Just a note to the reader; notice how all of the establishment buzzwords and phrases are included in this article. If these trends continue out to 2030, most people won’t own anything and they will be happy. I include the entire article without edit as it is contained behind a paywall.



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  1. US Quietly Asks Banks to Keep Some Ties With Russia, Even as Congress Balks

    Deep into a seven-hour congressional hearing on Sept. 21, Representative Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California, pressed Dimon on whether his bank would sever ties with Russian companies including energy giant Gazprom PJSC.

    Banks like Dimon’s, Sherman argued, were exploiting a sanctions loophole to keep doing business in Russia despite its invasion of Ukraine.

    “We are following the instructions of the American government as they asked us to do it,” Dimon responded before Sherman cut him off, setting his sights on Citigroup Inc.’s Jane Fraser with a similar inquiry.

    The exchange put on display how the country’s largest banks are caught in the push-pull between the Biden administration and Congress on sanctions. Behind the scenes, the Treasury and State Departments have urged banking giants including JPMorgan and Citigroup to keep doing business with certain strategic Russian firms, according to people familiar with the situation.

    The quiet effort is part of the administration’s push to minimize adverse impacts of the sanctions regime designed to punish Russia. While some in Congress pound the table for stronger measures against Russia, the administration is trying to hinder Russia’s advances while avoiding a global economic catastrophe.

  2. The Indo-Aryans are part of the Japheth remnants and those Japheths need to stick together.


    Russia becomes India’s largest oil supplier, jumps from 0.2% in March to 22% of imports in October

    Russia, which made up for just 0.2 per cent of all oil imported by India in the year to 31 March 2022, supplied 935,556 barrels per day of crude oil to India in October, the highest ever

    New Delhi: Russia has become India’s top oil supplier in October, surpassing traditional sellers Saudi Arabia and Iraq, according to data from energy cargo tracker Vortexa.

    Russia, which made up for just 0.2 per cent of all oil imported by India in the year to March 31, 2022, supplied 935,556 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil to India in October — the highest ever.

    It now makes up for 22 per cent of India’s total crude imports, ahead of Iraq’s 20.5 per cent and Saudi Arabia’s 16 per cent.

    India’s appetite for Russian oil swelled ever since it started trading on discount as the West shunned it to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.

    1. Thom and I have done well in the wake of the covid scam. Thom was also personally involved with the first scam of the century, 9/11. Having both personally witnessed it, we decided to become self-sovereign in as many ways as possible and to never become demoralized. Indeed, the Western world is becoming a much worse place for the Israelite remnants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t profit and keep your head above water. Don’t end up like the rest of the clueless and demoralized israelites.

      To wit, I have included a link to an article from England’s s Sky News. It should be a warning to the reader. It seems that this gentleman, Tom, a demoralized Israelite, is succumbing to the mind control psyops to destroy the West.


      Warning of ‘human catastrophe’ as more turn to drink and drugs to ‘numb stress’ of cost of living

      Tom, 57, says anxiety over how to afford food and heating has made him vulnerable to a relapse

      Charities are warning of a “human catastrophe” as more people turn to drugs and alcohol to “cope” with the cost of living crisis.

      New research, commissioned by The Forward Trust, revealed 32% of people said either they, or someone close to them, had relapsed into substance use over the past eight months.

      Overall 2.1 million said they had increased alcohol use, while 61% of those said stress over rising prices was the most significant trigger.

      Tom, 57, has been in recovery from heroin use for the past eight years.

      He began taking drugs when he was 16 and told Sky News that anxiety over how to afford food and heating has made him vulnerable to a relapse.

      “My health is going downhill because I do get really stressed out,” Tom says.

      “I couldn’t cope with things, and I just didn’t know how to escape it. That’s why I started the drug abuse.”

      He adds: “If it weren’t for my dog and my friend, helping me to get out of my mood swings, I’d have been dead by now, through either drug abuse or overdose.”

      1. Imagine if the gentleman in this article, Tom from England, stopped listening to the terribly erroneous OT hermeneutics that emanate from the laodicean Christian preachers like Pastors Lawson and Baldwin, and realized from whence he came. He would put down the needle and wouldn’t be demoralized anymore. The world would start making sense to him and the global ship would start to right itself. But as long as these laodicean pastors demoralize the Israelite remnants, prophecy will unfold exactly as the Bible predicts.

  3. Bank of England Chief Says Shocks Hitting UK Worse Than in 1970s

    Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said the turmoil hitting the UK is worse in economic terms than what hit in the 1970s.

    Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the supply chain turmoil following the pandemic have had a bigger impact on real incomes than the energy crisis of four decades ago, Bailey said at a press conference Thursday.

    “This is a huge shock,” Bailey said. “If you compare this to the 1970s, and you compare this year to single years in the 1970s, and also government policies comes into play there in terms of energy markets. This is a bigger shock than in any year in the 1970s.”

    The remarks underscore why the UK central bank is signaling a more cautious approach toward raising interest rates than the Federal Reserve in the US. The BOE raised its benchmark lending rate at the sharpest pace in 33 years on Thursday but pushed back on market expectations for rapid further increases.

    Bailey said the US and UK are facing very different circumstances, with the rise in electricity and natural gas prices in Europe likely to restrain the economy and take some of the wind out of inflationary pressures.

  4. Mystery Whales Baffle Gold Market After Central Bank Purchases

    (Bloomberg) — A normally dry research report jolted the gold market this week, when it pointed to massive but so far unidentified sovereign buyers.

    Central banks bought 399 tons of bullion in the third quarter, almost double the previous record, according to the World Gold Council. Just under a quarter went to publicly identified institutions, stoking speculation about mystery buyers.

    While most central banks inform the International Monetary Fund when they buy gold to supplement their foreign exchange coffers, others are more secretive. Few have the capacity to undertake the third-quarter buying spree, enough to soften the blow from investors selling bullion as the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates.

    “With that weight of selling, I was a bit surprised gold wasn’t weaker,” said Ross Norman, chief executive officer of Metals Daily, an information portal focusing on precious metals. “But I suppose now we have our answer.”

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