A commenter asks; How do we measure success?

CJ., I really love your comment in the last paragraph here and wrote it down to hang up as a reminder. I have always believed in moving forward unilaterally, taking the contra. Where I am struggling and searching, in prayer and supplication to the Lord for answers, lies in the definition of success as a Christian in the end of times. What definition are you using for success? (“We can still succeed….”) Thank you for sharing your insights, BTW.


A couple of Hindu ascetic sad sacks

Okay. This is one of the primary ostensible conundrums we remnant Jesus believers face in these last days, and one that confuses the casual reader of my blog. Many novices in the alt-Judeo Christian faith claim that I am too wrapped up with money. But please understand that I primarily research economics and finance as that pertains to my expertise, and while I don’t deviate too far from that, I do discuss psychology and the Bible, especially as it pertains to the discarded remnant and the problems we face going out to the last day (either in our lives or at the second coming).

Let’s break down this issue into its various components;

First, our adversary wants us as dependent on it as possible. The SoS wants us broke and dependent fiscally and socially on the government, social media, and the large corporations. I think this mission has been largely successful. Financially broke and spiritually demoralized people pose little threat to the NWO. Moreover, these sad souls will more easily make decisions antithetical with their salvation. Thus, we need to be as self-sovereign as possible in every walk of life.

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch

Matthew 15:14 KJV

Second, we need to take full responsibility for our lives and our actions. We can’t blame others for our poor decisions. This starts by looking in the mirror for only the individual can find the answer. The collective is doomed, so those relying on social proof to fill in the blanks will also be thrown into the ditch. The dependent multiculturals crying racism and victimhood are doomed for the lake of fire.

Trial and error; An emaciated Siddhartha Gautama Buddha looking for the middle path

Third, we need to look for that power to overcome, but where do we get that power? We get it by depending on the promises of the Bible and by living through the testimony of Jesus Christ. I have studied all the other religions and philosophies, and no faith, other than what we would consider remnant Christianity, provides the solutions for living in this world and that of the world to come. Only the entire Bible provides the answers. Your typical last days pastor won’t understand these words, so don’t depend on your 501(c)3 preacher.

Fourth, God doesn’t want a bunch of ascetics like many who practice Jainism or Hinduism. We are to go out and labor each and every day. God wants rugged individualists who are only dependent on the words of the Bible. If you are a government employee like Matthew and the government is the problem, is it okay to work for them? If the large corporations are the problem, is it okay to work for them? That is a question only you can answer.

I can tell you this much; I could never work for another employer again. They would try to force me to do things that were antithetical to my beliefs. Ask someone who was required by their employer to take an injection. I didn’t have to. The denial is thick and even those around me are in complete denial with regards to just the injections and the ramifications they had on their own health matters.

Fifth, we can no longer attempt to help the lost though the traditional methods. The psychological techniques regarding mass psychology are so far advanced that the best we can do is pray ceaselessly for the lost around us in hopes that divine intervention can strike somebody. We also need to lead by example and live our lives as unencumbered by our synagogue adversary as possible; this begins by being as financially independent as possible.

If I didn’t know the Bible and its instructions, I never would have honed my visceral survival instincts nor my articulation skills enough to write these words. It bleeds out into all my life endeavors. For instance, I don’t go to the doctors, I eat healthy, exercise, and live a life free of outside worry. I drive a 20-year old F-150, and essentially pay cash for all my living expenses (other than mortgages for investing in SFRs).

Most importantly, when confronted with decisions, I take the contra.

And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

Luke 14:23 KJV

Sixth, God wants us working every day and living by example. If someone wants to be an effective representative of the testimony of Jesus, we are to live, overcome, and succeed by example, and that takes work. Lots of work! Labor in the vineyard each and every day.

Think about it; if I were dependent on others for money and needed to work a job, I couldn’t maintain this site and say the things I say. When I die I guess I could give some of my money to that church in Strasburg that constructed the 200 ft crosses that provide an imposing tableau over the I-81 drivers in Strasburg. Take my word for it, that scene has a profound effect on the viewer; it did on me.

The time is now

This is another reason why I suggest the remnant begin migrating to some of the areas that Joel Skousen deemphasizes. He’s a Mormon; I am a JESUS MAN! Jesus saves! That’s what the big window sticker on my truck says; the very sticker that Google Maps blurs out. Take it the highways and hedges and other like kind believers, and live by example.

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88 thoughts on “A commenter asks; How do we measure success?

    1. I remember a few months back the Fed predicted as one of its metrics in fighting inflation that the unemployment rate would have to rise. With people leaving the workforce how is this going to occur without significant economic pain? Currently what I see is wages – especially for trades – rising at an abnormally high rate. Question is is the difficulty in maintaining and building housing ( and subsequent price increase) going to offset the downward pressure on prices from economic stress and rate increases. Iether way it looks like rents will be supported… so long as people can afford them

      1. Ken, I read recently that one of the leading causes of death in Canada is “died suddenly.” It seems like this guy wasn’t on their list for the saline.

        1. Its sad and strange, the guy might have taken his own life. It’s the first semi-high profile bureaucrat death related to Health Canada and specifically the Vaxx rollout – I have read some comment threads and they are pretty savage. People normally just give condolences respectfully.

          1. Ken, people have lost their decorum (in reference to the savage comments they made). You must be in Canada. Maybe this guy’s “suicide” in the health ministry there is some kind of divine retribution for the fact that Canada is making headlines for stepping up its push for assisted suicide.

  1. I’m trying to figure out what the FED is looking at with its FOMC announcements. I don’t understand why they continue to remain hawkish in the face of fading inflationary forces. The core CPI will soon mirror the FED funds rate. Markets don’t like what they heard and we are stuck in this range. Unless the markets can break out of S&P 4200 on a closing basis, the trend is intact.

    1. Perhaps the Fed thinks it can be hawkish with a Q4 GDP estimate above 3%, but even it’s new updated GDP estimates, which rose, are not that much higher than before.

      1. Boy, Powell’s opening remarks are certainly not accommodating. Now Powell sounds so vigilant about inflationary expectations becoming anchored. Where was he for a year and a half?

        1. In the press conference, Powell is saying that it’s wage and employment inflation, which he says is around 55% of his estimates of inflationary forces, that is driving the Fed’s desire to keep raising rates and contracting the balance sheet.

          But you and I know that the problem with employment has little to do with some sort of great resignation, but rather the people leaving the workforce because they’re getting sicker. I wonder how this cognitive dissonance will eventually flesh out. Will Powell turn out to be just like Bernanke in 2007? Done by design.

          Perhaps the FED is misreading the dynamics in the job market. At least for now, the powers that be are not going to announce to the world the real reasons as to why the labor market remains so tight.

          1. I watched Powell talk and I don’t understand why the Fed, not a government entity, gets to wield so much power over the lives of every single person on the planet. I guess it’s an S.O.S. thing. His smugness was sickening, knowing that the Fed is the cause of most of the problems that it now claim to be trying to fix in a way that only hurts the working person more. About the labor issue, I thought a person online encapsulated that nicely (albeit not speaking to the illnesses from the jab, which Powell feigns ignorance on), and I cut and pasted it here:

            ricardo kowalski
            5 hours ago
            Powell: there is an inbalance in the labor market, too many job vacancies.
            Everybody: Ohhh a classical problem of supply, demand and pricing. Wages need to rise to atract more workers? Easy, solved.
            Powell: NO, increase interest rates until those vacancies are destroyed.
            Everybody: oh.. you are taking the “control of the means of production” approach. Good luck with that!

            1. I suspect the Fed was under order to pump up the stimulus and keep rates low and stimulate via balance sheet additions.

              This allowed inflation to rage while the Fed minimized its implications.

              Now the MSM is saying that although the Fed made mistakes in assessing inflationary pressures, it must continue raising rates.

              I suspect that it will overdo it and help markets to crater. This includes stocks as well as housing.

              The only saving grace for housing is rental rates, but some jurisdictions may ruin the market with rent controls.

      2. The market started ticking back up after Powell said he was encouraged with what he was seeing in the CPI. But he just said that nobody knows if we’re going to have a recession or not.

        1. Powell 2022 = Bernanke 2007

          The MSM is saying this needs to be done. Destroy the common man.

          1. It literally seems that they want to destroy the economy and the currency. It sounds like you think their actions could lead to another 2008 scenario, right?

            END THE FED!!! (I know that would never happen, but one can dream.). Just imagine though, what it would be like if the free market could have its own way without their interference. And Powell seemed to stammer a bit too much today, like he must know on some level that things are going wrong.

    2. CPI rate vs FED Fund Rate have anything to do with it? Anyways after this one going fwd the rate hikes should be lower and talk more dovish if they are data driven.

      1. I just don’t understand the disconnect with Powell. I recall two or three meetings ago how he stated he suspected they were at neutral policy. That was 125 basis points ago. Then he sounded stumbling and fumbling the meeting before this last one. Now yesterday, we see inflation starting to ebb on the margin and housing inflation is fading, rent growth is coming down, and certainly energy prices are fading, and he comes out and says he’s going to be vigilant and keep raising and keep doing what he has to do to rein in inflation. Why didn’t he sound this way 125 basis points ago? Why didn’t he sound this way last meeting before the one yesterday?Why is he now sounding vigilant after all this time? The mainstream commentators and press like on CNBC are afraid to point out the obvious and they are mostly saying that Powell has been consistent since his determination that inflation is now a problem. But the last three meetings have shown three different Jerome Powells. Unless he’s retarded, I have to suspect he’s under orders to act a certain way.

        We are finally seeing indications that inflation is coming back down to earth and now he’s talking tough. He sounded so much more hawkish than he should have. He should have talked this way for the past 2 years, but now he decides to get tough. It’s as if he is intentionally going to overdo it.

        1. Powell did a lot of stammering and I think you are right that he is under orders, and it shows in his confusion. I cut and pasted what someone typed out that he said verbatim yesterday. The idiocracy seems intentional. You cannot tell me he/his handlers don’t know about the drag on the economy that these vaccines are creating, esp. with the likes of Blackrock execs speaking out (see article posted by Colin). And he seemed obsessed with achieving his 2% goal of inflation, repeating that mantra several times yesterday, as though that justifies his hawkishness now.

          Powell in response to a question about the future scenario: “We don’t know….it’s unknowable….we don’t know what to expect….I believe…hope….we’re not sure….”

          It really inspires no confidence.

    1. I never heard of NewsPunch before, so I took a look at the news items and the Pope Francis quotes were taken way out of context. I didn’t see anywhere that Pope Francis equated Jesus with Satan either. Francis was saying that we are not to have a personal and unilateral relationship with Jesus, but only through the Catholic church. All the previous popes said similar things and the church I grew up in said the same thing.

      I also don’t think that most people hate Francis. There are a fair amount of people I come across who view him favorably or have no opinion. Most don’t even care.

      The WEF never publicly said these thoughts either regarding humanity and their powers, and I don’t know who that person quoted is. NP calls him Schwab’s right hand man. Is he? Many people today are saying that stuff, but he is not an official spokesman for the the WEF.

      I wouldn’t rely on NP. It takes stuff out of context. There’s enough verifiable news in the MSM. The sad part is that a Google search shows that numerous people refer to NPs stories. I would avoid that site and avoid relying on those who rely on it.

      It’s great for spreading the very fear our adversary wants to spread.

      1. NewsPunch, which operated under YourNewsWire.com since about 2014 (similar to Zerohedge?), also posted lies like that Putin kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia and many other fabrications. All you have to do is check their sources, which aren’t even there or they just link to other fake news sites. There is rarely an authentic original source. I suspect they are all run out of the Kremlin, and we know that Zerohedge is a Bulgarian (Soviet) intelligence operation.

        1. The thought that the synagogue and the Rothschilds have been kicked out of Russia and that Russia generates it’s own currency, or that the ruble will somehow magically go gold-backed is laughable. There is nothing further from the truth.

          I laugh at how the alt-media say the oligarchs are free of the Rothschilds and a private bank. But I ask, didn’t the Bank of Russia, successor of the Soviet Gosbank, lend these people the money to finance their acquisitions? Gosbank was private and so is the Bank of Russia.

          The B of R is as government owned as the US Fed. Both are subsidiaries of the Synagogue.

  2. Pope John XXIII, who was well regarded as a prophet, made a prediction that Jesus would come back 2,000 years after his death in 2033. Pope Benedict XVI, as well as other scholars previously, determined that Jesus was not born in the year one, but rather he was born three to six years previously, and it was due to an error in formulating the Gregorian calendar. 2027, the year that the prophecy of the popes may be fulfilled.

    2027-2030. WWIII. Jacob’s trouble. The Great Reset. The End.

    Now is the time. Prepare. Move to where you need to go.

    You know it’s coming.

    1. CJ, you said, ” Now is the time. Prepare. Move to where you need to go.”
      This is not easy at all and I pray all the time about it. A friend says God will move us when it’s time…. I am willing to do the work, but really don’t know where to go, because honestly I think all the states are going to fall siege to what is coming. Thoughts?

      1. Pray and ask God for guidance. He doesn’t want us jumping too early as we will get burned out. But the remnant will be instructed at the proper time. Keep praying. Our personal circumstances may change as well and doors may open as others close. God stacks the deck against those whom he wants to act. I believe he will begin shutting and opening doors.

        1. CJ, What do you mean by this statement, “God stacks the deck against those whom he wants to act?” I am guessing you mean that He will close a lot of doors in this case (?) That He will take things away from us? Or put barriers up to the things we think we want for ourselves (but maybe He doesn’t want for us)? Because if that is the case, these things are happening already…..But I’m still waiting, maybe not that patiently though (Psalm 40)

          1. God has preselected certain people beforehand and he wants them to do certain things. I think there are many people out there who don’t listen to this calling and that’s why they have unreconciled personal problems. Many of these people whom God is calling and aren’t listening are the drunks and depressed people. There are a few who are called that actually listen.

            In this regard, I would estimate that God has preselected or called about 5-7% of the global population. That’s actually a large percentage as many of these don’t listen and will eventually not be chosen. These preselected people who make up that fraction or remnant are also part of that 20% of the population that can’t be deceived and who reject the lies of the world as they are presented. The other 60 to 80% of the population can be successfully re-engineered. But that certain 20% cannot be lied to. For some reason these people just don’t believe anything they hear from others unless they can verify.

            God seeks a remnant from those who are not easily duped, know that the world as presented is a lie, have a thirst for the truth, and are willing to seek it out. At 5-7%, which can be as small as 3% is a small remnant, and he wants this small remnant to act in a certain way and do certain things for him.

            For me, it’s having the freedom and time and resources to spend maintaining a blog and articulating my thoughts and research. I try to spread my messages to whomever will listen. For someone else, they may become an itinerant preacher who doesn’t accept a 501c3 status. Someone else may become a teacher of the word or healer. As this age wraps up, God wants certain people to do certain things and if those people don’t do them, they’re going to have personal problems until they figure out their calling. In essence, God is stacking the deck against these people so that he essentially channels them into certain directions. He stacks the deck, so that it’s more likely that these people achieve his desired outcome.

            If you met me in person, you would probably think I’m not very affable. I have very few friends and could be considered a loner. I can be abrupt, ostensibly rude, impatient and seemingly intolerant. But that’s only because I see things that others don’t see and I’m able to articulate them in ways that others cannot. I have a perfect Constitution to be a prophet and to say things that others find abhorrent. Essentially, I have nothing to lose and I no longer care. Most in the church cannot be this way for it’s not their calling. Had I continued my career on Wall Street I’d still be drinking and I probably wouldn’t even be alive. But I’m here right now and my personal life is terrific. In the midst of chaos, I have a life that is the envy of most. I have my God to thank. He stacked my deck, so that I eventually did what he wanted me to do. I’m a prophet in the church. If you ever met a true prophet, he’s not a very nice person. And given my personality limitations, I’m doing the best I can with the few attributes that God gave me.

            If you’re depressed and troubled, you need to figure out why you’re troubled and ask God how you can be used for his cause as we wrap up this age. That goes for all the other members of the true church.

            1. As CJ correctly articulates, whatever our path or circumstances: God rules. As CJ has done, we have to be open to Him and change our lives towards Him, have faith, be humble and follow, if not, if we are been chosen, whatever our wonderful abilities and strengths are, trouble and strife will come to us and nothing else.

              Bernardine, you can connect with God in many ways, as God is everywhere, whatever the way is, like as a family or a community of praying souls or in solitary, into your inner self, or outside. You will know the calling when He is coming to your life, He will make this very clear, do not worry too much, have faith and be ready to Him.

              But I would add that anywhere you go, make sure you get away from the churches or anything organized religion like, as they are being sadly infiltrated by our adversary and they are not going in God’s way.

              As CJ, in my case, I am a bit of a loner too and I pass much time everyday with my little dogs, chickens, big garden, adjacent forest and paths. My few friends get mad at me because they believe I am a lazy gardener, even I do garden and I am good at it.

              The truth of me,”lazy gardener”, as my friends have labelled me, is that I just dedicate lots of time to observe nature and awe at Gods hand at everything instead of being gardening and this gives me a lot of strength and peace.

              The incredible thing is, it is not my terrain, not even I pay a dime for it, I just got it from God as a gift of God and I do not share it with anyone, nor I will do unless they are truly oriented towards Him.

            2. CJ and Bernard,
              Thank you for your words of wisdom in this string!

              CJ, I smiled when you said this, “I have very few friends and could be considered a loner. I can be abrupt, ostensibly rude, impatient and seemingly intolerant.” You are in good company! Nobody liked Jeremiah, and Christ was crucified for the truth! And I had to look up “ostensibly,” a nuance I missed earlier in the “covid” psy-op, when I found your website, then later unsubscribed. (Please forgive my previous words explaining my departure, which were ostensibly rude.) I later returned under my middle name without comment, because I realized that, despite all the “ostensible”traits you cited about yourself, you were speaking the truth. (Thank you.) I also recognize those things about myself to varying degrees.

              Also, the trauma we have all experienced to some degree (and will continue to) with the current war on humanity, taking those we love, is almost unspeakable and has undoubtedly scarred us with eyes to see it. (Scar tissue is always stronger than the surrounding tissue.) I am still having difficulty finding words for all this. I am not willing to hate those who took the death shot, including my own flesh and blood. They were deceived. I am reminded that Jesus said about those who were deceived, and who mocked and beat him, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

              Bernard, there was no “reply” button on your post below, but I am right there with you when you say, “I pass much time everyday with my little dogs, chickens, big garden, adjacent forest and paths.” I still marvel at how an abundant plant can grow from a tiny seed, and how God freely gives us everything we need in nature (which is undoubtedly why the enemy seeks control of all genetics, and why even humans are regarded as “hackable animals,” but I digress).

              I also note in all of this, that God gives a heavier cross to those He calls, and it is through this suffering that He refines us. God be with you both. In gratitude.

              P.S. CJ, you said, “I have nothing to lose and I no longer care.” I think you do care about what is true and beautiful, because underneath all you describe about yourself as “ostensible,” I see a heart for God.

    2. Axle in the midst of a sign. Pope Sixtus V

      Celestine II elected 1143;
      Sixtus V elected 1585, 442 years later. Another 442 years after that is 2027. The election of Pope Sixtus V coincided halfway between the first Pope listed (election of Celestine II and the last year of the prophecy fulfillment, 2027).

  3. Lots of hate in the Alt Media for the USA. But who are the superpowers behind them? Russia, China, and the countries in the Middle East. And what is the fruit of these countries? Putin is persecuting Christians in Ukraine by dropping bombs on innocent Christian civilians, and forming alliances with Iran. China has concentrations camps, and the church there has to go underground to preach the Gospel. They also have close alliances in the Middle East. Then the descendants of Ishmael in the Middle East have either killed, raped, or tortured millions of their Christian brothers due to the deception of the Devil.

    Pray for the Christians that are being persecuted in those countries. The Book of Revelation shows us that persecution is coming worldwide. So also be grateful to the LORD you’re living in the USA in relative peace. No — it’s not perfect. Yes, it has been corrupted and infiltrated. But it’s also the glue that holds everything together. Without the USA in charge — there would be chaos. And chaos is a ladder. Look at the countries behind the USA. Look at their fruit. Then read the Book of Revelation:

    “If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed.” This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.

    It’s going to happen one day. It could be in 5 years. Or 20 years. Or 100+ years. And I believe many of these Christians here in the USA that are looking forward to America falling is primarily due to their mis-conception of the ‘rapture.’ They think they can add fuel to the fire, and escape the persecution that is coming to the world. The persecution that the Lord Jesus talked about in Matthew 24. The Book of Revelation says there’s going to be beheadings for those that refuse to worship the beast and take his mark. This no doubt happens after the fall of USA imo – because the beast is a one world leader. But everyone should read Scripture yourself and pray for discernment. Don’t rely on books written by men about these subjects. Just rely on Scripture and Holy Spirit.

    1. Otto, you are right to say to read the actual scriptures. I have a friend who tried to get me to read books about Revelation to support her belief in the “pre-tribulation rapture.” (People like her think they don’t need to worry or do anything much differently, because Jesus will save them before things get bad.) I took one glance at the books and returned them, telling her that instead of reading those books, I re-read the book of Revelation. I told her that I discerned a much less rosy glimpse into the future than the Laodician pastors (C.J.’s descriptor) wrote about. I cringe when I speak with Christians who say that we are going to be raptured before the tribulation. Really?? Maybe I missed something, but like you, I read that there will be beheadings and martyrdom for those who refuse to take the mark of the beast, and refuse to denounce Jesus. Recently, I have been trying to wrap my head around that reality (that I might die), and that realization usually comes in the middle of the night when I’m awoken from a dream. And no, I am not going crazy, but I do have serious family obligations making me much less nimble and less able to get out of dodge. And no, I will not renounce Jesus and I will not take the mark of the beast. And I have been thinking, as you alluded to, that God has a plan for each of us. If He wants me to die, then I am not going to be afraid. I will do everything I can do to survive, but if it comes down to a SHTF scenario and I can’t defend myself or escape with my family, then I will let them know on my way down who I’m dying for, and at least make the martyrdom count for Christ. Prayers for the Christians worldwide who are in that scenario right now, and thank you for the reminder of them. The blood of the martyrs have re-seeded the church throughout time, and the saints were honored to have that role.

  4. China Looks To Expand Use Of Yuan In Energy Deals

    By Alex Kimani – Dec 12, 2022, 4:00 PM CST

    •China is looking to increase the use of its currency, the Yuan in oil and gas deals with the Middle East.
    •While Chinese currency has made inroads in global trade, the yuan accounts for just 2.7% of the market versus the dollar at 41%.
    •Experts have warned that China’s efforts to open up its capital markets could end up having an unintended consequence–an even weaker yuan.


  5. Let me get this straight; Moderna’s COVID injections cause massive upticks in cancer cases, so it is now teaming up with Merck to offer a new cancer mRNA vaccine to help fight cancer.

    The plebes will line up for the new GMO jab and take it joyfully while they snap up tickets for the new Avatar movie propaganda installment.

    The consumer is spending more and more, and all that is trickling up to the asset owners. The programming is so powerful in that it puts the consumer viewer into a alpha/theta brainwave state.

    And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

  6. Core CPI (MoM) (Nov)
    Act: 0.2% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.3%
    Core CPI (YoY) (Nov)
    Act: 6.0% Cons: 6.1% Prev: 6.3%
    Core CPI Index (Nov)
    Act: 300.07 Cons: Prev: 299.47
    CPI (YoY) (Nov)
    Act: 7.1% Cons: 7.3% Prev: 7.7%
    CPI (MoM) (Nov)
    Act: 0.1% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.4%
    CPI Index, n.s.a. (Nov)
    Act: 297.71 Cons: 298.05 Prev: 298.01
    CPI Index, s.a (Nov)
    Act: 298.35 Cons: Prev: 298.06
    CPI, n.s.a (MoM) (Nov)
    Act: -0.10% Cons: Prev: 0.41%
    Real Earnings (MoM) (Nov)
    Act: 0.2% Cons: Prev: -0.1%

    1. Overall, the numbers look great, except for shelter which is still rising more than expected. Take a look at the press release from BLS and the breakdown.


      Pay me my rent! We still have a few years left before war so go out there and make a life! The dollar is really falling back and this is also going to help corporate earnings. If the S&P 500 can get above 4200 for a weekly close, we could be breaking out.

      1. Dow futures taking out 35,000. Looking good. Death and sickness and fake racism can be very profitable. Multiculturalism is especially profitable, just not for the intended beneficiaries 🤪🤪🤪.

        Pay me my rent! Pay me my dividends! Give me my cheap money! It’s easy to exploit the multicultural reprobates and laodicean masses. Deceived people are easily parted from their money. Open up the borders and have sex with whomever you want. The wealthy will just continue draining the stupid masses financially and spiritually.

        The ultimate non sequitur, the multicultural morons want a better world, yet they mirror their lives off their adversary’s media. Have sex and relations with whomever you want and yet somehow that’s okay. The minorities now rule and we are somehow supposed to defer to the dumb minorities. Up is down and down is up.

        Multiculturalism deserves a global government and there will be no collapses; just continued transformation to the desired end results and all the global children will have their piece of the pie. The laodicean Christians tell us this, because they’re not very bright anymore and can only understand what Paul says. Of course, they take the Pauline Epistles out of context.

        And just like with JP Morgan Chase, I am looking for another SFR.

        This is the perfect video for the laodicean Christian. You first have to skip the multicultural potato chip ads where the blacks and whites and mix breeds are all partying together.



  7. Skousen doesn’t seem to understand (or ignores) the repackaged game the crytpo-Soviets are playing. I explain it here:

    Russia not pursuing multipolar system; pursuing unipolarity and empire

    Of course, Skousen, denies the Jewish conspiracy (towards end of the audio CJ provided). Sure, we can take the good and leave the bad when in comes to CNPers like Skousen, but there are far better analysts out there.

    1. Great! — why don’t you let us know who they are and better yet, provide some links of their best work

    2. Having a stable time table allows me to make money in a predictable manner and I offer more timely advice to those who stop by the site. Ultimately, that’s all I really care about because that’s why they stop by my website. I stick to my knitting; offering timely financial and practical life advice while keeping an eye on the conspiracy and the timeline to war, which is the force majeure I discuss and have been discussing for a decade.

      Indeed, Mr. Skousen may not discuss the Jews and other things by name, and he may not have a complete grasp on Bible prophecy, since he’s Mormon, but for those who dwell on those subjects they are usually wrong when it comes to timing and the interpretation of hermeneutics anyway. They overindulge in the collapse histrionics and fall for the red herrings of our adversary.

      There are no collapses coming and there never have been, and that’s what I write on my front page. I include Mr Skousen’s analysis, because it has a place when figuring out the timeline.

      There are a lot of people who do not like Joel Skousen, for whatever reason. I leave that up to the person. But I include his military analysis because he seems to be more accurate than anyone else. And he also says what I have been saying; there will be no dollar or financial collapse; at least not until war and that will probably be a few more years away. While Mr Skousen wasn’t as accurate with picking the asset classes, his overall sentiment is in rough agreement with mine.

      I dispense timely advice for those looking to remain self sovereign. Be successful while the rest of the population suffers. All I hear about in the mainstream is how to keep a stiff upper lip while Things Fall apart and I keep saying to myself that my life has never been better. That’s not by mistake.

      People out there may think I’m a buffoon, but I continue to advance my life and remain healthy. I have been making the right personal and financial choices and God has been very good to me. I pray a few times a day and seek his guidance. All I can tell you is that I’m probably the only person that has progressed since the beginning of covid. So go ahead and disregard my advice and listen to the people who just keep complaining. That’s all I hear are people complaining.

      Keep moving forward and make the smart decisions. I get nothing out of this website and I hope to help those looking to unshackle themselves from the histrionics of the alt-media buffoons.

  8. Heading in the right direction…. Click the link below to check out the charts on the Federal Reserve’s website.

    Inflation Expectations Fall; Income Growth Expectations Reach a Series High.

    Median one-, three-, and five-year-ahead inflation expectations decreased to 5.2 percent, 3.0 percent, and 2.3 percent, respectively, according to the November Survey of Consumer Expectations. Median inflation uncertainty—or the uncertainty expressed regarding future inflation outcomes—decreased at the short-term and medium-term horizons. Home price growth expectations dropped to 1.0 percent, their lowest reading since May 2020. Labor market expectations strengthened, while household income growth expectations increased to 4.5 percent—a new series high.

    Recent additions to the SCE interactive chart below:

    •The newly released five-year-ahead inflation expectations data series is now reflected on the interactive chart and is included as the last tab in the “Chart Data” Excel file provided under the Downloads drop-down menu;
    •data for probabilities of different one- and three-year ahead inflation outcomes; and
    •data for the three-year outlook for home price change expectations by demographics.


  9. November CPI inflation data on Tuesday
    Fed interest rate decision on Wednesday
    Retail sales and jobless claims data on Thursday
    Services and manufacturing PMI on Friday
    More Q3 2022 earnings results this week too.

    1. Lots of stuff this week. As long as the Fed continues raising rates the stock markets will not be able to break out of their ranges. Dow stocks and high earning dividend stocks will outperform here.

      In all my years of following the stock market, I have never seen stocks move up in a bull trend while the Fed tightened. The only real instance was during the tightening up into 2007. We all know how that ended. But the circumstances back then were different than now. Nonetheless, markets do not like the direction to move rates higher. Not the higher rates per se, but the trend of higher rates.

      It’s good that the markets have really retraced here for a year or so. But we had another false breakout as the spoos could not retake 4200 before falling back. I still see a flat to downtrend intact for now.

      This can all change if the Fed somehow changes its assessment of inflation OR it decides to loosen up its 2% inflation target mandate. I think its 2% target is misguided here, but the GDP and employment data still support a tighter range. Q4 GDP estimates is still above 3%. Still enough room for the Federal Reserve to tighten without producing a recession.

      There are a number of economists that are misreading the rent equivalents and housing costs for the CPI number. But the single family rental rates continue to rise even if apartment rents have been struggling. To me, this is the one big fly in the ointment. I keep hearing the criticism that the feds measurement on rent equivalents is delayed, but I still see owner occupied rent equivalents are moving up at a decent clip. That has to change.

  10. Why Supertanker Rates Are Suddenly Crashing

    By Alex Kimani – Dec 11, 2022, 6:00 PM CST

    •Supertanker rates reached record levels earlier this year.
    •Very Large Crude Carrier rates have plunged to just $38,000 per day, falling some 62% from a few weeks ago.
    •OPEC+ cuts and waning SPR releases are short-term volume headwinds in the oil transportation sector.


  11. I warned the crying millennial and Gen Z multiculturals that this was going to happen, though it happened even faster than I predicted. I was essentially the only one who did. Good luck now. Their only hope rests on expropriation. Residential real estate in the US is still cheaper for its residents than in any other country, save Saudi Arabia and South Africa. And ask white people if they want to live in those countries. The institutions like JPM know it and are out there buying. Boo hoo hoo….

    American RE cheap cheap cheap. Young people cry cry cry 😭😭😭. Just another result of a nation not following OT advice.

    Now, pay me your rent! Time to raise my rents.

    Buying a home is now unaffordable for 26 million households – and things won’t get better anytime soon


    1. The Western world is getting closer to mirroring the population described in Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World. Even the Gen-Z Christian is a goner.

      Gen Z loves Minions, horror and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

      •Gen Z loves Minions, horror movies and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, according to new data from decision intelligence company Morning Consult.
      •The generation is also very conscious about how they spend their time, preferring shorter episodes of TV, and they spend less time consuming news from traditional media sources.


  12. Hard work creates character, which becomes self fulfilling.. The jews worst enemy is a hard workin, creative White man.

    1. With Christ there is no Jew or non-Jew. Circumcised or Un-Circumcised. Black or White. The Jews’ worst enemy is the fact that a majority refused the Son of God – Jesus Christ. When God is for you — who can be against you? We should all pray our hearts don’t lead us astray and we always remain humble and faithful in the LORD. The Apostle Paul warns the Christian — if we become prideful/arrogant we too can be tossed away. But for the Jew – God is able to graft them back in again once they choose to accept Jesus Christ. So I believe it’s good to pray for the Jews to be drawn to the Son.

      1. 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?  
        8:36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.  
        8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  
        8:38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,  
        8:39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

      2. We need a global government for that. No need for nations anymore. Then it seems that Charles Martel was evil in kicking out the Islamic fundamentalists out of Europe. He should have spread love and compassion.

        Based on this flawed Pauline logic, all our previous generations were wicked xenophobes. The current Christians pretend to be the enlightened ones, but Jesus himself warned us regarding end time Christian logic. This is my primary contention with the last days Christian; the Laodicean cannot come to terms with all the various forms of its adversary and how it achieved its goal.

        If we going to allow for all types to live together, we NEED a global government to coordinate and manage it. Be careful here, this is far down the slippery slope that the laodicean Christian refuses to grasp.

        Be careful when we discuss the spiritual kingdom vs. the earthly adversary.


        Whistling past the graveyard.

        I see it clearly and this is why it’s time to raise my rents. No collapses coming except for the deceived laodicean who needs to look in the mirror for whom to blame for the world’s problems.

  13. Yesterday’s Rense and Erica Khan program… Australia dying at an increasingly higher rate….


    Australia Concerned As People Dying At ‘Incredibly High’ Pace And It Can’t Tell Why


    Australia’s peak actuarial body has asked the government to urgently investigate the country’s “incredibly high” 13% excess death rate in 2022.

    What Happened: An analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data by the Actuaries Institute showed that an additional 15,400 people died in the first eight months of the year in the country.

    Actuaries said that number includes around one-third of those having no link to COVID-19.

    13% was an “incredibly high number for mortality,” and it was “not clear” what was driving the increase, said Karen Cutter, spokeswoman for the institute’s Covid-19 Mortality Working Group.

    “Mortality doesn’t normally vary by more than 1 to 2%, so 13% is way higher than normal levels,” she said.

  14. Everyday that goes by, it’s becoming more obvious and self-evident that Pope Francis is Peter the Roman. He makes the perfect false prophet.

    I find it interesting that hardly anyone talks about the prophecy of the popes anymore. It was all the rage when he was appointed Pope and was listed as the final one, but I think it’s scaring the crap out of people that he actually could very well be.

    Jesus was not born in year zero or 1 AD. He was most likely born between 3 and 6 BC. There were errors in the initial calculations when they developed the Gregorian calendar. If we put his death, burial, and Resurrection 2,000 years into the future from the actual event, we come up with 2027 to 2030. The end. The Great Reset.

    1. Pope Francis is very arguably not the actual pope, because Benedict never fully renounced his papacy, and when he did, it was only partial and under great duress, which makes his renunciation null and void under canon law. Read numerous articles about this situation at this VERY non-PC blog: https://www.barnhardt.biz/2022/08/10/huge-frontpage-mag-is-onboard-with-reality-pope-benedict-never-validly-resigned/

      Since Francis became “pope,” he has made a mockery out of phrase, “Is the pope Catholic?”- the one we all used to say when emphasizing the obvious. There is absolutely nothing at all Catholic about this entity, and anyone who can claim he is the leader of the biggest church in the world is deluding themselves. (“Catholic” means universal.) Francis is a masonic globalist forerunner to the anti-Christ, placed there to destroy the church from within and carry out the directives of the S.O.S.

      I do not say anything here lightly. I speak from experience and my learning is both from book and visceral. I was baptized Catholic. My parents left the Catholic Church when I was 3 or 4, after Vatican II. I then dutifully attended several protestant denominations with them EVERY Sunday until going to a Lutheran College where I finally decided I was agnostic. After having children, my husband and I searched everywhere, and I went to just about every type of church, and finally found the actual faith after a life-changing tragedy that brought me to my knees. We could never find a protestant church to match our faith. (They have in fact been infiltrated.) I came back into the Catholic Church when Benedict was pope, as I discovered the sacraments there. I studied and learned. I believe Peter was the first church father and the Apostles Creed makes sense (….I believe in one holy, Catholic and apostolic church…) The Catholic Church is much maligned by protestants, but I have seen the faith from both sides, the former relying on scripture and tradition, the later relying on “solo scriptura.” (Even Luther was a Catholic priest.)

      The problem is, the Novus Ordo Catholic Church is a shell of its former self. A whole tradition has been taken from us with Vatican II. Just like everything else in our culture. We have been stripped of our heritage. I left the Catholic Church with the breaking news of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury. That was after Francis was the new “pope.” He already did his damage in my family anyway, with his viral phrase, “Who Am I to Judge.” The one and only job of pope, BTW, is to defend the Christian faith, and as the ultimate Catholic apologist, is to judge the events of the time against the Christian morals laid out in scripture….sigh. (WHY don’t most Catholics get that??)

      After leaving the Novus Ordo, I even tried a local Catholic schism church. There are quite a number throughout the country, but they don’t have the authority of Rome, i.e., they are in schism, which IMHO, makes them invalid (i.e., they are no longer apostolic). Although the traditionalist churches will tell you that the Novus Ordo church has invalid sacraments. It’s a chicken and egg argument that will be forever circular.

      The bottom line, I have searched my heart and soul in prayer and supplication, and have concluded that what a very wise friend told me: “The church lives in the catacombs.” I believe C.J is absolutely correct, that the Laodocean churches are everywhere, and I believe that the existing Church of Rome – the Novus Ordo Catholic Church – is also one of them.

      BTW, for those of you Christians in the catacombs like myself reading this, please pray for a dear friend of mine. Today she lost her very young grandson to cardiac arrest. He was breastfeeding from his vaxed mother. It is truly devastating news. No “pope” who encourages the world to take this death shot, and mandates it to enter the Vatican, is worthy of the title “Pope.” He IS evil, and he is NOT Catholic. In fact, he embodies the phrase “the abomination of desolation.”

      We are on our own, and no pastor or pope is going to preside over the light on the hill. All we have now is God, Jesus, Mary (the mother of God), all the angels and saints, and of course, the scriptures. And each other, but we are the remnant, all scattered like sheep….

      1. My condolences to your friend on the sudden passing of her grandson. Further proof that COVID vaccines are killers.

        The only true Christian guidance is Jesus Christ and God’s word in the holy bible. Most people I know who still go to church say that the pastors are very leftist and push the COVID vaccines. A lot of today’s pastors promote politics instead of God’s holy words. Counting on your pastor is counting on sinful man instead of God. The pastors job is supposed to be a messenger of God and most fail miserably today.

        1. Yes, Andrei, what you said is true! To clarify, I found most churches when I was in them to be either “Christianity Lite,” or totally just part of the world and really quite leftist in some cases (but housed in a church building). Church leaders never wanted to say anything that was not PC because they didn’t want to rock the boat, probably so as not to jeopardize their attendance numbers or their non-profit status. It seemed people mainly wanted their ears tickled! I remember going to a women’s bible study and it was “Max Lucado style.” There was never any talk about battling the evils of the day, either in bible study or from the pulpit.

          My view of organized religion was vindicated during Covid. Government worship restrictions were followed like a cult: masking, social distancing, vaxing encouraged and risks ignored (and some churches even hosting ad-hoc vax centers). For about a year they limited numbers of worshipers, and you had to pre- register to reserve attendance at a church service! It was all really dystopian and anti-Christian. I am amazed by all the people who don’t to see any of this to this day.

          Thank you for your words of condolences for my friend.

      2. Dropping this here for CJ and others who are interested in the prophesies of Malachi Martin and Fatima. You mentioned this topic in a comment recently, CJ.

        This is a good podcast I just listened to, interviewing an erudite priest in Europe. Also confirms one of my comments about how “pope” Francis is not Catholic. It reviews the role of the church in the end times and Agenda 2030.


        1. I heard this interview. It’s a Rense show.

          He’s an interesting guest. I heavily discount the Fatima stuff like Timothy Fitzpatrick does, but the prophecy of the Popes I give merit. The church hierarchy act like it’s a roadmap. Perhaps they are wrong? Time will tell.

          Thanks for sharing. Anyway we slice it, time seems to be winding up. The world is one more manufactured catastrophe away from the trib.

          1. We need to remain focused on the tasks at hand. Relocate, if possible. Don’t be too concerned about financial collapses. Build a life. Move forward. Take the quiet opportunities to take steps.

            If nothing happens, the worst we have is a new location that will be more suited for us anyway.

            1. Thanks C.J. Current task at hand: Go to hospital with my husband tomorrow morning – he is getting heart surgery. Frontloading the ivermectin because of the overload of respiratory illnesses and the medical vax mandates here. At any rate, thanks for the advice and encouragement on this site. I hope you think more and pray more about forming some kind of intentional Christian community. You would be a great leader. I’ve been throwing darts at maps, and I realize that community is really needed. God be with you!

          2. I think the Fatima apparition is not of God and probably is a manifestation perpetrated by Satan himself for deception purposes. Satan and his minions can very easily appear as God’s archangels or even as Jesus for the purposes of deception.

            We need to rely on faith not miracles.

      3. Don’t forget to include the Holy Spirit. Which comes from the Father and it’s because of his Son we have access to it. In the end, you can be the most religious person in the world and still end up in the wide gate. The Pharisees were religious but they lacked love. Love for God. Love for their neighbor. They loved themselves.

        A church is simply a group of believers. We are gentiles. Grafted in with the Israelites that accept Yeshua. Im thankful this good news of the Gospel has been given access to all of mankind, and anyone can be drawn to the Father; as Scripture writes:

        Rev 7:9:
        After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.

        Don’t ever be prideful. Don’t be arrogant. Always humble. Always give the glory back to the Father. Moses was the most humble
        man on earth. He had stage fright. David was a skinny boy and his older brothers were warriors. Yet, God chose David. Perhaps his older brothers would had been chosen if they weren’t boastful about themselves. There’s a common theme here – be humble. Give the glory back to the Father, who deservedly deserves all of it. Don’t love this world. Or the things in it. Even if you’re blessed and become rich. Don’t love it. Always be humble and give the glory back to God. Help the poor and needy. If you see your enemies crushed, even if it’s your Most High God inflicting them, give them a helping hand. Don’t ever gloat when you see your enemy stumble. The LORD punished all the surrounding kingdoms that gloated and mocked when Jerusalem fell from the Babylonians that the LORD sent as punishment. Instead of giving their neighbor a helping hand – they were happy and thought of the extra profits they could make. This is where love your enemies comes in. Vengeance is mine, says the LORD.

  15. Why is everyone so obsessed with the talk of recession?

    Latest estimate: 3.2 percent — December 9, 2022

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2022 is 3.2 percent on December 9, down from 3.4 percent on December 6. After this morning’s releases from the US Census Bureau and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nowcast of fourth-quarter gross private domestic investment growth decreased from 1.7 percent to 0.7 percent.


    The next GDPNow update is Thursday, December 15


  16. I call this DARPA propaganda and the promotion of Marxism. Imagine the spin, under the guise of conservatism, that the constitution now serves for the public good as it is not to protect personal liberties. Of course, the Constitution was intentionally written to restrain the Government powers and to protect the citizen against an overreaching government.

    Moreover this DARPA propaganda has been cleverly written to show that it’s a conservative inspired theory when nothing could be further from the truth.

    I like the way the article says the theory is theocratic. It’s actually Marxist to the core. Of course, those who would take advantage of this philosophy are not what we would consider conservative, but rather those who will attempt to upend society and reshape it in their image. And we know who those people are.

    Critics Call It Theocratic and Authoritarian. Young Conservatives Call It an Exciting New Legal Theory.


    At the center of this debate was Harvard law professor Adrian Vermeule, whose latest book served as the ostensible subject of the symposium. In conservative legal circles, Vermeule has become the most prominent proponent of “common good constitutionalism,” a controversial new theory that challenges many of the fundamental premises and principles of the conservative legal movement. The cornerstone of Vermeule’s theory is the claim that “the central aim of the constitutional order is to promote good rule, not to ‘protect liberty’ as an end in itself” – or, in layman’s terms, that the Constitution empowers the government to pursue conservative political ends, even when those ends conflict with individual rights as most Americans understand them. In practice, Vermeule’s theory lends support to an idiosyncratic but far-reaching set of far-right objectives: outright bans on abortion and same-sex marriage, sweeping limits on freedom of expression and expanded authorities for the government to do everything from protecting the natural environment to prohibiting the sale of porn.

  17. Some more anti-white propaganda… I like welfare benefits because it really only helps the asset owners, especially those who target and exploit that demographic and those directly affected by the market forces from this social largesse. This is the grocery stores and Walmarts, etc. as well as landlords.

    White Americans who believe White people are poor may be more likely to support welfare policies


  18. The weeping Jesuit Pope. He’s so sad. He cares more about homelessness, mRNA injections, and racism than converting people to Jesus.

    Pope Francis cries during mass, pleads for peace in Ukraine


    And in the final persecution of the holy Roman Church there will sit Peter the Roman who will pasture the sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished the city of seven hills will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge his people. The End.

  19. Racism causes everything that is wrong. Of course, the mRNA injections do no harm and chemtrail residue is a benefit to humanity, but racism is the cause for the people getting sick. We are so close to taking the mark, so racism will end and we can be one big happy global family.

    Racism poses public health threat to millions worldwide, finds report.


    Racism, xenophobia and discrimination are “fundamental influences” on health globally but have been overlooked by health researchers, policymakers and practitioners, the series published in the Lancet suggests.

    Inaccurate and unfounded assumptions about genetic differences between races also continue to shape health outcomes through research, policy and practice, the review of evidence and studies found.

    “Racism and xenophobia exist in every modern society and have profound effects on the health of disadvantaged people,” said the lead author, Prof Delan Devakumar of University College London.

  20. Dance like no one is watching. Laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Partner up with whomever you feel like, spend your money like it’s going out of style, and waste your youthful years chasing your tail.


    Millennials are once again moving in with their parents. This time it’s due to crumbling finances as inflation takes its toll.


    •Nearly 25% of millennials are living with their parents, per a new survey.
    •Half of them have moved in over the last year as inflation surged.
    •The pandemic drew many young people home in 2020, and now poor finances are pushing them back again.

    It looks like some millennials may be stuck living with their parents forever.

    In 2020, millions of young Americans moved home to ride out the pandemic. While some moved out in 2021 as COVID restrictions eased, many have moved right back home again over the past year.

    1. I have been keeping up on the possibilities of retrofitting for housing. Most of it seems to be coming out of England and Europe. The main contention here is the use of nat gas. I am noticing well placed MSM articles saying that nat gas heated and cook homes have higher rates of cancer and is poisonous, etc. This will help to sway the readers into accepting the desired outcomes.

      But we have large gas utilities and producers at stake. I think nat gas use will be phased out over time. I notice new construction shifting to heat pumps.

      Will the agenda move as aggressively as stated in the post? That’s 30 years. If the transition to such a policy moves forward, rents will continue rising as supply dwindles further.

      I also know the SFRs that have nat gas heating/cooking/water heating have lower overall utility costs than if it were just electric. Furthermore, gas appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, and stoves last longer than electric equivalents. That’s based on my experience.

      1. I had nat gas heating and water heating in Toronto – it was indeed pretty cheap. I think they are trying to phase out gas stoves too. My uncle was looking for one and they are in short supply.

  21. Big Oil Is Preparing To Spend A Lot More In 2023

    By Alex Kimani – Dec 08, 2022, 5:00 PM CST

    •U.S. oil majors are significantly increasing capex in 2023.
    •Higher cash flow and a positive earnings outlook give executives more space to increase capex budgets.
    •The majority of energy companies have avoided spending big to expand production in the aftermath of the 2020 oil crisis.


    1. The WTI daily and weekly charts are looking for a breakout here either way and I suspect we might see a test of 80 before a resumption of the downtrend to 65.

      1. Oil finding support at 70. Do we get a bounce to 80? The slow bleed continues down to 65. The chart and market action say it all.

          1. Oil stocks on the downtrend this week, looks tohave found support and probably gets a pop next week. Many stocks in the bio sector have been upticking this week, some more than others.

            I’m surprised the scene of the three crosses at Restoration Fellowship Church is there. Seems like the SOS would make an effort to remove it, or maybe they have and were unsuccessful.

  22. Good Day
    What is your opinion on gold and silver? When things look bleak all the gold advertisements start occurring. Years ago I bought both, and held them for the long run, and ending selling for a loss. You always hear of the suppression of gold and silver prices, and now they are going to the stratosphere. Seems to be always ready to soar. Thank you.

    1. I would suspect that gold and silver will always be manipulated. Firms like GOLD and NEM as well as others operate at the whim of the Synagogue and their price suppression schemes. They are not losing control, and the prices of Au and Ag do track inflation over the decades. But that is little solace for those who bought Ag above 30 a decade ago. Au is the better of the two and this blog always be recommended Au over Ag.

      But we recommend Au as an escape hatch to shield assets. It makes for a lousy inflation hedge or “insurance” policy. Rather, I see it as a place to take assets out of the system. I also like gem stones. Sapphires and rubies, etc. These tend to be more fungible with gold bullion being the best fungible asset to own. Gem stones can be a great place to hold a substantial level of wealth that is free from lawsuits, divorce, bankruptcy, etc., As long as we hold it discreetly. But we can’t do anything with these assets other than to store them.

      I do like Au, and if we think the price is being suppressed, that just provides us more opportunities to buy at lower prices.

      I also think that the timing of BTCs emergence coincided with the synagogue’s battle on the price of gold. The young folk are obsessed with electronic digits instead of physical metals.

      I would accumulate on weakness. I think Au could move out of its range in the next few years.

  23. DoD propaganda; this ABC News propaganda article lists a bunch of reasons why people are dropping out of the work force. Unfortunately, it fails to mention the only real reason; people are getting sicker.

    The psychological techniques of the beast are too great to overcome. The sides have been drawn and decided.

    Millions are missing from the workforce but still surviving. Here’s how


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