A reader asks; will I relocate out of the United States?

The time is now; Plan for 2025-2027

There are many viable areas for those preparing for the 2025-2027 timeframe

From: Mannie

Subject: Relocating?

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If I may ask, are you going to relocate to another part of the lower 48 states?

Thanks much.


The optimal area but it’s intentionally expensive

For now, I am dumping my properties in the populated multicultural areas of MD and NoVA and deploying the capital into more rural and white areas in the western part of VA. I am unvaxxed, so my options are much more abundant. As we approach the 2025-27 timeframe, I may even abandon this area, depending on the circumstances. If I don’t stay in VA and do eventually move, I will sell my properties and leave the area for perhaps the Western Rockies region. But I have the financial resources to endure astronomical housing prices out West in places like NV, UT, WY, & MT. When I mention “astronomical,” I refer to house prices based on household income multiples.

The Ozarks area

As of now, I have just refocused my investing efforts into these homogeneous areas I mentioned previously in a more sparsely populated area of VA. I suspect I can capitalize on the growing white flight. The whites have the money, and the ones leaving the blue areas know what we know, though they may not be able to articulate it to the extent we can.

For those of my readers who live in the United States (about 85% of my bandwidth originates from the U.S.), I recommend staying here. There are a number of areas with little population in otherwise conservative regions where police will not pester you. I think of Western NC/ Eastern TN as being a viable longer term location for many who do not have the financial resources to relocate out west to the Rocky Mountain areas.

Multiculturals avoid these areas. The government doesn’t spend on social largesse like elsewhere.

For those with even less financial resources, the Ozark Mountain area offers some excellent opportunities. This area is relatively sparsely populated, possesses some good year round weather with four seasons, and definitely comes with cheap housing costs.

I have driven through Western TX plenty of times and also recommend it to those as another possible area to relocate permanently. I always thought that the regions contained in the accompanying map offered blue area self-sovereign refugees with a permanent solution to the open borders multicultural shithole that has been engineered against us. Please understand that red areas like statewide Texas and Florida can and will easily turn blue and their population sizes in the metro mega-regions will sabotage your efforts. Avoid them at all costs, especially if you intend to relocate with a clean slate.

I have one more recommendation for those who know what we know, have not been injected and are healthy, are willing to be flexible with where they settle, and have less in the bank. If you are just starting out and want to own a piece of land, I would give these areas in the former rust belt states a try.  The land and housing is very inexpensive, especially when compared to household incomes, and the weather is more predictable and temperate.

Of course, there are other areas like western WA and eastern OR, but they may be financially out of reach for many of my readers and the wage bases there do not support their house prices nor living costs.

Any way it works out, I am DEFINITELY STAYING in the lower 48. That is a DEFINITE! God has plans for the remnant and I will never run from my birthright. I am not running away, nor would I ever relocate and marry a foreigner. I love what America once meant and I love Americans!


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21 thoughts on “A reader asks; will I relocate out of the United States?

    1. Eastern TN is forgotten about. Many of the areas I mentioned are not even on the radar screen. They get 40-50″ rain a year. I never have to worry about water around here or in the Eastern half. I could easily fill up my Berkey filter with fast running creek water. I don’t even think about storing water. The areas south of me have okay winters, too. Yes, it gets cold, of course, but here in VA and west of me, the temperature difference between there and Upstate NY or even LI is enough to keep snowfall accumulations from becoming a big issue. I get 12-15″ of snow a year. Where I grew up in LI gets 30-35″. Upstate gets twice that. Talk about a killer. It’s mostly rain down here in the winter. North of here is more snow.

      Western NC, Eastern TN winters weren’t so bad at all. Much warmer than north, and the days are up to an hour longer. Winter darkness sucks.

      I can’t say that about the Rockies area. Finding water is an issue, especially for those trying to grow crops. One other thing about the Rockies. Lots of the area is BLM and USFS and thus there are the Feds to contend with. That’s why RE there there is so expensive, especially in CO. The biggest consumer of land out west is the Federal government.

      1. Rural Tennessee is not a bad area. However, I read that lot of out of staters are moving to Memphis and Nashville areas. That could change the political and cultural landscape of the state down the road .

  1. RE geography, I lived in upper western NC for a few years. The county I lived in is actually on the map you posted here. An excellent area in most respects. Plenty of arable land and abundant, clean water. It does get cold in the winter (high elevation) and can even be shut in. One year, the interstate over the mountain to TN was literally closed and impassable for a while. But it’s generally clean, natural and pleasant. Definite four seasons too. There has been an influx of suburban type retirees lately, so not sure how much that has changed things.

    The area has extreme independent, anti-fed gov attitudes, long held. (Moonshiners and bootleggers vs the feds going back 100 years.) The people are self reliant, proud and will stand by you IF you are a good and reliable neighbor. If you’re a lone wolf or selfish, you’ll be on your own. (An absurd ‘strategy’ too many dudes embrace btw.)

    Florida (my current locus) enjoyed having pro-freedom (on a relative basis) DeSantis during the insanity. The huge risk with Florida is that it is almost exactly evenly split red/blue. De Santis won his first election to governor by less than 1%. IE, it could tip very easily to blue. There has been a LOT of migration in from the northern states over the past two years. The typical thinking is that these people will bring their northern liberal/dem attitudes with them. A counter thought is that they were perhaps the more conservative and freedom oriented who fled new england, chicago, etc. so won’t change things much.

    I disagree with you Chris re leaving the US and foreign women. The US itself was founded by people who were willing to leave their homes for more freedom, even at tremendous cost. As things become tyrannical, it’s only logical (and Biblical) to flee for better places. The US isn’t even in the top ten countries for freedom score in the world. And in few other aspects either.

    On the whole, non US women are much less woke and more sane and practical than US women, who have basically gone insane and become deranged. (Obviously this is a generalization, and any individual could be anything. But I say, why not put the odds and probabilities on your side, instead of fighting them?) Yes, you must be very cautious and do full due diligence. Guys do very dumb things in this arena. But I think it’s a solid option if approached intelligently.

      1. If you plan to stay in the US, I agree with your post. I’d say Montana, Western NC and rural Utah and Nevada, Idaho probably some of the optimal areas. I don’t like rural Arkansas, Kentucky etc bc there are tons of meth labs and Dixie mafia types who are unstable and violent. That activity draws gov attention too. But like all RE, it’s very local and variable.

        I think wisdom says have a plan A (your primary abode) a plan B (bolt hole, very far away from location A) and even a backup plan C, if the other two are not viable (Perhaps and RV or boat, something movable…?). 2023 is poised to be a year of conflict, civil unrest and potential violence. I sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a large, blue urban area.

        1. Good point about Arkansas and Kentucky. That’s why we need discussion on locations from people who actually lived there or have family there. The deep south such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana could be a problem with “good ole boy ” Dixie Mafia types which may explain why not many transplants move to those places.

          Any location has the good, bad, and ugly. Just make sure the good outweighs the bad and there is not much ugly. It pays to do research on any location you plan to move such as talk to the locals, check the statistics on who is moving there, definitely visit the area and even better try living there for a month.

          I don’t like moving to places where many other outsiders are locating because that place will soon become like the place you left and it could become a liberal, multicultural dump. In that case it would be pointless to move.

        2. I was thinking outside the country, if you had thoughts. I get people asking me and honestly I don’t have an answer. My observation is that the world has turned on Americans, and I think Americans would be the first ones in many areas to be pulled down.

          I wouldn’t stand a chance south of the border, nor in any non-English speaking area. I have to face facts. I always thought I kept a low profile, but have realized that people remember me, while I don’t remember them. Hard to explain, I guess.

          It’s a global thing now.

          1. In most other countries, people despise the American government, but not Americans in particular. Understandable, hah. There are exceptions, mostly in the middle east where I doubt any of us are headed.

            There are very nice colonial towns in MX with tons of Americans and Canadians. There is a fairly libertarian enclave, though upscale and pricey on the west coast of Nicaragua. Belize is fairly safe and has been a ‘mind your own business’ culture for hundreds of years. Also English is the primary language and it comes out of British common law background.

            But you are correct- almost anywhere you might go, you will always be an ‘outsider’ and ‘not one of us’. So that’s a factor. The questions is what is the lesser evil- absolute insanity and police state tyranny inside the US, or a more variable situation someplace else? Most people who have gone offshore are happier. Life is more sane, human and slower paced. The food is almost always better and of course the cost of living is usually lower, as long as you’re not headed to London/Paris/Rome etc.

    1. Are you staying in Florida? I’m considering there but many people warn about the crime. But if you find a place more rural you may be okay. Although I did read about one man in rural Florida who had 3 toughs break into his house. He shot one, so having protection seems important.

  2. I’m going through all the preliminary employment and payroll data, and the treasury yield curve says it best; most of the data points point to a strengthening job market. Even last month’s was revised higher by quite a bit.

    The one big disappointment here; the labor force participation rate continues to fall back down to 62.1%. that number is definitely moving in the wrong direction and should be rising to the historic trend instead. Indeed, the people are getting sicker.

    Wage growth continues to power forward with a 5.1% rise year over year, which will help spending and rents if you are a landlord. The consensus on that number was only 4.6%.

    The month over month data showed a wage increase of 0.6% versus the consensus of only 0.3%. This will definitely make the Fed’s job a lot tougher. Landlords should be happy and so should the largest corporations who depend on consumer spending. Unfortunately, higher bond yields will raise the cost of capital and suppress asset price multiples.

    Manufacturing payrolls rose only 14,000 versus a consensus of 20,000 jobs. This shows a unique positive correlation with this week’s ADP numbers.

    1. According to the latest press release from bls’s website, the household data once again indicate more weakness then the establishment survey intimates.


      The household survey only shows a gain of 173,000 jobs.

      If you take a peek at the table, you can see that the number of people no longer in the labor force has finally crossed 100 million.

      1. I am somewhat surprised that the reaction on the longer end of the yield curve is as muted as it is. I suspect that could be because the household data shows more weakness than the establishment numbers. That’s why the unemployment rate stayed at 3.7%.

  3. Cost of living: People in Cardiff ‘eating pet food’


    By Sarah Dickins & Steve Duffy
    BBC Wales

    People are having to eat pet food while others try to heat food on a radiator, a community worker with 20 years’ experience has said.

    Mark Seed now runs a community food project in Trowbridge, east Cardiff.

    BBC Wales analysis of new Census data suggests six of Wales’ most deprived communities are in the city.

    A charity warns that struggling households do not just appear in areas long associated with poverty and policy needs to focus on people not places.

    Trowbridge lies in what Mr Seed calls an “arc of poverty” from east to west of the Welsh capital, with issues endemic in his area.

    “I’m still shocked by the fact that we have people who are eating pet food,” he said.

    “[There are] people who are trying to heat their food on a radiator or a candle.

    “These are shocking kind of stories that are actually the truth.”

    1. The degrading and inflationary trend has been here for many years as you explain it and people are fooled…

      No. People abandoned God and trusted evil media, evil central bankers and evil governments. We should not feel any sorry from them as God has make them blind, deaf and mad.

      The lost sobs probably came blindly from other country to their handouts heaven West and now they have to decide between to pay way overpriced rents in the multicultural socialist cities or in order to get some nutrients they can not afford eat some foods not even my dogs would touch.

      The tale is that this thing in Europe has just started. Now the BCE has decided to change QE to QT. First they turned Russian gas and petrol back and now the Great Reset agenda escalates in Europe thanks to “our” Central Bank to tighten credit.

      Europe is being rapped with no energy and now without money. Our adversary could not make better plans, it is awesome how strong and organized his forces are and no one is going to stop him in this corner of the world, people here would willingly sleepwalk to our adversary even he decided to present himself as the Antichrist.

  4. As we expected, the GDP estimate from the Atlanta fed took a big tumble after the big miss on the net trade data.


    Latest estimate: 2.8 percent — December 1, 2022
    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2022 is 2.8 percent on December 1, down from 4.3 percent on November 23. After recent releases from the US Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, and the Institute for Supply Management, a decrease in the nowcast of fourth-quarter real personal consumption expenditures growth from 4.8 percent to 3.2 percent was slightly offset by an increase in the nowcast of fourth-quarter gross private domestic investment growth from 1.0 percent to 2.0 percent. In addition, the nowcast of the contribution of the change in real net exports to fourth-quarter real GDP growth decreased from 0.64 percentage points to 0.16 percentage points.

    The next GDPNow update is Tuesday, December 6. Please see the “Release Dates” tab below for a list of upcoming releases.

      1. Yes, Vit D reduces diseases, but Mercola consistently discredits himself by lying about non-existent “infections” and fake diseases.

        1. I agree about Mercola. He’s partially aware, too. I have been receiving his email (as well as others like Dr. Sears, etc.) for 15 years and they both hit and miss. Some good advice thrown in with a ton of new age stuff and product shilling. But I can wade through with what’s timely.

          What I find intriguing about Mercola’s article is the level of vitamin D3 He is contemplating. This is many times higher than most in the alt-health community recommend.

          D3 can be had for only several bucks a bottle from Swanson, and that K2 from Vitacost is the cheapest available. I subscribe to both manufacturers’s emails and can get this stuff for up to 40% lower in price, especially on Swanson’s site.



  5. Very excellent article here CJ Evans. It appears that more parts of the USA are going multicultural socialist blue as indicated in the 2022 Midterm elections. I think there was election fraud as well.

    I have lived in southern New Hampshire since 1983 and this area is a prime example of how a once white christian area is evolving into a blue multicultural liberal toilet bowl.

    My family left the Philadelphia suburbs to get away from the snooty, suburban, social climbing soccer parents. My small NH town at the time, like most of New Hampshire ,was solidly conservative in 1983 with a lot of farmers and retired lifelong locals who lived hardworking simple lives. Many people here were the blue jeans, pick up truck types at the time. My first job was on a local farm. There were a few conservative escapees from out of state(like us), but we blended in because we appreciated the town for what it was at the time. By the way, my town and the surrounding towns were pretty much all white christians. It sat well with me.

    Things started to change in the late 80s and especially the 90s. Many of the farms and fields got replaced by expensive McMansions. Many more people were moving up here from out of state suburbs and these were the same snooty, competitive , social climbing soccer parent types like the area we left around Philadelphia. One of the farm fields became a soccer field. The conservatives in the state house gave way to liberal demonrats during the 90s as these soccer parents voted for the demonrats on the promise of “better education” for their kids and more “free programs”. What the demonrats also did here in New Hampshire is liberalize the welfare dole out laws which turned NH into a welfare magnet. This encouraged the out of state colored people, many that don’t speak english, to move up here and with them came the increased crime, gangs, and drugs. In addition house prices skyrocketed up here over the last 20 years. No bargains here.

    At this point, I would NOT recommend moving to New Hampshire if your looking for affordable, quaint, rural areas without the liberal multiculturalism agenda. New Hampshire is pretty much a blue state now and I am worried that it will become like the multicultural, LGBT hellhole state of Massachusetts. In fact, I would stay away from all six New England states and also stay away from Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. They are all blue state hellholes.
    Colorado changed in a similar way as New Hampshire during the 80s and 90s and look where it is today.

    That is why anyone planning on moving to a rural area in the USA should do their research. That rural area that looks nice now can suddenly change to a suburban multicultural latrine.
    Check the demographics. Find out if a lot of out of staters are moving to the area. It is usually bad news when an area gets a lot of new out of staters moving in like what has happened to New Hampshire. I find Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida as a problem because those states are growing in population with a lot of out of state transplants. Like New Hampshire, these states lose their rural and cultural character and you suddenly find yourself fighting crowds and crime.

    Places that may still be nice and where time may have forgotten are Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Nebraska, South Dakota, and maybe Iowa. My research indicates not many outsiders are moving to these states. The Rocky mountain states like Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Idaho are getting a lot of wealthy out of state people from CA and NY moving out there and driving up the prices as mentioned by CJ Evans. I know a wealthy couple from the Philadelphia area who bought a place out in Montana.

    Do your research. In addition to research, pray to the Lord. Ask God for guidance as to what’s the best place for you. God is your ultimate research library.

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