It starts with a dream

As an Israelite remnant, I am attracted to the notion of forming my own jurisdiction. I would be willing to live in a tent whilst I built a cabin, and tend to my own needs. I would convince other like-minded and like people to join me in this second exodus.

It would be a lot of work, but instead of coming to an existing country and trying to make it into my own, I would start a new country. I wouldn’t waste my time looking to make a piece of the pie. I would cook my own pie from scratch. I would only allow a certain few to join, but they would have to be like Christians. The Bible would be the primary textbook, and I would teach the children to not be like the Christians from the other countries. They would be trained to spot outsiders and enemies. They would be industrious and we would raise a Gideon army to fight and defend our ways of life.

Unfortunately, in this world of Daniel’s iron and clay, there’s no place left to run. All four corners of the globe have been overrun by the synagogue of Satan and their open borders heathen they bring with them. If given the chance I would run away from all the NT-only laodicean Christians and go back to the entire Bible as a template for my proposed nation.

There would be no usury, no digital tracking and tracing, no demoralizing and PC 501c3 pastors like Chuck Lawson, no cameras, and only a government to the extent that we would need to defend ourselves in unity as the nation, and the reason why is because we wouldn’t need any of this garbage.

It starts with a dream.


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26 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. CJ Evans I love your dream. We need to bring God and the Bible back into everyday life such as the schools, the media, and government that is based on the bible. The USA used to be like that in the 1800s and early 20th century and that’s what made the USA great. There was wholesomeness encouraging families, service to community, and belief in the Bible. Even in those days there were people who were atheists and did not follow the Bible BUT they were outcasts and relegated to the margins of the community.

    The USA as it is today is totally a cultural toilet bowl these days. The latest midterm elections clearly reflect that. If you are a God loving Christian white person then most parts of the USA are NOT for you. The USA electorate are retards and they vote for a government run by satan loving psychopaths. The USA is infiltrated by foreigners who worship other Gods and the midterm elections reflect this. Us Christians need an exodus to a land where we can set up our own God worshipping kingdom with Jesus Christ as our spiritual king. We need to associate with other likeminded Christians to the exclusion of anyone else.
    The USA is over and out.

    1. There is a clear reason why God did NOT want the Israelites to mix with any other ethnic groups in the area as mentioned in the old testament. The other ethnic groups were Demon worshipping people with low intelligence that were guided by murderous psychopathic priests. The Israelites were ordered by God to clear these people out and NOT to mingle with them for good reason because they were a bad influence. See Joshua 23:7:

      “that you may not mix with these nations remaining among you or make mention of the names of their gods or swear by them or serve them or bow down to them,”

      The Bible is very clear about NOT welcoming everyone into the group because people who don’t worship God nor carry Christian values bring down the whole group and destroy the community. This is a clear reason why ancient Israel fell into sin and became no more as a nation. The Israelites commingled with the demon worshipping outside races and started worshipping these demons.

      The USA is following this same exact path into sin and decay as we allow outsiders into this country with non-Christian values that worship other Gods. Even better we allow these people to vote and determine our government that as a result no longer serves us.

      1. I was correct when the “Red Wave ” would not materialize. However the midterm elections still left me very depressed and scratching my head as it reminded me that the USA is lost. Here we have the pre election polls indicating that a big majority do not support Biden’s policies yet the voters return the same people that support the incompetent non-president. The polls right before election indicated a red wave that just did not materialize. I think there are several factors at play:

        1) The Democrats crossed over and voted for the losing Republican candidates in the Republican primaries knowing they would lose. They also advertised against Republican candidates that could beat the Demonrats and also promoted incompetent Republican candidates in the primaries.

        2) The trending Demographics favor Liberals such as brainwashed self entitled younger voters, minorities, brainwashed women, and recent immigrants who could vote legally and illegally. The old white conservatives are dying off.

        3) There is vote fudging in favor of the Democrats such as stuffed ballot boxes in the big cities that are heavily Demonrat, voting machines that flip votes for the Demonrats, fake mail in ballots for the democrats.

        4) While the Republicans energized their base, the Democrats also energized their base as well and there are more democrat voters than republicans.

        5) Abortion was a bigger issue than most polls indicated. Younger women love to murder babies so they can be a slut.

        6) I guess the Republicans did not get enough votes from independents.

        7) The democrats are much more clever at getting votes than the republicans are.

        8) All Trump backed candidates failed by design.

        9) There are enough brainwashed retard voters who will always vote for the Democrats for the free entitlements. The Democrats got these people to come out in droves.

        The Republicans are incompetent opposition and Trump is set up to destroy the Republican party paving the way for Democrat takeover of the whole USA to be like Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, and California.

        The upshot of the midterm election result is that the USA is no longer the country that I grew up in 50 years ago. Ronald McDonald and Grimace are long gone. The USA will be a one party country run by progressive Democrats resulting in a multicultural toilet bowl where English will be one of many languages and crime and drug abuse will be rampant. Thanks to the Democrats, the USA will be a country of slaves sucking of the government tit where there will be a small group of wealthy privileged class of overlords. Most Americans love to vote for their own self destruction. They will get what they ask for.
        By the way, there will be vaccine mandates in order to do anything and you will not be allowed to own guns to defend yourself. Working for a living does not pay as 80% of your income will be taxed away AND there will be strict collection efforts. Voting is a waste of time if you are anything but a progressive liberal.

        Welcome to 1984/Soylent Green/Brave New world all rolled into one that is the USA today.

        CJ Evans suggestion to be an asset owner is the only way to survive in this new satanic world. The USA is done so prepare for it while there is still time as there is not much time left.

        1. Somehow, the red wave DID hit in Florida- where the election process has been reformed and the votes are all counted in one day. Hmmm…

          1. Florida has to remain red, so DeSantis can look like a champ for 2024. The synagogue wants DeSantis to be the formidable candidate.

            The synagogue wants to make some sort of Ron versus Don debate, but hopefully Trump will be dead by then. Even so, DeSantis would clean Trump’s clock in any debate. I am impressed with the way DeSantis presents himself. He says the right things and acts the right way. Let’s see how events unfold.

            Of course, I have no iron in the fire on this, but if DeSantis can prove to be electable, I would go with him if only to slow down this satanic freight train for a couple more years.

        2. Well said Andrei. The adversary knows what it’s doing by mingling the United States. It’s all a process over many years. But every action adds up to what we see today. Even taking the Holy Bible out of the schools and government. Then dropping things like evolution in the schools. It gets young people from Christian families to question if God can be trusted in his word. Science says one thing. And God says another. So if God can’t be trusted in Genesis, then how can he be trusted in Revelation?

          Indoctrinating the young women, especially. I read a study – 90% of the divorces are initiated by the woman if she’s college educated. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The adversary knows if you want to destroy the nuclear family you have to go after the woman. If you can convince them it’s in their best interest to worship their career life, and to sleep around; then men don’t have much reason to get married. So it all leads to fornication, adultery, and abortions. Not what God intended at all, and goes against the Holy Scriptures.

          The good thing about the United States is the gun rights and all the different states we have. There are states that lean left, and some are far left. I would move away from these areas ASAP. There’s going to come a time when our faith is going to be put to the absolute test. But until that time comes – move to a place that leans conservative.

          But for New Jerusalem — the wicked won’t be allowed to enter. No free immigration policy in God’s New Jerusalem:
          Revelation 22:15:

          “Outside are the dogs those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”

          Let the un-believers worry about made up things like climate change. Revelation makes no mention of climate change being responsible for the destruction of the earth, and the beginning of new earth. Seek God’s Kingdom first, and don’t let the stress of the wicked get to you too much. This is all a confirmation of God’s word. God’s in full control.

  2. Sorry to ruin your dream but what you’re describing will not work. Well, it will in fact work, but only for a few generations (and not for that many). Then this dream place of yours will start getting into all the same problems the current world is facing. There is no escape, and there are no good magic solutions to it.

    Human society is supposed to be self-organizing. Somehow. The problem is that God is not ever appearing in front of humans and telling them what to do. Instead we have certain humans who behave like they know best what God intended. And we have the rest of humans willing to follow along with this BS. This is just the reality of our existence. Sorry, I am not 100% Christian; rather I am a deist – I believe in Creator and I believe in game theory. In fact, game theory rules. Once we allow for the existence of sociopaths who lack empathy but instead crave both control and “winning in the game of life” and the existence of a large flock of sheeple not willing to think for themselves, the end result is the sociopaths ruling over the flock of sheeple and playing God. And maybe this is exactly the way the Creator intended it to be? Otherwise why He created sociopaths and the flock?

    1. God gave humans the knowledge of good and evil only after Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan. Therefore, sin and free will entered the world. The sons of men gave their dominion over to Satan. So as Paul writes Satan is the god and ruler of this world. He has a lease but that lease doesn’t last forever. But during his time here he’s allowed by God to deceive and temp. Remember the book of Job – God allowed Satan to test Job by taking his wealth away. Then inflicting physical pain. Job didn’t curse God. And because he stayed loyal God gave him back everything he lost, and much much more. The wickedness you see is because of the hearts of the sons of men. The things they’ll trade for in return for temporary profit, pleasure, or preferment. It’s easy for someone to love you when you give them everything. But I think God wants to see who walks away, who shows up, and who’s for real when the hard times come.

      So the sons of men have a choice. Be blessed by Satan and become a worldly. Or keep God’s commandments, and faith in his Son – Jesus Christ.

      That doesn’t mean God can’t bless you. Look at Abraham, Jacob, Gideon, David, Solomon, etc. They all had it. But they put God first.

      When New Jerusalem comes down from Heaven – there will no longer be tears, pain, etc. Because God will be living with those whose names are in his book of life. It’s a narrow road to get there, and few find it But living to a hundred will be considered baby age. The lion will eat next to the lamb. The snake will eat the dust from the earth. The size of the city is almost the size of the entire United States – and the gates reach outer space. No one can enter it whose names aren’t in the book of life. When people think of Heaven they think a place away from earth. But God is sending Heaven down into the earth. There’s going to be people outside God’s city that can’t enter.

      1. Excellent comments from Eugene and Otto, need a like button on here.

        Still stunned that they used the CPI numbers to pump the market. The report was good, but not enthusiastic bullish rallying good.

        Interesting how all the doom and gloom and Powell’s “we have a ways to go” statement was all resolved in less than 30 days. Incredible!

      2. Otto, you seem to get it. The New Covenant established by Christ. So many pious Christians died martyr’s deaths but their reward was great. Miracles have happened over the years by praying to Holy Icons. Wars were won when those in command put all their faith in the Holy Trinity.

    2. Your article sounds like the USA Today. It was created with good intentions but the Synagogue of Satan got a hold of leadership positions and the sheeple look to them instead of God. As a result this society like the USA today has turned into a 3rd world toilet bowl dictatorship.

      The midterm sham elections are a reflection of what I suggest above. There really was no choice and it was just a dog and pony show.

    3. Just like in the Book of Judges and the founding of the United States. Both mirrored one another, and for good reason. Eventually, the heathen and their beliefs creep in and then they want a king. It’s too far gone in the US now. Too many lying breeds who want their own type of government and society.

      You are right, it works for a few generations, but eventually it all comes to what we have now. But we have to try. I wait for the second exodus in Revelation 12. In the meantime, go out to the highways and hedges, proclaiming the Bible.

  3. Here are the newcomers to Daniel’s iron and clay. This is what they say, “there’s a collapse coming! There’s no way out!”

    If that’s what you think, read my homepage first before commenting.

  4. And in the new country, you kick out all the old doctors and the synagogue of Satan bankers. If they try to vaccinate the children, you burn them at the stake. Keep your laodicean bullshit to yourself and don’t enter the new country. You can stay in the old country and take your vaccines like a debt slave. Stay in Sodom and Egypt and worship the nation state of Israel.

    1. My young son and daughter are 100% unvaccinated and will never step foot in an indoctrination center. We are Israelites who worship the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

      1. There’s a good shot that the +$400 billion student loan debt forgiveness program is nullified. That means all of those hundreds of billions of dollars won’t actually be spent. The Democrats proffered it as one of their campaign staples and the next day after elections it’s swatted down.

        And the mainstream make a concerted effort to emphasize how it’s Trump appointed judges who shot it down. Looking at the timeline of this forgiveness scheme, I suspect that this program was never meant to get any traction anyway.

    2. Hey the only place left in the world is Oz ripe for take over an increasingly godless country full off idiots 95% vaccinated may take from 5 to 100 years to achieve got everything only need a nuke for defence sos have a plan for us we need to turn it into a refuge forthe remnants all remnants should move here and God will make it happen problems to many gutless remnantswho are cosy in there existence well it’s over make a choice get brave hope this helps this is my first contact I’ve waited a long time nowits time cheers

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