Important financial update; The Asset Markets, Guns and the IRS, War, and the Great Reset


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-There is a lot I covered in this podcast, especially with regards to the financial markets. Perhaps take notes. What I am doing.
-The investment opportunities I see given present circumstances.
-What the latest legislation means for the markets.
-The concept of QE and its manufactured consent.
-I analyze the stability of the monetary system and its viability.
-The purpose of the 87,000 armed IRS troops
-The timeline to war and why the PTB are specifically goosing the markets now. All eyes are on the well-written timeline to war.

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62 thoughts on “Important financial update; The Asset Markets, Guns and the IRS, War, and the Great Reset

  1. Just saw a headline saying Fauci is moving onto to other adventures (retiring). The last line in the news article:

    “Fauci said despite retiring from federal service he planned to continue working. “I want to use what I have learned as NIAID Director to continue to advance science and public health and to inspire and mentor the next generation of scientific leaders as they help prepare the world to face future infectious disease threats,” he said.

    One might look at this comment a couple of different ways. The Ukraine conflict pretty much cured covid so to speak. Many around my area are much more relaxed but we know what happens when we get too relaxed.

    1. I think so. The Fed officials who spoke seem to be articulating a more hawkish tone. Thus, The transports, Russell 2000, and spoos are all stalling out at the 200 day sma. Nasdaq 100 as well falling out of the recent up channel.

      Trading now is a sell on rallies for the short term. Let’s see what Jackson Hole brings. Market concerned again that interest rates are moving higher.

  2. Be careful here, many of the major stock indexes petered out at the 200 day sma yesterday. A retracement of sorts may be in the works. Trees don’t grow to the sky.

      1. The EIA data yesterday were overwhelmingly bullish for oil. A reversal to the weekly trend is warranted for now. Will we get a breather? We should.

    1. you think back down under 4000-3800 on S&P?
      Are there certain times of the year that are more volatile than other times?

      1. I doubt that, but we could see a drop of 100 pts. This BBBY thing has the possibility to take some money out of the short term market. On the surface, it’s insignificant, but it could help to turn off some retail traders just as they were returning.

        The Fed doublespeak this week put a short term stop to the uptrend. The spoos right around the 200 day sma is short term resistance.

          1. USD rocking again, which is not good for stocks. Is the USD rising bad for stocks or is all what’s causing the USD to rise bad for stocks? A little of both.

  3. If WTI can’t hold its gains after this massively bullish set of data points with this week’s drawdown announced earlier this morning, look out below.

    If the EIA weekly oil report can’t hold price gains what will?

  4. The establishment media are ostensibly trying to destroy president Trump’s credibility. The only thing it’s doing is solidifying his base, while taking away from DeSantis’s chances..

    Of course, that’s the intent and I cannot think of a more effective objective for our adversary and the Democrats, in this instance, then to lift up and glorify Trump with these witchhunt investigations that lead to nowhere and don’t affect him personally. It’s a well-staged sideshow designed to help solidify Trump as an opponent, which actually helps his adversary, since Trump is controlled from stem to stern and will help ensure Democrats retaining office.

    God help us if Trump gets back in or has a major impact on the elections. The best outcome for us would be for Trump to slip out the back door and never be heard from again.

    1. I think the Trump witch-hunt is a stage show just like you said to insure that he gets the nomination for 2024 and then loses.

      I just hope we get a Republican wave this November and I am sure most legitimate voters want the Democrats out. However, the powers that be will make sure that the Republicans do not get control. The democrat operatives will stuff ballot boxes in some key districts to get their guys to win. If 2020 is any reflection, I think there will be a lot of shenanigans to make sure the democrats stay in control despite their lack of popularity. Plus, the younger generation is so brainwashed they will vote for increased government largess and leftist policies that the democrats promise.

      The USA as a republic is going down and becoming a third world tyranny.

      1. History is being rewritten and revised, so the present populace will never resist. The current crop of multicultural misfits will never even entertain the thought of trying to change their circumstances. Their masters rewrite history, so that the plebes never hope to go back to the way life was, which happens to be a much much better life.

        Orwell was correct in why INGSOC rewrote history. Its purpose was straightforward; to make the 85% of the population, the proles, a useless mass of people. They had no rudder, no direction, no hope, and no care to even think of change. Just like today. The worst part of the current reality is that the history rewriters lecture the proles in how much better their lives are now when compared to the past.

        Thomas Jefferson told Tyler that his biggest worry was that the European bankers would take over. We are talking early 1800s.

        Now that the bankers did indeed take over, the US is now a multicultural slave camp with mandatory injections for the livestock.

        All I can tell the reader is this. Be the landlord. I think you see this as becoming more obvious everyday.

      2. In my roughly 50 years of existence I just don’t see the benefit of R vs. D politics. We have a divided voting base mostly between two parties and what has that done in 50 years? Is life better or cheaper? The only meaningful activity I can see is the amount of money spent campaigning for the top job and all the mud slinging that goes with it. In the end nothing of real value for the masses is accomplished.

        1. This Hegelian method of government is indispensable to our adversary in its achieving their objectives for the new world order.

          Neither party would be able to stand on its own merits and agenda as each party’s members are both rotten to the core and contemptuous in the real world. But propped up against one another they are able to stand tall as the people fight over which wicked side is better than the other. The engineers of the New world order are then able to inject the means to promote the global agenda through both sides of this false dialectic. This is why our adversary wants us to vote. When we vote, we accrue a vested interest in the system. By voting, we acknowledge acceptance of the structure. Although it’s a system that does not have any of our interests in mind, it’s established as such.

          If you notice how the mainstream media seems to be getting dumber and dumber, that’s just an engineering tactic designed to more easily condition that certain 85% of the population to which it’s targeted.

          That’s because the population of this multicultural kingdom have become functional retards and their collective IQs are approximately 20 points lower than that of the population of 50 to 70 years ago. In order to compensate, psychological scientists use excuses like gender and race equality to continually recalibrate IQ exams for a lower functioning form of humanity. This ensures that the average IQ remains about 100, although a person with a 100 IQ today would score about an 80 if he or she took an exam from around 1950.

          That’s why a lot of money is spent on this dialectic party system. The New world order objectives are easily achieved through this smoke and mirrors operation. It seems that educational background doesn’t matter either when I discuss who comprises this 85%. However there are certain demographics that possess a proclivity to be attracted to this lower end.

          As I’ve always said, let the heathen rage and that includes letting them vote, but be the landlord. If your vote mattered, your slave owners wouldn’t let you vote.

          1. Chris, years ago I arrived at the same conclusion, just not so well illustrated. I can observe and piece it together but have no formal education beyond barely passing HS and a few community college classes. Yet I marvel at PhD’s who will stand up for every left wing ideology as if they were following orders. On the flip side there are those who are lock step with the alt right. You can’t talk either side out of it.

            I was pretty hard right during Bush II, until I began to notice some contradictions. The fiscally conservative party just set a new record for gov’t spending? That’s about the time the wheels fell off my position in politics and I just stopped voting.

            I began taking the “neither party” position and tried to look at all this mess from a Christian perspective (best I knew how). After all, me being a first generation American from both sides, my family is loyal to the last true Christian Monarch Czar Nicholas II – who was murdered by people representing a political ideology that is still admired by those leftist professors among others. The average American who has been in this country for a few generations only reads about what my family saw first hand going back to my great grandparents.

  5. New cycle lows in crude, new cycle highs in stocks. 85 short term target for WTI getting close. Next is 83, then 77, then down to 65.

    I will reload on these stinkers post earnings. BBBY is telling us the money is really entering again

    1. Do you sell stocks before earnings? BBBY? Yes im clueless. Don’t forget Chris many of us out here do not buy/sell stocks or understand everything you do about markets. There are so many things that you see in the markets that many of us here dont even know to look at. thanks for your help

      1. I typically sell before earnings. I wasn’t around yesterday afternoon and did not sell what I had left on some of my long trades and didn’t realize until I got home . I didn’t even think about earnings too much. Oh well. The rule of thumb is to sell at least part before earnings. It take more risk in these small plays. I held more than I typically do.

        When I was younger I didn’t make these mistakes. Don’t get old.

        I look at what BBBY did the past couple days and it reaffirms the bullish uptrend. Especially with oil struggling. Rising tide raises all boats and the small traders are jumping back in.

    2. Chris explain to me this, I buy a stock like BBBY, nothing really happens or goes down, then I sell and it goes up, why? Is there some sort of tag on a stock if a retail buyer purchases a stock so they make phone calls to hold off on the big buys? Well I wouldnt think so but many other traders have said the same thing?

      Or am I just doing my DD so well that I’m too early then sell because nothing happens for a few days then the fud the creeps in, and I just settle for that 10 cent uptick? Congrats if you held on BBBY it seems to keep going up even in after hours today. I thought the short covering would have happened by now.

      That’s the entire reason it went up as high right because of the short covering???

      So it should be done by now. Maybe it’s just retail that doesn’t know the shorts have covered and they just keep pumping? Or maybe the shorts havent covered. I thought It goes up high because of the short covering.

      Kind of like AMC and GME but they went up for a day then back down, then a month later the squeeze happened. WMT is back up, so their bad ER wasnt bad afterall. Finally got that dip on POLA but didn’t buy in yet, maybe this week.

      Also where is all this money coming from ? I thought we were in a recession, I thought there was quantitive tightening? What happened to that doom and gloom???? hmm! lol

      Simply put there is Unrelentless buying on stocks that get social media attention.

      1. You make interesting observations here. By definition, stocks can only move like bbby did when it is time to do so. This means that all of the speculations has been wrung out of it. Thus, it’s very difficult for manipulators to engineers such price movement when everyone is anticipating it. So, when you finally give up on the stock and everyone else has, that’s when manipulation can take place.

        In my years working on the street, I know this type of manipulation is doable and if deep pocketed people wanted to move something for some reason it can can be done.

        It’s nearly impossible to figure out and it can help people with large positions to achieve a goal. It also sucks in other people looking at the moment who end up usually being bag holders once again.

        It’s very difficult to spot these opportunities, but over the years I’ve been able to make money by figuring out the hot sectors and buying trades that I think have the potential to experience a quick upside. The last time we really had that opportunity was in the first half of 2021.

    3. Markets looking rough today maybe. The ups and downs in the markets is what makes me like passive income from rentals rather than trying to guess the markets all the time. Invest for cash flow.

        1. Yes. I have a son who wants and thinks he is going to make it rich day trading I told him take the time to learn how to make passive income. Invest in things that will pay you money no matter what the price of that assets is.

          1. That’s the establishment thinking for us. Rich quick schemes. Of course, make money from trading and speculation if you can, but the long term wealth that this system generates for the asset holders is enormous and predictable.

            I had a trading mentor that helped me look at the markets differently (like my current view) and he traded around the clock. Anyway, he lived by himself and died in his early 60s after poor health for years from not getting any physical activity. He was a multimillionaire, but now he’s gone.

          2. As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

      1. Gold is really struggling here. While that’s not the most exciting outcome for me as a gold holder, I don’t get upset about it, since I bought gold for the right reasons. Moreover, since gold has remained relatively tame, this means the rest of the system is holding up.

        Imagine if I bought gold because of what GATA or Zerohedge predicted. Imagine if you bought gold in 2015, because Martin Armstrong promised 5,000 by the end of 2018. You’d be very disappointed.

  6. Lientje just reminded me of a great idea to beat the IRS. Instead of taking a check then why not barter goods and services.

    There is no way the IRS can track receiving a side of beef or a gold bar in exchange for services. Another alternative is to accept hard cash (not checks) and DO NOT deposit it in an bank account. No way the IRS can track goods or cash that stay out of bank accounts.

    The most trackable forms of income is credit or debit card and cash that gets deposited in bank accounts. Stay away from all sorts of electronic transactions.

  7. Doubleplusgood… Oil resumes downward trend. Good for stocks and inflation. Last week’s price action was just a head fake? The charts this morning do not look good for oil, but that helps stocks.

    1. Empire State Manufacturing Index xame in way below expectations at -31.3. it was expected to be +5.

      Good news on the inflation front and Interest rates.

    2. Alex Jones show trial same as the Johnny Depp show trial. Fake and to create distractions. Can cameras be allowed in courtrooms and aired on national television? OJ event and trial was fake, what was going on in 1994 that need that distraction? Ukraine war hoax is very quiet these last weeks and days, havent seen as much news as we did a few months ago. Yet the hoax still going on, there has not been an official statement to put an end to it. Or are have they run out of script writers and photographers to come up with something? They will have to put closure on that event soon. Or amp it up. The IRS story in the mainstream news could just be a scare distraction as well.

      Strong dollar weaker oil. FED neutral policy but quantitive tightning. Most stocks are back to April levels on the chart. (It’s like the entire FED statement that created a downturn in June and July didn’t even matter) It’s all better now and Chris like you said, Powell’s brief neutral statement started this rally the last few weeks.

      Decent size short coverings going on so maybe that says something too. BBBY is ripping but shouldn’t short covering be done by now? I decided to take profits and out of everything on today’s uptick. Why on this uptrend, well I have been thru a huge loss before and it is devistating, I guess im not prepared to go thru that experience again. Pot stocks could go up with decent legislation news but there is also a hint that the FED may want their alphabet agencies to keep control over the issue.

      Local Places going out of biz, yet others are going into biz.

      Is the real economy is on the verge of recession or not??

      Definitely see a behind the scenes narrative. The Taiwan conflict hoax is on the table, fake nuke attack would be extreme but would speed up the prison complex of their dreams. The last FED statement was neutral, then why would the upcoming one be bad like the June statement?

      What event could create the next downturn?

      1. Got sidetracked and forgot to sell off the rest of my PPSI before earnings. Agh…

        Probably good to sell of AUVS tomorrow as well.

        1. Armstrong says possible market crash 1st week September! But also said the US market is going up because of capitol flows into the US from overseas. 😉

          1. As most of you know, I have no idea what Armstrong says anymore. He’s probably incorrect too many times and I wasted a few thousand bucks going to his Princeton 2015 conference.

            I don’t recommend anything he has to say. How can a gentleman who rejects out of hand the talk of conspiracy, except when it concerns the partisan cast of characters, make accurate predictions?

            His 2015 Big bang was a big bust and anyone who listened to it was taken to the woodshed. Yet the last time I checked, he said it happened exactly the way be predicted.

            We are presented with a non-sequitur. Recall how the stock market was tanking as the dollar rose. This was a result of excess dollar demand, given the volatility in the commodity and other asset markets. This was a result of inflows into the dollar the stock market was falling. Yet the Stock market this time around is rising while the dollar has faded. It’s all to do with fed policy. Granted, I generally recommend domestic asset markets over others, since the dollar is a de facto global Reserve. This helps to create a floor underneath asset prices priced off the dollar.

            1. WMT looks to be testing 145 resistance, which marks the prior support level before it tanked. These large firms are adjusting to elevated inflation growth.

  8. It seems more self evident as the days progress that Alex Jones is being labeled the new Emmanuel Goldstein for the current new liberal world order dictatorship.

    He has been purposely set up by the adversary, and with his assent, to be the anarchist revolutionary in the same vein as Goldstein. Jones is the new Goldstein. It is amazing that this moral dumpster fire can achieve so much MSM notoriety.

    Unfortunately, Goldstein was more accurate than Jones, as Jones regurgitates what his masters want. He is the perfect controlled and compromised opposition.

  9. In 1984, the Proles usually are not subject to propaganda. Instead, it is the middle class – the Outer Party – that the Inner Party fears. Because the Proles have lost everything and have nothing, they have no future. The Party, through the Ministry of Truth, practices historical revisionism, which robs the Proles of a past, too. Robbed of the ability to learn from history and the worries of the future, the Proles exist in a state of constant present and are incapable of revolution. In order to prevent any unorthodoxy, the Ministry of Truth uses Newspeak, an impoverished language that makes heresy impossible by omitting words that could express it. Newspeak also reduces thought to simple opposites, such as good and “ungood”, an intentional dichotomy that hides nuance and ambiguity while promoting black and white thinking. Party members are further subject to self-deceptive habits of mind, such as crimestop (“preventive stupidity”), which halts thinking at the threshold of politically dangerous thought, and doublethink, which allows simultaneously holding and believing contradictory thoughts without noticing the contradiction.

    1. Controlled opposition like Trump and Jones are portrayed by today’s version of INGSOC as the stumbling block to achieving a stable society and high-minded multicultural kingdom. Any thoughts to the contrary of the political consensus portrayed by the six primary media outlets is heresy and those who voice these contrary ideas wil be labeled as racist, xenophobic, homophobic, white supremacist, violent, hateful gun owners, and right-wing anarchist, etc. It is extremely effective at providing restraint and redirection for the proles’s discontent at their own miserable and hopeless lives.

      Of course, it’s today’s political powers that are to blame for the misery of the masses, yet even today’s ostensibly well educated proles are unable to escape their conditioning to be able to articulate these tactics that our adversary employs to subjugate the discontented 85%.

      Recall Trump’s liberal background prior to becoming involved in politics and how he also received a roughly $200 million payout during his impeachment hearings via an auspiciously timed commercial property refinancing. Trump also received a $100 million “loan” from his NYC property earlier this year while the NYS attorney general was investigating him for white collar crime and tax evasion.

      I do not know of any other instance in which someone could do what Trump was able to do here, because his assets would have either been seized or had liens placed on them, precluding any cash outs. Only phony opposition who glory in their notoriety would agree to such harsh treatment in the press.

      Trump and Jones say many truths, yet lead their followers down the rabbit hole and are essentially only used by our NWO adversary to help diffuse the growing backlash against the NWO.

      In 1984, Goldstein was painted as a commie leftie, but today’s version of Goldstein is painted as fascist and racist. Both versions, however, were and are labeled as the reason why society isn’t advancing.

  10. Regarding an invasion of Tiawan I’ve read that it can likely only take place in early mid fall or mid spring when the currents in the strait of Tiawan are favorable. Would a position in the vix for a couple of weeks each season be the best way to trade that event if one thought it likely? Cheers.

    1. Such trades dependent on outlier events could be costly. However, September and October are traditionally the most volatile months. But then again, that’s priced in cyclically speaking.

      But I’ve never traded the VIX and don’t follow it enough to make a recommendation one way or the other. If you know what you’re doing, then place an outlier trade. All you have to lose is some premium for big payday.

      It seems CCP is getting ready, but the one stumbling block to their Tawain takeover efforts is their ongoing observations of the buffoonery of totalitarian Russia and Ukraine. It’s not going as well as the CCP hoped. The Chinese lockdowns are proceeding fairly well with little public backlash, depsite what Emmanuel Goldstein, I mean Alex Jones, proclaims.

      If the Ukraine deal was moving forward better for Russia, CCP would already be attempting something in Taiwan. It is holding off and delaying.

  11. Chris,
    I agree 100% with your recommendation to stay invested in income producing assets such as stocks and rental real estate. After all, the sun is still shining right now so let’s continue to make hay.

    However, your suggestion that the beefed up IRS will go after gun owners and confiscate guns is a very interesting suggestion AND a good possibility.

    I have one major question here and your guidance would be helpful:

    1) What should gun owners do now?

    If we hold on to our guns we could risk losing our assets and even worse, spend time in prison.

    On the other hand if we give up our guns then persecution is sure to come because the population has no way to fight to defend themselves against tyranny.

    Your suggestion seems to indicate that gun owners will be in a catch 22 situation of damned if you do damned if you don’t.
    If you own a gun then the IRS will confiscate your assets and maybe throw you into a labor camp. If you give up your guns then you will eventually be persecuted anyway. Those who never had guns will probably be persecuted anyway or enslaved.

    Your podcast suggestion really seems to indicate that gun owners will eventually be put into a corner where they will have to fight AND die in a non-winnable battle situation for the gun owners OR they will eventually be persecuted anyway if they give up their guns. It will seem like a LOSE LOSE situation for gun owners and non-gun owners alike. Either way our lives will be turned upside down due to a tyrannical federal government.

    At this point I am really praying for the Federal government to collapse and lose effectiveness. I am really praying for a breakup of the USA and a collapse of the Federal government as a way to provide safe spots for the remnant Christians. Today’s born again Christians are the independent thinkers.

    What is your advice for gun owners to minimize Government harassment and persecution in the future?

    I decided to write this in a post as I think this discussion will help everybody on this site.

    Thank You for any responses Chris.

    1. I do not think it is possible for the Gov to know who all owns firearms there are to many out there that have been sold in states that have no laws against private sales in which there are no records. Also, there have been 1000’s up thousands of gun parts kits imported over the years that a person could assemble for their own collection. It is legal to build your own firearm but there are rules to follow if you build one from foreign gun parts you must follow Rule 922R. People have built legal semi auto versions of guns that were once full auto machine guns but there are strict rules to follow. The ATF will answer questions also if your not sure believe it or not. The ATF website also has lots of information .

  12. The British Pilgrim Society never let the USA/colonies go. DeSantis swore oaths to the St. Elmo Hall at Yale. St. Elmo is part of the Pilgrims. The ‘crown’ runs it all. That’s why the “B’nai B’rithish” will “side” with the United States because it’s actually vice versa.
    (And that’s for openly stating oil is abiotic. The Russians & Ukrainians have been putting papers out about that for decades now. All the big players know it, but it’s best to keep the little folk in the dark, like mushrooms.)

    1. A valid argument can be made for this. I view the two Nations as two brothers and if we take biblical prophecy literally, which of course, I do, it’s easy to determine who founded these two Nations. Not who lives in them now. According to eschatology that’s what matters.

      Today’s christian, which can’t comprehend these esoteric concepts and are utterly unable to overcome their politically correct computer programming to the brain at a young age, just view the US as Babylon. It’s a very childish mindset. They’re in way over their heads and are unable to comprehend how end time prophecy is unfolding. They just view it as chaos and noise and impending collapse.

      There is something much more deep here and Satan and the families that follow him know exactly where the power rests in the final days. That’s why they exploited these two countries and use their currency to take over the world and reshape it in their image.

  13. Great Podcast Chris,
    You have a very informative take on the 87,000 IRS agents. Could be true.
    I am a CPA who does a lot of tax returns. I think a major reason why the Demonrats down in Washington are beefing up the IRS is to squeeze small businesses and self employed people out of business. The IRS is going to finish the job where the Covid 19 lockdowns left off. The lockdowns forced a lot of small businesses to close down and take note that the big chain businesses have survived.
    I know from experience that a lot of individually owned restaurants and retailers get a large chunk of business in cash and do not report all their income. A lot of self employed contractors, such as landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and etc also do not report all their income and overstate their expenses. Many of these businesses would NOT be profitable if they had to pay the full amount of taxes on their income and would shut down if forced to do so. The IRS does not have 3rd party verification on all the retail business and self employed business income nor do they have third party verification on their deductions. The IRS could only get an actual picture through an all out audit.

    My advice for small business owners and self employed is HEADS UP. The IRS is coming after small businesses and self employed. This is part of a plan to squeeze independent owners and workers out of business and to force them under government control through a salary job with the government or a big corporation or the government dole. The IRS will go after the small business owner despite claims to the contrary.

    The only reassuring thing about this is that it will probably take 2-3 years to get the new agents fully trained so the full effect of this will not be felt for another 2-3 years. Be prepared. We are entering a terrifying period of Government oppression and persecution.

    I do believe that at some point they will come after everybody’s guns, however, it will require a declaration of martial law or some other suspension of the constitution.

    Get your spiritual life in line with Jesus Christ. Seek guidance from God as we are entering the period of tribulations. Many lives will be turned upside down due to a tyrannical federal government.

    1. A telltale sign that the IRS Funding is a major centerpiece of the Inflation Reduction Act was that the legislature was desperate to rush this through with minimal debate. The other features of this bill such as the green energy credits and the corporate minimum tax of 15% are sideshows of this legislation to make it palatable to the voters.

  14. I was at the Nationals game last night, which was the best game I’ve seen this year, and there was a boy scout troop there seated next to us. They all had patches on their uniforms saying “power in unity.”

    It made me think of today’s Christian Church regarding the concept of unity. That’s a nebulous concept that “teachers” inculcate into the little children at the indoctrination centers commonly referred to as the public schools. It’s all about unity. Indeed, the one-world philosophy runs deep.

    Jesus came to divide and create division and to bring one against another, but don’t tell that to today’s church. Don’t be independent-minded, for not only is it a thought crime, but today’s Christian will tell you that people like me are heretics and are damned.

    1. There IS power in unity – we have to stop giving it away to the NWO. It’s sad that Christians are divided like that – that history runs deep – my parents, of the silent generation, were taught that no church outside of the Catholic one, was worthy. They firmly believe the notion that only Catholics can make it into heaven. The fact that I play organ in other Christian churches, sets my mothers hair on fire, even though I have no intention of changing religions. She sees this as the dark side and prays for my soul. She told me that it would be ok though, if I went to Catholic mass first and then hoofed it over to the Anglicans in the space of 5 minutes between services (only to put on a poor performance for a paid gig because of rushing around). Ridiculous to me, as the readings and words and messages are identical. I sometimes go to mass on a Tuesday morning. But…..God does not accept Tuesday mornings for prayer as much as Sundays – you have to be sitting in the right location, on the right day and at the right time. My erratic behaviour is enough to damn me too, apparently.

      1. Unity in what? You sound like an independent thinker and are not one for having unity with the rest of the world.

        Our adversary wants us to unify, so we don’t have to think for ourselves and just go along with the consensus.

        Indeed, there is power in unity, but who gets more powerful? The Bible as well as the founding fathers were careful to emphasize a decentralized form of government. Nations were made of like people and the Constitution was specifically crafted to keep the power decentralized.

        So you want unity? Well then have your marxist puppet Trudeau march around like a dictator. We have the power of the federal government here in the United States mete out all the laws and crimes under the guise of fighting racism and advancing social justice. We want unity? Let’s have five media companies control everything we see and hear. That’s unity.

        Unfortunately, evil will always take over in a centralized, unified society. It’s as certain as night following the day. The world will not develop a sense of unity on your terms.

        1. I think I miscommunicated here – Unity is powerful in non compliance. We have to stop complying and following ‘groupthink’ ideas. Yes, I AM an independent thinker but I have no power independently thinking in my living room. I was reflecting on Andrei’s points about the IRS making life difficult. But they can’t control me going out and swapping my teaching services for a side of beef. But I need someone agreeable to trading with me this way, outside of the mainstream. That’s the kind of unity I’m talking about.

        2. Chris you have a great point. When people are forced to think like everyone else by some higher authority then that kind “Unity” is exactly what our adversary wants. Much easier to control people when they think one way idea that comes from the top.

          Real unity comes when everyone respects each other’s differences and agrees to disagree.

          True unity does not come from being forced to think what big brother wants you to think.

  15. If Winston were alive today, he would be surfing and listening to Alex Jones and the Health Ranger everyday, yearning for revolution and change. Unfortunately, for Winston, Alex Jones is today’s version of a Emmanuel Goldstein.

    Winston yearns for revolution and a return to a time before Oceania, says Craig L. Carr; but he realises that “no revolution is possible in Oceania. History, in Hegelian terms, has ended. There will be no political transformations in Oceania: political change has ended because Big Brother will not let it happen”. No political collapse is possible in Oceania, suggests Carr, because the government will not allow it, regardless of internal or external pressures.[

  16. I dare anyone to read this Wikipedia entry regarding the political geography of 1984 and tell me that Orwell, who wrote this in the mid-1940s, is wrong today. Even the lower 85% level he uses as proles is accurate given today’s economy.

    Political geography of Nineteen Eighty-Four

    Americans feels they are superior. Canadians feel the same. English, too. And so on, yet all are in a prison camp

    Oceania is made up by provinces, one of which is “Airstrip One”, as Britain is now known. The whole province is “miserable and run-down” with London consisting, almost solely, of “decaying suburbs”. Airstrip One is the third most populous province in Oceania; but London is not the capital, for Oceania has none. This decentralisation enables the Party to ensure that each province of Oceania feels itself to be the centre of affairs; and it prevents them from feeling colonised, for there is no distant capital to focus discontent on. 85% of Oceania’s population are proles, with most of the remainder in the Outer Party; a tiny number rule as members of the Inner Party. Winston yearns for revolution and a return to a time before Oceania, says Craig L. Carr; but he realises that “no revolution is possible in Oceania. History, in Hegelian terms, has ended. There will be no political transformations in Oceania: political change has ended because Big Brother will not let it happen”. No political collapse is possible in Oceania, suggests Carr, because the government will not allow it, regardless of internal or external pressures.

    A totalitarian and highly formalised state, Oceania also has no law, only crimes, says Lynskey. Nothing is illegal; social pressure is used to exert control, in place of law. It is hard for citizens to know when they are in breach of Party expectations; and they are in a state of permanent anxiety, unable to think too deeply on any subject whatsoever so as to avoid “thoughtcrime”. For example, Winston begins to write a diary and does not know if this is a forbidden offence, but he is reasonably certain of it. In Oceania, to think is to do and no distinction is drawn between either. Criticism of the state is forbidden, even though criticism must be constant for the state’s survival, since it must have critics to destroy so as to demonstrate the state’s power. Governance of Oceania depends upon the necessity of suppressing freedom of thought or original thinking amongst the Outer Party (the proles are exempted from this as they are deemed incapable of having ideas).

  17. Ha!?! The report found average Canadian rent in July 2022 was only $20 below the pre-pandemic peak of $1,954 in September 2019.

    Still not an all-time high? The prison camp up north of Airstrip Two. (US) (London and England being Airstrip One) is still cheap. That needs to change.

    Average rent up more than 10% in July from previous year, report says

    Average rent in Canada for all properties rose more than 10 per cent year-over-year in July, according to a recent nationwide analysis of online listings.

    The latest National Rent Report, released by and Bullpen Research and Consulting, found average rent for all property types — including single-family homes, townhouses, rental apartments, condominium apartments and basement apartments — posted to the website was $1,934 in July.

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