A young man asks for advice; prospering in a new reality

Mr. Evans,
I love your blog and value your insight. Please don’t stop.
What should someone with little money in their early 20’s be doing to begin to survive this modern day insanity? Some of us are awake and want to live free. If I had the resources, I would dive right into SFR’s. I just don’t have the means yet. What can we do?

I am a 23 y/o guy. Where do you recommend I learn how our money system works? With so much information out there, what websites/institutions are the best to learn from? And which particular topics should I look for?


Here was my response:

I will sound fatherly here and assume you are a male.

If you abhor multiculturalism like most of my other readers do, since it counterintuitively financially oppresses the masses, and I were in my early 20s, here’s the first action I would take; pick a place that suits you and move with the intention of staying and settling. Sample some places that may interest you.

Second action; learn how money works. I am not saying to get a college degree in business or economics, but if you are to ever get ahead in life, you MUST learn about the concept of how our money system works. Most alt-followers do not, thus don’t rely on the ZeroHedge charlatans and other wannabes. That relegates them to enduring a tougher life. Apply it to your life activities. If you do not, you will make many more important personal decision errors.

Our financial lives are primarily determined by three or four major life choices. For instance, whatever your race happens to be, marry a like kind. You should get established and then find a younger woman of like kind and marry. If you are a woman, find an older like kind man who is more established. Remaining single isn’t such a bad idea anymore, but if you do, don’t entangle yourself with nutjobs, especially if you start building a mini empire.

Be the general in an army of foot soldiers

With that said, pick a place that is relatively homogeneous, has decent and moderate weather, and offers investors opportunities. There are many places in the lower 48, like the areas I mentioned previously, plus other ones I didn’t.

If I were young and had your energy (and hopefully your health and stamina), I would look to find a place that is closer to a city in a relatively homogeneous place that offered good deals for SFR investors just starting out. Learn to do the work yourself and as you get older and more established, hire others like I do. Keep in mind that you can own rentals while concentrating on other endeavors.  Owning rentals is not an either/or proposition to the expense of other pursuits.

For instance, there are tons of 100k houses in the southern and Midwest areas. You could buy several over the next few years. With some sellers desperate to sell in a buyer’s market, I would look for sellers that would accept seller financing or “contract for deed.” Outside the major centers, there are some potential deals.

Don’t listen to the MSM and tiktok influencers, which tell you to travel and move about and sample life and enjoy. Our adversary just wants you to chase your tail and waste your most productive years away. Settle in a place that you choose. You can always go on vacations and come back to the place where you live.

Read Finance and Economics textbooks, and don’t be like the rest

Learn as formally as possible. Learn the right way. This will steer you in the right direction when working to become financially self-sovereign. While I am not necessarily recommending going to college, Not all college degrees are bunk; degrees in Economics, Finance, and Math have merit. In addition, those with accounting or engineering backgrounds also tend to be more financially successful than the population at large.

I know one thing for sure, there have been great advances in understanding the human mind and how it affects the science of Microeconomics. Much of the research and understanding into human behavior regarding consumer choices just did not exist back in the mid-’80s, when I was in undergrad. The Nobel prizes in Economics seem to be going to those who advance the field of Behavioral Economics. These great leaps in intelligence can be easily applied in marketing, too, and the biggest and brightest firms know how to leverage all of this understanding. Small businesses and consumers don’t comprehend how they are being manipulated, while the largest firms hire teams of psychologists exclusively devoted to exploiting their consumers.

When you gain an understanding of how the “system” operates, you will be more confident and make better decisions independently, rather than depending on commentary from people on the internet or listening to the opinions of your less insightful peers. Moreover, if you can recognize how this conspiracy against humanity is formulated to keep people like you and me down, you will possess a unique skill set and knowledge base that will assist you in making proper life choices. For instance, don’t believe the multicultural propaganda, because those who do will make relatively poor personal choices and are more easily parted with their money.

The ultimate financial goal

Your ultimate goal; seek to have as high a percentage of your income generated from passive sources as possible. It’s okay to work for a living and generate earned income, but your life will be easier if your income flows to you regardless of what you do. Just take a look at the change to the tax rules for this year. The small money earner continues to get decimated, while the asset owners never seem to be affected. Although there’s a lot of rhetoric to the contrary, I have not seen adverse tax rules promulgated that went against the asset owners since the 1986 TRA.

I know of a friend’s dad who only attained a high school diploma and became a millionaire by the time he was 40, and this was back in the 1970s, because he learned how the system worked and took advantage of it. He settled down around where I live after his military service and he began buying real estate and investing in stocks. He didn’t have a pot to piss in either. He was in his mid-20s. He’s been married to the same woman for over 60 years. But he was very shrewd and he knew how things appreciated in value and saw patterns and potential. This stuff can be learned, though some see it more clearly than others.

Most of what I’ve learned about real world economics and finance I learned after my formal education ended. I’ve always been interested in it and saw how these subjects steered the world. For instance, after you get your self-taught fundamental underpinning of microeconomics you’ll be able to understand why people act the way they do, especially with money. You’ll see how foolish people really are, but you’ll be able to articulate why. The way people make decisions with money usually mirrors how they make decisions with most other aspects of their lives. Don’t make the same mistakes others make. It’s good to be idealistic when you’re young, but pragmatism goes a long way.

One more thought about the future

The multicultural millennial basement dweller; having fun while the world burns

By the way, if you are a white guy, you don’t have much of a choice. You need to start working and building a mini empire. Don’t fool around and waste your time like the rest of the 20-somethings do.

By the time you’re my age, the demographics of the United States will look like a God forsaken swirl of toilet water. The whites will be relegated to the garbage dump by the synagogue of Satan media. The synagogue shits all over the white people and you better make a good attempt to prosper on your own terms. The white people in the United States and the West are going down in flames. They’ve been demoralized, and since they’ve become reprobate, they are suffering the fate outlined in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.

They that hate you (the synagogue of Satan and its wall of third world immigrants) shall shit and reign over you.

An industrious and hard-working Jesus believer who hasn’t fallen for the Laodicean “once saved always saved” bullshit can work hard and labor every day in the name of God and get ahead on every front in his personal life.

Stop listening to the advice of the alt-financial and alt-Judeo Christian media. Their recommendations will only present themselves as stumbling blocks to living a successful life. If you have enough introspection, you will finally figure out that the alt-media has been infiltrated and is solely designed to demoralize those who have woken up to the shenanigans of the synagogue of Satan.

Start building a life and if the world ends, it won’t matter what we do anyway. Keep moving forward as if you will live to be 80 years old.

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46 thoughts on “A young man asks for advice; prospering in a new reality

  1. BTW when it comes to behavioral Economics and Psychology, it’s not just the large firms that have been successfully able to exploit the consumer. Governments have also mastered these sciences and are able to successfully re-engineer the voter into a compliant debt slave. Through these new breakthroughs in these psychological techniques, governments have been able to get the voter to give up his or her rights and do it willingly and joyfully.

    The typical voter has become a multicultural proponent and will never pose a threat to the establishment. Through cunning use of the Delphi technique, governments have been able to eliminate and whittle down the set of choices to only a couple. None of the offered choices pose any problem to the established order.

    To wit, if the world operated via a pyramidal structure and was owned by a select few, I can’t think of a more devious way for those few to enslave a population than to promote multiculturalism and to mix all the races. It has been so successful.

    Look at how the government was able to get the population to line up and willingly take the accelerated die-off injections. That was simply mind-blowing. If someone can’t figure out the covid hoax by now, there is no hope for him or her. The governments even used the race card on that one as well.

    This is why I tell you that you need to go and move forward unilaterally, especially financially and mentally. Very few people are going to want to listen to you. They certainly will not listen to you about the obvious things like the injections and they certainly will not listen to you about politically incorrect topics. Stay within your kind and move forward and succeed. We can still succeed, but we have to do it on our own.

    1. CJ., I really love your comment in the last paragraph here and wrote it down to hang up as a reminder. I have always believed in moving forward unilaterally, taking the contra. Where I am struggling and searching, in prayer and supplication to the Lord for answers, lies in the definition of success as a Christian in the end of times. What definition are you using for success? (“We can still succeed….”) Thank you for sharing your insights, BTW.

    2. CJ – I saw multiculturalism as a way to break down America – that’s allegedly how Rome fell – but the powers that be are pushing all races to take the jab. Yes, they’re trying to kill off and demoralize whites but they appear to hate all races equally. Having other races take the jab doesn’t seem to fit in with their plan to destroy the white race.

      I know that many coming here are going on welfare. Do you believe that SS is going to go insolvent because of it?

      1. The SoS will be fine. The more death, the better they do. They will just continue to overwhelm the borders with new residents. Indeed, there has been no prejudice with respect to the injections, but many of these foreigners have not been. And if they have, more can come in and replace.

        The percent of whites in the country continue to fall. They will no longer be majority soon and they die from attrition. The multiculturals will rejoice at that precise moment they can proclaim victory over those evil European colonists. Unfortunately for them, that means the end of us all. By then, the country will look like an amalgam of the countries from whence they came. The multiculturals will roll around in their own shit like dogs and if you point it out to them they will rend you and throw you in the ditch.

  2. This is just one of thousands of injury types caused by the mRNA spike protein, with so many different and novel types of cancer and injuries (illnesses). There are and will be countless lost souls looking up as their caskets are lowered into the ground and denying what happened.

    Celine Dion Diagnosed With Incurable Stiff Person Syndrome, Cancels Tour


    1. Rich, about Maine… I’ve lived here over 20 years now. Grew up in SE PA (Chester County). I’m assuming you’re asking because you’re considering relocating to this beautiful but God-forsaken land. My husband and I lived and worked in Philadelphia and suburbs, and wanted to raise kids in the quiet lane, free from crime and racial tension. My parents had a summer “camp” and I spent most of my childhood and almost all of my adult life living or vacationing on a lake in Maine in the summer. We own lakefront property as well as a home that we built on separate wooded acreage in rural Maine, near Bangor, and 45 minutes inland from the ocean coast. We are now considering leaving the state, but due to circumstances, it may not be possible. This is a very blue state; we’re in a red rural area. Our governor is a fascist dictator who was just selected for a second term, and the state is basically socialist, as over half the population relies on some form of government assistance. The wealthy city folks are now moving here in droves, and they will always be “from away” to the downtrodden natives who were once hard-working farmers, fishermen, loggers and mill workers living off the land before our selected officials decimated these people and their small towns in the name of NAFTA. Now all the coastal towns harbor yachts instead of lobster boats, and the beautiful people come for the summers only, and leave the rest of us to freeze through the arctic winters. If you want to retire here, hopefully you are self-sufficient. If you want to work here, you better also be self-sufficient. If you want to buy SFR’s here to rent, you better think long and hard about the state’s rental laws that favor squatters. The last couple of years have seen a huge increase of prices in real estate as well, most homes doubling. I have done a fair amount of research on other more conservative states, and I think they are grappling with similar issues with people moving from away and changing the state. What Maine has going for it is the relatively homogenous mix of people (except Portland) and the low population density. I think the extreme cold winters keep the rif-raf out. I think most states will politically end up like Maine (which is not far behind California), but Maine is farther along on the socialist trajectory. (Pennsylvania is now way more blue than when I grew up there.) I am wondering if I can survive it here in this red pocket of blue Maine, or will we be destined for destruction here… as CJ is urging all of us to get out of Dodge. Maybe others can chime in too.

      1. New Hampshire is going the way of Maine just as you described. There is still no income tax nor sales tax here, however, NH is getting an influx of out of state liberals that will soon push for an income tax and sales tax as they want all the freebies at other people’s expense.

        1. Unlike NH, Maine taxes you on everything, and would tax you to breathe if it could; a.k.a., socialism. To add insult to injury, if you weren’t born here you are always “from away,” and most natives lump you in with the “Massholes” and NYC liberals who continue to invade and change the state in record numbers. Reading comment sections on Briggs YT videos on other states like TN, the natives also resent you for being “from away” if you relocate there. Good luck to all the Remnant trying to find a safe harbor from the S.O.S. tentacles of Agenda 30. And sorry to say that a thorough reading of the book of Revelation reveals the future is not safe for Christians anywhere.

          1. Correct. The only real safe place for remnant Christians is the Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus Christ. There is no substitute on earth. It is so important to study and act on the Bible and get your spiritual house in line with Jesus Christ.

            Speaking of Maine. I use to spend summers up in Machias, ME with my cousins and Uncle and Aunt since the mid 70s. It WAS excellent with a lot of empty woods, fields, and secluded beaches. There were lots of hardworking down to earth lobstermen, fishermen, farmers, and lumber jacks that drove pick up trucks and hunted deer. These people are disappearing from the area and being replaced by wealthy types from NYC, Philadelphia, and Boston.

            I visited Machias last fall and was very saddened and disappointed to find that the woods around my uncle and aunt’s place all have houses now and many of the open fields also have houses now. The beachfront areas are now all built up with new houses. All of these new houses are occupied by wealthy people who came up from NYC, Boston, and Washington DC area. The new houses are big and expensive unlike the old rustic houses occupied by the lifelong locals. The character of Machias has really changed over the last 15 years I have been going up there. It is also a lot more crowded in recent years than anytime I have seen before. Even more sad, the once pristine streams up there now smell of septic runoff. There is talk up there about expanding the small airport up there to accommodate private jets so the richies from NYC and Washington DC can fly up there. These people are either part year nonresidents or they don’t mind paying the high state taxes.

            The moral to the story is that when the richies from the cities discover a rural area then there goes the neighborhood.

            1. Andrei, This is heartbreaking and I understand your description of downcast Maine more than you know. We bought a parcel of lakefront property on an undeveloped lake in that area, once owned by a logging company, 25 years ago. I only get up there now about once a year, and the realtor said we could sell it for ten times what we paid. It’s in Whiting, just next to Machias!! Took a day trip to a beach in Machiasport last summer, stopped and asked for directions and the builder there was a snowbird from New Jersey! Lubec, once a fishing town and sardine packing area, is turning into a tourist trap, and the sardine factory was closed long ago. The Machias blueberry festival last summer was packed and ran out of blueberries! I’m hating these invaders “from away” almost as much as the natives now!

          2. What a small world that you’re next to Machias. You have seen how the place is getting built up and losing its charm. My uncle and aunt were at last summer’s blueberry festival in Machias and they said it was the most crowded they ever seen in the 50 years they were there. Most of the crowds were out of staters.

            1. Andrei, please tell your aunt and uncle my condolences. It’s a grieving process for the takeover of a once fierce and free group of pioneers to the NWO/S.O.S. system of slavery.

          3. So is it time to ‘flee unto the mountains’? Where is there any safe place in America now?

            1. No. Just start planning on succeeding in a new place. Lots of places to move to and build a little empire.

    2. Does your town allow this? This is Strasburg VA’s famous welcome sign. It’s a beautiful town, because of this.



      Lights from Interstate 81 traffic at the 298 exit in Strasburg illuminate this scene of the three crosses at Restoration Fellowship Church in Strasburg as motorists traveled over the holiday season.

      It’s like this in many of the forgotten areas I mentioned.

      This will change eventually, just like in Maine and the rest of New England. Imagine what the early English settlers would be thinking if they saw what happened to the NE states. They would bend over and throw up.

      I don’t recommend anywhere in the Northeast anymore. Sorry. I have to face facts. I grew up in NY. I guess if you are in a remote area of Maine and can make a going of it, then perhaps. But the investing opportunities there are limited and so is the economy.

      1. I agree with you CJ Evans the whole Northeast USA is a blue state multi cultural crap house. New Hampshire used to be solidly red 40 years ago .Since the out of state urban soccer parents have moved up here in droves it is fast becoming a commie blue state multi cultural toilet.

        I just found out from a parent whose son goes to public school in my town that the school is teaching transgender choices and gay and lesbian lifestyles . I am paying my property taxes for this? Don’t move up here to NH. It is ruined up here.

        New Hampshire still has no wage income tax and no sales tax but I think that will soon change after the suburban liberal transplants get control of the state.

      2. What do you think of the southern states: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida?

        I looked west but I’m afraid of the lack of water.

        1. I am not a fan of the those southern states, especially Florida and LA. The weather and demographics are not suitable. Too much racial tension, and the racial tension is being manufactured from the SoS media. This means that those who are complaining of race are kind of retarded. FL can easily go blue next elections. I prefer eastern TN of all the areas you bring up.

  3. Sound advice to the Newbie. The Luciferian Satanic Kabbalists aka The Synagogue of Satan would like nothing better for those that know The Evil goings on to just fold like a baby sucking its thumb. Jesus teacher preached and worked hard. He set the ultimate example.
    We also have to be selective who we have in our inner most circle. Be nice and kind to everyone as in living in peace with all men but be Wise as a Serpent. Walk circumspectly.
    Financially buy what we need only. Mostly items that we consume almost on a daily basis.

    1. Do you still think a young white guy should still pursue a formal education? Or should he pursue a skilled trade?

      1. I am all for going to college if you don’t need student loans, start out of high school, understand what you are in for as to the brainwashing, and get a practical degree that can help you make money. If you haven’t yet attended and are already closer to 25 than 20 I say the window to attend is closed, unless you can go cheaply. Graduate degrees are different and don’t bother doing that ifvyou are older than your late 20s. Otherwise, get a skilled trade and start buying SFRs. Don’t worry which side of the tracks you buy. Virtually all real estate has potential, but as the old saying goes; in RE, you make money when you buy, not when you sell.

        1. College degrees are appropriate for bright students who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Those degrees will get you a high paying job. Accounting degrees are practical too. However, be prepared for a lot of one sided left leaning brainwashing. Be prepared for the political correctness on most college campuses today.

          Aside from the above mentioned degrees, college tuition is a waste of money. College is also a waste of money for the average student. The average student and above average students for that matter can learn a trade at trade schools that teach practical hands on skills for much less cost. These skills can get one into high paying careers with a lot of opportunities.

          College is NOT for everybody. Everybody is pushed to go to college on empty promises to drive up debt to enslave the students for life and make profits for the banks. The colleges also make big money from the high numbers of students.

          1. I am in NJ which I know everyone will say is bad. I was looking at more computer science, but I am also looking at electrician or HVAC. I would like to work remotely.

            1. Electrician. That apprenticeship will touch carpentry and plumbing. When you take your formal school courses as part of your apprenticeship, ask the Dean if you can add an advanced math course, finance math, or accounting – do it while you are there anyway.

              Before you hit your third year, you should be able to buy your first SFR if you can live at home.

          1. Single family rental. That means the unit is either a detached house, townhome, condo, or coop. But I would never own in a coop. Too much politics and they’re big in NYC and the old major cities.

      2. “Do you still think a young white guy should still pursue a formal education? Or should he pursue a skilled trade?”

        Yes, but you need to major in STEM. If that’s too hard, accounting is an alternative.

        If you major in any sort of liberal arts as a white man, you won’t get a job. The cushy make-work jobs are reserved for women and SoS members. The only exception as a white man is if you are some sort of charming lacrosse player or frat boy, who the SoS could use as a goy puppet window dressing. Odds are you, you aren’t.

      3. I don’t recommend STEM per se. I didn’t know what that acronym meant, but I wouldn’t bother with science and technology anymore, unless you knew how to leverage it. Math and engineering are still good. If all you are going to do with a science or technology degree is work for someone else, I would pass on those fields. Be pragmatic. Science and technology degrees may help grow the GDP, but will they grow your bottom line?

        1. I agree with you. My STEM advice was bad, unless you have a real passion for it.

          I think a medical degree is actually great for a white guy with a high IQ. People will trust a white male doctor over anyone else when their health is at stake. You can also start your own practice and have some degree of independence. Dentistry and orthodontics are good too.

          Law is another option.

          1. I am basically choosing between tech(computer-related) or skilled trade like electrician or HVAC. I am in NJ which I know everyone will say is a problem.

            1. HVAC. Advertise on Craigslist when you get licensed. Electricians make good money, but is not recurring like HVAC.

          1. Make a good living, and save for some SFRs. Depending on where in NJ you live the taxes are absolutely insane.

            I moved from NYC to DC area in 2002 for good. Never looked back. I owned a SFR on LI but sold it in early 2013 to get out of the area. Taxes were 10k on a 250k property at the time. The taxes on a 250k property in Strasburg VA is 1300.

          2. I’ve worked professionally in IT the last 15 years and if you want to work in the field I would suggest you do not bother with a CompSci degree. All the training and knowledge is readily available for free as long as you can read and follow lab instructions and have a strong interest and curiosity you can learn. Pick cloud – AWS or Azure follow a certification track for a syllabus and learn some programming- python is a good choice. Get 100 hours of solid hands on experience around all the fundamentals of your chosen area and you can easily break in with a career. I would suggest you do leave NJ though I left in 2019 and have no remorse there.

            1. Thanks for the comment. I know this is a bit late. What careers in tech could I have my own business in? I enjoy solving problems, but I would like to have some practical skills for my future. I am not a big fan of dealing with people, but that is something that I am going to have to move past.

    2. I would like to add something to any youngster white male interested in surviving whole first and prospering second, in this times.

      In this times, if you are young, not experienced, got not enough money and your are male and white you should focus first in not loosing more to the SoS shenanigans and their powerful tentacles and if you succeed in that try to get to the next steep.

      Why I say this?…

      Well, the flesh is hot and the desires are ardent at a young age like you, and it happens to be that our adversary knows perfectly this and they got an arsenal of precise weapons directed to your most inner desires and secret weaknesses to beat you, destroy you and grind you whole, to the size of a particle.

      Look, they are so successful, it is because they prey in people’s weaknesses.

      The pretty mesmerizing girl you fancy and lust after at your young age with heated desire, may be insecure inside out, so, she is a perfect victim, she will desperately try to look too pretty and she will expend too much money in her clothes and appearances, and she obviously is not a good wife to anyone. Apart of the temporary bonuses of good sex and of the fulfilling of your carnal desires for a while, if you happen to “conquer” her, she would make the rest of your and your family’s life a road of misery and pain.

      Then too, this arrogant, idiotic sports jack you see around college getting the best lays may as well be as insecure, so he is a perfect victim too, probably divorced in his early thirties with some kids he can barely maintain, but with a new beautiful girlfriend in his side again and a new stupid place he can not pay either. Make sure you do not look to him or to his new girlfriend, as he is so insecure he is waiting you or anyone to look at him or to his prize woman to feed his poor ego.

      Or this middle age high earning man getting the most expensive BMW or Porsche when his libido has decreased so much because the demands of his static office job do not allow him to maintain an active life enough to have an erection.

      So, this is what I want to add to any young white male. You are facing powerful forces. Be very very careful about your weaknesses and the ones surrounding you. Do not feed the monster as the whole system is rigged against any weaknesses.

      1. Bernard, what you are talking about is so important for a young man to understand. So much more important than what you should pursue in order to earn money.

        CJ mentions it in the post. No nutjobs, get established, marry a younger woman.

        Tracy also says “be Wise as a Serpent. Walk circumspectly.”

        There are legal concepts and instructions in just about every post on this site that you need to understand – failing that, it would no longer really matter what you do to earn a living. Hooking up with a nutjob would ensure you lose at least half whether you earned it before or after your marriage. You need to be extremely discerning in this regard because the legal system has been crafted to support the behaviour of the nutjob – it was very intentional and directed by the adversary. Our adversary has destroyed societies throughout history using women to achieve that end.

        I have seen many comment (now unsubscribed?) on this site who clearly do not understand covenant, that leads me to believe they do not understand any other legal concept discussed on this site. Ask questions.

        1. Extremely well said. The laws and tort system are now crafted almost exclusively for the benefit of the reprobate and moral hazard. The self-sovereigns and independents like we strive to be are in the cross hairs. Many unbelievers of our worldview will try to make a mockery of us and ensnare us, so we are thrown in the ditch with the rest of the population.

          The OT teaches us so many things about life and is overlooked by most Christians today. Use the entire Bible as a template.

        2. I’ve been thinking about the marriage and relationship aspect to this thread. Relationships should not be transactional. I agree that you should marry like kind, like belief system, like values. Sometimes a partner looks good ‘on paper’. However, you want to be with someone that you really do like as a person and want to be with – who has your back in good times and bad. Sounds like the wedding vow, but if the SHTF, will your person dig in and help you rebuild? Can you work together, plant a garden, build something? I am a product of a failed marriage (but I’m not the nut job)- my ex knew that the cards were stacked against him, always talked about the unfairness of the system and yet…still tried to upgrade the wife for a better model. I totally get why he would trade me in for her – salary twice as much as mine, owner of expensive real estate, 10 years younger than me. On paper this would have been a win. However, the better one didn’t pan out – he’s alone now and ‘lost’ half his wealth to me. And this is of his own doing – totally bought into the fantasy world the SoS sold to him – so many movies showing the older man with the hot new wife – like the old guy on Modern Family married to Sofia Vergara. This is a middle-aged man’s dream. Be very aware of the temptations Satan throws at you. It’s relentless.

        1. Chester, thank you for that link to the Skousen relocation book. I found that it was published in Jan ’20. I am thinking about getting it, but first wanted to ask you your opinion on its relevance in relation to the Covid scamdemic, which in my opinion shed a spotlight on the true politics of different states (since this book was published before that).

          Also does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of Western SC that they could share here (in relation to what CJ has spoken of on this site on relocation) ?


          1. I have driven up and down I-85 in Upstate SC (NW and western part of the state) and it is growing a lot. Cities like Greenville and Spartanburg are expanding. The map in the link below confirms this. That interstate is usually packed with traffic moving b/w Atlanta and Charlotte. There are pockets of small mountains that isolate towns, but the distances are not far from civilization.


            1. Thanks John S., for that info. on Western SC. Also, that map really gives you a good visual of the fact that most of the population resides in the eastern half of the nation. I wonder how many of those light red areas are dark red since Covid – induced migration. It’s all a dilemma and a trade-off: sparse population vs. dense, and the pros and cons of both scenarios, as well as the toss up between living in a red state w/ blue area vs. blue state with red area. SC could turn purple from what I can tell, and we’re trying not to jump from frying pan to fire if we can even make a move work with our obligations here.

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