The one way march to WWIII and mass death continues on schedule

Don’t say we never have been warned

It seems only a very select few are truly able to articulate and grasp the purposes and reasons behind the recent events of the post-covid world. Even fewer of us can properly digest the process that the West and United States have undertaken over the past 50-60 years back to the formation of the Federal Reserve. Political correctness destroys their survival instincts.

While ostensibly appearing random and abstrue to the unwashed, these long chain of events and circumstances going back to our adversary’s infiltration of the churches 150 years ago and formation of the Fed in 1913, have left the rudderless society receptive to accepting their eventual miserable fate and embracing the darkness that awaits them. Indeed, the world is on the precipice of another titanic and permanent shift. All the underpinnings to maintaining a stable society have been quietly and methodically removed over the past 50-60 years, while the reconditioning in the public schools, streaming TV services, and all forms of information and social media have left the great unwashed receptive to taking those last few steps to receive the mark.

To a few with whom I have been in contact over the years, they are thankful they no longer need to concern themselves with unwashed family members. Jeff Rense even commented this in passing during his Thursday show with Erica Khan. Unfortunately, those of us who are ensnared with unwashed family and who are not properly equipped to articulate what we know are going to find it tougher, despite being able to accurately predict the economic hardships, death, and disability that awaits us going out the next 2-3 years. People will not listen.

To wit, I pass along to the reader an unedited excerpt from this week’s World Affairs Brief, regarding the sabotaging of the Nordstream 2 underwater gas pipeline. It seems to be the latest event in a long chain that is cleverly guiding the world to the desired tragic outcome.



Several precisely laid explosions opened up a more than one gaping hole in each of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines carrying Russian natural gas from Vyborg in Russia to Greifswald in northern Germany. Four separate gas pipeline ruptures have been reported near the Danish island of Bornholm. The Nordstream 2 pipeline had been completed but never put into operation because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the first pipeline has been running at half capacity due to Russia’s increased price and currency demands in response to the sanctions. Both were pressurized with gas, but only the Nordstream 1 pipeline was connected to natural gas storage tanks in Europe. Most, if not all, of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline reserves in those tanks have already leaked out into the Baltic Sea and lost forever. Seismic stations detected the four explosions this week, but no one has claimed responsibility for the sabotage. Due to the depth of the pipelines (200 meters) everyone suspects that the explosions could only have been placed by a nation with deep diving robotic submarines. Depth charges dropped by a ship at the surface would not be accurate enough and GPS-guided torpedoes don’t work at that depth. This week I’ll discuss which side had the greatest motive to disable these pipelines.

The companies themselves would not have had a motive having invested billions in their construction, which are now largely lost given the huge loans taken out to finance the project. The Russian Gas company, Gazprom, owns the controlling interest in both pipelines with German, British, French and Dutch corporations making up the other 49%. So, both Russian and EU companies are equally at financial risk for the damage.

The Russian government would have been foolish to sabotage the huge amount of energy leverage they have developed over European countries through the EU’s dependence on Russian gas supplies, not only for home heating but electrical power generation—something I warned against over a decade ago.

Germany, slavishly following the anti-nuclear hype from the Green party, shut down all their nuclear power plants making them even more dependent on natural gas generating stations and “green energy” (solar and wind) which have turned out to be totally inadequate. Switzerland is determined to follow the same suicidal energy policies on their nuclear power plants.

The US denies as “preposterous” the claim that it sabotaged the pipelines, even though Biden made some very provocative remarks about bringing an end to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. In the video from February 7, 2022 Joe Biden can be seen pledging to “stop” Germany and Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. But everyone interpreted that at the time as stopping the final approval process since the pipeline was not yet in operation. The US did put pressure on the EU to block approval, and it worked, at least temporarily. I don’t think you can infer that the Deep State would have taken “loose lips” Biden into their confidence about a plan to sabotage the pipelines. That would have been foolish.

But political pressure has been building in Germany and other European countries to undo the sanctions as the protests grew by citizens facing a long cold winter without sufficient natural gas supplies or electricity to make up the difference. The ever-larger crowds wanted to reduce or eliminate all sanctions on Russia to get the gas flowing again at reasonable rates.

I think this is the most compelling motive to sabotage the pipelines and end the growing sentiment to undo the sanctions. With the sabotage of both pipelines (which will take at least a year to repair, if ever) there is no longer the lure of natural gas as a motivation to remove the sanctions on Russia and eliminates any future European compromise with Russia on energy. It eliminates the biggest leverage Russia had over the EU. I suspect the West wants a permanent cutoff of Russian natural gas supplies to Europe and that is why I think they took such drastic and destructive means to end Europe’s dependency on Russian gas.

I doubt that most political leaders of the EU or any of the individual European nations would have agreed to the sabotage plan, had they even known about it, given the potential of this being regarded as an “act of war.” But that certainly wouldn’t have stopped the Deep State from using secret military resources from doing the job. Remember, the Deep State is not just a controlling factor in America. It is the enforcement arm of the globalist conspiracy and operates throughout Europe as well with willing corrupt partners in each Western country.

There are half a dozen highly trained military undersea demolition units in the European area capable of this level of underwater attack, and even some private commercial oil rig outfits with robotic submersible submarines capable of deep undersea work if hired as mercenaries. We will probably never know who did this, any more than who was hired to load the World Trade Center with explosives because everyone involved will be sworn to secrecy and threatened with their lives—as a “matter of National Security.”

And because the blame will not be able to be definitively pinned on the West, it is doubtful this will justify a war between Russia and the West—at least not to a more dangerous level than what is already going on in the proxy war between the West and Russia in Ukraine.

How will the EU survive this energy crisis? The easiest solution would be to restart their nuclear power plants to replace the electricity lost as NG power plants go offline. Electricity can even compensate for loss of NG heating in homes. But that’s not likely to happen given the EU’s unjustified fear of nuclear power.

The US, of course, will be eager to use the crisis to justify increasing their shipments of compressed US natural gas into liquified natural gas (LNG) but that would also require building more European delivery and storage facilities. There may even be an emergency construction project to tap into the new Norway-Poland gas pipeline which might leave Poland short-handed.

All of this (except the nuclear power option) will be expensive and time consuming but I can assure you that Europe is not going to collapse over it. There will be real hardship this winter but collapse doesn’t come as long as people have options.

Several people emailed me thinking that this sabotage proved that the faked Rand report was proven right—that the US really is trying to destroy the German economy to save itself. But as I pointed out last week, it’s more than this general premise that is bogus in the report. The US doesn’t need or want a collapsed German economy, which wouldn’t solve its inflation or political problems anyway.

Of course, the cut-off of Russian NG also facilitates policies that will advance the globalists’ Great Reset agenda. There is nothing like a huge winter crisis to fuel more European subsidies and bailouts to individuals suffering this winter as well as move forward all plans to increase control and regulation of energy supplies.

But remember, the Great Reset will take a long time to implement and get people used to its highly restrictive nature. No single crisis like this, short of war, is capable of justifying all the controls and restrictions the World Economic Forum (WEF) has in mind, let alone all the AI, transhumanist and robot ideas it envisions—which, frankly, I don’t think are possible with the growing turmoil in the world.

There must be nearly perfect peace, stable electrical power, a solid supply chain and a compliant populace for all that high tech stuff to work. That’s not possible anymore. It’s now a race to see which disaster takes control first, the Great Reset or the Great War that will set back society in ways never imagined as a consequence for the growing moral corruption of the world’s people.


Russia is set to make the formal announcement today after presenting the results of the sham election to the Russian parliament for its rubber stamp. In many parts of the Donbass, soldiers went house-to-house ordering people to the polls. That’s how you get the following impossible percentages of votes in Russia’s favor: 99% of Donetsk, 98% of Luhansk and 93% of Zaporizhzhia. The only area under tenuous Russian control that had less than total forced support was the Kherson Oblast where the Russian occupation is in real trouble—and even that supposedly came out 87% in favor.

The US ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, said, “The United States will never recognize Russia’s claim to purportedly annexed Ukrainian territory, and we will continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

Remember, that besides the fear-induced “get out the vote” effort, most of those who still favor being under Ukraine have been driven out of the area or exported to Russia involuntarily where they have been confined to camps.

This process is a predictable outcome based on Russia inserting Russian-speaking people into Ukraine’s borders decades ago (as it did with the Donbass and Crimea) or actually driving peasants out of Russia in neighboring countries as they did in the 3 Baltic states so as to provide a future pretext for invasion. As far back as 2014 Moscow established the “Putin Doctrine,” a blanket assertion that Putin had the right and obligation to protect Russians anywhere in the world. He specifically mentioned Ukraine, showing that he was intending to invade clear back then, but the threat will someday be used to invade the Baltics as well.

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59 thoughts on “The one way march to WWIII and mass death continues on schedule

  1. Externalizing the hierarchy. The depraved people deserve to know whom they serve.
    Satanism, Freemasonry Become Election Topics in Religious Brazil

    About half of Brazil identifies as Catholic, though some estimates now place Pentecostals as the majority. Their support is sure to be crucial to both candidates as they stump ahead of the Oct. 30 presidential runoff.

    On Tuesday, a video from 2017 of then congressman Bolsonaro speaking at a Masonic lodge resurfaced and was widely circulated online. It was interpreted as an attempt to weaken the president’s standing with evangelicals, many of whom consider Freemasonry anathema to their beliefs.

    A separate video from a 2016 interview also circulated on social media, with comments taken out of context from the president saying he would be willing to join in an indigenous tribe’s ritual of eating human meat.

  2. I get asked a lot if the Fed will reverse course.

    Here’s my answer; I doubt very much that the Fed will reverse course at all. It manufactured the inflation on purpose and the desired result will be disastrous for most people.

    Powell keeps using the income disparity and race cards as an excuse. The Fed and Powell ruined them.


    Fed Officials Won’t Relent on Path to 4.5% and May Move Higher

    1. I don’t think so either – as you say, the Fed aren’t making errors of policy (that’s narrative for the sheep). My question is, what will be the cover story as markets collapse. I think it’s this Russia war they’re ramping faster now. I actually think we’re very close to the event horizon. I posted this guy here last week and this week played out pretty much as he laid out. If his hypothesis holds true into early this week, could be good time to go short Tues.

      This interview is very long, but really the first hour gives you the detes. Condensed version from here on: if next Monday is another down day (ie, down 500 on the dow or thereabouts sometime during the day but doesn’t need to close there) and then Tues is up pretty big (up around 800 on the dow during the day but doesn’t need to close there) high probably we are going way down over the course of the next 8 trading days after that (1929 collapse or bigger). lots of predictions out there, so take it for what it’s worth. Uke-Russia dust up could be the false flag to get er going though.

  3. Manufacturing jobs up another 22,000. USA, Inc., the multicultural socialist labor slave camp, continues to benefit from talks of Armegeddon. The world makes, USA, Inc. takes… and makes. The domestic worker is a piece of livestock, but the wealthy are doing well.

    1. Numbers are a little hotter than expected….

      Average Hourly Earnings (MoM) (Sep)
      Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.3%

      Average Hourly Earnings (YoY) (YoY) Act: 5.0% Cons: 5.1% Prev: 5.2%

      Average Weekly Hours (Sep)
      Act: 34.5 Cons: 34.5 Prev: 34.5

      Government Payrolls (Sep)
      Act: -25.0K Cons: Prev: 40.0K

      Manufacturing Payrolls (Sep)
      Act: 22K Cons: 19K Prev: 27K

      Nonfarm Payrolls (Sep)
      Act: 263K Cons: 250K Prev: 315K

      Participation Rate (Sep)
      Act: 62.3% Cons: Prev: 62.4%

      Private Nonfarm Payrolls (Sep)
      Act: 288K Cons: 265K Prev: 275K

      U6 Unemployment Rate (Sep)
      Act: 6.7% Cons: Prev: 7.0%

      Unemployment Rate (Sep)
      Act: 3.5% Cons: 3.7% Prev: 3.7%

    2. Civilian labor force topped out last month and fell again in the latest reading. Despite the massive open borders, why is the labor force struggling?

      There is still $1 trillion in covid-related excess savings on the personal balance sheets that the plebes need to spend. Of course, this money will all end up on the balance sheets of the asset owners. Spend and obey.

      Trickle up reality is alive and well. It’s great when we have many “cultures” with all the people clamoring for attention . Nobody has any power and the masses are then easily exploited. Guess who rules?

      Leviticus 26:17 KJV
      And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you.

  4. Chipmakers See ‘Breathtaking’ Drop in Demand as Recession Looms

    (Bloomberg) — Signs are piling up that the tech downturn may be deeper and longer-lasting than feared.

    After years of record capital spending, chipmakers are warning on a weekly basis that demand is sputtering. In the latest sign of trouble, Samsung Electronics Co. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. reported disappointing results within hours of each other that widely missed projections.

    Samsung — the world’s largest memory chipmaker — reported a 32% dive in operating income, while PC-processor maker AMD said it will miss its earlier forecast by about $1 billion. Analysts’ reactions ranged from “breathtaking” to “Uff-da!”

    Report continues….

  5. Question: Who benefits the most from the OPEC+ whatever group decision?

    Answer: USA, Inc., and their asset owners in which they benefit from inflation in energy and cost of living.

    At some point I have to think OPEC+ or whatever the cartel is called is just an industry group.

    The Democrats are effectively just energy industry promoters.

    Everything they do always seems to support energy prices, and USA, Inc., being, by far, the largest energy producer, seems to come out better off more than anyone else.

    Those who derive income off of the labors of others should continue to be pleased.

    1. U.S. delivers angry rebuke of massive OPEC+ production cut — and it could backfire for (USA, Inc. shill) Saudi Arabia

      Energy analysts believe the deep production cuts could yet backfire for OPEC kingpin and U.S. ally Saudi Arabia.

      Mandel Ngan | Afp | Getty Images

      The White House angrily pushed back at OPEC+ after the oil producer group announced its largest supply cut since 2020, lashing out at what President Joe Biden’s administration described as a “shortsighted” decision.

      Energy analysts believe the deep production cuts could yet backfire for OPEC kingpin and U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, particularly as Biden hinted Congress would soon seek to rein in the Middle East-dominated group’s influence over energy prices.

        1. I am either discontinuing the website or going to a pseudonym. Bandwidth is way down and the people don’t like the message. I am handcuffed anuway. Not worth the hassle anymore. Given how the alt-media have really been brainwashed more than the so-called liberals, my job is done, and never really started anyway. Especially given the shit in my personal life. I will figure it out somehow. Maybe I’ll let you know.

          People do not like my message as there is no one out there that conforms to it. To observers, I am an angry, hateful, and erroneous person. Unfortunately for you, I just know what works and what doesn’t.

          The founding fathers may not have been all Christian and may actually have been Satan worshippers like the alt-masses proclaim, but they understood the forces at play and the entire country was Christian. I don’t give a shit if Ben Franklin wore fishnets and Francis Hopkinson, the ostensible designer of the all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, was right when he claimed the founding fathers all worshipped Satan. I look at the actions of those who came before us. I look at what the citizens believed, how they acted, conducted business, and how the citizenry possessed a much greater knowledge of the Bible than the Paul-only dummy preachers that I have to endure today.

          With this vast store of knowledge and understanding, the people from the past marched down to government halls and threw out the bankers and those who wanted to exploit them. They burned down the buildings of the banker-sponsored press. Not today. Today’s Christian is a Paul-quoting new ager. It’s all about being saved while they castigate the so-called liberals as their enemy. Their enemy is staring at them in the mirror.

          If I were your enemy and wanted to reign over you, I would spread a doctrine that stated your founders were evil. I would spread the falsehoods that enables me to take you over without a shot. I would demoralize you every step of the way, so you are left rudderless, without hope, except to wish for wormwood to end it all.

          You’ve been had. I may reemege somewhere.

          Like David just said, it sounds like theater to me.

          1. Chris,
            I love your message and guidance you given us all these years. Your website is the guiding beacon of truth in a sea of darkness and deceit. You are the clear balanced head that sees through all the distractions from the alt media and mainstream media.

            May God give you strength through your personal tribulations.

            I myself am breaking long time relationships that have lately become very toxic. My relationships probably were toxic all along but with my stronger relationship with God I am suddenly waking up to how bad my so called friends are.

            I wish you God speed and God’s blessings in whatever you do.

          2. Chris I don’t comment often but check out your website every day, it’s a breath of fresh air in this clown world of ours. Would hate to see you discontinue it, I value your insight on both the Bible and the financial aspect of these last days. God bless you brother ❤️

          3. I echo what Andrei says, Chris. You’ve been blessed by God with good insight and discernment. So I always appreciated your blog, and your independent thinking. I have no doubt you’ve probably awakened several people on here, and helped people financially as well. Whatever you decide to do let the Holy Spirit guide you, and God bless.

            Alt Media’s influence on Christians is massive. They forget the true enemy is the adversary. Not Biden. Not Trump. Not the left. Not the right. But the adversary that has been slowly and steadily indoctrinating the youth in the US since the 1960’s. That’s why every generation is getting worse, and the only Savior per Scripture that is going to make things anew is the Lord Jesus Christ. Not Trump. Or any other Republican can fix this mess. They can only slow it down, perhaps.

            There’s going to be a city almost the size of the entire USA in the future – New Jerusalem. For those names written in the Book of Life. Where there is no more tears. No more pain. No more sadness. No more crying. It’s Bible Prophecy so it will happen in the end days. God doesn’t lie. So that’s what we rely on – the promises of God. When will that happen? It could be tomorrow. 10 years. 100 years. But contrary to what the Alt Media preaches; we’re not to worry about such things:

            Matthew 6:33
            So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ 32 These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. 33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.

            34“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

          4. I can tell you I value your input on economics and the Bible greatly and check your site multiple times a day. I’ve also taken action on your economic analysis and now have growing passive income that allows for optionality. Perhaps as you suggested a pseudonym might eliminate some friction. I hope to continue accessing your insights one way or another — it’s very much appreciated & proven beneficial

          5. Chris,

            Soon after the Covid scam started I read you on Henry Makowś website and I was driven to your web page for the realities you exposed with such powerful clarity.

            I was a very naive and lost soul to ZeroHedge and Martin Armstrong and a New Testament believer. Not any more. You changed completely my perspective. Thanks to your efforts, I opened myself to the truth and to the whole Bible as it is written by the Lord.

            Nowadays I consider myself fortunate and very blessed to read you every day and even I can not understand everything I got a lot of faith that the Lord has make you his only authority about the financial markets, governments and the banking cabal in this dark times.

            God has bless you.

            Letś pray for you, your loved ones and ourselves, we may not be many following you and each time less but is unfortunately only a sign that the times we are living are getting closer to tribulation times.

  6. BNN/Bloomberg: CIBC Deputy chief economist echoing Chris’s long term forecast (in a QE context).

    Being as you’re now seeing QE’s days as numbered, it seems you remain a “hold” on RE with caveats (ie 50% D/E, strong CF, preferably in US).

    You also posted a comment where you postulated rates may advance quicker than expected and also retreat quicker than expected. Do you see that inflection point pre- war?

    1. POT stocks are still in the game. They want people drunk, high, vaccinated, weak and dependent. Back in the day I knew people that went to jail for awhile, tons of money on counseling, dwi fines, attorney fees, all for having or using about a dimebag.

      Usually depending on the amount, its a just notice to appear in court and a fine, unless it’s while driving then penalties get worse. State laws govern most of it. Pot shops and licenses all over in my area so why even have FED approval…. Even a former Mayor of the City has a pot farm and is a supplier now, he is in the hotel business too.

      Anyways just the words Biden said, gave pot a boost. Upticks in that sector should continue tomorrow. Some of the stocks have high shorts, but lots of debt, so any upticks will most likely fizzle out.

    2. I always prefer US SFRs over ALL other countries. The implied cap rates and IRR potentials are much higher than anywhere else. I have shown the numbers across the globe numerous times, and the USA offers by far the best opportunities.

      As long as QE is in effect AND we have the multiracial open borders with mixed everything, it’s tails I win, heads I don’t lose. Now, with inflation, housing still offers better protection than just about any other asset class.

      Case in point; I bought a house in 2015 for 175k cash. Put another 30k into it and three months of my time. Rented it out and took a cash out. Bought a condo for 79k a few months later with the proceeds. Subsequently paid off the loan.

      Both properties were free and clear. Worth 650k a month ago. Just cashed out again from that house just two weeks ago, this time for 300k. With the proceeds, I am now closing on another SFR worth 290k. I am paying 248k cash. It was a good time of the year to look and there are still decent deals to be had. In all, 175k in my bank turned into 700k that generates three rents.

      It’s always a good time. The people are pouring in across the borders and I am making money hand over fist.

      What’s the risk? The risk is reading ZeroHedge and waiting for a collapse. My rent increases from just this year more than pay for the new mortgage payment, and I’ll have another rent coming in after I get this new one rented.

      Those who worry about collapse have had their lives collapse already.

      1. BTW, for those of you in the DC area, this new purchase that I close on tomorrow at 1pm is a split foyer SFR, 2000 SQ feet, built in 2001, and is right off the I66-I81 merge in Strasburg VA. Mountain views and a bird’s eye view of downtown Strasburg from the living room window.

        I am getting ready for the nukes, too. Check out the demographics. Wonderful 👍. Peaceful. No crime.

      2. The next door neighbor of my new purchase just listed his house for sale yesterday. A near identical split foyer for 315k. I closed on Friday and paid 248k. It was a Realtor listing I purchased. No swindling from my end. The deals are still there for long term investors, such as myself, especially if you have cash.

        I cannot believe the timing and how it worked out so well for me. If that new listing were already on the market, my deal would not have happened.

        BTW the Realtor told me the seller of my purchase was in dire straights health and financially speaking. I wonder why? Hmmm…..

  7. Received an email from a reader. I also show my response.


    Short, but VERY impt to understand. The blockchain technology cannot execute sufficient contracts in a second UNLESS they drastically reduce the population first, but this IS their plan for the near future. Only Our Lord knows if they can pull this devious plan off…
    “If the time not be shortened, no flesh would survive.”


    My response;

    Thanks. Watched it. We are getting closer, but be patient. I recall the prophets of the 1980s saying the same thing when the bar code was introduced. There are still a few years left of reengineering the social mind to accept the adversary’s final solution. It is getting close, however. The technology is almost all in place. The SoS allowed cryptos to flourish, so the technology development could be sped up. Profit motives always work best.

  8. Trade deficit for August looks better than expected and will positively affect the GDP for third quarter.

    1. Sorry, Bitcoin believers.

      SWIFT sets out blueprint for central bank digital currency network

      LONDON Oct 5 (Reuters) – Financial messaging system SWIFT has laid out its blueprint for a global central bank digital currency (CBDC) network following an 8-month experiment on different technologies and currencies.

      The trial, which involved France and Germany’s national central banks as well as global lenders like HSBC, Standard Chartered and UBS, looked at how CBDCs could be used internationally and even converted into fiat money if needed.

      Around 90% of the world’s central banks are now using, trialling or looking into CBDCs. Most don’t want to be left behind by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but are grappling with technological complexities.

      SWIFT’s head of innovation Nick Kerigan said its trial, which will be followed by more advanced testing over the next year, resembled a bicycle wheel where 14 central and commercial banks in total connected spoke-like into its main hub.

        1. everyone will be on it no choice. if you dont want to be on it, your a “threat to Democracy!” people will all in line and sign right up just like the covid shot.

      1. CBDCs — another “solution” to a manufactured problem. Like the vaccine mandates and rate hikes, CBDCs are the only solution to the “problem” and the public is supposedly clamoring for them.

        I don’t see CBDCs affecting Bitcoin’s use case, however. Bitcoin’s main appeal is its fixed supply and immutability. A CBDC would have neither of those traits.

        But it’s possible that the Talmudic SEC might say “Since we have CBDCs, there is no longer any use for any non-CBDC cryptocurrency, so they will be banned.” They will frame this as a victory for the Bitcoin holders. They will have deliberately misinterpreted the popularity of Bitcoin as being about the public wanting central banks to use CBDCs, instead of the public wanting central banks to go away.

    Weakest Q3 for US apartment leasing in 3 decades

    RealPage reports the third quarter saw the biggest slowdown in leasing traffic in 30 years of tracking. Paired with a slowdown in rent, it’s the latest sign of turbulence in the housing market
    Weakest Q3 for US apartment leasing in 3 decades

    Today 11:09 A.M.

    Apartment demand fell in the third quarter for the first time in 30 years of tracking and a time when demand for new leases is typically high before slowing in the final three months of the year, according to a new report.

    RealPage, a tech platform for real estate owners and property managers, found that 82,095 more units were vacated than filled between July and October.

    That was the first time in three decades of tracking that demand fell during the third quarter, and it was only the latest sign of turbulence in the rental housing industry.

    “Soft leasing numbers coupled with weak home sales point to low consumer confidence,” said Jay Parsons, head of economics and industry principals for RealPage. “Inflation and economic uncertainty are having a freezing effect on major housing decisions.”

    Year-to-date net demand is down by just over 47,000 units, according to the report. Parsons said renters may be waiting to see what happens with the economy before forming new households via new leases.

    RealPage found there were likely typical seasonal patterns of people vacating a lease, but that the number of move-ins slowed. Net absorption fell in 119 of the nation’s 150 largest metro areas.

    “When people are uncertain, human nature is to go into ‘wait and see’ mode,” Parsons said in the report. “Net new housing demand is dependent on household formation – which drove the 2021 housing surge but appears to have frozen earlier this year.”

    This could be the market settling after a period of unusually high renter demand that also drove up the price of rent at rates well above historical averages.

    It’s not all doom and gloom for the industry at this point. At 4.1 percent, vacancy was up 1 percentage point but remains low. Rent collection also remains high with about 95.4 percent of market rate renters paying on time, according to RealPage.

    Numerous reports have shown a drop in asking rent month-over-month after a period of rent growth that was much slower than last year. Rent fell slightly from August to September, according to RealPage and other reports.

    “Small rent cuts aren’t unusual this time of year, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see continued cuts throughout the winter – which is usually the best time of year for renters to find better deals,” said Carl Whitaker, senior director of research and analysis at RealPage.

    Economists are now waiting to see what happens in the spring to get a better sense of what might be ahead for the rental market. That will also provide time to see what happens with the broader economy, as jobs and wages have remained stable.

    “If jobs and wages continue to hold up as they have and inflation cools to some degree, we should see pent-up rental demand unlocked ahead of the spring 2023 leasing season,” Parsons said.

  10. Good cop, bad cop…. Whether this was a catalyst for a rebound in the markets has yet to be determined. It is obvious that the markets were set to retrace recent losses, according to the chart action. Maybe the UN is coming in to save the day. Or to paint the United States as the villain.

    ‘Worse damage than the financial crisis in 2008.’ Wealthy countries could trigger a global recession, UN says

    Governments around the world are determined to bring down inflation whatever the cost, but a growing chorus of voices is pointing out that aggressive monetary policies could have some serious and long-lasting consequences on the world economy.

    Central banks in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. have pursued relentless monetary tightening policies this year to reduce domestic inflation, but transnational institutions including the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund have warned that this approach could push the world into a long period of low economic growth and persistently high prices, according to a Monday report.

    “The world is headed towards a global recession and prolonged stagnation unless we quickly change the current policy course of monetary and fiscal tightening in advanced economies,” the UN Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) cautioned in an annual global trade forecast report released on Monday.

    1. US10y looks to be making new lows. Does the Fed want to help boost the markets a little into nov elections, before the next leg down?

      1. I doubt this. If this were the case the FED would be holding off a little longer. I think that UNCTAD has purposely come out to set the dialectic. While this is as manufactured as our culture, the dialectic confrontation is now established and a matter of public record for the alt media as well as the MSM to argue about. It is essentially two warring sides; the free markets versus communism.

        Of course we are no longer operating under a set of free markets, but that’s how it will be prefaced. The solution UNCTAD is proffering is essentially communism, but of course, it won’t be established that way.

        Two fake sides duking it out.

        The culture of each race is manufactured from DARPA and McClean, and now the dialectic of opposing manufactured sides in the economy will struggle against one another.

        1. BTW we see how UNCTAD has singled out the central banks of the Israelite remnant nations as the perpetrators of the evil. Not ChiComm’s PBOC or BoR. Only BOE, FED, and ECB. Hmmm…..

        2. Oh wow hey everybody the UN are wanting to establish themselves as the good guys now…

          Ken posted a link below that showed the intial Sunshine meeting Notice was posted on 9/29/22. Markets didn’t uptick until 10/03/22, much more today, basically two trading days depending on the time. Markets are acting as if the Fed changed it’s mind or reversed course. It hasn’t, unless something leaked out of the meeting.

          Nothing has changed from last week, technicals on my charts weren’t meant to uptick to a choppy rally vibe until later this month. Next FOMC is November 1-2, midterm elections the following week. They were leaning toward another 75, but with the recent “sunshine” probaby be lower.

          Kinda funny how all the doomy gloomy media headlines are still posted from the weekend, as the market keeps going up. lol Did it catch mainstream news offguard? Not seeing much in the headlines about the UN or sunshine room FED meeting yet, they have to post something this week. There are obviously different factions competing with each other.

          Is the Covid, Ukraine, Nordstream information overdose coming to an end…

          1. Oops almost forgot a biggie…..October 5th is Yom Kippur or Day Of Atonement, starting sundown tonight. Needed a santa type of rally for that or I should say a sunshine rally. Big money pumping the market up the last few days. Which means the end of the Shemitah and most things start to get back to somewhat normal. I’ve noticed there is a winding down vibe of sorts almost as if an important decision has not been made yet.

            However If there is a big down day profit taking and money is taken out of the market this week, then this Day Of Atonement may mark the start of the Jubilee, which would end next October 2023.

            So things could actually get ALOT worse starting this week. Or quite a bit better, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  11. ISM Manufacturing and construction spending both below consensus. Manufacturing still expanding, construction spending still negative.

    Relentless Dollar Rally Raises Bets on Interventions, Investors Say

    The US dollar is expected to extend its gains, increasing speculation that governments will stage unusual market interventions to drive up the value of the currencies on the losing end of the trade.

    About 45% of 795 respondents to the latest MLIV Pulse survey expect an orchestrated attempt by major world powers to weaken the dollar, even though the US has moved to tamp down talk of such a move. Nearly as many said they expect Japan to step up its pricey efforts to shore up the yen by itself, without the support of others. Two thirds of respondents see the Bloomberg dollar spot index climbing to new highs over the next month.

    The dollar has surged as international investors seize on higher US interest rates or seek a haven from market turmoil, including in crisis-ridden UK and emerging markets. The rally is exaggerating the economic difficulties of nations around the world by pushing up prices of imported food and fuel. That’s putting further pressure on many central banks, which have been raising interest rates in an effort to tamp down the surge in consumer prices.

    The unstoppable dollar is also a drag on American corporate earnings by reducing the value of money made abroad. Almost 90% of survey respondents expect third-quarter earnings to show more impact from the dollar than a quarter before.

      1. Hi Chris, what size gold do you prefer? In the past I purchased 1/10 oz gold eagles, thinking that if I ever need to use them, 1/10 oz is manageable for trade. On the other hand, buying 1 oz coins is much cheaper at roughly $1,700 oz, versus $2,600 if purchased in 1/10 denominations. Do you have a preference or do you buy a mix of both?

        1. Definitely 1 oz. at a time. I seek spreads that are as narrow as possible. I only buy and own 1 oz. gold eagles. The days of bartering are largely over. I doubt we could peddle our coins to others. There are no longer enough people to barter.

        1. Better buy the discounted SFRs now before the UN communist plan to lower interest rates goes into affect.🤣🤣🤣

          UN accuses richest countries of ‘imprudent gamble’ in inflation fight

          The UN agency said an urgent “course correction” was required to prevent a cascading series of crises of debt, health, and climate emergency for poorer countries struggling to cope with the economic hit from the Covid pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

          The intervention comes as global central banks sharply increase interest rates to combat inflation at the highest levels for four decades. The US Federal Reserve is weighing a further sharp rise in rates from next month, alongside similar moves by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank.

          However, Unctad said political leaders and central bankers in advanced economies were making the mistake of harking back to hawkish policies used in the 1970s and 80s to squeeze inflation out of the system, which it said were inappropriate for the world’s current juncture.

          Challenging the assumption that a sharp monetary shock administered by central bankers was required, it said much of the current inflationary burst was being driven by soaring prices for energy, food, and friction in global trade rather than excess demand for goods and services.

          The report said measures including strategic price controls, windfall taxes, anti-trust measures and tighter regulations on commodity speculation were needed to combat inflationary pressures at source without pushing poorer countries over the precipice.

  12. I haven’t seen any news outlet, MSM or alternative, indicate Russian speakers were forced into Russia and into camps. There were reports some months back, if memory serves, some 100,00 had voluntarily left Donbass for Russia because of the continued shelling. Where does Skousen purport to have obtained this information?
    Who do you think was actually bombing the Donbass since 2014? Were both sides doing it?
    Did NATO want Putin to take eastern Ukraine all along, in order to set up Khazaria 2.0 for Israel? Kissinger stated some years ago that Israel (as it has been known since 1948) would no longer exist in the future.

    1. I do not have these answers as it is not in my wheelhouse. I just forwarded what Skousen wrote this past week, which over the long haul has been fairly accurate in the gestalt.

      In the past, Skousen theorized the Russia was aiming to install pro-Russian politicians who would create animosity against Russians in Ukraine and give Russia the reason to invade.

      As for your theory about NATO wanting Putin to invade, I would say that this could be fairly accurate. As for the reason, I do not yet know. I just find it difficult to believe that NATO and the US could be so obtuse as to think Putin would turn a blind eye. I have to believe that it wasn’t ignorance, but the desired outcome of the West.

    2. I think you are on the right track, Jo.

      NATO has long been Soviet-infiltrated. So, if we assume that NATO secretly is acting in Russia/China’s interest, then we can deduce that this is mostly a land grab charade (probably related to the Khazarian scheme, as you mention). I agree with Kissinger’s prediction. I think “Israel” will become a thing of the past. That is why they are setting Zionism up to fall, all the while world Jewry will become even more powerful. This is why I have maintained that anti-Zionism is a controlled opposition narrative designed to create the illusion of Jewry’s supposed demise when Zionism is “defeated” in the near future and a narrative to control anti-Jewish dissidents. It explains why the media (MSM and alternative) downplays the Soviet co-ordination of creating Israel and overplays America and Britain’s backseat involvement (in reality, the Balfour declaration was just a piece of paper). America and Britain are to become the scapegoats, and will be blamed for all evils on earth, be it Zionism, capitalism, colonialism, etc. But Only God knows what will really happen. We can only guess based on the current geopolitical trends.

  13. Here’s the thing and it’s so simple; I already know all about Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, and what it means to a remnant nation like the US that waters down its doctrine and turns away from the God who made it great. I already know that the people will lose everything their fathers and grandfathers worked for. My investment decisions are based on this.

    I know how reprobate, subjective, lazy, and self absorbed the people have become, so this is why a house and rent are so expensive.

    This is why our enemies rule over us by making up total terror scams like COVID and force us to get branded like livestock.

    Our enemies give us a fiat currency. This is why I don’t go into consumer debt and partake in the plagues.

    I don’t work for a living as my employer would clip my spending power every year by giving me COLAs that were dwarfed by inflation.

    I already know how the enemy would spread terror throughout the land by flying planes into buildings, collapsing the financial markets for gain, purposely letting false flag attacks commence great wars while the goy fight and die for the enemy’s objectives.

    I invest based on these circumstances, because the enemy’s central bank creates massive waves of inflation to finance their wealth and power consolidation over the masses. The enemy’s media create fear and hopelessness in the people.

    I already knew how our enemies would introduce massive waves of foreigners who thought differently and spoke other languages to drive the wage base down.

    I already knew how the enemy would introduce a Western hemisphere dollar for transactions, which would support overseas drug cartels to demoralize Americans and make them hooked on drugs.

    I already knew how the children were being educated in the culture of sex, death, and suicide at a young age.

    I already knew that our enemies would reeducate the children and people of the country to embrace this destruction as political correctness.

    I already knew how all the races and people were bred to be loud and proud and believe the false Google narrative.

    I invested knowing all this. Mixed up and weak homes, busted families, hopelessness, and broken dreams are very profitable for me as it creates tremendous housing demand. Knowing the truth can be very profitable. I don’t even have to swindle people. Since the wicked flee when none pursueth, we as the remnant still have power.

    Of course, I am speaking tongue-in-cheek, but this investment premise is certainly valid.

    1. The founding fathers of this nation and the framers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence knew the Old Testament covenants were still in effect when it came to living in this world.

      My critics may have been brainwashed into believing that the founding fathers were wicked satanists, but they respected and were educated in the Bible and its words more than the most pious Evangelical of today.

      The NT-only Christian of today is stymied, because only the OT explains our current dilemmas. Unfortunately for them, the world still operates on a set of principles, and that is according to BOTH the Old and New testaments. If you don’t like that, just look out your window and watch the TV. You got what you wanted. Be careful when you wish on the monkey’s paw.

      Leviticus 26:14-17 KJV

      [14] But if ye will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments; [15] And if ye shall despise my statutes, or if your soul abhor my judgments, so that ye will not do all my commandments, but that ye break my covenant: [16] I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it. [17] And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you.

      Now that sounds exactly what has happened to the United States and Canada. According to God’s judgments, we deserve what we have. Our enemy now rules over us and those who hate us reign over us. Just look at your politicians in Washington and in your state house.

      And for those running around like chickens without heads in the alt-amedia I say take your punishment like a man.

      1. Well said Chris. Absolutely the curses in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 are still in affect, because it’s also written God does not change. Many will not accept it, because they were taught in Church that God is love. Which is true of course, but Churches magnified this one attribute of God, and ignored the countless other attributes; and this helps justify sinning, and living how you want to live. It naturally leads to dis-obedience.

        1. The worst part about disregarding this is that today’s Christian and the former Christian nations took their eyes off the ball, not understanding this temporal adversary that is now strangling us. We are now living with the consequences of this “misdirection”.

          For many people they better hope Jesus comes soon, because if he doesn’t, they’re in for a world of hurt.

        2. I also notice more and more online preachers are preaching universalism. These preachers and their followers are also conveniently double jabbed and boosted. Some even bragged about it. Most churches today ignore that BOTH mercy AND wrath are with God.

  14. Chris, was it you that said the USD would collapse but it would do so from a position of increasing strength? If so, how does that mechanism work and what do you think the reserve currency would be after that, and in what terms would it be valued? Oil? Gold? Cryptography?

    1. Indeed, I did. Going back a long way. I stated that if the dollar was to die it would be from strength, not weakness.

      As far as the mechanisms, take a look at what is presently happening. This is a scenario.

      I theorized the following line of reasoning long ago after I determined that QE was viable; The dollarized world creates massive amounts of dollar-based debt and is more than would otherwise be pre-QE. Any run on the markets creates runs for the dollar, pushing it up. This is only true in the QE world as the world now consumes much more than 100% of the world’s net savings rate for originating sovereign debt issuance. Pre-QE it wasn’t that way as we hadn’t yet figured out how the world would function under a scenario where the sovereign nations began to consume more than 100% of the world’s net savings. Ben Bernanke gave us the answer, and he was very clever about it.

      So, until QE goes away, whenever the world wobbles, the dollar rises.

      As far as what will replace the dollar? Perhaps nothing. The dollar could survive as the dollar system is effective in achieving the aims of the enemy. They say so on the $1 FRN. if we do get a replacement, it probably will be digital in nature and not backed by a commodity or metal. these currencies never worked long term and restrict the flexibility of the authorities to reach their goals.

      1. Here’s another comment regarding the type of replacement currency we may see if the dollar goes away.

        It will be based on scarcity, but what type of scarcity?

        I submit that any currency that is offered as a replacement will be one based on scarcity, but not based on a commodity or a bitcoin type of scarcity.

        The scarcity I contemplate will be based on a scarcity that will be created by a centralized authority. It will be digitized most likely and the scarcity will be created by the authority that dispenses it.

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