A reader asks; is Work From Home inflationary?

CJ, do you think working from home is a big driver of inflation?

The MSM has been promoting this notion lately, and after having initial skepticism, I find it makes some sense. WFH means people have more time and money. They are traveling more, engaging in “workcations,” and buying more vacation properties. The daily commute used to consume people’s time and money as well as anchor them to one location. WFH workers also have more time to engage in side gigs, like being a landlord…

…Until high-earning white collar workers actually go back to office in a meaningful capacity, inflation should continue.


An interesting observation. I suspect that a work from home environment is more of a reallocation of resources. We spend less on child care and transportation, and more on others, including frivolities. However, with this said, I have never seen the roads more crowded. And the traffic is continual. I look at the people driving and many of them are wearing burkas and other types of foreign clothing. These people are quickly replacing the natives who are dying off, which, by the way, is causing medical costs to rise alongside the increases in overall morbidity rates.

Not only are we experiencing the slowest rate of growth ever, but also the lowest absolute increases since the nation’s founding. If it weren’t for the mass open borders, the population would have declined. It is still struggling more than two years after covid appeared.

I am reading that homeschooling has more than doubled to about 10% of the child population from about 5% previously before covid. Many of these remnant parents find it very distasteful for their Christian children to have to endure observing pagan god Hindu holidays such as Diwali.

The future of the American worker. On the clock and in a daze.

I also suspect on many levels that a lot of the work that employees do is utterly meaningless. Alan Watt previously discussed this concept before his demise, and I find it absolutely true. It’s as if we pulled back the curtain and realized that the average worker really doesn’t do much of anything except take up space and time. Eventually, many employers will experiment going to a 4-day work week, and then a 3-day work week. And then they’ll just tell their employees that they’re technically always on the clock. Eventually, the average human will look like the prototype in the movie Wall-E.

So, really, is WFH inflationary? I view the consumer spending numbers and I don’t see any additional demand, especially the type that would be causing this persistent inflation. The WFH research articles and their conclusions are drawn up and promoted by our adversary to keep the unwashed fishing for excuses. Inflation rests squarely on the shoulders of the federal government and the Federal Reserve. It rests squarely on the shoulders of the globalists and synagogue of Satan who are slicing and dicing the supply chain with talks of World War 3. It’s not just Biden’s fault. Trump consistently pushed for that second round of stimulus checks that was totally unneeded. Trump works wonderfully to bankrupt companies and was hired to help bankrupt the United States. Trump was the biggest promoter of the accelerated death jabs, and we are now seeing at least 10 to 20,000 people a day dying from conditions they would have easily survived. They are quickly being replaced by foreign aliens.

This type of flimsy economic research regarding WFH employs the same types of reasoning that our adversary uses to explain why we are experiencing sudden onset death. The real reasons are never discussed and we’re just left entertaining red herrings.

Happy Diwali.

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16 thoughts on “A reader asks; is Work From Home inflationary?

  1. The financial system mystifies me and I give up trying to understand it. I think the complexity was built by psychos to milk the 90 percent cattle of their money. I can roll with Alan Watt’s pronunciamento: “Money is a con.”

    Ed Dowd, former Blackrock warrior, released a book, and interview, analysing mortality since the coburg. I’m relieved that there are decent people among the alpha grifters. He got out why?

    I noted waves of Maryland refugees here in central Appalachia this past spring. My tax guy says over-taxation in Md. caused it. I say taxes and trust fund communists in the political class there. A Maryland Republican is a decaying corpse. The negro problem is a huge driver also.

    1. The multiculturalism of the DC area is a killer for many people and the lockdowns were just over the top ridiculous.

      People will tell me that the lockdowns are over, but I tell them that the over-the-top lockdowns are just a representation of the government’s philosophy towards its residents. This is why we have the government we have. It’s not just about the lockdowns and forced vaccinations. It has to do with the philosophy in how the governments treat their residents. The governments treat their residents like livestock and the residents don’t mind it.

      I spoke to a property manager in Strasburg yesterday and she says the people from back east are bidding up everything and driving up house prices above and beyond what the people there can afford. Work from home has definitely driven up house prices out there. Of course, I’m guilty as charged. Certain areas are going to get hit hard in real estate, other areas should hold up better.

      The process of unwinding the Prince George’s condos via like exchanges into more friendly and less multicultural jurisdictions has been put in motion. The other unit owners keep flooding my units. It doesn’t matter how much money I put into my units or what shape the units are in, when my neighboring unit owners don’t take care of their domiciles I have nothing but problems. This goes on in PG much more than anywhere else. And I have grown tired of it. But be quiet, you have to get shitted on lest you be called a hateful person. The last time I checked I didn’t see any so-called liberals investing in condominiums over in Prince George’s. They’re too busy pontificating about political correctness. My units are in much better shape than the comparable rentals. I treat my tenants too nicely, I guess. Maybe I should treat them like crap and then sound politically correct. I would be like everyone else at that point.

      I intend on dumping these things in lieu of detached or townhome SFR’s away from here. I may even buy some farmland and rent it out. I’ll start going shopping at Tractor Supply for my clothing and equipment. 🤣🤣🤣

      1. CJ, I suggest you get out of PG ASAP. You’ll get a pipe over the head. Not maybe, you will. Out here in appalach, these stupid refugees are huggy-bunny for peeps of color. They are importing them. Stupid m-f’rs.

        1. One of my PG housing voucher tenants was bragging to me yesterday about how she purchased a 9 mm and is taking classes. Oh joy!

  2. A big swing and a miss on the Goods Trades Balance. Watch for a big revision down on the Atlanta Fed GDPNow GDP tracker today. Perhaps a drop to 2.4% from 2.9%.

    Goods Trade Balance

    Forecast: -88.1B

    1. This is not going to help the US dollar and we see it struggling this morning in the wake of this number.

      Retail inventories were up 0.4% last month, while inventories ex-autos or down 0.1%; both below estimates.

      Wholesale inventories were up 0.8% last month, below the consensus of 1.3%.

      Neither of these numbers bode well for Q3 GDP growth.

      As a matter of definition, GDP growth is bolstered by increases in inventories during that particular quarter, while GDP growth is stunted when inventory levels decline. That’s because GDP is calculated based on the production of that inventory, not when it’s sold.

      Private investment includes investment both in new fixed assets (such as buildings or machinery and equipment) and in accumulation of inventory. Thus, relative drops in inventory levels are usually a strike against GDP growth. Coming on the heels of the worse than expected Goods Trades Deficit, I would suspect that the GDPNow tracker at the Atlanta Fed will be revised sharply lower later on today.

      1. Bond yields have also trended lower in the wake of the softer economic data that trickled out at 8:30. Bond prices opened higher at 8:20 and proceeded to move higher after the 8:30 data dump. This helps lower yields.

        1. As we can see, the equity markets are trading off their lows. I think this morning’s data dump is definitely helping assuage concerns of higher Fed funds rates.

        2. BTW, I have agreed to have Thom Beecham join me as a contributing writer and editor. He’s more cerebral regarding economic fundamentals. He’s also a student of the Bible and of the OT prophets. What a rare combination to have in these final days leading up to Jesus’s return.

          The site’s previous webmaster became ill and sold the website to me for his cost. For now, I and Thom intend on providing our research free of charge.

      2. Big swing and a miss. Revised upwards to 3.1%. Stocks up and GDP estimates moving higher. Government spending growth moving higher, while net exports dragging growth.

        Latest estimate: 3.1 percent — October 26, 2022

        The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the third quarter of 2022 is 3.1 percent on October 26, up from 2.9 percent on October 19. After recent releases from the US Census Bureau, the US Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, and the National Association of Realtors, the nowcast of third-quarter real government spending growth increased from 2.4 percent to 3.8 percent, while the nowcast of the contribution of the change in real net exports to third-quarter real GDP growth decreased from 2.23 percentage points to 2.19 percentage points.

  3. Forwarded from a reader… I see that Maryland is still good for something. Your government dollars at work. Your government has been responsible for killing at least three million people a year now from the accelerated death events due to the covid jabs, and now it intends to create more lethal viruses to sweep across the voting masses of unwashed plebes. And for all the natives who die, your government will replace them with foreign aliens. These aliens don’t talk back to the government and are easily managed. They’re just happy to be out of there current circumstances of doom. But our controllers gain more power, because there’s less of us natives to make a fuss. But don’t complain, you’ll be listed as a xenophobic racist.

    Government lab in Maryland plans to create a hybrid monkeypox strain that is MORE deadly than one currently spreading in US


  4. Imagine if the UST has to finance the Fed reverse repo facility scheme due to the Fed’s mounting accounting losses and higher interest payout….

    Fed Is Losing Billions, Wiping Out Profits That Funded Spending


    Rate hikes also involve central banks paying out more interest on the reserves that commercial banks park with them. That’s tipped the Fed into operating losses, creating a hole that may ultimately require the Treasury Department to fill via debt sales. The UK Treasury is already preparing to make up a loss at the Bank of England.

    1. Home prices finally taking a turn down in the states on the national level. Some areas like the one in which I am trying to establish a beachhead is still much higher than a year ago. We are entering the slowest part of the year and some areas could really show some discounts. Areas that went insane will naturally be affected the most.

  5. I am a WFH person since the vaccination mandates – it was my way of deking out of the vaccination and mask protocols. As a teacher, I was also subject to promoting transgender issues, new age stuff like yoga and such. I don’t find that stuff has a place in the classroom I just could not go along to get along and it would have been a matter of time before I’d get fired. So I did move to the country, to a hick town much like where Andrei goes. It’s still pretty hick. A few new builds popping up but has really slowed down. As for inflationary – I don’t think so. I spend less, need less and the rural life keeps me out of consumerism. I have more time to cook, so I don’t need or even want to go to restaurants. I went to Toronto on the weekend and got all caught up in the rush and ‘gotta have’. Talked myself out of buying a few things, thinking about where I live and what I need and don’t need there. Best not to look like a rich person in a poor area. No one to impress around here.

  6. Patterns have changed since the Covid 19 thing and they will never go back to the original state as some people would like.

    I have noticed places being much more crowded during midday at shopping centers and on the road than before the Covid thing. The road traffic is a lot heavier during midday than 3 years ago.
    Certainly the work at home trend has changed traffic and shopping patterns.

    The work at home thing allows people to live where ever they want and they are shifting to those places. I suspect that people with money are still moving away from the cities into rural areas. I went up to Machias ME a month ago as I do every year. This Machias ME is an out of the way place in Northeast ME next to the Canadian border. No expressways going there nor near there. It used to be a quiet area. The last time I went up there it was much more crowded everywhere up there. I also see many more new houses where there used to be empty woods. I also saw alot more pollution due to these extra houses. For any of you considering a move to rural areas to escape the city and suburbs just beware that many other people are doing the same thing. Most of these wealthy people escaping the city are bringing the city lifestyle to rural areas and as a result these rural areas are changing right before your eyes. Machias ME like many other out of the way places are losing their original rural character that made these places special.
    People have a way of screwing things up and the more people there are in an area the more screwed up it will be.

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