9/12 Podcast update; Beware of the anti-West and alt-Christian demoralization propagandists


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-Beware of the alt-Christian propagandists who demoralize their listeners with propaganda that has been approved by our adversary

First Bank of the United States

Second Bank of the United States

-I study the Bible, and nowhere does it say there has to be an economic and financial system collapse before the Tribulation period. NOWHERE! In fact, the biblical descriptions of the last days system is one of common-man oppression coupled with vast material wealth for those who know how to game the system.

-We know how the system operates, and this is why I have my blog. I hope to relay to you how it really works. Instead of fear, I encourage my readers and listeners with realism and pragmatism.

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67 thoughts on “9/12 Podcast update; Beware of the anti-West and alt-Christian demoralization propagandists

  1. How you know 100% Trump is part of the swamp – the left can’t stop talking about him. Yes, it’s negative chatter. But it’s still publicity. It’s still attention. During the debates – a candidate that’s not part of the swamp, and truly wants to help his neighbor; they ignore him completely. They barely ask him questions. They barely talk about him. Ron Paul is one candidate that comes to mind.

    Guess what – they do the same exact thing when someone mentions Jesus Christ on CNN, or a sports channel. “Oops, we’ve lost connection.” They don’t want any publicity. They don’t want any chatter. It’s simply -ignore and move on as quickly as possible.

    1. Now you get it. 100% correct. Trump and his sycophants like AJ, and the other alt-lackies are controlled, because the establishment is conflating all of these change agents with conservative and national ideologies. They are all I read about.

      After the midterms when the Dems surprise with upset victories, we won’t hear anything about Trump nor AJ in the MSM. They will have served their purpose until the gun control debates heat up again with the staged mass shootings. The MSM will once again pull out AJ and Trump and say they represent gun owners. Thus, massive gun control is on the horizon after the midterms.

      After all this, change agents Trump and AJ will be used again for the Presidential election to ensure the Democrats beat a divided Republican party.

      Our worldview will never see the light of day. Search Google for this website. It’s on page five or six.

    1. “Steve Hanke predicted that the Fed letting the U.S. money supply run short could lead to a “whopper” of a recession next year”

      Chris you pointed out in the comment below the Fed is adding to its balance sheet. Or that isn’t the same as adding to the money supply?
      Also mentioned higher unemployment will be a good thing. If that is part of the strategy combined with rate hike announcements, the upcoming job reports should reflect that. Lower unemployment numbers uptick stocks.

      1. In this instance, higher unemployment would actually help the stock market as it would indicate the FED May not be as aggressive. We have to take the employment situation and place it in the context of current circumstances. I see the falling unemployment claims as ominous in terms of predicting Fed policy. While the employment situation may be a positive for the wage earner on the street, the Fed may wish to reverse that trend lest inflationary pressures continue to build in wage growth.

        The FED isn’t adding to its balance sheet per se, though it may from week to week as an accounting entry, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be shedding assets as quickly as it first indicated. My concern is that if and when it starts to achieve that $95 billion monthly target, we could really see the problems mount in the asset and monetary markets.

        We have been looking at the M2 money stock measures as reported by the Fed on a monthly basis since the beginning of the year and we have seen a mid-air stall in this measure going back to about January. This is right around the time that the asset market started to fold over. While there is not a one-to-one correlation between M2 money stock measures and asset prices, you can take a look at M2 going out a couple decades and see how it’s lack of growth coincides with a stall in asset prices.


        Click the various time frames on the above chart and see that whenever M2 levels dropped or stalled, it usually coincided with problems in the asset markets. It’s usually an indicator of credit growth and/or availability.While M2 isn’t the only determining factor, I would have to say that in a QE world, the FED balance sheet as well as interest rates also play a role in asset price levels and economic vitality. We see all three factors coming together at the same time and this is why asset prices are struggling.

        Since 2008, the world’s net savings can no longer fund deficit spending. Essentially the governments are now consuming more than 100% of what the world has available to lend. Thus the economy and asset markets are highly dependent on what the central banks do to their balance sheets.

        I have another thought here and it’s concerning the reverse repo facility at the New York Fed. I think there is close to 2.2 trillion dollars deposited and earning interest. If the Fed really wished to begin increasing M2 again it could disincentivize those depositors and encourage them to lend that money. But these higher interest rates have really begun to bite.

        As for being in a recession, we have technically been in one for the past couple quarters and 3Q GDP estimates are coming down by the day.

  2. Great Podcast as always Chris. You have a lot to be thankful for. You are blessed with foresight and being able to see through the distractions to see things as they really are. As a result you are financially secure and blessed.

    However you sounded a little smug with pride. Be careful, being smug and proud can lead to downfall. Just be aware that it all came from God and having your heart in line with God.
    God gave you these abilities of proper foresight.

    God also placed you in situations to take advantage of opportunities.

    You should also be thankful for acting on God’s guidance because that got you where you are today.

    Most of all you should feel blessed for your willingness to read and understand the Bible.

    God does not appreciate those who are self righteous and full of pride.

    A great way of being thankful is sharing your blessings by helping others using your unique abilities.

    Your website goes a long way of sharing your blessings by helping us understand what is really going on and getting beyond the noise.

    God gives us the guidance but it is up to us to take God’s pointers and running with it like you did. That is what separates the adults from the children.

    Most wage slaves are falling behind because they are not in tune with the Lord. When the Lord points them in a right direction they do not listen. That’s why most people suffer. They follow their lusts which lead them to rack and ruin. That’s why they rent and you are the Landlord.

    1. I always have to be careful how I say things lest I offend the fragile ears of the battle hardened remnant. They would rather hear I’m miserable.

      They also don’t know I pray at least 3-4x a day, and contemplate the adversary operations all day (and night) long. It pays to be independent in a dependent world. I do not know how anyone in the remnant can be dependent on the unwashed. But, I must be careful lest I offend the Laodicean church members.

      1. I had the Jehovah’s Witness at the door the other day. They told me about the end times and I agreed with everything they had to say. We had a really good discussion. I’m not turning Jehovah but I did tell my staunch RC mother that these Jehovah witness were more aware than her church members. That was considered offensive talk and a threat to the well-being of Catholicism. A shame that the Christians are so divided. If I did not visit your blog, Chris, I wouldn’t have known about how the adversary operates and how corrupt the churches are. I would have thrown out the Jehovah’s Witness. I now see them as allies.

    1. If you click the ALL tab on the chart it shows quite the uptick from April 2021 to the present. With spikes in Jan, April, June, Oct, Dec. Even within the uptick mountain, the spikes are the same months.

      The Show Prior two weeks link, it shows a back in forth from the 21’s to the 22’s each day with same rate 2.30%.

      We obviously have a surplus of money. I’ve noticed it correlates to my bank savings intereste rate increase for those months which is tiny, lol.
      Can you give us some more color on what this means overall?

      1. I take this as part of a mosaic.


        We will find out more later on this month. As of now, the FED doesn’t seem to be rolling off its balance sheet as much as many have thought. In fact, the FED added assets to its balance sheet for the prior week announced yesterday.

  3. It seems the Western side of our adversary’s servants is trying to humiliate Russia, and we know how this is going to end. The fact that high level corporate officers in Russia are dying is Testament to the fact that this is not over and that there will be no deviation from the script’s outcome. The Ezekiel Confederacy of Japheth remnants along with its allies will come together to strike the West and the United States, and this timeline is being purposely engineered on both sides to make it a reality.

    A reader asks why I didn’t reveal my Bible research earlier


    1. Are the central banks engineering the final economic collapse as a prerequisite to the establishment of the tribulation period financial system?

      I think it may be so.

      1. Could the central banks be engineering demand destruction to cover up the increase in sudden deaths over the last year?

        It’s seems like everyone I talk to knows someone who has died suddenly…

        1. Yes. Absolutely. The ambulances are running wild around where I live. I assume this is the real reason for the continual economic stumbles.

          The people running the central banks know this cannot be stopped either.

          If the jab recipients aren’t dying, they certainly are not working to full capacity. The labor force is not keeping up with the jobs levels. They are continuing to diverge. The mass open borders helps to hide this. The Feds are purposely encouraging and facilitating the illegal immigration of millions of low end retards to help paint over the vaccine deaths and illnesses. These illegals are not getting jabbed either.

          Boy, does our government hate us. It especially hates blacks and other minorities as these illegals compete for the jobs and drive down the wage base. What irony? The Feds name a bunch of Federal holidays after the minorities then ruin their chances at financial stability.

          Be the landlord or figure out a way to exploit people to make recurring passive income.

    2. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

      This is the False Church. The Whore and her Harlots

    1. As a casual observer of what’s going on, and by no means an economist, I made a comment months ago (when housing prices were going up with no downturn in sight) that the increase is based on people who are simply getting paid much more than they should for the job they do. I’m not saying I’m right but perhaps close?

      Take the age group who bought those homes and who were renting in the big city prior to the covid hosing price boom. They were fairly fresh at the new job making big money then covid hit. They realized the internet cable can stretch a long way. Work from home did not mean work from your overpriced apartment in SF or LA when your income could buy a nice 3/2 on an 8000 SF lot 35 miles east of SF. The current post covid situation is the first major economic change that this age group has a stake in as they were likely too young to care in 2008.

      If I have to detect a pattern going back to 2008, I might suggest that multiple situations are created to lure people into a direction. Then of course the other shoe drops. Prior to 08 it was all about buying a home. Under Clinton the requirements to get a loan were lowered. Cutting to the chase, if you could fog a mirror you got a loan. Then of course it became obvious very quickly that the majority of people could not afford that loan. Then poof.

      The covid bubble was completely different. It was perhaps fueled by large companies running on cheap loans post 08. That was the Obama set up. QE1, etc.. Chris pointed out we were under a completely new monetary system and I can’t disagree. Add to that all the new rules for getting a home loan. So I ask was covid the catalyst to create another bust cycle? All those companies who threw crazy money at people that allowed them to legitimately qualify for those over priced homes are now back peddling? Layoffs. Consolidation. Or complete closure. Am I correct to assume that the gravy train has stopped for a significant percentage of people? I did not dig into any official data but it sure seems like something is very much out of balance. All we need is for something to go “poof” again for the wealth consolidation to run its course leading to the ultimate goal of “you will own nothing and be happy.”

  4. It seems there has never been such an imbalance between being a landlord and being a stock market investor. As a landlord, your rents are probably up at least 20% and your real estate assets are at or near records. Meanwhile, stocks are down 20% and dividends are paying an anemic 2% with no chances of increasing.

    I could see this gap getting more extreme. Higher rents support the SoS’s agenda of bleeding Americans dry. A higher stock market does not. When the SoS is aggressive with its manipulation of markets, it pays to own something tangible like real estate instead of a certificate that entitles you to a tiny share of a corporation, whose decisions are entirely controlled by the SoS. I think the SoS is more interested in giving corporate profits to liberal female employees and Indian executives than older white stockholders.

    Another thing I’m wondering about is all of the bearish sentiment in the financial media. Have you ever seen the stock market get much worse when CNBC and Bloomberg are telling everyone the sky is falling? Was the financial media like this in 2008 before the October crash?

  5. My daily struggle is learning to let all this go. Remaining detached is of paramount importance to me, and sometimes it’s difficult to remain that way.

  6. I don’t like Ag here given the rest of the commodity complex with Au and the Fed manufacturing surveys. Technically, it has a bull flag forming, but I don’t think it will hold. Below 17.50 we already tested the .33 level. Let’s see if it can retake .50.

    1. Industrial production fell -.2% vs. the +.2% consensus.

      Manufacturing production rose +.1% vs. unchanged consensus.

      Manufacturers are still moving production back, but overall numbers look poor.

    2. Any thoughts on the drainage of Ag from both Comex and LBMA? Even the SLV is being redeemed quite heavily.

      1. There’s still inventory left? 🤣🤣🤣

        Notice when GLD and SLV were established. Right around the time gold went parabolic in the mid-aughts. Both are used to help manage the physical market and help cap price movements.

        As for COMEX delivery inventory, who knows the true numbers… I have always maintained that the globalists control firms like GOLD Barrick and NEM as key parties in the price suppression scheme. Barrick’s self-sacrificing behavior goes back 20 years, when I first observed their actions. Shareholders pay for this, which is a big reason why I never recommend mining stocks. What a tough business and the governing authorities use them as golem to manage their system.

        As for timing the moment that investors and traders realize that Fort Knox is empty, I don’t hold my breath. Most Americans over 40 still believe in the moon landing. The miners will just deliver whatever is needed just-in-time.

    3. I meant to say $19.50, not $17.50. Anyway, it now looks like silver is about to go down for the dirt nap. Along with gold..

      1. Why would you care about the paper-price when premiums on silver eagles are @ 60%? – offsetting any price decreases in the paper-markets.

        1. I get what you’re saying, I never recommend silver eagles. The numismatic premiums are way too extreme. I owned a bunch of monster boxes at one time and that was a bear. I recommend 100 oz. bars. The small investor owns the eagles and he bids them up.

          1. But then a Gold coin @ 4% premium makes more sense; both in terms of weight and risk.

            The point of silver coins, for the average person at least, is that it can be exchanged in smaller batches – for whatever goods/service one might need at that exact time, and not part with PM weight.

            I might be more pessimistic than you though, foresee a future where local bartering economies will pop up.

            1. I see a future of bartering as well. I believe it will happen soon after WWIII starts after the bombs fall. For now the dollar appears to king. It will be king until after WWIII.

            2. I agree. 20 years ago there were enough people who owned silver and planned to use it for bartering. That number has faded since, and if I gave someone a silver eagle today, he or she wouldn’t even know what it was, let alone what it was worth.

              The world and people have changed drastically in the past 20 years, and it’s not just me getting older.

            3. I always recommend US one oz. gold eagles for US citizens. You are correct, the premiums are much smaller. If a person wants gold, don’t buy the fractional oz. Eagles. That’s too much premium.

              I like silver, but its industrial offtake creates tons of price volatility.

              While my prospects for the future are actually very grim, especially for Christians, I tend to be more realistic in how long this system can hold up. Til about 2012, I doubted QE, but concluded early enough to benefit from it rather than giving in to my biases. My assets could really tank here, but as Carlos said, the goal is to crush the people and raising rents like the PTB did via the rent moratoriums and covid housing enactments, as well as the institutionalization of SFR landlording, only points to ever higher rents over time. There are way more renters than landlords. Anyway, I am worried prices could fade in the states though mortgages here don’t reset like in the Commonwealth nations.

              If I were starting out now, I would be much more pessimistic in my prospects.

    1. The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth in the third quarter of 2022 is 0.5 percent on September 15, down from 1.3 percent on September 9.

      Another FED rate announcement next Wednesday.

    1. This might be an idea for another podcast but would be interested if you could expand on some of these ideas you’ve hit on in the past.

      you’ve mentioned previously that most people who read your blog won’t survive the coming war. You also mentioned that the US & the UK would take the worst of its effects. If survival is the goal (seems reasonable to me) what should people be doing in “getting out of dodge” as you recommend to survive this… other than sitting it out in an under the radar bolt hole in the Caribbean.

      Also how do you see the US post war. Is it a muted version of itself today but being under the reign of the NWO?

      Thanks for all you do in bringing forward relevant & timely ideas and analysis

      1. I posted the video on Brighteon early last year in response to a question from a reader asking my thoughts on Deagel.com 2025. This was around the same time as the disbursement of the vaccines. At the time, Deagel’s 2025 analysis was still posted on its site. When I looked at it, I immediately noticed the patterns of the nations that would remain relatively intact (Asian nations) vs. those that get hammered (white Western). Knowing what I know about where the ancient remnants currently reside or the nations they founded, I concluded that the current military circumstances with the coalescing sides conforms perfectly with the Ezekiel war. I mean perfectly. Keep in mind that this was many months before the Ukraine invasion. Japheth controls much of Asia. The split with Russia is now making it all so much more obvious and confirming.

        I also suspect the slow kill jabs will do some preparation for the assault.

        Okay. With that said, those few people who understand this will survive. They are the remnant. They are not constrained by a church or pastor. They take care of themselves physically and mentally. These next several years are completely survivable for these people. Barring unforeseen circumstances, many who read my stuff will make it. They haven’t been jabbed and do not believe anything they hear, unless they can verify it.

        As for the other side of this. This war will be one of the final steps to the Great Reset. The country on the other side of this will be brutal for the unwashed. People like us can make it through to the end. We will figure it out as events unfold. Making it through COVID was actually easy for many, though the media just confused most of us. This was a learning experience. The next time we will see the adversary’s patterns more clearly.

        The war will scare so many survivors in the US that they will pledge allegiance to the NWO and take all the required marks and vaxxes to damn their souls.

        You and I will have to renounce the Bible and Jesus, and if we don’t, the governing rulers as well as those who opt in will want us dead. Perhaps beheaded.

        For now, we continue working and doing what we need to do to put food on the table. I have faith that God will reveal more to us as the months and years progress going out to mid- late-decade.

        While the US will receive the harshest treatment from this war (not because it is Babylon, but because it was founded by Manasseh and is thus under the punishment listed in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26), many areas of the world will suffer and their populations will have to conform as well, perhaps even sooner than those in the US. There are no places in Southeast Asia that I would move to. I prefer here, as I will have the best chance of survival. I am familiar with this. I would stick out anywhere else, especially Central and South America.

        Another reason why there will be War here with a manufactured military defeat in the United States is that this will be the only way the globalist can tame the population. The population of most of the other nations are very docile and easily managed. The white people have been the toughest to control throughout history and the minorities pose absolutely no threat to the NWO. As a whole, the minorities actually believe the lies of the NWO calls of racism and such. They think they benefit from this sharp drift to global Marxist dictate. The whites will soon be the minority anyway. Once the adversary scatters the power of the holy people, all this can take place like a waterfall. We are basically here and the whites have been placed into bondage. There’s nobody left to resist. We are on our own with the Holy Ghost. We are the remnant in Revelation 12.

  7. I typed in “Alex Jones” on Rumble and all I come up with are pro-AJ videos. One after another. This type of controlled opposition ensures Democrats prevail on an ongoing basis. It’s all so clever, and the dummy Patriots and Trump supporters never figure it out. They are as unwashed as the CNN watchers.

    They are all BOVOBs, burned out victims of Bidenomics.

  8. These two Japheth remnant nations (not the Dravidians, but the Indo-Aryans) are part of that Ezekiel confederacy. Though this announcement helps as Russia is willing to accept rupees for payment, it’s still not an efficient method of trade, as it will be facilitated by the State Bank of India. Even the Reserve Bank of India needs to get involved.

    India’s trade with Russia in rupees to start soon – trade body


  9. Core PPI (YoY) (Aug)
    Act: 7.3% Cons: 7.1% Prev: 7.7%

    Core PPI (MoM) (Aug)
    Act: 0.4% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.3%

    PPI (YoY) (Aug)
    Act: 8.7% Cons: 8.8% Prev: 9.8%

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (MoM) (Aug) Act: 0.2% Cons: Prev: 0.1%

    PPI (MoM) (Aug)
    Act: -0.1% Cons: -0.1% Prev: -0.4%

    PPI ex. Food/Energy/Transport (YoY) (Aug) Act: 5.6% Cons: Prev: 5.8%

    I think the CPI numbers yesterday were a little misleading to the hot side. I think some of that was already in the rear view mirror, while others like energy prices and rent growth, which have been dropping over the past month or two, we’re not fully reflected. These PPI numbers show a rather tame backdrop in comparison.

  10. US Life Expectancy Falls Again in ‘Historic’ Decline – Mercola


    •According to the latest statistics, life expectancy in the United States dropped precipitously in 2020 and 2021. In 2019, the average life span of Americans of all ethnicities was nearly 79 years. By the end of 2021, life expectancy had dropped to 76 — a loss of nearly three years
    •Even small declines in life expectancy of a tenth or two-tenths of a year mean that on a population level, a lot more people are dying prematurely than they really should be
    •Native Americans and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of diabetes out of any ethnic groups — 1 in 7 — and obesity is also common. Both of these conditions have been identified as comorbidities that make you more susceptible to serious COVID-19 infection
    •Aside from COVID, causes of death listed as contributors to this loss of life expectancy include accidental deaths, drug overdoses, heart disease, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. However, excess deaths from all causes are wildly elevated, across age groups
    •That life expectancy has dropped by three years since the start of the pandemic can be explained by the simple fact that the primary “remedy” for COVID — the experimental mRNA COVID jabs — are the most lethal drugs in medical history

    1. There’s not much time left. The Fed and USG caused this inflation problem and they are going to “solve” it.

      The average wage earner and over leveraged investor are toast.

      I honestly do not know of any way out of this. The USG is still spending to cause the very inflation it claims to be avoiding. If anyone has any thoughts please share. I think we all know we have been put into this no-win scenario as there were no mistakes to the fiscal and monetary policies in the wake of COVID.

      The latest Biden regime enactments like loan forgiveness adds fuel and causes a loss of confidence in the current system.

    1. Yes, we can see this in USDARS. It was around 1:20 until Wilbur Ross paid a visit – pretty much straight line devaluation since he went there late 2017.

      There is a good book about their economic collapse with useful suggestions:


  11. I got an email from a reader titled “zombie apocalypse.” This is a symptom of the ongoing societal collapse.

    Hi Chris,
    I hope you are well.
    I had my first Zombie apocalypse encounter on the weekend. I live in the country, where nothing happens and it’s quite peaceful. So my guard was down. I awoke in the middle of the night to breaking glass. I thought my old front door had fallen apart because I was monkeying around with it that day to get a fridge inside. So I rustled out of my sleepy state and went downstairs to find a woman in my house. I was so unprepared I yelled like a crazy fool and screamed at her to get out.
    She tried to tell me at that point that she needed help, but I wasn’t falling for any of that. I kept shouting at her to get out until she left. She could have easily taken my purse, computer, anything but hadn’t. She had broken the window with a bare fist. So just that alone tells me she’s not right in the head. I’m shaken a little – angry that I’m a single woman that has to do a man’s job of fighting intruders. The police told me that this kind of thing never happens where I live -it’s a one off. I think it’s a sign of things to come as people lose hope and purpose, turning to drugs to fill in the void.
    I will take all of my hardships as God telling me to prepare for what is to come. I was lucky this time I was unharmed and nothing was taken.


    1. Oh that’s not fear mongering and totally inconsistency and at odds with the purported objective of your podcast. One absurd incident. Why didn’t this person just grab her gun and 911 AND find out the interesting story instead of.writing you about “zombies”. PS, yes meth makes people very odd.

  12. Another brutal month for 85% of the population. Once again, It sounds like I am talking my book. Real wages drop again. Wage earners getting destroyed.

    CPI (MoM) (Aug)
    Act: 0.1% Cons: -0.1% Prev: 0.0%

    CPI (YoY) (Aug)
    Act: 8.3% Cons: 8.1% Prev: 8.5%

    Core CPI (YoY) (Aug)
    Act: 6.3% Cons: 6.1% Prev: 5.9%

    Core CPI (MoM) (Aug)
    Act: 0.6% Cons: 0.3% Prev: 0.3%

    Real Earnings (MoM) (Aug)
    Act: -0.1% Prev: 0.8%

    Hurry up! Listen to ZH, AJ, Mike Adams, and the Stew Peters. They recommend BTC and eth. They used to recommend Au. They say economic collapse soon. This year, perhaps next year. I say it’s been ongoing since the Vietnam War and Kissinger’s visit to China in 1971.

  13. when you say there will be no economic collapse, to me it sounds like you’re talking your book

    the buildup of the US dollar was part of the long-term plan as is the collapse of it
    a sharp, traumatic shock has to be sent throughout the entire world, an idea has to be placed into the mind of nearly every person on earth

    think about how many people on this “planet” found out about the events of 9/11. maybe 80% of adults within a week?

    1. I take what you say as a compliment. Indeed, I am talking my book. My book just happens to be correct. I make money regardless. I have to go raise rents again on three condos. I think I’ll put the email out today or tomorrow.

      I am currently taking cash out of a free and clear property that is almost tripled in value in 7 years. The title guy told me that there are a ton of investors doing the same thing. Believe me, there has been no let up on the common man since I was a child 50 years ago. Take a look at what Biden’s doing with his spending on student loans and chip reshoring. It just showed up in the CPI numbers again as the heathen keeps spending and cannot stop spending. The heathen create their misery and don’t even know it.

      Indeed, the dollar may collapse and I’ve been talking about this for a long time. But where the alt media dummies got it wrong is that the dollar will collapse from strength. All they think of is collapse. Collapse is screamed from the rooftops and yet everything they’ve predicted, except the grind down of the common man, has been incorrect.

      Don’t let your myopic view preclude yourself from seeing the obvious. This economy as we know it has been collapsing for decades. Since the advent of the Fed. I guess even my readers and listeners can’t see the obvious. There will be no collapse in the way that the dummy alt media proclaim. The collapse is taking place now. House prices in terms of incomes have increased from 2.2 times in 1970 to about 5 today. And in the United States this is still considered dirt cheap when compared to the rest of the world. Collapse? We’ve already collapsed.

      I see the obvious and have planned. My plans have fleshed out according to the script. I’m not running and hiding in a hole, moving to the Philippines, betting on gold or bitcoin. I am out in the world making hay and I have seen the trends for decades. I have all told you that the economy as you think will not collapse. It has been transforming. It’s transforming into the black horse of Revelation. Take a look around. It is obvious.

      I tell you to buy the income generating assets, stop working for other people, and develop passive income stream however you can do it. I leave that up to you as this is your only answer out of this “collapse.”

      You may say that I can’t do that or I don’t have the ability. Well, I tell you, you have no choice. Line up and take your jabs or get fired and live in a cardboard box. Collapse? We’ve already collapsed.

      1. Amen to that – this is the black horse stage. How long is it going to last for? Only God knows. It could be a few years. It could be many, many years. Don’t listen to alt media predicting a collapse every chance they get; and they’ve been wrong since 2000.

  14. Just a quick comment based on your short description. You can’t serve God and money (mammon). I have heard some quite well off people (in my circle), who belong to a non denominational Christian church, say that they are blessed because they have a lot of material wealth.

    Let’s be honest and say that we all would like to have more money then we can spend but that’s not living a Christian life. Rather we should know that God will provide what we need as long as we put our trust in Christ and the Holy Trinity.

    I’ll certainly listen to the podcast when I get some down time tonight.

    1. Listen to what I say. I am an economist and expert in this realm. I don’t know of anyone else at this level.

      God gives you enough to survive. If someone who is propagandized against, is its unwitting victim, and ends up struggling more as a result, that’s their prerogative.

      I am here to unclutter that mess. You don’t have to struggle. For example, if you believe you are hancuffed to a condo, because of some tax benefit, that’s your prerogative and your reality. I don’t allow myself to consciously get to that point. I don’t depend on the government for benefits.

      1. The best definition I can give is our personal circumstances can be altered based on what God knows is best for us. And that does not mean we necessarily like or understand the outcome. The lay person is quite uneducated in God’s ways and is why we tend to say things like “why me?” when something happens that does not align with life as we know it.

        So how do we understand what is happening is in our best interest? It’s only when we put God first in everything – just as our Holy Fathers did – we can simply learn to believe the saying “Glory to God for All Things.” This does not require us to understand in detail what is happening and why but for the true believer in Christ we will be spared. We don’t need to know what tomorrow brings if we put God first. Of course God gave us free will but at the same time putting all our hope in God (the Holy Trinity) we are guided by a force that is not known to this world.

        I’ll give you my most recent example regarding my home search and potential condo sale. I made a couple of offers but not much over asking and contingent. Earlier in the year that was a sure sign of getting your offer tossed in the bin and that’s exactly what happened. Here we are months later and am I happy that my offers were not accepted? At those ridiculous prices? We went from $60K over to $60K under in a few moths. And currently we are on the verge of some serous financial trouble that perhaps taking on debt could prove problematic in the coming months. My condo probably lost nearly $100K in the recent months but that does not matter so much since it costs me about $600.00 / mo. to live in an excellent area (no mortgage). There are things that I would like to have like a large garage and shop but perhaps this isn’t the time. I can’t explain exactly why I have been dragging my feet about getting the condo ready to sell or aggressively making offers on over priced houses but will just say “glory to God for all things.” Perhaps I’ll need that money otherwise spent on a house I “want” for something I “must” to do.

        The tax break I get for staying in the condo is not relying on a subsidy, although looking at that from your point of view I can see how you arrived at that conclusion. In that case I will say taking any legal tax break offered on any investment is a form of subsidy and any financial advisor will make sure their client takes every available legal tax break. Have you done everything the law allows to lower your taxable income? Write off receipts on rental property? When selling a property are we going to leave the $250K / $500K tax exemption on the table?

        A few thoughts on Christianity. Quoted from the link below: “The Church is holy because God makes her members holy by union with him. God sanctifies the Church by drawing her into his divine life, supremely through the union effected by the Incarnation. The faith and life of the Church participates in the holiness of God by expressing the divine life in doctrine, sacraments, services and saints — men and women whose lives have been recognized for their holiness.

        Just as untruth separates from the unity of God and ultimately separates from the unity of the Church, immorality also separates one from God and the Church.”


        Men and women who lived ascetic lives and who’s relics were found incorrupt years later and glorified as saints give guidance on how to live. If any one of us needs an example of how to live a Christian life simply study the real lives of saints. One might say that the very fact Christ was born into this world says that we were not capable of following God’s commands on our own as they were given from the time of creation. Studying the Bible is very much encouraged but that alone is not enough. After Christ’s resurrection and 40 days on earth, the Apostles went on to preach. This was the first church and Christ’s birth was the introduction of the New Covenant.

        1. Sounds good. Remember, I am an economist, not a pastor. I also am not beholden to anyone regarding free speech. We still have the First amendment, but UCC contract law precludes us from saying anything controversial lest we lose our jobs, customer driven businesses, and livelihood.

          Alex Jones was a controlled opposition shill in the media for Sandy Hook and he came out stronger. Moreover, he didn’t even have to pay more than several hundred thousand dollars. He earns at least twice that amount in a weekend money bomb. Anyone else can say whatever they want. But they lose their money source.

          You don’t hear anyone else say the things I say, because all the pastors serve someone on this planet, even if it’s their IRC tax rules. That’s why we are in the situation we are in. Even the fire and brimstone preachers like Chuck Lawson find it expedient to talk about NDEs and CERN rather than the Synagogue of Satan. The quiet hand of authority rules everywhere. If I depended on government or had a job, or customer driven business, I would not be able to be here.

          I get many people who comment and email me saying I am obsessed with money. This is my expertise, and because of this ability I have the introspection to rip apart the system that exploits us and our abilities to build a future.

          Know your adversary. Most who claim to don’t know it the way this blog does.

    2. You’re not to love this world. If you love this world, then the love of the Father is not in you. Of course, this applies to money. This applies to coveting your neighbor. This applies to showing off to your neighbors. But if you put God first and you don’t care what others think of you; because you know in your head if you’re right by God then who can be against you? Then there’s nothing wrong with being blessed by God – your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Almighty Father (Yahweh). Abraham was blessed with massive wealth. So was Jacob. So was King David. So was Solomon. And many others. They put God first. And God blessed them with multiple wives, wealth, and health. As long as they kept putting God first. A majority of people don’t put God first. They seek the wealth and pleasures first. And some of them may be blessed with success, women, and wealth; but blessed by Satan’s system. There’s a difference. One is temporary and one is eternal.

      1. “The future is uncertain and the end is ALWAYS near.”
        That is how they want people to live. Why bother doing anything meaningful other than selfish behaviour, especially if people think there is going to be a big collapse.

        We have been in a collapse since certain dates, with a small tanking about every 7 years. 2001, 2008, 2015, 2020….they relate that to what is called a Shemitah.

        I’m very familiar with reading about the founders were freemasons. However freemasonry as a whole at that timeframe was a Christian entity, at least within the lower levels. I think the put Andrew Jackson and even the other popular faces on the paper money possible as a way to show who supported or tried to prevent the Federal banks in some way. In other words a mockery. Although supposedly Hariet Tubman is set to replace Jackson on the 20 dollar bill soon. That would show a face of a changing demographic and that Tubman or at least her character that is promoted in the media and education system was used for their cause.

        I know Chris mentioned certain vitamins and apricot seeds in recent articles. Listening about eating right and eating organic perhaps would call for a future blog article or podcast on proper diet and foods to eat? Be interesting to read how all the commenters out there are beating the system of fast food and processed foods. I’m recently learning that Vitamin A is bad for us. That would include certain fish, carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes. Really anything with Vitamin A. Of course when I eat high Vit A foods I dont feel bad like I do after eating at Taco Bell, so maybe it has some long term effect.

        Back to the vaccines when we were little kids most of us had perfect 20/20 eyesight.. But when our immunization record started to fill up later in 7th/8th grades, many of my classmates had to wear glasses and it seemed smarter kids were held back or didnt advance like expected. Like many of the agendas, They got us when we were young and didn’t have a voice or knowledge as to how bad things were.

        Live and learn seems to sum up my education process.

        1. I read a lot about vitamin A as well. Tough on the liver, I guess. I used to take 10,000 IUs a day, but now take that every other day.

          I have talked to weight trainers over the years and their consensus was overall health was 80% diet and exercise, 20% genetics.

          I have been reading about Tubman replacing Jackson as well. Here’s the thing; blacks as a percent of population are roughly the same as previous decades. The blacks in the US are getting bulldozed as badly, and maybe even worse financially, as the whites. It all comes at the expense of the other races that are growing as a percent of the population.

        2. 2015 plus 7 isn’t 2020 last time I I checked. That was something else entirely. Plus it’s apparently some kind of jubilee of jubilees, which at the least takes us to 1973 on steroids. I don’t mind the fear mongering. It has its benefits and it’s good to practice not being in fear so in a sense we process things upfront. This site with its wacky inconsistency is weirder. And quite appalling and deranged how it mocks God’s children under His ordained delusion. Most awake Christians aren’t interested in making usurious profits from the babylonian money Magick, tho you do attract those kinds of gamblers begging for your strange advice. Mostly we’re interested to learn when the merchants start wailing and I suspect you’ll be louder than the rest of us. Anyway, 49X49 ttakes us back to 378bc, quite interesting … The Theban campaign of 378 BC was the first of two unsuccessful invasions of Boeotia led by King Agesilaus II of Sparta, and ended after a standoff close to the city of Thebes. In 382 a passing Spartan army had seized the citadel at Thebes and taken power. For anyone who knows anything … but these people don’t know anything about God’s timing or inguess they do and just prefer prefer to skip the actual jubilee year of rest and charge on. Fools. Tho it is amusing how they gave the student debt forgiveness and cast it back on everyone. Sad little creatures. Otherwise this comment box is so slow, the ai tracking is even worse than Twitter

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