 2150 this year. Prices tilted to the upside.

          BBBY going down. It’s going to be tough for the stock to pop given the feds current monetary policy and tightness. I look at GameStop and that looks like a big abyss.

    2. I posted a link yesterday. It sounds that they are indirectly accusing the football players who don’t want to go back on the field as mentally ill.

      1. Indeed, would you want to go back out on the field knowing you’re probably next? Believe me, these football players know very well what caused this.

    3. CJ what do you think of investments at Fidelity? I keep hearing banks are going to steal your money so buy gold – and of course those screeching the warnings…sell gold! I’m on the fence.

      1. We have always advocated owning gold eagles or the equivalent for your country. 1 oz versions.

        I think Fidelity is fine. As long as transaction fees are low. SIPC insured. I doubt there will ever be bail ins for less than the insured amount. Not as long as the govt is spending as quickly as it is. They would be blamed.

        I own gold as protection against personal tragedies. Like lawsuits, divorce, bankruptcy, medical bills, etc. Start over money outside the system as long as nobody knows about it.

        Gold looking good here and always recommend buying on weakness. Own up to 10% of net worth. BTC is traceable, so keep that in mind for cryptos.

          1. Agreed. I personally stay away from it. I don’t even trust COIN and the holdings I have there. I have a little BTC.

  10. Economic data this morning came out much better than expected across the board. The overall trade deficit really improved in November and will only help to grow fourth quarter GDP estimates, which are already pretty high. The ADP wage growth is also rising higher than expected. This is actually very good if you do own income generating assets. Having large increases in wages helps to ensure that cash flows will be maintained and enhanced over time.

    Challenger Job Cuts (Dec)
    Act: 43.651K Cons: Prev: 76.835K

    Challenger Job Cuts (YoY)
    Act: 129.1% Cons: Prev: 416.5%

    ADP Nonfarm Employment Change (Dec)
    Act: 235K Cons: 150K Prev: 127K

    Continuing Jobless Claims
    Act: 1,694K Cons: 1,708K Prev: 1,718K

    Act: 251.90B Cons: Prev: 256.90B

    Act: 313.40B Cons: Prev: 334.80B

    Initial Jobless Claims
    Act: 204K Cons: 225K Prev: 223K

    Jobless Claims 4-Week Avg.
    Act: 213.75K Cons: Prev: 220.50K

    Trade Balance (Nov)
    Act: -61.50B Cons: -73.00B Prev: -77.80B

  11. Latest estimate: 3.9 percent — January 3, 2023

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2022 is 3.9 percent on January 3, up from 3.7 percent on December 23. After last week’s Advance Economic Indicators report from the US Census Bureau and this morning’s construction spending release from the US Census Bureau, the nowcasts of fourth-quarter real gross private domestic investment growth and fourth-quarter real government spending growth increased from 3.8 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively, to 6.1 percent and 1.0 percent, respectively, while the nowcast of the contribution of the change in real net exports to fourth-quarter real GDP growth decreased from 0.35 percentage points to 0.17 percentage points.


    The next GDPNow update is Thursday, January 5.

    1. Latest estimate: 3.8 percent — January 5, 2023

      The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2022 is 3.8 percent on January 5, down from 3.9 percent on January 3.

      After recent releases from the Institute for Supply Management, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the US Census Bureau, the nowcasts of fourth-quarter real personal consumption expenditures growth and fourth-quarter real gross private domestic investment growth decreased from 3.6 percent and 6.1 percent, respectively, to 3.2 percent and 5.8 percent, respectively, while the nowcast of the contribution of the change in real net exports to fourth-quarter real GDP growth increased from 0.17 percentage points to 0.35 percentage points.

      The next GDPNow update is Tuesday, January 10

  12. Good news for those worried of a housing collapse. Relax. Money keeps depreciating. I laugh at those who don’t understand behavioral Economics and the knee jerk reaction to want to stash away money. You will never keep up. If I didn’t spend 100k on rehabs and stuff like vinyl siding, house upgrades, and other capital projects, the costs would now be about 130k. Plus my rents would be lower. Spend and upgrade.

    Anyway, with the average new vehicle costing at least $46,000, money is being deprecated quickly. Car prices keep going up, too.

    Share of new car buyers with a monthly payment of more than $1,000 hits record high


    The average price paid for a new car in December set a record of $46,382, according to a separate estimate from J.D. Power and LMC Automotive. While there are signs the market is cooling, sticker prices are up 2.5% from a year ago.

    1. I wonder if they’ll outlaw gas cars. We drove to a large Walmart and there were electric car charging stations. Haven’t seen that before.

      Electric cars blow up and are unsafe with high radiation.

    2. CJ – we have a beautiful rancher – hubby is a contractor and our house is custom, with many upgrades. My doc told me to move to a warmer area because the cold cripples me. We’re looking in Florida but I don’t know if we should rent our house out or sell it. I thought maybe we should keep it if we decide that we don’t like Florida. I’m wary of renting it because I know someone who did that and the tenants destroyed their house and the repairs were astronomical.

      The government allowed a section 8 in the neighborhood and the tenants destroyed the value of every house around them – trash in the yard, always parties with unsavory characters, and house in shambles. One neighbor put up a large private fence to block the view of the trash in the yard. I don’t know how the government gets away with destroying home values like that.

      We currently have well-kept, high-value houses around our house and if we sell now we can get a good price for our house. The people around us are older and one is getting ready to sell now to move into a retirement home. I’m afraid if we wait, then someone unsavory can move in around us and destroy our house value as well and all the hard work and money that we spent on our house.

      What are your thoughts on this?

      1. Personally, given what you said, I would sell it and leave the area. Not every house should be turned into a rental and the higher end a property, the less of a rental candidate it should be.

        Being a landlord takes experience and though my section 8 tenants actually take good care of the units, they’re kind of stupid and seem to repeatedly contact me over trivial matters. The money may be guaranteed, but it’s not worth the hassle in many instances.

        Voucher tenants in working class properties are a better fit. Moreover, single-family rentals should only be a certain size and should not be more than 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. Anything larger than that risks you not getting enough rent for the square footage. My smallest detached house rental is about 1,400 ft. The largest one is about 2,200 square feet. Larger houses cost a lot more to rehab. Take my word for it. The small house could cost $25,000 and 1 1/2 months of my time. The larger house could easily set me back $50,000 and 3 months worth, especially when there’s two or more storeys.

        If you find being a landlord appealing, I would take the sale proceeds and profits from your property, since much of it will be taxed free, and buy a rental property close to where you decide to live.

        Don’t become a landlord because of other overriding circumstances. If you don’t get the right tenant, you risk suffering high monetary losses. The wrong tenant can beat the living daylights out of a property. With this said, I use the rental services on Zillow, which can really help a lot when screening tenants.

        Let me add here as I just reread your post. If you decide to move to Florida on a trial basis and may move back if you don’t like Florida, may I suggest you turn the property over to a Realtor property manager to manage it while you are in Florida. This way you don’t need to really be concerned about the day to day management and if after a year you decide to stay in Florida, then let the lease expire and sell the property. I would just turn it over to an experienced licensed property manager and let him or her deal with the tenant. In most States, property managers need to be licensed, so look for realtors that emphasize property Management. Maybe work out a deal with that Realtor and say they will get the sale listing in the future if you decide to sell. They may knock off some of the management fees. Although technically some of those types of contracts may not be enforceable in many states, you can always have some sort of gentleman’s agreement.

  13. Is China Overly Reliant On Middle Eastern Oil?
    By Felicity Bradstock – Jan 04, 2023, 2:00 PM CST


    •China is increasingly dependent on oil imports from the Middle East, with oil from the region accounting for over 50% of China’s imports in the first quarter of 2022.
    •China is a military and economic
    superpower, meaning that a vulnerability for China is often a vulnerability global markets.
    •China’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has been improving in recent years, but the country will be eager to develop pipelines to Russia and Central Asia to diversify its energy imports.

  14. THIS has to do with CJ’s comments on the Hamlin’s injuries (including the two witnesses reference) as well as my comment last night including the short interview from FOX with Carlson and Dr. McCollough, that followed his sub stack article I also placed here. ** My point being that it is disturbing the level of subterfuge. *** If it is true that ALL football players took the jab to play, then WHY is FOX and the respected Dr. not outright naming and blaming the vax here!? They cannot possibly not know his vax status. (They are asking for the info to come forward.) What happened to the tweet that CJ posted from Hamlin’s doctor stating he gave him the booster?? What happened to investigative journalism? (Yes I know that it’s dead, but this is Carlson, and yes I know he works for MSM, but the vax issue is CENTRAL to the story.) And I want to believe McCollough is on the up-and-up, as he has already stuck his neck out multiple times!! Is this just some kind of strategy to call out the taxes indirectly? Anyone?

    1. At what point will the livestock realize that it has nothing to do with covid?

      Djokovic set to miss U.S. events amid tightened vaccination requirements


      (Reuters) – Novak Djokovic is set to miss the Indian Wells and Miami Open ATP 1000 events this year if he remains unvaccinated against COVID-19, after United States authorities said non-nationals will need to have taken their shots to enter the country.

      A statement from the Transportation Security Administration on Wednesday said the requirement for foreign air travellers to be fully vaccinated against the disease would be in place until April 10.

      1. If you’re invading from Mexico by foot or car, you’re exempt from the injections.

  15. Why were this morning’s JOLTs data indicating continued high voluntary quit rates? Hmmm……


    WTF! What’s going on?!?!? People quitting like nothing else EVER!


    The healthy and uninjected can still make money.

    The MSM out of Arlington and McLean Virginia will continue to run cover and blame fentanyl overdoses, suicides, and all other ungodliness. Of course, they’ll never entertain the elephant in the room. Just ask Damar Hamlin once he recovers consciousness.

    Mr Hamlin will be one of those “quits” on the JOLTs data. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. The virus is debilitating to the unvaxed also . I can attest from personal experience.

      1. I feel I am getting beat up, too. There definitely is shedding and I am beginning to experience autoimmune problems, and never had them before. Things like psoriasis, etc. My abilities to recall things have faded in the past year. There is something definitely going on. Avoid the jabbed.

        The uninjected are definitely having problems. I stopped going to the gym and now workout at home and walk outside at night. Walking at night helps me to contemplate the bigger picture.

        1. CJ, read the comment I just posted. Autism is at its core a very deep autoimmune disease. There may be information there to help you. I feel the effects of shedding also. Ideas in addition to keeping up your own good health regimen:

          Consider GAPS diet that includes elimination of sugar and grains
          Consider Ivermectin prophylactically
          Look into Chlorine dioxide (I plan to) – if I am right, it should help to oxygenate the cells as a tonic
          Consider the Zelensky protocol (C,D, Zinc, Quercitin taken simultaneously)
          Consider tonics of pine tree needle tea (not bad w/honey), dandelion extract

        2. If vaccine shedding is true and it may be true then the best bet is STAY AWAY from crowded places. Also keep your distance from any person even if they are close friends or family. I do not like getting close to people especially after the Covid thing.

          I noticed that when I am with vaccinated family members, my nose gets congested and runny. When I am not near anyone then no problem.

          The other reason to stay clear of crowds is there are all sorts of weird diseases going around. The vaccinated people are definitely getting sick as their immunity is diminished from before. I have noticed a lot of people around me getting sick from other diseases lately.

          1. I don’t think I’ll survive long. These shedding DNA injections are brutal. The injection makers say they shed. But I guess that’s just for tinfoil hat wearers to contemplate.

          2. I also have congestion but I notice it’s when rain is coming or falling. I’m blaming it on the chem trails. When the COP15 meeting was on in Montreal, there were no trails – nice clear skies – maybe to look good for the visitors and I felt really good – energetic and clear head, sinuses. Now we’re in the rain and I feel stuffed up. I’m not around vaxxed people very often and I don’t tend to get sick. Not sick at all over the last 2 years. I just ordered the MMS handbook – I’m curious about this protocol.

            1. Llentje, I ordered the supplies to make Chlorine Dioxide, aka MMS, as Victoria recommended, on Amazon. I already had a scientific book on my shelf (along with all of my medical and healing, vitamins, herbs, chelation, botany books, including numerous books on autism) – I cracked it open and started reading (from the book, Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide, As Non-Toxic Antimicrobial Agents for Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast and Mold by Robert O. Young). This is quite hopeful:

              “The immune system if many persons…is deficient in the ability to provide these highly reactive oxygen derivatives (free-radicals) so necessary for attacking the great variety of viral, bacterial, fungal and mold invaders and their associated exotoxins and mycotoxins become easy targets for the many diseases they produce with the accompanying and sometimes bizarre symptoms.”

              “The use of…CLO2 assists the natural protective mechanisms of the body in counteracting these infections/outfectious agents which, if not adequately neutralized, will most certainly lead to acidosis and disease….CLO2 assists the immune system in destroying pathogenic organisms and their toxic acidic waste by making available and active form of reduced oxygen.”

              Wish I liked chemistry more! My late father was a PhD chemical engineer, hopefully he is smiling down from heaven as I labor through this book and its diagrams. Also, related to this, for fun, please check out Genesis 1:29, particularly in light of our discussions on foraging, herb growing, natural healing (that Patriot Nurse mentioned). Hopefully God is smiling down from heaven too.

        3. Despite the shedding effects from the vaccinated, it is far better being unvaccinated than vaccinated.
          The Covid 19 vaccinated are walking dead people.
          Us unvaccinated people can plead the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse us of the spike proteins and nano particles.

          The vaccinated have that junk in them for their short life and most won’t pray repentance to Jesus Christ.

          1. Pfizer and another firm admit that it sheds. They’re on record from a couple years ago to say that they will shed a spike protein. Whether it spreads and sheds the MRNA, is another matter. But I can tell you this much, I am sick as a dog and regardless of how I stay away from people I am getting sick. I never had a real robust immune system and I’m just getting taken out of the woodshed. I don’t know what’s going on and now I’m having a bunch of autoimmune symptoms. While people wonder whether it’s night or day, I feel like I’m living a real-time tragedy.

    2. The Fed is concerned about persistently high wage pressures, but refuses to address the real reason why. 💉💉💉

      As long as this is the case the Fed will push its interest rate policy as the solution. Very misguided.

      Everything the Fed has done since early 2020 from COVID has been one mistake after another.

      Of course, there are no mistakes. Only desired results.

    1. Without reading the link, that sounds like a pulmonary embolism – blood cloting.

      I just met up with a gentleman who went to the hospital new years eve because he wasn’t feeling well. Came out with 4 stents and has to go back in a month for a fifth. Probably full of clots.

      1. Stay out of the hospital! Stay out of the doctors office! How can I make this more plain? If anyone decides to take the allopathic route to treat non-trauma medical conditions, or take any injections, you are ensnared and will have to take the mark or be beheaded.

        The worst thought even with trauma injuries is the likelihood of getting vaxxed blood transfusions. I shudder the thought.

        Trauma related injuries are totally avoidable. Remnant Christians don’t climb cliffs and take undue risks. We don’t parasail. Don’t use the cellphone when we drive. Don’t go four wheeling through the mountains on RVs. Don’t jet ski. Don’t be stupid. I no longer climb on ladders higher than the first floor.

        Don’t risk it. We need to take care of ourselves and be careful.

        1. Yes, I know. Hopefully God will have mercy on some of us. Maybe there will be a miraculous parting of the seas. But on some level I have known this to be true all along, and am working on digesting it, now that we are definitely on the road to the end:
          “If anyone decides to take the allopathic route to treat non-trauma medical conditions, or take any injections, you are ensnared and will have to take the mark or be beheaded.”

          I am on zero meds in my late 50’s.
          My husband, almost 70, was on zero meds and then got a heart condition, needed to be hospitalized for arrhythmia, put on blood thinners and medications to keep the heart in rhythm. He has responsibility for his health.
          Meantime, I have an adult daughter who was vaccine injured at two. The ghouls will never tell us this, but I suspect they have been experimenting on mRNA vaccines for a long time before rolling them out. I see a lot of parallels. My daughter who was bright and age-appropriate, is now severely and multiply disabled from childhood vaccines. I worked for several years intensively with a world-renowned and holistic autism MD from Sag Harbor, NY, and spent tens of thousands of dollars doing it. I have tried HBOT (have my own chamber), chelation therapy, Saunas (have my own), to no avail. And special diets. (By far, the best has been GAPS.) The injuries she sustained were too deep. I had to give up the hope of ever getting her off all the allopathic meds she was put on when hospitalized as a multi-system train wreck. It was with the expensive doctor’s blessings that we stabilized the grief/relief balance that anyone who has dealt with deeply chronic health problems will understand. It was my life’s work to heal her, now it is my life’s work to keep her out of an institution, and that includes (unfortunately) allopathic medicine.

          And with respect to my husband, we are working with the broken medical system as best we can. I can tell you that he would have possibly been harmed had I not been there to advocate for him in the hospital just before Christmas. The stories I could tell you, you would not believe. And prior to my cross as caretaker, I worked in health care administration. I understand first-hand how these systems are supposed to work. I was appalled at the third-world medicine that has become our once-great national health care system. I won’t bore you with the details, but at every step of the way, I had to advocate for my husband to get the care he needed, while balancing the care of my daughter that only I am equipped to do (nobody else knows how and they don’t want to go where angels fear to tread).

          We are going to try to work with some alternative doctors to get my husband off of these meds. But I want to add that we all get older and some of us have genetic pre-dispositions and not all of us will find the answers outside of allopathic medicine. We have to be pragmatic. Of course we have to take care of our health, which they want to take from us.

          And to the person/reader who asked about healing from toxicity from chemtrails….if you are reading this…. Please understand my hard-won knowledge, in having to utilize vitamins, minerals, herbs, food as medicine (and I don’t have all the answers and only “healed” my daughter in part) – I freely share this as what I do know in general as a starting point, if it helps you and anyone else reading:

          – The underlying cause of all symptoms of disease is inflammation.
          – You need to figure out how to identify and address the specific inflammation, based on the symptoms.
          – You need to figure out what is going into your body that needs to be taken out
          – You need to figure out what is not going into your body that needs to be added in
          – Food is medicine. The SAD (Standard American Diet) will be disease causing, not medicinal
          – Putting things together, inflammation causes a reduction of oxygen in the cells *

          * This is why the vaxes that my youngest daughter took absolutely broke my heart. I know they are bioweapons. I know they want to weaken people and make them dependent on the beast system. I know that how they work is to deprive the body of oxygen at the cellular level. And I know that our government (who controls our health care system) wants us dead.

          So in relation to CJ’s comment on taking the mark or beheadings, I chose to later if it comes to that. Because I am not on meds, but I am full legal guardian for someone who is. I will stand in her place and I will praise Jesus as they drop the guillotine.

        2. So true. So simple as not risking it, such a good advise and many people today do not take it.

          I am praying for you CJ and hope you getting well. This Covid is such a nasty crap it beats you up really badly, but hopefully it will go away and you will be better. It may take time so be patient.

          Take care and try to eat the best, most diverse food you can, that helps.

          1. And I would recommend to anyone not to overwork. I mean, do not risk injury or trauma for over physical work. You may be fine for a while but you may broke yourself for doing too much and it can be earlier than you think.

            Two of my best friends are getting wrecked for working too much, they have been and are obsessed with work, money and their physical strength, endurance and stamina.

            What are the results?…

            One is wrecked and the other is half-way through: way overweight males in their early fifties.

            One still is around functioning in some way, the other is diabetic with an injury in his back, in benefits and unable to work. And once you are diabetic and you fall in the hands of the medical establishment, they will put you in insulin, higher and higher doses and the diabetics will get worse with side effects that will require more medication.

            A vicious circle.

            There is another drawback of working too many hours in hard physical works. Physical work requires eating a lot as you need the energy to build muscle, repair and maintain. It is easier when you are young but it gets more and more difficult after your forties. You may resolve the situation momentarily snacking sugary beverages, sweets and sugars. That would give you a temporary boost and energy you can continue your work. The problem is, all that sugar will not be burnt as you age and you will pile on the pounds.

            Then the diabetics, and with permanent too much sugar in your blood the whole body is more susceptible to physical injury and trauma.

            1. Yup, be careful AND time and age and illness catch up with us all. Things need to be more balanced in our lives for sure. Especially here in America. Case in point: I injured my knee last year working too hard outside, creating new gardens, walking too fast and long for exercise with my daughter, trying to do everything else. I tore my meniscus. I was then incapacitated, tried to heal it with PT and recommended exercises for months, and the only exercise I could do for a few weeks was swimming in a lake I could access with a walker. The knee healed a lot, I could walk w/out pain in a few weeks, but meniscus was still torn, frayed around the edges, and would never repair itself. Had to see a doctor, get the x-rays and CAT scans, had to get surgery in the hospital under general anesthesia at the height of the covid scamdemic. Yes, we need to be careful, and yes, accidents happen and sometime we need to see a doctor. A few months after the operation, I noticed my lyme acted up, so began the process of treating that with an off-grid doctor, antibiotics, then my own protocol (from Stephen Buhner).

              Diabetes is an autoimmune disease causing the pancreas to crap out because you have eaten too many disaccharides for too long, and generally not taking care of your health and not being active enough. The insulin cannot enter the cell (insulin resistance), usually because you are carrying around too much adipose tissue and the insulin can’t penetrate the fat. The blood sugar then gets too high. Then you get really tired and eat more disaccharides, which is in every single crap food you pick off the grocery store shelf. Again a vicious cycle. Eventually you need to go on insulin or some such other diabetic med. And I have a friend on those and she’s tried to get off for years. Your friend should consider the GAPS diet. ( Really everyone should.) I view it as eating like your grandma did. Eliminates disaccharides, dairy (except fermented), bad fats, all crap, and adds whole foods and bone broths and fermented foods.

              Oh and with skin (CJ). A rash or lesion of some kind could be something that can possibly be addressed topically (you can try), as mentioned with the ivermectin. Also could be a topical yeast infection that can come with immune disregulation. My daughter had that, and her doctor prescribed a skin cream which was basically just a benign anti fungal, and it cleared it up. It does come back from time to time. When your immune system is disregulated, the micoorganisms in your body gets out of balance, which can cause yeast/fungal overgrowth and or bacteria overgrowth in different areas of your body.

              Oh and one more thing. Most of us have gut problems and undetected/subclinical allergies which also drag down our immune system. Try to eat whole food and things rich in probiotics, and even supplement with it. Try to eliminate offending foods. You can practice the elimination diet. I read a book on that, was able to figure out which foods made me feel tired and depressed (signs of allergies) and eliminate them and feel so much better for doing so. I found that I cannot eat corn, gluten, peanuts. You don’t need to have fancy medical allergy tests, your body will tell you if you listen. There’s a great book called Wheat Belly: Total Health which talks about the grains and immune system. Worth a deep dive.

  16. “Empire of lies hurls them at the last Catholic Pope:”


    Topics covered in 15 minutes (with links at the site):















    1. One of the reasons why I preferred Benedict over all the other popes from the 1950s was that he was a conservative guy and the mainstream press hated him and embarrassed him. It seems that parties working for Francis and supporting Francis were at work to undermine Benedict’s papacy.

      I recall all of the data and press leaks from his office. I recall how the Press linked him to Nazism and white supremacy. I recall how the Press tried to destroy him. Eventually, he retired, but he never formally stepped down.

      The person in charge right now is Peter the Roman. Peter the Roman is The Golden child of the WEF.

      1. Definitely the church is in a downward path has it happened with the Second Temple after Herod the Great. I think there is no way back as the globalism it is now more more important than Jesus or the Scriptures, as in ancient times romanization was more important than Jewish faith or the Temple.

        Francis last words about Benedict in original Italian sound to me as are pure paganism with homosexual connotations. This is coming from Vatican Press: “Benedetto, fedele amico dello Sposo, che la tua gioia sia perfetta nell’udire definitivamente e per sempre la sua voce!”

        I translate to English as the Vatican Press officially set this “sposo” has “bridegroom” but it is not. “Sposo” in Italian and Spanish means the same: husband.

        So, this translates more accurately as:

        “Benedicto, faithful friend of the Husband may your joy be perfect to definitively hear his voice and forever.”

        So, now Francis has converted the Father, God, into a “husband” of Benedict?…

        Is it not hinting some homosexual connotations or it is just my imagination?…


        And Bergoglio knows very well what he is saying using the word “husband”, as I am afraid it is all well calculated.

        1. Bernard, I totally agree with this statement CJ made and worth repeating here: “One of the reasons why I preferred Benedict over all the other popes from the 1950s was that he was a conservative guy and the mainstream press hated him and embarrassed him. It seems that parties working for Francis and supporting Francis were at work to undermine Benedict’s papacy.

          I recall all of the data and press leaks from his office. I recall how the Press linked him to Nazism and white supremacy. I recall how the Press tried to destroy him. Eventually, he retired, but he never formally stepped down.

          The person in charge right now is Peter the Roman. Peter the Roman is The Golden child of the WEF.”

          OK, so I was confirmed into the Catholic Church when Benedict was pope. He was a link to tradition, as he was actively working to restore the traditions of the church, and he was trying to clean out the moral filth, and he made many enemies very quickly and was smeared in the media. (Remember Jesus says, “If they hate you, they hated me first.” So you know he was doing something right, because he was quickly hated, even by people within his own church.)

          No, Benedict was not perfect and Trad Catholics who had already chosen schism to Vatican II changes, many of them already denied Benedict’s papacy, because he came after Vatican II, and they denied all the other popes since then. (Then there are all the other trads who did not deny that Benedict was pope, but continued the Latin mass under the VII changes. All sects disagreed with each other in terms of who was pope and what the actual language of the sacraments were, pre or post VII, as even the wording of the mass was changed w/VII, and many trads will say that these changes invalidated the sacraments. But I digress, it’s a very large rabbit hole, I am not a theologan and don’t have all the answers. What I do know is that Satan does his best work by creating confusion and division. Basically, the church has been at war with itself, because Satan divides and conquers, and Vatican II was a sharp turning point for the church, and many people became sedevacantists at the time. I have joined their ranks as of 12/31/22 when Benedict died, because I believe the Petrine See is now vacant.

          With all that as a backdrop, I believe Francis was put there by the same globalist communists who promulgated VII and all the other communists movements of the 60’s, like Feminism, the beginnings of Gay Rights, “Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll”, hippies and the countercultural movement that was later hijacked by the Sexual Revolution, the Slaughter of Cities/movement to the suburbs that E. Michael Jones talks about – that broke up the moral stability that the large city parishes provided, causing cities to rot from the inside. All of these movements were morally subversive to our culture, bringing us to where we are now.

          What you saw in the Francis wording was not a figment of your imagination. Remember that anything that comes out of the Vatican is calculated. I previously posted here an esoteric video of the Kabbalist belief that someone with the elements of two genders is superior to someone who is only female or only male, the way God made them. Francis is from that camp, and this is part of the SOS religion, and he is their antichristian figurehead. He is there to complete the job of turning the biggest Christian church into the antichurch, paving the way for the antichrist. He has promoted the gay and trans agenda since his false installment as “pope” and he will do this more and more. He represents the inversion of all that is true and beautiful, the inversion of Logos itself. (In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God. That scripture is originally in Greek. Word is Logos. Logos means divine order.) Francis as a SOS representative, is there to promote all that is disordered, chaotic, evil. This is why all throughout his fake papacy his words and actions are evil/disordered, and there are too many to name here, but you can do a deep dive into that one yourself, and you will come to find that he is NOT CATHOLIC. Using reason, we cannot have a Catholic Church headed up by a Not Catholic father/pope.

          BTW, Francis has been actively destroying the remains of the old latin masses everywhere. He understands the truth and beauty of the ancient sacred liturgy, and wants it gone. If you can get to the one you grew up in that your mom still attends, I would do so before its gone. God be with you.

          1. Outstanding comment Bernardine! God bless and Our Blessed Mother keep you, a fellow’22 Sede. When the cap fits, I wear it!

  17. Based on market performance the past 15 minutes, the JOLTs data win out over the ISM data. JOLTS shows employment demand higher than expected, while ISM Manufacturing data show lower overall sentiment as well as less price pressures. Manufacturing still looking to hire.

    JOLTs Job Openings (Nov)
    Act: 10.458M Cons: 10.000M Prev: 10.512M

    ISM Manufacturing Prices (Dec)
    Act: 39.4 Cons: 42.6 Prev: 43.0

    ISM Manufacturing PMI (Dec)
    Act: 48.4 Cons: 48.5 Prev: 49.0

    ISM Manufacturing Employment (Dec)
    Act: 51.4 Cons: 48.3 Prev: 48.4

  18. Oil couldn’t retake 80. Now going to 65. Russia getting pummeled and its corruption and lack of Western investment are forcing it to keep cutting output. Look for Russia to continue struggling.

    Russia trying to negotiate peace, but the West doesn’t want it. The West is pissing off Russia and making it ever more desperate. War will result later in the decade!

    USA, Inc. is the big winner!

    Beware! Housing still inexpensive in many areas. Everyone is predicting lower prices and an end to the uptrend. I don’t see any meaningful corrections where I am looking.

  19. Look at many of the areas I recommended in which to relocate. For instance, property prices in the areas I am looking at have barely budged, plus there’s no inventory. For me, they are near or at ATHs. Stay away from the boom/bust areas. FL and the Western Rockies are begging for more pain. Look at the overlooked areas. Still great opportunities are there; tasty cap rates and IRRs. The time is now
    Interactive map: The home price correction (or lack of correction) in America’s 400 largest housing markets

    Dark red is 10% down while light blue is flat from ATHs

    Lance Lambert


    There’s no doubt about it: We’re in a sharp housing market downturn.

    While home transactions went into free fall in the second half of 2022, home prices have felt less of an impact. Through October, seasonally adjusted U.S. home prices were down just 2.4%, as measured by the Case-Shiller National Home Price Index. On one hand, that marks the second biggest home price correction of the post-WWII era. On the other hand, it’s mild compared to the 26% peak-to-trough U.S. home price crash from 2007 to 2012.

    In the future, Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi expects the story to begin to change: The free-fall in home sales will soon bottom out, while the home price correction will carry on.

    “Housing demand (home sales) is close to a trough, housing supply (housing starts and completions) has yet to hit bottom, and house prices have a way to go before reaching their nadir,” Zandi tells Fortune.

    By the time U.S. home prices bottom out, Zandi expects them to be 10% below the 2022 peak. He isn’t the only economist who thinks home prices will continue to fall: Among the 24 major housing forecasters tracked by Fortune, 17 predict that U.S. home prices will decline further in 2023. (Another seven firms think U.S. home prices will remain flat or rise by a low single-digit amount in 2023).

    “The housing market downturn, triggered by rapid increases in mortgage borrowing costs, continues to cause us significant concern. Prices have risen hugely over the past couple of years as demand vastly outstripped limited supply of homes, but this process is going into sharp reverse,” writes James Knightley, chief international economist at ING. His firm expects around a 10% peak-to-trough decline in U.S. home prices.

    Keep in mind, when a group like ING or Moody’s says U.S. home prices, they’re talking about a national aggregate. Whatever comes next will likely vary significantly by market. After all, there’s a reason industry types like to say real estate is local.

    To better understand the regional home price story, Fortune reviewed the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) for November 2022.*

    Through November, home values in 254 of the country’s 400 biggest housing markets were below their 2022 peak. In those markets, the average decline was 2.1%.

    “Home values slipped 0.2% in November, resuming a slow decline that began this summer. Once again, the proximate cause could be traced to high mortgage rates,” writes Zillow researchers. “While national prices only inched down, they slumped more dramatically in many formerly-hot housing markets.”

    The markets hit the hardest by the correction fall into one of two groups.

    The first group are boomtowns, often second-home markets or up-and-coming cities, where remote workers moved during the pandemic and pushed local home prices beyond what local incomes could support. That “froth” might explain why home prices are falling more swiftly in boomtown markets like Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (where home values are down 10.8% from the peak); Austin (down 10.4%); Phoenix (down 8.1%); Las Vegas (down 8%); Salt Lake City (down 7.9%); and Reno (down 7.6%).

    The second group comprises high-cost markets along the West Coast, including places like San Jose (where home values are down 10.6% from the peak); San Francisco (down 9.5%); Santa Cruz, Calif. (down 8.4%); and Seattle (down 5.8%). Historically speaking, those high-end markets are vulnerable whenever the stock market slips into bear territory or mortgage rates spike. Of course, both red flags occurred in 2022.

    While home prices in 254 major markets are below their 2022 peaks, another 146 major markets remain at their 2022 peaks. The ongoing mortgage rate shock has yet to cause home values, as measured by Zillow, to fall in markets like Indianapolis, Miami, and Philadelphia.

    So therefore the coast is clear in markets like Miami and Philadelphia, right? Not so fast, says Moody’s.

    While the home price correction has yet to impact tight inventory markets like Miami and Philadelphia, it still could this year. Moody’s expects home prices to fall further this year in every major regional housing market. In cities like Miami and Philadelphia, Moody’s expects that peak-to-trough decline to hit 16.9% and 5.3%, respectively. (Here is Moody’s outlook for the nation’s 322 largest markets.)

    While the ongoing housing downturn has translated into the U.S. housing market flipping from inflation-mode to deflation-mode, it has only barely touched the gains accrued during the Pandemic Housing Boom. As of October 2022, U.S. home prices were still 38.1% above March 2020 levels.

    Even in the housing markets hit the hardest by the correction, including San Francisco (down 9.5% from its 2022 peak) and Austin (down 10.4% from its 2022 peak), prices remain well above pre-pandemic levels. Indeed, as of October, home values in San Francisco were 16.9% above pre-pandemic levels while those in Austin were up 57.1%.

    *Note: The Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) is a measurement of the typical home value in a given region. According to Zillow, the index “reflects the typical value for homes in the 35th to 65th percentile range.” Fortune pulled ZHVI’s “raw version” which is not seasonally adjusted.

  20. Look at this – she is saying here what we have been discussing, in the article about Benedict’s death, worth the read:

    And at the end, notice these paragraphs:

    Also remember that evidence is pointing VERY strongly toward this being the run-up to the End Times, with the Antichurch in full ascendance, with the likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, Antipope Bergoglio, as its mascot, more than half the human population injected with a provable and observable poison sterilant, economic insanity and monetary debasement the likes of which has never been seen before in human history, nuclear war a distinct possibility, and sodomy more pervasive and more debased and perverted than Sodom and Gomorrah could have imagined.

    I can’t tell you how this will all resolve except to say that it is going to be SPECTACULAR, and that I hope to live to see it, and I thank God every day that we get to be alive in these times, to fight the good fight, run the race, and watch Our Lord work everything to the good through His perfect, Divine Providence.

    And we know that to them that love God, all things work together unto good, to such as, according to his purpose, are called to be saints.
    Scimus autem quoniam diligentibus Deum omnia cooperantur in bonum, iis qui secundum propositum vocati sunt sancti.
    -Romans 8: 28

  21. Here is Dr. McCullough, a prominent cardiologist who I admire for his bravery and medical ethics, who got fired for speaking the truth on these injections – his posting today on the 24 year old football player’s issues:


    Notice the first commenter’s response to his article on this bombshell incidence:

    5 hr ago
    Subclinical myocarditis is most certainly being entertained in young Damar’s ICU by the house staff and the attending. However these details will not be leaving the hospital and their PR person will dismiss this outright. The ramifications of this differential dx are larger than huge. Nearly the entirety of the NFL players are vaccinated, same for NBA, same for MLB, same for NHL, same for NCAAFB – the list goes on down to highschools – every team doctor is getting ready to go nuts ordering b/w, ecg, echo, hell maybe an MRI to look for cardiac inflammation – oh no, this won’t stand

    1. So I just found this, a short interview w/Tucker Carlson of Dr. McCollough on this issue w/Damar:
      He is calling out the vaccines at the end.


      ….But this is very strange! They indicate they don’t know whether he has been vaccinated!!! Wow, how can this just be an oversight? It makes me wonder….

      They (Tucker Carlson and Dr. McCollough seemed to have missed the tweet that CJ posted earlier:
      “Thank goodness the football player received his COVID booster on 12/26. ⚰️💉☠️⚰️💉☠️

      Except Dr. Benjamin Eidelman tweeted:

      “I recently administered Damar Hamlin’s Covid booster on 12/26, and as a medical professional, I can assure the public he passed all screenings with flying colors. I am in contact with the UCMC staff and will provide any assistance to them.”

      1. If he’s playing, he’s been injected. I also think the players were initially given placebo injections with saline. Some are continuing to get the injections on their own. Like Hamlin. This means he’s getting the death DNA injections.

  22. Otto, you just made a comment about the timeline of the 2 witnesses CJ referred to in Revelation, and when the days of Noah would reappear. Could you refer me to a link, some kind of study guide you may have found, on the timeline of the tribulation you described? Thanks.

    1. The return of Christ is after the distress of the Great Tribulation – Matthew 24:29-30:

      Immediately after the distress of those days

      “‘the sun will be darkened,
      and the moon will not give its light;
      the stars will fall from the sky,
      and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

      30 “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.

      You can see it’s a perfect correlation with seal 6 from book of revelation:

      I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, 13 and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. 14 The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

      15 Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”

      Guess what Seal 5 is? Martyrdom. Seal 5 is all about those beheaded. Now go back to Matthew 24 – what does Christ say happens before his return:

      Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. 18 Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. 19 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. 21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

      People are fleeing when the abomination that causes desolation shows up. That abomination is likely the beast, and the mark will be required. Therefore the return of Christ is after the mark of the beast. Also Christ warns don’t be deceived by people lying he has returned over there in the wilderness. That is one way they will capture Christians and then you’ll be required to either take the mark or get beheaded. His return will be seen by everyone. Here’s seal 5 (the seal right before his return):

      When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained. 10 They called out in a loud voice, “How long, Sovereign Lord, holy and true, until you judge the inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood?” 11 Then each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to wait a little longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers and sisters, were killed just as they had been.

      1. So that’s why I personally believe this verse is referring to those that took the mark:

        As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

        Ofc – don’t know hour or day. But I have a good idea of the players involved from the Holy Scriptures and Holy Spirit.

        1. Otto, thanks for all of this!! Do you know if a timeline study guide type of thing? I know we don’t know exactly. You or someone mentioned 3 1/2 years on both sides of the antichrist…

          1. All I know is what the scripture says. It says the two witnesses have 3.5 years for their ministry before the beast rises and kills them. Then later on it says the beast also will be given 42 months; which comes out to 3.5 years. During the reign of the beast it says there’s going to be Christians destined to be beheaded and others destined for prison. And it calls for patient endurance and faith of God’s people. You add 3.5 years for the two witnesses and 3.5 years for the beast – that’s a 7 year tribulation period. The first 3.5 year tribulation with the two witnesses will include plagues on the earth. Things like wormwood is very possible to occur during their 3.5 year ministry.

            I don’t rely on anyone but the scriptures and the Holy Spirit. I avoid doctrines from anyone else, because I have been deceived before with false doctrine.

  23. Blackstone’s BREIT Gets $4 Billion California Injection


    “Investors can benefit from stable cash-flowing investments that can grow with high global inflation,” Jagdeep Singh Bachher, the University of California’s chief investment officer, said in the statement.

    Blackstone Chief Executive Officer Steve Schwarzman said in December that BREIT’s redemptions were spurred by investors needing liquidity, rather than any indication of the fund’s performance.

    Last year through November, returns totaled 8.4% for a popular BREIT share class. Blackstone has attributed BREIT’s outperformance to its focus on residential and industrial properties in markets where limited supplies support steady rent increases and high cash flow. BREIT’s net asset value is $68 billion, while its total asset value is about $126 billion.

    1. They been popping bio life science sector for a week now, probably continue this week. I’ve noticed it usually goes in sectors. I still think they pass that pot legalization bill, and China seems to be getting back online. So Pot or China stocks “could be” hot this month or soon. EV and crypto still cooling down yet if it is the promoted future, they can’t hold it back too much longer. They may bring BTC down around 10k before sending it again. Many stocks are below $1 so “low floater after a reverse split” theme, could happen for those.

      They got hundreds of billions out of the USA treasury for this Ukraine charade and will probably declare a victory soon. Remember the non stop Saddam Hussein “WE GOT HIM” headlines….basically it’ll be the same vibe. Super bowl is coming up so doubt the doom and gloom or major Psyc-Ops will amp up until after that.

  24. The synagogue of Satan is punishing Musk for being a loose cannon. Until he gets back on the plantation, he will continue to bleed net worth with terrible press coverage.

    At one time, Musk was the golden child, but since he proposed Buying Twitter, TSLA coverage has been miserable. This has caused his blue area owners to despise him and drop buying Teslas.

    How fickle the people are. They are so easily persuaded. Look at companies like LTHM. NG….

  25. More cashless propaganda for the masses to accept.

    Bank Robberies Fall to Zero for First Time in Cashless Denmark
    Christian Wienberg


    (Bloomberg) — Bank robberies are becoming a thing of the past in cashless Denmark as the Nordic country recorded its first year of zero holdups in 2022.

    Criminals have found it no longer pays off to walk into bank branches in search of a bag of crisp notes, as falling cash use in society has pushed banks to trim costs by pulling cash services from most branches.

    In 2021, Denmark only had one bank robbery, according to data from Finance Denmark, the country’s largest industry group for lenders. That’s down from 222 just two decades ago.

    Danes increasingly use cards and payments apps on their smart-phones for transactions, causing cash withdrawals to drop by about three-quarters over the last six years, according to central bank data. In total, about 20 bank branches across Denmark have cash holdings, according to Finance Denmark.

    As cash disappeared from banks, robbers started targeting ATMs, with such attacks peaking at 18 in the year 2016. Those have also come down to zero amid better surveillance and technical protection, the finance group said.

    –With assistance from Ott Ummelas.

    ©2023 Bloomberg L.P.

      1. I look at how the people in the world are behaving, taking jabs, partying, lying to others and to themselves, watching sports, vacationing, being scared and bewildered, acting wilfully ignorant, stricken with fear and panic over molehills, etc. I have an almost impossible time relating to just about anyone. I don’t even feel I’m part of it anymore. Life is so much easier during these times as a Jesus man. Being objective is so much better now.

        I never thought I would see this in my lifetime, but it’s actually beginning to unfold like the Bible said it would. I just observe and try to jot down what I see. It’s really happening and so few care.

        1. Scripture says that this is exactly how it would be, that people would be marrying, etc in the last days, and be oblivious, like it was in the days of Noah. This gives you the sensation that you are living in a parallel universe. Thanks for providing this site, it makes me believe there are a few people out here (even if not in person, at least online) who get it. We all need to pray for each other, for perseverance that we will not be deceived.

  26. UK announces cash support for low-income households

    Jan 3 (Reuters) – Millions of low-income households in Britain will receive cost-of-living support from the government of up to 900 pounds ($1,084) over the financial year, the country’s Department of Work and Pensions said on Tuesday.

    The money will directly go to claimants’ bank accounts in three payments over the financial year, the department said in a statement.


    1. Au looking my-t-fine. Dollar fading with other CBs raising rates.

      $2,100 in 2023?

  27. A vaxxed player collapses on field.

    Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapses on field, game against Bengals suspended


    The Buffalo Bills game against the Cincinnati Bengals has been suspended after Damar Hamlin suffered a terrifying injury and his health status is unknown.

    The safety was injured in the first quarter of the Bills game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

    Hamlin tackled Cincinnati wide receiver Tee Higgins, got to his feet and then crumpled to the ground. A stretcher and ambulance came onto the field as most of the Bills’ roster came off the sideline to kneel or stand around Hamlin. First responders administered CPR to Hamlin on the field. Hamlin was given oxygen as he was loaded into an ambulance. He was transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

    1. Thank goodness the football player received his COVID booster on 12/26. ⚰️💉☠️⚰️💉☠️

      Except Dr. Benjamin Eidelman tweeted:

      “I recently administered Damar Hamlin’s Covid booster on 12/26, and as a medical professional, I can assure the public he passed all screenings with flying colors. I am in contact with the UCMC staff and will provide any assistance to them.”


      Killing softly while the people of the world lie to one another. When the two witnesses appear, these wilfully deceived lost souls will revel in killing the two witnesses. They will send gifts to one another. Perhaps it will be Christmas time when the two witnesses are killed.

        1. He is only 24 years old and is a professional athlete, but they are reporting that he had a heart attack. The fact that the public has, yet, to acknowledge what’s going on is more proof to me that there is no stopping our current trajectory. It’s very depressing.

          1. Less depressing is the comment section of this report on this 24 year old pro football player, because it’s not censored. Look at all the people talking about the clot shot as the cause (click on comments link at the bottom). From what I heard, a recent Rasmussen poll found that currently about 50% of the population believes the clot shots may have been injurious or fatal in someone they know. Some may be waking up from their very long slumber. Hopeful glimpses here in the comments:


            1. When the two witnesses show up and start preaching with real authority – most of humanity won’t want anything to do with them. And indeed — there’s going to be worldwide celebrations when their 3.5 year ministry is finished, and they’re killed. This all gives way to the mark to prove everyone’s allegiance to the beast that kills them; and if you don’t take it then you’ll be automatically labeled as pro-Christian, pro-Christ, pro-God, pro-two witnesses, anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, etc. You can see how your enemy will be within your own household, and it’ll be neighbor against neighbor just as Scripture says. No doubt every weapon imaginable will be used to get people to turn in even their own family members — including threats of prison for protecting them, digital currency rewards, etc. Think 1984. This period Christ describes as the worst period in human history, and if the days weren’t cut short no flesh would survive.

              The celebration as in the days of Noah before the great flood — no doubt imo it’s talking about all the one’s that took the mark. They will have their 3.5 year peace where they’re drinking, marrying, partying with their weekly/monthly free digital currency for their allegiance to the beast, etc. That is until Jesus Christ comes back from the clouds of Heaven.

  28. Victoria Bingham — a huge thanks for the info on Chlorine Dioxide. I am going to take another look at it. I’ve had Lyme disease off and on over the years which has had to be treated with antibiotics and several doctors and naturopaths. We have a ton of ticks here and invariably I get bitten repeatedly. It sounds like Chlorine Dioxide would help with this and many other things- wish I knew sooner. (It was even recommended to Trump, I hear, for treatment of Covid, but dismissed.) I currently take a concoction (to keep the lyme spirochetes in remission, because they never go away completely) of Eleuthero and Cat’s Claw, among other things … and I should remind myself to add Japanese Knotweed. They are all discovered from Stephen Harrod Buhner’s work – I have several of his books – you may have heard of him. Perhaps the Chlorine Dioxide could replace those herbs I currently take. Thanks again for your reply.

  29. “…China is somewhat irritated with Russia’s invasion seeing how it is
    weakening Russia’s conventional military and setting the world on alert.”
    “Russia is taking longer than they wanted in retaking Ukraine.”

    The Russian agenda was never about ‘retaking Ukraine’. And China is only too happy to be moving into position as the world’s strongest military force.

    From the sounds of it, you are not a political analyst – and do not have past experience in the military. It would be better to leave geopolitical analysis to people like . Even they don’t always get it right, in the every changing, highly challenging, field of active war mongering being posed by the US/UK and NATO and answered by the BRICS nations, ..but they have a solid background from which to offer up the best attempt.

    1. I recommend whom I do. I profit from the ostensibly abstruse actions while you defer and call names. You see challenging circumstances, I see patterns.

      I don’t analyze, but offer Skousen, who is savvy to the conspiracy. There’s nothing shifting when we reveal the big picture.

      The experts you were recommending were trumpeting Russia and how it was going to upend the dollar. That was never going to happen. I knew that and they didn’t. Russia is not capable of any large scale conventional invasion. They are no longer like Soviet Russia. It’s a ghost of itself with a boat load of nuclear weapons. Cancer ridden Putin is all hat and no cattle.

      USA, Inc. draining Russia and setting up the war later in the decade.

      Some experts you recommend. Hogwash. Challenging circumstances. Haha.

      1. Soviet Russia was built with Western money from the Western Central banks. It was a strawman enemy. At least during the times of Brezhnev and Khrushchev, they had a huge GDP and a formidable military.

        After all of the former republics that were affiliated with the Soviet Union fell away and became independent, all that was left was an empty husk in Russia, which feigned weakness and rapprochement, so it could benefit from Western technological transfers, corporate largesse, and investment from and all too eager USA, Inc. Putin knows he can’t make a serious attempt.

        Now that Western investment is no longer a viable option for Putin, the massive inefficiencies in their economy are mounting and manifesting for all to see. This is especially true in their oil and energy sector. Without Western money and Western technology, they can’t keep pumping out of the ground like they had been. That’s because Russia is a corrupt piece of garbage straw man.

        Putin’s not bluffing and he’s not a big fancy poker player. Take a look at Russia’s economy. Russia is no longer even in the top 10 GDP. During the seventies, they were number two.

        Russia has no means to wage any sustained conventional War. USA Inc made Putin and the Russian military look like a bunch of buffoons. You can thank companies like Nike and all of the other ones that we feed. Who can make war with this beast? We’ll find out later in the decade.

        That’s a problem with all these geopolitical analysts. They sound so intelligent and come up with such cogent points, yet they do it in a vacuum and totally disregard any economic aspects to the contrary.

        Russia’s a disgruntled husk and we are giving them the reason to strike us later in the decade. They do have nuclear superiority, but Russia cannot bring a gun to a fist fight, because it is trying to attain the high moral ground. Mark my words it will happen. I stopped listening to people like Scott Ritter, because they know nothing about the economy and the conspiracy. Their opinions don’t mean anything anymore, since they’ve been wrong so many times already. It’s so sad and the alt media latch on to him like these people like they are geniuses.

        All I see is lazy analysis. Do your own research and you’ll figure out what I already know. Stop relying on compromised clowns, lest you look like a clown yourself

  30. COVID paved the way to give us the DNA injections and provided us with an introduction to the pale horse.

    COVID also gave us the necessary monetary policies designed to demoralize and slowly introduce us to the black horse.

    These two horses have left the barn and will slowly gallop across the world; ruining all they touch.

    The red horse is coming later in the decade. And after that, the white horse, who will have the full support of Peter the Roman, will emerge with the answers.

    The IMF says 2023 will be tougher than 2022. Same time next year, the IMF will soberly conclude that 2024 will be tougher than 2023… And so on to 2030, and beyond.

    Make your money now, while it’s easier.

    One-third of world economy expected to be in recession in 2023, says IMF chief

    This year is going to be tougher on the global economy than 2022, the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) chief Kristalina Georgieva has warned.


    This year is going to be tougher on the global economy than 2022, the International Monetary Fund’s chief, Kristalina Georgieva, has warned.

    “Why? Because the three big economies, U.S., EU, China, are all slowing down simultaneously,” she said in an interview that on the CBS Sunday morning news program “Face the Nation.”

    “We expect one-third of the world economy to be in recession,” she said, adding that even for countries that are not in recession, it “would feel like recession for hundreds of millions of people.”

    The U.S. may end up avoiding a recession, but the situation looks more bleak in Europe, which has been hit hard by the war in Ukraine, she said. “Half of the European Union will be in recession,” Georgieva added.

    Purchasing manager index numbers for manufacturing published on Monday showed negative readings across Europe, Turkey and in South Korea. S&P Global data due Tuesday are expected to show similarly bad numbers for Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the U.K., Canada and the U.S.

    The IMF currently projects a global growth rate of 2.7% in 2023, slowing from 3.2% in 2022. Last October, the IMF cut its outlook for global economic growth for 2023, reflecting the ongoing drag from the war in Ukraine as well as inflation and the resulting high interest rates from central banks.

    The economic slowdown in China may have an impact around the world. The world’s second largest economy weakened in 2022 because of lockdowns and restrictions imposed on businesses and consumers under its zero-COVID policy which disrupted supply chains and damaged trade flows.

    Data published on Saturday showed that China’s reversal of its extraordinarily strict COVID policy meant economic activity in December fell to the slowest pace since February 2020 as the coronavirus overwhelmed the healthcare system, dampening consumption and production in the process.

    “For the first time in 40 years China’s growth in 2022 is likely to be at or below global growth,” Georgieva said. “Before COVID, China would deliver 34, 35, 40% of global growth. It is not doing it anymore,” she said, adding that it is “quite a stressful” period for Asian economies.

  31. Look for Peter the Roman to make some changes as he pastures the sheep through many tribulations.

    Catholics across the world want full and equal participation of women

    Almost all submissions to the synodal process initiated by Pope Francis raise the issue and want to see debate about ordaining women to the priesthood


    This is further evidence of consensus on the issues: the role of women, LGBTQ+ relationships, sexual abuse, sexist language, the need for structural change, and sacramental deprivation (a clear comment on exclusion of the Eucharist from practising Catholics who find themselves in new relationships).

    1. CJ, This article makes my blood boil. I could not finish it. What we are looking at here is a Death by Numbers (gematria term) of The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Why bother having a church if all you are serving up is the world??? It will become another effete religion like the Episcopal church.

      I am sad beyond comprehension of the abomination of desolation that is, and is to come. Peter the Roman wasted no time – Benedict’s body isn’t even cold yet. And if I was Bernard and had the ancient mass a few miles from me in Europe, I would go and use my own God-given discernment as to whether it has been debased by modernism. Meanwhile, the ancient mass has been stolen from almost all of us throughout the world. There will be no more sacred liturgy, there will be no more actual priests. I pray to God that I find some others nearby in the catacombs, and soon.

    2. Pope Francis is a jack in the box. Pope Benedict held Francis in restraint. Now that Benedict is gone I believe Francis true Satanic intentions will come out into the open. He will turn the Vatican upside down by allowing gays, transgender, transsexuals as priests and in important positions in the Vatican.
      In addition , the false pope Francis is also turning away from Jesus and allowing abortion. By the way, the false pope Francis also pushed the Covid 19 kill shots.

      1. I agree Andrei, but it’s so much more than this. With the death of Benedict, the Petrine See is vacant. This situation is paving the way for the antichrist. As crazy as this sounds,”Pope Francis” is not the pope, but is a forerunner to the antichrist. Catholics can’t wrap their heads around this, for the most part – and calling Francis the pope, when he is anything but Catholic, causes cognitive dissonance and confusion which can only come from Satan, not God. Benedict was the pope and he never retired, and you can’t have two popes, a pope cannot legitimately resign from fear, there are cannon laws….do a deep dive if you like on that one.) Being as there is no longer a pope of the largest church in the world, there is no more restrainer between Satan and Catholic Christians. Christendom is officially dead and has been with the abandonment of logos that Bergoglio represents (and arguably has been since Vatican II), and one could reasonably say that we are seeing the official beginnings of AntiChristendom. We, all of us, will be entering very dark times. Because as the church goes, so goes the nation (and the world).

        And thanks, Joe, for saying I’m not alone. God help us ALL.

  32. So much cash just waiting to pounce. Large money will ensure that more homebuyers will be shut out regardless of what happens. Boy, did SFR investors have a great couple years. With rents this high the institutional money will be hard to avoid.

    Institutional homebuyer Yieldstreet slashes buying levels by 90% as it awaits a sharper home price correction


    The ongoing housing market downturn has seen everyone from mom-and-pop landlords to Blackstone-owned Home Partners of America pull back on their plans to acquire more homes.

    It makes sense. On the way up, the Pandemic Housing Boom—which saw rents and home prices soar—was amazing for everyone from Airbnb hosts to home flippers to institutional buyers on Wall Street. However, last year’s historic mortgage rate shock has seen the national market flip from inflation mode to deflation mode. The fear of further price declines underpins many investors’ decision to remain on the sidelines.

    “From December onwards, the expectation from my side is we’ll have another 10% to 15% decline [in home prices] nationally,” Tejas Joshi, director of single-family residential at Yieldstreet, tells Fortune.

    Yieldstreet, which owns over 600 U.S. homes, has put their money where their mouth is. In the second half of 2022, Joshi says Yieldstreet reduced its homebuying levels by more than 90% in the face of falling home prices.

    “We’re pretty much on pause across all [home buying] strategies,” Joshi tells Fortune.

    Through November, the Case-Shiller National Home Price Index has U.S. home prices down 2.4% from the June 2022 peak. However, Joshi says the lagged Case-Shiller reading is underreporting the actual decline. In his view, once his forecast of an additional 10% to 15% home price correction comes to fruition, U.S. home prices in the second or third quarter of 2023 will be about 20% below their 2022 peak.

    “Obviously, some markets will be less impacted. Markets that’ll be more impacted are the ones where you have a lot of inventory of new homes, like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Dallas and Boise. These are markets with a lot of construction, with a lot of new homes … Those are the markets that’ll be the leader in terms of how much home prices decline. There will be some markets in the Northeast, which haven’t had a lot of new construction, where home prices are expected to fare better in terms of declines,” Joshi says.

  33. Thank you, Putin for supporting the USD and the domestic energy industry!

    United Kingdom Stops Imports Of Russian LNG

    By Alex Kimani – Jan 02, 2023, 10:30 AM CST

    The United Kingdom has officially announced that it has stopped importing Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG), with the British Foreign Office calling the move a direct result of gas revenues financing Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine.

    “Today the UK has ended all imports of Russian Liquefied Natural Gas. We’re cutting Putin off from funding his illegal war and supporting countries around the world to reduce their own dependency,” the Foreign Office said in a tweet.


  34. This world will most likely end in a nuclear holocaust. So whether one dies of old age , Covid vaccines, war, or civil unrest, it does not matter because true believers can have an active, fulfilling relationship with the resurrected Messiah and upon death be absent from the body and present with the Lord. Christians will live for ever, we win. Satan and his ilk lose.

  35. According to the NY Post and other establishment outfits, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s last words before he died Saturday were, “Lord, I love you,” according to his longtime secretary.

    Archbishop Georg Gaenswein quoted a nurse who was helping the 95-year-old and heard the words shortly before his death on New Year’s Eve.


    According to the original Vatican News article that I read yesterday, Benedict’s last words were “Jesus, I love you.”

    I just read the latest version of the Vatican News article and it also says “Lord” and omits “Jesus.”

    I ask why? That was not an accident. Many religions use the word “lord.” Only one uses “Jesus.”

    Here is the same observation reported;


    1. With the prevailing Global “unity” Agenda, evil strong winds towards a globalist unity religion are persistently financed, built and enforced and this reality is like the White Horse of the Apocalypse reigning supreme and conquering the World without making use of any single arrow.

      Remnant Christians should not have any doubts about this evil agenda and it seems to be that the Catholic Church is now going to be in the eye of the storm. So we ought to interpret this missed “Jesus” as an intentional act. No doubts about it, not a single thought against it: this was an intentional act and this is going to be the new norm they are going to try to enforce.

      Jesus and his teachings are absent and undesirable at the New World religion’s table. So they will ban him from the Vatican and Gaenswein is the first one to try to defunct the word “Jesus” from the official discourse and change it to the “Lord” as you noticed it very quickly with your blessed clarity of mind and insight.

      Let’s have faith and pray.

      The attack on the Catholic Church is nothing new, the insights of Bernadine and Barnhardt have made me reflect a lot about the radical differences between Catholic Masses I shockingly observed in my childhood in between my urban modern town’s Church Mass and my mom’s backwards small village’s traditional Church Mass.

      My mom’s village is not far from where I live, is about six miles away, in another small, narrow valley to the Atlantic. It is easy to get there by car trough a low mountain pass at 1500 feet as there is not snow usually here close to the coast in Northern Spain, but as far as I remember it was like going to another world.


      Vatican II was not observed by some old clerics in some places and the old Mass I witnessed as a child was extremely different of the modern one.

      I remember three “shocking” things very well but probably there were more.

      1 It was hold in Latin, not in your local language, so, you would not understand much unless you were an educated person. 2 There was gender based sitting on the church, men at the front, women and children at the back. 3 Getting out of the church was done in groups, first women and children, then men. Each group got the final blessings separately. Women and children outside, men, inside.

      That was forty years ago. I doubt there is anything like this anywhere in the Western World nowadays. It was like this as far as I remember and it probably was like this for centuries.

      Let’s have faith and pray.

      1. Bernard,
        If you have just over a minute, watch and weep:

        The communist globalists, with Vatican II, took the ancient beautiful, sacred and referent tradition from the largest group of Christians in the world. Our birthright was taken from us. We must somehow, in this age of the abomination of desolation, keep the church alive in the catacombs. I’m still looking for people to do that with me, but the remnant is spread pretty thin.

        If you have any version of this ancient mass left where you are in the world, you should attend. You can still find the old Latin missiles (with the English on one side) if you don’t have your own anymore. The anti-Catholic Bergoglio has been the nail in the coffin to these masses all over the world, and if you still have one to attend, it’s exceptional.

        God be with you!

      2. Matthew 7:21-23 KJV
        Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. [22] Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? [23] And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

        1. Matthew 7:21-23 makes it very clear that pastors and priests who DO NOT practice what they preach will be condemned to the lake of fire in the afterlife. All Christians, especially pastors and priests, need to follow their preaching with action and a contrite heart instead of talking the talk. Other than that, they and lukewarm Christians will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

    2. CJ, I would agree with Bernard that nothing that the Vatican does is unintentional. It is all very calculated. One only has to study the Vatican’s other utterances and actions to know that. Also, my understanding of his secretary, Ganswein, is that he was essentially Benedict’s jailer, and reported to a higher authority to keep him muzzled. This adds to my suspicion that Benedict’s words were twisted. The use of the word, “Lord,” fits much more nicely into the globalist agenda that Bergoglio is working toward, as opposed to “Jesus” who takes the contra to communism.

      Also, I am suspicious of the repeated use of numbers that the SOS uses. It’s some kind of wierd code…. Although I don’t know much about gematria, I note that they are constantly referring to 3, 6, 9, 11’s. Notice in one of the articles that Benedict uttered these words around 3 AM. And he died around 6 hours later – about 9 AM. And he was the first pope in 600 years to resign.

      Also, Benedict dies on the exact last day of 2022. (In gematria, that is 6.) It could be a coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences anymore, and I think that all this portends to a globalist Bergoglio unleashing much more unrestrained evil from Rome in 2023.

      Bernard is right – have faith and pray.

      1. I bet as soon as the editors working for Peter the Roman read the original press release they demanded it changed. As much as Benedict is maligned in traditional Catholic circles, if I were betting on one post Vatican II Pope getting into the kingdom, it would be Benedict. Which is why he was thrown under the bus as a placeholder for Peter the Roman. Rumor had it that Bergoglio received more votes in 2005, but he thought his time was not yet ready.

        I get Ratzinger’s past indiscretions, but we’re all sinners.

        I have read some of Benedict’s literature and he was more Jesus focused than the MSM alludes. I believe the first story to be true. If a Jesus man truly wants to make it to the kingdom, he would call Jesus by name on his deathbed, like the thief on the cross.

        1. CJ, they changed the wording because they wanted us to know – because the SOS has a ritualistic way of warning us what they are doing ahead of time. Changing “Jesus” to “Lord” was a mockery of Christians, and a warning of their globalistic one-world-religion intentions…. And I agree Benedict was holier than he gets credit for, and at the very least much holier than the Roman pope imposter in place now.

          Back to the gematria thing which I am still pondering (and know enough to be dangerous), think about the the twin towers (designed to look like 11), getting detonated by the same group on 9/11. Think about the covid lockdowns announced by Trump on 3/11….those are some of the more notable warnings in our recent planned crisis-to-crisis SOS dictatorship. Now we have some of the same numbers being used in Benedict’s death.

          1. ….P.S. And the controlled media emphasized about 3000 people died in the twin towers (3 in gematria). And Benedict’s funeral mass will be held at 9:30. And Christ was crucified at 33. I could go on and on.

  36. Despite all the latest news to the contrary, the commercialization of the technology needed to get the NWO finally in place (e.g. track and trace, electric cars and trucks, renewable energy, etc.) takes trillions and cheap money. We will also see a resurgence in BTC and the.other cryptos. COIN will prevail as that is the only trading platform I’ll park money. Maybe Kraken.

    This worm will turn.

    Metaverse off to ominous start after VR headset sales shrank in 2022


  37. The NY Knicks worth $6.1 billion.

    Barron’s – Buy This Stock to Get a Piece of the New York Knicks and Rangers

    Andrew Bary

    One big plus should come with the new NBA TV contract after the 2024-25 season—it could be at least double the current one.

    Sports teams are garnering record prices as billionaires pay up for trophy assets, but Madison Square Garden Sports (ticker: MSGS), one of only two publicly traded plays on major professional sports, is languishing, despite owning two very valuable teams.

    The stock looks like a bargain, with the shares trading at $160 and the company valued at $3.9 billion—or at $4.1 billion, including net debt. That’s a 50% discount to the combined estimated value of the teams by Forbes, which puts the NBA’s New York Knicks at $6.1 billion and the NHL’s New York Rangers at $2.2 billion.

    Blame it on the “Dolan discount.” The full value of sports teams is usually only realized in a sale, and the controlling Dolan family is uninterested in selling. A sale might not be in the offing, but Jon Boyar, president of Boyar Research, says is getting more shareholder friendly, with a recent move to return $250 million to shareholders. One big plus should come with the new NBA TV contract after the 2024-25 season—it could be at least double the current one, paying NBA owners $2.7 billion annually. Boyar thinks the company is worth double its current price.

  38. Multicultural Maryland out with a Baltimore Sun article saying that higher property taxes is a good thing, since we help to build strong communities.

    One of my condos just received an assessment letter from MD with an increase of 40% in assessed value. I guess I should be happy the government has more money to make my life better! The government is such an efficient spender and I guess I should be relieved they have my best interests at heart.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Another year; time to crush my tenants with higher rents.🥳🥳🥳

    Yes, your property tax bill is going up. One economist says it’s not so bad.


    Thousands of Baltimore area homeowners opened their mail recently to find a distressing notice: their property tax bills are going to rise — and they’re likely to keep going up in the next few years.

    No, the tax rate didn’t change. But after a red hot housing market during the pandemic, the assessed values of homes are catching up. The government uses assessed values to calculate property taxes. Almost everyone’s home in the Baltimore area is worth more now — a lot more — and the tax man knows it.

    That might be unwelcome news to some, but not to Stephen Walters, a retired economics professor at Loyola University. He believes an increase in property taxes now is a small price to pay when thinking about the future of the region, especially because property values in other parts of the country are rising faster.

    1. But in CA property taxes are under prop 13. In short, the taxes can only increase about 2% per year so long as you stay in your place. Once you sell, the new owner gets to pay an assessment based on the often inflated purchase price.

      I feel bad for those who recently bought in my condo complex. I bought my place in 1996 for about $145K and two similar units just sold for $620K. 1.25% of 620K is what the base for thew new owner but the good news is it can only go up 2% per year as long as they stay put. It seems the difference in MD is everyone suffers when prices go up. In CA only those who can afford to move suffer.

      Happy New Year. Another year of “what have our politicians cooked up to further enslave humanity while promising to help us.”

      1. Property taxes are based on a pool of needed money in order for the tax jurisdiction to operate. Each property owner is assessed his or her portion of the budget. When someone has a subsidy, someone else in that jurisdiction has to make up for that subsidy.

    2. CJ, I was in Baltimore a few years ago when my daughter auditioned and was accepted to one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the country there, in supposedly one of the nicest and most historic parts of the city. Going from the airport to that area by train was unpredictably unsafe in broad daylight, and we were outnumbered due to the color of our skin; the resentment toward us was palpable. We had to walk 10 blocks or so in broad daylight to our nice hotel, past rundown houses and people glaring at us from their doorsteps, and we even stepped over a dead rat decaying on the sidewalk in front of a dilapidated building. I thought I was in a third world country, and it made Philadelphia (where I left 15 years prior) look nice. We found some nice art and music venues to visit and attend in the same “nice” area of the hotel and of the conservatory, but walking back to the hotel one night was really scary. I think of the E Michael Jones book, The Slaughter of Cities, and believe the government did a really great job at their social decay program. (You could see the vestiges of beauty in the old architecture, and imagine what it was like in its founding.) To add insult to injury, you now have to pay 40% more taxes for more of the same!!! Incredible!

  39. It’s funny, the more talk about wealth redistribution, the worse the wealth disparities. The media, which is owned by the wealthy, spread social lies to the low end demographic, which is then used to fortify their wealth.

    Millennials are becoming less conservative as they age, new data finds
    Amber Raiken


    Twitter users are expressing their excitement over new data which found that millennials are becoming less conservative as they continue to age.

    In a piece published by The Financial Times, John Burn-Murdoch looked at a series of US and UK election surveys, which were conducted from 1964 up to 2022. After looking at the data, he discovered how different generations’ political perspectives have changed over the years, including the views of millennials, who are people born ​​between 1981 and 1996.

    Burn-Murdoch found that millennials in the US are “tacking much further to the left on economics” than previous generations, due to the fact that they are reaching “political maturity in the aftermath of the global financial crisis”. This could also be why they’re in favour of greater wealth distribution from the rich to the poor.


  40. The writer must be reading my blog. I’ve been saying this all along. USA, Inc., USA, Inc., USA, Inc. I hear the wealthy shareholders chanting as the global wealth is consolidated. The aid to Ukraine is the best investment the USA corporate and military machine has made.

    America is the big winner of the war in Ukraine – and all of Europe will lose


    Giant mistakes
    Today Europe is again at war and the US is inevitably benefiting. On 24 February 2022, President Vladimir Putin repeated the giant mistakes of Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1914 and Hitler in 1941 by starting a war he was unlikely to win. Russia will be the main loser but so too will Europe as a whole, though the extent of their losses will only become clear at the end of the war, whenever that may be.

    The need to present the conflict as a selfless moral crusade by the US-led Nato powers has masked the real politick of what is happening. But the political earthquake stemming from the Ukraine conflict is laid out with admirable clarity by Anthony H Cordesman, one of America’s most influential strategic thinkers who holds the emeritus chair in strategy at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

    He writes that those arguing against near unlimited aid to Ukraine – essentially those in the US who want to negotiate an end to the war as soon as possible – are “ignoring the strategic benefits it provides to the US… Far too much of the reporting on the Ukraine war ignores the fact that the US has already obtained major strategic benefits from aiding the Ukraine, and that such aid… is one of the best investments the US can make in competing with Putin’s Russia and in advancing its own security.”

    1. Ukrainian redevelopment! Ukrainian redevelopment! Ukrainian redevelopment! I called it right after the staged conflict started.

      Headline: “Zelenskyy, BlackRock CEO Fink agree to coordinate Ukraine investment”


      Invest in Ukraine! https://ukraineinvest.gov.ua/

      But there is a war going on!! The Russians must be stopped! Never mind that. First let’s decide how to collect and spend money while telling the world how green we are https://interestingengineering.com/science/russia-ukraine-green-energy

  41. A very fantastic article and must read for the end of the year!
    There is much truth in this article yet I read with a raised eyebrow.

    I know that the Ukraine war is a staged event and nothing more than a wargame. All the footage is a Hollywood style production, the Ukraine has their own elaborate Hollywood studios too, which explains all the theater actors and USA actors involved. This includes Zelinskyy who owns a film production company. Most of the USA taxpayers money going over there is going to support the Brick Road Initiative in that part of the area, as well as compensate the government and studios that went along with the hoax.

    Shocking that ZERO authority figures in the USA have even alluded to this possibility since Feb of this year. They don’t want to lose their jobs and pensions, and most likely any promise that they and their families will be taken care of in the future. This includes people in your own town! Teachers, preachers, law enforcement officers, politicians, Governors anyone of authority or could make a statement in the media to warn people. All traitors!

    Combined with the Covid hoax and vaccine policies, it really makes me feel betrayed. I can’t trust anyone. This proves we have already become a conquered people.

    Chris you have stated before that the USA already collapsed and I agree. which makes me also believe we have already been invaded and conquered. As you said the money system will not collapse and why would it since they own it, it is theirs. I do not think there will be any Real future military conflict, as they also own ALL the infranstructure, bridges, roads, buildings, townships, land, and as stated above the educational insititutions, etc. It is theirs already, they do not need to invade their own property.

    I do believe a well pre planned staged event will happen as the article stated to happen around 2027 to declare the USA officially over with, to declare a new type of Country, divided into zones will most likely occur. There will be actual deaths and resistance for this one, it won’t all be fake like the Ukraine hoax. But the resistance and deaths may occur before since we still have a percentage of people that do not want to accept the planned future. We won’t be able to move to new locations then and draconian forced policies will be further implemented.

    It will be a different world that didn’t have to be.

    1. I did not mention this in a previous comment about my family… As a P.S.: I have two daughters, one who was bright and now with severe disability due to vaccine damage two decades ago, and one who is incredibly intelligent and talented, but who is now “fully spiked” to finish college. My spiked daughter just came for a visit and left this morning early for the airport. It literally brought this macro bioweapon situation to my microcosm. I believe that we are IN the tribulation, losing people to this bioweapon, watching people get sick from it, having broken relationships from it, and anticipating shortened and/or sterilized lives from it! We are literally in a silent war right now!!! The horses of Revelation are on the ground running.

  42. Pope Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95


    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has died at his home in the Vatican at 95, Vatican officials announced.

    “With sorrow I inform you that the Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, passed away today at 9:34 in the Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican. Further information will be provided as soon as possible,” said the Director of the Holy See press office Matteo Bruni’s statement.

    The Vatican press office has said that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s body will lie in state in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican for the faithful to pay their respects.

    No further details have been announced.

    After his surprise resignation in February 2013 at the age of 85, he was only known to have left the tiny sovereign state briefly and was rarely seen in public.

    1. A blog post on his death. A couple paragraphs down, she says that the church is now in an interregnum, there is now no pope (Benedict having been the Restrainer in 2 Thessalonians) and this situation will pave the way for the coming of the antichrist….Gird your loins.


      1. You may want to see this very informative video explaining 2 Thessalonians and how Moscow became the third and final Rome. The video is made up of text quoting St. John Chrysostom, St. John of Kronstadt, Elder Philoteus and others.


        I don’t think the Pope has any relevance since the great schism in 1054. Of course the pre Vatican II Catholics are much closer to the true church, which is the Orthodox Church of old – or it was up until the reunification with Moscow in 2007.

        We Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR) faithful had nothing to do with the church that was reinstated by Stalin in 1943 under Patriarch Sergius (see quoted statement below). And the current Moscow Patriarch (MP) must be a succession of Bishops beginning with Sergius. So to old ROCOR faithful, we can’t commune with Moscow of today.


        “Statement of the Council of the Most Reverend Hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Soviet Government (September 8, 1943)

        Deeply moved by the sympathetic attitude of our national Leader and Head of the Soviet Government, I. V. STALIN, toward the needs of the Russian Orthodox Church and toward our modest works, we, his humble servants, express to the Government our council’s sincere gratitude and joyful conviction that, encouraged by this sympathy, we will redouble our share of work in the nationwide struggle for the salvation of the motherland.

        Let the Heavenly Head of the Church bless the works of the Government with the Creator’s blessing and let him crown our struggle in a just cause with the victory we long for and the liberation of suffering humanity from the dark bondage of fascism.

        (Signed by Sergei, Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna, and eighteen other metropolitans, archbishops and bishops.)”


        It is important to know that form 1917 (as explained in the video) St. Tikhon anathamitized the Soviet government under Lenin in 1917 – 1918. From that point on, those who were not murdered by the communists, escaped and maintained the true Orthodox church outside of Russia. St. John Maximovitch (The womderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco) came to San Francisco and was the Archbishop until his repose in 1966. As a side note my mother and grandmother knew this holy man.

        1. Al – thank you for that video explaining 2 Thessalonians. I watched it, and subscribed to the channel. Its astounding in its truth on the last days we’re in, and I see a lot of parallels in the churches. I know almost nothing on the Orthodox Church (sorry), but it reminds me more of the traditional Catholic Church. My roots are Catholic….My family history goes back to German Catholicism, and my great grandfather was a Catholic doctor in the country in Nazi Germany, who was “disappeared” and taken to a concentration camp for speaking out against they tyranny. My grandfather was Catholic, having fled to America. My dad was Catholic, having been an alter boy. My mother grew up in the protestant church, and my parents left the Catholic Church after I was baptized Catholic and after Vatican II. I came back to Catholicism when Benedict was pope and it was like coming home to the truth and beauty in the sacraments, but I apparently fell in love with what the church represented, not what it had actually become. So by definition I guess I am an apostate. Deeper dives made me realize what this video goes into – the anti-Christian corruption was so widespread that it had eaten away at the church from the inside. I left after the Pennsylvania Grand Jury. I could no longer stand the duplicity. BTW, the only Orthodox Christians I have met were at a pro-life rally I attended in Maine. They seemed pretty serious about their faith.

          Regarding your comment about the Catholic popes being eclipsed by the Orthodox ones, I am too ignorant to comment, but it is the Catholic Church that is more visible in the media, and has more followers worldwide. The latest “pope” Bergoglio was heralded by the media as being the amazing new leader after Benedict “retired” (but not really retired). I recognized Bergoglio almost immediately as a Marxist, just as I recognized the covid psy-op as communism. This video brings to light Bolshevism, which never died, from what I can tell, and they are using the exact same tricks today as they did then.

          Thanks again.

    2. because he has been under house arrest all that time, a convicted child trafficker
      pedophile and murderer, its a good thing one less pedo

  43. Thanks for all this information. I moved out to the country quickly because I thought war was more imminent. I realize now I have time to make myself more sufficient. I bought a pressure canner and all the jars and lids and learned how to do this. I will stock up on the lids – pretty cheap right now so I can buy years worth and keep them. Maybe I should stock up on replacement parts for the pot as well. I really appreciate this nurse’s perspective on the demise of the health care system. It was a gut instinct I felt with my own doctor, who was into natural interventions for my own health, and stressed to me that my personal life was causing me to be ill. I was deeply disappointed when she pushed the vaccine and I immediately stopped going to see her thereafter. So at the very least, following the advice of this Patriot Nurse, I can stock up on medical supplies, perhaps books on natural remedies. I have elderberry trees on my property which makes a good cough syrup – I have time to figure out how to make it. Just this year I was able to observe when the berries needed to be covered so the birds don’t eat them. I was a little late, they got to half of them but I was able to figure out how to keep them out of the rest. These years of calm are our chance to look around and prepare. The only other big thing is heat during the winter in Canada. The power went out here for 12 hours last week and that is a big reminder to me how vulnerable I still am. Luckily, my brother has a generator, but even that ran out of gas – and I had kept some jerry cans in my shed which he could use. Even that folks, always have some extra gas, just in case. Keep those jerry cans fresh and full. I take this as a ‘test’ of how ready would I be. Ya, I’m good for about 12 hours. That’s not good enough for what’s coming. I have a few years to get a good wood stove installed.

    1. We have done all these prep things for years. I bought the pressure canner and all the supplies, we expanded the gardens, put in a generator, built up our infrastructure here on this homestead in a house we built in this white rural nothing town in the middle of nowhere. Got the herb and wildcrafting books to add to the collection of knowledge I acquired working with my daughter and her expensive naturopath M.D., and seemingly purchasing every vitamin and mineral known to man (still do). Never healed her from vaccine damage despite years of labor, BTW, still must rely on allopathic meds. Have extra gas as backup, and ammo. But I am in Maine, you are in Canada, both places headed up by some of the most diabolical leftists in the western world. I am thinking you and I may be in the wrong location. I have watched countless hours of prepper vids, some folks being prepared for decades. I am also thinking (having been at this a long time) that no matter what you do and where you go, you can never be fully prepared for what is to come…

      On another level, I may be one of the ones scripture says will be beheaded for my faith, as I think about CJ’s last posts… My older husband now has heart problems (having not been on meds forever until now), my daughter has severe disability. We can never fully be off-grid, no matter where we go, and I am thinking it’s too late for me due to family obligations. Furthermore, all of us are connected to the grid in some way, shape or form, and I guess it’s a matter of degree for various individuals in the remnant in seeking safety. But I wonder: We are seeking safety to what end? Preparing is important. But on the other hand, in our Christian faith, we are supposed to be willing to give up our lives for the truth, in what we know is to come. The saints WANTED to live in these times and were honored to be martyred…..

      1. Bernardine – I will pray for your daughter to the Father in Jesus Christ’s name. The saints back in the day understood Scripture when it comes to being martyred for Christ. Here’s the verse:

        Rev 20:4
        Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. 5 The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him for a thousand years.

        So there are several benefits. Living with Christ in new bodies for 1,000 years on Earth. Also not taking the chance by having to go through the Great White Throne of Judgement after those 1,000 years years have ended.; remember Christ said it’s a narrow and hard path into the Kingdom. But even if 20% constitutes as narrow — that’s still over a billion people easily entering the Kingdom of God.

        There is no pre trib or mid trib rapture. Jacob’s Trouble = Church’s Trouble. Since the gentiles that believe are grafted in with the Israelites that accept Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah. We all go through it. We are all one in Christ.

        Let’s say we survive an upcoming war — anti-christ rises to power promising peace — requires all the world to have his mark to be part of his kingdom. It becomes law worldwide — if you don’t have the mark you lose access to your bank account. You can’t buy or sell because by then paper money will likely be replaced by digital. You will likely lose your physical assets. If you have an electric car — they may turn it off if you don’t have the mark. And if you’re caught and you refuse it — they may threaten your spouse. They may threaten your kids. They may threaten your family. With imprisonment or death. That’s where it’s going to be very tough for many Christians, but per scripture it doesn’t say anything about fighting back. You can try and avoid being captured. And if you’re captured — two choices — take the mark or refuse and go through the tribulation. But I don’t see anywhere in scripture where we are to fight back with violence against the government for trying to get us to take the mark. It will become the law of the land. It’s different of course if there is a burglar, or antifa, or chinese/russian troops coming at you. That’s where we’re to protect our family. But when the law of the land = take the mark or go to prison/beheading = we can either run and not look back at our possessions; or get caught and be forced to make a choice. So, if you think about it, all this preparing becomes a bit fruitless if the anti christ coming into power isn’t far off – you’re likely going to lose everything; or take the mark and enjoy a few years of peace before the bowls of wrath get dropped on you.

        The words of Christ:

        Matthew 6:34
        Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

        John 14:27
        Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

        These final years – I will focus more on spending quality time on family, helping the needy/poor, and talking about the Gospel to anyone whom has an ear to listen. In the end — it’s God’s will what happens to us.

        1. Otto — thanks for your words and the scripture quotations. And thank you very much for your prayers! I should have mentioned here, that only the disabled (from childhood vaccines) daughter is living with us and in my care. I am her adult foster care provider now. (My previous comment sounded like I only have one daughter.) My other daughter is not living with us, just finished college, and took the covid shots, despite my begging her not to. She just visited us and left this morning and probably shed all over us….but I still tried to treasure the moments with her and am sad she is gone again.

          God gives each one of us crosses. I have a pious other-worldly type of friend who tells me to be wary of days where you are not suffering from carrying your cross, because it is through suffering that we draw nearer to God. Those God loves he gives suffering to. ALL of the saints suffered and become holier through it.

          Also, I/we have done so much to prepare for what is to come – wood stove, wood lot, spring water source and pond, back up generator, growing and preserving food, chickens for eggs, staying out of debt, building/finishing a house, adding outbuildings, foraging, the list goes on – the stuff the preppers talk about – been doing this for the better part of a couple of decades. But, as mentioned, we can never be fully prepared for what’s to come. Plus, we are all interdependent. As examples, we need the local farmers, I cannot grow everything. We need fuel for equipment, we need inputs of all kinds, which is why we go to the store. None of us can be completely self-sufficient. The SOS are trying to take it all from us (which is why CJ talks about being financially independent as much as possible for now, and ways to have passive income in this time).

          And CJ’s post on Skousen with Patriot Nurse – I recently experienced the problems she talked about in the medical system first hand. I don’t know what my husband would have done without me in the hospital to advocate for him last week with his heart procedure. I pity those people on their own having to navigate the current healthcare system (which has been in demise before covid, but covid accelerated it, esp. w/the mandates.) And it is so important to take care of your health as much as possible.

          Also, I will defend my family but I admit I am more Amish at heart and dread the thought. I pray for perseverance to hold out for my faith to the very end, because I don’t plan on taking any mark of the anti-Christ, if that is required in my lifetime. And being mentally prepared to lose everything for Christ is important. Because in a strange, counterintuitive way, I have concluded that being martyred for Christ would be an honor, if that’s my fate. And this is where Satan cannot win over us. Because if we resist Satan’s schemes and go through the tribulation and then meet Christ, we win. If we are killed, we start our journey sooner to the beatific vision, and we also win. Satan absolutely cannot win over us, and he hates that. “Greater is he who is in us, than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4) No fear.

          And nobody really knows the day and time of any of this (scripture), and there exists as a gift of grace from God, a balance of understanding the evil that prevails here on earth, but always striving for the truth and beauty that is the light of Christ, while simultaneously “working out your salvation in fear and trembling.” Faith, hope and love need to be preserved through it all while we wear our Ephesians armor on the battlefield.

          I didn’t mean to turn this comment into a sermon, but lastly I want to say that I love what you said: “I will focus more on spending quality time on family, helping the needy/poor, and talking about the Gospel to anyone whom has an ear to listen. In the end – it’s god’s will what happens to us.” Amen.

          1. research chlorine dioxide, Dr Andreas Kackler, Jim Humble,
            themedicalrebel.com, these toxic vaxxines can be flushed out of our bodies,
            people use to have common sense and would never have touched these toxic brews
            now people are so dumbed down and terrorized by a non existent “virus” they
            swallow anything and everything they are told, it is truly sad what we have
            allowed to happen to the genus homo sapiens

            1. Kiwi – I did research chlorine dioxide a while back. It seemed like a good tonic. I was unable to find the ingredients to make it, and not able to purchase it. It seems that it came under significant government scrutiny and was squashed in its infancy. Probably because it was simple, cheap, and effective and could not be regulated. * Do you have a link on a place where that can be ordered??? Thanks.

              Also, you may have heard of Ivermectin (?) That was squashed by the government after covid, because it is cheap and effective. The pharmacies here were forbidden to dispense it!! It works great to ward off colds. The vax emergency use authorization should have never been allowed to be obtained, (and was done illegally) because they had ivermectin already.

              BTW, I don’t believe it’s that people were dumb to take the vaxes; they were quite literally brainwashed.

            2. REPLY TO BERNADINE – It’s not hard to find Chlorine Dioxide. In fact, we use it my house just about daily. I cured my 6 year old Australian Shepherd of Lyme Disease in 5 days, with about 50 cents worth of ingredients, and she went on to have puppies for the very first time! Looks like a lot more was fixed than just the Lyme. We buy MMS online (on Amazon). Look for a well regarded seller, who has a set of dark bottles with dripper tops, one being of Sodium Chlorite (SC) and the other bottle (preferably) is hydrocholoric acid. (HA) (your stomach’s own acid) That way it’s ‘one drop’ from each bottle. DO NOT MIX in metal, or stir with metal spoon. Use only glass, paper, or ceramic. (The acid will otherwise leach metal into your mix). After 30 seconds of holding the cup of say.. 5 drops of each (SC & HA) the mixture will turn golden yellow and have a slight chlorine smell. Pour in about 4 or more ounces of distilled (or purified) water (you can also throw in some grape juice if you want, for flavor, but do not use orange or any citrus juices). And drink it down. I’m telling you how to do this, because the sellers are forbidden to! Than like someone else did say, by all means research Jim Humble’s writings (the originator), or get the book The MMS Handbook, by Dr. Anje Oswald, and study it. Great information IS available. Again, we use it just about daily here! Godspeed, Victoria

      2. I think we have to do all we can – I feel that God has ‘tested’ me in many ways to prepare for the inevitable – to realize what is truly important and what were the trappings of Satan. And how, I was so taken in by it all. So this recent and short power outage is a warning to me of how unprepared I am in some areas. I can’t throw my hands in the air and be of no use. I feel I will be needed to help others get through the tribulation. If I come to a tragic end on this earth for not taking the mark, so be it – I hope I will accepted into the Kingdom of God. Taking the mark and being constantly pursued by Satan is no life anyway. I am grateful for this blog and the people on it such as yourselves, who seek the Truth.

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