Why I source MSM business; Some timely analysis on the timeline to WWIII

The following passage below is an excerpt from this week’s World Affairs Brief regarding how conservative opinion of Russia is seriously misguided.

If you read my comments I post, you will quickly notice that I primarily refer to mainstream business outlets and monetary authority data. I do this as much of it is more reliable than any alt-media and alt-finance outlet. The predetermined desires and outcomes of the alt-finance analysis precludes any sort of objectivity. Besides, I think we all know the current set of circumstances here; we are now waiting to see how the monetary authorities address the issues of the very problems they intentionally created in the wake of the covid scam.

And mark my words; the authorities made no mistakes. Most every action the fiscal and monetary authorities took since covid appeared in early 2020, including the peculiarily timed student loan debt forgiveness, was engineered with precision, especially in waiting a full year longer in formally addressing the obvious inflationary problems. It has all culminated in this growing sense that the fiscal and monetary authorities have lost the upper hand in their abilities to properly fight inflation in a timely and expedient manner. As early as late 2020, this blog maintained that the Federal Reserve needed to end the covid stimulus and begin raising rates. It took another full year for this to begin. By then, Pandora’s box was already opened.

A number of my readers may think that President Biden is only attempting to win votes in the upcoming midterm elections by forgiving student loan debt, but I only partially agree. I can’t think of a worse timed program while the government is ostensibly attempting to fight inflationary pressures. Large-scale debt forgiveness only engenders a loss of confidence in the eyes of the investors as they increasingly doubt the government’s sincerity in achieving their stated goals.

I won’t add anything more to Mr. Skousen’s analysis, but include this portion verbatim for your reference.


Even conservatives who should know better are making the mistake of seeing Russia as the victim of Western aggression. They are sincere in being anti-globalists, but they make the mistake of thinking that as in the phony war on terror, anyone the globalists and neocons attack must be good guys. No one is a good guy in world affairs anymore, especially Russia and China.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin, a long time friend, has fallen into this camp of naively taking Russia’s side in this war. In this week’s missive, he wrote,

The U.S. started this war back in 2014. NATO and Ukraine are not fighting a defensive war—Russia is. It is the nation suffering from the wounds inflicted upon it by the United States and NATO. It is the wounded bear.

No, the US certainly did not start this war. He even gets my World Affairs Brief, so he either doesn’t read it or doesn’t believe the crucial information I provided that proves the “Maidan Coup” of 2014 in Ukraine was in fact a Russian coup, not a Western coup. Sure, the West provided support for the pro-democracy protests against Ukraine’s communist, pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich—as they should. But they could NOT have appeared to win had not the Berkut (the Riot Police) been ordered to stand down and stay in their barracks on that Friday in February, 2014 when the protestors appear to “win.” Only the communist president could have ordered the Berkut to stand down. The West certainly could not.

To make the effect look grand Yanukovich even stood down the guards at the presidential palace and let the protestors have the run of it. The next day the Ukrainian Parliament, the Rada, with a communist-affiliated coalition in the majority ousted their own president. How believable is that? And he then supposedly “fled” “fearing for his life.” But the protestors were not armed and never were attempting to find him.

This was a phony coup to pave the way for a new president—Pietro Poroshenko: falsely claiming to be pro-Western who would then antagonize the Russian speaking majority in Donbass and justify Russia intervention to “liberate” Crimea and the Donbass. This was all a setup, just the like phony fall of the Soviet Union, as I have long documented in the briefs.

Further, if Pastor Baldwin thinks V. Putin is a Christian, he’s naive and mistaken in that too. The Communist Party controlled the Orthodox Church during Soviet times, and Putin has continued that support for the Orthodox Church while persecuting other evangelical sects. A real Christian would be tolerant of other Christian denominations. And real Christians don’t annihilate whole cities when you try and “liberate” a country, as Putin has. Besides, no one gets to be a Colonel in the Communist-controlled KGB as a Christian.

Sure, the globalists made phony promises to the Soviets during the phony fall about not expanding NATO. They didn’t have to do that. If the Soviets were really collapsing they were in no position to get any concessions. They made those paper promises even though they had no intention of keeping them to provide future provocation for Putin, knowing that the “fall” was false and that Putin would eventually start to retake the former Soviet States, beginning with Ukraine. That was the real reason for cobbling together disparate Russian speaking peoples inside Ukraine, and the Baltic States, to give Russia the excuse to someday come back in and “liberate” them.

My message to conservatives is get educated into what really happened in these phony revolutions and stop falling for bad analysis that makes Russia look good. The evil globalists have always made excuses for and given aid and trade to Russia and China in the process of building future enemies for WWIII—which they need to drive Americans into a militarized global government someday.

But as I long predicted, when war is getting close, they will start warning of and attacking Russia and China verbally, so they won’t get blamed for having built these two powerful enemies. That’s where they are now, especially with Russia.

Russia is no longer a top tier conventional military power, but it has the most numerous and lethal arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world—by far. Allied with China with its massive conventional military (and who knows how many nukes) together they constitute the real future threat. Don’t forget that amid the fog of some conservative’s sincere but muddled thinking.

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159 thoughts on “Why I source MSM business; Some timely analysis on the timeline to WWIII

  1. Good news for landlords and for those who draw annuity payments off people. Terrible news for those who do not participate. Food stamps benefits to jump 12.5% starting in October due to inflation. Indexing to inflation is what they do in Venezuela, and inflation becomes institutionalized. Shh… don’t say anything, people will call you the enemy.


    Come October, it will be a little easier for food stamp recipients to afford groceries.

    Their monthly benefits are going up 12.5%, or $104 for a family of four, thanks to soaring inflation, according to the US Department of Agriculture. That brings the maximum benefit for this size household to $939 a month, up from $835.

    Benefit levels are based on the cost of the USDA’s Thrifty Food Plan each June, and the change takes effect in October.

    This year’s cost of living adjustment is the largest annual percentage increase since the Thrifty Food Plan was developed in 1975 and stems from the massive jump in inflation since last year

  2. Take a look at the article below. While it bemoans racism as one of the causes, I wonder why this is the case? Why are fewer and fewer people able to buy a house? Perhaps it was designed to be this way and it’s all about the breakup of the family unit and the open borders policy of mass immigration and the resulting decimation of the wage base. Broken families stimulate demand for necessities.

    People who get offended about hearing this know nothing about Economics 101 and the power of their adversary. The resulting concentration of wealth has been eye-opening. Only in an iron and clay kingdom or a third-world dictatorship is this demographic possible.

    In the iron and clay kingdom, only suckers work for wage. The social spending required to maintain the iron and clay kingdom (as well the costs to brainwash the children to embrace it) have risen so much that the citizens can no longer afford to even own the basics of what Americans 40-50 years ago took for granted. Their prison cells now cost a lot of money. Now, the open minded Americans can rent everything from their slave owners. Notice how any social benefit only works to raise the costs to everyone. Viva la socialism! The trickle up reality is alive and well and if you don’t like it you’re a xenophobe.

    A $400,000 Home Could End Up Costing $836,280 in 2022


    Excerpt: Homeowners can, of course, refinance if interest rates drop, and most of them will move before their loan is paid off in 30 years. But rising interest is tanking affordability, which was already a problem for many Americans before the pandemic. In a healthy housing market, first-time buyers make up about 40% of sales, NAR’s Lautz said, but the share has been declining, and recently it’s hovered around 29%. The last time the rate was that high was in 2008, she said, when the government introduced a first-time homebuyer tax credit (which was essentially an interest-free loan). The median monthly mortgage payment went from 17.1% of median family income in July 2021 to 24.5% this past July, according to NAR, and interest rates have only risen since then.

  3. Fed Reverse Repo Use Hits Fresh Record as Investors Hide in Cash


    (Bloomberg) — The amount of money that investors are parking at a major Federal Reserve facility climbed to yet another all-time high as funds sought out places to stash short-term cash.

    Some 101 participants on Wednesday put a total of $2.367 trillion at the Fed’s overnight reverse repurchase agreement facility, in which counterparties like money-market funds can place cash with the central bank. The previous record was $2.359 trillion set on Sept. 22.

    The facility pays an overnight rate of 3.05% — which increased from 2.30% on Sept. 22 after the Fed hiked its main policy rate by the same increment. It’s the highest yield the Fed has offered on the facility since it started the daily offerings in 2013

  4. Chris, I have a question about the OT.

    “The house of Jacob shall be a fire, And the house of Joseph a flame; But the house of Esau shall be stubble; They shall kindle them and devour them, And no survivor shall remain of the house of Esau,” For the LORD has spoken.”

    Who is Esau today? Your posts seem to suggest you believe the SoS is Judah. Most Christian Identity followers seem to believe the SoS is Esau/Cain. A lot of them believe Judah was the Holy Roman Empire and then Germany.

    The following peoples and their analogous tribes are believed to be as follows:[24]

    Dan – Denmark
    Gad – Italy
    Asher – Sweden
    Issachar – Finland
    Simeon – Spain
    Zebulun – France
    Naphtali – Norway
    Benjamin – Iceland
    Reuben – Netherlands
    Judah – Germany
    Ephraim – Great Britain
    Manasseh – United States

    This list mostly accords with what you’ve been saying, except you’ve implied that the SoS is actually Judah (unless I’ve misinterpreted you).

    1. From what I see from the movements of the populations over time, the SoS is mostly Esau. These Jews cannot trace back to Judah or Benjamin, but say they do and have convinced the world that they are.

      Judah was small after Babylon and never returned to their size and glory after going back to their former lands. But there are peoples today who can trace back to Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. They do live in Israel political state as well as the Khazar imposters.

    2. So the money changers who some claim are Edomites that followed these tribes and controlled the financial systems of the tribal hosts. Federal Reserve, City of London, Vatican, percentage at the top levels of all the main facilities corporations etc… So for example USA is/was Manasseh, and the main population controlled by Edomites.

      What about the dilution of miscegnation…we could say presently that these areas are no longer what they were, or meant to be. Implementing a slow punishment of various types of humiliation, long term profiting and sadistic type of schadenfreude, instead of a quick culling.

      1. This is very important to understand. I mean very important. It’s not what these countries are now, it’s what they were and who founded them. They weren’t founded by a bunch of mixed race degenerates.

        Period, Paragraph.

        There’s a huge reason why white Western Christians are being decimated and demoralized. They were always the only ones that put up a fight. The blacks never did, the Hispanics never did, the Africans never did, the Asians never did. It was always the white Western Christian. Now they’ve been duped to believe that only the New Testament applies and that we are supposed to love everybody and just keep loving and loving.

        Look at all the countries that all these poor non-white slobs came from. They came from countries that were either ruled by brutal dictators/military or were third world cesspools. Now they come here to the United States and the Western countries and piss all over them and try to rewrite their history. Why do you think the United States has become a multicultural shithole. Because what the synagogue of Satan has convinced the dumbasses of this country as being proper and politically correct just doesn’t work. That’s why we’re going into the tribulation. I am tired of the Paul quoting politically correct dumbasses in the Christian church. They brought this upon themselves. If you think the Old Testament was written for the Jews and that the Jews were God’s chosen people, look in the mirror, you are to blame. You were duped by the adversary.

        I have very well educated and well-meaning friends who tell me all the time that it’s all cultural and that all the races can be taught the same thing. I am telling you flat out, it’s in the DNA and for those who don’t like to hear this sobering reality they can go f off.

        Here’s a case in point when nobody is left to fight. These politically correct morons all took the jabs, believe the lie, and are now struggling with debilitating illnesses. Their illnesses will never go away, but are going to continue to demoralize and degrade their lives while they’re still above ground. They’ll all be dead in several years. I see it all happening in real time in my world. They’re all in denial and they’ve been duped by MY adversary’s media into killing themselves willingly. This is the result of a multicultural Kingdom and these outcomes are not independent of one another. Enjoy your multicultural Kingdom of iron and clay.

        This is just the way the world works, and if you don’t like it, call me whenever you want and when you die take it up with the boss. Life’s not fair. It never was. Get with the program.

        Now there’s nobody left to resist. History is already been drastically rewritten so what do we go back to? A huge chunk of the country is no longer White and have been bred to look upon the nation’s foundings with disdain. We have a bunch of rudderless plebs whose past is controlled by those who control the present.

        1. The New Testament teaches us about the spiritual adversary. The Old Testament teaches us about the adversary of the physical and temporal realm.

          Both are vital to understand. The Laodicean Christians of today’s Church dropped the ball and let their earthly enemy in through the gates while they slept and were given to diversion and pleasure.

        2. Jewry is running this show and Jewry has been trying to kill off whites for centuries. Vide the hebes running the LE and spook establishment. Garfinkle, Mayorkas, Glaspie, other vile creatures whom I cannot remember at the moment. Their plundering and undermining always, always bring retaliation.

          Then they scream. Like the ghetto jasper, they say “I didn’t do nothin’.”

          I’m in Alexandria at the moment and I’m glancing over these filthy neighborhood rags like the Port Packet, Zebra, et al. Full of race mixing and poor negro stories. Flush with high end ads by real estate companies, selling properties inflated by inflated money. Silly pet ads. Queers. Whites who fall for this are going to the abattoir. Good riddance. It will improve the gene pool.

          Millions of 80 IQ Africans are on the way. From tropical Africa. Prepare. They breed at 5 to 7 per female. They can’t feed themselves. Their leaders pocket revenues and aid money. Also from the sinking triangle (El Sal, Nicaragua, Honduras; Venezuela). My friend in FL says these people are rock bottom genetics, low IQ, low self-control, illiterate animals from the jungle. It’s part of the genocide program run by kikes.

          1. I look on the bright side. I will be their landlord after the Americans begin dying off in earnest as the great vaxx culling accelerates.

            I just agreed in principle today to buy an SFR in an all-cash deal at $250k that will close next Friday. It’s out in Shenandoah county VA. A great rental for a post economic and societal collapsed environment. I thank the fiscal and monetary authorities for jacking up my rental income over the past year and making this portfolio addition an easy layup. On to the next one! Nothing like getting the cash flow from a free and clear property. Thank you, Joe Biden. Thank you, Trump! Thank you Fauci! Thanks to everyone who made the covid scam possible.

          2. I just ran a poll on Twitter asking what the single most crucial element to the success of the communist conspiracy is: Technology; Demographic change; Cultural Marxism; or Economic Collectivism.

            By far, demographic change is the single most crucial element, as you point out. While the Red Terrorists sadistically enjoyed torturing and murdering millions upon millions, there was a practical motive in their mass murdering, and that was the same demographic change. Now Russia is multi-ethnic, and they are making us the same.

            1. Agreed. The demographic changes destroy potential resistance and overwhelms all other forms of societal sabotage. There is absolutely no going back now. On to the unknown, or at least the tribulation of Revelation. It takes a couple generations, but it worked out well for our adversary. We in the US carry our adversary’s calling card, the one dollar FRN. I am particularly intrigued in how the adversary puts it out there for all to see with the all-seeing eye of Lucifer.

              It even says “IN GOD WE TRUST.” I take note of the capital letters, since we are all corporate strawmen anyway who toil away in anonymity for Lucifer. I ask you, which god does the adversary trust? It has worked well for them.

            2. BTW you do the yeoman’s job of actually mentioning many of these servants of Satan. That isn’t my particular strong suit, and defer that stuff to you. I stick to my knitting, but you helped me clarify all the contentions I had with the alt-media going back a long way.

              I have become somewhat knowledgeable at the scams and diversion tactics of the American alt-realm, and have you to thank.

        3. I see and understand your broader point, particularly with regard to Bible prophecy. But the thing is there are always outliers. In this case, I would be an outlier, I’m not white, yet I resisted and never took the COVID vaccines, never bought into all the politically correct or climate change scam, even though I went through the whole “education” system all the way to a Ph.D. without totally getting brainwashed or having to re-spout the propaganda. I sometimes wonder how or why all the brainwashing didn’t work on me, or how I survived all of it mentally. Only God knows I suppose.

          1. I paint with a broad brush, but if and when people used to come to this nation, they respected its institutions, the Christian underpinnings, assumed responsibility for their actions, and became part of the fabric. It was always a Christian nation, and that was the most important aspect to this. I read well placed articles in the MSM stating that by 2040-45, Christianity will be a minority religion in the states. I wonder how that happened?

            I am not a respecter of persons and there are always exceptions. I read that the blacks were more resistant to the jabs than whites. perhaps it’s their inherent distrust of the “system.” I see this firsthand as a property manager. I don’t really know. The whites are committing suicide and the anti-white propaganda works well on them.

            There were Hindu gurus who came to the states 100 years ago and quickly left as they determined that the US was too incongruent for them to establish anything. That of course, changed.

            What ended the Mexican American War? General Scott captured Mexico City for the Americans. After a brief discussion in Washington DC, the generals and Polk quickly determined that annexing Mexico was not in the best interest of the US as the cultural differences were too vast to have them incorporate the country into the union. They could have as Mexican forces offered little true resistance to the Americans. That’s the way it was. The bankers wanted it and finally got the entire Hispanic Western hemisphere to merge with the US via the dollar.

            Fast forward to today and the population is bleeding the nation dry. The people come here from all over the world to make money and have opportunity. They couldn’t care less about what made it great, and it has little to do with prophecy. This nation was made for a certain people, and when others come and introduce their false gods and reprobate views, and the remnants of those who founded the US turn to their Marxist idols, we suffer the fate of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. Once a person comes to these remnant nations they are guest and assume the fate of their host.

            I’m glad you prosper and I assume you faith according to the Bible. The people living here no longer have any memory of what the nation was, only the Google version. I hope you understand the true background of the country, not the Google, MSM, Netflix versions.

            You are one of the 20% that have not succumb to the brainwashing. Regardless of place and time, the elites knew they could never convince more than 80%. Whether the US, Nigeria, o or China that number was the same. Only in China did the Chicomm party kill as many as 100mm of those 20% who resisted. I am glad to hear you are one of the 20%. Godspeed, and please understand that this is not about anyone in particular.

            1. Here’s the thing and it’s so simple; I already know all about Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, and what it means to a remnant nation like the US that waters down its doctrine and turns away from the God who made it great. I already know that the people will lose everything their fathers and grandfathers worked for. My investment decisions are based on this.

              I know how reprobate, subjective, lazy, and self absorbed the people have become, so this is why a house and rent are so expensive.

              This is why our enemies rule over us by making up total terror scams like COVID and force us to get branded like livestock.

              Our enemies give us a fiat currency. This is why I don’t go into consumer debt and partake in the plagues.

              I don’t work for a living as my employer would clip my spending power every year by giving me COLAs that were dwarfed by inflation.

              I already know how the enemy would spread terror throughout the land by flying planes into buildings, collapsing the financial markets for gain, purposely letting false flag attacks commence great wars while the goy fight and die for the enemy’s objectives.

              I invest based on these circumstances, because the enemy’s central bank creates massive waves of inflation to finance their wealth and power consolidation over the masses. The enemy’s media create fear and hopelessness in the people.

              I already knew how our enemies would introduce massive waves of foreigners who thought differently and spoke other languages to drive the wage base down.

              I already knew how the enemy would introduce a Western hemisphere dollar for transactions, which would support overseas drug cartels to demoralize Americans and make them hooked on drugs.

              I already knew how the children were being educated in the culture of sex, death, and suicide at a young age.

              I already knew that our enemies would reeducate the children and people of the country to embrace this destruction as political correctness.

              I already knew how all the races and people were bred to be loud and proud and believe the false Google narrative.

              I invested knowing all this. Mixed up and weak homes, busted families, hopelessness, and broken dreams are very profitable for me as it creates tremendous housing demand. Knowing the truth can be very profitable. I don’t even have to swindle people. Since the wicked flee when none pursueth, we as the remnant still have power.

              Of course, I am speaking tongue-in-cheek, but this investment premise is certainly valid.

  5. Hi Chris – hope you are well. Would love to hear your thoughts on the market rout. As with a lot of things recently, this selloff feels manufactured. I’m trying to discount what the Fed is saying and try to understand what they are really getting at. My guess is they are looking to create an acute liquidity crisis that will necessitate a big round of QE. And the market participants will rejoice.

    1. You could be right in your theory. All I know is the overall process here and set of circumstances could have easily been avoided. The Fed “misread” inflation pressures and that was not by mistake. Thus, the situation in which we find ourselves is not by chance either.

      Perhaps, the central banks will throw in the towel and let inflation continue to stay elevated. However, as I always said, QE can only exist indefinitely in a low inflationary environment. Thus, there is an approaching expiration date. QE can only exist a couple more years at best with these inflationary numbers.

      Why do I say these current circumstances are manufactured? They seem to be designed for the global investors and traders to lose confidence in the national fiscal and central bank structure.

      So, the selloff isn’t being generated by a few people at the top pushing a few fat fingers, but the ground has been planted to allow the results to germinate on their own with the help of the media and other diversions.

      Obviously, short of a complete reversal of CB policy, the stock market will not achieve my previous targets I predicted at the beginning of the year. My forecasts were too rosy, and too many other fiscal “missteps” have helped to undermine the faith of people and their respective national currencies.

      1. “Why do I say these current circumstances are manufactured? They seem to be designed for the global investors and traders to lose confidence in the national fiscal and central bank structure.”

        Then may we assume that the goal is a one world digital currency backed by something? Perhaps lithium? I literally just made that up. Then for fun did a quick search and came up with this. Really? It’s a 2021 article but wow! https://www.cryptodefinance.com/atomico3-first-token-backed-by-lithium/

        So if the investors – who the general public probably looks at as the real experts – are fooled into abandoning the norm then what will stop the central bank of central banks to come in and save the world?

        1. Because the central banks created the current “mess”. How can they save the day now? I think the individual CBs are quickly losing the confidence of the investor. They have lost my confidence. Previous to COVID, I had full confidence in their abilities to keep QE motoring along.

          Don’t mistake my feelings about them and what they represent with their abilities. This forming outcome seems to be well publicized even in all the MSM.

          I see a possible scenario where these inflation problems, which transcend national borders, will “force” the central banks of the major economic powers to establish a coordinated game plan to save things. That outcome would fit with the goals of the Great Reset.

          I doubt from here on out that the current CB framework can ever go back to normal operations. There is a financial crisis unfolding out of the “mistakes” of the covid policies that will necessitate a new economic course for humanity.

          It will appear by mid decade, I guess, but we do not know yet what it will look like in detail.

          1. That’s my point. Hard to disagree the central banks created the mess but they clearly have a plan to fix it. And I suspect that plan has been brewing for a very long time. Perhaps before the world got hooked on bitcoin way back when, which in my opinion was one hell of a lab experiment. My digital currency joke about it being backed by lithium seems to get quite a few hits.

            1. The current Central Bank structure cannot fix it. The current hierarchy created the tableau, but a new hierarchy must be created. One that transcends national borders.

              I suspect the solution you theorize won’t be revealed until after WWIII. In the meantime there will be a lot of suffering, so that the masses agree to it

      2. Price data also hotter than expected on this side of the pond.

        Core PCE Price Index (MoM) (Aug)
        Act: 0.6% Cons: 0.5% Prev: 0.1%

        Core PCE Price Index (YoY) (Aug)
        Act: 4.9% Cons: 4.7% Prev: 4.7%

        PCE Price index (YoY) (Aug)
        Act: 6.2% Cons: 6.1% Prev: 6.4%

        PCE price index (MoM) (Aug)
        Act: 0.3% Cons: 0.2% Prev: -0.1%

        1. Holding up quite well within the context of a bear market, shrugging off any oddness with the numbers.

          Going to be choppy the next month as all the key dates are close to each other in November. How will markets react to another a hawkish 75point combined with a republican win, or a 50 point with a Demrats win? vica versa…then a Ukraine victory announcement to save the day?

          1. Current set of circumstances were purposely created, so that the central banks couldn’t fix it. There’s no way out now. I have lost total confidence in the central banks to be able to overcome the current dilemmas. I’m sure Ben Bernanke thinks the same way.

            Unless something changes I don’t see any way out and I think cash is King with the dollar being as always, the head of the class.

  6. Given the current manufactured set of circumstances we are facing, I see no way out. It was constructed so cleverly, too . I tip my hat to the architects of the Great Reset.

    The Federal Reserve is in an impossible position, and now has yet another complicating factor


    Looking at the situation fairly, a number of factors suggests that traditional rules and approaches may not work because of the unusual economic conditions that prevail.

    No. 1: The fed funds rate is very far below the inflation rate. Conventional wisdom has the funds rate above inflation to be effective. This gap suggests policy is way too loose.

    No. 2: The Treasury yield curve is inverted — short-term rates are higher than long- term rates. That suggests the market thinks policy is tight enough or even too tight.

    No. 3: Still, the 10-year note yield is barely above the top of the fed funds rate target — that seems way too low.

    No. 4: On the other hand, inflation expectations out five to 10 years in the University of Michigan survey are only in the 3% to 3.5% realm. Despite how high inflation is, survey respondents do not expect it to endure.

    These are not just inconsistent signals; they are contrary conditions. No econometric model is built with these conditions as the building blocks of any forecast. Any economist with an opinion on policy endorsing a framework is throwing out one or more of these factual relationships to draw his or her conclusion about what to do. So, what do you do when reality is in conflict with the normal conditions your model or your rules assume will prevail? You wing it.

    1. Goods Trade Balance continues to narrow. A big reason why dollar is king.

      Forecast: -90.19B

      Aug. 26, 2022 -89.06B -98.50B
      Jul. 27, 2022 -98.18B -103.20B
      Jun. 28, 2022 -104.31B -106.70B
      May 27, 2022 -105.94B -125.94B
      Apr. 27, 2022 -125.32B -106.35B
      Mar. 28, 2022 -106.59B -107.57B
      Feb. 28, 2022 -107.63B. -99.60B
      Jan. 26, 2022 -100.96B -96.10B

      1. Retail and wholesale inventories continue to build as well. I have to suspect that the inflationary growth has topped out. There’s an old expression in real estate; this worm will turn. Eventually the tide will turn and people will stop acting like automatons, blindly raising prices.

      2. Beware of the pro-Russian financial analysis, which it is littered with a bunch of non sequiturs. The New World Order engineers may even blame a crisis on Russia, but mark my words, Russia had nothing to do with it nor is Russia capable. Russia’s Central Bank is a privately owned endeavor. Its owners are working to achieve the same goals as the owners of the Federal Reserve. In fact, they’re the same owners.

        It’s a football game, and you and I are the spectators watching it on TV, but the same owner owns both teams.

      3. And Pop! All of a sudden the market shook off all fears and had a green day. It already recovered most losses from last week, I noticed it building up yesterday. Just like the last FED statements, the market goes down for about 3 days, and then slowly upticks until the next FED statement, which the next one will will be the first week of November. Or at least until the next CPI report date which will be on Thursday, October 13th. The midterms elections are on Nov 8th. But nothing has changed since last week, except market sentiment.

        Covid variant stories are starting to come out which was expected since Winter is right around the corner. Seems like they want to give the Ukraine army a victory to justify the billions of dollars stolen thru donations, grants and aid packages.

  7. Get ready for the next housing crisis: negative equity – As interest rates rise and mortgages become unaffordable, the whole system will start to crumble.


    We often hear the refrain “the UK is not the US”. When it comes to a potential housing crisis, though, that doesn’t always work in the UK’s favour.

    Because British banks hadn’t issued mortgages quite as excessive as the subprime loans handed out by US banks prior to the 2008 financial crisis, the UK didn’t have either the same scale of housing crash or nearly so many repossessions or foreclosures as America did. But there is one crucial difference between how British and American mortgages work that makes being unable to afford the loan on your home there – though still terrible – not quite so bad as here. In the US if you hand back the keys to your home to your lender, that’s it, it’s over. In the UK, if your home is worth less than the amount of debt you have at the point where it’s repossessed, you still owe the bank the outstanding amount. This is what’s known as negative equity, and it can leave people trapped in homes they can no longer afford, stuck with the dilemma of huge debt if they sell now or battling repossession if they can no longer afford their repayments.

    And if you think all this might be good for renters, think again. House prices might start to fall, but as it stands there are lots of overseas cash buyers who like investing in UK property, aren’t affected by interest rates, and just got a huge discount thanks to the falling pound. They will be far more able to take advantage of prices that are lower than they were but still higher than UK buyers reliant on a mortgage could afford.

    Meanwhile, landlords facing losses on their buy-to-let will first try to hike prices and then try to sell up – often leading to a sitting tenant being evicted. Owner-occupiers abandoning their homes may move to the rental market, pushing up competition for rent. As with all market chaos, there will be winners and losers, but there are few reasons to believe it is renters looking to buy that will be among them.

    1. This all could have been avoided had the central banks and especially the Fed not used covid scare tactics to overstimulate and leave the throttle open for too long. The US government and Biden agreed with the Fed in saying inflation was transitory. What bunk. Now the Biden regime foguves $400 billion in student loans. Holy moly! This isn’t a mistake
      This is a military campaign to destroy you and me financially. Now the central banks are using interest rates to “fix” the mess they purposely created. By the time this is all done, the governments will be bankrupt and will begin confiscating assets. One thing leads to the next.

      UK house price crash: Homeowners warned values could plunge by up to 40% in huge blow


        1. Wow. Unbelievable. DARPA and McClean know that there are a growing number of people like us who realize the church is now poison, so they introduced a bunch of controlled opposition clowns and call it Christian nationalism. These are the Christian equivalents of Alex Jones and the alt-media.

          It is all so ingenious and clever. This controlled opposition, pitting the so-called Christian nationalists against the critical philosophers arguing against their points is another straw man argument. It’s just designed to diffuse the righteous indignation of the confused last days Christians.

          There is no way on God’s green earth that I would ever associate with any of these so-called Christian nationalists, yet our opposition has developed this straw man to redirect the unwashed into the cattle pen.

    1. Consumer confidence outpaces consensus.

      Type in “economy” on Rumble and see what comes up. Take the contra. The mult-decade financial wipeout of the unwashed and alt-media masses can be very profitable. Don’t think like the alt-masses.

      The economy is rocking. It’s gradually being transformed into a prison slave camp. Just like Elysium.

      1. What exactly do we invest in to take advantage of this? I’m thinking of those that cannot afford to finance/own a series of Single-family dwellings to earn rental income. Should we invest in REITs? ETH will probably be the base protocol that they will launch the CBDCs on, but if they are going to further tank the stock market, crypto will follow suit. Although yesterday crypto seemed to decouple from the stock market a little, this was only one day, too early to see whether this is a solid decoupling. With the British pound and Japanese Yen having problems. I’m thinking they are accelerating plans. Other currencies will likely collapse or show great weakness soon. USD will gain strength for a while, once other currencies weaken or fail, USD will then fail as well and they will launch the CBDCs. This feels insane though, the tech is not scalable or ready, it’s still at least 2-3 years away at a minimum. Ultimately, I think this is all going to fail and we will likely go back to some sort of commodity-backed currency. At that point, cryptos will likely mainly be used for supply-chain management/energy purposes.

        1. You may be right. This QE experiment is going to fail. I also have concluded that based on the actions of the fiscal authorities like the recent ones in England and the United States, as well as, of course, the Fed, a crisis is a predetermined outcome and the desired result.

          I think cash for future asset purchases is key. Cash is the only asset I truly recommend to a newcomer.

          As for me, I’m going to stick with what I own and I have raised cash, as I have previously stated. I closed on a pure cash out financing last week on a free and clear property. I withdrew 300,000 from one in exchange for a mortgage. I was contemplating taking out more cash, but I think I’m okay for now. I don’t own stocks other than a family retirement plan, I don’t own much gold like I used to and I really don’t own any cryptos in size. Based on what we’re seeing here, the authorities are gunning for collapses in most asset classes, including housing. This is especially true in the Nations that do not have long-term fixed rate duration mortgages like is prevalent in the United States. I think real estate in the United States will hold up much better than elsewhere. The US dollar will always hold up better than elsewhere and American assets will hold up better. Sure there’s probably going to be financial tragedies moving out to the great reset, but it won’t take place the way the alt crowd anticipate.

          I just marvel at this time line and contemplate how cleverly it was all engineered. I had long stated that after covid the next crisis would be financial in nature. Financial crises always led up to wars and not the other way around. If we are to have that World War III, it will be as a result of a global financial crisis.

            1. I’m fortunate enough to not have any debt. But I feel late to the party in not fully taking advantage of all that has happened financially. I’m wondering whether I should do something a little rash and convert 65% of my cash holdings from Canadian dollars to USD at this point. One thing I find perplexing is, won’t the FED be under immense pressure from other central banks/governments, the bond market, and the stock market to pivot and lower rates at this point? Not to mention the whole debt to GDP ratio. Sorry, I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around all of this. With things like this, I should try harder to connect with God, there are just too many variables for my intellect to process.

              P.S. Chris I sent you an email a few days ago, was wondering if you received it.

      2. Unlimited purchases?!? I pitty the wage slave…

        BOE Steps Back Into Bond Market to Restore Stability


        The Bank of England staged a dramatic intervention to stave off an imminent crash in the gilt market by pledging unlimited purchases of long-dated bonds.

        With the fallout from Prime Minister Liz Truss’s tax cuts still ripping through UK asset prices, the central bank had been warned that collateral calls on Wednesday afternoon could force investors to dump government bonds, according to a person familiar with its decision making.

        The BOE kicked off the plan on Wednesday afternoon by purchasing just over £1 billion ($1.07 billion) of securities maturing in 20 years or more, less than the £5 billion it said it was prepared to buy at each auction. Operations will continue every weekday until Oct. 14.

        The announcement of the purchases had an immediate impact on the gilt market, putting yields on 30-year debt on track for the biggest drop on record. They earlier climbed to the highest since 1998.

        ity and even damage the economy. It also delayed the start of its plan to start actively selling its existing holdings of bonds, due to begin Monday.

        “The purchases will be carried out on whatever scale is necessary,” the central bank said, language reminiscent of former European Central Bank President Mario Draghi’s 2012 pledge to do “whatever it takes” to save the euro.

        The BOE decided to intervene to get ahead of a potential crisis that could have hit within hours. It was concerned collateral requirements on liability-driven investment strategies, such as those at pension funds, would have turned many into forced sellers of long dated gilts, according to a person familiar with the situation.

        The cash call would have happened this afternoon, turning the market one-sided and risking a precipitous crash. Investment banks and fund managers have warned the government in recent days of the problem.

      1. Correct. Socialism and Communism thrive on uneducated, stupid, greedy, and brainwashed people. Without these types of people, socialism and communism would never get off the ground. Satan promotes communism to enslave and destroy humanity.

      2. Amen to that. And the worst aspect of this latest framing is how stupid policy has been cleverly partisanized. In this way, 50% will go along with it. In the past, only a small minority would. Now fatal social policy gets enacted.

  8. “The MPC will not hesitate to change interest rates as necessary to return inflation to the 2% target sustainably in the medium term, in line with its remit,” Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said on Monday.

    Amazing how these supposedly independent central banks not only come up with the same plans but the exact same delivery. “Will not hesitate” is the new “baseless claims of election fraud.” And the ad hoc “2% target” is now sacrosanct.

    So I assume the plan is to raise rates and then see no reduction of inflation (since prices are centrally controlled by the SoS). So they raise rates again. Inflation again doesn’t abate. Eventually, the central banks will raise rates to something absurd like 10%, by which point all the wealth will be drained from the stock market and bond market. Then perhaps a crash begins.

    Or maybe the economy will take the rate hikes in stride, as it has been doing. I have suspected that the Fed’s current campaign is largely about taking wealth away from older, asset-heavy whites and giving it to younger non-whites who have the highest salaries. High-earning white collar workers are doing just fine with the inflation.

    1. The non-whites are certainly getting doused much worse than whites. Blacks and Hispanics are getting beaten here and much of the their debt is consumer oriented. The worst kind to be in when rates go higher. Any net worth the whites are losing is going to the top. Non-whites will come out as NWO slaves, more dependent on government largesse. The whites will be drained

      You make an interesting point about the central bank actions; they all seem to be acting and saying the same thing. All jumping to their owners’ commands.

      What the outcome will be has yet to determined.

      The bottom line is this; those who went in underlevered, owning underlevered assets will come out the cleanest. Those who are financing lifestyle is toast.

  9. Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey
    Released On 9/26/2022 10:30:00 AM For Sep, 2022
    Prior Consensus Consensus Range Actual
    General Activity Index -17.2 vs -5.5 consensus

    Production Index 9.3

    After a fourth straight negative showing with minus 12.9 in August, the Dallas Fed’s general activity index printed -17.2.

    Production continues to outpace.

  10. Despite what the anti-West alt-media propagandists claim, USA, Inc. is by far the biggest recipient of riches in the post-covid world. USA, Inc. now has or will soon have everything the world needs in abundance.

    This is a very important point to consider; now that the domestic wage base has been beaten down with an ugly stick from the open border policies of the federal government, USA, Inc. is much more competitive in the manufacturing realm than in previous decades. The wage base has been decimated here, so USA Inc. Is much more competitive vis a vis the developing nations.

    Once you see what I see, you will agree. As I have always stated for at least a decade, the dollar will die from strength, not from weakness.

    Larry Summers Warns Pound May Tumble Below $1 on ‘Naive’ UK Policies


  11. This supposed bond bubble is not even close to being over. We have a long way to go. Let me explain.

    If developed nation debt were trading like emerging market bonds, the UST 10-year would be yielding over double what it is right now. Mr. Broockvar claims Western sovereign debt is trading like emerging market issues. I beg to differ here. Despite the huge run-up we’ve seen in bond yields, real yields are still firmly negative. This certainly was not the case 40 years ago when mortgages were yielding as high as the mid-teens.

    So, let me get this straight, official CPI numbers are over 8%, yet the overnight lending rate is between 3-3.5%. Real APRs on mortgage originations are still about 200 basis points below the prevailing CPI. It doesn’t sound very “emerging market” to me. At least yet. We still need Biden to forgive more debt.

    Imagine what bond yields would be if the Federal Reserve dumped its balance sheet in its entirety. They may be tightening on the margin, but QE is still alive and well.

    The Great Bond Bubble Is ‘Poof, Gone’ in Worst Year Since 1949


    “Bottom line, all those years of central bank interest-rate suppression — poof, gone,” said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group. “These bonds are trading like emerging market bonds, and the biggest financial bubble in the history of bubbles, that of sovereign bonds, continues to deflate.”

    On Friday, the UK’s five-year bonds tumbled by the most since at least 1992 after the government rolled out a massive tax-cut plan that may only strengthen the Bank of England’s hand. Two-year US Treasuries are in the middle of the the longest losing streak since at least 1976, dropping for 12 straight days. Worldwide, Bank of America Corp. strategists said government bond markets are on course for the worst year since 1949, when Europe was rebuilding from the ruins of World War Two.

  12. AL, Jewry has admitted to creating and fomenting Protestantism around the world as a means of undermining true faith in the Redeemer Christ. In contrast, Jewry has done everything within its power to stamp out Roman Catholicism. But can the same be said about Eastern Orthodoxy, which shares a disturbingly caballistic tone with Jewry through its bizarre hesychastic rituals and ideas of God’s energies and essence? More importantly, it’s difficult to believe that Jewry did not play the leading role, through its mighty Khazarian kingdom, in transplanting Eastern Orthodoxy from the seat of Constantinople to Kievan-Rus (later the USSR and today’s “Russian Federation”). True orthodoxy, as you put it, be it through ROCOR or the Greek Old Calendarists can only be a Judaic heresy, as far as I am concerned.

    1. While Jews are a thorn in the side of Christianity, it was the fall of Constantinople by the Turks that caused the fall of the “Second Rome.”

      Elder Philoteus in 1510 proclaimed “Two Romes have fallen. The third stands. And there will not be a fourth. No one will replace your Christian Tsardom!” Contrary to the common misconception, Philoteus explicitly identifies Third Rome with Russia (the country) rather than with Moscow (the city). At the onset of the Bolshevik Revolution the third Rome has fallen, and rather appropriately with the murder of the last true Christian Monarch Czar Nicholas II.

      Now, could the Jews have had a hand in the fall of Constantinople? Maybe. After all, neither Jews or Muslims believe Christ to be the Son of God. As the world concerning spirituality slowly circles the drain it’s becoming most important to have faith in Christ above all else. Christ said to humble ourselves like a child. He did not say research every last detail and pointing fingers at Jews or whoever for all our problems. Every bit of information available to us is flawed to some extent so it’s simply not possible to arrive at a spiritual conclusion using only man made tools at our disposal. That only creates more confusion, which is the work of the devil himself. First we are to love God and second to love our neighbor as our self. True Orthodoxy exists with faith in the Holy Trinity. The truth will become available to us as God sees fit.

      1. The West Christian nations brought this upon themselves. They rejected the OT, which demonstrated how to keep a nation strong and intact, and believed the NT-only lies of their adversary. Doesn’t matter whether the church is Baptist, Catholic, Orthodox, protestant, Mormon, etc. All of them dropped the ball.

        What the Catholics today need is a Charles Martel. We all need a Charles Martel.

        1. All of them have dropped the ball. The adversary has patience and time on his side. If it can’t deceive the current church leaders of the day – then the adversary will just wait it out. Once that person passes away, and if the person that grabs the torch afterwards doesn’t follow in the predecessor’s footsteps – not drifting to the right or left – the adversary knows it can infiltrate. Then it change history. It can change doctrine. It can do many things. That’s where the Old Testament comes in super handy, because there are laws and plenty of examples through the Holy Scriptures.

          I will go to any church on Sabbath that recognizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the Holy Trinity. Along with using Holy Scriptures – both Old Testament and New Testament. This includes Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic. They are all my brothers and sisters. We all see the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. We all read from the same Holy Scriptures. It’s the adversary that deceives and infiltrates.

          1. I agree with you 100%.
            I don’t care if a follower of Christ is Catholic, Orthodox, or any denomination of Protestant.
            It is most important that my fellow person believes in Jesus Christ as their savior. My fellow person has a leg up on their spiritual life as long as they believe that Christ died on the cross and came back to life 3 days later and believes in the trinity of the father, son , and Holy Spirit .
            All Christians are brothers and sisters regardless of the denomination. The different denominations are just technicalities.

        2. I believe the whole Bible is very important to any true Christian. The Old Testament and the New Testament compliment each other. The New Testament is really an extension of the Old Testament as the New Testament makes a lot of references to the Old Testament. How can you just read the New Testament without understanding the Old Testament?

          The Old Testament gives God’s plan and rules. God lays the groundwork in the Old Testament. In addition, the Old Testament prophets foretell the birth and death of Jesus Christ.
          The Pastors that only focus on the NT are seriously misguided and miss the whole picture of God.

      2. The Three Romes rhetoric is what drives Soviet-Russian imperial war plans. It’s not Christian. Has nothing to do with Holy Scripture. That insane mystic Aleksandr Dugin loves it and seems to incorporate it into his Kremlin strategy for Putin.

        The Three Romes idea also doesn’t fit with Eastern Orthodoxy’s own eschatology. If Russia’s so called 1,000 year reign is that of Christ’s, shouldn’t the Third Rome also fall, seeing as the anti-Christ’s rule is supposed to follow the millennial kingdom? If so, then the three Romes is irrelevant. Why is Three Romes important to anything if they all fall? If Russia is the final Rome, does it continue to rule and reign as Christ’s? If so, then where does the anti-Christ fit into this timeline? There are so many contradictions in this eschatology. Russian mystics never seem to make sense. Russian Orthodoxy is a syncretic, perennialist religion and was long before the Soviets rolled in.

        I was not saying that the Jews brought down Constantinople (although, it could be the case), I was pointing out how the Jews, via Khazaria, were thriving at the time that Eastern Orthodoxy transferred from Constantinople to what became Russia. (The seat of Eastern Orthodoxy was sacked on the very day of Pentecost, by the way. I don’t find this to be a coincidence, as the Orthodox reject the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Son—Pentecost being about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit)

        Christ pointed His finger at the Jews. Jeremiah and the many prophets pointed the finger at the Jews, which his why the Jews slew them—their own prophets. If my comments about Jews trouble, then so should the Master’s, and his Prophets.

  13. Chris, Henry Makow is also doubling down on his pro-Russian, pro-China rhetoric. It’s amazing he has any readers left. He used to disguise it before but is now out in the open with it. As you say, these West-hating shills don’t have to use sophisticated tactics anymore on their sheepish audience. For, it’s no longer necessary, and why waste energy on unnecessary things, right?

    1. Writers of influence need to remain careful not to be biased. He writes what the people want to read. ZeroHedge has 1.4 mm followers on Twitter, because it caters to that particular anti-West bias that many readers seek. This pro-Russian bias goes back a long time. Even GATA (Gold Antitrust Action Committee) has catered to this since I was aware of them in 2005. For the gold and silver bugs who listen it’s been a brutal decade.

      Unfortunately, it’s the readers of these establishments who suffer, since it reinforces the preexisting biases of the readers, who then make improper personal choices.

      Is it news and fact, or is it entertainment?

      1. Yes it is information entertainment. Fear sells, truth takes a backseat.

        Glossesd over a few recent articles that puts the ragtage Ukraine army beating the Russian troops and victory is ahead, all preplanned of course. Need to justify the billions of dollars and weapons and a victory in the playbook does just that, need to increase taxes and rates across the board for a job well done. They can put more propaganda out soon that the Russians are tired and worn out and must retreat. Nothing will change in the Ukraine of course as people are still walking around smiling, shopping, drinking their coffees since it started.

        Mcdonalds is even opening 3 new restaurants in Kyiv this week. You know Mcdonalds just loves wasting their money opening stores in war torn areas and close proximity of battlefields…lol

        That event besides the many others, should seal the deal on any doubt people have wondering if it is a wargame hoax hyped up in the media or an actual war…

      2. I’ve noticed a suspicious habit with Moscow Makow.

        He used to retweet me and post some of my articles at henrymakow.com, but this would usually happen immediately after I had sad something critical of him. Now why would he do that? The only conclusion I can come to is that he thought he would gain favour by linking to me and boosting page views at my site so that I would feel bad about criticizing him or his crypto-Soviet agenda. This went on for years until finally he must’ve given up, seeing that my critiques of him only became more clear and more accurate about what he is really up to. Now, he has nothing to do with me. He knows I’ve figured him out, just as you and I have with those like Alex Jones, Soviet Bulgarian intelligence operation known Zerohedge, etc.

        I see the same thing happening to you, Chris. Henry reads this site and will link to you every so often immediately after you post something criticizing the Russophiles and their anti-Western agenda. Beware. It’s a trick. It’s the little game he plays. He’s sly. Keep holding their feet to the fire and they will scurry like the cockroaches that they are. If Henry stops posting you, that means he’s lost, you’ve won. He knows you’re on to him.

        1. United States is evil and Russia is good. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          Both are evil; the anti-Western pro-Russia crowd hate themselves and love the head of the Japheth confederacy that will one day nuke their own country. I think the Laodicean church wants to see this, so Jesus returns. At least, that’s what they want to believe.

          Talk about being stupid. Here is one aspect of how bad it has gotten.


          Who are these so called analysts that are propped up by the alt-world? Just because CNN hates Russia doesn’t mean we should love Russia. Russia’s problems are of their own making. If it weren’t for Russia stealing US technology and actually having it given to them since post WWII, they wouldn’t have their “modern” energy industry. Now that Western energy firms are no longer working in Russia, their inefficiencies are manifesting prominently. That’s Russia for you. They have been totally embarrassed in Ukraine, and are bringing a gun to a fist fight by pulling out the nuclear card. This is what the Western globalists want, and they play insecure Russia like a fiddle.

          What confirmation biases. The globalists really know how to F with the alt-minds.

  14. A comment I have made numerous times and I’ll repeat it again. Was the pandemic housing boom created by unreasonable compensation packages in the tech sector? In my corner of the world I have seen houses sell like hotcakes $60K over asking to those who legitimately qualified for the loans based on income.

    But the house of cards (pun intended) is unraveling now. Are we headed for more foreclosures? It’s all well and good to pay the mortgage IF the salary is there. But what if the once highly paid tech worker gets hit with a major salary correction? For many this may not be a shoe drop but rather a lifestyle adjustment. But for some, who possibly bit off more than they can chew, may have to bail. Seems I’m not the only one who is concerned.



    Some of the comments in this reddit conversation are interesting.


    1. A couple, two teachers, bought my Toronto home during the pandemic. They certainly don’t make the salary to live In that neighbourhood. I think it was just a frenzy to buy or you’ll miss out. At the time, they lamented about the heating costs in winter. Imagine the struggle now.

    2. Around where you live in the bay area, sure. That was part of it for your region.

      I shouted from the rooftops in April 2020, after the Fed and Trump regime announced their stimulus packages, that while I did not yet know the objectives of these authorities, the results were going to be certain. House prices and all asset prices were going to go bonkers. There are no theories here on this blog. We pegged it, which is why I got a lot of emails castigating me for being arrogant while the people were hurting. The people missed the point. I told them exactly what to do, yet most didn’t.

      I knew house prices were going to go into the ionosphere even if the people were dropping dead in the streets and renters stopped paying rent. The M2 growth, coupled with the direct transfer of trillions to the plebes led to only one conclusion. Not only that, the Fed slashed rates to 0 and the 10-year UST plumbed ever lower depths. Moreover, the Fed started buying every mortgage-backed security in sight.

      F the Reddit. I begged you all to buy no later than the Autumn of 2020 for all the reasons I laid out.

      Positive Economics vs. Normative Economics, According to Wikipedia,

      Normative economics (as opposed to positive economics) is the part of economics that deals with normative statements. It focuses on the idea of fairness and what the outcome of the economy or goals of public policy ought to be.

      Positive economics (as opposed to normative economics) is the part of economics that deals with positive statements. That is, it focuses on the description, quantification and explanation of economic phenomena. It deals with empirical facts as well as cause-and-effect behavioral relationships and emphasizes that economic theories must be consistent with existing observations and produce testable, precise predictions about the phenomena under question. Positive economics as a science concerns analysis of economic behavior to determine what is true.

      My website primarily deals with positive economics; both macro and micro-economic. I can accurately predict the outcomes of all the “misguided” normative policies and programs. I relay to the reader my observations of normative “blunders” and predict and estimate the most likely ramifications. Remember, there are no mistakes with the authorities and their actions. They are all working towards a common cause. This is Positive Economics. We pegged the covid outcome like a charm. Now, it seems the manufactured and totally planned inflation problem has a reason, to cause a loss of confidence in the current system. I see the normative policies of Biden and England as coming at the worst time; not because I hate them, but because it is quickly engendering a highly probable and tangible loss in fiscal authority confidence. I can tell you right now that the Fed is purposely working contra to the Biden regime. The same goes for England. My conclusions are based on my expertise regarding what works and what doesn’t work. This is positive economics. My guess here? We are gunning for a total loss of individual national central bank and national government ability to fix a manufactured global problem. QE will die and so will the nation-state. Maybe no more than a couple years. But then again, this conforms to the Great Reset. The dollar will die from strength.

      Why is this all so obvious to me? Am I totally unable to articulate these circumstances? I have concluded that the readers are too inundated with countless opinions on the alt-media, and that’s sad.

      Normative Economics – In a subjective world and with other economists I tangle with, most are stuck trying to argue their opinions on what types of economic policy is proper for the general welfare of society. That’s apples vs. oranges.

      We on this blog predict the outcomes to profit.

  15. Just because someone is a fan of the alt-media and Russian politics doesn’t make them intelligent.

    Putin’s ‘incredibly dangerous’ nuclear threats raise the risk of an unprecedented disaster


    •Speaking in a rare, televised address on Wednesday, Putin warned that if the territorial integrity of Russia is threatened, the Kremlin would “certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It is not a bluff.”
    •It comes as pro-Moscow regional leaders in Kremlin-controlled areas of southern and eastern Ukraine announced referendums on joining Russia.
    •Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, said Putin’s threats drastically increase the risk of escalation to a nuclear conflict.

          1. Chris’s recommendations, PPSI and POLA are holding up strong! Maybe since TSLA was up and they needed a technical pop. I think we see more green this week in various sectors as compared to last week.

  16. This morning’s PMI numbers show continued expansion in the manufacturing sector. This is one of the reasons why the US dollar is doing so well. USA, Inc. is prospering at the expense of the rest of the world and its own citizens. Only a few people can benefit in the New World Order. The rest need to reach out to the global corporate heads for help and relief.

  17. All the national governments are injecting massive amounts of fiscal stimulus into the economy in hopes of rejuvenating economic prospects. Simultaneously, their privately run central banks are reining in this inflationary pressure. Moreover, just like with Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness, all this is doing is undermining the confidence of national government and its abilities to manage its affairs. You see the writing on the wall.

    UK government fiscal policy U-turn

    September 23, 2022

    Newly installed Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng today announced a major package of measures aimed at boosting economic growth.

    Cuts in income tax will combine with a higher threshold for stamp duty and the reversal of the recent increase in National Insurance. The cap on bankers’ bonuses has also been scrapped as has the planned rise in corporation tax.

    This is not a small stimulus – the Treasury estimates the cost will be around some £45 billion by 2026/27, and that does not include the £60 billion of energy support previously announced for the six months from October. In fact, the overall bundle represents the biggest tax cut of any budget since 1972. As such, the plans constitute a sizeable U-turn in fiscal policy that, under previous Chancellor Rishi Sunak, was geared towards reducing government borrowing. Inevitably this will worry a gilt market already facing the hefty increase in supply required to fund the government’s new 2-year Energy Price Guarantee.

    The BoE, struggling to keep a lid on inflation, is unlikely to be impressed and another increase of at least 50 basis points in Bank Rate in November is now all the more likely. Higher rates may offer the ailing pound some support but, with investors increasingly concerned about the size of the current account and public sector deficits, this may well not be enough.

    1. Here’s the predicted outcome. The central banks will continue raising interest rates, and the FED funds rate could move much higher than we currently anticipate. Inflationary pressures won’t subside in a meaningful way yet the economy will begin to collapse. I mean collapse. The FED will then reverse course in a desperate effort to regain control of the economy lest it continues falling into the abyss.

      I feel sorry for the wage slaves. I’m sorry, did I offend the reader by using the word “slave”?

      This manufactured and engineered conundrum the global governments face was manufactured from stem to stern and a result of the covid fiscal and monetary stimulus.

  18. I closed on my cash out yesterday at 6.25%. I figure my rents are rising much higher than that and my rent increase is from the beginning of the year are about 40% more than the new mortgage payment.

    Thank you, Joe Biden and the Dems. I have plenty of powder for the next couple properties when the bust happens and will rent out to another bunch of reprobate idiots.

    Imagine what rents and inflation will do when China invades Taiwan. The Russia embarrassment in Ukraine though has curiously silenced CCP rhetoric regarding One China.

    1. By the way, the FED balance sheet data came out yesterday afternoon and showed a sizable contraction of $21 billion on the week in short and long term deductions.

    1. Just look at those in the country who actually believe there was an insurrection. Probably close to half of the easily suggestible adult children in the United States believe in some sort of conspiracy regarding an insurrection. If the world exists 30 years from now the history textbooks will have a whole chapter on the January “insurrection”and how we avoid the next one. Of course, by then, the people won’t own anything yet will be happy. All of the different races, colors, creeds, sexualities, philosophies, religions, and beliefs will all throw their adoration at Big brother and will wonder how people from prior generations were able to survive in such brutal and harsh times.

      Satan has deceived the whole world he really has, and this includes most Christians. This is what happens when you get all different people living together. The nation can only be effectively managed through massive amounts of technology and A government ruled by Satan. When everyone is all mixed together there’s no commonality nor frame of reference and heritage. Each individual in this new mixed consumer base is left rudderless and hopelessly tied to the existing political and social infrastructure for guidance. today’s adult children are rudderless consumers and even if they realize that something was wrong, they’ve been brainwashed into believing that the past is even worse. Each subgroup acts loud and proud at their own heritage yet are only screaming in a vacuum, because Satan controls the matrix. Today’s Christian has rejected the Old Testament in its entirety and will quote Paul, yet wonder how their nation was destroyed from within. What laodicean dummies. Nothing worse than a politically correct Laodicean dummy. The church is full of them.

      Endtime prophecy is a billion dollar business, because it preys on the hopelessness of the laodicean Christian plebes and their inability to figure out how it all went wrong. Most believe that if they can be even more loving, the problems would go away. What a bunch of deceived livestock.

      They unwashed think that if it can’t be fixed we can just have wormwood strike and end it all.

      1. Agreed, Chris. The adversary doesn’t want them reading or understanding the Old Testament. They want them dumbed down, so they can be complacent. So they give them doctrines like once saved always saved and rapture; while the world around them gets worse and worse. It’s all they talk about. “I’m saved” and “the sooner the end days starts the sooner I’m raptured outta here.” “Jesus is coming soon.” First, how can anyone even claim “I’m saved?” You can’t judge yourself – only your Lord Jesus Christ can judge you. And the Lord says those that exalt themselves, will be humbled. Regarding rapture – I personally don’t see much scripture evidence for it. If anything – it may be a very small amount that may be protected. The book of revelation even talks about saints having to endure persecution. Most of the apostles had to endure persecution. The prophets had to endure it at times. God’s people had to endure it throughout history. Even God’s own Son had to endure persecution/hardship. What makes our generation any different? What makes our generation so special? This tells me it’s doctrine from the adversary, and it will demoralize many Christians when sh** hits the fan and they are still here. Then the one’s that haven’t lost faith completely will understand this scripture:

        Amos 5:18
        Woe to you who desire the day of the LORD! Why would you have the day of the LORD? It is darkness, and not light.

        From the Book of Revelation – what matters to me is the beginning and the ending. How we will be judged, and what the final outcome will be. All the tribulation that happens in the middle – that’s God’s will, and God is fully in control; including when it starts, which may very well be many years away. But you never know when you will meet the Lord.

        In the Old Testament we know that the LORD frowns up when an Israelite marries someone whom does not believe in the LORD. It leads to their kids not following the LORD. Therefore, for Christians it isn’t the best idea for your son/daughter to be marrying atheists, new agers, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. Most of the time it doesn’t work. It leads to the future generations forgetting the LORD, and instead following the adversary’s own doctrines – new age, false science, aliens, atheist – pick your flavor.

    2. Yes, Otto. That is the goal of the KGB in recruiting Western conservatives to its Soviet Trust controlled opposition stable. They are being set up and, yet, they think they are saving the world “the globalists”.

      It worked like a charm in the 1920. Dissident Russians outside of the Soviet Union were sent letters telling them that a “Monarch League of Russia” was going to wrest back control of Russia from the communists. Many of them fell for this scam and upon arrival to the Soviet Union were met with prison or execution. What will they do with Western conservatives this time?

      1. Alt media was also warning about the power grid going down. This makes no sense since electric vehicle adoption has just started. The adversary letting the power grid going down would destroy the steam and popularity of electric. I don’t personally like electric vehicles myself. I prefer waiting a few minutes to fill up my tank versus 20+ minutes.

        Alt media wants you demoralized and broke. The fact they’re still pushing doom and gloom hard tells me there’s plenty, plenty of time to make hay. Next month, God willing, I’m starting construction on an investment property. And once I’ve got some cash saved up – next year I’m probably going back to buying single family homes for rentals.

        1. I would never buy an electric car. Toyota plug-in Hybrid is a much better option. Yeah, the alties have been hyping grid disruptions, which could happen, but if they do, it will be at the most opportune time, which doesn’t seem to be right now.

          1. All electric isn’t good for the environment due to the battery. And it doesn’t last as long before you have to replace it. The new mustang was announced last week, and I was glad they didn’t go electric like their competitors did. I had a 2013 mustang back in the day. Nice cars. With electric you’re paying a premium for quite literally a downgrade. All in the name of “climate change” and the social acceptance that comes with it. Similar to the “I got my vaccine” messages posted all over social media. Give me a break – some of those same folks will hate on the Holy Bible, but believe in anything mainstream tells them. I guarantee you if mainstream saw the Holy Bible as true and good, they would support it. They are followers of men. This, imo, is why the adversary is here. Let’s see whose truly for God, and whose truly for themselves.

            Let’s do a metaphor. If I’m dating a girl, and let’s say I decide to test her. I’ll pay another guy to simply flirt with her at the mall when she’s alone. Let’s see how she responds. Does she share her ig/phone number with the guy? Or does she stay loyal and faithful, and rebuke his approaches? If she chooses to accept the other guy’s advancements – is it the guy’s fault? Is it my fault for paying the guy to do it? Or is it her own fault?

            If I’m going to marry her and bring her into my own household – shouldn’t I test her heart? I believe this theology is similar with the adversary against the sons of men on earth. We are here on earth. It’s temporary. We will be tested, but not beyond anything we can’t handle. We have the Scriptures to guide us with truth, wisdom, knowledge, and our guide with the Holy Spirit.

  19. “FedEx hikes package rates. The company said that its Express, Ground and Home Delivery rates will increase by an average of 6.9%.”

    Do rate hikes actually make anything cheaper? Don’t companies need to charge more to make up for higher financing costs?

    People might just spend more of their money on the essentials, like housing, food, medical care, and transportation. How do rate hikes arrest inflation in these areas? This is also what determines CPI, so it seems inflation will continue to remain high or rise further.

    The fundamental problem is that the SoS has monopolized every single industry and can charge whatever they want. New businesses cannot enter due to regulation and the inability to get funding from SoS gatekeepers. This has happened multiple times throughout history. The Fed will keep hiking rates, but businesses or landlords will jack up prices and continue to make profits. The key is to offer a service or product that people need. Perhaps the Great Reset is all about decreasing discretionary spending, particularly travel.

    The SoS mouthpieces seem to emphasize how rate hikes decrease home prices (and by extension rent) because people can’t afford to pay the interest on homes. What the SoS intentionally overlooks is that institutions are the ones buying homes now, and they are able to pay significantly less interest as well as enjoy economies of scale.

    The SoS doesn’t make mistakes, so it seems that this indeed may be the one. I was optimistic about inflation deceasing in August, but the “surprise” CPI tells me that the SoS plans to continue the economic collapse. They’ve already justified the Democrats’ “win” in midterms by claiming that women are compelled to vote in record numbers. Democrats can win even in a recession or worse.

    1. Very good observations. You get no disagreements from me. Higher rates hurts the average slave. The wealthy have the income generation and can capitalize on booms and busts.

      The booms and busts get easier to spot, because as the collective IQ drops the operation to fleece gets easier to spot by those who understand. Guys like El-Erian are in denial about the conspiracy and chalk it up to stupidity.

      We know better.

      1. The irony about Fedex is that just last week, Fedex’s guidance is supposedly what spooked the market. But the economic headwinds that Fedex is feeling — which exist at least in part due to the Fed’s rate hikes — are resulting in more inflation! I’ve never once seen the MSM, financial media, or the Fed question whether rate hikes might be inappropriate.

        I’ve noticed the MSM propaganda about rate hikes is very similar to the propaganda about Covid vaccine and mandates: The MSM is saying that

        1) vaccines or rate hikes are the solution that is proven to work
        2) they are the only solution
        3) things will never return to normal without the solution
        4) people are clamoring for the solution.

        All four are false.

        Not that the SoS cares about truth or logic. As long as they make a certain policy appear to be the one supported by “experts,” the public will buy it. College-educated Americans would rather die than be seen disagreeing with the “experts.” I’m sure that US/SoS intelligence agencies have found that this form of propaganda is highly effective against the people whose opinions matter most (non-college educated have no power in modern democracies).

        1. Good points.

          In the short run, interest rate hikes are inflationary. A lot of economic activity can be considered “sticky” in the sense that linear activities and trends don’t adjust fast enough and higher borrowing costs are added to the costs of business. But eventually, activity slows and adjusts. Perhaps 12-24 mos. But since the beginning of this year higher rates have added costs.

          Notice that asset and stock prices have come down. This results in less efficient businesses going away. That takes off demand at the margin. The results of these cycles are clear and are similar to what we see when there are hikes in the money supply; those who get the money first and those who are aware of these cycles and get in first and out before others can exploit those who are unaware or unable to participate. The top 10% continue to roll over the bottom 90%.

          For instance, most real estate investors I know we’re not buying anything the past couple years. They did some financial stuff, but stayed out of the craziness. They bought earlier and recognized the value. Same with stock investment and others things.

          The adversary controls the media so it can more easily dupe the masses to do the same thing. As I have said we take the contra, and do whatever the consensus is not doing.

          The monetary injections and resulting mania is now leading to a wash out. The adversary can now speed up the cycle process, because the plebes are so much more easily suggestible in their altered brainwave states.

          These adversary engineered cycles will continue until about 2030-2040, when the people won’t own anything anymore. Then the corporations will be able the charge whatever they want as the competition is finally gone.

    2. Interesting. So if people spend their money on the basics and there isn’t much left over – doesn’t that somewhat tackle inflation? Like – they won’t be buying so much ‘stuff’ they don’t need, won’t be going to restaurants. Reminds me of my childhood, growing up in the 70s. We maybe went out twice a year to a restaurant, and only had gifts or new things at Christmas and birthdays. In my line of work right now – tutoring children – I am busier than ever and I am amazed that people have the money to throw at this. The craziest job offer was $75 an hour to tutor a kid in Grade 12 (who is batting at 50% average) the language skills she needs for university. How are people affording this? I didn’t share this opinion with the parents but geez, take the money and invest in a pressure canner and teach her how to preserve food instead. Way better use of your time and money. What ever happened to that class in high school – ‘Home Economics’? This kids would have been happy in a class like that.

      1. For the past 35-40 years, the children have been bred to be at ease being cogs of the NWO and looking at those who object to open borders and modern government as the enemy. Although open borders and social largesse ruin most people’s prospects at affordably raising a family and buying a house, the plebes are so easily suggestible that they spend everything they can get, and then some.

        During the mid 70s, my dad took us out to McDonald’s on Friday night when my mom went to the grocery store for her weekly trip. We just didn’t spend much money. Today’s easily offended adult children have no restraint in any capacity. At least not any Godly restraint. Any restraint is about saving the environment and being a good global citizen.

        Now you wonder why I don’t get concerned what those outside the remnant do anymore. Broken mixed families spend a lot more per family unit consumer and are much more easily controlled.

        What a difference from when I was young in the early-mid 70s.

  20. My basic view of crypto is it’s a new and clever way to steal other people’s money. Reading the post made by Lis, along with news articles, I might draw the conclusion that crypto is slowly going through the necessary changes that will make it a new safe currency. But not before the hoarders get wiped out (that article about the crypto billionaire getting his fancy cars taken away is a good example). Also whatever is going on with the dollar lately may all be tied together. Everything is going electric so might as well include money? I prefer gasoline and cash. The real time laboratory experiment continues. Fed Reserve will be the crypto king in a few years!

  21. I guess it’s becoming clear that the Fed will blow apart the economy by fighting inflation ghosts that can’t be tamed with traditional monetary policy, including QE.

    All choreographed at the top. So, I guess inflation will rage while the economy continues to tank, and the Fed will attempt to cure the problems that it and the Federal government intentionally created.

    What’s the outcome here? Continued pain in the asset markets with the costs of everyday living escalating further. I would not want to be long anything anymore. I only like SFRs because of the good yields I still am earning.

    My concern is that ever higher rents will result in government intervention.

    Look at BTC and ETH. Look at cryptos. Agh. What a bleed. Look at gold and silver. NG.

    If anyone has any ideas please share.

    1. I’m on the lookout for a sudden and sharp fall in the spoos. I have been in cash overnight in my trading account for the past month and I will not hold anything overnight.

      QE only works in a low inflationary environment and I suspect it will unravel over the next couple years. There’s going to be a lot of pain as inflation rages and asset markets get squeezed.

      1. IMO the most speculative asset class that benefitted from QE was crypto. I’m thinking of putting on a long term short on BTC or some altcoins. What are your thoughts

        1. They are already wounded animals here. Though the prognosis is not good for them, I would be careful as much of the damage is already done. I am not a fan of ETH and never really been, as I don’t see how the centralized management can be seen as beneficial with so any other ones out there. BTC was always my favorite as its origins always intimated dark intelligence.

          1. BTC is Gen1 there are really better alt coins out there even though they have been bashed some. If you have ever use BTC to send, pay for something it can be slow and expensive to move. IOTA, Hedra (HBAR), Holo (Hot). I would say they are Gen 3 not even block chain if you want to speculate in Crypto. If you want to stick with block chain Litecoin (LTC) is better. I trust non of it myself but have a little.

            1. Half the point of cryptos (for the average guy) is the “dark aspect” – anonymity. Neither BTC, LTC, IOTA etc are private coins; completely transparent blockchains. If you transact with me I can put your address on a block explorer and watch your every move going forward, and backward.

              A 3 letter agency, or any other centralized exchange for example, can do the same, and if you transact not according to their rules/wishes they can flag your address and all your coins go to 0, ie they are not fungible – 1btc is not = to another btc because the coin history can reduce its value.

              This just happened with in reg. to a scrambler service; every eth address that had sent eth to the scrambler (to hide origin of coins) got flagged and the funds were then blacklisted … zero.

              Coins with baked in privacy on level 1 might have a very bright medium term future, as more and more people exit the system and hide capital in order to circumvent taxes etc.

            2. the idea that coins like Monero(?) were totally private was always suspect to me anything you can do on the computer someone can track. My 1st hearing of BTC was that it would be honest money and a Gov could not inflate it and everyone could mine it in the beginning.

            3. Even if you are suspicious towards 100% privacy; Monero and dozen other coins with built-in anonymity provide a better, more honest form of money than bitcoin.

              The exchanges are fractionally reserved and the amount of btc traded far exceeds its hard-cap. The exchanges inflate the circulating amount.

              BTC dominance has been crashing for a while, it’s old tech – slow, costly, centralized mining, not fungible(because not private) etc.

              I’m just saying it’s smart , if you are into crypto, to hold privacy coins – unless you really want to use surveillance coins – btc for example.

      2. An article just came through citing that a top economist Mohamed El Erian says the chance of a soft landing is small. The article basically says the Fed waited too long to raise rates to slow inflation and is now playing catch up. Of course the article also takes the position that the Fed perhaps made an error but we may argue that the Fed knows exactly what they are doing.

        It goes on to say how some major nations are going to have a really tough time economically. China is seized up (I’ll add with their manufactured covid lock downs) and of course Europe (with the deliberate gas shutdown brought on by a massive civil project disguised as a war).

        I’m personally seeing orders for my repair service increase – although this one data point is not conclusive. I was largely dead during covid but in the last six months or so I have all kinds of work coming in from not just from US based firms but the UK and EU. If this trend continues I might be able to form a more solid opinion and try to prepare accordingly. Already I’m stocking up on ball bearings that I use in every repair.

        If I had to take a stab at what is going on in my world I’ll say the large companies who were running on cheap money buying new equipment may have to take a second look at the old equipment, which for all practical purposes, works just fine. The world in the past decade was going straight up economically to the point that I had to ask myself if this is real. The “too good to be true usually is” or “this can’t be possible for the long term” statements may be proven correct once again as the months unfold.

        On a personal level I’m feeling grateful that I did not bite at the over priced housing market a few months ago. But as prices came down and the situation drastically changed, I’m still hesitant to make a move taking on a small mortgage to cover the difference from the sale of my condo and the replacement property. I might be looking at $250K.

        1. Long time investors shouldn’t be worried as I am certain their rental income has escalated tremendously over the past 12 months. As the tenants move out and I’ve been able to raise my rents to close to market, my rental income is up about 40% this year.

          I am closing on that previously mentioned cashout this afternoon in a couple hours and it was all done in about 3 weeks. The lenders, especially the private ones, must have seen a dramatic drop in business, since the turnaround time on mine was about half of what it normally is.

          First time home buyers will still not be able to really find any deals. Monthly costs are just still astronomical. Repair and remodeling costs are sky high.

  22. It looks like Trump is sinking another company, DWAC. He’s well versed at destroying other people’s wealth, and also worked with the Synagogue of Satan to destroy Marxist opposition to their NWO.

  23. Love you all.
    After a long time I have followed entire comments section and writing comment of my own.

    Thank you all to make my evening.

    Only thing I would like to stress is to remain “stress free” in these times by meditating on The God Almighty who created us all and holds all the string in his hands. He shares his power with none.
    So may The Gid almighty in his infinite wisdom separate the wheat from the chaff


  24. It’s the big decision day. Puppet J Powell will address how the Fed will solve the problem it purposely created. Of course, all this was completely avoidable, but in the NWO prison slave camp, where all races, religions, colors, creeds, and philosophies can live in harmony under the umbrella of Satan, we are just livestock reacting to sets of stimuli injected by our masters. If we don’t like it, there’s nothing we can do about it. Thus, we need to convince ourselves that hell on earth is actually paradise. This is why we have been introduced to new age religions; it provides a framework where our masters can manipulate us into any result.

    Think I’m wrong? Take a look out your window. The moment one realizes this truth is the moment he stops waiting for a collapse and goes out does something to not be so dependent on our prison guards.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what puppet Jay has to say at his 2:30 press conference.

    1. Alex Jones and Del Bigtree; What a pair of charlatans. As I have always said, there’s no more opposition to evil once evil takes over the opposition.

      Controlled opposition always only support other members of that controlled opposition. Here’s a Del Bigtree interview with Alex Jones.



      Notice right off the bat how Del frames the opposition against Jones. It’s a sleight of hand that is actually so simple, because most of the people watching it are too dull witted to figure it out. The disingenuity doesn’t even have to be that sophisticated anymore, because the viewer is a functional retard anyway. Two big douchebags who have marching orders to say certain things and throw the Patriots under the bus.

      This wicked evil can only take place in the iron and clay kingdom of Daniel. There’s no more opposition to evil once evil takes over the opposition.

      1. There is nobody in power on earth that has good intentions for humanity. The only benevolent beings in power is God and Jesus Christ at his right hand side. Anybody who believes there are “white hats” in government is seriously misguided.

        1. That’s pretty much the case. It’s beyond silly how any true follower of Jesus Christ can support Putin, Alex Jones, or Trump in any capacity. Their logic doesn’t make any sense; and they aren’t judging by the fruits, or fully understand the new world system that’s already in place. That’s also why I stopped paying attention to alt media when it comes to any news; especially since the war in Ukraine.

          It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.

  25. 56000 non covid excess deaths in Europe for the month of July. 500K+ fewer consumers for gas and other commodities on an annual basis, not sure how that nets out with replacements?, thats a substantially deflationary force.


  26. Almost an hour, but interesting analysis. I post here as the analyst references a couple of themes near the end referenced by Chris quite a few times: (1) the dollar will die from strength not weakness; and (2) we’re entering the time of Jacob’s Trouble as we move through this decade. Worth the hour from my POV.


    1. This guy mentioned Arch Crawford. I have a friend who subscribed to Arch Crawford about 20 years ago.

      We are being set up for something big. Of course, nothing could happen. We are possibly having three consecutive quarters of negative GDP, and yet the public debates whether or not we have a recession. It’s as if the traders are sleep walking with the assurance of QE. I am in cash on stocks, not that I have much anymore in the stock market, though family have retirement money in stocks. It seems the Fed is intent on now getting serious with inflation. It’s too late now to act the traditional way without causing bigger problems . It should have acted in late 2020. It waited a too long.

      The differences between now and the other times is that we have QE. If the markets crash, that would be deflationary. It should mean lower interest rates and bond yields. Something like early 2020?

  27. Chris, Putin was planted in the KGB by the Orthodox Church and as a result the Soviet Communists fell out of power. Don’t think for a minute that any heretic can and will defeat the true Christian Church such as the Orthodox Church. They can play with the devil any way they want. I think the devil has won you over with his lies and has caused you to think wrong.

    1. If you really believe that nonsense, there’s some swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you! The Russian Orthodox Church is a creature of the State! And Putin admits to being a friend of Schwab, of the WEF, for 20 years now! I rather think the devil has played you for a fool!

      1. As an Orthodox Christian and and first generation American from both sides, allow me to clarify. The Russian Orthodox Church is the one true church led by a succession of bishops going back 2000 years. It was until the advent of communism under Lenin that shut down the church in Russia and China. However, the bishops who were able to escape to the US and Europe maintained true Orthodoxy as ROCOR (Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia). In 2007 there was a reunification of ROCOR and Moscow, which we old faith Orthodox did not and still do not agree with. Orthodoxy in Moscow in the 1920s was reestablished by Stalin so no way can there be a true Orthodox church with a bishop appointed by Stalin.

        I will agree that Moscow is not legitimate and slowly but surely many churches around the world are tied with Moscow through various channels. And you can’t have a church without a bishop, so it’s important to find a bishop who is not connected with Moscow in any way. There are a few.

  28. The NAHBs housing market index just came out at a dismal 46 versus the consensus of 48. This is actually very good news for landlords as homes are no longer being built. And with all of this illegal immigration overcrowding, landlords continue to clean up.

    But wait, ZH is telling us that this shows that the market is collapsing. We are about to collapse, at least that’s what ZH is telling me.

  29. The price of oil is falling out of bed in the wake of the Russia embarrassment in Ukraine. Next stop is $77 then $65. There’s no reason on Earth why oil should be this expensive with the global economy going into the crapper.

    1. ZeroHedge’s anti-West propaganda is going double barrel this morning. It is out proclaiming one collapse after another, but that’s what it’s done since 2009. And you wonder why I don’t rely on the alt-finance media. Most of the alt-finance prognosticators parrot whatever is discussed in pro-Russian ZH. ZeroHedge sets the tone for the alt-crowd dummies. And with 1.4 million followers on Twitter, it has a huge effect on destroying any resistance here in the United States. For the past 13 years, ZH has really helped our adversary to impoverish potential resistors and frustrate their lives.

      1. From my own personal experience this is spot on. After 08 I stumbled on ZH and will admit I took what they were saying seriously. I didn’t get destroyed financially but instead of making a move to buy assets or perhaps a replacement property, I was convinced that we would all be fighting the dog or cat for his food. The doom and gloom was ever present and I took a very cautious route.

        I was also renting a building in those years to do my car work and should have aggressively took action to get out of the rental unit and buy my own building. What really opened my eyes was the 1972 Porsche 911 I had restored that I put up for sale but had a hard time selling it. I finally sold it for exactly what I had into it out of pocket ($26K) and was happy I didn’t lose money. The labor was of course free. Several years after I sold it that same car peaked at about $85K and is now likely worth in the $70K range. ZH didn’t tell me that part.

        That single car sale event made me realize how much I did not understand about these economic swings. While I was freaking out over the collapse some guy just sold a Ferrari and is buying my 911! Sometime later I found you, who would consistently write and speak about events that were polar opposite of ZH. Tying my classic car sale experience with what you were saying is what got me thinking that the alt media isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and there is an underlying agenda to consolidate wealth by the relative few.

        But as I said before, however things turned out for me it was for a reason and I’m doing fine how it played out. I now own the building that I work in (my business) but am still in a rented car shop. Although I have an opportunity very soon to be part owner of the next door unit where I can move all my machine tools out of the current rented building and at least have that set up. And maybe even get a lift (car hobbyist dream).

        So thanks for your analysis and for helping me understand what is happening behind the curtain.

        1. I also found ZH in 09,10 and remember reading in the comments one person who was always saying the opposite and that person turned out to be right. Milliondollarbonus i believe was the user name. when everyone else was saying crash crash they were saying the market it going up and up. There were others also mostly gold silver bugs. Mike Maloney but i give Mike credit because he at least had a book out, which is free now, and hidden secrets of money videos on youtube which were very interesting to watch. Many people were buying silver in 2010-11 and have yet to get back what they put in.

        2. In a QE world, the governments don’t need to worry how they will finance their deficit spending. The central bank will bridge any gap. That one concept alone told me where asset prices were going. QE has now been used since 2008, the same time ZH appears. Coincidence? I leave that up to the reader to determine.

      1. Housing starts were better than expected but permits were much worse. The permits part is what I find disturbing.

        1. I paid $1,043 for a rate lock on a $300,000 cash out on one property. At the time I thought that was pretty steep, but I ran the possible scenarios on the amortization schedules and realized that it was well worth it. That was about three and a half weeks ago. I’m grateful I did it as the rate has gone up 50 to 75 basis points since. I break even in about 14 months. I should close on Friday. I doubt I will do any more cash outs with rates the way they are, but I’ll look to buy another SFR with the proceeds. I can pay cash

    1. The adversary has done a great job making polygamy not only illegal, but frowned up. Some churches even consider it a grave offense. I can’t imagine what they would do if Moses, Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, Gideon, or Hosea walked into their church with their multiple wives and all their children. The looks many would likely give them. Meanwhile, some of those people judging may be committing actual sins against God via fornication, adultery, porn masturbation, and divorce. Those things the adversary has desensitized and made not as serious.

      Paul calls the law Holy and Good. Exodus, Levictus, and Deuteronomy all allow polygamy, but with certain qualifications/requirements. The verse churches use to outlaw multiple wives is “one flesh” from Genesis that Jesus Christ used. But that was in response to a question about divorce, and was referring to divorce only. The Apostle Paul says a man can become one flesh with even a prostitute. So, therefore, a man is one flesh with any woman he sleeps with. It’s important to note Moses wrote Genesis, and Moses had multiple wives. He was never condemned by God for it. Also, King David had multiple wives, and God says he gave David those additional wives:

      “And I gave thee thy master’s house, and thy master’s wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things.”
      2 Samuel 12:8.

      God said I would had given you more if you asked. But the LORD was extremely furious with David for sleeping with his neighbor’s wife — thus committing “adultery.” The Hebrew definition for adultery is a woman breaking wedlock. Jesus Christ says even looking at your neighbor’s wife with lust causes you to commit adultery in your heart. You’re also breaking the commandment – thou shall not covet anything that belongs to my neighbor. That doesn’t just mean his house or car. But his wife as well.

      Many churches these days are leading people down the wide path to destruction. They teach false doctrines like once saved always saved, and after finding Jesus Christ I can still sin and do whatever I want. Old Testament is medieval and doesn’t apply to me. I’m special. I just have to believe and say a few words and I’m saved. That’s not what that parable of the “Sheep and Goats” says. Nor the parable of “The Samaritan.” Nor what Paul says in Hebrews 10:26. Nor Ezekiel 18:24:

      “But if a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked person does, will they live? None of the righteous things that person has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness they are guilty of and because of the sins they have committed, they will die.”

      Then you have the Alt Media leading people down the wrong path financially. Plus throw in the stress and demoralization cocktail for good measure. So the entire system is stacked up against my fellow neighbor. The religious system. The education system. The political system. The indoctrination system through movies, shows, and social media. Just look at their tribal party lines with things like abortion and LBQT. They just repeat like a parrot. They don’t even think the words coming out of their mouths. The new Game of Thrones show – just had an episode where an uncle teaches his niece that marriage is nothing serious, and you can still fornicate with anyone whom you choose to. Everything is twisted. That’s why it pays to be self-dependent, and to think for yourself; plus do your own research. You don’t want to be caught going down the wide path with everyone else.

      1. I certainly don’t condone anything in the article per se, and I don’t recommend becoming a Mormon, but the great preponderance of MSM articles are geared toward demoralizing LDS members. If you have ever been to Utah you will plainly see that Mormon church runs a tight ship. It’s a beautiful state and the only thing keeping me from wishing to move to Utah would be the fact that I would be an outsider. Regardless, there is a concerted effort to undermine and demoralize the Mormon church, since its members are actually a very good group of people and have tight knit communities. The senior editors who get their marching orders from Arlington and McLean Virginia need to destroy the glue that holds that church together. It works very well, because the common people don’t realize they’re the target.

        1. No wonder that Netflix has that series ‘Keep sweet’ to vilify the FLDS. Nothing new here. Maybe they’ll target the Amish next.

          1. It’s just the break down of the family/community unit. You break down the family unit – then it comes down like dominoes. Larger families/tight communities are harder to control and deceive. I assume due to the social proofs the kids experience if it’s working well. But If you break down the family unit – then there’s a much better chance the kids are raised by the adversary – through school indoctrination, social media, movies, etc. Look what they did with the black family unit – rap, sex, drugs, and gang cultures.

        2. I grew up in a predominantly Mormon neighborhood and can say for certain they are fine neighbors. In fact the very court was built by a Mormon family. They know we are not Mormon and are not planning on becoming Mormon but treat us as if we are their family. They are not pushy or try to sell us on the Mormon religion. They are just good neighbors. My 86 YO mother still lives in the same house and her longtime neighbor has been bringing her empty garbage cans from the street to the side gate for years. While I can’t agree with their view of Christianity I have nothing bad to say about them.

      2. I pulled this comment from an Orthodox monastery that makes it very clear how the Old Testament relates to the New Testament. Putting emphasis on the Old Testament is misguided when not taking the New Testament into account. After all, if the Old Testament was all we needed, then why was Christ born? Rather the Old Testament prophesied Christ’s birth from the beginning. I will also add that without a solid foundation such as the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, that has preserved the teachings of many saints, we would not have a proper direction. Saint John Chrysostom wrote the Divine Liturgy that is still used to this day.

        Jacob’s ladder, Noah’s ark, burning bush, Mount Zion are the Old Testament images that relate to the Most Holy Theotokos. the Prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and King David the Psalmist had prophesied Her birth long before it happened. The Mother of God is beautifully compared with the Mount that brought into the world the Stone of our salvation – Jesus Christ!

        The event of the Nativity of the Theotokos occurs at the junction of the Old and New Testaments. It becomes a “new beginning”, the starting point of the gospel story, a spiritual doorway of salvation to all mankind in Christ, as well as the culmination and fulfillment of the Old Testament age.

        In the words of St Andrew of Crete, “The radiant and bright descent of God for people ought to have a joyous basis, opening to us the great gift of salvation. Such also is the present feastday, having as its basis the Nativity of the Theotokos, and as its purpose and end, the uniting of the Word with flesh, this most glorious of all miracles, unceasingly proclaimed, immeasurable and incomprehensible.”

        1. I dis-agree. Old Testament is still very much in play. Isn’t it written in Malachi 3:6 that God does not change? What was Jesus Christ’s first commandment? Love God with all your heart and all your soul.

          The Old Testament is the place where you learn a lot about the Father. What the Almighty Father sees as good. What he sees as bad. What he sees as Holy. What he sees as un-Holy. So how would you be following Jesus Christ’s first commandment if you don’t know the Father? I try and do the things the Father sees as good, and avoid the things he sees as bad. Not because I want to be justified under the law, but to fulfill Jesus Christ’s first commandment.

          For example, nowhere in the four gospels does it mention homosexuality. You have to go back and read the Old Testament and see the punishment was death. Therefore, it’s something the Father sees as bad. Does that mean we are to stone every homosexual we see? Of course not! We are under grace. We are to love and pray for even our enemies (the adversary that deceives is the true enemy); so even they can perhaps be drawn to the Son – and can be forgiven of their sins and be reborn with a new Spirit. Christ came for the sick – not healthy. Jesus Christ lead by example as well – when he told the people let no man throw a stone at the adulteress whom is guilty of sin as well. Of course – we are all sinners, so we are not worthy to carry that judgement. And is it not written that the LORD will take care of it:

          Deuteronomy 32:35
          “It is mine to avenge; I will repay.”

          John 5:27 confirms this:

          26 For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself. 27 And he has given him authority to judge because he is the Son of Man.

          28“Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice 29 and come out—those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned. 30 By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.

  30. Chris,
    Listening to the mainstream media is great to get an idea of where the controllers want things to go . It is a bullhorn for what the synagogue of Satan plans to do.

    Clearly MSM does not tell the whole truth but is great to get a direction of the controllers plans. It is very educational to see what the controllers want you to think.

    What can be dangerous though is listening to MSM and letting them influence your thoughts. You need to use professional skepticism, objectivity, and integrity when listening to any news source. Most of of all seek guidance from God after listening to the news as to what is the truth.

    1. Keep in mind I don’t read other people’s research, I do all of that myself. Thus mainstream articles tend to report facts and figures that are more reliable. In fact, I don’t read anyone’s work or follow anyone in the alt-finance media. While I’ll read Joel skouson’s military analysis I don’t even bother reading anything he has to discuss about the economy. If I embraced anything the alt finance concluded, I never would have taken the risks necessary to invest and make money. I’m going back now over a decade.

      1. I find the alt media such as zero hedge and Alex Jones as full of hyperbole and very few facts. I do additional research to verify all articles from alt media and also MSM. MSM is better with facts once you overlook the political spin.
        However, I never believed the MSM about the Covid Vaccine. My research indicated these Covid vaccines are extremely dangerous.
        Very important to do your own research after reading any news articles. It could save your life and health. That’s what sets us apart from the plebe’s.
        Most people take news hook line and sinker.

    1. I wouldn’t get excited about any event on particular future date that is talked about on the media.From my life experience , usually nothing happens on that date when there is talk about something happening on a future date. It always comes and goes with nothing happening. There is a good chance the September 24 talk is just distraction.

  31. Interesting about the protestors in Ukraine “storming the capital building” in 2014. Sounds familiar?

    The clearly staged US capitol riot certainly had a purpose that I caught onto right after it happened but could not convince the typical Trump loving conservative who clings to the two party dialectic as if their life depended on it.

    While I don’t completely understand the technical aspects of the financial system, or your explanation of it, I completely agree (backed by my own observations) that the people in control are not stupid and what happens is deliberate. Long before I knew who you were I realized that a president can’t simply bang his fists on a lectern and expect to change the course of 330m people. Then potentially 4 years later someone else attempting to undo what the last crook did. There has to be quite a bit more horsepower:

    *Hollywood, where the art of special effects seems to cause more sustained damage than a nuke. Hint: I don’t believe it’s just for entertainment. Every arguing point or family feud among “we the people” originates from something seen from a news source but people argue the point as if they have a personal stake in the event or simply witnessed it.

    *The secret arm of the military in VA to perhaps develop the plan or script for Hollywood. Hollywood probably functions more like a gov’t contractor.

    *Decades of trained voters and data collecting to ensure things go smoothly. The final product, if you will, to steer the country, essentially leaving the politicians with clean hands. Brilliant!

    The majority of the people will tie how well the country is doing with the sitting president (realistically the head of sales for USA, Inc.) but as you point out, so many gov’t led policies are fiscally unsound and are counter to actually fixing the mess. As someone who is kind of an idiot when it comes to understanding the financial system, I can only say with a broad brush: The gov’t will fix it alright – by creating the very disaster they will get credit for fixing.

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