A response to a reader; real estate, the conspiracy to impoverish, and Jacob’s trouble

The conspiracy and time of Jacob’s trouble

Yeah, I get where you are coming from but still I disagree. I don’t believe in the housing market surviving.

The elite wants to shake the proles of their coattails and the housing market will collapse to achieve it. Probably along with a number of pension funds. Those boomers are just useless eaters at this point, they need to be sacrificed to Molech or the Mammon or whatever strikes your fancy.

They’ll probably collapse a large section of the public sector along with it this time…

… (I) [w]ould love to have a debate one day about all this and what’s coming, as I feel my views on it are more monetary-driven and technical whereas yours are perhaps practical. Perhaps there is something to be gained from the intersection .


Yesterday’s M2 data release was a chilling one. The reported drop in M2 stock was pronounced. Will it mean a reversion to the long-term trend, or will it result in something more ominous?


A longer-term view

I think we already have debated to some extent. It’s good to share these points. The previous webmaster and I have long theorized that QE and the dollar will die by a force majeure. There will not be a collapse in the classic sense of the word until that force majeure appears. War is always that force majeure and that outcome is becoming clearer everyday.

As of now, we still recommend we own tangible things and collect income. That has worked for thousands of years and we are not going to buck that trend now. At my and CJ’s ages, all we have is pragmatism. I make conclusions based on the conspiracy and what’s in front of me, although the world is quickly accelerating towards its denouement. Multiculturalism does not run independently of these outcomes, but is intimately related.

By the way, this well planned global conspiracy dictates that this upcoming global war will be a brief one and only enough to scare the crap out of the people. But the OT prophets tell me that there will be an evil thought and a secret conspiracy that will cause the war to get out of hand and one in which our adversary will lose control as God begins to intervene. This will be the time of Jacob’s trouble. The true Israelites are completely clueless as their pastors are putting them through the woodchipper of PC poison.

This is why I am relocating. But, to be honest, it won’t really matter what we do. Perhaps, you are correct; maybe CJ and I are older people, offering up the same stale advice, while suffering from mental inertia.

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55 thoughts on “A response to a reader; real estate, the conspiracy to impoverish, and Jacob’s trouble

  1. I appreciate, cause I found exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  2. Prices are not coming down. They never will. Hoarders of cash delude themselves into thinking prices will magically come back down again. It’s like nostalgia and it’s an aspect that baffles many behavioral economists.

    Although my last rental was a pain to rent, it’s $600 more than three years ago. I am getting more vinyl done on another SFR. I may get another house done after that.

    Menu-flation at NYC restaurants has diners forking over $50 for a burger


    1. Prices are set at the margin i.e. through flow, not through stock.

      Where is this positive marginal credit flow supposed to come from now central bank is rekking the funding (esp now in Europe with the TLTRO announcement)?

      I’m much more bearish on european nominal values than US ones by the way.

      I’m seeing -75% declines in EU core areas and -90% in peripheral areas before this is over. Please do recognize I think if you are underlevered you will perfectly survive this -90% decline, because there will also be a lot of regulation put in place to freeze things as much as possible. Only if you are “on the hook” ( (yes like a pathetic sputtering fish) you will stand to lose your collateral to whatever vehicle shall emerge soon.

      Good quality stocks, on the other hand, will be fine. I particularly like Moderna, no debt + good cashflow. It’s a bit like an underlevered real estate vehicle I will admit.

      There are no good quality stocks in Europe, as far as I know. There aren’t any good quality bonds either, due to the Preventive Restructuring Framework (more EU legislative cancer) which, if you are not the most senior secured in the creditor hierarchy, will cause you do lose the entire stake.

      Sovereign very risky. HY very risky.

      You think your adversary wants to share with the other leeches (landlords, boomers, etc)? Think again.

  3. Why read the alt media financial “gurus” when I can get all I need from the mainstream? The only difference is that we know that this was done intentionally for some future purpose. We knew back in March 2020 what the results were going to be to the asset markets and especially housing.

    Fed Seen Aggressively Hiking to 5%, Triggering Global Recession


    (Bloomberg) — Federal Reserve officials will maintain their resolutely hawkish stance next week, laying the groundwork for interest rates reaching 5% by March 2023, moves that seem likely to lead to a US and global recession, economists surveyed by Bloomberg said.

    The Federal Open Market Committee will raise rates by 75 basis points for a fourth consecutive meeting when policymakers announce their decision at 2 p.m. in Washington Wednesday, the survey found.

    Officials got further reason to stay the course when US government data on Friday showed employment costs rising at a firm pace in the third quarter and the central bank’s preferred inflation gauge still well above its 2% goal.

    Rates are projected in the survey to rise another half point in December, then by quarter points the following two meetings. Fed forecasts released at the September meeting showed rates reaching 4.4% this year and 4.6% next year, before cuts in 2024.

    Economists see the Fed as determined not to pivot too soon as it fights against an inflation rate at a 40-year high. The shift to a higher peak rate would reflect consumer-price growth, excluding food and energy, that came in hotter than expected for the past two months. The survey of 40 economists was conducted Oct. 21-26.

    “Inflation pressures remain intense and the Fed is set to hike by 75 basis points in November,” James Knightley, chief international economist at ING Groep NV, said in a survey response “We are currently forecasting a more muted 50 basis-point hike in December given a weakening economic and market backdrop,” but the risks are skewed toward a fifth 75 basis-point hike, he said.

    1. Yes CJ, stagflation is here. Going forward having your personal balance sheet and spiritual house in order with serve you well (debt free, reserves and cash flow).
      Sidenote: Some rotated out of RE near peak & decided not to deal with tenants, section 8 and squatters. Energy stocks with divvy’s and laddering 1-3 month treasuries has been a hassle free option. The 3 month treasury now over 4%. Maxing out your I-Bonds limits per year won’t hurt either. Long live the Outcasts!

      1. Anecdotally, I have noticed the bloom coming off the rose, so to speak, with regards to rent. Though they will always remain expensive, I do see some fading on rent levels. Granted, this is the worst time of the year for landlords trying to rent out places, but I definitely see some softness. This was clearly evident in my last SFR lease a couple weeks ago, and I spoke with a property manager a few days ago regarding another upcoming SFR rental and she says she’s seeing softness as well with more units available.

        The article below is only concerned with apartments and rents on apartments are much more variable than sfrs, but they bleed out together.

        Like they say, trees don’t grow to the sky.


        Rents are starting to fall across the US — and they’re set to drop even more in 2023


        •Some renters are already signing cheaper leases across the country, and they could drop further in 2023.
        •As demand slows and the number of available apartments ramps up, prices are going down.
        •Falling rents could help ease inflation and make a severe recession less likely.
        If your rent spiked this year, as it did for many Americans, 2023 could give you reason to celebrate.

        Tom Lawler, a former Fannie Mae economist, wrote in a recent real estate newsletter that he expects rents across the country to not just slow down, but to experience a rare “actual decline” in real dollar amounts next year. And those declines are likely to spread and accelerate in 2023.

        In fact, rents across the US have already started to decline in some markets. Data shows that in the third quarter of 2022, national asking rents declined by 0.4%, reflecting a shift from just a year ago when demand drove prices to historical highs.

        Lawler’s forecast hinges on the fact that US builders are still ramping up construction despite there being fewer renters who want — and can afford — new rental units. It’s a rare storyline of excess supply in a housing market that has been weighed down by shortages for years.

        Financial and economic fear among Americans are also driving the declines, says Anthemos Georgiades, CEO of Zumper, an online rental database.

  4. German, French, and Italian CPI and GDP numbers come in hotter than expected.

    Personal income of 0.4% comes in as expected, yet personal spending comes in at 0.6%, .2% higher than expected.

    While the PCE indexes come in largely according to consensus, there were no positive surprises here. Overall, Western inflation and spending data auger for more rate increases on both sides of the pond.

  5. We commented previously and during the time of its elimination on how foolish the Dow Jones committee was for jettisoning XOM from the DJIA. In its politically correct zeal to impress its bosses, it got rid of that energy powerhouse from the index.

    To wit, XOM is putting in an all-time high after earnings. We recommended the stock after it was yanked, because it had taken a huge tumble and the yield was just too tasty to turn up. I think at the time the dividend yield was closing in on 9%. Since the stock has subsequently tripled the yield is now down to about the FED funds rate.

  6. Has anyone noticed how well the Dow Jones industrials have performed relative to the S&P and Nasdaq? That’s because the Dow stocks are more easily able to deal with inflation.

    There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned dividend to help out the performance of a stock. These large Blue chips seem to be adjusting to an inflationary world. The smaller firms can’t. Mom and pop can’t, but the Dow Jones can.

  7. Thanks for your reply. But let me tell you, and I am sure you know but let me tell you anyway, you never look at the levels you look at the flow, when it comes to the monetary circumstances (of course you can eyeball this from the levels but it’s not as obvious). Show the QoQ or YoY growth of bank deposits total (is pretty much teh same as M2) and you will see it contracting. This is something it has not EVER (in known postwar history) done before.

    Furthermore, I can tell you why it is contracting. Loan growth is strong, and as you know loan origination also leads to deposit creation. So why is it contracting? Because commercial banks are selling securities (MBS, treasuries). A commercial bank selling securities (it could also be securitized loans out of their own book which they securitize, but it is usually just vanilla stuff), destroys deposits. It is in fact very similar to QT, except where QT would destroy central bank reserves, a commercial bank selling securities destroys deposits (i.e. ‘commercial bank reserves’).

    The question now is, will these commercial banks continue to destroy deposits at a rapid clip like this (it is by the way not happening in Europe in this way, explaining the FX moves here next to the horrid* economic situation over here). Luckily this data is weekly so we can track it. In any case something is VERY wrong with the system here. We are really outside of the bounds of Disneyland with this level of contraction in the M2/Deposit base in combination with this high a level of interest rates. We will soon reach a point where the government (nevermind anyone else except the most a-list of corporates) is not able to refinance itself.

    I don’t know whether it has now been pushesd far enough where the system will essentially start to engage in a self-destructive spiral, where interest rates are now so high that loan growth will stall, therefore refinancing becomes impossible, therefore interest rates will rise until we have a mass default event that could even involve the sovereign (and in any case pretty much everyone else).

    Note that banks have extremely solid liquidity positions and so there will be no crying on the part of banks for anyone to save them this time around.

    Will pension funds survive?

    Given the above I still think real estate, unless it is very underlevered, is a risky proposition. You may retain a level of cashflow and thus a certain level of lifestyle, but more likely once the government gets into a bind they will just confiscate it. Real estate is the most easy target, and landlords don’t exactly have the best reputation in the under-30 socialist crowd. You likely have at least two years before it reaches this stage, however.

    *I live in a tier 1 area i.e. capital city I won’t name, and on the streets it looks to me like we are in the most massive of economic booms. I am not sure what is going on. I don’t understand where it is coming from. I am very befuddled. I feel like a character in an RPG where the game is using cheats against me, to be frank.

    1. All that foreign dollars are coming back to the United States. Foreigners are scooping up properties here. The majority of all US dollar currency is held overseas. If the foreigners want to get rid of that, they need to throw it into dollar assets and if the people are even dropping dead in the streets here in the states, it won’t matter.

      These are uncharted waters and we can no longer view the current Dynamics through the lens of previous cycles. This is the terminal cycle and we have to contemplate what all of the dollars swirling around the world are going to do to assets in the United states. Imagine a scenario with mortgage rates at 10 12% and prices continuing to rise. We need to wrap our minds around this possibility. The trillions of dollars that are swirling around the world need to find a home and imagine them coming back here. Imagine what that’ll do to the average person. Imagine the terminal cycle damage.

      My concern is that they’ll start confiscating assets. They’ll confiscate pension plans like the Congress and Senate contemplated before QE was implemented, we might have bank bail-ins and they just mady confiscate other assets such as brokerage accounts and bank accounts and stuff them with treasuries. The politicians in DC discussed this seriously back in 2008 and 2009, before it became clear that quantitative easing was viable.

      We have 2.3 trillion dollars worth at the reverse repo window willing to accept three, three and a half percent when inflation is raging. As the dollar and the dollar system decays, inflation rages as all of these dollars repatriated back to our shores.

        1. Other stocks AAPL INTC, MCD, CAT, having decent ER’s. Energy tomorrow, with a stock Chris recommended XOM, it’s at ATH.

          Excellent week for scalps. Still a bearish overall vibe, many are saying no santa rally and we enter a downtrend again until next spring. But the numbers that are coming out do not show that. Kinda looks bullish, yet making the minute charts very choppy.

          Take the contra on the doom headlines and look at the reports and the numbers. Not great but not bad! As of now I do not see what the catalyst could be to tank the market. Anyone?

          I’ve thought about a Nuke hoax, which is on their playbook, but it doesn’t appear they are going to implement that option anytime soon. Seems like the upcoming 75 by the FED is priced in.

          There are a few events that could uptick the market. FED pivot, Repubs victory, Ukraine hoax ends, could happen within the next month.

          Japan has approved QE and will be propping up their market so related stocks should uptick a bit.

          1. I agree. We have 2-3 years left. Til 2025. XOM was yielding 9% a couple years ago. Not anymore.

            1. If Trump goes back on Twitter, Musk’s purchase of the firm will be seen as a winner. I imagine that if a lot of these banned people are allowed back on Twitter will be worth a lot more than it was priced at. Musk isn’t stupid, though he is assisted with a guiding hand from the SoS.

            2. Biden team yapping about nationalizing oil companies. Another industry they can destroy like healthcare. 🍌 Republic here we come.

      1. I am not sure about this repatriation thing. This is kind of my blind spot still, the international flows. I am however not convinced such a thing is possible. To my knowledge, eurodollars are not possible to mingle with onshore dollars. What happens in practice I guess is that the eurodollar volume will shrink as eurodollar debts are paid and dollars are in that fashion “repatriated”. In the process many eurodollar borrowers, particularly EMs, go bust.

        Note each asset has to be held by someone, including all the dollars, so there can be no “repatriation”. Although the effect is in essence the same: you get a liquidity squeeze in the periphery that leads to credit stress.

        1. Only a fool would be taking on leverage here and the time to have taken in leverage in RE would have been up to 3-4 years ago. My six figure net rental income would be gone. Just so I would spare myself of a downcycle? I still see real estate investors accumulating and doing so aggressively. They are mostly younger folk who have yet to feel the misery of a bust.

          Long term investors should just stay in. My tax liability would be enormous, too. Mid to upper 6-figures. Cash loses 10% a year. Stocks getting roasted. Gold and silver going nowhere. BTC and crypto are a mirage. Bonds are toast. What is the best asset? There is none anymore.

          If the confidence is lost, anything goes. If people want to get rid of their eurodollars lest capital controls they will buy anything.

          1. We mostly agree.

            You individually can trade eurodollars for onshore dollars and then buy US RE, but then someone else has to take your eurodollars right? I don’t see how that would work in aggregate if “everybody” wanted to do so. What does a run out of eurodollars look like? Does it look like this? Probably does actually (EM bonds crashing, JPY crashing, etc).

  8. The new webmaster sounds just like the old webmaster on steroids.

    It sounds like the unvaxxed Israelite children hold the key to the future.

    1. GDP pricing metrics came in a little better than expected and is definitely showing a positive trend in terms of falling inflation numbers. I won’t bother putting them on this comment but you can easily look at them here.


      Just highlight the day on the calendar and scroll down to see all the numbers for the United States. Not bad.

      The 2.6% GDP growth was definitely less than the Atlanta Fed GDPNow as I think that a last-minute adjustment to net exports helped to take a couple percentage points off that growth rate. But it was definitely higher than consensus of 2.4%.

      1. I guess this means more rate hikes?

        I could also see this being used as evidence that a “soft landing” is possible. But the SoS doesn’t seem to want to give America any sort of win.

        1. When the media of the synagogue of Satan keep pounding home the premise that real estate is the worst investment right now, I take the contra. They do not want any of us keeping up with inflation. They want us renting everything, including our domiciles.

          Unfortunately, those waiting for cheaper prices and a better entry point for real estate will never ever find it ever again. We real estate investors may be locked into our investments for some time, due to a shrinking potential buying pool, but we will be rewarded with higher rents as the reprobate masses stream across the border. Indeed, my cap rates are fairly consistent with what they were a decade ago.

          The whole premise of this website was to articulate to the reader that this financial system, this monetary system, is built on inscrutability and is designed to look tenuous, so that our adversary continues to inject its desired results through ostensibly ad-hoc operations.

          Through all sorts of machinations, the adversary’s desired results will be achieved right under our noses.

          1. Not a good time to be a contrarian, very few are actually selling their home for liquidity purposes right now as a result of these articles.

            The reason they put those stories is exactly this: so people are warned and then it will be their own fault when they lose everything, and will accept the consequences. It was the same thing on the way up, and the people who didn’t buy into the market lost their ability to live anywhere.

    2. These new terms are very interesting CJ.

      On the one hand they are paying quite massively on the reserves, now 150bps (so they are inflating the asset side this way), but they also are taking away the TLTRO favourable terms (so they are deflating the liabilities side because it will trigger prepayments).

      An important distinction is that QT destroys also deposits (so a unit of QT destroys a reserve(asset) and a deposit (liability) unless the bank sells buys the security and puts it on its balance sheet, in which case it only destroys a reserve but not a deposit). On the other hand, TLTRO maturation only removes part of the liabilities side of the banking sector, and part of the asset side of the central bank, and nothing else.

      It’s very smart, because this move will likely create incendiary conditions on funding markets (high interest rates) without (immediately) causing massive defaults and an economic bust. That will follow later.

  9. Pardon me, but what happened to Chris? I was out for a few weeks moving to a new house, and now this place has a reference to the “previous webmaster” and all the publications here (including the older ones by Chris) are marked as “C.J. Evans”. What happened? Is “C.J. Evans” a mere alias or what?

    1. He sold the website for a few dollars. He listened to Trump, took the vaccines, participated in the Capital riots hoping for a better future for his children, and now has Bell’s Palsy and a sundry other COVID vaccine related medical conditions.

      At least, that’s the rumor. Someone said she saw him in a wheelchair drooling in an aisle of the local Whole Foods. Who knows what’s the truth anymore.

      Another rumor was that he was found at the Victory Cafe, drinking Victory gin, and professing his undying love for Big Brother whilst staring at the telescreen. But the person who saw that commented that the person on the screen was actually Joe Biden.

      Who knows?

      1. The Department of Defense developed the fundamental ingredients of the covid vaccine as a “countermeasure.” 5 billion people took at least one of the accelerated death jabs. Talk about the precursor to the pale horse. If you think conditions are austere now, just wait for the black horse to appear. Just wait for Jacob’s trouble to emerge and the red horse to gallop upon the scene. I estimate that should take place around 2025 to 2028.

        Here are a couple of Rense shows with Erica Khan. Of course, I don’t endorse anything in particular, but the podcasts make for lively discussion. If you care to listen, you can just right click and download.



        The old webmaster would never do such things, but the new webmaster is new and improved and has less of a filter. You all better start doing what I’m doing and beginning a strategy of relocating to a more remote place. My heart rests with the United States and I will never leave the lower 48. This upcoming war is definitely survivable, but we need to have contingency plans.

        I have gotten asked by several people over the past week regarding my strategy. I am going to put out another post articulating such matters. Based on the amount of feedback I’ve gotten over the years, I assume that a majority of you own investment real estate. Like minds think alike and are smart. Y’all know how valuable real estate is and always has been as an income generating asset. Nonetheless, I suggest you take some of that equity that has powered your seven-figure balance sheet and devote some of it to a retreat-type of setup that you can rent out for the next 2 to 3 years and devote it as an investment property for tax purposes.

        This means if you live in Sarasota or Pittsburgh, it’s best to find some sort of place that your family can go to with only a moderate effort. It would be very pollyannish to think that we can all naively live in the four corners area. Having the extensive knowledge base that we possess is a powerful weapon and creates a lot of leverage for our sustainability.

        Now is the time to get the ball rolling. It looks as if the Republicans will sweep and also take the presidency in 2024, just in time for the global conflict and martial law. Alex Jones will be the big promoter of Republican policy that will prevail.

        May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless you and keep you to all who are reading this as we begin to move out to the worst time ever for humanity.

        1. The way I read it is that the “previous webmaster” is alive and well, and that a little opsec in this day and age does not really hurt (and is becoming almost mandatory).

  10. You guys see Kanye come out of his slumber? He’s making the news by going after Jews. You’ve got Henry Makow in full support of Kanye over this. We should get something clarified first. The Lord Jesus Christ was a Jew. From the tribe of Judah. He was approached by Jews that tried to rebuke him. The way Jesus Christ handled it should be the model we use. He said they may call themselves Jew, but the father they follow is Satan. Whom was a liar and murderer from the start. There’s plenty of good Jewish people out there. And more and more are accepting that Yeshua was the Messiah. If you have a hatred for Jews – you’re opening yourself up to condemnation imo. Yes, there are Jews that run the world, but by their fruit you should know they have nothing to do with YHWH. You even have pastors in churches that are high ranking Freemasons – which means they also worship Satan. Even a lot of Christians are worldly or lukewarm. They love this world and the things in it. Calling Jews evil is ignorant of the world system. They are not Jews. But lost men that have been tempted by the riches of this world. And it’s not just Jews — but it covers the entire spectrum of the sons of men. Asian, white, Hispanic, Israelite, Edomite, Black, Jew, Atheist, New Ager, etc. Satan’s world system doesn’t discriminate.

    Mark 8:36
    36For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? 37For what can a man give in return for his soul? 38For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of Man also be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”

    1. Jesus was not a Jew. He was descended from Judah. Being Jewish means subscribing to a set of manmade laws and customs that are antithetical to scripture. Jesus knew that many of the Jews of his time, as well as those who came back from Babylonian captivity were not fully from Judah, but were contaminated with alien blood. I mean alien as in other people’s genetics. Many of them were from Esau. He hated them.

      This is exactly what our enemy is promoting today. Nothing ever changes and this is how the Assyrians tried to take over the northern Israelite tribes. Thank God they remained intact to the end, in fulfillment to OT prophecy.

      The problem in today’s church is that they naively say that God loves everybody, and in so doing they allow the enemy to walk right on in, because these laodicean Christians are too stupid to imagine how someone can be so evil. They can’t imagine how evil people can take over a central bank and reprogram their children to hate the Bible or forcibly inject 5 billion people with accelerated death jabs. They let the enemy walk right on in and roll out the politically correct red carpet.

      1. Jesus told the Pharisees in clear terms that they were not descended from God and Abraham but from Satan and Cain. Those Pharisees are the modern “Jews.”

        “Jesus said to them, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

        There is nothing confusing about this.

      2. Under the spreading chestnut tree
        I sold you and you sold me
        There lie they, and here lie we
        Under the spreading chestnut tree

        1. The word Jew carry’s a lot of baggage. When I think of Jew I think of the southern kingdoms. The proper word is Israelite imo. There were 12 tribes. After king Solomon they split into two kingdoms – Northern and Southern. The Northern tribes went into captivity in the north – due to their sins. They never came back south. Jesus Christ told his apostles to go to his Father’s lost sheep of Israel. Where did they go? They went to modern day Turkey. Modern day Greece. Modern day Italy. And from there we know they escaped Europe due to religious persecution (among other reasons). And formed the English Colonies. I don’t buy the nonsense the founding fathers were satanic Freemasons. Because if that was true we wouldn’t have gun rights, state rights, control of our money supply, pro religion, pro freedom from the very beginning. That would mean Satan is divided. A house divided can not stand.

          But of course satan is always there temping and deceiving. We’ve had presidents that put Satan first – and Andrew Jackson was a 33rd degree Freemason – he’s the one that ordered the trail of tears. Then we’ve had presidents that put God first – and an example is Abraham Lincoln. This is nothing new – even the 12 tribes of Israel had kings that put YHWH first and were blessed by YHWH; and other kings that were seduced by the world and put Satan first. Nothing new under the sun. Doesn’t mean the entire nation is satanic.

          Regarding the southern tribes – Solomon was from the tribe of Judah and it’s written he was black. Christ told the women that were weeping for him – don’t weep for me, but for yourselves and children. Judgement was coming upon Jerusalem. After Rome destroyed it – I think it’s likely some went south away from the reaches of Rome. It’s also likely the African Americans that came into the United States may of been part of a tribe of Israel as well. Jacob had four wives – one wife could had been white. One wife could had been black. That’s why it’s possible the 12 tribes of Israel were a mix of black and white.

          We are in the Lukewarm church. Millions are awaiting on rapture. Counting down the days before end times. These are the ones whose seed wasn’t planted deep enough; and if persecution comes they may be the first ones to bow down and take the mark. “A great falling away” is going to happen. The rapture folks that think salvation is a mere sentence statement, and that the entire church is going to get raptured are the prime candidate. It’s written blessed are the ones that are martyred for Christ. Because they don’t face the 2nd death – the judgement throne. Instead they are with Christ for 1000 years in New Jerusalem. Btw – the dimensions described in the book of revelation of new Jerusalem proves the earth is flat. It’s already in scripture that it’s stationary, and God stopped the “sun”and moon moving for Israel. Book of enoch says the sun and moon are the same size which would explain the total solar eclipse. All deception from the devil like rapture.

          1. Jacob -> Joseph -> Ephraim & Manasseh received the double portion of the birthright and the namesake Israel. The Jews didn’t get it nor did the southern kingdom. The modern nation state of Israel should properly be named Judea or Judah. They are not yet entitled to the name of Israel. They may be Israelites, as all 12 tribes are, and although they were ostensibly governed by the God of Israel, another people were given the name of Israel. I point out to you continually who and where those people are located. Hosea said that they would lose their identity in that they wouldn’t know who they were, but God would keep tabs on them and run the temporal prophetic realm through them. The pastors today are meant to spread falsehoods. That was part of the prophecy.

            1. The prophecy Jacob gave to Joseph’s sons matches up with United Kingdom and the United States. You saw how quickly these nations accepted Christ, and were blessed. The deception is that God’s chosen people are in the country of Israel. But they are actually spread out throughout the four corners of the Earth. With modern travel and people moving freely from one country to another — anyone could be from a tribe of Israel, and not even know it. Perhaps in our lifetime we’ll go through and see the 144k chosen — 12k from each tribe. It’ll be interesting to see where these people will be from.

    2. Kanye is a filthy degenerate scumbag who needs to repent for his wickedness, give away his hundreds of millions he earned spreading degeneracy, and turn his life over to the true God.

    3. I think Kanye is playing along with satan’s plan of stirring up hatred and division. Satan is trying to play blacks against Jews. The sad part about this is that many innocent and good Jews will suffer for this.

      1. Satan pits everyone against everyone else. He’s the father of lies and those who follow him lie all the time, because that’s what they do and it’s in their DNA. The laodicean Christian cannot face this reality without their double-mindedness thought crime kicking in.

    4. Today’s Bible lesson:

      Read Jeremiah 14 and pay particular attention to the titles and names Jeremiah uses when discussing the southern Kingdom. He doesn’t call them Israelites though he says they were governed by the God of Israel. Jeremiah is correct for even though they were part of the Kingdom of Israel as two of the 12 tribes, they’re not entitled to that name. He calls them Jews, Judah, and Jerusalem. Jeremiah also told them that they hated the prophets and disregarded anything they warned about. Just like today.

      And by the way, the Jews are still not yet entitled to the name Israel. That doesn’t come until after the reunification.

      If you want to know where the true Israelites are today, look to an area of the world with their people in which the adversary is trying to extinguish. Which culture is our adversary trying to extinguish? Is it African? Is it Chinese? Is it Japanese? Is it Arabian? Is it russia? Is it India? Is it the American Indian? Which culture through political correctness is being destroyed? If you can figure that out, you have just determined where the northern Israelite remnants currently reside. It just so happens these remnants also fit the deathbed promises of Jacob.

      That’s today’s Bible lesson and the more you know the more you want to reach out to Jesus Christ as king.

      1. When it comes to those of us in the remnant who are preaching the truth, we will often come across as being angry to the unwashed. But it’s not anger that motivates us, it’s righteous indignation and an obligation to our God to warn others.

  11. The wicked flee when no one pursueth

    Two in five U.S. voters worry about intimidation at polls -Reuters/Ipsos poll


    So far no violence has been reported at any early voting centers or ballot drop-off locations ahead of the Nov. 8 elections, when Republicans are favored to win control of the U.S. House of Representatives and possibly the Senate.

  12. The generation in which everyone is a winner in school turns into a pack of losers when they face the real world. If you’re reading this and you’re part of Gen Z, it starts by not feeling sorry for yourself. No one is going to take care of you and that’s the cruel world reality. Mental health in this generation is an issue, because these children were pampered and then when they get older they are faced with a stark reality that diametrically differs from the feel-good garbage they were fed as youngsters. The real world is cruel and I’m here to tell you that the vast majority of people cannot handle it.

    Most of Gen Z doesn’t think they’ll ever be able to buy a house — so they’re living with their parents and working multiple jobs.


    That also might be a contributor to one of Gen Z’s biggest struggles at work: Mental health. McKinsey found that about a quarter of Gen Z reports mental-health issues are having a major impact on their ability to effectively work. The majority of Gen Z says they’ve had a diagnosis or treatment for their mental health — but a fifth of them are unable to afford services.

    1. Mental health is a thing now – a nice crutch to get you out of responsibilities. A diagnosis can give you extensions on deadlines at school, or exemption from exams.
      However, there is the pressure to succeed in this ‘race to nowhere’ where every kid goes to university and everyone is going to get a nice cushy office job without working too much. Then you marry the perfect partner and raise the perfect children in the perfect house and post the pictures on Instagram of your perfect life. It’s like those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. The leading role is never a landlord fixing his rental houses who then falls in love with his stay at home mom tenant.

      Over the years as a teacher, I saw how much more pressure there is on kids to get an A. Parents go nuts if their kid isn’t seen as perfect, and go after the teacher. So it’s just easier for most teachers just to give all the kids an A. I never did that, just saying, but man did I ever upset parents when I was the bearer of bad news. They were devastated if the kid in Grade 5 wasn’t batting a 90 average. What is to become of him (or her)?

      I never had that kind of pressure as kid. I didn’t have homework either. I was allowed to be a kid.

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