Stop listening to the alt-media and MSM, there are no collapses coming, just continued transformation

The monetary system that transforms the world

You won’t own anything, and you’ll be happy (or arguing about racial red herrings).  Everyone is looking for his bailout. Even the alt-Christian dreams of his own Great Reset with wormwood striking the earth.

I often get asked how the federal government will continue making its interest payments on its outstanding debt with interest rates climbing.

I tell the unwashed to relax. The last time I checked, the 10-year Treasury was yielding 3.8%, while inflation was rocking at around 8% on the CPI. Never in modern history under the fractional reserve banking concept with debt-backed currencies have real interest rates been this low. The real yield on the 10-year Treasury is about -400 basis points as we speak, while the Fed funds rates, which is supposed to more accurately mirror the volatile CPI, is nearly 400 bps lower than the broad price inflation measure.

I quit reading the alt-finance charlatans and buffoons years ago. Take a look at how these dummies get their panties in a twist over the supposed $31 trillion in outstanding federal government debt. Keep in mind that all of the outstanding federal debt prior to covid (about 24 trillion) has been effectively discounted by about 15 to 20% just based on CPI over the past 3 years. In other words, because of price inflation and negative real bond yields, the federal government effectively defaulted on at least $5 trillion dollars in real debt costs. The nominal amount may still be the same, but the real burden is much less.

Say goodbye to homeownership and small business formation

Why cry? There will be no collapses here; just further centralized transformation. Why would our adversary destroy the current monetary system or allow it to collapse when it is helping them achieve so much of the Great Reset objectives? I recently commented on how the trillion dollar advertising industry has been largely successful in demoralizing the only potential resistance left.  None of these trends run independently of one another. The Book of Revelation illustrates a last days system and it’s a description of willful ignorance and great wealth formation.

Here’s an article discussing the fact that small businesses are slowly going insolvent. While it doesn’t discuss the causes, the writer is observing the results. (I have told you for years the mechanisms at work and how to prepare, and not to listen to the collapse talk.)

More than 40% of U.S. small business owners say they couldn’t pay rent on time or in full for the month of November, the highest this year.

The small business network group Alignable released the survey, which found that the hardship varies by industry. A notable 57% of beauty salons said they couldn’t make rent as well as 45% of gyms, 44% of retail and 44% of restaurants.

“Making matters worse, this occurred during a quarter when more money should be coming in and rent delinquency rates should be decreasing,” Alignable said. “But so far this quarter, the opposite has been true.”

This latest report continues a steady increase in businesses that can’t pay rent this year.

“Last month, rent delinquency rates increased seven percentage points from 30% in September to 37% in October,” Alignable said. “And now, in November, that rate is another four percentage points higher, reaching a new high across a variety of industries.”

Just The News: Bidenomics: 41% of small businesses can’t pay rent this month, report warns, November 26th

If you disagree with me, or if you have any questions or take contention with my view, please read my homepage for more information.

I laugh at how all the alt-media claim that we are going to collapse. What collapse? We have already collapsed; It’s nearly complete as this process has run for at least the last 50 years I can recall. Instead, while most worried of collapse, the world has been transforming. Our lives have been transformed as the West has been transformed into a multicultural shithole of takers. The power and wealth of the majority have been shifted to the centralized authorities, with a little trickling down to the multicultural plebes. The current population doesn’t care about the nation or what made it great. They view the founding fathers as a bunch of evil, freemasonic, slave whipping, murdering colonizers.

So, ask yourself, if you have been engineered to hate the past, what do you go back to? If there is no true national homogeneous consensus about our objectives, your adversary will determine it for you.

As for what we are to do; my marching orders have not changed. Stop worrying about Apophis 2029 and the death jabs, discard the MSM and alt-media fear-inspiring red herrings, and own single-family rentals in friendly jurisdictions and own income-generating assets. Most small business owners and investors continue to act based on the government rhetoric, their hopes and biases, and MSM and alt-finance disingenuous analysis and advice. I tell you to act based on the actual results of government and central bank action. This doesn’t take rocket science to figure out; don’t be stupid, use some common sense.


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48 thoughts on “Stop listening to the alt-media and MSM, there are no collapses coming, just continued transformation

  1. Apparently Ukraine isn’t ready to collapse. Quite the contrary if this moves forward. You know I have been calling this Ukraine / Russia “war” a massive redevelopment project from the beginning. Still remains to be seen if this will actually break ground. The financial question is where to invest. Just like the fake break up of the Soviet Union led the way for selected oligarchs to win big.

  2. CJ, Are there any places in Texas you would recomend? Especially in areas with mild weather?

    1. Interesting, I have been to TX and all the major cities and towns many times, but always felt a little claustrophobic in the Eastern half of the state. Personally, I would be more comfortable as far away from the border as possible and from the metroplexes.

      In the Eastern half, I liked the area near Texarkana along the I30 corridor. Weather was less of an issue and the people were easier.

      In the Western half, three cities; Lubbock, Amarillo, and Wichita Falls were of interest to me. Of course, when I mean Amarillo, for instance, I refer to the large region around it. Amarillo gets only about 20″ of rain a year, while WF gets about 30″. Lubbock area is vast, only gets about 18″ a year, but these cities have all the important amenities and the weather is okay.

      If you like mild weather, palm trees, and warm water, you will be competing with millions of others. Stay away from any hurricane affected areas. Precipitation can be a problem in the Western third, so that is something to consider if you are used to rain like I am. I liked the US 287 corridor as well north of Ft Worth and the surrounding areas. Midland area out to El Paso seemed so dangerous with a poor demographic mix. If you stay along the southern half, pick a smaller town where the people know one another. Southern areas with large population densities lend to higher crime due to that anonymity factor.

      I also recall going through places along I20 like Abilene and San Angelo and thought they had potential. I recall visiting a friend in San Angelo who owned three mobile home parks and he had a very nice life. Lot’s of open space surrounding these towns.

      I even remember driving through a town named Alpine and thought it was nice as the climate was mild and the people seemed nice. But that was 15 years ago.

      Keep in mind that I consider the cost of living and especially the cost of housing in my analysis, and it’s one of the most important determining factors. All of the areas I mentioned have dirt cheap housing and the cost of living is definitely lower overall than in the populated areas.

  3. Fed policy causes the inflation and now the FED will come out and cure the inflation. Of course that will further consolidate the wealth into the biggest and most powerful outfits, while the small man and small business suffer. Each and every cycle shakes the tree and consolidates the wealth. As the population gets more stupid, the fleecing gets easier.

    Fed’s Bullard Says Markets Underestimating Chances of Higher Rates

    (Bloomberg) — Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said financial markets are underestimating the chances that policymakers will need to be more aggressive next year in raising interest rates to curb inflation.

    “There is still a heavy degree” of expectations that inflation will go away naturally, Bullard said Monday in a webcast interview with MarketWatch and Barron’s.

    US stocks extended losses and Treasury yields rose following Bullard’s comments. New York Fed President John Williams also issued a speech at about the same time saying officials have more work to do to curb inflation that remains “far too high.”

    1. 2020 average YoY inflation was 1.7%.

      2021 average YoY inflation was 4.7%.

      2022 average YoY inflation is shaping up to be 7.7%.

      2023 is going to have a very hard time seeing similarly high inflation numbers unless the SoS plans something crazy. But I have a feeling it’s still going to be well above the Fed’s arbitrary 2% target –probably in the 3%-4% range.

      The SoS narrative is that QE is no longer sustainable because of “inflation” that was magically never a problem during 8 years of QE under Obama. So I don’t think they will let inflation go back to 2% or lower (because QE is done for now), but the SoS won’t manage to keep it above 5%. Still means more hikes and more pain for the markets.

      1. It’s amazing how real yields have been this negative for so long. I never thought the investor would willingly accept it. If they accept it, I will have to recalibrate my timeline estimation on QEs demise. It could last longer than I originally thought under my initial assumptions.

      2. If they are changing their policies of QE what it tells us clearly is that they are not resources enough to pay for the incurred debts and obligations.

        The Fed is looking domestically but is looking externally too and no no no, “inflation” is not their real problem, they won’t blame themselves telling us governments excessive debts are impossible to pay.

        In Europe and UK with the gas price up and electricity up there is no way governments can increase the necessary amount in direct taxes to balance their budgets in a decreasing output economy without loosing face and showing their true colors.

        WE is just very industrialized and it runs and needs lots of energy and gas.

        January is gonna be very tough here as variable mortgage rates are revised with the resulting pain in domestic families, 50% increase in real money for the average mortgage, and the hikes in public pension system.

        Here in Spain the government is tied by law to rise pensions with the IPC, about 8 % this year, in an ageing country with millions of pensioners, and growing, this is gonna be a lot of money. The same goes along in this region.

        As they can not raise their revenues by taxes the old dirty trick of inflation will be.

        We see what happens, but if they can’t pay for their debts banks and governments got the easy path of printing lots of money without backing resources, as German Weimar Republic’s hyper-inflationary politics where.

        And who came to power after the Weimar Republic’s overprinting of the German government and central bank?…

        Adolf Hitler.

        Yes, after all the pain they endured the Germans elected the worst megalomaniac in history as their “leader”.

        I am afraid the SoS banking families and governments are paving the way for the next global catastrophe.

  4. If I were a traditional Catholic and looking for the truth of the original church, and had that longing as we wind up this age, I would seriously consider locating to St Mary’s Kansas.

    Move to where the heart is and there are so many wonderful places here in the United States. Take a look at this video and look at all those people there. Like people. Stop watching the demoralizing media. God will soon come and put an end to the wretchedness that we have to endure as the remnant.

    We are near the end, so go where your heart leads you.

    Building a home worthy of the Immaculata

    1. Do you have any thoughts as to how long it’s going to be before Armageddon? I’m trying to watch the signs and it looks like the end to me – but I don’t know.

      Do you think people should move to the country and try to farm? I’m so uncertain – I read so much fear-mongering that it’s hard to decide what path to take. We know something is afoot – I just don’t know what.

      I don’t know whether to buy land or risk our savings in the stock market. So many said the banks will steal your money and to get it out because of the bail-in laws. Do you think this?

  5. Just a note: I think you are missing the detail that the current changes are still freemasonic.

    1. Indeed. The synagogue of Satan banking families took over the secret societies, and especially Freemasonry, in the late 1700s and began to reshape it here in North America after they established the First Bank of the United States in 1792. With Rothschild money, the synagogue began to design Washington DC in its image. Freemasonry from 250 years ago is different than Freemasonry today. I’m not a Freemason nor would I ever sell my soul, though I was invited, but I do know that the founding fathers were nothing like the Freemasons of today nor of those of 150 years ago.

      While most will claim Andrew Jackson was a horrible slave whipping president who was also responsible for killing thousands of Cherokee Indians on the march of tears, I beg to differ. His primary objective while he was president was to get rid of the second Bank of the United States and remove its charter. He succeeded.

      I have no idea why the $20 Federal Reserve notes still has his image. He was Rothschild’s worst enemy.

      1. The reason – that the images of Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are on US currency, is precisely because they would turn over in their graves to know the FED prints our money today. This posting their faces, is a posthumous stab in the back to these men who fought to keep the right to print money, as Constitutionally stipulated, with Congress. They’re laughing behind our backs. So is The Lord God though, because He knows ‘D day’ coming’. (”D’, in this case, for denouement).

  6. An excellent book, that I believe supports what CJ Evans’ article is saying, is ‘La Technique’ by Jacques Ellul (English translation: ‘The Technological Society’). Written in the 1950s, it is remarkably relevant to what we can see going on around us now and why a lot of it is inevitable.

  7. Despite what we hear, the oil keeps flowing and reaching someone on the planet.

    Russian Oil Keeps Gushing Despite Uncertainty Over Price Cap

    (Bloomberg) — Overall crude shipments from Russian ports have yet to show clear evidence of drying up as a result of impending European Union sanctions, despite a massive diversion from Europe to Asia.

  8. After all the bullshit and flawed reasoning dispensed by the alt-world and MSM, the best country in the world to weather the Great Reset is still the US. Cheapest RE for its residents, most freedoms for the unstupid, and best economic prospects.

    It’s easy to take your relatively big balance sheet from the United States or Canada and take it to Mexico, but the people down there hate you for jacking up their costs of living and housing. Nothing worse than a wannabe BSD (big swinging d#$&) walking around in a poor country. Not very Godly, let alone ignorant to the ramifications of one’s actions. So many expats and Christians are willfully ignorant when it pertains to them.

    After what happened from COVID-19, I would never settle in any other Western nation, other than the US. Real estate in Canada, Australia, NZ, England is struggling because investors like me would never contemplate it after looking at what their governments did with lockdowns and other central government dictates.

    1. Inflation is the sneaky way the governments use to default on their debts. It’s an old and dirty trick that allows governments and central banks to continue with the slow, gradual, many many years collapse as population in general don’t have defenses against it.

      It is very simple trick but the cascade of a chain of events that makes money get depreciated as everyone is enforced to pay for their debts is way way complicated so it is not that easy to figure to the common people, so it gets unnoticed to the masses.

      And it works because it is easier for the bankers and prostitute politicians to force raises in prices indirectly than to take the blame on defaulting on their debts.

      How this is done?….

      If the governments are not paying their interest enough, then the owners of this debts, biggest banks and corporations, are forced to raise their prices to their customers. The biggest raise first and so it goes down all the economy to the consumer’s pocket: now your purchasing power has diminished because banker’s and politicians have dictated it. The result: we all are paying more governments debts without we knowing it.

      The Alt-Media are not telling this basic truth. Bollocks, alt-bollocks, alt-them and their stupid alt-readers.

      Meanwhile, the dangerous, magical game of chairs continues wrecking and destroying. It eliminates “innocent” business and individuals one by one, taking a chair away each time the music stops, to start playing again.

      As you guys say it and explain it way better than me, there is not going to be any collapse, we are already in it, step by step, chair by chair, and governments will continue in business as far as they are able to lull and drag people mad with their beautiful, alluring songs.

      Alt-media are living with heaps of corpses rotting away, rags of skin shriveling on their bones… All their alt-followers will be like that if they continue to invest and listen to this crap.

      Better we put beeswax in our crew’s ears, order them to continue to row and tie ourselves to the mast of our ships, as Odysseus did.

    2. I think you are missing the mark. Canada HAS to be the best country to be free to live IF you are somewhat independent, outdoors savvy and not a beacon of toolness to any locals looking to cause trouble for you. Too many millions of hectares to get lost in. The us…not so much.

      1. Agreed. What most people don’t understand is Canada has hardly any police in rural areas. America is a police state. Layers and layers of police.

        The real estate is cheap if you’re looking in the right place. All foreigners talk about is Vancouver and Toronto. That’s a lot of land in between those two hellscapes.

    3. Yes but look at all the police killings! Cops shot to death our neighbor’s unarmed son, beat up a woman from church’s neighbor so bad he had to be hospitalized. They sexually molested a young lady I know during a traffic stop, then charged HER with a nonexistent crime to intimidate, and tampered with the video. Read The Free Thought Project. America has become a violent country, with the violence being perpetrated by government agents. And why is the government arming IRS agents???

      I thought of leaving the country but don’t speak any other language, and don’t think my family would go.

      1. Indeed, the country is a multicultural garbage dump. It’s not as bad around me, but it’s terrible in MD. I am deploying my investments in friendly, homogeneous areas like rural VA (which really isn’t that rural in some regards). This offers my investments better upside as the white flight accelerates moving out to the end of the decade.

        There are places that aren’t so bad. They are mostly white only areas. That’s just the facts. Any white person who owns any SFRs that I talk to confidentially says the same thing. They aren’t stupid.

        The IRS is arming agents, because people don’t pay their taxes. My return is usually about 200 pages long and I pay what I owe and then some. Real estate investors have such amazing tax deductions, and that’s just another item the RE bears forget.

        So, why are the IRS agents being armed? Look at the new guidelines for 2022;
        1) Increased crypto scrutiny
        2) 1099-ks for Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, Paypal payments $600 and over.

        You know how stupid crypto traders and investors are with paying taxes. We also know that many workers and contractors like to get paid via these convenient payment methods. But for 2022, these people will have to report their payment receipts. What a nightmare for these lower end workers who think they can fly under the radar.

        You and me don’t really have to worry about the IRS. If they audit me, it would be a pain in the ass, but they would be ultimately wasting their time and resources. These armed agents will SWAT team Pedro and Jesus who received 50k in Zelle and CashApp payments in 2022, received a 1099K, but didn’t pay a dime in income taxes.

        I record all my Zelle payments and deduct them from rental income. I hope the people I paid declares them.

  9. The great elephant in the room that willfully remains unrecognized. Let me ask you; If the whites and people born here are only slightly increasing their population, why is there such a shortage of housing? It’s great knowing the truth as it is very profitable for me, while the multiculturals proclaim people like me are the enemy. They all unsubscribed a long time ago. Of course, they seek government intervention and are generally much poorer. In terms of the political process, They don’t mean a thing. There will be no collapses as long as the West has open borders and the population and its concomitant spending continue to grow.

    Millions of housing units are needed in the US

    1. Many landlords around my area are pro immigration, since it’s the only way their rentals will get rented out. They are willing to commit culture suicide to do so. Most of the locals that have been here forever already have their houses, their kids usually move away. For those that grow up here, after high school and for the college bound, it is a leaving town. I’ve noticed college towns have tons of rentals, so it’s a good type of market area to dive into, even with competition there are less vacancies. And most that move there don’t plan on staying for more than 2-4 years.

      These next few weeks should be interesting with all the reports coming out. I still think pot stocks are going to uptick a bit soon, everytime Chucky Schumer runs his mouth they pop and at present the bill to decriminalize just has to pass the house which the Dems have a majority now? BBBY has a very high short and I think it could run again, but would need a good PR to make it happen.

    2. CJ, I know that the “adversary” wants to keep the system going, but they know they can’t which is why they already have a new redesigned system ready for us (CBDCs).
      At some point there will have to be a hegelian dialect event (ie collapse blamed on something else, or possibly something less dramatic who knows) which will usher this in.

      You had me until the “invest in single-family real estate” part.
      I suppose I should buy stonks too bc the economy is coming back?

      1. Don’t buy. Less competition for me. The more people like you who think SFRs are a terrible investment the more I know prices are moving higher, much higher.

        You won’t own it and you’ll be happy. According to a nurse from Manhattan who appeared on Rense, as many as 70% of blood samples tested positive for traces of drugs like Xanax. I wonder where that is coming from. People are so docile and sure of their opinions.

        I am not here to sell you. There are hundreds of other bloggers with little talent and a terrible track record who will appeal to your confirmation bias. CBDCs are a red herring at this point. I send and receive a couple dozen Zelle payments a month for rent and expenses. Received in less than a minute. Why have a CBDC? It’s functionally already here.

        I use cash for less than 3-4% of my transactions. While you slept waiting for the CBDC, the infrastructure has been slowly and methodically put in place and you are sleep walking right up to the gallows. You are currently standing on the trap door with no assets, the functional CBDC noose is around your neck and you’re laughing at me.

        1. Who would want to live in the USA where it’s going? The population would be imploding right now if it weren’t for illegal immigrants flooding in, and not the good productive kind. And last I checked, property taxes are already out of control in my state (Texas). Add to that the deaths from the vax are real and happening at a faster rate. Real estate is not the place to be.
          Do I need to remind you the decades of sustained unrealistic price growth of real estate that has already happened? How much more can it go up? In real terms, it can’t. Young people are already priced out of the market.
          And single families?! Have you checked the marriage rate lately?
          I’m starting to wonder if you are even for real, or cointel.

          1. I want to live in the USA. The whole world is imploding. I will stay here, because it offers me the best chance at surviving. I have the wits and wherewithal to know a con, but know that the unstupid can survive here.

            If the authorities took away my assets, I would rebuild. I know how things work. Property taxes in TX are high, but the jurisdictions need to make money somehow. So, you have little income taxes, etc, but the budgets must be met.

            Moreover, property prices in TX are dirt cheap compared to elsewhere, because the higher property taxes are fleshed out in lower capitalized values.

            House prices in the US are the cheapest in the world vs. incomes, save Saudi Arabia and South Africa, and do you want to live there? Arguing from incredulity or shilling your desires doesn’t make it so.

            You are incorrectly making me sound like a one-string banjo. I am not saying to exclusively own SFRs to exclusion of everything else. I always say own income-generating assets. Take your pick, depending on your talents and take a page out of Buffett’s book in this regards.

            BTW young people don’t matter anymore. People without assets don’t matter anymore. A voter doesn’t matter anymore. You and I don’t matter anymore. The quicker you realize that, the faster you will get on with life. You don’t matter. That’s sad, but true. Marriage rates are in the toilet and that works well for RE and all income-generating assets. Broken families and broken dreams creates tremendous demand.

            You won’t own anything. You will rent it out. The way the trends are working, 2030 sounds about right. JPM will own your house in TX and will have gotten it for a song while you argued that TX real estate was too high because of property taxes.

            1. Sorry for so many questions but I’m struggling to learn. Our property taxes have gone through the roof. We’re looking to leave but I don’t know where. What are your thoughts about Florida? At least you don’t have to pay for heat there and the growing season is long. Many caution to stay away from Florida but the weather is a big draw. If the powers that be stop us from buying heating oil, gas, or electric then at least we could survive the cold there. These smart meters are apparently a nightmare and homeowners are being forced to get them with police there to stop homeowners objections. It’s happening now in VA.

              What other income-generating assets are there besides rentals?

              Why do you say that broken marriages and dreams create demand?

            2. Broken hopes and dreams breaks up families. Instead of having a husband and wife living with their children, we now have a mother and father of those children, each living on their own. One household is now two and multiplied by the millions creates a lot of low-end housing demand. Let’s face it, broken homes and different multitypes have children born from lust and have been duped by the adversary’s media to live such a lifestyle. How sophisticated can they be to not even see what they do as being controlled? Non-PC psychologists would call it egosyntonic behavior.

              Moreover, they curse their children into living a life of sadness to not even know what it’s like to be from an intact home like the one in which I was raised. Boy, I took a lot for granted growing up. Not anymore as I view a nation of pathetic sad sacks from broken homes all screaming about hate. Meanwhile these cursed progeny go out and live reprobate lives that mirror their favorite TikTok influencer.

              Anyway we slice it, housing demand grows tremendously. If we can’t convince the people what they are doing is immoral and misguided, we might as well exploit them like livestock and make money by being their landlord.

              I have always said to own stocks. Own dividend-paying stocks. For someone my age, long-term holders don’t sweat this. The younger folk who have little life experience are the ones criticizing me while they run around like their hair is on fire screaming collapse. they just don’t have the perspective and probably tuned into to AJ for the first time after Trump became president.

              I know of a guy who bought Dow Chemical back in 1992 and his annual dividend yield is more 60% based on his cost basis. He owns beachfront commercial spaces on the beach in DE. He sits at home collecting rent.

              You have to figure out what you’re good at. Not every business is losing money. The ones that lose money have no idea what we talk about. They base their financial and strategic decisions on lies. Base your business decisions on the truth we discuss.

    3. Why IS there a shortage of housing? And what is the reason for white hate now? I thought it was to cause turmoil by pitting whites against blacks. I’ve seen videos of blacks who are disgusted by critical race theory stuff. We live in harmony where we’re at – there’s no racial issues. It’s such a shame the media is trying to cause them.

      I don’t understand why you’re saying there will be no collapse as long as the West has open borders. Why? I read that as soon as people come into the country they go on welfare and get an EBT card. I know a doctor who left CA because he said we can’t keep giving out free medical care. Add the millions of Americans on disability and you know that can’t last. States are looking for money and have been leaning on tradesmen I heard – trying to levy huge fines for inconsequential ‘offenses.’ Look at these states trying to take someone’s home for parking on the grass, or not paying a 12 cent tax bill.

      1. There is a shortage in housing, because the non-whites spit out kids at a rapid clip and they tend to have broken homes. Rather than hurting housing, this raises demand and ultimately price and rent equilibrium. Moreover, government policy encourages this behavior as welfare benefits and media show it in a positive light. Single mothers can’t get married, they lose their benefits.

        The second real reason working-class housing is in such short supply is also the fact that the gov’t continually lowballs illegal alien levels. The gov’t encourages massive waves of non-white, non-Christian, non-English speaking people with lower IQ levels. These people overwhelm people like us. This is why I keep saying that if you are a housing bear, you will continually be swimming upstream. Over time, the low end population of illegals and foreign multicolored dregs will keep such a persistent and massive upward pressure on house costs, while regulations and building costs preclude any of that housing from ever being built.

        Those who suffer from Orwellian crimestop regarding the PC thoughtcrime of racism will never agree with this, but they will keep falling further behind financially. They will not allow themselves to admit what we already know; the truth.

      1. It starts by avoiding all blue areas. For instance, I started purchasing properties away from the DC area and suburban MD, and am deploying capital to more rural VA. In Strasburg VA, for instance, it’s still 85% Caucasian and the government and people are so much more friendly and honest. House prices are lower, but with decent rents, the cap rates are slightly higher than elsewhere I am currently invested.

        There are many areas in the South and Mid-Atlantic Appalachian areas that have not yet been destroyed by the multicultural sodomite mindset. I would go there. The whole I-81 corridor in VA is nice for me and open for business.

        Knowing what we know is so valuable, and helps us to overcome adversity while those around us are falling apart. Thus, we can live in many areas that otherwise many unwashed preppers would recommend we avoid.

        I also recommend particular regions within many of the former rust belt state areas in OH, IN, KY, MO. Eastern TN and Western NC is nice, too. How about the rural NE quarter of KS? For you Catholics out there, do some research on St. Mary’s, KS. Housing is insanely cheap in some of these regions and the areas are largely red. For its local residents, the RE in some of these areas is the cheapest in the world! Also, population densities are much lower in these forgotten areas than in suburbia and the larger towns and cities. This includes the states I just mentioned. Refer to a county population density map from the US census bureau to help with a search.

        Have a contingency plan established if there is anything that happens, with a bug out place and plan.

        While the Western US is still the best in terms of population densities and overall government intervention, it is so much more expensive now than a decade ago and a lot of dumb refugees from the blue states with lots of cash have made those areas too expensive for housing and cost of living fundamentals. Stay away from these TV watching preppers.

        NE NV is still my favorite area in the country, at least idealistically speaking, but it’s not financially and economically practical for me or my family. Moreover, these areas took the Covid bait and were sometimes relatively draconian in their lockdown measures. This is why I will not recommend CO nor NM. Las Vegas was terrible while Elko was okay.

        There are so many excellent and cheap areas to establish oneself. Most areas are in the overlooked and forgotten parts. You’ll see that the areas I mention will be heavily Caucasian with only a few percent Hispanics and multicolored foreigner aliens. This benefits the Eastern US strategic areas over the Western. Crime will be much higher in the multicultural areas, so choose wisely and don’t be afraid to be considered racist when making up your mind.

        1. You are barking up the wrong tree as usual pj. There is NO way the locals and I mean Deliverance types are going to allow young white geeks to traipse all over their lands and even property that is up for sale will be eyed enviously by rural VA original land “barons”. I have seen this phenomenon in action in a couple of instances where peeps are trying to buy a few acres that has been coveted by original locals that can’t seem to come up with the cash to buy but are very angry and belligerent to anyone trying to acquire said land or resources their family has coveted for years. Please don’t steer anyone wrong with your flippant comments. You’ll get people hurt. Believe me.

            1. Don’t listen to this guy. He’s there to bring discord with little solutions. I think what we’re discussing on this website is a great place to start. If you like the Northwest then I would recommend going there. My only concern about many places in the country is that the price of housing has gotten to be too expensive versus the local economy. I mentioned a lot of different areas around the country as I think there are more options out there than many people think. Personally, I think it starts with looking for a homogeneous demographic with cheaper house prices and a decent economy. I have looked into West virginia, for example, as it’s probably only a half hour to 45 minutes west of where I am now concentrating and the economy seems much more depressed when I drive through. There’s a certain vibe that can be demoralizing to certain people. However it’s mostly White and house prices are cheap. I’m sticking to the Eastern side of the border in Virginia. There are a lot of options, a lot more than most preppers believe.

        2. We were looking to purchase land in the south – unfortunately we’re from a blue state – and the realtor asked me outright if we were Democrats. He said they destroy everything they get in. I said “No” but we lost the sale. I can’t say that I blame those people for not wanting those from blue states in their midst. Doesn’t quite help those of us conservatives who happened to live in a blue state.

          Do you foresee a race war? It looks like that’s what the powers that be are trying to start.

          I was in the doctors office and was shocked at all the people speaking other languages. I hadn’t realized just how many people from other countries have come here. My spouse went into a store and a foreign woman was angry that the clerk didn’t speak her language and was screaming at her. The poor clerk turned to my spouse for help and he doesn’t speak any other language.

          I know a lot of elderly Americans are turned away from the pharmacy because they can’t afford the copays for critical medication. They stand at the counter and cry. No one is reporting on this genocide.

          What do you foresee will happen as a result of this huge influx? What exactly are the powers that be trying to accomplish?

          1. The powers want to destroy white western civilization. They hate whites and Christianity. I keep begging my fellow Caucasian to be the landlord and not to be steamrolled by the government.

            The government hates white people. It has been taken over and the only elected officials are those that promote anti-white policy. The same thing goes for the media and corporate America.

            Funny thing, the whites own it all. I read an article a month or so ago which said that whites bought 88% of all houses during a survey period from last year to this year. Owning a home takes responsibility.

            In fact, the share of first-time buyers in the market during the survey period (July 2021 through June 2022) dropped to just 26%, the lowest figure since the association began issuing the report 41 years ago. The typical first-time buyer was 36 years old, an all-time high; the average age of repeat homebuyers was 59, also a record.

            White buyers made up 88% of all home sales during the survey period, a 25-year high. The percentage of Latino or Hispanic buyers moved up slightly, but Blacks and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders saw their homebuying numbers dwindle.


            Unfortunately, they are winning and the demoralized whites in the US are turning out to be like the whites in South Africa. They no longer pose any threat and there will be no race war AS LONG AS THE PEOPLE HAVE THEIR ASSETS!

            You want a race war? Collapse real estate prices. The whities will go nuts. And mark my words, the adversary is in perfect control as it morphs its financial system into the desired result.

            Keep buying rentals and be the landlord. Buy in a few jurisdictions, and for the love of God, get out of Florida!

          1. That’s an interesting video.

            When we discuss which state is better for a person, we paint with a broad brush as there are so many different areas within each state. In Virginia where I live, for instance, I would never recommend Northern Virginia, Richmond area, nor the Norfolk area. As one goes west of the Shenandoah however, you see that there are very little minorities and that it’s still mostly white. Of course, the county governments there are so much more friendly and property taxes are about a third of what they would be in NoVA. On the Eastern seaboard, we interface with the county governments at a much higher rate than out west.

            The eastern half of Washington State is a good place and I had recommended to a couple people in the past about investing in SFRs in Spokane. This was back in 2018 and 2019 when prices were more reasonable. The problem with many of the prime areas in the West is that prices have gotten so much more expensive versus their historic averages.

            We need to move forward and leave the areas with a lot of minorities and foreigners. We need to migrate out of these areas and into more homogeneous ones. The time is now. Optimally, I would desire to go to many of the Rocky mountain areas, but it is impractical for me and for many of the people who read these words, it’s too expensive as well.

            Another state I like is Wyoming. The problem is the Fed owns so much of the land that any housing there is very expensive versus what the locals can afford. Once again, it’s out of state money that comes in like a bull in the china shop. When it comes to living, I refer the reader to that table listing house price to income multiples in cities around the country. I think that’s an interesting place for many people to start.

            I also think the eastern half of Oregon is an interesting place to look, while I would never recommend the Western half. I have a sister who lives in Portland and that should be enough to tell you to stay out of that area. Our world views are diametrically opposed.

        1. I watched a Joel Skousen interview from a few weeks ago and he also began to adjust some of his philosophy regarding relocation areas. He softened his tone regarding some of the red and sparsely populated areas in the former rust belt states and other places like the Appalachians as well as certain areas of Missouri, etc., because housing has gotten so expensive in most of the regions he traditionally recommends.

          The BLM owns so much of the land out in the West and outsiders come in with so much cash and blow house prices out of the water. If someone has money and can bring it in from the outside, his traditional recommendations are still the best, but working for a wage in MT or ID and buying a house there gets to be too expensive an endeavor for many.

          Joel mentioned that he prefers to work with the average guy, and now knows that many of his traditionally recommended areas are out of reach for many of his followers and clients. I hear him often lamenting about the prices of real estate in Utah, and a quick check on Zillow indicates how outrageous prices have gotten there.

          I think there are a lot more people who sense impending catastrophe and that’s why real estate prices in many of these strategic areas have been bid up to such astronomical levels. It’s mostly white money leaving the blue areas and it’s as if they are in panic mode to leave where they used to live.

          1. My hunch is that these out of state people leaving the blue states for places like Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana are liberals who will turn these states blue and bring with them the crime and high taxes as well as the multiculturalism. So long for the original character of these places. In addition, they will bring in the development of open land and more crowds.

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