Ronald McDonald put out to pasture; the multicultural cesspool doesn’t need him anymore

Adult happy meal, featuring three original characters. Suspiciously absent is Ronald who, unbeknownst to me, was “retired” a few years ago. I saw a clip of him in retirement. Sad.

Ken S.

Sad… Mr. McDonald is old enough to see how the United States of the 1970s was transformed into the godless multicultural shithole of today.

He remembers the freedoms he took for granted as a youth when the nation was 80% white and how the government only minimally intervened in his daily affairs.

He’s not able to articulate why the government has become an overbearing burden in every aspect of his life. He doesn’t understand that it’s because over 100 million foreign aliens have flooded his land and taken up the resources and space that the founders remnants once enjoyed.

These aliens come primarily from third world cesspools and are used to being told what to do. They came from nations whose governments were primarily militarized dictatorships and are used to being bossed around by a centralized authority. They were encouraged by the United States government to come here, and these foreign aliens seek social largesse, which can only be satisfied through massive deficit spending. To make matters worse, the birth rates of the aliens are much higher than those who were born and raised here.

He’s not able to articulate just how his way of life has been utterly and drastically altered for the worse. He can’t make the connection between an overbearing and almost dictatorial type of government structure and the flood of heathen entering his once wonderful country.

He is too white for today’s demographic and has been completely demoralized by his corporate employer and the talmunic media. Though his corporate owner is in the Dow Jones industrials, and is making billions of dollars a year in profit, he was only a hired wage slave and was never insightful enough to buy income generating assets to stay ahead of the reprobate masses and the massive inflation that accompanies their presence. Nor was he smart enough to hire an agent and get a juicy contract. He didn’t see the trend of the white sports team owners hiring athletes from all over the world and paying them top dollar for the pagan heathen in the United States to consume their time watching.

Mr. McDonald didn’t comprehend how daddy Bush sold out his own people by dollarizing the Western hemisphere, and he got hooked on the cheap drugs from the CIA-sponsored foreign cartels that now gladly accepted those dollars. Unfortunately, for Mr. McDonald, in order to make the dollar the transaction-based currency for the Western hemisphere, the US government needed to open its nation’s borders to any and all who wished to enter, which was necessary to facilitate this dollarization process.

He was driven out of Southern California, where he lived, because the costs were too high and he’s now searching for a piece of mind somewhere in the desert.

I have some bad news for Mr. McDonald; unless he understands what you and I know, he will be a demoralized fool and peace will elude him. He doesn’t know his adversary.

Unfortunately Mr. McDonald is not able to understand how the talmudic synagogue of Satan took over his own government. He doesn’t understand that the Old Testament promises of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 are still in effect. These OT laws state that if his people don’t walk in the ways of the Lord, he and his people will be punished accordingly.

They that hate you shall shit all over you.

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20 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald put out to pasture; the multicultural cesspool doesn’t need him anymore

  1. Manufactured crises, manufactured outcomes….

    Oil CEOs warn this winter’s energy crisis will be nothing compared to the next


    •For this winter, Europe’s gas storage is more than 90% full, according to the International Energy Agency, providing some assurance against a major shortage.
    •But a large proportion of that is made up of Russian gas imported in previous months, which likely won’t be available at all by winter of 2023.
    •This could lead to significant social unrest — already, small to medium-sized protests have cropped up around Europe.

  2. Well said, CJ. My broker just tried to talk me into buying more Treasuries. I don’t understand how government debt works, but I do know that the credibility of the USG (the ability of the USG to pay back what it borrowed) is dropping. Credibility matters.

    On that basis, I rejected my broker’s recommendation. I suppose that reported +87,000 hireling for the IRS has something to do with falling credibility.

    These 87k will be the bottom of the barrel types, of course. Like the ATF. It’s thug-time.

    Tell me I did right by not buying more Treasuries. In your terms of explanation.

  3. What a time to be alive. The only safe stocks are oil companies and McDonald’s. The 2 most inelastic goods on the planet.

  4. PYPL crashing hard in the after hours, indicating that online sales and retail are struggling. So, why is inflation running so hot?

    1. Fewer goods are being sold at higher prices. That’s why the CPI will continue to come in hot even as the economy slows down. Also, discretionary spending is a very small component of CPI.

      The Fed will keep hiking until people are using all of their money on food and shelter.

  5. Sidenote:Life insurer Lincoln National (LNC) falling off a cliff today. Morbidity rates skyrocketing.

    1. Holy moly! Get out of all the life insurance companies as they’re going insolvent or into government receivership due to the higher than expected death rates. I wonder what’s causing them? Hmm…..

  6. Mr. McDonald welcomed his new mates in the early 70s, they were based on characters from a show called H. R. Pufnstuf. A reference to “hand rolled puffing stuff”, a concept brought forth by Montreal brothers Sid and Marty Krofft in a new childrens show.

    The characters rose to popularity at a time when Sister Janet Mead was hitting number 4 on the billboard 100, at least there was hope of an opposing force. Today McDonalds is offering shitty plastic idols and the people line up in cars for them. The destruction is in our faces and seems complete.

    1. It was a big hit. I remember it well.

      But today’s Christian like Lawson talks about being saved and having a deeply personal relationship with Jesus. That sounds very Buddhist and Hindu in nature, and is the express, direct reason why we live in a dump. He says the OT was written for another people. He needs to stop preaching falsehoods.

      1. And for those who want the kingdom without God in it, don’t struggle and sweat anymore. This multicultural Kingdom is your desired result. You should rejoice. You got what you wanted.

      2. I’ve kept that song in my heart since the day I heard as a child. Sister Janet died the first part of 2022.

    1. You know how I know the alt-media is controlled? Because everything they told you on how to prepare and get ahead financially was completely antithetical with the actual outcome. If you wanted to get ahead financially, you needed to do the opposite of everything the alt-financial media told you over the past 20 years.

        1. It’s a great article. It’s stating the obvious. Y’all thinking that housing prices are going to collapse are in for rude awakening. The heathen are going to overwhelm you and drive you out of your own country.

          This is the process that mirrors the Assyrian takeover of the northern kingdom. Through sleight of hand and cunning they are slowly replacing the northern Israelite remnants with the heathen just like in the old testament. Nothing new under the sun. Listen to Pastor Lawson and his PC poison and sleep on.

          1. I laugh at the fools who think Fiat currencies like the Canadian dollar are going to collapse. Those who got jabbed are going to continue dying and they will be replaced by the heathen who are just looking for financial opportunity. But God that make Canada great doesn’t mean s*** to these people and the native Canadians are going to continue dropping dead.

            But I heard that Christianity only involves having a deep personal relationship with Jesus. That’s all that matters, at least that’s what I hear from Pastor Lawson.

            1. CJ, please explain why fiats aren’t going to collapse.

              Is it because there is nowhere else to go?

              Gary Wagner just said, the USD is the least rotten apple in the barrel. Is it that simple?

            2. People believe in them. In order for them to be propped up, the governments need to continually bring in massive amounts of immigrants. A rising tide of people keep the tax revenues and spending moving only in one direction. As long as the population and its spending rise, the currencies maintain a sort of “homeostasis.”

              Look for immigration to increase more in the future to keep the currencies relatively intact.

        2. If housing prices collapse we can be assured that a flood of immigrants will help us make us whole. Thank goodness for mass immigration! They can ensure that when the people drop dead from the jabs we can keep our home values. Whew. Good deal!

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