Is Trump’s job finally done? Will he still help throw 2024, too?

The chickens have come home to roost for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. After he stuck his nose in the state’s Republican primary process last May against the guidance of his most loyal advisors, many of his once-devoted followers now say they are done with the former president.

Trump backed far-right nationalist Doug Mastriano for governor and celebrity heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz for US Senate in this state over much more logical choices — in Oz’s case, businessman and politician David McCormick. And both lost to Democrats on Tuesday.

Their losses had a ripple effect down-ballot, costing the Republicans not just a US Senate seat they once held as well as the governor’s office, but also three congressional seats in the House of Representatives that were up for grabs plus the majority in the state house.

Trump voters are ‘done’ with ex-president: ‘He needs to disappear’ NY Post

In addition to any key vote rigging that allowed the Dems to remain in control, Trump’s job may now be complete. Trump was a liberal democrat from NYC, and once gave liberally to democratic candidates. During the 90s, Trump was often seen with the Clintons on Page Six of the NY Post and traveled in those circles.

But it seems Trump took a page out of his own book, and like a contestant on The Apprentice, Trump exploited an untapped branding and promotional opportunity as a carpetbagger conservative, and the rest, as we say, is history.

I noticed throughout all of the investigations, including tax evasion, obstruction of justice, espionage, and lying under oath, Trump still cashes out hundreds of million on his unfrozen RE assets through obscure banking facilitators.

As we can see, it’s clearly evident that Trump is a hired hand for the synagogue of Satan and he has performed an important task. Trump has enriched himself and made a huge splash in the media by selling his constituents down the river. He’s bankrupted many companies over the decades and he is working feverishly with the synagogue to bankrupt the United States and turn it into a reprobate multicultural cesspool.

Unfortunately for many of the conservative voters, they’ve been dumbed down with the rest of the population and they’re only now starting to see Trump as the charlatan he really is. Only now have they realized that Trump supported unelectable candidates.

But how many more elections will Trump throw into the democrats favor? Will Trump have enough influence over the dumb Republican and independent voters to crash and burn the 2024 elections as well? Time will tell.

But one thing is for sure, Trump still is a terrific promoter of the Democratic party and its causes, as he was also in the 80s and ’90s, while being the biggest proponent of the death jabs. And yet many in the alt-media still support him. I haven’t checked what Alex Jones has been saying lately, but the two are still thick as thieves, destroying conservatism from within.

In fact, the Republican hierarchy has done a terrific job in throwing an election. The Democratic party has done everything it could to make sure it would be crushed at the polls, yet it seems the Republican brass made a bunch of “missteps” that somehow caused the Democrats to retain control.

If I hated the US as a sovereign nation, hated white conservativism, was truly a promotor of Democratic party causes, or was on the synagogue’s payroll to destroy from within, I would enter politics as a Republican and rise up the ranks of party leadership only to make strategic “mistakes” that allowed the enemy to win.

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22 thoughts on “Is Trump’s job finally done? Will he still help throw 2024, too?

  1. Guess who else has suddenly “become” a hard right conservative/republican? Elon Musk. Yes- a tech mogul from the tribe. Happens all the time, hah. Of course one of his primary dreams is to jack your head directly into the internet. And they are building the tech right now. (Neuralink) And launching the control grid of 5,000 satellites. No theories here- these are facts.

  2. Earlier today a story popped up on Yahoo with a photo of Musk and in the background was his Twitter sign up year. 2009. That got me thinking how significant that year is. So I did some quick research –

    Facebook is said to have “took off” in 2009.
    Bitcoin launched in 2009.
    Trump’s Twitter began in 2009.
    QE launched in 2009.
    Obama became president in 2009.
    H1N1 was in 2009.
    First International Day of Climate Action was in 2009.

    I’m sure there are more significant events but my point is these events are all carefully structured and not a coincidence. Today we are living the result.

  3. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. He showed his true colors with the COVID situation, the constant division/hatred, and the election fiasco (not hiring the best lawyers to clean up his division antics; which were in wide display during the 2020 Summer Riots).

    Also, the division and hatred wasn’t just against the ‘enemies’ on the left. But against his own household – during the early debates against his fellow republicans. Now he’s going after his own again. Judge him by his fruit. Did he do some good things while he was in office? Sure — but even the devil gives you some truths along with the lie. Those are the best type of lies. The best thing for Trump is to retire, and let DeSantis run the show. Can’t stop the freight train from falling off the cliff, but can definitely slow it down.

    1. I agree with you Otto. If Trump is a good man, he should step aside and let Desantis run for President. Trump has sowed a lot of destruction and as a result the midterm elections have been a disaster for the opposition party. Does not look like there will be a positive change in direction.

  4. Your points on Trump are well taken – his advocacy of the covid clot shot vaxx was, in human terms, unforgiveable and the last straw for me. Not to mention his bellicosity at GOP figures and ultimate failure to “drain the swamp”. Indeed, he let the swamp flourish and his relationship with Hillary is something out of a WWE show. But he was still 100x the president Obama was or Biden is.

    But I think your capitulating to pedo-marxist democratic party dogma by suggesting he was responsible for the GOP midterm performance. Nope. IMO, it was Vote rigging, which is now incredibly simple to do and well hidden, if done with enough plausible deniability. Mike Lindell has done incredible work on documenting vote fraud of this type. The term “election denier” is a well crafted ferociously employed weapon to have GOPers bow the knee to the Dem narrative. Never question vote fraud, or we will destroy you.

    John Fetterman got 52% of the vote – really? I doubt he got 35%. But the dems would never have put forth a stuttering zombie who wants to let murderers out of prison if they did not believe they had the tools (rigging) to get him elected and basically punk the American public. Massive drop and roll vote spikes for him during the election night are a pattern seen in other races for dems. So a state’s angry electorate that voted for Trump in 2016, now elected Fetterman because they were upset with Trump? That defies deductive reasoning. Which is why the marxists promote it.

    I saw the massive fraud firsthand here in AZ where Trump had mega thousands at his rallies and Biden could barely fill a phone booth with his supporters. Trump won AZ, IMO, by many hundreds of thousands of votes. The fraud was immense.

    1. I think there was vote fraud in this midterm election as well as 2020. The Democrats did a better job at masking the vote fraud this time because in 2020 it was a bit too obvious. They also used other shenanigans to enhance there chances of election such as crossing over into Republican primaries to elect the worst candidate.

      It is also interesting that if one discusses vote fraud either in 2020 election or 2022 election they get shunned in the business community, shunned socially, and harassed to no end. If there was no vote fraud then why all this social distancing against those who discuss it. Why all the suppression against discussing vote fraud. It is obvious they are trying to hide something.

      I myself am shocked to see Fetterman get elected. He looks like a Satanist besides being out of it mentally like Biden. Either the voters are real stupid ( no surprise there) or there was ballot box stuffing for Fetterman. I am not surprised that there were alot of ballot dumps for Fetterman in places like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

      The polls right before Election Day indicated Republican candidates being ahead or tied in these races. Yet they still loss by bigger than expected margins. It is very suspicious where all these additional Democratic votes came from. There seems to be little plausible explanation for this unless the polling was way off.

      Voting no longer matters. These people are not elected they are installed. The election process only gives the foolish masses the illusion that they have a choice.

  5. I think most Trump supporters only lost faith in Trump when he started calling Desantis names. As far as elections go with all the mail in ballots, drop boxes etc how do we have any idea what is legit? we dont. Anything change from 2020 election where they were pulling boxes out from under tables in the middle of the night? Just seen this article about ballots being found in CA

    1. The aim4truth site states DeSantis is a member of the St. Elmo society (a part of the larger British Pilgrim society) since his days at Yale.

  6. > it’s clearly evident that Trump is a hired hand for the synagogue of Satan

    If this were the case then they wouldn’t need to bother killing that poor soul, the boyfriend of Governor’s Kemp daughter.

    Now whatever deal Trump may have made with the SoS to keep his riches and his family intact after his pathetic presidency was over is a different matter. He may very well be a hired hand by now, but I doubt he was one at the start of it all. It is a mystery to me – what actual forces were behind Trump back in 2016, what were they hoping to achieve and how could they be so naïve about the actual state of affairs. It is technically possible this was some kind of a Boomer coup in 2016, where some higher standing Boomer general(s) somewhere might have arranged for (un-)rigging the voting machines in Trump’s favor, hoping naively that giving him presidential powers would be enough to change the course for the country. Again, I have no idea what actually happened, but it is certainly very bizarre.

    1. There was a statement I read in a comment section early 2016 that went something like this:

      “My contact with the Families has informed me that Donald Trump is the protected candidate”.

      I followed that comment writer for a while, read his books and then some time in 2020 he went dark – so far he has not been incorrect about anything he wrote and has now “retired”. He made a post that linked to this site and stated there was truth to be found here, he was also correct about that.

    1. Much of it has to do with the drop post CPI and the reduction of inflation expectations. I also think the stories about reduced demand from places like AMZN as well as price reductions in transportation costs and headcounts have been weighing on inflation growth expectations. As someone just pointed out on the comments section, YoY inflation numbers may start to fade soon as well, unless new catalysts emerge. There is also talk of fading Ukraine problems with Russia. Lots of pressure being released.

      Of course, the elections buffoonery is not helping either.

      Whether or not this continues is up to the narrative. Hopefully we see a respite from the script.

    2. I recall this conference call from November 2nd

      C.H. Robinson confirms 650 workers were laid off amid freight market slowdown

      In a November 2, 2022, earnings call to report third quarter results, President and CEO of C.H. Robinson Bob Biesterfeld expressed concern over the state of the economy and hinted at plains to cut company costs:

      “Today, we believe that we are entering a time of slower economic growth where freight markets will continue to cool from their peaks and will operate more reliably and at more normalized rates, with fewer disruptions. These changes in market conditions, coupled with many successful endeavors on our digital roadmap directed at scaling our model to be more efficient, are allowing us to take actions to structurally reduce our overall cost structure.“

  7. Trump has really been a liability to the Republican party for the 2022 midterm elections. He is a very divisive person. Most of the candidates he endorsed, especially here in New Hampshire, have lost the midterms. I am convinced he is set up to make the Republicans look bad and pave the way for one party rule by the Democrats who serve the synagogue of satan. It is true that Trump was close friends with the Clintons and there are pictures to prove it. Also Trump has given money to the Democrats back in the 2000s. The real ass kicker is that Trump has spoken a lot of praise for Obama after Obama got elected in 2008. Here is a webpage to prove it:

    Trump also praised Obamacare back in 2009. Who’s side is he really on?

    Trumpism has made many more Democrats out of voters who used to be moderate Republicans. The Republicans have lost support of the suburbs outside of major cities that used to vote consistently Republican. I have seen it first hand here in southern New Hampshire.

    The Republicans really blew a great opportunity in this midterm election. They had everything in their favor. I am still dumbfounded as to where these democrat votes came from but I think Trump is a major reason. The Republicans are proving to be a faint , wet paper tiger opposition.

    I also think that the USA is trending to the left as more of the brainwashed self entitled younger people(who are mostly socialist and pro abortion) come out to vote. Also there are a lot more foreigners who are allowed to vote and they vote mostly Democrat. The other trend favoring socialists is that the older more conservative people are dying off. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans and if the registered Democrats come out and vote in big proportions then there is no stopping the Democrats. I think this was a factor in this midterm elections as they want to stop Trump supporters at all costs. Democrats love extra voters and high turnout as they tend to vote Democrat. The Socialist democrats will be in complete control going forward.

    In addition, I think a lot of vote fudging such as stuffed ballot boxes and invalidating votes for the opposition have played a role in this election as well.

    The USA as those 50 and older remember as a child is gone. Ronald McDonald has retired, Bugs Bunny is permanently in his rabbit hole, and Howard Johnsons are a distant, faint memory. Welcome to your new multicultural toilet bowl where crime and drugs run rampant, vaccines will be mandatory or otherwise fines and no groceries, and you will be forbidden to own guns. If you defend yourself against the crime then you will be the criminal. This is a sad time for us older people who remember the USA in the 80s and before.

    The lesson that we should all learn after the surprising midterm results is that you CANNOT count on mortal sinful people to change things for you. Voting does NOT work nor does it count. You can only change yourself by getting your spiritual house in order by opening up to Jesus Christ. Study the Bible and act on its lessons. The only reliable being in this world is the sinless Jesus Christ who died for us to pay for our sins. There will be tough times for us remnant Christians in the next 7-10 years, but stay under the wing of God and you will find God’s heavenly kingdom which is infinitely better than any place on this earth.

    What we need to do is to find likeminded true Christians like ourselves and bond together. There is comfort in being around likeminded people who understand your Christian beliefs however small the group may be. We may need to move to a safer location as more and more parts of the USA is turning socialist blue. We may be in for an exodus II.

      1. Fetterman looks like a devil worshiper.
        Ivanka and Desantis most likely are up to bat soon.

        Keep in mind with all the BTC and equity selling that was going on, there are also those that were buying that sell off. Lots of increased puts and short % the last month and last few weeks. That CPI pump included alot of short coverings. They make money on the way up and on the way down, then on the way back up again. Rigged and manipulated so bad that grade school kids can see it.

        Just like the voting machines, I believe the lottery is rigged too. I doubt they would let some average joe or janie win hundreds of millions. The pick 3/4 or little lotto probably isn’t rigged. There is like an hour when the machines shut down and that would give the computers enough time to pick any number combination that hasn’t been picked or a predetermined one.

    1. Remember that under Trump, GOP also lost the 2018 midterms. Therefore, Trump has caused the GOP to lose 2018, 2020, and 2022. Even Fox News is calling for the Right to dump his fat ass.

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