A quick verbatim regarding the planned global conflict (2027?)

My comment; There will be a WWIII, but before this occurs, the world population, especially that of the US and West, needs to be properly conditioned to embrace the Antichrist on the other side. This is why the powers are placing such an emphasis on multiculturalism. Sites like this one will be strictly forbidden. This is also why Pope Francis is diligently laboring to destroy the Catholic Church. There will be no real religion on the other side of WWIII, only the globalist sanctioned belief system will prevail. Concepts such as religious intolerance and racism will be the excuses the powers will use to place the blame for WWIII. Even the controlled opposition like Alex Jones and the other alt-media hacks promote multiculturalism.

With this said, the world is not yet ready to accept this multicultural kingdom of iron and clay. There are still a few more steps that the world needs to take before we arrive at this destination. We are getting much closer now, but there are still a few years left. Preceding this war, the pale horse of death and famine needs to emerge in the West and elsewhere. The powers also need to punish the world for its excess consumption and largesse, and the prototype to the biblical black horse will begin to be emphasized as a precursor to the digitized and brutal black horse of the Great Reset post-WWIII.

Any way we slice it, we must be careful not to jump the gun. Before any great war the Synagogue of Satan needs to create the fertile conditions necessary to position the tableau as an irreversible one. We are getting closer, but the current news feed is only a distraction. For you real estate investors out there, take your equity and deploy some to a remote location which offers you a chance to survive the upcoming global conflict later this decade.

With this as a preface, I pass along a verbatim of the current World Affairs Brief regarding WWIII and its likely timetable. I agree with Mr. Skousen when he says it should be around 2027.

One more thought here; according to some analysis, Jesus was born around 6-3 BC, not 1 AD. The original framers of the modern calendar may have erred in their calculations. Thus, Jesus may have died 2,000 years ago starting in 2027. When no one has any power, Satan reigns.



News Wars citing RT.com reports that China’s dictator for life, Xi Jingping vows to elevate the Chinese military to “World-Class Status” by 2027—right in the middle of my WWIII prediction window when I believe China will be ready to join Russia in a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the West.

President Xi Jinping promised that the Chinese military will be brought to “world-class standards” by 2027, when it marks its centenary. He made the claim in his opening speech at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party on Sunday.

China currently has the largest military in the world in terms of manpower, with more than 2 million active soldiers, sailors, and airmen. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute also ranked the country as the world’s second-biggest seller of arms, after the US, in its research for the year 2020.

US Admiral Gilday warned that China is moving up its timeline to take Taiwan, as the Daily Mail reports.

China could invade Taiwan as early as this year, US Naval Chief Admiral Gilday warns as Xi Jinping solidifies his grip on Beijing and the Communist Party.“It’s not just what Jinping says, it’s how the Chinese behave and what they do,” Gilday said at an event held by the [globalist] Atlantic Council Wednesday. “’What we’ve seen over the past 20 years is that they have delivered on every promise they’ve made earlier than they said they were going to deliver on it”

And according to Fox News,

Sec. of State Antony Blinken backed up such predictions earlier this week when he said China is speeding up its timeline to take back Taiwan

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33 thoughts on “A quick verbatim regarding the planned global conflict (2027?)

  1. CJ, do you think working from home is a big driver of inflation?

    The MSM has been promoting this notion lately, and after having initial skepticism, I find it makes some sense. WFH means people have more time and money. They are traveling more, engaging in “workcations,” and buying more vacation properties. The daily commute used to consume people’s time and money as well as anchor them to one location. WFH workers also have more time to engage in side gigs, like being a landlord.

    Obviously, this is not by chance, since the work from home shift was a part of the plandemic. I haven’t seen any serious attempts to bring workers back to the office or cut wages for remote workers. News articles always say “X corporation plans to bring workers back to office” followed a month later by “X corporation delays return to office due to new variant or workers refusal.” I don’t think the plans were serious in the first place, since the average white collar worker has no real bargaining power.

    Until high-earning white collar workers actually go back to office in a meaningful capacity, inflation should continue.

    1. I was just thinking about GE stock . You never hear anything about this once great company. Look at the price history from 1995 to present what a joke. Jack Welch destroyed that company with all the financial shenanigans and he was touted as a great CEO.

      1. Immelt also ruined GE. He was responsible for having GE overpay for so many acquisitions. Welch turned out to be a pariah in management circles as he led GE towards financial insolvency as you noted. Immelt took the baton. Now they in intend to demerge into three separate entities. What a mess GE turned out to be

  2. PMI manufacturing clocked in at a disappointing 49.9 vs. 51.2 estimate.

    The services really disappointed and the composite was 47.3 vs. 49.3.

    1. Also off subject, this is the first week that the leader board across the street at the funeral home is clear. It has been averaging 4 per week for the past year and a half.

      1. I found out that several people have died locally in the past month or so but did not have a funeral or church service. Formal funerals are expensive, so another sign of the decline.

    2. It’s grim and bleak. The 10-20k a day who are dying from the jabs in the US are being replaced with flown and bused-in foreigners to help maintain the US population.

      Just like what the Assyrians did during the captivity of the Northern Israelites. History repeats and nothing ever changes. Political correctness to shut you up from recognizing the obvious.

      The Northern tribes hated the real prophets and today’s version hates them just as much. The only “profits” that are allowed are the ones talking about wormwood and fallen demons.

      Today’s “profits” talk about how wicked the founding fathers were. People like Tom Horn and Steve Quayle will always be available to listen to, so the NT-only Christians can indulge in their erroneous versions of prophecy.

      Throw out the Chuck Lawsons and Pastor Baldwins on their asses.

  3. The amount of deficit spending needed for these initiatives is outstanding! Bring on the multicultural deficit spending. More money trickles up to my pockets. The more bleeding hearts out there hoping to rehabilitate reprobates, the more money the asset owners make. Trickle-up reality works in so many novel ways in which the masses of unwashed can never figure out. Most of these program supporters actually think these types of initiatives helps level the income disparities. But I conclude so much more differently. Social largesse equals higher asset prices and more passive income… So ingenious.

    Eric Adams offers few details after NYC ‘criminal justice summit’ with DAs


  4. After $13 Trillion Stock Crash, Signs of a Turn Are Now Mounting


    Judging by the ominous pronouncements from Wall Street luminaries, every trader under the sun should be prepping for fresh turmoil in the world’s biggest stock market.

    Yet hedging for doom and gloom is falling out of fashion fast, thanks to a historic equity rout that’s already erased $13 trillion in market value this year and flushed out both retail and institutional investors.

    In the options marketplace, the relative cost of contracts that pay off if the S&P 500 Index sinks another 10% has collapsed to the lowest since 2017. Appetite for bullish wagers is on the rise. And the popular Cboe Volatility Index is sitting far below multi-year highs even as equity benchmarks plumb bear-market lows.

  5. This goes on often in multicultural MDs Prince George’s County. Property taxes there are 3.5x the amount of equivalently priced Shenandoah County VA real estate. I just soak the reprobate tenants with higher rents. Keep demographics in mind when developing a strategy for dealing with the Great Reset objectives throughout this decade. Don’t make it more difficult than it already will be.

    Maryland couple says strangers have moved into the home they just bought and refuse to leave


  6. CCPs Xi is consolidating power in his third term as chairman. Did you see what he did to Hu Jintao? He mocked him. Hu gave that famous speech in the early aughts about the CCPs true ambitions on conquering the US. That is its primary but hidden goal.

    It seems the Synagogue of Satan is satisfied to have dictators Putin and Xi in charge of their nations when they both agree to strike the West. Japheth remnants vs. the true Israelite remnants.

    Japheth never forgave Shem for Noah’s blessings and they have an ax to grind. The OT says so. Ham’s descendents just ruin life for everyone else in the multicultural kingdom.

    1. Any pastor who doesn’t talk about this stuff or refuses to recognize it needs to be thrown out on his ass. Or in the Laodicean church, I should say her ass as well.

      This is the one time in modern history that an understanding of prophecy and eschatology needs to be recognized for the physical survival of the congregation. Today’s pastors are allowing their people in the church pews to walk right into the wood chipper.

  7. Thanks for your ideas. I am now looking for a property in a more strategic remote location and intend to rent it out for now. People around where I live in Tempe seem to be getting angrier since covid. They’re probably sicker and more broke. I and my wife skipped the jab and stayed with rental real estate. That’s certainly been a winning combination where I live in Arizona.

    1. I’d be careful about living too far from the communist housing boom area. I’m in CA and have seen the effects, and based on my theory, predicted some of the outcomes as well as one fire.

      The fires are of course blamed on climate change but I say not so much. More so tweakers with matches are likely paid by Newscum himself to start the fires. I say that half jokingly. Consider the goal is to consolidate people into urban centers. This is a fact. Consider that every area that burned so far was in or near a redevelopment zone. Another fact. After the Coffey Park neighborhood burned there was an opinion piece that came out a few weeks after titled “rebuild or rethink.” It’s almost as if that area was slated for demolition so the developers can implement the higher density housing. I can go on about other similar examples but you get the idea.

      Following my own advice, I’m not looking to wander too far out of the 5G coverage area. Which leads me to another point. If you want an aid in predicting the next disaster, look at where 5G will never be installed. Mountain towns or very remote areas because running the infrastructure is too expensive. Quote from the link below:

      “But closing the digital divide is not complete without access to mobile connectivity,” Berry continued, adding, “The reality is that nationwide 5G availability is not inevitable for all Americans, particularly those in rural America.”


      I suppose if it makes sense financially they will do it but I’m not holding my breath. 5G to me is a tool to control people. The all electric revolution is also exactly that. Because combing the two ideas means your house can be shut off at the command center. Electric cars. Ever try paying cash for electrons? You can with gas and that’s the problem. No track and trace. Making gas to new homes illegal is making way for all electric HVAC and appliances. From a technical perceptive it’s much easier and safer to remotely monitor and/or cut electric power. With an electric car full of computers someone can know your whereabouts and how much power you are using. We already have the letters from PG&E telling us how our power consumption compares to similar homes. Charge your car at home a little too often? Hmmm. I may be a little paranoid but technically speaking everything I laid out can happen. Because if TPTB didn’t care, then why such an effort to cram everyone into city centers and megaregions?


      The big CA fires in the last few years were all outside the Megaregions. Coincidence?

  8. Thanks for the post, Chris. I think the SoS’s primary goal is to kill off whites. White people have an instinct for dignity and rights. This isn’t present in the other races; I don’t see it in them. Alan Watt mentioned this in one of his last podcasts. He said it’s going to be over for white people.

    Advertising is the tip of Satan’s spear. Whites are disappearing. Observe college recruitment ads. White males are absent. A blonde white female will be holding the hand of a colored male. Or she will be posed behind colored females. Or fags will be up front.

    Advertising people are trash.

    I think everyone can operate against the globalists by STOP USING DIGITAL PAYMENTS. The Beast lives on energy in the form of interest and fees.

    1. Strasburg and Woodstock VA are such nice places to live. The people are so respectful and decent. Many people still don’t lock their car and house doors all the time. Except on the interstate nearby, there’s no aggressive driving. My property taxes on a 300k house is about $1,350 a year as people don’t look to their government for services. So peaceful. Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention, it’s almost 90% white.

      But that’ll change as the others move in and the crime, aggressive driving,.and government burden will drive up crime and costs and taxes.

      Right now, I drive my pickup truck to the landfill and dump my trash. It’s easy and free and on the honor system, but when multiculturalism bleeds Shenandoah County eventually, there will no longer be any honor in anything.

  9. Everything about the Alex Jones/Sandy Hook event is a charade! In that interview he tries to describe himself as a jesus figure calling himself a sacrifice for his followers. His verbage by moving to Russia to an under ground bunker…..shows that he actually may be forced to retire and given a fake death, like a heart attack or suicide but no doubt he will be sitting pretty in a beachfront gated community overseas.

    Next week is a HUGE earnings week! Charts this week show the start of an uptick. TSLA was down, but not by much and already starting to recover. Did you listen to the doom and gloomers this last month or take the contra? Big companies reporting, and that will set the tone. Good ER’s can be the catalyst that will show a new trend at least for a short term. No long term holds for me, but scaling out into the upticks.

    I doubt there will be a FED pivot for November, so unless most of the ER’s are really bad, or there is a big false flag, which i’m not seeing any indications of that, just the usual mall and school staged shootings by the Alphabet agencies. We should be okay til the end of the year.

      1. That Emergency Transmission was as joke folks, a parody. Can’t believe people actually fell for it.

    1. I tell you the truth, because I’m not beholden to anyone except Jesus Christ. I don’t have children to rebel against me. Both my parents are dead and I barely talk to any of my sisters. I don’t have any friends and I don’t rely on anyone for money or for really anything else. I’m unshackled and I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think about me. What a burden it must be to be tethered to this system.

      1. Regardless if that wasn’t him in that interview, AJ’s Sandy Hook trial was a charade, and I think they force retire him soon.

        Futures up bigly. Good week to sell into any upticks if you bought last week, and take a few scalps.

        1. AJ was set as the example to silence the people and the prophets. AJ is a controlled Zionist freemason who achieves great fame by being their chosen whipping boy. What he says or said was not really a big deal and opinion, but he receives tremendous support from his allies, who have been deftly and wittingly guided to support an unstable, deeply flawed, and dialectic opposite man. It’s designed to corral the former patriots who now accept a previously untenable set of beliefs, such as partisan politics, pro-Russian and pro-Zionist objectives, and multiculturalism. This is just like how the Republicans and Democrats are. Neither side can stand in its own, but together, they prop each other up with a palette of distasteful objectives.

          All controlled out of Arlington and McLean Virginia. DARPA develops the psychological techniques and the DoD and CIA implement them. Don’t affiliate with any side. Nobody is left to resist. Only 20% here have not gone along. As many 70-75% took the accelerated die-off jabs, because it was viewed as a race and social issue.

          I am planning for a bleak future. A lonely and bleak future. Property management has gotten to be a demoralizing endeavor. If you want to see humanity in its true form and up close, become a property manager in working class rentals

          1. I listened to part of that podcast. I am not sure that was the real Alex Jones. Regardless, Alex Jones was very wealthy. He owned a ranch and expensive items never mind the notoriety he received. No doubt this was allowed to happen by the Synagogue of satan to create the false opposition. As you said The Synagogue of Satan is slapping him with tremendous financial burdens to shut him up and send a message to all freedom loving patriots that they lost and the game is over. This is also to intimidate the opposition to cow them into silence.

            This is a sign that the Democrats will still retain control of all branches of government despite some polls showing otherwise because the Democrats are best at serving the SoS agenda. I feel they will use multiple tactics to tilt the elections in the Democrats favor such as unregistered, illegals voting, ballot box stuffing, and /or opposition ballots being thrown out. Do not expect any changes
            this election.

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