A response to a reader; How the two-party dialectic enslaves the masses

The NWO and the dialectic process; Two sides of the same coin

In my roughly 50 years of existence I just don’t see the benefit of R vs. D politics. We have a divided voting base mostly between two parties and what has that done in 50 years? Is life better or cheaper? The only meaningful activity I can see is the amount of money spent campaigning for the top job and all the mud slinging that goes with it. In the end nothing of real value for the masses is accomplished.


If your vote mattered, you wouldn’t be allowed to vote

This Hegelian method of governing and exploiting the masses is indispensable to our adversary in its achieving their objectives for the new world order.

Neither party would be able to stand on its own merits and agenda as each party’s members are both rotten to the core and contemptuous in the real world. But propped up against one another they are able to stand tall as the people fight over which wicked side is better than the other. The engineers of the New world order are then able to inject the means to promote the global agenda through both sides of this false dialectic. This is why our adversary wants us to vote. When we vote, we accrue a vested interest in the system. By voting, we acknowledge acceptance of the structure. Although it’s a system that does not have any of our interests in mind, it’s established as such.

Big brother no longer cares what we think. You now need to care what big brother thinks of you.

If you notice how the MSM and the controlled alt-media seem to be getting dumber and dumber, that’s just an engineering tactic designed to more easily condition that certain 85% of the population to which it’s targeted.

That’s because the population of this multicultural kingdom have become functional retards and their collective IQs are approximately 20 points lower than that of the population of 50 to 70 years ago. In order to compensate, psychological scientists use excuses like gender and race equality to continually recalibrate IQ exams for a lower functioning form of humanity. This ensures that the average IQ remains about 100, although a person with a 100 IQ today would score about an 80 if he or she took an exam from around 1950.

That’s why a lot of money is spent on this dialectic party system. The New world order objectives are easily achieved through this smoke and mirrors operation. It seems that educational background doesn’t matter either when I discuss who comprises this 85%. However there are certain demographics that possess a proclivity to be attracted to this lower end.

As I’ve always said, let the heathen rage and that includes letting them vote, but be the landlord. If your vote mattered, your slave owners wouldn’t let you cast one. That’s because what you think, feel, or believe means absolutely nothing. By voting you already submitted your proxy and gave your consent.

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246 thoughts on “A response to a reader; How the two-party dialectic enslaves the masses

  1. I agree with Dixie’s assessment here. A lot has changed over the past two and a half years, and changed drastically. There has been a great shaking of the livestock and the wheat is being separated from the tares.

    What I find mind blowing is how the vast vast majority just go along with whatever is presented to them. The indoctrination of the mystic and Eastern philosophies over the past 60 plus years has largely succeeded and is being effectively engineered to exploit the masses to accept their fate.

    There is a consistent 20% of the population that even Plato observed and passed along to the ruling elites of his day that cannot be convinced and will not believe lies. I suspect that a solid 75% of the population go along with this narrative, and this oversized cross section of the demographic includes the unwashed Trump supporters and listeners of Alex Jones, Stew Peters, and Mike Adams.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t inflation start to decrease pretty quickly due to the base year effect?

    2020 was a strongly disinflationary year, which made 2021 and 2022 readings artificially high. Now those high inflation years are going to start serving as the base year, making upcoming readings artificially low.

    So I think we will start to see inflation coming down rapidly, perhaps leading to deflation. The Fed’s tough talk could be to give credence to an upcoming pause/pivot. And even without the base year effect, we are seeing energy prices come down pretty quickly. So without a manufactured crisis, I see the market as looking pretty good over the next year.

    1. I agree with the inflation growth coming down.

      Here’s an article from Bloomberg,

      Amazon sellers see ‘scary’ holiday shopping season as consumers pull back


      Amazon.com sellers are bracing for a bleak holiday shopping season as inflation-bitten consumers curb their spending.

      Many merchants, who sell more than half of the goods on Amazon’s web store, fear they’ll be forced to cut prices to move a mountain of unsold inventory. It’s an abrupt change from the previous two years when sellers scrambled to get enough products into Amazon warehouses to meet pandemic-fueled demand even as chronic shortages let them jack up prices.

      This year US online sales will rise just 9.4% to $1 trillion, the first time growth has slipped into the single digits, according to Insider Intelligence, which in June lowered its earlier annual forecast. Spending on Amazon will hit $400 billion, up 9% and slower than the overall industry, the research firm says.


      I don’t see patterns with inflation per se, as this soul crushing round of price increases was the direct result of COVID monetary and fiscal stimulus. If it were other years, we would see it in those years.

      While the Bloomberg article paints a bleak picture for online sales with Amazon, they are still expected up 9.4%. That is roughly the CPI. If someone’s salary or passive income did not rise at least 10% last year, he or she fell behind. Thus, 85% of the population haven’t kept up. As a result, their real demand is falling behind. Inflation can only maintain itself over extended periods if the consumers receive the income to spend.

      I think the powers have properly demoralized the people for now. They have achieved a lot and seem to be pulling back.

      Notice the absence of staged mass shootings the past couple months. This coincides with the midterm elections. If the Democrats retain power, watch for the agents of the SoS to engineer more horrific staged mass shootings to justify gun bans. The shootings are real, but the suspects are official black ops and get paid by their handlers.

    1. There are probably about 120 illegals lined up in front of Oxon Hill Home Depot this morning.


      As the nation falls apart, I can exploit their labors for pennies on the dollar. Moreover, as a landlord, they drive up rents and I make out on both ends. Now you know why the wealthiest love open borders. The common man gets destroyed, but the asset owners make out nicely.

      I rarely ever hire a white man to do any work. They ask for too much money and demand too much in return. I’ll hire one of these.

      1. Under the first Reagan regime, there began a concerted effort to dollarize the entire Western hemisphere. This is why we saw an explosion in drug cartel activity and dollarized criminal activity emanating from Central and South America beginning around 1981. Movies like Scarface glorified this illegal activity. The dollar money laundering stories became legion once the Central and South American nations began accepting the US dollar as a de facto legal tender. The flip side, was that the United States needed to attract people to embrace the US dollar south of the border. Thus, there was an effort to finally open up the borders and let all of the illegals in. Thus, the explosion in immigration began in earnest under the first Reagan regime in which daddy Bush was largely responsible after his attempted assassination against Reagan. Daddy Bush effectively ran three presidential terms. When we drive by the Home Depot and see over 100 people standing outside begging to go to work when I pull up, we have the US dollar globalization to thank. None of these dynamics are independent of one another, but are all necessary and must follow one another in course. Once one understands the economic and financial system the way I do, this all becomes crystal clear and I mean nothing about racism and xenophobia. Our objectives in this ever more wicked world is to make money here while we can and understanding the adversary is of paramount importance. There’s no surprises, no surprises.

        Exploit the dummies who cry racism. In fact, I already am. I take ever more rent money out of their pockets and their salaries dwindle as their cost of living adjustments continue to fall behind inflation. What stupid morons we have. The bottom 85%.

        1. Recall the movie, No Country For Old Men. Tommy Lee Jones played a sheriff down in a southern Texas county in the early eighties; during the first Reagan regime. He had become extremely disillusioned at the exponential increase in illegal immigration and the horrible violence that it brought with them.

          The genesis of the massive drug problem and Hispanic gang violence in the United States can be traced back to during the first Reagan regime. Most of you folk are not old enough to recall this, but if you do look at the adversary’s movies, they point it out to you. The country changed drastically and for the worse under the first Reagan regime. Not only that the dollar become the de facto Western hemisphere currency for transactions, not reserves, but we had a concomitant increase in the massive waves of illegal immigration and the drugs and violence it brought. For many of you out there my age and older, this is no country for old men.

          Here’s the thing, if I had succumb to my adversary’s media, was educated later than the ’80s, and suffered and struggled with politically correct social proof, I’d be broke and I would never know how they did it. The church is empty and they have no answers. I’m telling you plain out simple.

          1. No country for old man is a great movie btw. They always condition the masses through movies, shows, and other platforms into the direction they want.

      2. I was at the OH Home Depot two days ago. My first visit in over a year. I was struck by the number of illegals looking for pickup work. Four times what it was a year ago.

        I noticed also the PG Sheriff cruiser there for security. I sensed a dangerous intersection of a mob with economic want.

        1. It’s worse in the Maryland Home Depots than in the Virginia ones. I frequent the Home Depots between Alexandria and Springfield Virginia and I do not see these crowds. There are also larger crowds in the Capital Heights area. The illegals gravitate to areas where they’re more welcome and that’s why I see them more in Maryland than in Virginia. I suspect that if the Democrats retained control of the governorship, we would see more illegals here than across the Potomac. It really is mind-blowing to see the growth in the number of those looking for work. There are even vendors who cater to these people and cook up Central and South American foodstuffs and post their signs in Spanish.

      3. And I return to DC once a month on business. I immediately noted on my last trip two days ago that DC traffic has turned feral. Some may say it was feral long ago, but from these outsider’s eyes, I tell you that a murderous new caliber of traffic has developed. I-295 and U.S. 1 in Alexandria is jammed with low-IQ people driving badly and making salaries that beggar belief.

        The U.S. government is clearly a facilitator for consumerism. These special hires, hired on the basis of their pigmentation, will be cut off eventually. Watch what they do then. The BLM riots were nothing compared to what’s coming. These people have been weaponized and are a terror force in reserve. The regime will deploy them when the time is right.

        Wall Street knows that this group spends more of its disposable income than any other demographic. That’s why W.S. told guv to hire them. I see these people driving $100,000 automobiles. DC is an unnatural society and economy. It is a fantasy-land built and maintained by propaganda and coercion. It won’t last.

        1. Many drivers drive as if they’re back home in their developing countries. Tons of them, too. A good friend was killed in the PG Beltway in March. He was my handyman and was a licensed HVAC technician. I talked with him several times a month. He was 46 and was trying to invest in a property with me. I was considering it, given He had rehab talents and such He was from El Salvador. He was in the act of being a good Samaritan and was helping with another crash when a distracted driver drove into his car and him on the side of the Belt. The people are animals and on the open highways there is the anonymity factor that comes into play. This is where the livestock are the most wild and their true tendencies manifest. On their neighborhood roads, they obey and virtue signal to others about proper driving etiquette. in the Belt, away from their domiciles, they are different.

      4. “I rarely ever hire a white man to do any work. They ask for too much money and demand too much in return. I’ll hire one of these.”

        That’s disappointing to hear, Chris. With cheap labour comes cheap output. You don’t win in the long run, nor do you benefit society as a whole.

  3. Sounds like the fighting on the Malabar front in 1984

    Ukraine recaptures nearly 400 square miles of territory; Ukrainian Defense Ministry quotes Queen Elizabeth II



    It seems everything is in crisis. Bloomberg say there’s crisis in the Horn of Africa. ZH says there’s a crisis with not enough copper for the green agenda. AJ says the nation is in crisis and only Trump can save us.

    It seems the controlled opposition of the alt-media declare more crises than the MSM. Unfortunately, the alt-media soultions don’t solve anything, but only create more crises.

  4. Over the past 3 months, we have seen marked decreases in the precursors that comprise inflation data. Take a look at this Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s supply chain index.

    New York Fed’s Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI)


    All indications point to an easing of supply side issues.

    With regards to the price of oil, keep in mind that for the last half of the 2010s, the equilibrium price was anywhere from 45 to $55. Recall how inexpensive oil fell during covid. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which equilibrium can maintain itself at a price higher than here. At these price levels and higher there are just too many incentives for producers and explorers to pump as much as they can out of the ground. This is why we’ve seen an increase of almost 2 million barrels per day in production in the United States when compared to the first half of 2020.

    1. Euro regains dollar parity. Are supply pressures easing?

      Trade of Far East Russia’s Sokol crude resurfaces after 4 months


      Trade in the Far East Russian Sokol crude grade has resurfaced in September after nearly four months’ absence after spot liquidity for the once-popular medium sweet grade disappeared as buyers shunned imports from Russia and a key operator of the oil field pulled out.

      A September-loading cargo of the grade is set to be shipped to India, with state-owned Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd., or BPCL, heard to have fixed a vessel to lift 700,000 barrels for its Mumbai refinery, according to traders and ship tracking data.

    2. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/black-knight-against-sharpest-monthly-home-price-drop-in-11-years-tappable-equity-backs-off-q2-peak-six-of-10-most-equity-rich-markets-decline-through-july-301617560.html

      Black Knight: Against Sharpest Monthly Home Price Drop in 11 Years, Tappable Equity Backs Off Q2 Peak; Six of 10 Most Equity-Rich Markets Decline Through July

      Black Knight, Inc.
      Sep 07, 2022, 09:00 ET

      •Annual home price growth shifted from deceleration to decline in July as the median home price fell 0.77% from June – the largest single-month decline since January 2011

      •More than 85% of the 50 largest U.S. markets are at least marginally off their peaks through July, with home prices down by >1% in a third, and more than one in 10 seeing prices fall by 4% or more

      •Tappable equity – the amount a homeowner can borrow against while keeping a 20% equity stake – hit its 10th consecutive record high in Q2 2022 at $11.5T but appears to have peaked in May of this year

      •Escalating declines in June and July have total tappable equity down 5% over the past two months, suggesting a sizeable reduction is likely in Q3, which would mark the first quarterly decline in three years

      •In some markets, equity pullbacks have quickly become fairly significant, with the five most equity-rich West Coast markets shedding 10-20% of previously available tappable equity from April through July

      •The impact of home price declines is twice as pronounced on tappable equity levels; a 5% decline in home values nationally would equate to a 10% decline in tappable equity, and so on.

      •Overall, the market is on strong footing to weather a correction; total market leverage as of Q2 – including both first and second liens – was just 42% of mortgaged homes’ values, the lowest on record

      1. I’m listening to Powell in his Q&A session this morning, and he seems so nonplussed as to the inflationary pressures that built in the wake of the covid stimulus. You and I both know that these circumstances were engineered specifically to help create the environment necessary to promulgate the Great Reset. Global problems need global solutions.

  5. As predicted, oil is collapsing. It sliced right through support at 85. Let’s get to 77 first, then hopefully, 65. I can buy gas for 3.30/gal near the rental I am working on.

    1. It looks like stocks like the lower oil prices. Do you think we get a rally before the next leg down? Or will Powell crush the bulls hopes and dreams when he speaks tomorrow?

      Or will lower energy prices, help lower inflation and give Powell a reason to allude to a pivot?

      1. How can stocks not like lower oil prices? But I’m thinking in a linear environment and the circumstances behind the sudden drop could mean something else. All of the things being equal, I do like this and am encouraged.

  6. Recall our monitoring of the M2 measure for the USD. On the chart, click on the one- five- and 10-year time frames for a better perspective.


    As the FED has been tightening, the money stock measures have actually been stagnant so far this year. Please note the M2 measures of Russia and China for an idea on which country is pumping their money stock measures. You can Google those measurements fairly quickly.

    Fading M2 money stock growth is another reason why the dollar has been gathering strength this year. There are not enough in demand right now. And as the dollar strengthens here on a linear relationship, asset prices will suffer.

    This is something worth monitoring. August’s data come out around the last week of September.

    1. Many will go on to believe Jones and Trump anyway. If you whisper a contrary thought against them then they will jump into reaction mode and not listen to a word. Almost everyone who might resist the NWO on the Right has been thoroughly trained at this point. The war in Ukraine is a good example of it. They just parrot the same propaganda without being able to discern anything.

      1. Alex Jones is on a tight leash. Anytime he wants to criticize Trump’s role on the vaccines he ends up backtracking and supporting Trump’s push for the vaccines. Just like when a leftist wants to criticize mask wearing, because their child ends up developing some type of disorder from wearing it 24/7; they also have to backtrack and state he/she fully supports Covid vaccination for children. These leftists can’t even blame the vaccine if something bad happens to them; for fear of being called a anti-vaxxer. So many of them stay quiet or blame “long covid.” Tribal ideologies are funny.

    2. After watching this video, I am clearly convinced Alex Jones is gaslighting. He has lost all credibility in my eyes. Christians and any intelligent people have to stay away from the political dialectic as it only feeds negativity and diverts us from focusing on what God wants with us.

  7. BTC now under $19k is it a long slow bleed down? Seems like the S&P bounces back up off of 3900 level but guessing and its just a guess it is heading lower.

    1. Zelensky virtually rang the NYSE opening bell today since that’s what ya do when being attacked by a Global Super Power.

      There is no real war going on over there, it’s a hoax. The recently passed Ukraine aid package worth over 70 billion of our tax dollars is funding the hollywood style movie production they are selling as a real war, and also building brand new buildings and infranstructure. It will support the Brick Road Initiative which includes high speed rail.

      What’s even more sad is when a little kid who is probably wearing a mask, donates his lunch and birthday money to this Ukraine hoax. Many schools and churches are implementing these fundraiser theft events, most likely in your neighborhood. What are the first and last names of the administrators, teachers, preachers, city council people that are pushing it? Do you know who are those people are? May be a good idea to find out.

      1. Apparently that makes two of us who realize the Ukraine war is nothing more than a crowd funding redevelopment project. Did you see my comments way down below?

        1. Oil almost.printed an 85 flat. My first target. After that, it’s 77 on its way to as low as 65.

          Ag silver getting destroyed.

        2. Hi AL yes I seen that. The comments get lost when there are many to scroll thru at least on my browser. BLM riots were in redevelopment zones.

          And MR1 yes it may seem amazing or real to the average person, but Hollywood has the best special effects departments and employees, that billions of dollars can buy. Plenty of rundown abandoned areas from previous conflicts to use as a background. I looked thru all those links with mostly small video clips taken out of context. Much of it laughable if it was real war scenario. I have watched most of it already, nothing but wargame exercises, special effects and older material being sold as recent.

          If you can’t see that the Ukraine war is 100% fake, not 80% or 90%, but 100% fake, then I don’t know what to tell ya. Just like 911, and all these staged school and mall shootings, you’ll figure it out and see they lies eventually.

          Your local Sheriff, law enforcement, preachers, teachers, CEOs, elected government officials, military personnel are not saying much to expose any of these staged events, and that also obviously includes everything related to the Covid Scamdemic. Although the truth and information about the Scamdemic is finally slowly getting out. Are many of these professionals getting a financial incentive to keep quiet and on top of that, are they afraid to lose their jobs and pensions?

          There’s no money in the truth. Fear sells.

          1. wow all the people i know from there must be in on it to. that really is amazing. Are you a full paid up subscriber of Info Wars? not everything is hoax.

            1. It’s probably part of that “everything is fake” crowd. There are a lot of new conspiracies about since Covid to confuse and distract.

            2. The denial runs deep, and do you blame people? It’s too difficult for most to contemplate. I know of no one personally who can objectively discuss these matters. It’s too depressing or “controversial” for them to handle.

            3. I meant to say there is specifically a more recently popular conspiracy that says “everything is fake”. The extent of the denialism depends on the person, but it can put someone into even the Flat-Earther camp, for example.

            4. “The denial runs deep, and do you blame people?” – I wish I had a short answer ready, but instead I’ll say that it feels like I have learned more in the past two years than my whole life. I never expected some people to act the way they have, while others have surprised me by their resistance. I expect we will learn even more about the true character of others as the timeline progresses.

            5. Info wars is controlled OP, as Chris has said AJ is on the side of the SOS. If you know people that are there in Ukraine then tell them you think it’s not a real war and see what they say. They take oaths to keep silent, but if it’s your relatives they should be honest to you. Even the mainstream media gives a few clues with all the hollywood actors there and Zelinsky on GQ magazine and NYSE opening bell. I just don’t understand how people can’t see it. Just like Covid they lined up for the jabs and were scared crapless. Not me I knew it was a hoax from the get go.

              Not all events are fake however…..many are.

              It is an event to distract from Covid and also coincides with all the financial market pain we have been seeing since the beginning of the year. Provides a reason for things happening and the USA treasury being drained.

              I can’t convince anyone, but just I know. Hard to believe our government and military and other high authority figures would lie and push out disinformation. But they are.

              You’ll see how you were fooled someday. 20 years later and people are now just realizing 911 was a hoax.

              I won’t keep talking about it I made my stand on the issue and it won’t do any good. Can one person make a difference and get the truth out, doesnt seem like it. There is no media outlet for people like me except for the comment sections.

              I guess this issue bothers me since the admin and teachers of my local grade school are asking the students for donations. 64 billion dollars of our tax payer money wasn’t enought to fund the hoax they need your kids lunch money too.

      2. Ok once again.
        Ukraine war is a Hoax as in not real? all staged? that is some amazing cinematography.
        check it all out. the production cost must be out of this world.

        you can scroll through all the videos on those links and look at all the amazing “cinematography.”
        the combatfootge has footage from many conflicts there are all kinds of conflicts going on in the world.

    2. I have to agree. I am also wondering what gold could do, too. It could be very ugly and unexpected by most.

  8. The current monetary and economic system is well suited for the iron and clay endtime multicultural kingdom. It’s a kingdom where all races, multiraces, cultures, sexual desires and proclivities, various genders, religions, languages, and philosophies can all live together under the umbrella of Lucifer. Novos ordo seclorum, enjoy your endtime slave camp. Learn how to exploit the stupid 85% heathen masses and prosper.

    1. It’s getting close to winter time and flu and covid season. Line up like livestock and get your jabs and branding with a branding iron. We all live together under a glorious global prison system operated by the employees of Lucifer. Enjoy your freedoms. We get plenty of rec time in the yard. Our slave owners even give us some money so we can piss it away at the company store. We’ve been domesticated to such a point that we don’t even know why we do what we do anymore, but our governments and our social media help us along and keep us in the pack. Our owners need to brand and cull the herds according to the instructions of Lucifer.

      1. You know the old song Sixteen Tons?

        From wiki:
        The line “another day older and deeper in debt” from the chorus came from a letter written by Travis’s brother John.[2] This and the line “I owe my soul to the company store” are a reference to the truck system and to debt bondage. Under this scrip system, workers were not paid cash; rather they were paid with non-transferable credit vouchers that could be exchanged only for goods sold at the company store. This made it impossible for workers to store up cash savings. Workers also usually lived in company-owned dormitories or houses, the rent for which was automatically deducted from their pay. In the United States the truck system and associated debt bondage persisted until the strikes of the newly formed United Mine Workers and affiliated unions forced an end to such practices.

        1. And why did those truckers sign up for that in the first place? They had lots of choices to do whatever they wanted in America. Perhaps it looks easy and comfortable at the outset, only when you are in it long enough, you see the foolishness of your decisions. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The good ending to your story is that the people had a lot of power together to end it with their unions. Not that I’m supporting todays unions – that’s another racket that’s been infiltrated by the SoS.

          1. Everything’s been infiltrated by the SoS. This is why I beg everyone to do their own thing and not give in to the social proof tendencies that the adversary engineers in our minds. As we can see, if you come to this blog you are primarily an independent-minded person and are given to reason. The people who come by this blog are rare indeed. Most of the people who don’t agree no longer come back, except for those who monitor, and I do get those. I get plenty of bandwidth from around the beltway.

      2. More and more people are suddenly collapsing and dying. You can blame Trump for doing a great job speeding up the timeline. No better man than to sell this disaster to the right than their “hero” Trump. He “fights for us.” He “calls out the big bad left.” By their fruit you’ll know them. If the right had any common sense left – they would abandon Trump for pushing/loving the vaccines, and find someone else.

        But that’s why tribal ideologies are so powerful. They are weapons of bondage by the true adversary that pulls all the strings. Whenever you’re thinking in tribal ideologies – be it religion, black/white, right/left, etc – critical thinking goes out the window, and it’s replaced by group thinking lead by people the adversary propped up. You think you’re thinking for yourself – but someone much smarter wrote your script for you, and you’re acting/thinking exactly like they want you to.

        The Scriptures tell us men love darkness. Lucifer gives us sin, and he makes it look good/fun. So men chase sin like a drug addict chases a high. As long as they chase sin they will not be able to get off the Lucifer Express train that goes in continuous loops. And when you’re in the system – last thing you wanna think about is God. Because who would want to think about God; and be judged or worse have to give up the guilty pleasures? They think it’s better to live in ignorance, and un-knowingly (or knowingly) give dominion to Lucifer over their lives by going with the flow with most of society. But Scripture tells us most of society goes through the wide gate – where there is destruction.

        Some more scripture about the evildoers and arrogant:

        Malachi 3:13

        13 “You have spoken arrogantly against me,” says the Lord.

        “Yet you ask, ‘What have we said against you?’

        14 “You have said, ‘It is futile to serve God. What do we gain by carrying out his requirements and going about like mourners before the Lord Almighty? 15 But now we call the arrogant blessed. Certainly evildoers prosper, and even when they put God to the test, they get away with it.’

        17 “On the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty, “they will be my treasured possession. I will spare them, just as a father has compassion and spares his son who serves him. 18 And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.

        Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire,” says the Lord Almighty. “Not a root or a branch will be left to them. 2 But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. 3 Then you will trample on the wicked; they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day when I act,” says the Lord Almighty.

        4 “Remember the law of my servant Moses, the decrees and laws I gave him at Horeb for all Israel.

        1. Great article Otto.
          God appreciates those who bear humility and live a simple life.
          Those who are arrogant reflect the spirit of satan as he is arrogant and wants to be a ruler over all.

          A good Christian lives a simple life as simplicity minimizes distraction and clutter in one’s life and allows more time for communion with God.
          Satan temps us with desires for material items and sexual lusts to distract and divert us away from God.
          We take our mind off from God when we chase our desires for material items and sexual desires as those become our idols instead of God.

    2. What I find intriguing is how Google, working with DARPA and the CIA, have helped to rewrite history and in essence has left the population of dumb plebs rudderless and without direction. A discerning individual can pick up on this and easily exploit the unwashed masses. I thank Google and the intelligence groups and the Department of Defense in Arlington for helping to rewrite history here in the United states, so the dumbass plebs tear down the statues and demand change. Unfortunately, over the past 50 to 70 years, the collective IQ has dropped by about 20 points and the people don’t even know what they want. The employees of Lucifer are more than happy to deliver and inject the desired outcome on the livestock masses.

      1. As the times become more perilous, Google has also done us a favor by helping to rewrite Christianity and the bible. So, today, we may be confronted with the vast majority of Christians being completely duped into supporting the iron and Clay of Daniel. But don’t try to wake them up. They’ll quote Paul and get angry at you and call you the enemy.

      2. Fly away, US dollar. I thought the alt-media promised that the US dollar would collapse. Why is it getting stronger?

        Anyone who’s considered a guru needs to be avoided. The word guru is a Hindu term and is new age to the core.

        Actually, people who rely on gurus are easily parted with their money.

  9. DWAC… It looks like Trump is ruining another firm. That’s all he’s good at doing, and the synagogue of Satan was so impressed with his ability to destroy that they made him president. Then they put him in place to destroy the Republican side of the dialectic.

  10. It seems house price may be coming down on the margin in the states. Trees don’t grow to the sky, even in residential real estate. But consider this, I am finishing up on a remodel and rehab of a house. The rent will be increased as much as $1,000/mo. from what the prior tenant paid. After this is rented out, I calculated my total rental income will have increased 39% this year. I also will send a notice out to two-three other tenants that I am increasing rent. Thus, in 2022, my rental income will be up at least 40%.

    I locked in a 6.25% loan for a 300k cash out on a house that was appraised at $436k. The lender notified me on Friday afternoon of the appraisal amount. I paid 175k cash in 2015. I cashed out 160k after renting it in 2015 and bought a condo for 79k. Today, both properties are paid off and are worth 650k, and generate 3200/mo in net rental income. The new 300k cash out will go to buy another property. That house is the gift that keeps on giving.

  11. Here is some good old fashion Christian Humor form Norm Macdonald. He reported the crime no one else did. Christian humor at its Best. When Honor is gone, at least we have humor. Devil doesn’t. Being able to humbly oberserve and chuckle is faith in the holy devine path. Watch and Pray with out fear.


  12. I received this info about a global walkout: https://youtu.be/_kQbbhhlVwU
    So today, I started paying for everything in cash. Why not? It’s an easy way to mess with the globalists. I will continue to use cash as much as I can, whenever I can.

    Also NOT participating in any online tracking program – like car insurance apps or home thermostat apps, no matter how much money they try to ‘save’ me. https://summit.news/2022/09/01/power-company-seizes-control-of-thermostats-in-colorado/

  13. Anyone here ever noticed that the crescent moon, and star featured on the Baphomet is the same one used on the logo for Islam? It’s almost like Satan telling everyone who helped form Islam.

  14. Ryan Cohen may have won the battle, but he will lose the war.

    Bed Bath & Beyond CFO faced lawsuit week before he jumped to his death


    Gustavo Arnal, 52, is listed as one of the defendants in a class action lawsuit brought by a group of shareholders who claim they lost around $1.2billion when Arnal and majority shareholder Ryan Cohen engaged in a ‘pump and dump’ scheme.

    The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on August 23, claims Cohen had approached Arnal about a plan to control shares of Bed Bath and Beyond so they could both profit.

    As part of the plan, the lawsuit claims, Arnal ‘agreed to regulate all insider sales by BBBY’s officers and directors to ensure that the market would not be inundated with a large number of BBBY shares at a given time.’

    He then allegedly issued ‘materially misleading statements made to investors regarding BBBY’s strategic company plans, financial condition… and reports of shares holding and selling’ to help increase share prices.

    1. When was that? And what does that mean?

      Apparently Trudeau could not freeze bank accounts with credit unions but he could with the major banking institutions. Does that mean credit union accounts can be frozen?

        1. The Principles are here: https://www.unepfi.org/banking/bankingprinciples/more-about-the-principles/
          Lots of banks and credit unions here: https://www.unepfi.org/banking/bankingprinciples/prbsignatories/
          It looks to me like the word salad of the psychopath. The government has a stake in it and the power is cloaked in climate change initiatives. Perhaps you will get frozen out if you don’t comply. Thanks for the heads up, I was going to change over to a credit union to avoid getting frozen out, but it’s listed here. No point. I’ll just have to have enough cash on hand to get through the next level nonsense coming our way.

  15. Heres a MERCOLA interview with Edward Dowd. I’ve attached a link to the video interview as well as copied the article below. A couple of his points stood out to me:
    1) If theres a financial collapse down worry about inflation — ( I assume he means don’t try to protect your money with assets as an inflation hedge because of the next point below)
    2) Have cash to buy assets when theres blood in the streets
    3) Because of the huge amount of USD loans taken out over the past few years and now with the QT there is a shortage of USD globally. My assumption is that shortage of liquidity will also add to the tailwinds to rising interest rates



    1. I get the emails from Mercola, and this came out overnight. Dowd has talked about this in the past. It seems the coordinated central banker action could make it happen.

      The dollar will be king all the way to the end. The dollar system may collapse, but not in the way the alt-media think. Hold dollars.

      1. So if I’m in Canada, does this mean I should hold US dollars instead of Canadian dollars? Also, should I be selling other assets (stocks, crypto) for dollars at this point in the game? Seems kind of late to be doing so. Honestly, part of me wonders whether we are seeing a repeat of what happened in Weimar, Germany. Several upward spikes and sharp downturns in asset prices were followed by an eventual collapse of the currency. In the end, asset owners were the last ones left standing. The question I have is this, is what we experienced the first spike up, the last spike up, or are we somewhere in the middle of this? I’m wondering how I should play this. I’m not exactly in a position to have enough capital to outright buy significant amounts of real estate at this point. All of this doom and gloom in the media also has me wondering whether I should take the contra and start dollar cost averaging right now instead of just accumulating cash.

        1. Just had another thought. I’m wondering whether they are engineering a potential collapse now to move everything over to a centralized blockchain next year. Jerome Powell this year was talking about launching a Fedcoin next year. From a technical standpoint, I don’t think they are ready scalability-wise, but maybe this will be a soft launch, or maybe they have some hidden technological surprises we don’t know about. I’m noticing a trend with “our adversary”, everything seems rushed and poorly put together with a lack of attention to detail. Two examples: 1) The COVID virus. A University of Waterloo chemistry professor noted that the genetic sequence of the virus was clearly man-made and absolutely no attempt was made at hiding it. He noted, that they could have easily taken the time to alter the sequence to make it look like it came from bats or another species but they did not take the time to do so. 2) This whole move to a CBDC also seems rushed because the technology is not yet scalable and as a result almost destined to fail. Would be curious to hear your thoughts on all this.

          1. Proverbs 3:25-26
            Be not afraid of sudden fear neither of the desolation of the wicked when it cometh. For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken.

          2. I’ve been estimating the timeline and the amount of time needed to achieve these objectives. The problem with the US dollar as the global Reserve is that the majority of dollars in circulation are effectively out of the direct control of the American government and Federal Reserve as they are overseas. There is a ton of paper currency in circulation and it would be difficult right now for the FED to engineer something like this. Given the right catalyst, however, we could see something like a digital type of currency. There’s just too many loose ends at this point and there is not any urgency even if the urgency is manufactured.

        2. I can’t predict the future decisions of the powers, but there is an upwards bias for holding dollars. When I say holding dollars, I don’t necessarily mean holding USD cash equivalents. I mean holding dollarized assets, too. When I look at the competing currencies, the USD has the edge. If there is a run on paying off debt (I.e. Minsky scenario) the dollar will strengthen.

          The dollar has a few fundamentals in its favor right now.

          1. The Ukraine deal bolsters the USD. 2. Russia sanctions help the USD. 3. The US is the alternative to Russia gas and oil, and the US is by far the largest producer of both. 4. Manufacturers are restoring production and the stronger USD is not stopping this trend. 5. Any run to cover global debt lends to a stronger USD.

          It’s hard to paint a bearish scenario here. Even a crash in all the markets could make the USD skyrocket as borrowers get desperate to cover.

          The CAD looks good as its nation is a energy and commodity producer. If I lived in Canada, I would always have exposure to the USD. If I lived in Canada, I would own American RE and land and equities. Canada is big, but the population is relatively small.

          I am investing as if the current trends will continue. I will not overlever and if markets collapse, I will survive. I recommend the same. Gradually accumulate.

  16. Remember the discussion about apple seed and the health benefits? I suppose there is a push to create fear of eating apple seeds now. Throw in a little gay pride for distraction. Apparently the story is not true at all. Take the contra and eat the seeds, I say.

    I sure did when I saw this story circulating on FB:

    “Alan Turing ended his own life on June 7, 1954. He bit into an apple laced with cyanide and ate a bite of it. He did it because the British government chemically castrated him, humiliated him, and prosecuted him for being gay. For that reason there is a bitten apple in the Apple logo… In honor of Alan Turing. He invented computer science and using his early designs cracked the Enigma code – the encrypted machine that the Nazis and the German Army used to communicate secret commands to each other during world war – thereby saving millions of human lives and bringing us to the modern computer age. Pride month isn’t just about dancing on floats in gold shorts and waving a rainbow flag. It is about remembering that everyone has the right to be happy, to love who they want to love and to recognize the outstanding contribution that everyone can make in a society free of fear or prejudice.”
    Vía: Alejandro Jodorowsky/Samira HM

  17. I received an email from someone regarding helping out with those who are fighting the Russians in Ukraine. She obviously doesn’t know me. After the email is my response.

    Message Body:
    How to help Ukraine and its people stand against Putin and the Russian WAR!!!!

    Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has ordered a military attack that continues to claim the lives of innocent and peaceful Ukrainian citizens.
    The situation in Ukraine is dire and urgent, which is why we must commit to helping Ukrainian non-profits and charities conduct relief efforts. One of the most effective ways to help Ukraine and its citizens is donating to Ukrainian relief and humanitarian efforts. Right now, the people of Ukraine are facing an unprecedented attack on their country, freedoms, and families.

    One of the best ways to help right now is to support volunteers outside of Ukraine who are collecting the necessary supplies in their countries and delivering them directly to the Ukrainian volunteers at the border.

    Urgent humanitarian help for Ukraine.


    Here is my answer; I’m not going to do anything, it’s not my war. My worrying will not change a thing. I’m not going to spend any time contemplating it other than to gauge the timeline to WWIII. And when WWIII approaches, no one will pray for my people. I’ll be responsible for my people.

    1. It’s also unlikely that the money will go to the right people, anyway. It’s hard to know. It IS known that a lot of money and weapons for Ukraine has “disappeared.” Probably into the hands of America’s enemies.

    2. Biden is sending enough money to Ukraine instead of worrying about our own boarders. And Using Ukrainian blood to do a proxy war with Russia and probably laundry US money through Ukraine and back to his family and others.

      1. All this money going oversees only helps to solidify the USD as the global reserve. No other country is willing to flood the world with their own currency. Certainly not China or Russia. Ask Turkey about how Russia stuffed Turkey’s hopes to avoid using the greenback.

  18. The jobs data look pretty good. The unemployment rate ticks up to 3.7%, not that that is a huge deal.


    Here we can see the total labor force is up about a 165k. That may seem good, given the contractions we have witnessed, but when jobs increased 315k, this shows that the labor force participation rate ticked up to 62.4% from 62.1%. I think that’s a post-covid high. Though people are being drawn back into the workforce, the number of jobs added continue to be much greater than the number of people moving back into the workforce.

    Something that I do note here and the trend continues, manufacturing jobs continue to power forward and are much higher than expected. This level came in at 22k vs. the consensus of 15 to 20,000 adds. Long gone are the days where manufacturing jobs were subtracted from the payrolls number.

    I’m looking at the prior months revisions for June and I see there were some reductions of about 100,000 jobs.

    Average hourly earnings were up 0.3%, which was slightly lower than the 0.4% expected. The year over year number was also 0.1% less than expected.

    Overall I think these are very good numbers. They also reaffirm the manufacturing onshoring phenomenon.

    1. “Persons 16 years of age and older”
      Most are part time and temp jobs? Not full time with benefits or career type jobs.

      The Ukraine war is a Hoax!

      Tell your friends not to make donations. They just sent billions of dollars over there. If they still need small donations after that, you should know it’s a money grab. Notice how there hasn’t been much news about the event lately, like they are running out of script and photoshoped photos and edited videos to fool the public with. I’d say it comes to an end after the political stuff concludes.

      1. Those khazars probably genocided every cossck they found I the past year probably in vats to gydrochloric acid they’re now impersonating “ukrainians” for go’s knows what next as more darling refugees head west. The chaos Magick involves flipping everything on its head. The way to avoid problems is to call everything by its right name. The ziorussian occupiers in washington, the fed reserve debt instrument currency. There are no dollars and there haven’t been for a long time.

      2. Ukraine war is a Hoax as in not real? all staged? that is some amazing cinematography.
        check it all out. the production cost must be out of this world.

        you can scroll through all the videos on those links and look at all the amazing “cinematography.”
        the combatfootge has footage from many conflicts there are all kinds of conflicts going on in the world.

      3. Perhaps not a hoax as hoaxes go, but I’ve been saying since nearly the beginning, this war is about redeveloping Ukraine. Consider this: Ukraine is a city with a lot of problems. It’s also practically a US (or western) satellite country. The people of Ukraine want to be part of the EU, but of course, Russia is in the way. What I see is a redevelopment project on a massive scale and Russia is the demolition contractor. I have found information going back at least two years discussing how to turn dilapidated cities in Ukraine into modern technocratic masterpieces that would make Lenin proud. There has been an incredible amount of effort and energy put into planning and I just can’t see all that going up in smoke. And if Russia really wanted to destroy Ukraine they would have done that in the first week.

        Here is a clue as to what I’m talking about and perhaps backs up my theory. Look up Lord Norman Foster Partners. https://news.yahoo.com/norman-foster-partners-mayor-destroyed-210032531.html

        This is nothing more than a redevelopment project. But carefully staged to get the worlds approval so money can flow unabatedly.

        1. As O’Brien told Winston while O’Brien was torturing him, the Party would televise wars that may not even be taking place.

          Did Goldstein even exist? Right now Trump and his alt-media lackies like Jones and Adams are collectively referred to as Goldstein.

        2. I think Putin believed his military was much better than what it really is and that the people in Ukraine would be ready with open arms for the Russians to save them. He was wrong on both parts. There is a lot of corruption in Russia and many Generals have skimmed off money going into military funding and projects so much of Russia’s equipment was not updated since the late 80’s. Most of their soldiers except for special forces are still just using iron sites on thier AK 74s. Everyone in the US military is equipped with some type of reflex site be it EOTECH, Aimpoint, Trijicon etc or thermel. So the Russian Army is not near as mighty as everyone thought. If Putin wanted to take Ukraine it should of been done in 2014 when they took portions of the east. Also i will say that former WARSAW pact countries should not have been allowed into NATO we did not like Soviet Missiles in Cuba why would NATO (USA) think Russia would not mind having NATO on its boarder. But I also understand why those former WARSAW pact countries want to be in NATO. Many of the larger cities in Ukraine are not much different than cities that would be found in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech etc. As a matter of fact parts of Western Ukraine were parts of Poland and Hungary. Also we have been sending US solders to Ukraine for years at least since 1999 to help train.

          1. On many levels I agree here. If it weren’t for the nuclear weapons threat, Putin would be a broke cattle rancher and he’d be all hat and no cattle.

            This is why Russia will team up with China to attack the West, and especially the United States. Japheth against Israel. Russia may have the technology and the wherewithal, but by the end of next year, Japan will be spending more on its military than Russia. All of Russia’s oil profits are being evaporated in Ukraine, and that’s why all of these sea level oil firm officers in Russia are all dying. They want no part of what is going on and they want to engage in commerce and make money. On many levels these individuals see how Russia is being played. If Russia as the Soviet Union couldn’t take out the West when it was the world’s second biggest economy, they have no chance now.

            We see the japheth remnants of of Northwest China, Mongolia, the Central Asian stans, India, as well as Siberia and Russia all working together as a Confederacy. Never before have all these nations all work together for war. Never before have they all joined for a common cause. They all hate each other and they don’t trust one another, yet though will all unite for a particular objective. But the dummy Christian pastors will tell you that the Ezekiel war has already taken place. It will even include Persia and Northern African Islam Nations. The whole Confederacy covering the land like a storm.

  19. Hello Chris,

    I was wondering if you could help me with nailing down the right MSM dose for me. I recently started taking MSM, starting at about 2 grams a day, now up to about 4 grams per day. It’s done wonders for me so far, I used to get a mouth smell when I floss my teeth, but that’s completely gone, and my teeth feel a little better as well. I know you take about 10 grams per day, but I’m wondering what dose would apply to me. I’m in my mid-30s, I do about 90 squats and interval sprinting workouts (8 sprints, 9 jogging recovery sessions) every other day, on the off days I lift light weights (20 pounds) for my arms, do abdominal exercises (P90 X Ab-ripper X) and I try to take an hour walk every day but don’t always get to do the walk. On the MSM bottle, it says to take 2g, one to 3 times per day and not to take more than 2g in one dose, but I suspect that might be a little too conservative for me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks and God bless!

    1. Everyone is different in this regard. I think the benefits of MSM are greater the older we get. As for me, I take upwards of 10 grams in powder a day with a vitamin C combo. I premix the water and drink it starting in the morning and then throughout the day.

      Ok days of rigorous calisthenics, I drink some of this with my morning supplements I take for energy, etc., such as ginseng, magnesium, SOD, glucosamine, and that amount in total is about 5 grams in the morning. Then I drink some more after my workout.

      Up to 10 grams in total.

      It really works. It has really helped me, though my nails and hair grow fuller and faster.

  20. Why do I get a suspicion that we’re being set up for the end? Why are the central bankers now uniting to destroy inflation while previously they only pretended? Why are they now willing to destroy the economy in the process? Are they willing to just destroy the asset markets now? Why did the central bankers wait so long to finally convince the world that they are determined to destroy inflation? This reminds me of the set of events that led up to the collapses in 2008; after years of willful ignorance, the central bankers finally got religion and destroyed it all.

    Back in 2008 the circumstances surrounding the collapse helped established QE as a viable monetary tool. What will the collapses this time around usher in?

    1. ISM Manufacturing Index came in above consensus at 52.8 vs. 52.0 consensus. Services continues to contract and manufacturers expand.

      The onshoring of manufacturing continues for the US. Let’s see what tomorrow’s employment data bring for manufacturing jobs. The past year has been stellar for manufacturing in the states.

      America takes, and… America MAKES.


      Productivity declined 4.0% vs. -4.4% consensus. Unit labor costs up an annualized 10.2% vs. 10.8% consensus. And we wonder why rents continue to move higher. These numbers will have to flesh out in a lower GDP print.

      1. American manufacturers are bringing production back to America because they see WWIII coming. They see an overseas supply chain disruption via war and possibly other disruptions. Having production close to home seems a lot more reliable when the world would be in chaos.

    1. I smell a rat with the Lukoil chairman dying after falling from a window. Dead people don’t talk. He probably was going to spill some beans about Putin or the oil markets.

      1. The marketwatch article said he was a critic of Putin’s war ambitions. But many in America still think Putin’s doing God’s work. War and sanctions are bad for its business.

    1. The Covid Vaxxes also deplete the soul.
      I am surrounded by Covid Vaxxed people in my area. I have seen so many Covid Vaxxed people lose energy, lose spirit, and lose motivation. In addition I have seen Covid Vaxxed people suddenly getting new and unusual health problems as well as exacerbation of previous health problems. I have also seen many Covid Vaxxed people get the Covid anyway and also at much more intense level.
      Clearly the Covid vaxxes are soul killers as well as physical killers.

  21. No matter how one measures it, business is booming for the large corporations…. A MSM business writer asks what the Democrats will do to address the growing record corporate profit margins. I have the answer; the Democrats will do more of the same; its policies are actually much more pro-large business than what the Republicans could ever claim. Don’t listen to what the Democrats say, look at what they do. Democrat business policy is so regulated that only the S&P 500 firms can succeed. And with little competition, these firms clean up!

    Corporate profits are at a 70-year high. Will the Inflation Reduction Act change that?

    COVID-19. Job Losses; Market ups and downs. No matter. Corporate profits have been booming and there’s no end in sight.

    Case in point: New data released last week revealed another spike, with aggregate corporate profit margins improving to 15.5% in the second quarter from 14% in the first quarter. They are now at their highest level since 1950. Gross corporate profits after tax, likewise, jumped by $175.2 billion in the second quarter and topped $3 trillion for the first time in history last quarter.

    Will the party continue? Maybe. But maybe not if certain Democrats have their way.


    1. It seems as if the central banks are under orders to unite to crash all the markets, including housing. Of course, these central banks are working to solve the very problems they intentionally created.

      Jackson Hole was the kickoff to the main event in the center ring under the circus tent. I feel much better knowing these altruistic economic experts have our backs.

      Yet somehow, I have a suspicion the biggest and brightest will come out ahead.

  22. Seems like to me for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that the powers in control are bound and determined to crash asset prices like stocks, bonds, and anything else hinged on interest rates. I have seen the last three days that just when stock futures are trying to recover, some Fed member comes out and makes a hawkish statement threatening to raise interest rates further.

    They are telling the lower downs to get money out of assets and cash will be king fore the time being.

  23. Looks like the US 10-yr is creeping up 3.21 and the futures are down.
    Biden is calling for banning the evil AR that has the fastest bullet of all guns. Say we need
    F 15’s to take on the Gov…someone please let the Taliban know.

  24. Below is a very good article from a Christian oriented site that I check in with regularly. It’s worth the read.


    Sinister Psychosis and the Remembrance of God

    “The progress of technology had led and is still leading to just such a concentration and centralization of power” Aldous Huxley.

    “Take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and the cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch therefore and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:34-36).

    Foundational to Christian living is the remembrance of God. Remembrance while waking. Remembrance while at work. Remembrance while fulfilling the duties of life. Remembrance while going to sleep. The Christian must be cultivating the remembrance of God in all things. It need not be elaborate, the believer may offer this service in the inner chamber of the heart. He may offer it in solitude or while in the midst of a multitude.

    The littlest of things may serve to turn our hearts and minds to the Most-Holy Trinity. While at work, “Lord fashion me according to Your image.” While eating, “Lord feed me with true heavenly food.” While drinking, “Lord give unto me the Living Water.” Even when we encounter unpleasant situations – that insane driver on the freeway – “Lord have mercy and save us! Lord deliver our race from the evil one.” Thus, we can train ourselves to use everyday material things to lift up our minds to Heavenly things. Short prayers peppered throughout the day, these will act to cultivate in our hearts the remembrance of God.

    If remembrance of God is foundational to the Christian life, then the opposing foundation of the anti-Christian life is the forgetfulness of God. The enemy seeks to use all of the cares of this life to drown the soul in forgetfulness. He seeks to lull it into a false sense of complacency or keep it occupied in constant worry and fear. He seeks to de-humanize humanity. In a state of de-humanized forgetfulness, he drives our race to the cliffs of perdition. The masses staggering forward in the darkness of forgetfulness are constantly told, “this is true freedom.” And under duress, they begin to believe it.

    The devil seeks to convince man to reduce himself to bare material existence – there is nothing beyond what can be seen with physical eyes and touched with fleshly hands. Even if the possibility of something greater is admitted, it is simultaneously wiped away as “unknowable or unknown.” Thus, man frees himself of any duty to contemplate higher things – after all, the thought stirs, what is truth and how could it be actually known? The shuffling masses are well supplied with the narcotic of indifferentism. This manifests itself in the fact that they then lash out at anything that would seek to disturb what they count their calm march, which ends in the abyss.

    And we are in times which demand that one confess that the abyss is the ultimate “good.” For the enemy to make such an illusion seem to be a reality, he must purge from the human consciousness any striving and longing for Eternal things. He must obliterate the remembrance of God in the heart of man. He is not able to do this through his own power, but he may use his cunning to convince man to live of his own will in such a state.

    In a past article, “Mind Control, Standardized Masses, and Conditioned Reflexes,” I point out that altering the psyche of man was a foundational goal of Sovietism. The early founders of Bolshevism in Russia were strong supporters and patrons of Ivan Pavlov.

    Aldous Huxley, in his work, “Brave New World Revisited,” has many very interesting admissions. Regardless of whether one thinks Huxley was trying to warn people of the goals of the elite or that he was engaging in the very typical tactic of “hiding in plain sight,” is not of the greatest concern to me at the moment. One way or another, he expresses the ideals, methods, and goals – the spirit – of the new order that seeks to take control of man.

    “Whatever may have happened in the early years, it seems fairly certain that torture is not extensively used by the Communist police today. They draw their inspiration, not from the Inquisitor or the SS man, but from the physiologist and his methodically conditioned laboratory animals. For the dictator and his policemen, Pavlov’s findings have important practical implications. If the central nervous system of dogs can be broken down, so can the central nervous system of political prisoners” – And for that matter those of the general population, so they would also reason – “It is simply a matter of applying the right amount of stress for the right length of time. At the end of the treatment, the prisoner will be in a state of neurosis or hysteria, and will be ready to confess whatever his captors want him to confess” (Brave New World Revisited, Harper Perennial, 2004, pg. 289).

    Such tactics were used throughout the Soviet system, as much historical evidence testifies. One of the most diabolical of such experiments was carried out in Communist Romania in Pitesti prison. It was simply called “Reeducation.” The modern materialist views man as but a biological machine.

    Mr. Huxley continues, “But confession is not enough. A hopeless neurotic is no use to anyone. What the intelligent and practical dictator needs is not a patient to be institutionalized, or a victim to be shot, but a convert who will work for the Cause” (Ibid).

    And there is a new anti-evangelism going on, one that indeed has as its goal conversion. I take the time to highlight these things so that we may be aware of the methods that are being employed. For we are told to be watchful. We cannot disallow that we are part of the human race and that we are, if not careful in Christ, susceptible to the sly tactics devised and utilized.

    “Turning once again to Pavlov, he learns that, on their way to the point of final breakdown, dogs become more than normally suggestible. New behavior patterns can easily be installed while the dog is at or near the limit of cerebral endurance, and these new behavior patterns seem to be ineradicable. The animal in which they have been implanted cannot be deconditioned; that which it has learned under stress will remain an integral part of its make-up” (Ibid. 289-290).

    It is the goal of the enemy to recondition man – his perverse imitation of Christ Jesus’ making of men “new creation” (cf. 2 Cor. 5:17) – so to make of him but an animal that is stripped of all humanity, a utilitarian object that if found of not sufficient use and practicality may be discarded with little resistance. In a multitude of ways, the uniformity of forgetfulness of God is actively being cultivated in the psyche of people.

    It is very worth noting the means and methods of producing psychological stress elaborated by Mr. Huxley; the reader, I’m sure, will find much in common with the social environment that surrounds us. “Psychological stresses can be produced in many ways … it has been found that the deliberate induction of fear, rage, or anxiety markedly heightens the dog’s suggestibility. If these emotions are kept at a high pitch of intensity for a long enough time, the brain goes ‘on strike.’ When this happens, new behavior patterns may be installed with the greatest of ease” ( Brave New World Revisited, pg. 290).

    This is why our world is full of what some have labeled “pseudo-ideas.” The human mind is purposely broken down and fed false ideas, we may say fantastical and self-contradicting ideas – which it then takes as some sort of reality – because in this state of constant emotional and sentimental reaction it is very easy to control.

    For this to be effective, an environment of destabilization must be produced so to keep the subject in a state of anxiety, which will also stir up fear and rage. Does that sound familiar?

    He continues, “Among the physical stresses that increase a dog’s suggestibility are fatigue, wounds, and every form of sickness” (Ibid). And then as if explaining events of our day, he elaborates, “Illness is even more effective than fatigue as an intensifier of suggestibility” (Ibid). As I stated many a time, the fundamental goal of covidism (yes there was a real virus, I’m speaking of the utilizing of the virus for an agenda) was primarily psychological – masks, lockdowns (applied, eased, and applied again), new social habits, and so forth. It is also why the threat of some new disease is ever in the mainstream media. Covidism proved that people, even Christians, are willing to accept a “new normal” under the threat of illness. It was priming the pump. People are willing to accept new standards of human interaction (or lack thereof) and even Christians are willing to accept the modification of worship and interaction with the Divine under the threat of an illness. Some Christians even refused the non-masked entrance into church buildings; some even willingly segregated the unvaccinated or barred them from worship. Those who would not accept the new mass psychosis were many times cut off, even by those counted as friends. What do such actions say, and have we repented and reconciled? Or has it just been easier to brush it under the carpet? Does this not indicate the danger, and on some level the potency, of what is being addressed in this article? Although it may seem at current that covidism is dormant, I bring it up because substantial ground was taken, through it, in the reconditioning of humanity. Certian mentalities were cultivated in many and are all still there.

    Mr. Huxley notes, “Intense, prolonged fear broke them down and produced a state of greatly intensified suggestibility … If indoctrination is given in the right way at the proper stage of nervous exhaustion, it will work. Under favorable conditions, practically everybody can be converted to practically anything” (Ibid. pg. 291).

    As covidsm was losing its potency, the world was hurriedly moved into its next crisis. Somehow war was begun in a country most Americans couldn’t find on a map. And it became the great scapegoat for a plethora of global “shortages.” And let’s not forget about the use of “climate” for fearmongering. Keep the masses in a state of anxiety and worry. We must also take into consideration that when there is instability people tend to be more open to saviors.

    There is undoubtedly a certain reality behind the materialist understanding of the human psyche. The methods have been implemented with great success in many places. It does at least confirm that the human mind will be conformed to something or someone.

    So, what is the Christian to do? Remember God. If in situations of heightened stress we become more “susceptible,” then let us turn the constructed situations of continued crisis around us to a beneficial end. In trials and tribulations, let us turn to God. If the goal is to wear us down, then let us encourage ourselves in the Lord. The goal is to mentally weaken us, let us strengthen our minds in Christ. Ultimately, the plans of the Devil, executed through those sad persons who serve him, will all come crashing down and be destroyed.

    The Scriptures admonish us, “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world” (1 Pet. 5:6-9).

    “Cast thy care upon the Lord, and He shall nourish thee; He shall never suffer the righteous to stumble. But Thou, O God, shalt bring them into the pit of destruction; blood-thirsty and deceitful men shall not live out half their days, but I will trust in the Lord” (Ps. 54[55]:23-24).

    And then, if we remain in Christ Jesus, we may say with the righteous Joseph, “Do not be afraid, for I belong to God. But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good” (Gen. 50:20).

    If in all the instability of our days, we cultivate in our hearts the remembrance of God then we will find the still path through the stormy waters. Even in all the global machinations of men, we may be reminded of God, “O Lord, this world is passing away and all its lust, only Your Kingdom abides forever! Remember me when You come in Your Kingdom!”

    Counteract the psychological attack of the evil one by cultivating in your psyche the remembrance of God. May we have the sobriety to understand the tactics being used against us, so as to implement the proper spiritual defense in our Lord Jesus.

    “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me … In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (Jn. 14:1; 16:33).

    A prayer by St. Anatole (the Younger) of Optina:

    “Deliver me, O Lord, from the deceptions of the God-hating and evil antichrist, whose coming is at hand, and shelter me from his snares in the secret desert of Thy salvation. Grant me, O Lord, strength and courage to firmly confess Thy Most Holy Name, that I may not abandon Thee because of the devil’s fear and that I may not deny Thee my Saviour and Redeemer, nor Thy Holy Church. But grant me, O Lord, cries and tears for my sins, and spare me in the hour of Thy dread judgment. Amen

  25. Just a Canadian 2 cents here but we don’t have a 2 party dialectic, but rather a multi-party phenomenon with the same result. I’ve gone to vote and had the choice of around a dozen candidates from different parties (Rhino party, anyone?). It doesn’t matter. I really admire the ‘independent’ MP – who breaks with the mainstream parties – they’re usually the ones with integrity and backbone. If they make it to parliament with out the backing of a political parties, you know there is something unique about them. They didn’t have to grease palms to get there, just true grit and tenacity. Out of the 308 elected MPs, there might be one independent. Lucky constituents though – he or she will be working for their interests.

    Just a couple of observations from my personal banking – I’ve had a credit card for a number of years and every time it’s due to expire, I get a new one issued without question. The expiry has always been in August. My new credit card though, has a February expiry. I’m suspicious.

    Also the bank now alert me to ‘e-bills’ – what the heck is that? I usually get my bills from the company that renders the service, then I pay them – however I want. Again I’m suspicious about a bank intervening and taking that over. I see it as another step towards dependence on the system only to be shut out of it if I don’t take a subdermal chip or vax or whatever else.

    1. I’m seeing a lot of that on FB, ads to rent to own. Um. I thought that’s what a mortgage was. One of the ads said you could pay $895 a month in this program – you can’t even rent a 2 bedroom apt. in the hick town I live for that. People who do this don’t realize that they will never get to own the house on a payment plan like that.

      1. While a rent to own concept can make a lot of sense to a few who actually try it, most business people who engage in it exploit renters by enticing them into just spending more.

        I knew of a guy who owned a few mobile home parks and he told me he would rent to own dozens of the same manufactured homes he owned over and over again as the renters were either too stupid or personally unstable to follow through on the agreement. He would just use the rent to own agreements as a profit center.

    2. Most renters aren’t really capable of being able to own a home. Owning a home is expensive and takes responsibility, and fiscal prudence. These types of programs mentioned in this article just throw borrowed money at the ostensible problem, which only works to achieve higher equilibrium prices for everyone. Of course, the banks make out better than anyone else.

  26. The engineers from DARPA and the CIA have really got us down as a species. Trump was hand picked to drive this country into insolvency, just like all the firms he ran as a dry run for him going back to the 80s. The Synagogue was impressed enough to let him destroy the Republican party. The CIA promoted Jones and Adams as they proved their worth and maybe unwittingly go along with the plan to promote Trump as Goldstein.

    Biden to deliver prime-time address warning Americans’ rights are ‘under attack’


    1. Alex Jones says we can turn this around. Jones says we have the ability to turn all this around. Of course, Jones has been plucking that one string banjos since I knew of him 20 years ago. All we need to do is vote in Trump. We need to vote in Trump’s hand pick candidates and get the word out. We also need to contribute to his cause. I appreciate how Jones and Adams take Trump to task. They both have our backs. I do observe that Jones is a complete psycho in the media, but we need to support him. We need to rally around Trump and Jones. They’ve been martyred by our adversary, the filthy liberals.

      1. Here’s Alex Jones getting very heated about the topic of flat earth:


        Alex Jones obviously doesn’t like talking about it, but supposedly he’s all about anti-establishment and conspiracies. You would think even if he necessarily doesn’t believe it that he would at least entertain the subject matter.

        From the Scriptures we know the earth is stationary and the sun/moon move around the earth. For example, God stopped the sun moving for the Israelites – for an entire day. Therefore, the sun can’t be stationary like they teach in schools. The cosmology you’re taught in schools is anti-God. Takes glory away from God. And paved the way for new age and atheist (we are random through Big Bang and evolution) ideologies. The adversary does not want you to know a book written thousands of years ago is entirely accurate. It would lead people toward God. Adversary’s job is to deceive and temp with sin.

    2. America was on track to insolvency well before Trump your giving the guy way to much credit. If he was hand picked why have they been going after him non stop before he even became president and trying to find anything to nail him with so he cant run again? Make no mistake neither party should be trusted and both are responsible for the state we are in. We have the best Gov money can buy.


      1. There are a lot of good reasons to put up someone like Trump as controlled opposition. Dynamic silence in the media ensures that people see him as the face of the Right. People like Chris here at knowyouradversary.com don’t get coverage.

        1. So how do they put him up if they are trying to prevent him from running again? What am i missing here? Not supporting the guy just wondering how they are “Putting him up” since from before he was elected they were working against the guy. The Russian collusion stuff all turned out to be fake and was brought to us by the Democrats and Republican to undermine Trump. And now we have the FBI and secret files at Trumps house maybe Comey should look into so he can give Trump a pass like he did Hillary.

          1. All eyes are on Trump right now. People on the Right feel sympathetic towards him. Many have been led to believe that because the mainstream media demonizes someone they must be good. They have forgotten that these people have always used controlled opposition to great effect from the Soviet Union to the present day.

            There is also the issue of the Trump candidates. Chris has pointed out that these guys are—in my words—jokers that are meant to fall. It is just conjecture at this point, but the signs are that the midterms are not going to be a Republican sweep at all. Imagine, at this critical moment in history, when Russia and China are mobilized and poised to fight WWIII, the Democrats take full control and can freely sabotage our defense from the highest levels.

            One probable scenario is that the US is humiliated in some precursor event to the Great War, such as a dirty bomb, etc. In the aftermath of that event, the Democrats would be able to blame Russia/China and people on the Right for being pro-Russia/pro-China, then legally pursue them with the support of the
            enraged common American. The incredible success of the propaganda campaign to pro-Putinize/Russify the Right might be a sign of its coming.

          2. mr1,

            Not only was the Russian collusion stuff real, it was much worse than the Leftist media was reporting, because they are in on the controlled opposition scam. They could’ve buried Trump with the information they had. Instead, they just gave Trump a few love taps instead of several upper cuts. It’s a rigged boxing match, and you’ve been had. If you still can’t figure out that Trump is controlled opposition, I am not sure you can be helped to see what’s really going on.

      2. The problem is this ensures Republicans lose a lay up this November. Trump ensures the Democrats maintain control with all their policies. Long ago, this blog discussed and analyzed how Trump was a liberal Democrat in NY, and gave lots of money to Clinton Senate campaign in 2000. I recall how the clintons and Trump used to appear together on Page Six of the Post on an ongoing basis.

        The reason why I am bringing this up now is that the engineers have conflated the Republicans with Trump and Jones. The Republicans could have easily have swept both houses this November, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. This is why the MSM is pushing Trump so hard. As long as his name is out in the media the Democrats will prevail.

        Now, normally I don’t politicize, but I’m observing the dynamic here and I’m not disregarding it as some jaded person. The powers that be hope to make the Democrats close enough in the elections that they can rig it and maintain control of both houses. And I see a compliant Lindsey Graham setting the stage. If the Republicans could take control in some way, we would not see votes for gun bands and all sorts of other stuff. This just extends the timeline.

        1. Yes I know Trump was a Democrat and gave to them but how far would he get trying to do business in NY without greasing the palms of those in charge? Trump has flipped flopped on many issue like many politicians. Regan was also a Democrat at one time. Elected twice and hated greatly by Democrats. I still see the main goal of the parties is to keep the people divided. Instead of love your neighbor its hate your neighbor especially if they are not vaccinated! 😁

          1. This is just the alternative media line you are espousing here (“greasing the palms”). The truth is that Trump has gotten paid big time, and very well, for services rendered, despite being under “investigation” and “audit”. It’s very probably choreographed for the moment that Chris is describing, when Democrats take all branches of government and begin the next stage.

            1. No im not espousing any media line i am just assuming that is what Trump would have to do get things done in NY. So the Democrats paid him to be investigated non-stop before, during, and after his presidency? Paid him so everyone around him could be investigated, have their homes raided by the FBI put in hand cuff in their pajamas? Paid so he and those around him would have to spend millions on legal fees in court? That must of been one big payout to Trump! Would it not of been a lot cheaper just to rig the election an give it to Hillary? I think even without “Trump” many people are willing to vote Republican just because of prices of gas, food, housing etc. to quote James Carville “It’s the economy, stupid”
              Not referring to you Dixie with Carvilles quote im just saying with the way things are now for most people and the economy why would they want to vote for continued Biden economy?

            2. Also i just want to say we all may not agree on stuff discussed but i mean no offence to anyone. I do appreciate greatly what everyone has to say here it should make all of us think. Chris I thank you for your insight on many issues and especially the financial markets you help me to better understand what is going on. And I will be the 1st to admit that i dont grasp it all and have to look up some of the abbreviations for financial terms you use but im trying! many thanks!

            3. mr1,

              Democrats and Republicans are run by the same people, who are billionaires, trillionaires (Rothschilds), or well connected to central banks. Money is no issue to these people. Spending millions in legal fees to shape politics the way they want is well worth it.

              Trump and Hillary are on the same team. Trump was scripted to win in 2016. The Coronavirus was also scripted, as were Biden’s win, the inflation crisis, and the Russia/Ukraine war. We already have a one-world government.

              Trump hasn’t personally suffered either. He was a fading celebrity who got to be president. The arrests and raids haven’t personally affected Trump either, who is well connected to the tribe and seems to agree with their agenda.

              Surface level politics is a WWE match. Nothing you see is unscripted.

            4. Carlos is 100% right on the money. Hiliary couldn’t win because they needed Trump to sucker in the folks on the right to accept/take the vaccine. Imagine how much lower the vaccine rollout would be among conservatives in the USA if Trump wasn’t the one that first delivered it? Behind closed doors I’m sure Hiliary and Trump get along just fine. When it’s in front of the supporters it gets turned into a pro wresting match. Trump was also needed to fuel the right/left divide; and he certainly made conservatives, and Christians look very bad with all the non-sense he’s pulled during his Presidency. Especially inciting his supporters to march and fight for their country in the White House. But when it came to deliver his pardons – completely threw those same supporters under the bus. All the meanwhile he hired an incompetent team of lawyers, and I’m sure his campaign racked in more than enough money to hire better. He’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing for the right. Best thing the right can do is get as far away as possible from him; but they are about as hypocritical as the left when it comes to supporting bad candidates.

          2. An alleged Russian defector appeared on the Jerome Corsi show in 2020 and claimed that Putin and the KGB deliberately leaked their manipulation of Trump in order to cause a constitutional crisis, which they didn’t get, but they sure got the mass division they are always looking for. I believe this point by the alleged defector. It stands to reason and makes the most sense. As I mentioned before, the Russian collusion was much worse than any of the media, Left or Right, has reported. If conservatives had understood the treachery that took place when Trump hijacked the Republican Party, they would’ve have tossed him out like a rotten egg and he would’ve been yesterday’s news. But that didn’t happen. He fooled the electorate on a mass scale.

    1. What do you mean? The population is still rising in numbers, according to Dept. Of Commerce. I think the people are just getting sicker. Besides, the open borders is stifling housing supply.

      There is a house across the street from a house I am working on that was sold not too long ago, and wondered who bought it, since it sold for a higher end price. It turns out they are a large family of 7-8 Nigerians crammed into a 2,000 SQ foot house.

      It was a federally subsidized FHA loan, of course. Native Americans are getting sick and dying, and the foreigner masses replace them.

    2. Carlos,

      1. Population (of unskilled persons) rising in the West. Mainly Third Worlders.

      2. Worker (skilled persons) shortages rising in the West.

      3. Housing shortage due to mass migration.

  27. The Jay Powell from Jackson Hole was clearly a different than the one from the previous Fed meeting. I suspect he has marching orders with the rest of the western central banks to collapse the asset markets.

    Whatever plan the powers that be have, they announced it to the plebs at Jackson Hole on Friday. Powell even referred to Volcker in his speech. That’s not a good sign and any of those growth stock recommendations I made outside of the energy patch should be rescinded.

    1. Do you give much heed to the Commitment of Traders report? The SP500 futures report shows that a bottom is likely in. It also suggests that this bottom may lead to a massive bull market, given the size of the long commercials position. The last time commercial hedgers were positioned this long was in 2012.


      I’m torn about the SoS’s short term plans for the stock market. A softening would be good for their inflation and wealth deprivation agenda. But if that happens right now, it will make Biden look bad. Upper middle class Democrats seem to keep voting for Democrats because they believe Democrats are “competent” when it comes to the economy, and their recent track record backs them up. If the Fed achieves a soft landing, Biden will be promoted as having cleaned up “Trump’s mess.”

      I think Powell is saying he’ll act tough, but inflation data will come down quickly enough that he can pivot. Talking tough and then pivoting based on facts will make the market respect the Fed and will make Biden look competent again.

      Regardless of what happens, you are in a great position as a landlord, since rising rents are a fundamental component of the SoS’s agenda.

      1. I used to report on the COT on the blog in things like bonds, notes, gold, Commodus and oil and spoos, etc. I still refer to them and they are handy as a guide to see if the markets are lopsided and such. I am more philosophical on the site now. I don’t trade the markets as much as before COVID. Lots of false starts, etc. now.

        I agree with you here. While they talk tough, I don’t think much has changed. Powell didn’t take anything back from last months comments. He still say the Fed is at neutral policy. How tough is tough? I don’t know. I read that a fewmon wall street say up to 5%. Not the end of the world.

        I personally think the Fed is content with CPI at 3-4%, not the 2% they claim they still intend to achieve.

        If the Fed can suppress real bond yields, it would be in their and the USGs best interests to keep price inflation elevated, as that effectively writes off the real debt burden

  28. A number of countries have ARMs for mortgage, the US has the 30 year fixed. In England, there may be some problems for homeowners who need to refinance.


    House price crash: Homes to be empty ‘for very long time’ as recession hits – new forecast


    Nikodem Szumilo, Professor in economics of the built environment at UCL, said the decisive factor in an “abrupt correction” in house prices would be the refinancing of mortgage payments, which are expected to become increasingly unaffordable. As such, prospective buyers looking to get more value for their money through a crash in prices may not want to hold their breath.

    With interest rates rising and the Bank of England offering gloomy financial predictions for the next 12 months, it is easy to see why so many in the property industry – as well as those looking to buy or sell – are getting a little twitchy.

    He said: “Because the vast majority of mortgages need to be refinanced between two and five years in this country, fifty percent of those mortgages are going to have to be refinanced in the next two years.

  29. Fed Can’t Fix Fiscal-Driven Inflation: Jackson Hole Paper


    The alt media is so packed with so many people and personalities, that any message gets drowned out. I’ve never seen the tsunami of personalities prognosticating with just about everything, especially Economics.

    I’m going through the math and running the numbers in my head, and I just don’t see how real estate prices on the national level are going to fall in any meaningful way. I observe the concerted effort of the MSM to paint a catastrophic scenario in the making, but with inflation this high, regardless of bond yields, rents are just going to keep moving higher.

    The costs to build new homes I’ve really moved higher and show no sign of slowing down. When inflation is indeed fiscal in nature, and the current machine is throw ing our money the way it is, how can prices drop? The average person continues to lose out and will never be able to afford to buy a home. If prices drop it’s because interest rates rose.

    If QB contract amounts in the NFL continue to escalate, it’s safe to assume everything else is.

    I prefer using anecdotal data points like football quarterback, and baseball and basketball player contract salaries as a rough guide to see where I think prices are moving. Of course, this isn’t a scientific approach per se, but it lends support where I think trends are moving. These people are the ultimate of skilled employees and skilled employees get paid well. When the prices of sports teams rise like this, I observe this as a data point in support of rising asset prices.

    1. I work in a hardware store. The price for Ben Moore’s premium paint just went up to $90/gl. Just one small example with all building components rising drastically.

  30. Japan Set to Become One of World’s Biggest Defense Spenders – Bloomberg

    The increase in spending could make Japan’s military spending third largest, behind the US and China.


    (Bloomberg) — Japan is set to approve what could be its biggest increase in defense outlays since the end of the war, putting it on a path to become one of the world’s top military spenders.

    In a Defense Ministry budget request for fiscal 2023 expected by the end of August, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s ruling party is looking to double spending over five years from this year’s 5.4 trillion yen ($39.5 billion). Outlays of that scale could propel Japan from ninth in the world for military spending to a likely third spot behind the US and China, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, or SIPRI, which tracks defense spending.

  31. Looks like Jerome will fight inflation at all costs. Looks like the market is responding to the downside. Should we be more bearish Chris? What are your thoughts.

    1. market is getting knocked down after a few days of going up. seems like other times when Powell spoke markets went up even when he mentioned raising rates.

    2. Kinda odd, decent data on inflation lowering and improved consumer sentiment is released at the same time the negative comment by Powell that housholds and small businesses most likely are going to experience pain. He’s going to keep raising til the job is done yet says it will wind down eventually. Kinda contradicting information going on in the media.

    3. I am thinking that the problems with the vaccines have genuinely started affecting the economy and the population en masse in general. I actually suspect that at least five to seven million people have died as a result of the vaccine here in the United States. These numbers are going to continue growing and I think that Powell is intentionally now fighting inflation at the worst time. I believe the economy is rolling over because the people are getting sick and dying. The vaccine issue is going to be big talking point for 2024, and though the Democrats pushed all these mandates they will begin to blame Trump. The whole irony is that Trump is going to look terrible and the mainstream is already positioning Trump to take the blame for this growing catastrophe. Mark my words the people are getting sick and they will begin dying even more than they already have.

      Of course, this was done intentionally and there are no mistakes here. Trump is the pin cushion to keep the Marxists moving forward. Trump gets paid handsomely to do what he does and the same with Alex jones.

      Because the Republicans have proved ineffectual, the marxists have had Little Resistance to a program that truly few people want. We will own nothing and be happy.

      I’m getting concerned that real estate May begin to fall over as the labor force continues to shrink and the people struggle with their ongoing and worsening illnesses. I don’t know how they’re going to be able to maintain their mortgage payments. I’ve been having problems with the lenders funding loans and I’ve decided to just continue my cash out. I’d rather own all my properties. These problems are not going away and the people have begun to die. This is especially true of the younger folk.

      I think we’re done and there’s no turning back. You’re on your own now.

      1. I mean I discontinued my cash out process. Voice to text is a pain while I’m working on a job site.

      2. I say these things because of the recent economic data. Specifically, I am very concerned about the ISM services and the PMI services indexes. They’re showing outright contractions, and they’re contracting significantly. These tend to be more forward-looking. In addition, I am following up here with regards to my recent posts reporting labor force reductions. The labor force has been contracting significantly over the past several months. There is something dreadful going on here and the people are getting sick and dying. This is more concerning to me than what Powell says. The economic data that I like to observe and analyze is indicating to me that something horrible is taking place.

        For the first time, I’m out to say that we may be in a long-term economic contraction and significant death event.

        You’re not finding the truth anywhere, especially from the people around you in the MSM.

      3. Chris, I think you are so right. I was in the hospital emergency room today as my Dad suddenly lost vision in one eye.
        The first think I have found out is that the hospital rooms are all occupied which is unprecedented. Some patients had to be out in the halls. My folks have been to the emergency room in this same hospital over the years and it never has been overflowing with patients before. Totally unprecedented.
        I think the vaccinated are dying and it is going to get worse.

        I believe this is starting to hit the economy. I have read on CNBC and other places about how workers are only doing the bare minimum and nothing
        more( I.E. Quiet Quitting). It could be these people are not feeling good after getting Vaxxed and don’t have the energy to do more. I have seen how people suddenly lose motivation and energy after getting the kill shot.
        I have seen others suddenly getting health problems after the shots. Clearly this is hitting productivity.

        If I was a landlord like you, I would brace yourself for tenants being unable to pay due to health problems. Hopefully those sick and dying tenants will be replaced by the new migrants who are not required to get the kill shot and will get government rent subsidies.

        Things are going down but investment opportunities will present themselves in this situation.

          1. #17 in trending. I just glanced at the top trending YouTube videos, and it’s a music video featuring orgies. One of the top comments – “it’s not that vulgar as some people say.” But the vax deaths seem to have been increasing quite a bit lately. Over there on theCovidBlog there are comments of people having to wait 2 weeks to bury their family members – because of how backed up their funeral homes are.

          2. Comments in that video say pretty much the same story. Aren’t you glad now more than ever that you didn’t get the clot shot? Thank God for giving us the wisdom to discern the evil going on here.

            1. I was blessed with good parents, but didn’t realize it at the time. They criticized the concept of the vaccination. The last time I received a vaccination was a 1979 for a tetanus shot. Even in my unwashed state I knew vaccinations or at least useless, and probably worse

            2. People ask me what’s the criteria of being in the remnant. I’m sure some of those who were jabbed arw saved in the sense of the Laodiceans quoting Paul. But a member of the remnant would have never taken any of these jabs, because that takes discernment and Godly wisdom.

            3. I think about this more and more since Covid: “Thank God for giving us the wisdom to discern the evil going on here”. What a time to be alive.

  32. I am operating out of a rehab today and don’t have access to the media, but the economic data today look good for stock bulls. I don’t need the media to tell me what’s good or not.

    Personal income and outlays data look favorable for continued subdued Fed policy. Price data came in lower than expected while personal income and outlays were lower than expected.

    When I say be the landlord, I mean figure out a way to annuitize business and make money on a monthly basis. For me it’s residential real estate, for the car companies they are about to embark on a program to soak the car buyer with monthly fees. Whatever path you choose, soak the unwashed plebes by convincing them they need your service or product.

  33. International trade in goods deficit continued to narrow, down to $89 billion.

    If you wonder why the US dollar continues to find continued strength there are three reasons.

    1) the elevated prices of energy and commodities in general continue to help the United States more than any other country, including Russia.
    2) when it comes to war, America benefits.
    3) the onshoring of the manufacturing base is fleshing out in the trade data.

    We can also add the massively porous open borders, which floods the country with the unwashed slave labor that it needs to keep its population growth intact.

    We can trade the currencies, but ultimately fundamentals are in complete control.


  34. I was scanning Rumble earlier and came across this video in which Alex Jones and another front man admitted his family did work for the CIA.


    These people can’t contain themselves when discussing their ties to our adversary. So, how can we trust them with anything they say? We can’t.

    We cannot trust these charlatans fronted in the Patriot or alt-media outlets. If they are there and receive MSM attention, they have been planted.

    I know a couple people who work for the CIA and I live in Fairfax County. But it is certainly rare. So, how come a large number of these alt-personalities have ties to these intelligence groups?

  35. LNG Investment To Peak In 2024 At $42 Billion
    Aug 24, 2022, 6:00 PM CDT

    •Investment in new LNG infrastructure is set to surge this decade
    •Rystad: LNG infrastructure investment is set to reach $42 billion annually in 2024.
    •Besides the U.S., Qatar, Mozambique and Russia are building out their export capacity
    •New LNG projects are driven mainly by a short-term increase in natural gas demand in Europe and Asia.


      1. Canada is a definite beneficiary of all the problems of the oil and gas markets. Between the United States and Canada, production is over 16 million barrels of oil equivalent a day.

  36. Holy S&*+! Hot off the presses! Asset owners will get richer! Be the landlord over the retarded plebes. Each wage slave will lose at least $2,000 for socialized student loan debt forgiveness. RE investors and asset owners of sports teams, large retailers, and firms that cater to retarded student debt slaves will prevail (as always) and the wealth disparities will grow!

    Cost of President Biden’s student debt forgiveness plan may cost taxpayers an average of $2,000, experts say
    PUBLISHED WED, AUG 24 20223:33 PM EDT

    •President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced a sweeping student loan forgiveness plan of up to $10,000 per borrower, or up to $20,000 for those with Pell Grants.
    •But policy experts say the plan has significant drawbacks, including higher costs to all taxpayers without solving the U.S. higher education system’s underlying issues.


    1. Clearly, traders don’t seem to think that JWN and CRM benefit from student loan debt forgiveness.

      1. Futures are a little in the green tonight maybe the markets are not to worried about what Powell is going to put out or already know. S&P up to 4300 short of a nuke going off in Ukraine or something?

  37. I am of English and Welsh descent as well as of German and Lithuanian background. My fellow Israelite remnants are going to have a very tough time this winter. I pray for them and for my fellow Israelite remnants in my local community. Our adversary has made certain that my people suffer. My people are groaning under the weight of Satan’s oppression and we are gearing up for the end. Ephraim (England) will be on its own, while his brother, Manasseh will make it through better.

    Financially speaking, all I can say is that you need to be your own boss. Nobody is there to help you anymore. The remnant is on its own and soon we will undergo a transformation and have to endure the Second Exodus.

  38. Europe is looking at a very grim winter. Thank you, Joe! He is actually too senile to carry this out. His handlers put him in place as they carry out the timeline to WWIII. The Republicans have been surgically neutered. It’s so ingenious. I cannot believe how the world has begun burning and the livestock start dying and there is absolutely no opposition. None.

  39. Someone recently asked me what I thought about student loan debt cancellations.

    My answer as an economist is straightforward. Any sizeable debt cancellation will indeed increase upward price pressures. And it’s not just overall price pressures per se, with debt cancellation of this size, what we’ll witness will be price pressures in certain sectors over others. While price inflation will trickle down overall to even the price of a can of corn, price growth will concentrate around the areas that these student drone debt slaves concentrate. This means that house prices and rents will continue to find a firm footing.

    Look, even the biggest housing bear has to recognize the obvious here and that the government is doing everything it can create massive price distortions in the supply demand equations of basic necessities. The most effected will be housing. You would be a fool not to continue being a landlord.

    As an economist, it is a cardinal sin to forgive debt on a wholesale level, regardless of its origin. As an investor, once again, the Democrats will only ultimately help the asset owners. The wage slave working class whose debt is not forgiven will get thrown under the bus. And the benefits that accrue to those whose debt is forgiven will all be arbitraged away and they will be in a worse state within 12 to 18 months because of every rising cost of living increases. All of that largesse will find it onto the balance sheets of the asset owners. Once again, I thank you, Joe Biden.

    As the people become more intellectually and emotionally stunted, the scams can get more vast.

    The Biden regime will take on debt to finance the debt cancellations, but the UST obligations will be inflated away as a result. The fleecing of the Americans just gets easier and easier and the PTB have seen that through the covid monetary and fiscal engineering that they can actually get away with it now as the people are so retarded. The government and Fed see that they can suppress real bond yields and create massive waves of inflation. The Biden regime will start instituting all sorts of government benefits and largesse to buy votes and control. The best part is that the beneficiaries end up paying for the bill down the road, while the asset owners continue to clean up.

  40. While I’m not politically partisan per se and I am conservative; even though the liberal dummies I know think I am, this midterm election coming up is incredibly important for the lengthening of this timeline to war. If the Republicans fail to get either the house or Senate, look out for some terrible ramifications in which the country will never recover. I have never seen a political party in more disarray even though they have the high ground, than the Republicans for these upcoming midterms. And Lindsey Graham is right. The Republicans are stacked with a bunch of unelectable candidates and we can’t blame him or the Republican establishment. They would have taken the Senate and most likely the house in this upcoming election, but they’re no longer in control of the Republican party.

    This is why Donald Trump has been placed here on purpose. Instead of making the Democrats look bad all he has done is made the Republicans look like balkanized buffoons. Trump has gone out and supported unelectable candidates outside of the Republican party. This will ensure that Democrats actually take a majority in the Senate. A few months ago this would have been inconceivable.

    Subsequent to the midterms,I would suspect that Biden will crease draining the SPR and oil and gas prices will just accelerate to the upside. The wage slave liberal dummies will continue to vote according to their existing biases and destroy what little buying power their pay brings. Any wage slave who got a 3% cola last year lost 6% in buying power, just based on the CPI. They also lined up and took those death jabs and shortened their lives. They’re already getting sick, yet are in denial. I’m seeing it first hand.

    People like the Health Ranger and Alex Jones have been absolutely dreadful and horrible for the conservative cause. Despite what the Health Ranger is saying, Jones is still a steadfast supporter of Trump. They both believe Trump is working for the good. At some point even the most obtuse have to conclude this is intentional as these two Judas goats are not stupid. Jones’s support of trump only hinges on the vaccines. With a screaming sociopathic maniac like Jones as an anti-jab guy, mandatory vaccines are coming for everybody

    When I watch a video of Jones comparing vaccine supporters and uses the metaphor of a child whose throat is sliced open and splattering blood all over the Thanksgiving dinner table you know that there’s something wrong with this man and he’s not your ally. Trump and his controlled supporters like Adams and Jones are all under orders to act this way as the dialectic opposition of the Republicans go down in flames. All the while they’ll be screaming about how wicked the Democrats are. There’s no more opposition and it’s like how the Nazi party taken over after the Reichstag fire.

    The emotionally and intellectually stunted supporters of Trump and Jones have glorified these two terrible men because of their ostensible crucifying in the mainstream media. The MSM have turned these two charlatans into martyrs just before election.

    With the House and Senate comfortably with the Democrats, we’ll see gun bans, perpetual vaccine mandates, rent moratoriums, heavy-handed green agenda, woke legislation and continual rewrites of history books. The ultra wealthy love Democrat policy and we’ll see ever-widening income and wealth disparities, and ever escalating oil and gas prices. Warren Buffett knows what’s coming and that’s why he’s buying up Occidental.

    1. Chris, you say “be the landlord” and all I see are rent moratoriums. I’m in CA (land of fruits and nuts) and the thought of being a landlord of residential housing seems crazy to me. I have a friend who inherited an established family property business, amounting to a lot of property in the SF Bay Area. They can likely deal with vacancies (residential and commercial) but when the state says to the renters to stop paying rent then what? On the other hand their business model may revolve around section 8 housing, so is that somewhat of a guaranteed monthly income? But they have very deep pockets and I don’t.

      I own one condo that I live in and often the thought comes up that I may want to rent it out, assuming I can find a replacement property (house). It’s paid off and I have owned it for over 20 years and is in one of the best areas in the Bay Area, so the likelihood of having tenant issues is low. But in the end I ask myself: Am I landlord material? Maybe not. Rather just cash out of the condo and use that money to upgrade to a house. But things being as they are now I’d have to add $150-200K mortgage to get a house in a good area. Perhaps the best opportunity is one’s current situation?

      1. Leave California. It’s for the expression “be the landlord,”you need to empower yourself to somehow make money off the people in a passive manner. I just spoke at length to a young woman this morning regarding landlording there are a lot of people who dream about it, but are scared to do it. I don’t think you have any choice anymore. Your government gave you a pair of golden handcuffs and made you a prisoner of your own circumstances. But that’s what the government has done with virtually everybody to some extent.

        You and I have to be like boxers in a 15-round title match and we win if we’re still standing at the end of the fight.

        1. OK got it. You literally speak of being a landlord because you are one so naturally I go down that road. Text lacks tone so I didn’t pick up on the expression.

          The only way for me to “be the landlord” is to invent a product or continue offering high tech services as a self employed technician who has managed to successfully repair a type of pump that very few can. I am quite small in comparison to the other third party rebuilders but manage to pull work from all over the US and Europe. Not huge volume but keeps enough cvashflow to keep the lights on. Having very little debt has been a blessing.

          The post covid world seems to be working in my favor and I’m getting repair requests from companies that never reached out to me before. Our work has proven to be superior in many cases (customer testimonials) but I don’t think that’s the main reason. I suspect these companies who used my competitors may have been affected by covid policy, which made them inefficient compared to how they were before. Or half their workforce took the bait and stayed home. I did not take one cent of what I call covid money. Rather I reduced my salary (but kept my worker at full pay).

          Leaving CA isn’t an option in the near future if at all. The one thing it has is Proposition 13 protection, which favors property owners by keeping taxes caped at 2% per year increase. But the tax base is tied to the sales price at roughly 1.25%. With the over priced housing in CA and lots of turnover, a new buyer gets the high tax bill that goes with it. The other unfair part is someone buying a condo in my village now is paying about $500K more than I did and is taxed accordingly. It costs me about $600.00 / mo. to live in my condo and it can easily rent for $2400.00 / mo.

          Another thing CA offers for those who are 55 and older is the ability to keep the tax base. As an example, I can sell my condo for $600K and buy a replacement property for the same $600K. My taxes would be about half what someone would pay as a new owner. It’s a great deal. And after the fires, CA made it so that one can buy up. If I buy a $700K house I pay 1.25% on the $100K price increase. Still a great deal assuming no loan for the difference. The offset to that recent buy up law made it that inherited property gets taxed at current market value (unless a family member lives in the house). This has created a boom of older run down houses for sale, but the bad part is the covid crazy pricing was also in full effect. My area alone saw gains of 30% or more in about a years time and offers way over asking price. Thanks to all those work from home covid policies and possibly salaries that are possibly too good to be true, made it impossible for me to upgrade.

          As a side note, I have a theory about the covid home buying craze and it seems that I may be on to something. My theory states that many people are over paid for the job they do and we may be seeing cutbacks soon.

          *Consider that post 08, the lending rules were completely overhauled to where one has to legitimately qualify for a house. Pre 08 you can fog a mirror and you’re in. Mortgage default was imminent.

          *The future of the covid world had companies scrambling to stay in compliance; and since the cheap money of post 08, possibly threw crazy money at workers? That steady state of high income would for sure fulfill all the lending requirements.

          *The lockdowns created the work from home mindset and quickly people realized that an internet cable can run all the way to the much more affordable East Bay. No more overpriced rent in SF or SJ!

          I kept saying to myself how is it possible for these people to spend this kind of money on a house? Dual income, bonuses that likely equal half my yearly salary, etc.. But I ask is that slowly coming to an end? Are we on the cusp of another mortgage default crisis? But unlike pre 08, they originate from high wages?

          I saw an article today that seemed to say exactly this but referencing the UK. Companies are saying the remote workers should take a 20% pay cut. It’s as if someone heard me voice my theory a few months ago. UK today and US tomorrow? Maybe I should just stay in my $600.00 / mo condo and be grateful.


          1. However we make money, we need to control how we make it. At least, that’s the goal.

            I see how car manufacturers are growing their SaaS side to soak owners on a monthly basis. Develop a way to differentiate from others.

            1. TSLA split again, has almost as many shares as Ford now. But the Bid and Ask on the book are low numbers, kinda odd unless higher numbers show up tomorrow. Many bids show at 20 thru 100, whereas Ford usually has bids from 5000 thru 30000. I assume Elon will give it a up so it will go back up. AMZN upticked 20 bucks within a few weeks. GOOG is taking it’s time, but not sure why it would go down.

              Jackson Hole Wyoming sounds like a battle field name, odd they would choose that town for a statement meeting unless they chose it for the name. Why not just make statements from one of the FED headquarter buildings? It’s like they want to schedule in a mini vacation for these events?

            2. If you’ve ever been there, you’d see how beautiful it is that time of the year. One of the best places to vacation in the lower 48. The very wealthy have ranches around there.

            3. I have been to Jackson Hole WY 12 years ago. It is very gorgeous out there where you are in a green valley surrounded by snow capped mountains. You are also very close to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Many rich and famous have mansions in or around Jackson Hole because of the scenery.
              That said, it makes sense that all the Western world central bankers gather out there.
              By the way, the winters are brutally cold and snowy out there. The richies leave for the south in the fall. Small wonder why the central bankers meet in the summer out there.

          2. One reason for the high house prices in places like New York, San Francisco, and Boston is all the overpaid techies and academics move into these areas and drive up the prices.

            I believe AL’s argument and Chris pointed this out that these techies and professors are way overpaid for hardly any work.
            There is is also a high bar to get into these fields otherwise more people would get into these fields
            due to the high pay.

    2. My intuition indicates that you are correct about the lack of prospects for the Republicans to take the house and Senate. God has warned me in my prayers that it is not likely the Republicans will take control of either house never mind both. Even if a majority of legitimate voters choose the Republicans, they will fudge the count so they won’t win. Remember the 2020 bogus election result.

      I am also conservative but I am not registered Republican nor Democrat. I really dislike the Democrats with their self righteous holier than thou attitude. However, my past writings suggesting the Democrats will retain control are what my intuition and the Lord have been telling me. If the Democrats retain control then Hell will break loose a lot sooner than otherwise. The end times will come much sooner.

      Get in line with Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only one that will save you. Republicans, never mind Democrats won’t save you.

      1. Unfortunately, no. Lenin and Stalin knew democracies we’re bunk, because they recognized it’s not who votes that matters, it’s who counts the votes.

        The Democrats are the less principled of the two parties, and to them, the ends justify the means. Just like the Soviets and CCP. They all have a utopian goal in mind and how it’s achieved is irrelevant.

      2. In this case, the outcomes should have been runaways for the Republicans. Now the independent voters are as repulsed by Trump and Jones as I am. And that’s all we heard about for the past couple months on the MSM. Clever placement and Jones is only out at most 750k and is free to continue running cover for Trump and what’s left of the Patriots. Trump still takes out hundreds of millions from his properties while he is supposedly being impeached and under tax evasion and obstruction of justice investigations. Who else could get great cash out financings under these scenarios? Who could skate around a $44 million judgment and continue to live a great lifestyle off his followers and the PTB? Trump and Jones.

  41. Remember my warning from a decade ago. The dollar will die not by weakness, but from strength.

    1. Oil is going back up it looks like. I notice gas prices in my area went back up a little .10 not much but any amount is not good. Will be interesting to see how peoples/markets reaction to gas prices creeping back up again will be.

      1. I want to see what Powell has to say on Friday. There’s a lot of data coming out between now and then. The markets are finally freaking out about gas for Europe this winter.

        Someone asked me about why markets go nuts in the fall. This is one of the reasons. People don’t like the cold short days of winter in the northern hemisphere. Europe will be in for a world of hurt, DLNG and GASS holding up and seem to be logical choices.

        1. I read about the markets waiting to hear what the FED has to say but i would think someone out there has to know already what the FED is going to say unless Powell himself does not know what he is going to say until he sits down to speak. I would have to guess someone is going to know well before the man on the street does on what the FED is going to do. thanks

          1. You’re probably right, but fed officials do wait until the last minute to absorb all of the available public data. Perhaps they already know what the data is going to be and perhaps if you do know, but hat won’t be enough to move anything. By the time the FED announces, it’s pretty much the consensus on the street anyway. Very rarely does the FED come out and actually surprise people. It did last time, and that was only because of what Powell said in his press conference. Powell does does read from a script in his press conference, but that was written up over the two-day session which culminated in the actual announcement.

            I look at the PMI announcement yesterday and that’s the type of data the FED officials look at. Manufacturing is still expanding as you and I expect, but the service component was dreadful. That may be the difference between another 25 basis points and not.

            I am encouraged that the real estate market is starting to roll over and bond yields are still this low. It’s real estate investors, this should be an encouraging sign.

            I am getting a feel for the market and chart action of oil and I don’t like what I see. I mean there seems to be a floor as of right now. I was hoping to get at least 83 to 85, and I guess we have to see what the numbers bring. But with gas going the way it’s going oil is getting some support here. If oil drops further it will be because of very hawkish actions on the Fed’s part, and dreadful economic data.

  42. “Lucifer” was his angelic name in Heaven, before being cast out. “Satan” is essentially a title- meaning ‘adversary’ or enemy. Same guy for sure. The father of lies. The god of the synagogue of Satan. Parallel: Jesus (name, yes I know Yeshua) is the Christ (title).

  43. USA, Inc. has what the world needs; oil and gas, food commodities, and an onshoring manufacturing base. Only a fool would bet against the dollar.

    Real estate in the US is so much cheaper than elsewhere, because of the 👑 👑 dollar. Proles around the world get paid in local currency, yet compete with the dollar for real estate purchases. Good luck 🤞 on that. Price to income multiples so much lower in USA, Inc.

    What a privilege Americans have!

    It’s ‘Foolish’ to Fight Dollar Dominance as Rally Picks Up Speed


  44. Battles that changed history – Tours


    This is just a short YouTube video describing the immediate ramifications of the Christian victory. Imagine if Martel lost this battle. The Muslims would have slowly invaded Western and Northern Europe and would have eviscerated the true words of Jesus Christ.

    Now the black and Hispanic Christians have been brainwashed to want to dance on the white people’s graves, but without the white Europeans traveling to North and South America, people living here never would have heard the testimony of Jesus Christ.
    There would have been no United States. There would be no Canada or Mexico. South Americans would still probably be sacrificing their best and brightest to the devil.

    As wicked as you may think these Europeans were, they gave us a fighting chance to save our souls. They spread the words of Jesus Christ to all four corners of the planet. Nobody else was willing to do that.

  45. markets look like they dont know which way to go this morning. I have heard September can be a volatile month for stock markets is that true and why would it be? thanks

    1. September and October have always been traditionally the most volatile months. Stuff during the Summer seem to get on hold until traders got back from summer vacations. US fiscal year ends September 30. Institutional investors rebalanced. This all went back 100+ years ago. The three big crashes 1929, 1987, 2008, all took place around that time.

      Do we have one this year? Let’s see what the Fed says at Jackson Hole. The consensus is now a hawkish Fed. Last couple weeks it was the other way. Bond yields and USD pushing higher as investors getting concerned.

  46. USDX flying away. Fly fly away. New cycle highs. Euro below par on dollar. I 💕😘 LOVE Biden’s economic and energy prices. The asset owners LOVE LOVE LOVE Obama/Biden. Another four more years!

    Better yet, bring on Harris! I love her policies. Whatever they are, they will help the asset owners.

    The oil and gas shareholders should also love whatever the Democrats offer. The profits are absolutely obscene! Buffet knows.

    1. The federal government is saying we need to struggle together and be unified against Russia. By enduring inflation we help Ukraine. Okay, sounds good to me. Time to raise the rents.

      As the population becomes more retarded, they are so easily fleeced out of everything that the previous generations who built this land gave them. It’s all vanishing like a fart in the wind.

  47. So many of these people who vote Democrat all lined up and got double and triple jabbed. They’re all getting sick with serious illnesses. Some of them have been almost completely debilitated. Yet, they will always vote democrat. They can never admit through their partisan confirmation biases that they’ve been duped.

  48. Berkshire Hathaway will eventually buy up and own OXY. The Biden regime has been a wonderful partner for the domestic oil and gas sector. At some point, even Biden’s allies have to realize this. While Europe freezes, USA, Inc. profits handsomely.

    Oil Has Become Too Volatile For Traders
    By Irina Slav – Aug 21, 2022, 6:00 PM CDT

    •Hedge funds are pulling out of oil as price volatility becomes excessive.
    •Oil trading activity has fallen to the lowest level in seven years.
    •The volatility is even impacting other industries as businesses which normally use oil hedges to secure price stability shy away from the practice.


    1. The Democrats continue to stick it to the common man. The asset owners and energy shareholders continue to clean up on a scale unimaginable. Even for someone with only 10-12 SFRs, the landlord doesn’t even need to get out of bed anymore. The voters have become so emotionally retarded they can’t even rationalize why they act the way they act and choose the way they choose. Imagine if people realized the scam and just stop voting.

      Even I fall victim. Although the planks of the democratic party disgust me, I do so much better when the Democrats are in office.

    2. I bought an SFR in 2015 for 175k cash. Rehabbed and rented it out. Took cash out for 160k the same year. Bought a condo for 78k cash with part of the proceeds. Paid off the loan with rental income and crypto profits. Own both free and clear and worth over 600k. Generate about 3500/mo net rental income. Doing another cash out again on the same house as part of a package deal. Will buy a rural rental with land in VA for cash.

      Thank you, Joe Biden. You are a RE investor’s best friend. Time to raise the rents! My tenants all vote Democrat looking for change.

      Now That’s what I call Dollar collapse!

      1. Working class and poor Democrats vote themselves into self destruction. They only get angry at people who point out the fact that Democrats are the ones that favor the rich over the working person. They refuse to see the fallacy.
        I now understand why wealthy people favor the Democrats. The wealthy benefit from their spending programs more than anyone else. The wealthy take advantage of the fallacy. It is all a grand game of hypocrisy. The Democrats do a much better job at lying and deceiving the voters. The Republicans also deceive the conservatives.

  49. Chris — That’s my understanding as well; the whole world has become Babylon is one way or another. It’s 100% not just the USA. Some places are worse than others. Los Angeles is certainly worse than a small town that leans right in the USA.

    The internet, social media, mainstream music, movies/shows, and Hollywood are very powerful instruments of indoctrination for the adversary. Internet is cheap and available in almost all countries for a reason. Through this the adversary can tempt and deceive. There’s a reason shows/movies are making things like idolatry and adultery normal. There’s a reason brands like Gucci, Dior, and Versace are given god status in music and movies (modern day idolatry). People no longer worship stone or wood that can’t talk or save you. Instead it has been replaced by things like Gucci. And with new age you’re your own little god. You decide in your little head what is considered good and bad. Never-mind the idea of one creator. One God. What you may thing is considered good – may not be considered good by the Almighty Lord and Creator, and we will all be judged.

    God loved this world that he gave his only begotten son – Jesus Christ. So with Jesus Christ came the four Gospels, and they’ve spread worldwide. Thank the Lord. But churches ignore for the most part that God also gave this world to Lucifer. So we will all be tested. Even Jesus Christ was tested — was he not? Did not Jesus spend 40 days without food? And Satan (Lucifer) came to tempt him with bread? Likewise on the top of the mountain when Satan (Lucifer), offered Jesus Christ the entire world and all the riches to him — if he only bows down and worships him. This same exact thing is going on today. With politicians and celebrities. As Solomon writes — nothing new under the sun.

    1. Indeed. What makes this the last act for humanity is that the northern Israelite remnant nations led the way. What started as the nations and peoples that truly sought out Christ and rebuffed the satanic advances of Islam during the battle of Tours, became the ones that led the world astray and allowed the real adversary to take over. The rest of the world was not biblically Christian anyway, and yet these remnant Nations preached the Gospel to the rest of the world. Now they turned their backs and this is why they will suffer the same fate as the Israelites were warned in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.

      Funny how today’s fire and brimstone preachers may refer to these chapters to explain the punishment of Christian nations who turn their backs, but they reject the rest of the OT as being fulfilled or for schoolchildren. More non sequiturs in a church filled with Laodicean preachers who cannot follow according to procedures of simple logic. Today’s preachers have been neutered and are like dogs without a bark. They have been made to be wilfully ignorant via PC doctrine, their stupid congregations, Romans 13, and their 501(c)3 status. Today’s church is one big daisy chain of self-censorship. Today’s preacher is a cognitively dulled and virtue signaling lump of flesh.

      God wanted Europe to remain Christian and he made it so. Until recently, when the synagogue of Satan took over with the central banks, Islam had no home in Northern and Western Europe. Neither did any other faith. Now the plebes think it’s evil to not include others, yet the world burns.

      1. Who provided this immobile wall? Jesus Christ, of course! He knew of the promises on Jacob’s deathbed, knew who the Europeans were and and how the last days needed to be fulfilled. The miracle found itself. The Satan of Islam was overcome by the immobile wall of Jesus Christ! If Martel lost, the Muslims would have continued northward, because that was all they knew what to do. It’s in their DNA to kill all “infidels.”

        While I provide this link for more information, even this link provides disingenuous information and analysis. Google paints a completely ambiguous picture on what was probably the most important battle for the survival of Christianity subsequent to the life of Jesus. OT prophecy needed to be fulfilled. Google hates Christianity and that’s why it also blotted out my “Jesus Saves” sticker on my truck on Google maps.


        Although the battle is described at length in both Muslim and Christian sources, reliable details about it are scarce. The Chronicle of 754 provides the most plausible contemporary account. Given what is known about the makeup of Frankish armies in the late Merovingian era, it is likely that the Muslim attack was broken by Charles’s massed heavy infantry. According to the Chronicle, “The northern people remained immobile like a wall, holding together like a glacier in the cold regions, and in the blink of an eye annihilated the Arabs with the sword.” Other sources indicate that the battle turned with a cavalry attack, possibly led by Eudes, on the Muslim camp. Many of the camp followers included the families of fighting men, and, when news of the slaughter in the Umayyad rear reached the Muslim lines, entire units melted away from the main battle to defend the camp. About this time ʿAbd al-Raḥmān was killed in the fighting, but another commander assumed control and withdrew the Umayyad forces into the fortified camp. Virtually all sources agree that the remnants of the Muslim army retired southward in good order during the night.

        Outcome and significance

        The Frankish victory has sometimes been regarded as decisive for world history, but in fact the revolt of the Berbers in North Africa (739) and internal dissensions in the Muslim dominions (culminating in the establishment of the ʿAbbāsid caliphate in 750) were the real causes that brought the Muslim advance to an end. Indeed, ʿAbd al-Raḥmān’s invasion more closely resembled a large-scale razzia (raid) than a true attempt to conquer and hold territory in Aquitaine. His army looted Bordeaux but made no attempt to occupy it and bypassed Poitiers entirely. Had he been able to kill or capture Eudes at Bordeaux, ʿAbd al-Raḥmān might have regarded his mission as a success and taken his army and its spoils back across the Pyrenees.

        1. The Christian numbers were significantly, significantly less than the Muslim army for that battle too. But when you have the hand of God on your side then even an army of Goliaths don’t stand a chance. Praise the Lord.

          1. That’s absolutely right. Even this Brittanica summary is riddled with “errors.” I included it since at least it said the battle was considered decisive for world history. The were outnumbered by about 40% and the Muslims had well trained horsemen for soldiers. They weren’t there to plunder. They were there to conquer. They had already taken over the entire Iberian peninsula and wanted more.

      2. Many have been indeed conditioned to think you’re racist if you don’t accept them into your country. And some of that conditioning is coming from the places you’d least expect – churches and leaders in churches. A message of all togetherness. But European citizens, particularly, have been hit hard by the influx of Muslims into their countries. Gang rapes. Violence. Murder. Theft. Mingling people from two different faiths rarely works. This is one reason why the God of Abraham and Jacob strongly discouraged a man to take a wife who didn’t know/follow the God of Abraham and Jacob. For a priest in those times – if he wanted to marry a woman she not only had to be an Israelite, but also a virgin Israelite. And of course God warned the Israelites about forsaking God’s commandments and laws; which is bound to happen in a community with mixed faiths. Atheist or new age absolutely counts as a faith imo. Faith in science counts as well. You’ve never been to those other galaxies or 5 billion years ago to witness the big bang. That requires faith in scientists. They are all theories by men – unproven and can’t be proven. All this indoctrination and mingling is causing people to forget God, and forsake God’s commandments and laws. So I’m not surprised at all by everything going on in the world. Pray for your neighbors. Pray the narrow gate becomes wider. Pray those that have been deceived come around and find Jesus as well.

      3. Otto, your post above accurately mentions Christ fasting and being tempted. Coincidentally today’s gospel reading is about prayer and fasting:

        The Gospel reading for the tenth Sunday after Pentecost (August 21st) is Matthew 17:14-23.
        This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. If this kind goes out by the prayer and fasting of another person, then it is even less able to enter one who fasts and prays. What protection!
        Although there are a slew of demons and all the air is packed with them, they cannot do anything to one who is protected by prayer and fasting. Fasting is universal temperance, prayer is universal communication with God; the former defends from the outside, whereas the latter from within directs a fiery weapon against the enemies. The demons can sense a faster and man of prayer from a distance, and they run far away from him so as avoid a painful blow.
        Is it feasible to think that where there is no fasting and prayer, there already is a demon? Yes, it is. The demons lodging in a person, do not always reveal their presence, but lurk there, stealthily teaching their host every evil and turning him away from every good thing; so this person is certain that he is doing everything on his own, but meanwhile he is only fulfilling the will of his enemy. Just commence prayer and fasting and the enemy will immediately depart, then wait on the side for an opportunity to somehow return again. And he truly will return, as soon as prayer and fasting are abandoned.
        St Theophan the Recluse.

        1. This is an excellent advice for any practicing Christian. It is important to keep a constant relationship with God through prayer. While fasting is more difficult, it shows total devotion to God. A relationship through constant and routine prayer will keep you on a straight path with God and protect you from satan and his minions.

  50. Everything has gone up in price over 10% over the past year.

    Want a new car? Ownership costs are way up, so plan to spend about $900 a month on it, USA TODAY


    The average cost to own and operate a new car in 2022 has soared about 11% since last year to $10,728 per year (just under $900 per month), according to AAA’s annual “Your Driving Costs” report.

    The report factors in costs such as fuel, depreciation, insurance and maintenance to find total annual operating expenses.

    “You’re usually focused on the purchase price and that is not the whole story. Not even close,” said Greg Brannon, director of automotive engineering for AAA. “I think ($10,000 is) a number that will surprise a lot of people.”

    The average price paid for a new vehicle was the highest on record in July at $48,182, up 12% from the prior-year period, according to Kelley Blue Book. Buyers last month paid on average $875 above sticker price in the non-luxury segment.

    1. I drive a 98 Honda civic i bought for $500 put clutch in some new motor mounts, brakes and run it! Yes things brake/ wear out but I can fix it. New cars have so many electronics they are hard to fix by design. I dont see ever owning a new car prices are way to high. Of course if the Democrats have their way we will be riding bikes with little red stars on our OD Green caps we are made to wear.

      1. Electric vehicles are much more expensive than gas powered autos. While EVs have lower ongoing costs as well as maintenance costs, they depreciate much more quickly and rarely last longer than several years before they’re fully depreciated.

        For those who like driving older cars, gas powered vehicles are much cheaper. Of course, this shift towards clean energy and EVs only hurts the poor wage slave. Once again, the Democrats stick it to the man they claim to be helping. All I see is that they’re sticking it to the common man.

        1. Someone said older vehicles and that got my attention. I recently rebuilt a 1969 Dodge Dart with the legendary slant 6 and drive it daily. Granted it’s considered a classic now, but a cheap one (when I bought it). The best part is I can fix anything that goes wrong and much of that can be done on the side of the road. But I’m an enthusiast with 40 years of experience so that helps.

          EVs are getting a major push down to the car enthusiast level. You know the type. Guys who live and breathe 1960s muscle cars and love the smell of 110 octane leaded gasoline. The editorials in my favorite car magazines, who are all about slinging a piston and as right wing as one can be, have modified their tune and are slowly slipping EV praise into their editorials. I bet a large percentage of the readers gobble it up as gospel but I see it as orders given from the CEO of the magazine to start pushing the agenda. The CEO of the publishing company may have a boss much higher up and plugged in directly to the auto manufacturer – who is plugged into the government.

          With all the effort going into EVs, they must sell no matter what. Right now buying an EV is voluntary with tax breaks to damp the unrealistic high purchase price but how long before they really start tightening the screws? My guess is no one will directly take away our gas burners. They will just make it more difficult and expensive to keep them going.

  51. Recall my explanation about why the number 13 is so prevalent in the founding of the United states. That’s because the United States was founded by the remnants of Manasseh. Manasseh is the 13th tribe of israel. Don’t look at the multicultural land of sodomites that inhabit the land today. Keep in mind the people who founded the country back in the 16 and 1700s. That’s what matters with eschatology.

    Manasseh was promised that great nation in the last days. His brother, Ephraim, was set above Manasseh although Manasseh was older. The last days are concerning the days after Jesus’s birth and life.

    Once we understand this, eschatology and these unfolding end time events make perfect sense. I rest comfortably at night, because I’m more able to make better decisions and choices. I know the truth. It’s a very politically incorrect reality, which is why our adversary pushes political correctness.

    1. I remember when my mom was on her deathbed and she was telling me all the things about her past and my ancestors. She would say “Chris, remember this. Remember this.”

      I want you to remember what I just told you regarding the last day promises. Remember.

      1. Would you know of any recommended readings to help us understand this eschatology better?

        1. We’ve been talking about it since someone asked me about Deagel.com back in April 2021. You won’t find it on Google and your fellow saved man has no clue.

          I served up a brighten video in April of last year. I think it’s still up. World War III in Bible Prophecy was the title. It will take place as the OT prophets said, because today’s evangelical Christian is dumber than a box of rocks. They were over vaccinated and a product of today’s school system.

    2. I recall vaguely songs, folklore, poems etc from back in the day where “Manasseh” was often used as a metaphor for America, the new world. Any comments on that?

      1. I do not know. I will do some research on it. That is interesting. People in the past knew of this. Nobody today does. I have to refer to writers from over 100 years ago to the nation’s founding.

        There’s nobody left to fight. The white people from that remnant have been properly demoralized by the adversary. It’s over now. Not much time left. Things can really move fast. The recent immigrants are not entitled to the birthright according to scriptures at the expense of those who were. God is soon ending this all.

        I don’t make the rules, I just recognize and follow them.

  52. The Biden regime is draining the strategic petroleum Reserve. The Democrats truly have become Marxist and will burn every bridge just to get the election. The proles will vote for them and then they’ll thumb their nose at the populace and let gas price skyrocket once again.

    The worst part is that real estate will continue moving higher and higher and higher as rents move higher and higher and higher. Then the dumb retards will demand rent moratoriums as all the Republicans voted for Trump candidates, which turned out to be unelectable outside of their own party.

  53. All I hear regarding the housing market is that it is crash and that the numbers are blinking red and we’re getting another bust. I think this is the most anticipated housing crash I’ve ever seen. I’m waiting for price to fall, as I’ve done a cash out on two properties and I’m looking to buy another one for cash. Unfortunately, wherever I look prices have been rising and continue to rise. The same goes for rents.

    All these stupid economists keep saying that housing is turning and collapsing and falling, yet they never talk about what we discuss; they’re not bright enough to run the numbers that we run. I just don’t see why investors would back away with this much yield still on the table.

    1. I just paid 0.35% on a $300,000 Cash out loan to lock in 6.25% on a 5-year arm amortized over 30 years.

      After the Democrats take both houses in the midterms, because they went up against unelectable Trump candidates in the Republican party, interest rates are going to spike. Biden stop draining the SPR, and I will be grateful I got that low loan on a no income verification rental loan cash out. With rents climbing about 10% a year, that interest rate is a bargain.

  54. Republicans have to stop supporting Trump. That man is a dangerous Judas goat and ensures the Democrats retain control. For the love of God, please make Trump go away. Of course, the retarded mentality comes from both sides of the aisle.


    McConnell says Republicans may not win Senate control, citing ‘candidate quality’


    Apart from Oz, Republicans have nominated numerous first-time candidates backed by former President Donald Trump in states such as Georgia, Arizona and Ohio to run against seasoned Democratic politicians. The Senate Leadership Fund, a group aligned with McConnell, recently bought $28 million worth of airtime in Ohio to support Republican nominee J.D. Vance

    1. The Vances are old players in politics. More of the same. Alan Watt was right; the establishment has a choke-hold on reality. No disrupter will be allowed into the pipeline. The old families keep circulating their spawn through the political system

      1. I just want to see a regime change, which prolongs the timeline. With Trump in the picture, the Republicans will probably no retake the Senate, let alone the House. At what point will his 85 IQ supporters and the controlled shills recognize this?

        When the Republicans lose watch for rent moratoriums, gun bans, full out assaults on landlords, and personal rights. Look out for energy prices going ballistic. Look for more vaccine mandates.

        Many Democrats would benefits from a change in control, but cannot overcome their brainwashing. It’s like trying to convince a Yankees fan that the Red Sox are better.

        On the other hand, all Republicans need to drop Trump, as this portrayal of him in the MSM will ensure independents vote blue. The Dems will retain their majorities.

        The one thing that helped short term in VA is that Youngkin was elected. He immediately ended all that CRT garbage and mask/vaccine mandates. The Dems were tearing down all the statues and renaming everything. That ended when he was sworn in.

        1. When the Democrats retain control look for a militarized IRS substantially stepping up audits on small business and self employed. There will be a money grab that bankrupt small business and self employed.

          I like to see a regime change down in Washington DC, but most Americans are so far gone that it won’t happen.

          I see the Christian remnant undergoing an exodus to a different location. Look for Exodus II.

          1. I saw something today where the plan is for the IRS to audit according to how you voted. You vote for the ‘wrong’ party, you get audited.

            1. Lientje, can you point us to the article that mentions that the IRS plans auditing taxpayers on how they voted?

              In the USA voting is done by secret ballot ( I.e no name associated with the ballot ).
              However if the voter is registered as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc on the voter rolls then that gives the IRS snoopers an idea of the voters political persuasion.

              My advice to USA voters is DO NOT be a registered Republican or any other Conservative party. I am conservative myself, but I am saying this to help people avert any harassment by the authorities. The IRS is coming after conservatives and will throw the book at them.

      1. You picked up on that a long time ago. Trump has the kosher seal of approval. He is Obama’s best ally. He ensures the Dems sweep again. Get out the brooms.

  55. One guy who made a killing off of BBBY after being down a ton is Cohen. Interesting. I guess something happened and he took advantage of it. Happened that fast.

    1. According to Bloomberg, BBBY is hiring bankruptcy specialists to handle its debt load.

      This is just too coincidental. I wonder if this BBBY market manipulation to bail out one of their own is tainting the market in the short term. Will the small traders learn? BBBY is going to pennies. I wonder if Cohen, who had three directors on the board, will be investigated by the SEC….

      According to Bloomberg, the firm hired bankruptcy specialists Kirkland & Ellis to handle its debt load.

      Bed Bath & Beyond Taps Kirkland & Ellis for Help Addressing Debt Load


      (Bloomberg) — Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. hired law firm Kirkland & Ellis to help it address a debt load that’s become unmanageable amid a sales slump, according to a person with knowledge of the decision.

      Kirkland, typically known for its dominance in restructuring and bankruptcy situations, was tapped to advise the retailer on options for raising new money, refinancing existing debt, or both, according to the person, who asked not to be named discussing private company plans.

      Much of Bed Bath & Beyond’s bonds and loans are trading at distressed levels, while an army of retail “memestock” investors sent its shares as high as $30 earlier this week.

      1. I as well as many others knew about this before getting in, and bought it later than I was wanted to, was looking at the 4.50 range and i’m like there has to be dilution or a bad PR on the way. However the stock spiked to 8 area and I said it’s on, but then it kinda flip flopped and thought it was going to peter out, like most pumps do and come right back down to the 5ish range. That’s why I sold early, wasn’t sure it was going to keep going up, and after I sold, it spiked even more, all the way up to 30. lol

        I thought all this woke agenda and pedo crap was to turn the Country hard right and vote Republican. I’m sure if Desantis or a surprise candidate like Trump’s daughter runs then they can win. But as everyone on here says, it doesn’t matter, it’s just two wings of the same bird.

        1. Then I guess these scams go in in broad daylight. I continually overestimate people.

          Trump is absolute poison. Everything he touches turns brown and dies. He sucks everything dry and it’s all about him.

          He will burn in hell. He claims to be Christian, yet destroys the Christian remnant wittingly and methodically. That’s all Trump knows what to do. Now his presence ensures a Democratic sweep. He’s been placed in his position by the synagogue of Satan. He received $200 million last year and another $100 million this year. He was promised untold publicity and exposure (and immunity) though his dumb supporters can’t see it.

          1. Most of Trumps enterprises have also turned brown and died.

            I think the Trump backed candidates will insure the Democrats victory.

  56. There has been a big media pivot on Joe Biden and the Democrats recently. Suddenly the Democrats are competent. This coincides with the stock market finding a bottom and inflation potentially finding a peak. NBC even leaked an article with the 2022 election results, which has the Democrats picking up 4 seats. The betting odds now favor Democrats as well. (From a market standpoint, I think this suggests the market will be strong and perhaps return to all-time highs before the election. College-educated people must continue viewing Democrats as good for the economy and markets.)

    And, yes, both parties are controlled by the Talmudic SoS. But the parties have different themes, so if the SoS wants to push a certain agenda, they need to have a certain party in power. When the war on terror was the theme, the war-mongering Republicans needed to be in power. Then the Democrats came in to push the New Deal 2.0 and stir up racial conflict with Obama. Trump came in as the “angry white people” reaction that ultimately failed. The Rothschilds are really keen on showing how nationalism is bad for white countries — every other Economist headline during Trump’s presidency was about the rising scourge of nationalism.

    Biden’s “victory” was a repudiation of nationalism. Coronavirus “proved” that countries must work together. The SoS’s top agenda right now seems to be climate change, which requires having the Democrats in power. The Republicans are just as loyal pawns to the SoS, but they can’t suddenly pivot to support climate spending when they are scripted as being pawns of “big oil.” Politics is a lot like pro wrestling in that it’s all scripted, but the scriptwriters spend years building up characters as the good guy or the bad guy. I could see Trump coming back if the SoS wants to push a civil war script.

    1. Indeed, it’s all kayfabe, and regardless of what I tell some liberal colleagues, they will never be able to break out of the spell. Who even knows if the Democrats are gaining. NBC gets its marching orders from their senior editors embedded in Arlington and McLean.

      The Republicans are now being cast as the Nazi opposition Communist party, who were falsely blamed for starting the Reichstag fire.

      The Republicans no longer pose any genuine threat to the world order and are now only a place holder in the dialectic process. There is not much time left, so the republicans are laying down like dogs.

      1. Even though a majority of people don’t like the democrats agenda, I just don’t see a Red Wave happening this November. Just too many brainwashed people will vote for the Democrats anyway because they are swayed by the mainstream media not to consider another viewpoint. Even if a majority of legitimate voters vote for the Republicans , the “inner party” will make sure that the Republicans don’t get in if it does not fit their agenda. All they need to do like in 2020 is dump a bunch of midnight ballots with democrats vote in some key districts, or they get illegals to vote their way or they get voters to vote multiple times.

        The election process is just a charade to divert attention and does NOT change anything .

        I feel tyranny is on the way. I just hope and pray that tyranny does not knock on our doors like the Bolsheviks came and carted people off.

    2. Your breakdown is very much how I saw it unfolding watching the past few “selected” presidents and the policy that came of their tenure.

      One observation about Trump that maybe you haven’t considered is the Jan 6th side show. As that was unfolding it became painfully clear (to me) that Trump’s goal was to load the conservative base onto the Titanic and set it out to sea only to torpedo it. DT was about consolidating the conservative base only to sink it. And how ripe was the conservative base for “change” after two terms of the big O?

      I’m also on record somewhere for saying “in order to control 330m people it has to be their idea.” Meaning the dialectic process works so well that the majority of the people are fully convinced they are doing the right thing when it comes time to vote. It’s extremely painful for me to listen to political arguments favoring the R or D side. I’m happy to throw my $.02 in for anyone who will listen otherwise I need to talk cars or something.

  57. Great article Chris.
    I like your diagram. Satan is Big Brother. The Cabal that control nation’s politicians and central banks are the inner party. The outer party are the politicians, Central Bankers, and corporate CEOs. The inner and outer party members all follow Lucifer either intentionally OR blindly.
    The Proles would be the rest of us. Most proles also follow Lucifer blindly without knowing it and a small few proles intentionally worship Satan.

    1. To be clear Satan and Lucifer are one and the same. Some Lucifer followers think Lucifer is different than Satan.

      1. Correct — Lucifer is the god and prince of this world; as stated by Paul. Lucifer is doing his objective; to see how many men he can deceive and mis-lead. And he’s doing it really well. With the angels we found out in the book of Revelation he was able to deceive 33% of them. These are the fallen angels which submit their authority to Lucifer on earth. The demons also submit their authority to Lucifer — whom are the evil spirits that came from the Nephilim pre-flood. Along with the elites in the world — whom have sold their souls to Lucifer in exchange for any number of earthly things (power/authority over people, money, sex, etc). So whatever/whomever is in mainstream and considered “right” or “good” you can usually bet to be the opposite. Since Jesus said the door is narrow to Heaven I dare venture and say that Lucifer will get at least 66% of the souls of men. Before I learned this from personally studying/reading the Bible — I always thought my vote made a difference. People like Trump can change for the better, and he’s really trying to fight the “swamp.” But his actions during his Presidency proved to me it was a mirage. Fake. Orchestrated. Which lead me to Jesus Christ – our Lord and Savior. Thank God.

        Theory of Evolution. Theory of Big Bang. Theory of Cosmology. These are Lucifer’s indoctrination instruments to spiritually dumb down the masses, and never have them seeking God. If you don’t seek God, and live by how you personally see is right/wrong; then you’re guaranteed to fall into sin. This is how Lucifer wins countless souls by the second. Example — this generation watches the show Friends and see fornication (mutual sex between two opposite sexes that are un-married), to be good and normal. But in the eyes of the Lord you’re in great sin. Not too long ago everyone knew fornication was wrong. And even longer before that – Jacob’s sons ended up raging war against an entire city, because of an incident with a guy taking their sister’s virginity before marriage. Lucifer is patient. He has time on his side. It’s a slow and steady erosion. Not overnight. Before you know it – being a pedophile will become accepted. It’s a slow erosion of God’s given commandments and principles of what’s right and wrong. This won’t last forever of course. And light is at the end of tunnel, but it will get worse before it gets better. Just can’t let yourself get tempted to sin or deceived by Lucifer. This is Lucifer’s world. We gotta be in it, but not love it or forsake Jesus Christ’s commandments for this world. Lucifer is even using the God given blessings of USA/Britian to also carry out his objectives.

        1. To your point, Otto – pedophiles have been rebranded. They are now referred to as MAP – minor attracted person. Makes it sound acceptable, doesn’t it.

    2. In 1984, Charrington was a landlord and rented out the upstairs of his shop to Winston. Winston got paid from his Ministry of Truth job, so he could shag Julia in what he thought was secret. Of course Big Brother was watching, even in a proles area.

      Though Charrington was actually a member of the thought police, he was a landlord who kept tabs on his guest. Be the landlord, but forget Big Brother and stay away from his silly political diversions that include taking his jabs.

  58. Here in Canada – they throw you tax breaks so you vote for them, then sneak in a tax on something else they’re in office. The Ontario premier promised the citizens ‘a buck a beer’. That’s how dumb the voters are. Cheap beer. Yay.
    A friend of mine voted for Trudeau because he was going the ‘tax the rich’. I had looked into it and anyone making 100K was subject to that tax – that was the rich. I told her indeed that she is one of the said ‘rich’. Shocked. She doesn’t feel rich. She had voted herself more tax.
    Yes the IQ is pretty low.

    1. Is there any fundamental difference between what you say and what the Federal Reserve and USG are now doing to effectively write off the approximately $6 trillion in covid-related spending largess debt? Of course not.

      In this case, I laid out that;

      1. The USG handed out $6 trillion in one form or another, with much of that directly injected to the end user (proles),
      2. This largess then helps to cause massive waves of “demand-pull” inflation as the dumb retarded proles spend everything they get like it’s burning a hole in their pockets.
      3. The globalists concurrently created supply chain bottlenecks (at least we are told that, which reminds me of how the telescreens in 1984 would report on the fighting in the Malabar Front, which O’Brien says may not even be taking place).
      4. The world coincidentally balkanizes, which creates even more inflation.
      5. The Fed suppresses real rates to -600 bps, the lowest in history. This was accomplished by intentionally weakening the economy.
      6. Voila! The Fed has already helped the UST to effectively write off at least $4 trillion in real UST debt burden. By the time inflation rate reverts to long-term trend, the debt write off should be at least $6 trillion.
      7. The proles couldn’t keep up with inflation as the wage slaves lost out. Passive UST holders and the proles essentially footed the entire bill for the debt write off. yet they vote for their favorite thief in the upcoming elections.

      All the while, the Great Reset agenda was rammed down the throats of the proles as they desperately took the jabs and listened to their big brother captor’s media. The asset owners have cleaned up! The 85% got doused with lighter fluid and lit on fire. The proles read this and think I am the enemy.

      Nothing ever changes and there is nothing new under the Sun.

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