Putin is not the good guy in the dialectic; nor is he a genuine Christian

I have long taken contention with those in the alt-media who proclaim that Putin has the high moral ground in this dialectic dilemma. He is just as wicked as the rest of them and only poses as a manufactured opposite.

Even if the Western establishment may be instigating many of the problems the world is now facing, Putin is playing right into their hands. Moreover, I am intrigued with the actions and words of Putin and they seem to conform with the desired outcome going out to the end of the decade. If someone asked me, I would say he’s a puppet put in place to perform a certain function.

To wit, I have provided a verbatim passage from this weekend’s World Affairs Brief, which discusses a lot about Putin that most in the alt-world refuse to recognize. I may not endorse everything that is written below, but the main points are definitely there for a discerning person to recognize and contemplate, and in these last days, an open mind is hard to find.



As part of Vladimir Putin’s speech last week announcing the annexation of conquered areas in Ukraine, he also launched a verbal attack on the West slamming the corruption of traditional values including gender norms and called it a perversion of religion and outright Satanism. I’m not going to disagree with that, except to say that these opinions are held by a vocal minority bolstered by the conspiring establishment media, leftist public education, and globalist political leadership. Putin proceeded in his speech to pretend that he represents a higher moral and Christian standard, but as I will review today, Putin is at the head of one of Satan’s conspiratorial centers of power by representing Russia after the phony “Fall” of Communism (the other two are the Western globalists and the Chinese Communists). This speech is but the latest posturing by Putin pretending to be the champion of God, family, and traditional values in a fight against the Western globalists. As part of this strategy, Russia has been spending huge amounts of money on alternative news broadcasts in English with anti-globalist content and subtle pro-Russian propaganda catered to conservatives in the US to convince us that Putin is on our side. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s all a continuation of the grand deception of the “fall” of Communism and conservatives in the US are falling for it hook line and sinker. Both sides are attacking each other but only telling half of the story—the other side’s sins.

Adam Salazar of Infowars.com gives this summary of Putin’s remarks:

“Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be imposed on children in our schools from the primary grades?” Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the West’s disruption of the nuclear family and morality, and its promotion of gender dysphoria as the works of Satan… Do we want to have, here, in our country, in Russia, instead of mom and dad there was “parent number one”, “number two”, “number three”… Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be imposed on children in our schools from the primary grades? To be drummed into them that there are supposedly other genders besides women and men, and to be offered a gender reassignment operation?

Putin went on to say the West would like to forcefully impose this perversion of values on the rest of the world, thus carrying out the will of Satan.

I repeat, the dictatorship of the Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of the Western countries themselves. This is a challenge for everyone. Such a complete denial of man, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, the suppression of freedom acquires the features of a “reverse religion” – outright Satanism.

I wish our own religious leaders had the courage to say these things, but hardly any religious leaders have the courage to fight the establishment woke propaganda. Still, Putin is being an absolute hypocrite in denouncing all these things, while covering for his own Satanic connection. He even claims to be a critic of Communism in interviews and far too many conservative believe him. Do they believe Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, or Joe Biden when they claim to be Christians?

Putin heads one of the three satanic-inspired conspiracies hoping to control the world. Each one intends to destroy the Western culture and freedom that God helped inspire over the past 3 centuries as they do so—the other two are our own Anglo-American Globalists and their Deep State enforcers, and the Chinese Communists and their internal enforcers.

Only the Chinese are still openly embracing Communism, despite having played their own major deception pretending to “open” their markets to free enterprise—which they only did in part to gain massive economic improvements which have provided the money and technology (through theft) that have allowed the Chinese to build the largest offensive military building program since WWII.

Russia took Communism underground when they faked the fall in 1989 and 1990, and I was one of only two political scientists in the world to document this grand deception, which Putin now leads. The late Christopher Storey of the UK was the other.

No one is disputing that there was pent-up hatred of Soviet-imposed Communism throughout countries behind the iron curtain, but the “fall” of Communism was planned in advance (as defector Anatoliy Golitsyn documented), and engineered to gain Western aid and trade and fool the West into letting their guard down. Remember that historically, no dictatorship including communism has ever voluntarily given up power, no matter how bad things got—ever. And yet conservatives failed to detect this fraud. The globalists knew it was a fraud, but covered for it as part of their agenda to allow a future enemy to rise. Here is a summary of the evidence for the phony fall:

1) Former East German dictator Erik Honecker admitted on his death bed that Moscow gave him orders to let the student protests go forward in Leipzig that started it all and to stand down the Stazi. Later he was ordered to allow the Berlin wall to be torn down—to let the protestors think they had “won.” Moscow also gave orders for all the Communist dictators in Eastern Europe to step down. Only Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania refused and had to be killed.

2) Protestors in Red Square in Moscow in support of Boris Yeltsin (the pretended pro-Western reformer) were amazed that the KGB did not appear in force, unlike all former protests where protestors were beaten and arrested. They had been told to stand down. The television station broadcasting Yeltsin’s speech from atop the tank was still under Communist control, but they did not cut off the TV feed or air a pro-government counter-report, as they could have.

3) The attempted KGB coup against Gorbachev at his undefended dacha supposedly failed—as if the vaunted KGB which had overthrown entire governments before was so incompetent!

4) The heads of the KGB, GRU, and Defense Ministry were reported as “fleeing for their lives.” These men supposedly controlled the highest levels of military and police power in the entire Soviet Union. Who were they fleeing from? No one in the Western media bothered to even ask that question. In fact, all these top “leaders” including Gorbachev had been mid-level bureaucrats a couple of years prior to being elevated to their top positions. That means other more powerful people behind the scenes were selecting them and directing their actions.

5) These secret top Communist leaders came out of hiding after the “fall” and became the new Oligarchs, the only ones who had the power to get the Russian State Bank to “loan” them the money to buy up Gazprom, the Oil companies, and media, to become super wealthy. Boris Berezovsky became the head of the new Commonwealth of Independent States—a euphemism for the remnants of the Soviet Union. Putin met with Berezovsky five times at his Spanish villa the year he ascended to the presidency, indicating that Boris Berezovsky was still the real behind-the-scenes leader in Russia (until Putin had him assassinated in London).

While the West is leading the social movement toward moral degradation, Putin’s Russia is no paragon of moral virtue either, despite the country’s superficial adherence to Orthodox Catholicism, which was totally controlled during Soviet days and beyond. Like most Catholic majorities around the world, few attend mass, and even fewer abide by the Christian doctrine of fidelity in marriage because of the ease at which confession and absolution of sins can be had.

In pointing this out, I don’t mean to disparage the small minority of conservative Catholics who do live their religion and dislike the current Marxist/globalist Pope. In fact conservative Catholic commentators in the US have largely taken the lead in fighting against the transgender craze, and the dumbing down of genius and greatness by bashing white privilege at universities and promoting a false notion of equality of outcome in business and life.

Russians may not allow the promotion of the woke agenda publicly, but few in Russia honestly champion the daily virtues Putin if falsely espousing. It has its own high levels of corruption. Russians have the highest rate of marriage infidelity and divorce in the world at around 80-90 percent. Alcoholism is chronic at all levels of society. Drugs, prostitution, gangs, organized crime and even homosexuality exist everywhere in Russia, but especially in large cities. Homosexuality is just more open in the West. The underground Soviet criminal syndicates still control their own drug trade like they did before the fall, even though they used to target only the West with their drug imports—which the CIA took over during the Vietnam war and when Afghanistan fell under US control.

I condemn the West’s leaders as much as I condemn Russian and Chinese leaders. They are all conspiring against liberty and are personally corrupt. In Putin’s speech, he flaunted the lies about who is to fault about the war in Ukraine and the recent annexation, claiming Ukraine started it, which is not true.

The Russian president also issued a message to government officials in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, advising them to respect the results of the referendum and “cease fire.”

Why should the West respect the results of a sham election, where all of the pro-Ukraine citizens of the Donbass (admittedly a minority) were driven out or taken to concentration camps inside Russia, and the remaining people were rousted out by soldiers to go to the polls and vote? That’s the only way you get 90-95% “yes” votes on any contentious issue.

Even though the election was a fraud, in peacetime the vast majority of people in the Donbass would have voted to join Russia anyway, because they have traditionally viewed themselves as Russian. But many of those were turned off to Russia when Russian artillery gutted whole cities with artillery that were under siege.

As I explained last week, the areas in Ukraine with a larger percentage of Russian-speakers were the result of Russian peasants being forcibly relocated there by the Soviets precisely to provide this excuse for a future invasion to “save” them–just as they forced hundreds of thousands of Russians to emigrate to the Baltic States, which will also someday be invaded. Why should the West reward Putin for the devious Soviet tactic of putting these Russians into the borders of Ukraine so he could someday justify invading to “protect them?” Putin continued:

We call on the Kyiv regime to immediately cease fire, all hostilities, the war that it unleashed back in 2014, and return to the negotiating table… But we will not discuss the choice of the people in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson.

That position leaves nothing to negotiate except accepting Russia’s aggression. I trust my readers can see the lie in this. Russia did the stealth invasion of the Donbass after mounting the stealth insurrection in Crimea, and started attacking Ukraine’s military forces. Remember, this came on the heels of the phony Maidan Coup in 2014 where the pro-Communist president made it look like the protestors won (standing down the riot police forces) so that a phony pro-Western leader (Pietro Poroshenko) could be elected, who then provoked the Russian speaking Donbass into revolt.

Then the Russians used the Ukrainian military response to Russian stealth attacks in Donbass to claim Ukraine was attacking unprovoked, which was not true. Now that the Russians are slowly losing the war, they want a “cease fire” based on the same pretense they used to start the war—protecting the will of the Russian people in Ukraine.

Elsewhere in his speech Friday, Putin characterized the Nord Stream pipeline explosion as “sabotage” which I believe is true. But that doesn’t mean that Putin was innocent either. He was using Russian gas to leverage concessions out of Europe. Putin said,

But sanctions are not enough for the Anglo-Saxons, they have switched to sabotage – unbelievable, but true – having organized explosions on the international gas pipelines of the Nord Stream.

As I explained last week, I believe secret Western forces did this because the Germans and others were softening about sanctions and would have given in to Russia and removed the sanctions—so the Deep State blew up the pipelines to remove Russia’s leverage. This week, US Secretary of State Blinken revealed another perverse motive, quoted at RT.com:

Tuesday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said it would be “in no one’s interest,” but then added that the situation represents “a very significant opportunity” for the EU to “finally end” its dependence on Russian gas and “accelerate the transition to renewables.”

In other words, force the Germans and others to rely on more solar and wind power by cutting off their supply of Russian gas. RT also commented on the threats to the Turkstream pipeline:

If the TurkStream natural gas pipeline is damaged, [always under seismic threat] its operator won’t be able to mount repairs because the Dutch government has revoked a key license due to EU sanctions against Russia... TurkStream is the last remaining pipeline for Russian natural gas to reach the EU. The Yamal pipeline through Poland was shut off in May, due to Russian counter-sanctions against Warsaw, while Gazprom halted deliveries through Ukraine on September 27.

There are two sides to the Russian gas pipeline issue: 1) the issue of European dependency on a gas supply from a sworn enemy of the West that would inevitably be used as an economic weapon against the West and 2) the conspirators of the West trying to force a “great reset” upon the Western world purposely sabotaging the line prior to winter to force Western Europeans to accede to manipulated economic shortages and false solutions—knowing full well that restarting all the nuclear plants in Europe could solve the energy shortages.

In short, there are no good guys in this conflict, only competing evil sources along with naive and unknowledgeable people in the middle who are going to suffer. Nothing is black and white anymore, so be prepared to learn and remember the most difficult subject of all—the multiple conspiracies to destroy freedom, sovereignty and free markets, and the 3 great centers of conspiratorial power to create a tyrannical New World Order: Western globalists, Russia, and China.

Libertarians might complain about how people should be free to buy products from anywhere in the world they want, but in reality, we don’t want to be patronizing our enemy or facilitating the demise of the core internal industries of a nation that will be relied upon when war inevitably arrives.

Lastly, Putin called out the war crimes of Western leaders, once again acting the hypocrite by denying his own war crimes in Ukraine, where whole cities have been destroyed, including purely civilian apartment buildings, hospitals and schools.

“The United States is the only country in the world to have used nuclear weapons twice, destroying the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [This display of power wasn’t necessary—they could have given a demonstration of its power out in Tokyo bay for example or on a strictly military target] By the way, they set a precedent. [which Putin will use in the same pernicious way]

Let me also remind you that the United States, together with the British, turned Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne and many other German cities into ruins without any military necessity during World War II. And this was done defiantly, without any military necessity. There was only one goal: just as in the case of the nuclear bombings in Japan, to intimidate both our country and the whole world.”

Yes, I’ve complained about this for years too, but this isn’t even a comprehensive list of Western war-crimes in WWII, some of which implicate communist Russia, like the British betrayal of entire armies of white Russians who fought against Stalin in WWII that were imprisoned and sent back into Stalin’s Russia after the war, as well as millions of slavic people who had fled Russia to the West that were forcibly returned in “Operation Keelhaul” implemented by Dwight D. Eisenhower (who also starved over a million German prisoners in his custody at the end of the war, the subject of a book entitled “Other Losses”).

These were war crimes precisely because of how Russia treated these forced returnees—sending them all to the Gulags to be worked to death. Putin also fails to mention the over 8,000 American and British soldiers “liberated” from prison camps in Germany by the Russians, that were held hostage to make sure Eisenhower went through with Operation Keelhaul. Even when Eisenhower complied, the Russians never returned these American and British soldiers and the US covered it up—a great evil on both sides.

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33 thoughts on “Putin is not the good guy in the dialectic; nor is he a genuine Christian

  1. ECB just released a new economic model that includes lower rate increases.

    Viva la landlords and passive income generators!

    The MSM are really pushing the inflation problems in the narrative. The people are beginning to really suffer. I see it first hand as a landlord. I had such a difficult time renting out a SFR. I received 30 applications, but they were of all low quality. I eventually went with a young married couple and the husband is a Navy guy assigned to Andrews.

    The people seem angrier. What a pressure cooker the SoS has created. Only a few are benefiting. I don’t tell others outside of close friends and family that I have financially benefited from COVID. I had a tenant who just moved out who is very angry, at me and the world. As long as I pull up in my old truck and dress like a slob, she can’t imagine how I have really benefited from her labors.

    Be careful to whom you rent out your SFRs. The tenants are becoming demoralized and angry. But, they will all vote for the same political hierarchy next month.

    House prices in the working class areas are still rising around here. Only the properties above the median are struggling.

    This crisis was avoidable, but was created with the intent to destroy the financials of the people.

    Leviticus 26:14-17 KJV
    But if ye will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments; [15] And if ye shall despise my statutes, or if your soul abhor my judgments, so that ye will not do all my commandments, but that ye break my covenant: [16] I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. [17] And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you.

    As a remnant nation, the more the US becomes a pro-sodomite multicultural kingdom, the worse its people will suffer. Yet the people refuse to make the connection.

    1. EXCLUSIVE Reuters
      ECB staff sees lower rate peak than market, sources say


      European Central Bank staff see the need for fewer rate hikes than markets now estimate to tame inflation, according to a new internal model that could serve as a key input in future deliberations, four sources close to the discussion said.

      The new model, called Target-Consistent Terminal Rate, showed the ECB needed to raise its deposit rate to 2.25% – or even less than that if at the same time it shrinks its balance sheet – to bring inflation back to its 2% goal

      1. Based on today’s turnaround performance in the stock market, it is clear that equity prices will more than tolerate an increase in the inflation rate as long as the monetary authorities are amenable to higher base inflation rates. The fact that the ECB just quietly raise their inflation Target from 2% to 2.25% is an indication to me that the monetary authorities may decide to let inflation rip higher.

        1. Technical bounce, short coverings or a true turn around performance? Higher CPI, PPI, job claims. Notice some of today’s headlines showing that is bad news and could tank the market..YET….The market is upticking and taking those numbers as good. LOL

        2. I think this is part of a plan to strengthen the USD and weaken other currencies. A strong USD will eventually blow up the financial markets. The stock market was oversold and had to rise on the hopium of all central banks easing up on the tightening cycle after the ECB’s quiet announcement. Notice that CNBC does not give an explanation of the sudden turnaround. CNBC wants the investing plebes that the market “magically” turned around.

          1. Reuters reported that policymakers at the European Central Bank expect a terminal rate of 2.25%, which suggests the need for fewer rate hikes. But the Alt media hypes up Europe in turmoil. Yet most of us viewed the pre planned manipulation.

            AND….Down today, the chart yesterday showed a cup with a “rising” handle. Interesting how it played out by that book definition.

            1. Today’s market action was a big disappointment, and the downtrend is still intact

    2. Who’s CJ Evans? All I know is this;
      Anyone who takes things personally as we move forward in these final days is doomed. If you become subjectively involved or choose to take a vested interest in any of the topics on the synagogues media, you are doomed to fail. For anyone who wants to succeed going out the next several years I’m begging you to remain objective and detached. The struggle is going to be very difficult, but for those who are unable to recognize the enemy, yet become emotionally attached to this circus, they are going to fail miserably.

    1. I agree with the Catholic and religious errors you state. I only take seriously Skousen’s military and political analysis.

      However, Skousen does mention Anatoliy Golitsyn below.

  2. I still cannot believe how cheap Platinum is. The price of platinum is so incredibly low when compared to all other metals and commodities. It goes to show us that Platinum is still an industrial metal. When diesel catalytic converters go the way of the buggy whip, Platinum goes down with it.

    1. The tweakers stealing catalytic converters and selling them for scrap may not be charging enough. Haha. Pulled from the link below:

      “Annual thefts of the auto part, which is tucked along the exhaust system to turn fumes from a car’s engine into less harmful gasses, jumped from 1,298 in 2018 to 14,433 in 2020, according to data compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) — an increase of more than 1,000 percent.”

      “The precious metals that are contained in the catalytic converter are produced and mined in Russia and South Africa primarily,” Glawe said, and the war in Ukraine and general supply chain issues have created an exponential increase in the cost of those metals. “These are financial crimes and crime is a business, and business is very good,” Glawe said.


    2. Yeah I misread that one bought a number of platinum eagles during the lows of 2020 and expected platinum to catch up to gold but I was certainly wrong.

      1. Imagine if US single family real estate begins to price like sfrs in the other developed nations. Imagine seeing price to income multiples go from 4.5 to 7.5, while interest rates continue to rise. What a sad prospect for renters.

        1. Yeah I can’t help but think of the rate I got on my house when I closed last November versus where they are now. I would have to buy a house for like 150k cheaper to get a similar payment and the options at that price point is laughable. Certainly a demoralizing situation for the masses.

  3. Ben Bernanke, the man who formulated an effective plan that allowed his buddies to exploit and consolidate their wealth and power over humanity while posing as a hero, was awarded the Nobel prize in Economic Science for his ingenuity.

    I always laugh at how he is considered the expert in understanding the reasons behind the Great Depression. I think it’s actually quite easy to see, and the Nobel committee should just ask us.

    Regardless, I always said that Bernanke was a talented economist and probably the most capable Fed chairman ever.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean I think he is a good man. One of the main premises of this blog was to recognize his work and realize its viability and then to profit from it. We should call him Mr QE.

    1. By the way, Bernanke threw shade at the current monetary policy objectives. I guess he wants to come out against it before it all blows up, so he can say he told us so.

  4. 90% of the Alt-media aka Alex jones, Joe rogan types are controlled by CIA to shill for Putin. If you are a conspiracy nutter with 20 years of experience and have been called did you forget your meds 5 times in a year, this is an old news.

    The actual rulers of this world are non-human beings with technology million years ahead.

    Just as an example. I’m from India and we have a forced IT sector cheap labor but the Ukrainian software engineers were 100 times better. For the life of me, like 20 years ago I could not understand why western software companies do not want to open offices in Kiev when most of top software coders are from those places with cost /salary comparable to that of India.

    Now, I know, American companies would forcefully hire low rated Indian engineers while ignoring too notch engineers from Ukraine. Even now if you look at freelance coding platforms. Only Ukrainians and Russian freelance engineers are top ranked by far.

    They knew two decades back, Ukraine will be destroyed so would be russia and then who would maintain banking platforms. They did not open offices in mainland europe but India.

    India for all its worth is still stable with cheap electricity. Most of western banks IT is run from India, Amazon, Google, FB etc etc have back office in India. If India was ukraine, the internet would have already shut down. I still cannot get this over why they made India the IT cheap back office of the world. They knew back then, this day would come.

    1. It is an interesting observation. I find it interesting that the Western establishment chose China 50 years ago as the manufacturing hub for the new world order. They could have chosen a number of other countries, including India. But instead, they chose China, communist China, to establish their offshoring beachhead.

  5. Based on the present day areas that are inhabited by the ancient remnants described in Ezekiel, this upcoming global war will be that war. This war never took place before, and it will in the last days, those latter days.

    Most people will not believe in the prophecy of the popes, yet many in the church hierarchy do take it seriously.

    1. For those seriously invested in real estate I would begin to deploy some capital in other areas we may have overlooked in the past. This means we may have to accept lower capitalization rates and lower irr’s in return for some diversification and safety.

  6. A reader had recently sold a property and indicated to me that the proceeds were quite a sizeable sum of money. He asked me what I thought he should do with it given the uncertainty in the markets.

    Here is a response;

    Unless he has a desire to purchase another property, as many investors elect to defer capital gains taxes via a tax-free exchange for one property to another, I suggest here that he remains liquid and in cash. It is clear that these markets are going to continue to be under pressure from Federal Reserve policy. All the markets, and even markets like the energy markets will be under pressure and will be subject to extreme volatility. Given higher market yields, even these markets will struggle.

    On one hand, we are experiencing an almost institutionalized form of price inflation with higher cost of living. On the other hand the markets are bleeding and asset prices have been deflating. I have indicated to you all in the past that this is all intentional as Fed policy was too erroneous during covid to chalk it up to a mistake. Thus, its current response to its covid response “mistakes” is no mistake. Given these circumstances, I would rather have cash, especially if you don’t have a desire to deploy it back into real estate. I think there will be better opportunities down the road in the asset markets.

    I don’t think the FED is going to relent. The Fed was so willfully ignorant going back to early 2020 that I have to conclude this is all intentional.

    I think there’s a lot of bad stuff coming down the road, and war is looking more obvious going out to mid-decade and beyond, unfortunately. I have been suggesting dollarized assets the whole time and in this case, I still like the dollar.

    I don’t know how high the US dollar Index can move. If the Federal Reserve truly wishes to return the world to a 2% inflationary rate baseline, we’re going to want to remain liquid. Nothing will be immune, and I suspect QE will go into the trash heap of history.

    If he’s not satisfied with cash, then I would suggest investments in which he can derive a nice yield. Some dividend stocks have come back down to earth and provide potential investors with a much better yield than a year ago. I do like SFR’s in some instances, and my last purchase was in a more remote location in a friendlier jurisdiction.

    Although I just purchased another rental dwelling, please understand that I’m willing to take the risk and I still have very low leverage. Despite my recent cash out, my debt to equity is less than 25%. Unless a person has a strong desire to deploy large chunks of capital, I don’t recommend anything except short-term Treasures. At least you’ll get over a 3% yield.

      1. Yes, but I’m willing to take the risk and have the abilities, while most others won’t. In fact, I closed on my next property last Friday. I am here working on it right now. I just installed 16 recessed lights in the lower level. I just saved myself a couple thousand dollars at least by doing it myself. If you were in my circumstances I would recommend you do the same… Unless I read his question incorrectly, I didn’t think he wanted to put it back into real estate. But if you are a true real estate investor I would just keep it in real estate.

        Although I just purchased another rental dwelling, please understand that I’m willing to take the risk and I still have very low leverage. Despite my recent cash out, my debt to equity is less than 25%. Unless a person has a strong desire to deploy large chunks of capital, I don’t recommend anything except short-term Treasures. At least you’ll get over a 3% yield.

  7. Joel still sells the conflict as real but it isn’t. However he has chimed in the most truth about the issue within his article:

    “the US are falling for it hook line and sinker. Both sides are attacking each other but only telling half of the story”

    We are only getting have a story yet the masses still bought into it. They were asking for schoolkids to donate to the cause. Even after all the billions of dollars the government approved. Look at all the go fuckmes that were set up.

    Chris nails it again. How could a top KGB officer and top dog of Russia be a true Christian…..

  8. Not a fan of any LDS type but Skousen is correct: Russia is communist still. The USSR was put online by The City and Wall Street and it was taken offline by them. The City and WS own China as well. Mao (I have said it here before) was an employee of Yale University China and he was spotted as the man to bring China up to the monster it is today.

    The City wants communists and fascists to go at throats. That’s good for business and it culls the peasantry. It builds and maintains these states.

    We know now that the Cold War was a hoax.

    Russia was asset stripped those seven decades of its existence. Thousands of tons of Russian gold were mined and processed in an economy and labor market insulated from international exchange rates. Western banks got it. Antony Sutton is the man to read on this.

    The U.S. is being asset stripped now. The IRS collects money that goes to pay interest on money advanced to the government by the Fed. Future “Americans” will be on the hook to pay back these loans. While the U.S. military is being used to consolidate control over the world’s resources. Keep on waving the flag, patriots.

    Why doesn’t Skousen recognize that this tri-partite world is completely a creation? That’s why I dislike the patriot types.

    And to think that patriots are pinning all their hopes on this blonde mamzer from Manhattan. They think he’s going to save them.

  9. Someone who truly gets it….This World System is going straight to Hell and all who embrace it. The World Leaders Entertainers Corporate Leaders and so forth all have their Scripts. They sold themselves to this Devilish System. Most of the Sheople have done so to. If it were possible even the very elect would be deceived. Most don’t hold Jesus near and dear. Believe not most of what’s printed in the crab rappers and the one eyed Cyclopes squawk box. The Satanic Luciferian Kabbalist want total control of what and how we think. Not this gal. This Country’s founding was a double sided coin. The Masonic Deist Luciferians on one side and the God fearing Christians/Patriots on the other. Besides my Allegiance is to Jesus and Heaven to live my life and treat my fellow human being according to his Word.
    To be wise as a serpent yet kind and gentle as doves. Not to allow ourselves to get entangled in things we ought not. This World is a stranglehold. There is True Freedom living in Christ Jesus.
    I keep up with all the Hell TPTB throw at us but don’t allow it to ruin me. I live in heavenly places. I realize most don’t care they choose to play the game for self preservation. They truly have no peace because they know not the Prince of Peace who is Jesus Christ.
    I have very few if any real friends around me. Most of who I converse with is just shallow everyday rhetoric. Who wants to be around a Truth loving moral tinfoil hat person. What a buzzkill….lol…

  10. Putin is NOT the good guy fighting for the good of humanity. Putin is no better than the Western leaders.

  11. This is a very enlightening article exposing what really happened and cutting through the spin.

    Another reminder NOT to count on people as saviors and only count on God. The Bible specifically states that you should only worship God and nothing else.

    We are definitely marching towards the endgame of the 7 year tribulation and rule of the Anti Christ.

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