The number thirteen; there’s a great shaking in the land of Israel!

Thirteen stars and stripes, what have you. Thirteen tribes of Jacob. Indeed, Manasseh was the 13th tribe. Thirteen colonies purposely chosen to bring forth a nation. That nation was the most powerful nation and most influential single nation the world has ever seen. It was originally birthed from another nation, England.

That nation, of course, is the United States of America. USA. Thirteen seems to be prominent when it comes to the founding of the United States.

Before the secret societies were taken over by the Rothschilds and satanic synagogue of Satan banking families, our founders were purposely telling the people from whence they came. They came from their younger brother, Ephraim. Manasseh was older, yet his younger brother was more influential in world affairs, for without England there would be no United States. Without England there would be no English language. Without England there would be no common law remedy. Without England there would be no modern types of diplomacy, and whether you think that is good or not is up to you. That’s not my discussion.

I notice there is an awakening just before Jacob’s trouble. There now seems to be more and more people trumpeting from the rooftops concerning where the Israelites settled in these last days and to warn these Israelites of what is to come shortly.

Don’t look at what these Israelite nations are today. This is the result of Esau Edom who took over the banking families. When it comes to eschatology, we need to concern ourselves with whom founded these incredibly beautiful lands.

Thirteen stars and stripes, what have you. The USA was founded by Manasseh, the 13th tribe of Jacob.

Ephraim and Manasseh get the namesake Israel. Look in the mirror, my friends, you’re the Israelites.

Kick out your pastors like Chuck Lawson and Chuck Baldwin. They are there to demoralize you and tell you that you deserve your punishment, because you’re Babylon. Kick ’em out to the curb; they’re the perfect laodicean pastors. They’re too busy balancing their budgets and getting donations. Kick ’em out!

There’s a great shaking in the land of Israel! Behold, there are marginalized misfits and prophets like me telling you the truth.

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45 thoughts on “The number thirteen; there’s a great shaking in the land of Israel!

  1. Russia #notwinning #dictatorship #USSR
    Russia’s economic decline deepens; Putin warns Moscow could pull out of grain deal again

    As the war between Russia and Ukraine drags into the fall and winter, the economic repercussions on both countries, and the rest of the world, becomes clearer.

    Data released on Wednesday by Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development showed the country’s downturn continued in September with a deepening contraction evident.

    Russia’s monthly economic downturn continued in September with gross domestic product declining by 5% year on year, according to the latest data from Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development, reported by state news agency Interfax.

    The decline in economic output in September followed a 4% year-on-year decline in August, and a 4.3% decline in July.

    According to the ministry, the decline in Russia’s GDP in the third quarter of 2022 amounted to 4.4% in annual terms, after a decline of 4.1% in the second quarter and growth of 3.5% in the first quarter.

    Russian consumers are facing considerable living costs as inflation remains high, with the rate at 12.9% in October, although it has been gradually declining (inflation stood at 14.3% in August) after the central bank raised interest rates to tackle price rises.

    1. They don’t like what he says. Still talking tough.

      Still saying there’s a lot of ground left to raise rates, especially given that the FED funds is much lower than the prevailing inflation rate. That doesn’t sound nice. He’s covering all his bases and saying that perhaps next meeting or the one after that they might reach neutral. It’s amazing that earlier in the year Powell thought that they had reached neutral.

      He’s patting himself on the back about how quickly he’s moved to raise rates. Obviously he’s not talking about the huge mistake the FED made by not raising rates a year earlier than they actually started.

      1. In the same answer to a question from a reporter, Powell confesses he’s dismayed with the strength of the job market and wage growth, then he says it’s not such a big deal and he’s not overly concerned about it.

        To be honest with you, Powell seems like he’s all over the map. That’s because he needs to tell us that they have a handle on inflation, even though it keeps remaining elevated regardless of what the FED does.

        If I were Mr market trader, I would not like listening to Powell.

        1. Overall, I think it’s one of the worst post-FOMC meeting press conferences I’ve heard. It seems Powell cannot commit to anything.

  2. Taking on inflation and winning? What’s the prize here?
    This might be a little off topic – but I got this ad from Tangerine Bank about how to beat inflation from the the perspective of a 23 year old – which is about the age of my first child. I think it’s smart not to get hooked into subscription services and consumerism and this kid is ‘saving’ but to what end? If you need a downpayment on a home, how is she going to do that? If she doesn’t eat red meat, how is she going to have the strength to do repairs on her home? No way she will even be able to buy a house without the help of Mom and Dad.

    1. Interesting. This anecdotal evidence shows me that inflation is becoming institutionalized and accepted as part of advertising campaigns.

      Perhaps in another couple years, the advertising campaign will include people sleeping on stairwells in lieu of paying high exorbitant rents. It will also include people lining up to get Soylent Green. The advertiser will remind its customers that Tuesday is Soylent Green day.

  3. ADP payroll numbers coming in hotter than expected, with a nicely upward revised number for September. Employment data seems to be running hot.

    ADP Nonfarm Employment Change


    ADP’s estimate for October private payroll growth is expected to be at 195,000, which would compare with actual growth in September of 288,000. ADP’s estimate for September was 208,000.

    1. I think the Fed is hellbent on raising rates without any backtracking anytime soon. As someone else pointed out in this blog, it is interesting how all the economic data is recently coming out hotter than expected. This is by design to justify these rate increases. I think most of these numbers are manipulated for public consumption to justify the Central bank’s moves.
      Don’t bet against the Fed. I would keep any new money out of stocks and bonds right now. Stay away from precious metals as well.

    1. He sold the web domain and server data, but he made certain that I and Thom shared similar worldviews.

      It’s CJ and Thom. But you’ll notice the output is substantially similar. We both made a promise to Chris. He told me he was going to campaign full time for Trump’s 2024 presidential bid.

      1. why didn’t you just make the website anonymous/pseudonymous from the beginning? you discuss taboo subjects. boomers, man.

      2. wow, really? surprising! good luck to Chris and to you. Hope you keep up the insights that Chris had

  4. Talk about supply issues. Called the local Apple store if they have any Iphone 14 Pro Max in stock and they had none. I was also told that the other Apple stores in the area had none as well. Glad I called as it saved me a trip. I ordered one online and had to wait three weeks to a month before they even consider shipping. By the way, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most expensive top of the line Iphone.

    Just goes to show that, lately, retail stores are useless for selling things as many of them don’t have items in stock that they supposedly offer to sell. Much more convenient to shop online. I think Apple may be intentionally phasing out there stores as many other retailers are probably doing so as well. Again, this proves that one should NOT invest in commercial space unless it is a warehouse. Warehouses should still be necessary but forget retail properties.

  5. Walmart and Kroger are now losing out to McDonald’s as Americans skip grocery shopping

    Even as McDonald’s reports that its prices were up about 10 percent in the third quarter, its chief financial officer says the brand is becoming popular with frugal customers


    Some people have become so unstable that they can’t even cook their own meals. I knew of a person in Southern Colorado who ate almost exclusively with whatever was at the local Loaf n Jug It’s Kroger’s equivalent to 7-Eleven with gas pumps. He was decrepit beyond his years.

    1. Every McDonald’s drive through I observe is packed these days. I noticed the change around the start of covid.

      1. wow, yeah. is that what’s going on? the other day I saw a line down the street of cars waiting for the McD drive through. I was surprised. never saw that before. I thought maybe they had a Happy Meal promo or something!

  6. All four economic data sets came in better than expected. PMI final and ISM manufacturing expanded instead of contracting.

    Construction spending better than consensus.

    The JOLTs data also looked stronger, too. Last month’s data also revised higher by about 200k

    1. This gives the Fed another excuse to raise by 75 basis points and come out with hawkish statements. Don’t expect a pivot anytime soon. Inflation is here to stay due to supply shocks both natural and man made. The squeeze is on.

    2. Amazing how every data point confirms the Fed’s need for more rate hikes!

      Now the Fed can continue to ignore the dismal state of the average American’s finances and keep making conditions tighter because a few manipulated numbers tell them too.

      I see why the SoS wouldn’t let Trump be president again — Trump wouldn’t stand for these rate hikes and a crashing stock market. He’s an SoS puppet, but he at least seems to have an ounce of pride unlike the mindless golem Biden.

    1. Commercial renal real estate is NOT the place to be in. Many small to medium size businesses are folding up and leaving the space due to the covid shock and customers not being able to buy from these businesses due to less discretionary spending. Even the upscale stores that have reliable customers are shuttering up places as their merchandise gets stolen and the store gets trashed.

  7. If inflationary pressures are also being caused by the COVID jab repercussions, this all could be everlasting. I can no longer view inflation as a closed loop phenomenon. It must be viewed through the lens of the balkanized world and higher death and sickness count of the covid jabs. So many more factors than in previous decades.

    1. It’s an interesting observation; in the Bible, there is a tableau that is presented in which the economy and world trade is booming and a lot of money is being made. That’s right to the end.

      When Babylon is destroyed in Revelation, we can perhaps conflate that time to Jacob’s trouble. Not known here definitely, but keep in mind that the prophecy is for the true Israelites to not know their identity. It has been kept well under wraps as today’s pastors preach New age poison.

      The same set of circumstances and events are viewed through two different sets of eyes; two opposing views. And both instances, God is intervening

      Thus, Jacob’s trouble, Ezekiel’s great war that has not yet taken place in the latter years, and Babylon’s destruction could all be describing the same event. The NT took great pains not to reveal too much lest it give away what we few discuss everyday on this site.

      Thus, does there need to be a collapse? Any collapse would jeopardize the Great Reset narrative. Anything presented will be manufactured. Manufactured circumstances, manufactured outcomes.

      1. Interesting observations CJ.

        Revelation 18:3
        3 For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.”

        and verses 11-13
        11 “And the merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore: 12 merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; 13 and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.

        Doesn’t sound like economic collapse to me.

  8. Excellent housing analysis from Raymond James analyst Buck Horne on CNBC Power Lunch.

    He prefers SFR REITs and SFRs. He also thinks certain homebuilders will benefit from the growing SFR landlords who will buy these new homes as rentals. The homebuilders will build out entire communities for the SFR REITs.

    There is a new home community being built about 10 miles from Strasburg in Middletown. Ryan is building new detached homes for upper 300s. I may buy one as a rental. Very compelling price point.

    Remodeling will be stepped up as people stay put. I see in HD and Lowe’s that the people are spending lots. I don’t really see any let up.

  9. A little off topic but in Singapore :


    Stronger laws on religious harmony to take effect on Nov 1

    “Action can be taken under the MRHA, if a religious group, using religion, attacks a non-religious group, such as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) groups or individuals. Equally, if a religious group or its member is attacked by any non-religious person or group, say LGBT, action can also be taken,” he said. “The law is even-handed.”

    “The updated law will also empower the Government to issue restraining orders to religious groups deemed to have come under foreign influence that undermines the Republic’s religious harmony and threatens the peace.”

    “Such an order will prohibit a religious group from receiving donations from foreign donors, and require its entire governing body to be Singapore citizens. The state can also require that specific foreigners be suspended or removed from office.”

    1. “Another change is that existing Penal Code offences related to religious harmony – such as acts that urge violence or incite feelings of enmity against a religious group – will come under the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act (MRHA), as well as the differentiated threshold of offence for religious leaders, compared with the public”

      Basically, people like us won’t be able to say anything, lest we face possible jail or get sued and lose everything we own.

      It’s not just in the West, it’s worldwide. We can’t look for Russia to be any beacon of hope either. This suppression is global.

      Thanks for the post.

      1. Agreed.

        I noticed that basically everything that has a significant following is either desired or directly controlled. It has to be. They would never allow anything not under their influence to become influential over others on any scale. That is why I trust this place, and a select few others, and have renounced literally everything else over the past two years.

        I noticed this in particular with the recent Andrew Tate going viral. I investigated that content, he seems “anti-matrix”, and certainly he makes some good points. I actually quite like him, and some of the things he says are quite invigorating. He also says he is a christian (or something, at least he refers to God a lot). So I was initially enthused about him. Now he has reached mainstream fame.

        But if you listen closely, all he really talks about is how to scam your fellow man from a dog-eat-dog perspective. He promotes promiscuity while denouncing it. He promotes violence and pointless aggression to the point of stupidity. He employed women to provide webcam services to lonely men, while at the same time recognizing the plight of those men. The guy is a hypcrite if I ever saw one. He is a materialist. He is satanism personified, he is yet another false idol. And if it weren’t for my education of the past two years, I certainly would have fallen for this one.

        Thank you for this site.

  10. The founding fathers never thought this nation would turn out this way. The synagogue of Satan and Esau Edom began to take over as soon as they established the First Bank of the United States in 1791-2. However, their power was limited until 1913, when they took over for good. They that hate us reign over us, and have re-engineered the younger generations to hate their parents.

    Gen X Counselor Goes Viral For Thoughts On Why Her Generation Doesn’t Want To Take Care Of Aging Parents

  11. From the prophet Daniel:

    Daniel 9:7
    “Lord, you are righteous, but this day we are covered with shame—the people of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem and all Israel, both near and far, in all the countries where you have scattered us because of our unfaithfulness to you.”

    I wonder if people knew they were very likely in fact Israel – descendants of God’s chosen people – if they would behave differently? Instead they are bombarded with news from the alt-right that we are a sinful nation. Built upon sin. We deserve whatever we get. So let’s rally around Putin……. total nonsense. Here’s the problem people fall into – when the left goes after trump they assume trump must be good. Trump says certain things and gets blocked off of Twitter. So he must be good. Same with Kanye – he just lost half of his assets and got blocked by most corporations. So what he says must be the truth. Same with Putin – the left hates him and Biden is in bed with ukraine – so Putin must be good…… This theology is quite simply prideful, tribal, and un-Biblical. You’re dealing with an angelic being. Much smarter and wiser than the sons of men if we don’t rely on the word of God and Holy Spirit. Gotta always judge by someone’s fruit. Christ says by their fruit you’ll know them. If their fruit is bad – then I wouldn’t trust them since they likely live by the flesh; and don’t bear the fruit of the Spirit.

    1. Luciferians run this world. Not Jews. They may identify themselves as Jew – but in fact they made deals with the adversary. Jesus Christ was taken up a high mountain and was offered the kingdoms and riches of this world as well. He denied Satan’s offer. But not everyone hears and does the words of the Lord.

    2. Of course, the people would act differently. The people have been trained to think they’re just evolutionized animals with no purpose other than to take up space and time, and consume.

      The pastors in their churches have adopted the new age philosophy of the self. In the laodicean church it’s all about our personal relationship with Jesus. They have been re-engineered to be satanically PC to the core.

      It’s congruent with the age of the self. What’s your purpose? Are you saved? Philosophically speaking, there’s very little difference anymore between Buddhism, Hinduism, and laodicean Christianity.

    3. People do deserve what they get and will get.
      I put my Faith only in Christ Jesus and His Word since it will never….pass away. Amen.
      Since 911 when God woke me up from being a RepublicRat I’ve stayed away from partisan Politicks and the Mainstream News Media, Alex Jones and some of the other Alternative Media.
      Satan and his Minions don’t want Humanity knowing who they are.
      What is most important is who we are in Christ Jesus since He is The Way The Truth and The Life.

  12. From my observations reading and listening to Chuck Baldwin these past few years, the only thing he is correct about is not having a 501c3. I can’t say for sure, but he strikes me as a lodge member. He also seriously shills for Putin/Dugin. To be avoided like the plague, imo.

    1. Chuck needs to fully understand that it’s not the Jews but….The Synagogue of Satan.
      They say they are Jew but….they are not.
      Yes it was the Jews who shouted in a frenzy Crucify Him (Jesus)
      The people were lied to by the Hierarchy who want Christ gone.
      Some of those Heirarchy member must have SOS. Imposters who had a mission from there Father the Devil. Jesus did accuse them of such.

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