The COVID injections; A race-specific bioweapon? The latest CDC data seem to indicate it

Note to reader: While the data described below indicate an ominous trend, I submit there is severe undercounting and recording. The data contained in this post only demonstrate official releases.  In addition, these data points only describe mortality counts and not the higher morbidity rates that we observe all around us.


Data source: NCHS Data Brief ■ No. 456 ■ December 2022; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); December 22, 2022

A race-specific bio-weapon? You be the judge…

Source; CDC. Sargon II would blush if he saw these data points
What’s the real cause? The red herrings proffered by the MSM cannot explain it.

Two new reports, published early Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, found the death rate increased 5.3%, from 835.4 per 100,000 people to 879.7 per 100,000 in 2021.

Life expectancy in the United States has fallen to the lowest levels seen in 26 years, new federal data shows. Moreover, this same data indicate that Caucasian whites are dying now in much greater numbers. These numbers are statistically significant as well. Even after considering the red herrings proffered by the mainstream media, the percent increases demonstrated by Caucasian whites are too high to ignore and cannot be given to chance or by any preexisting factor that existed prior to the covid pandemic.

So , what factors have changed since 2020? I can think of two; the covid disease and the covid mRNA injections.

In addition, our own sobering anecdotal observations on the street seem to indicate that this trend has not reversed, but has in fact, intensified. Will next year’s data for 2022 demonstrate a continuation of the obvious? I say, yes.


NCHS Data Brief, December 2022


The next time we wonder why the labor force participation rate is struggling to resume longer-term trends, perhaps we should stop listening to the divisive “red vs. blue” or “black vs. white” debates and look up at the puppet master who wants to lower the population. If we wonder why we are currently experiencing supply chain issues, or if the guy next to you on the checkout line seems depressed or sullen, perhaps we have the covid mRNA injections to thank. As many as five billion people worldwide have been injected and while covid is no longer a real factor in the West, we need to take a step back and ask why the white people are dying in such higher numbers and why life expectancies have fallen off a cliff.

If you wonder why inflation is ravaging the livestock population, perhaps we should take a look at some of these numbers. While these number for 2021 are almost a year old, but were just released a few days ago, what will this year’s numbers look like when they are released next year? What will the media, which is being managed out of Arlington and McLean, use as an excuse next year?

Once a person becomes washed and understands the truth, he or she will realize that we are the enemy, which is why the Department of Defense deployed its covid “countermeasure” on a scared and panicked population.




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81 thoughts on “The COVID injections; A race-specific bioweapon? The latest CDC data seem to indicate it

    1. Collapse????….

      What collapse?…

      Four days @ 4.30% is a rate of 410 % a year. So the chosen depraved devils will gain four times the money just for sitting in their asses as the masses toil to their grave and provide everything to them for free.

      Today’s white people say they are rich as they have everything they want. They don’t realize that they are wretched, miserable, poor and blind.

      Self-absorbed and busy competing each other to have any time or energy to study and connect the dots of this magical thing called compound interest and its exponential curve and how Central Banks make use of it to steal all the riches of the world, the satanic forces, the evil creatures in the room, roam free off-leash, unexpected, unseen, unheard off.

      As the saying goes it is so true: In the country of the blind the one-eyed men rule.

      And rape, rob and pillage with absolute impunity, at the very light of the day.

      1. 4.30% is the annualized rate. Still risk free and despite earning less than CPI, the profit margin is immense, and only increases as the Fed funds rate rises. Banks making money like there will be no tomorrow.

        1. Thanks for the correction, it seems I exaggerated a “little bit”, I beg you pardon, I am not an expert in this financial world. Does not change much thought, thanks to the magic of the compound interest Central Banks with the inestimable help of “our” Governments continue to control a bigger chunk of any output of the productive economy year by year.

          Einstein who was not a fool, called the compound interest the eight wonder of the world.

          And yes I agree banks are making money and they will continue making money whatever it happens, as well, governments too will be in business much more than we can imagine, even there are wars, catastrophes, famines, anything…

  1. 2027; have your affairs in order by that year. We have four more years to prepare. Those who think everyone is the same will not survive. They will see first hand that they were wrong. Of course, whitie stuck in the multicultural areas won’t survive the multicultural unrest subsequent to war, so if the jab won’t get him, the unrest and guillotine will.

    1. CJ, can you please tell us more about how you arrived at the year 2027? Or maybe this detail was in another of your posts, but I missed it (? )
      Also, when you say, guillotine, are you referring to FEMA camps, and/or beheadings reserved for Christians predicted in Revelation?
      Also, when you say to”have your affairs in order by that year,” do you mean to be in your new location by that time?

      1. 1) Read the latest post.
        2) I extrapolate with the viability of the current monetary system given persistent inflation.
        3) The Great Reset objectives for 2030.
        4) OT prophecy as well as certain extrabiblical prophecies. I place a much higher regard with the prophecy of the Popes, for instance. Why? Because the Popes seem to. I don’t bother with Fatima or Nostradamus and other stuff.

        “Axle in the midst of a sign” was attributed to Pope Sixtus V. The word “sign” is often attributed to a prophecy. His election was 442 years after the election of Celestine II, the first Pope on the list. Move forward another 442 years after that, we arrive at 2027; the year the popes believe the prophecy will be fulfilled. They are acting on it. With Benedict dying, the last Pope will be dead, leaving only #112 left before the fulfilment. That’s Peter the Roman, Francis, who continually says he’s the Bishop of Rome. Hmmm…..

        Jesus died almost 2000 years ago, placing the year at 2033, according to John XXIII, who said that year would mark the second coming. But the error in the Gregorian calendar shows that Jesus was born earlier in 3-6 BC. Thus, anytime after 2027 is fair game.

        1. CJ, Just to clarify that I understand all this correctly: The Skousen report predicts war in 2027. Prophesies of the second coming of Christ are also for 2027.

          And the war may be nuclear bombs (emanating from China and Russia), as well as troops on the ground (as in Ezekiel 38 and 39)?

          Where does the tribulation fit into this timeframe, in your view? Or do you believe we are in the tribulation now?

          I am thinking things go in this order: tribulation (current), war, Christ’s coming, rapture, reset? Thoughts? Thanks.

          1. Skousen is only saying CCP will be ready by 2027. He also says it may come sooner, but he observes that we are seeing delays, and Russia looks terrible right now in Ukraine. Russia is clearly frustrated. So is China, but CCP is being careful.

            I suspect the popes are gunning for prophecy fulfillment during 2027. Whether that means the other stuff is speculation. It’s clear that Francis is unlike any other before him, and there was rumor that he received more votes than Ratzinger in 2005, but believed he was not ready.

            WWIII will be the Great war in Ezekiel, that the Israel in the Bible is, without a doubt, different than what the NT only Christians claim, as well as the time also of Jacob’s trouble.

            If one knows where the ancient tribal remnants settled hundreds and thousands of years ago, we know the modern equivalents today. It’s like pieces in a game of Tetris. This is why the enemy wants us to all mix up to try to undo this. It won’t work, but the multicultural propaganda has.

            WWIII will be the kickoff in my estimation. The world will begin to unravel as God finally steps in to end the synagogue’s plans.

            As for the pale horse? Look around, I say we are already being introduced to it. The disparate threads are being woven into a tapestry.

            So, what year? All I can say is be as ready as possible by 2027. We still have time. And don’t get frustrated yet. Life for us is still very good as Skousen says. Make hay and do what you can while we can.

      2. White Christians will be blamed for the upcoming calamities. White Christians who believe in the multicultural lie and the NT-only garbage will not understand and will be ensnared and put to death. A few like me know otherwise, and will not succumb to the propaganda. Whites need to begin separating from the rest. The world says being a lone wolf is bad? I say it’s the right thing. The world says racism is bad? I say to white people need to begin separating from the multibreeds. The multibreeds are too caught up with this race shit, and are so easily duped, which is why the adversary pushes race mixing so much. Whites will be blamed for the evils anyway. Come out of the iron and clay lest you be beheaded like the Bible says.

  2. Pray for whitie. This race-specific bioweapon is decimating the white population. The PC alt-media like Adams and Jones will never discuss this. But I will, since I speak truth and am already considered a terrible person. Stop by the website for the truth. The ghost of Tiglath-Peliser III is running the show.

    Pray for whitie. He’s going down. And with him will all go the rest to a one world government, since the multishade and non-Christians pose absolutely no resistance. They are rejoicing in their newly found freedom. 🤣🤪🤣🤪

    Dad suffers fatal ‘heart attack’ moments after ‘laughing and joking’ on Christmas Day

    Gareth Blenkins died of a suspected heart attack

    A father died of a suspected heart attack on Christmas Day while he was enjoying the festive occasion with his family.

    1. A Google search shows Tiglath-Peliser out to be a great king who treated his captors with love and kindness. Talk about separating us from the OT. Wow.

      Sounds like today’s Christians who speak of love and kindness while their people are being killed. Let’s quote Paul and stand down. It’s PC. Sounds like the NT-only dweebs who lecture me with Paul-only verses.

  3. ‘We Are Entering The Best Real Estate Market Opportunity Since 2008’: Why This Billionaire Investor Is Aggressively Buying Income-Producing Properties

    Investors have not given up on the residential market, using financing options to take advantage of low housing inventory and turning properties into rentals. This strategy contributes to the high housing prices seen in the past couple of years.

    According to property intelligence data company CoreLogic, the investor share of single-family homes sold in the first quarter of 2022 reached 28%, 11% over the same period in 2021. Its data also showed that investors with a thousand or more homes bought 3% of houses in 2021 and so far in 2022, compared to 1% in previous years.

  4. Hi Chris
    A couple months ago you alluded to Hebrew Roots in a post and in the comments section requested a link to some of that type of content. I’ve come across this site which appears to label its content under that thought. I remain interested in your perspective

  5. QE returning by stealth?

    The writer is managing director at Crossborder Capital and author of ‘Capital Wars: The Rise of Global Liquidity’

    It has been a bleak year for many investors. Global investors have lost $23tn of wealth in housing and financial assets so far in 2022, according to my estimates. That is equivalent to 22 per cent of global gross domestic product and uncomfortably exceeds the lesser $18tn of losses suffered in the 2008 financial crisis.

    Hopefully though, next year will not be so bad for assets, because the cycle of global liquidity is bottoming out. Part of my reasoning is that quantitative easing programmes by central banks to support markets are impossible to reverse quickly because the financial sector has become so dependent on easy liquidity. The very act of quantitative tightening creates systemic risks that demand more QE. 

    We track the fast-moving, global pool of liquidity — the volume of cash and credit shifting around financial markets. The impact of the ebb and flow of this pool, currently about $170tn, can be seen in the central bank programmes to support markets through the Covid-19 pandemic — quantitative easing. The latter drove another “everything up” bubble through 2020-21. But as soon as policymakers hit the brakes in early 2022 and triggered a near-$10tn liquidity drop, asset markets collapsed.

    We focus on liquidity because the nature of our financial system has changed. The markets no longer serve as pure capital-raising mechanisms. Rather they are capital refinancing systems, largely dedicated to rolling over our staggering global debts of well over $300tn. This puts a premium on understanding collective balance sheet capacity to finance debt issues over analysis of the cost of capital.

    We estimate that for every dollar raised in new finance, seven dollars of existing debts need to be rolled each year. Re-financing crises hit us more and more regularly. Hence, the importance of liquidity.

    So, what now? According to our monitoring of liquidity data, we have just passed the point of maximum tightness. The two most important central banks driving the global liquidity cycle are the US Federal Reserve and the People’s Bank of China. Think of the Fed as mainly controlling the tempo of financial markets, given the dominance of the dollar, whereas China’s large economic footprint gives the PBoC huge influence over the world business cycle. In short, the stock market’s price-earnings multiple is determined in Washington and its earnings Beijing.

    The Chinese market enjoyed a large jump in liquidity injections in November, led by the start of an easier monetary policy from the PBoC. Contrary to the consensus view, latest data also show the US Federal Reserve adding back liquidity into dollar markets, despite its ongoing QT policy.

    Admittedly, the Fed has reduced its holdings of US Treasuries in seven of the past nine weeks as part of QT. But net liquidity provision, benchmarked by moves in the Fed’s “effective” balance sheet, has remarkably risen in six of these weeks. In fact, the Fed added an impressive $157bn to US money markets through its operations.

    Looking ahead, we project a further pick-up in global liquidity. China desperately needs to boost its lockdown-hit economy, so expect further policy stimulus in 2023. Two other favourable factors are the lower US dollar and weaker oil prices.

    We estimate that each percentage point fall in the dollar increases the take-up of cross-border loans and credit by a similar percentage amount. The US currency is already down a hefty 9 per cent from its recent peak. The fall in oil prices to below $80 a barrel should also help, reducing the amount of credit required to finance transactions.

    But there could be more. The US Fed plans to reduce its holdings of Treasury and government agency securities by $95bn per month. But other items are likely to offset some of, perhaps even, all of this.

    First, the $450bn Treasury General Account, the US government’s deposit account at the Fed, is likely to fall as bills are paid ahead of difficult upcoming debt ceiling negotiations. Second, the Fed’s $2.52tn “reverse repo” facility for providing short-term investment to parties such as money market funds could drop significantly. This is because there are hints that the Treasury will issue more bills, debt of less than one-year maturity, relative to bonds which have longer terms.

    Third, rising interest rates mean the Fed will pay out more on debt it has issued. This could amount to a whopping $200bn over 2023. 

    The September turmoil in the UK gilt market was a reminder of the risks of financial instability when liquidity is withdrawn. Mindful of such forces, could the Fed be reluctant to push liquidity down too much? One could argue that by winding back its portfolio of Treasuries (“official QT”), but allowing effective liquidity provision to rise (“unofficial QE”), the Fed is trying to have its cake and eat it!

    1. Yesterday the 28th must have been the sell off day and still be able to have funds settle for the year. Today starts the new year in trading and it was a green day like yesterday or this week didnt even matter. Wondering if the upticks mark a new uptrend in the channels. They really were dishing out quite a bit of doom this year. I actually look for sectors to improve unless some sort of catalyst hits, besides the usual staged mall and school shootings.

      1. As long as the Fed promises to raise rates, stay out of the markets. I do not recall any instance in 40 years that this has not been the case. The worst part is that whitie is dying and getting sick. Thus things like LUV delays will only drive up inflation and economic problems. Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are okay after injections, not whitie. Pray for whitie, newcomers to stocks will not do well as long as Powell stays hawkish.

        Whitie needs to buy the SFRs and rent to the others.

  6. Estimates for the sale of the Washington Commanders is around $7 billion. Snyder bought the team in 1999 for $750mm, which I think was considered high for back then.

    Bezos’s personal life seems strange now that he’s gotten divorced. Even his ex-wife has already gotten remarried and divorced. Money can do that.

    1. Those statistics are unreal. Thank you for posting them. It’s a war on white Christians – yet in the one statistic black male deaths were also high.

      Bezos and ex ‘wife’ may be an inverted couple. It’s their religion.

      1. I haven’t heard many people comment on the things hidden in plain sight, like inverted couples, but I saw your comment here in regards to Bezos and his “wife.” There used to be a guy on YouTube, Mr. E, who was scrubbed who called his channel something like Transvestigation. He explained how most “women” you see in high places are really men, and that it is part of their religion (as you pointed out) because beings that are both male and female are superior, and are represented by their baphomet. Trans issues are so pushed today, a complete inversion of Christianity (“male and female he made them”). When you study the differences in bone structure that cannot be hidden with cosmetic surgery, you start to see men masquerading as women everywhere. Michael Obama is a good example. Jacinda Ardern. Bill and Melinda Gates (another inverted couple?) Barbara Bush. Laura Bush. Janet Mills, probably Gretchen Whitmer, and many other politicians. Most female models, most female newscasters, many actresses, many musicians including Tracy Chapman, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, most female professional athletes, esp in tennis and soccer. The Victoria’s Secret models (that’s their secret). More recently there are obvious ones like the secretary of health, Rachel Levine, thanks to the much-heralded Bruce Jenner conversion. Except for the obvious ones, most people are completely oblivious to this satanic inversion of nature. I just found one of Mr. E’s old videos on the study of this cult of androgyny on Bitchute. Once you see all this, you will not be able to unsee it, even when glancing at magazine cover photos in the grocery line.

  7. Former pope Benedict ‘very sick’, Pope Francis calls for prayers

    •Benedict held the papacy for almost eight years
    •Decision to retire shocked cardinals
    •Conservatives saw Benedict as a standard bearer

    VATICAN CITY, Dec 28 (Reuters) – Former pope Benedict, a hero to conservative Catholics and who in 2013 became the first pontiff in 600 years to step down, is “very sick”, his successor Pope Francis said on Wednesday, asking Church members to pray for him.

    1. We have lives that would be the envy of the wealthiest Egyptian pharaohs. Every convenience at our fingertips. Hot water, food abundance, easy travel, heated homes, central AC, plenty of idle time to fornicate and sin. We are in need of nothing, but have been convinced otherwise.

      Stop complaining, says billionaire investor Charlie Munger: ‘Everybody’s five times better off than they used to be’

      1. We really be thankful to the Lord for the good things we have in life such as a roof over our heads, a warm house in the winter, income, and the friends around us. Praise the Lord for these things and enjoy them while they are here because they may be gone tomorrow.

        A 24 hour power outage on December 23 with that brutal snow storm reminded me to be thankful for the comforts in life. I had a cold house with no heat and no running water.

        1. Yes thank the Lord and i do. when i was younger dad lost job in the late 70’s we went from a new home to a home that probably should of been condemned. Only heat we had was in the back part of the house and it was wood burning stove that i brought wood in everyday. my room did not have have heat and I slept in sleeping bag that i warmed up with a hair dryer before getting in. Some cold mornings there was ice in toilet. I know it is surprising for some people i told as i am white and suppose to have privilege. Heck my grandpa was a share cropper until probably late 1940’s. yep all kinds of privilege

  8. I listened to part of a Jeff Rense interview with Frosty Woolridge yesterday, and Frosty was claiming that we’re all in this together. That we need to pray for the world. I say no, we’re not all in this together and we need to pray for our own people close by. Pretending we’re all in this together and praying for the world is what got us in this mess in the first place. I no longer concern myself with non believers.

    I pray for my people, my family, my circumstances, those few who stop by my blog. That’s enough for me. I don’t water down my prayers by trying to include everyone. I’m not in this with the reprobates of the world.

    Frosty somehow thinks that if he gets on Tucker Carlson and complains about the borders he’ll make a difference. But he’ll make absolutely no difference. He clings and holds on desperately to the old world. Frosty is an old-worlder with some new- world contamination and ideas sprinkled in. Frosty is an anachronism.

    1. I was in a Catholic mass over five years ago when I was still attending the visible Novus Ordo church, and the priest made it a point in his homily to rail against praying for “your own” only, because of John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son.”) The emphasis was on the word “world.” Having since left the Novus Ordo for the reasons I explained at length in a previous comment, I am quite convinced that Bergoglio, a.k.a. “Francis” is a globalist, amongst other things. The mindset of including everyone in a great big umbrellas that you heard in the Rense show guest, and that I heard in that mass, is everywhere. The church has been moving toward ecumenism since Vatican II and Bergoglio is the capstone to that movement. That globalist umbrella was opened in the 60’s with John Paul II including all faiths in various ceremonies. It is so true the saying that “as goes the church, so goes the world.”

      And now that the actual pope, and not the imposter pope, is on his last legs, we are going to see an uptick of evil coming out of the Vatican, fitting in with the globalist agenda going forward. Here’s a blog posting on this:

      Thank you for your prayers, CJ. I pray for you also.

      1. There were a couple of quotes worth noting from Francis in the media:

        “I would like to ask all of you for a special prayer for pope emeritus Benedict, who, in silence, is sustaining the church,” Francis said in a surprise announcement in Italian at the end of his weekly general audience.

        “Let us remember him. He is very sick, asking the Lord to console and sustain him in this witness of love for the Church, until the end.”

        I can see duplicity in the message, but maybe I am reading too much into it.

        1. Those are bizarre quotes. Sustaining the church? Until the end? Odd wording. I could think of more appropriate phrases; like when Benedict goes on to be with the Lord, type of stuff.

      2. Interesting Barnhardt post. I never even thought about that before, but it makes total sense. I wonder what Francis will do when Benedict is out of the picture and dead. I think it’s a good chance Francis will be off his leash and ratify all types of behavior.

        Indeed, pray for Benedict. I know he’s part of the second Vatican, but I found his teachings more in line with old world tradition than his predecessor and successor. It was kind of strange that he even was selected in the first place.

        When Benedict dies we will soon find out if Francis really is Peter the Roman.

    2. First ,we should pray for everybody to turn to the ways of Jesus Christ and to repent of their sins. Second, we should pray for our fellow true to heart humble Christian for their safety and well being. Those are the only people worth praying for. There is no point praying for the well being of unrepentant sinners that refuse to turn to Jesus.

      The multiculturalism they are pushing on us is tolerance of sinful lifestyles such as homosexuality, pedophelia, transgenderism, etc. The Synagogue of Satan’s true definition of multiculturalism is tolerance of perverted, sinful lifestyles.

      1. The big offender the NT only Christians refuse to acknowledge; Races didn’t mix for 5950 years. The past 40-50 years has been a concerted and successful re-engineering of the ideas you mentioned. But how did that happen? Weaken the fabric and it tears in pieces. God warned his people to avoid these matters lest they collapse.

        The elephant in the room remains unspoken. The real reason remains verboten by the PC church, thus it is destroyed and the willfully deceived church masses are pulverized. It takes a lot of insight to recognize how the OT needs to be applied today, and the masses educated in the public schools over the past 40 years are intentionally swinging and missing.

        Pope Francis sounds like a lot of church people today. He keeps talking about how Jesus was all about love, and Paul mentions this all the time. But I spend my time reading the Gospels and Jesus sounds mostly upset, indignant, he detests his enemies when he has to deal with them personally. He calls them terrible words to their faces and to others.

        The Jesus I study and read from the Gospels is certainly not like what the Paul-only Christians believe today. Today’s Christian is in for a shock at the throne. There will be blood on these deceived people’s hands. Mark my words; it will be for what they purposely refused to recognize.

        Today’s Christian refuses to mention these things. They are laodicean pansy asses.

    3. Speaking of new world contamination:

      Conspiracy theory becomes fact, this startup gives plausible deniability to the government – “The private sector did it…”.

      My wife did a deep dive into chemtrails and found an independent researcher who concluded after much testing that the chemtrails contain fly ash (sulphur dioxide).

      1. There used to be a ton of research on the web 15-16 years ago. Analysis of the top of Mt. Shasta snow revealed poisonous levels of refined aluminum and barium on the surface snow. I could go on. This stuff is no longer around to see. Cliff Carnicom used to analyze this stuff from the late 90s up until several years ago.

        Google scrubbed all this stuff clean. And we wonder why people have nerve disorders, Alzheimer’s symptoms, and conditions like fibromyalgia… Look up.

        1. I am wondering if you are familiar this man, Dane Wigington and his life’s work on his website. He is a lone voice in the wilderness. It’s truly scary to know what’s in chemtrails, and there is pretty much nothing we can do to stop them. Like the Covidians, you can talk and talk to people about the issue (I’ve tried waking people on both covid and chemtrails) and it doesn’t even register on the Richter scale of consciousness. And this guy Dane spends his whole life trying to wake people up with ALL the research to support his claims, that it’s amazing he hasn’t given up.

          1. Thank you for the links, CJ and Bernardine. I do know about Mr. Wiggington, what I wanted to pass along is that this appears to be a program that will run openly in the private sector with flights sold to private entities. The administration is working on its sanction and it doesn’t matter that the current admin is Dem. There will be no opposition and the program won’t be seen.

            All I can do at this point is glean to the best of my abilities what might be in the air and find the best known ways to detoxify and protect my family from the onslaught. I will be building a steam sauna as one of the remediation measures. Mineral bath like a hot spring might be another.

      2. Fly ash is mercury – one of the most toxic substances there is. They’ve found plenty other toxins and heavy metals among other things.

  9. M2 released today showed another sizeable drop in the money supply.

    October $21,414.8 billion
    November $21,351.6 billion

    The Federal government keeps spending more and will thus control more and more of the economy and your financial potential over time.

    Government spending increases yet M2 fades and the government takes over more of the economy.

    But the multiculturals love it. Nothing better than a multicolored and multicultural kingdom to shift the economy into a command and control society. If you like multibreeds, you’ll love what’s coming. They don’t run independently of one another.

    Multiculturals need government and are unable to self-govern. They have no idea what it means to be self-governing. The bigger the central government, the more multiculturalism you can have. The multiculturals and laodiceans are already amenable to world government. Give them the proper catalysts and they will swoon for the propaganda. They already have.

    Keep bringing on the central government spending. Nancy Polosi, Chuck Schumer and republicans like Mitt Romney see the need to spend, because the needs are to mix everyone into a light shade of brown. That takes trillions upon trillions and a central global government. It can’t work, but they will bankrupt you and the country trying. 🤣🤪🤣🤪🤣🤪

    The power of the people is gone, so don’t bitch and moan when you are forced to take your livestock injections. Don’t be a baby, take your government mandated poison injections. Multiculturalism and forced vaccinations are not independent of one another. You multiculturals are so stupid. 🤪💉☠️⚰️

    Own working class rentals and be the landlord to the multiculturals morons.

    Make money off of the cries of racism. The fake racism of today is so profitable for the wealthy. Christians crying racism are being deceived and when the time comes, they will be flabbergasted at how they were deceived. Of course, they will be looking up continually after the judgment.

    The great non sequitur; You cannot have nation states exist in equilibrium with all the people living together. The laodiceans are so stupid. It never happened in before in humanity, but the Paul quoting dummies think we have learned enough to make it happen.

    Social media and YouTube have effectively rendered the concept of the nation state obsolete. 90% of today’s so called Christian is prepped for global government. They like it. They see all the global heartache and misery on the news and YouTube and are calling for global action.

    This is the face of today’s typical deceived Christian… 🤪 Punch drunk and going to hell.

    1. You hit the nail dead on the head. With increased multiculturalism you get more dictatorial government. Because different cultures cannot function with one another so they need big government to control them.
      With bigger government and more multiculturalism then stricter vaccine mandates are soon to come.

  10. Is this correct?!? GDP helped on this one.

    Goods Trade Balance (Nov)
    Act: -83.35B
    Cons: -96.90B
    Prev: -98.80B

    1. What is gold telling us? Hmmm…… Another head fake or something brewing underneath?

    2. GDPNOW Latest estimate: 3.7 percent — December 23, 2022

      The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2022 is 3.7 percent on December 23, up from 2.7 percent on December 20. After recent releases from the US Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the National Association of Realtors, the nowcasts of fourth-quarter real personal consumption expenditures growth and fourth-quarter real gross private domestic investment growth increased from 3.4 percent and -0.2 percent, respectively, to 3.6 percent and 3.8 percent, respectively.

      The next GDPNow update is Tuesday, January 3.

      1. Case Shiller index down 0.5% vs. -1.2% estimate.

        FHFA index flat vs. +0.1% last months reading.

        This says that the less expensive home sectors are still stronger than the upper half. Rentals still sweet.

      2. With another huge spending bill (1.7 trillion) it’s as if the Democratic leadership are purposely creating inflation and loss of confidence. I don’t know how price inflation can come down on a sustainable basis. Do you?

        Perhaps this is why Au is rising.

      1. If we supposedly had the “Storm of the century” in the United States, and nat gas continues to plumb new lows, what’s going to make it stop? This doesn’t look good for oil either as energy prices seem to be resetting.

        Maybe energy is having its own Great Reset. Let’s have a round of Great Resets for everybody. Let every miserable soul have his own Great Reset. Let’s have our own multicultural personal bailout. The government says we can have it.

  11. I did this for over a decade. This article discusses the idea that younger folk rent for their primary residence and buy and own rental properties. They themselves are tenants and can devote the money to procuring income producing properties. This is a good strategy for many investors. When a person is young, this is what I would encourage him or her to do. This is the easiest way to accumulate 1mm in rental property equity.

    Will Homeownership Soon Be A Thing Of The Past? The Strategy Millennials Are Using To Enter Real Estate Market

    1. This is what my 20 year old daughter was talking about doing. And in this small town, where house prices are cheap, she can do it. I also stayed in an AirBnB in the summer in a small Ontario resort town, where they young guy owning it lets out the rooms and he himself lives in the basement. Smart.

        1. I heard an old friend say this years ago. The idea is to have two people each rent from the other. Of course you have to be good enough friends and be on the same page, but the mutual benefits are good. Each landlord treats the residence as a business like any other. Tax wise one can come out ahead.

  12. In his Christmas message, the Pope is long on begging for world peace, as well as pleading to end divisive politics, world hunger, social injustice, violence, and hypocrisy.

    He never mentions about repenting and the belonging to the Catholic church. He’s the head of the Catholic church yet he does nothing to endorse it. He sounded like an ecumenical one-worlder. The perfect false prophet.

    Pope’s Christmas message zeroes in on ‘icy winds’ of war and divisive politics
    Associated Press

    Russia’s nearly year-old all-out invasion of Ukraine called senseless in the pontiff’s annual Urbi et Orbi speech from a balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square.
    Associated Press

    1. Francis claims Virgin Mary had Labor Pains, undermines Catholic Dogma.

      Year after year, the Argentinian apostate Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) gives his annual Christmas address to the Roman Curia, just a few days before the great feast of the Nativity of our Lord. On the same day, he also delivers Christmas greetings to the employees of Vatican City. It is in that address that he dropped a quasi-heretical and blasphemous bombshell today.
      The main focus of his brief remarks to Vatican workers was that he wished them serenity for Christmas, a serenity as that experienced by the Holy Family. That is a beautiful and noble wish, no doubt, but Francis wouldn’t be Francis if he didn’t also manage to include a swipe at the holy Mother of God as part of his oh-so “pious” talk:
      „We can imagine, when they arrived in Bethlehem, Our Lady was beginning to feel the pains.“
      So Francis claims that the Immaculate Mother of God experienced the pains of child labor! In this way, he denies implicitly, or at least undermines, the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and the Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Mother.

      1. He is probably starting to show his true colors. We may see more of this as the SoS’s globalist agenda starts to run into high gear. I never liked this “Francis”. All media always praising him for his humility and austerity since the start of his papacy. If they praise him so much it is because he is all in on the SoS agenda and he probably is a communist infiltrated Jesuit, not a Bible studying religious person and of course not a God fearing Christian.

        If there is smoke there is a fire and now looks like we are going to see the cooking behind the apostate.

        1. Last week he told the curia that there is nothing worse than holier than thou Catholic zealots. This Associated Press article says that’s what the elegant demon brings us; rigid and holier than thou Catholics

          VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis warned Vatican bureaucrats, on Thursday, to beware the devil that lurks among them, saying it is an “elegant demon” that works in people who have a rigid, holier-than-thou way of living the Catholic faith.

          1. He probably is what he is, as you are observing. He definitely is not a God fearing man. I never liked him, as I said.

            If this things are starting to show up so much it means that the SoS satanic forces are feeling confident enough they can make their agenda pop up from the underground where they rule, to the surface.

            Very revealing this thing about Pope’s describing himself as a demon, many thanks for sharing.

  13. This could be one explanation for the varied outcomes (in terms of vaccine injuries in deaths) by area.

    Sasha Latypova is a retired pharmaceutical industry executive and one of the creators of a website where you can look up a vax batch number (noted on a person’s vax card) and see if there are any adverse event reports associated with it.

  14. CJ, Wishing you and your readers a Blessed Christmas!

    Thanks for your work here, in freely sharing your thoughts and advise with us all this year.

    As someone wisely stated to a grieving friend, “All His mysteries, joyful, sorrowful, and glorious, are eternally present before the face of the Father. It is only our weakness as creatures that requires their separation into segments of time.”

    May we all draw closer to Him in the New Year and be the light that shines in the darkness. God bless you.

  15. Not that I’m a fan of the shot but most everyone around me got it and they seem fine. One out of state friend died from the delta strain but his wife was able to come out of it taking mucinex and drinking lots of water. Neither got the shot. I certainly hope my people are not affected.

    Looking at this from a macro perspective, I thought there was something very convenient about the timeline. The emergence of covid, the preparation talk about a vax (and the word vax was being used exclusively even thought it’s not a vax by medical definition). The announcement of the vax (warp speed). All this in less than a year or right about a year with no gaps. Just one seamless transition from all new WTF disease to successful treatment.

    None of that sat well with me and maybe two other friends. And now it’s practically 2019 again but with plastic dividers (and the financial fallout) serving as a reminder.

    1. Did the orthodox church endorse the vax? Or did they recommend that people refrain from taking it? I have been in a couple of RC churches that still have sanitizer stations, covid information boards, masked priests and recommended distancing. Its surreal to me.

      1. At our level the priest was indifferent but the church in general had no exemptions. There were certainly people who were opposed and looking for the church to back them up but that didn’t happen that I am aware of. I am old ROCOR (before it was taken over by the Moscow Patriarch) and many of us have not warmed up to the Soviet rule. What really shocked me during covid was not so much the masks but one local bishop giving communion in the hand (like Catholics). This goes against everything I know and I found it to be disturbing.

        1. I played a concert recently in a nearby Basilica. find it strange to be allowed to play on the altar. Back in the day, there was not a chance that any kind of ‘concert’ would be allowed in the church. I distinctly remember that the clapping of hands was not even allowed. Now, it’s allowed if you remove the altar and the tabernacle. Anyway, we are wind musicians – so I blow a lot of hot air 😂. We have not been masked at all this year at rehearsal. The audience was mostly unmasked. We were ready to start and the priest came up to say a few word to the audience (I don’t think we knew about this beforehand, but ok, let him do it). He wore a mask. And proceeded to tell us about the seriousness of climate change and the need to protect animals. It was really strange, made no sense in the context of a Christmas concert. Sounded like the WEF agenda to me. I almost expected him to tell us to eat insects for the good of the planet.

  16. I like to watch YouTube videos of locals in other countries walking around in grocery stores to see how prices stack up when compared to other countries like the US.

    I have a sobering conclusion for Americans; they have been getting beat up worse with food prices than in places like Germany or Sweden.

    As the Biden regime diligently works to destroy confidence in the greenback, those dollars flow back to the US, crushing Joe and Jane Six pack. Just take a walk in an American grocery store to see the results. The worst part is the US is the world’s largest food exporter. It’s little consolation to the American wage earner. Americans doused by multicultural gasoline and lit on fire.

  17. MarketWatch
    IRS pauses rule requiring people to report PayPal, Venmo transactions over $600. Here’s what went wrong.
    Andrew Keshner

    The IRS is delaying a rule that would have required e-commerce sites and payment platforms to send out tax paperwork to a much wider swath of people in 2023.

    Efforts to raise the threshold were not ultimately included in a year-end spending deal

    To avert taxpayer confusion in the upcoming tax season, the IRS is delaying a rule that would have required e-commerce sites and payment platforms like eBay , Etsy and PayPal to send out tax paperwork to a much wider swath of people in 2023.

    Beginning next year, payment platforms were supposed to send tax forms, known as a Form 1099-K, to people who received at least $600 via these types of sites and payment platforms. The forms are typically triggered when a recipient receives at least $20,000 and has had at least 200 transactions.

    E-Commerce businesses, accountants and others pushed for a higher threshold, saying the batch of paperwork would be an administrative headache for companies and the backlogged IRS, and also stir up confusion among taxpayers. These groups applauded the pause announced Friday.

    The threshold was lowered in the American Rescue Plan of March 2021. Recent lobbying efforts to raise the threshold as one part of the year-end spending deal proved unsuccessful. On Friday, the House passed the $1.7 trillion spending bill, which now awaits President Joe Biden’s signature.

    The IRS said the upcoming tax year will be a “transition period” for the platforms that were due to adopt the now-suspended reporting requirements, including Venmo, PayPal and CashApp.

    Acting IRS Commissioner Doug O’Donnell said IRS and Treasury officials heard the concerns about putting the new, lower reporting requirements into practice.

    “To help smooth the transition and ensure clarity for taxpayers, tax professionals and industry, the IRS will delay implementation of the 1099-K changes. The additional time will help reduce confusion during the upcoming 2023 tax filing season and provide more time for taxpayers to prepare and understand the new reporting requirements,” O’Donnell said.

    One organization pushing for higher reporting thresholds, which included companies like Airbnb , eBay, Etsy and PayPal, called the delay “great news for millions of Americans.”

    “We appreciate the IRS providing this critical relief so that millions of people aren’t unnecessarily burdened with tax forms in 2023 for splitting meals, selling used goods, paying back a friend, or other instances where no taxable income was generated,” said a spokesperson for the Coalition for 1099-K Fairness. The delay creates a chance for lawmakers “to find a common-sense and permanent solution.”

    The 1099-K is geared to report business income from goods and services, and the required tax obligations. But many people use payment platforms to pay back friends and family.

    The IRS said the lower $600 threshold “is not intended to track personal transactions such as sharing the cost of a car ride or meal, birthday or holiday gifts, or paying a family member, or another for a household bill.”

    And that, critics said, was part of the problem: How do payment platforms distinguish between payments for personal expenses versus payment for goods and services?

    Another source of confusion: The rules surrounding tax obligations when personal property is sold at a loss.

    Personal property sold at a profit can face a capital gains tax. But when personal property is sold at a loss — like secondhand items sold at a garage sale or online — capital-loss tax rules do not apply. Critics said the paperwork might confuse many casual sellers into thinking they faced a capital-gains tax when they did not.

    “We appreciate the IRS stepping in and providing a one-year delay, and are encouraged that they recognized the threshold decrease would have caused confusion and uncertainty for Americans this tax season,” said an eBay spokesperson.

    The American Institute of CPAs cheered the delay, calling it “the right move for taxpayers, tax practitioners and for the IRS” and urged a higher reporting threshold.

    1. Thanks for the information on this – I was wondering about many of these points with Paypal. I’ll monitor this and make sure my earnings stay under the threshold. I knew that the Canadian government mandated sales tax on ecommerce platforms such as Ebay last summer. I have avoided buying second-hand items on there because of this and now stick to FB marketplace. However, it’s just a matter of time before they start taxing that stuff too.

      1. How about US eBay? I just sold something and the taxes and fees were 40% of the overall price.

  18. I can size up in about a second who hasn’t had the juice. There countenance has been permanently altered. Most people I see look like they are in mid stage acquired immuno deficiency syndrome. I have a hunch that the 10 yr age adjusted mortality rate maybe similar.

  19. I know family and friends who have either died or are sickened by these vaccines. I think the numbers in this post, being only confirmed vaccine- induced deaths, are WAY under-reported. Most doctors won’t even report to VAERS for political or liability reasons, and in fact less than 1% of vaccine deaths or injuries get reported there.

    And what about the people who died of something else, like suddenly-occurring aggressive cancer? Is that reported as a vaccine death? No way! These shots are stealth attacks on the immune system, and delayed vaccine deaths and injuries become disguised as something else altogether.

    The wounded are also the unjabbed survivors who wonder who they will be burying next. It brings a form of trauma upon our culture. Using my own story as an example: My oldest daughter was vaccine injured at 2 with the MMR and is now severely disabled. The vaccine destroyed her life, and mine, as her permanent caretaker. I begged my youngest daughter to not take the mRNA vax and she completely ignored me. Instead of anticipating a bright future for her with her talent and intelligence, I live in fear for her future. It’s actually very sad.

    Also, you must factor in loss of productivity in the labor market, not just for the person who died or who is sick, but for the person who becomes their caretaker and can no longer “work”in the traditional sense. There are going to be a lot of people like myself who aren’t on an unemployment statistic but who had to give up their careers to care for a family member who was maimed by a vaccine.

    In addition, there is plenty of evidence indicating these vaccines are sterilizing young people and lowering birth rates, leading to the intended goal of depopulation.

  20. I’m not seeing any increase death rates in my area. Plenty of old and young people that got the jabs and nobody is passing away. I am observing in many ways. However I wonder if the death/sterilization jabs were distributed only in certain locations.

    The died suddenly or unexpectedly meme seems to also be a controlled agenda. A good way to retire low earning celebrities, or remove military agents in your town and reassign them somewhere else with a new identity. Gives a reason for younger people under 55 for passing away. “Hey what happened to that guy? Oh he died must have been from Covid complications or maybe the vaccine. Oh that’s sad.” But actually the person is relocated and starts brand new somewhere else on the planet. Hard to believe that about someone you went to school or worked with isn’t it. Military intelligence agents are not just working overseas, they are in your town regardless of how small that town is.

    I’m all for making the vaccines look bad. They can be used as death jabs in the future that will be effective and very noticeable. It won’t be a slow boil type of kill.

    1. You are lucky. I have a friend with cancer and family members in and out of the doctors and hospital. Cashiers tell me people are miserable. Retail sales in the toilet and that’s official numbers based on fake inflation data. If real inflation numbers were included the retail data would be down 4-5%. Yes, I’m Caucasian. Thank God I didn’t get the injections.

  21. A lot of employers, both public and private, are still requiring new hires to be jabbed. I wanted to start 2023 volunteering for my local food bank because I read an article about food insecurity in my state. Even the food bank is requiring that volunteers be jabbed and boosted. I couldn’t believe it! They will miss out on so many volunteers because of that.

  22. The people around me are getting sick. Especially the stupid white people who lined up and took the jabs. I tried warning them, but nobody wanted to listen.

  23. I was going to send this NCHS link to my relative who works for Theresa Tam at Health Canada and ask her to explain. However, I think I know what her answer will be – it’s the lack of cancer care during lockdown, mental illness, yada yada yada. They have an explanation for everything. Climate change might be the next ‘reason’. I don’t even want to hear the word salad. I know the truth. My ex now has cancer. Pushed everyone over to be the first in line for the shots. He’s a lot of things but I don’t wish cancer upon him. It saddens me deeply.

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