A reader asks about investing in the last days: Read my most important economic research since covid

Note to reader: I cannot emphasize enough how important the research in my prior post, Social experiments and debt repudiation; The government benefits from inflation and crisis is to you as an investor. I believe it to be my most important work in the past couple years, and if you believe in the concept of conspiracy you should take note. Perhaps my conclusions are too difficult for long-term investors to accept, given the diversions in the alt-media. But if my findings are anywhere close to reality, I am warning the asset market bears and collapse prognosticators to watch out.

CPI data indicate price inflation of last quarter to be 2.6%. Although we do not yet have the latest GDP price deflator, we can make a fair estimate of nominal GDP growth

From: S
Subject: Last days

Hi – I stumbled across your site. I’ve been trying to determine just where we are in the end times. Can you give your opinion? I thought maybe the rider of the horse that strikes with famine. They own Hollyweird and someone told me Beyonce rode a pale and red horse in his or her video.

Also – a friend pulled all her money out of the bank. Do you advocate this??? I’m really concerned because of being older and unable to go out to work, and also needing medical care. Can you tell me where a good place is to invest in now? Real estate? I’m afraid of the stock market now.

Thank you.

  • We have estimated that total public debt outstanding increased by about $90 billion last quarter,
  • Real 2Q GDP is currently estimated to be -1.5%, while nominal GDP is on tap to increase by about 1.1%, based on the prior three months of CPI data,
  • 1Q nominal GDP was $24,387 billion, thus
  • I estimate nominal 2Q GDP to increase by $268 billion to $24,655 billion

As we can see, despite recessionary back-to-back quarters of real GDP contraction, nominal 2Q GDP continues to rise and the public debt outstanding as a percent of GDP continues to fall.

Nominal GDP. Thanks to inflation, I look for more of the same when the 2Q data come out

My advice to the reader

I see an upward tilt that continues to favor asset prices at the expense of wage labor. I cannot make short-term predictions here, but as long as these trends are in place and the public-at-large does not pick up on these obvious objectives to effectively repudiate public debt in scale, I still say that we need to stay invested.

Thus, the last place I would look to store any wealth of size is in cash. In a world of QE post-2008, I am no longer truly concerned about the safety of my cash in the banks. The Fed could easily replenish any deficits on the balance sheets of any vulnerable bank.

As always, my asset class of choice is single-family real estate, and given the explosive growth in rents, prices in many areas still make sense for long-term holders who can prudently manage properties.

As for where we are in the end times, we do not know, and I would only be speculating. Up to about a decade ago, I was actively researching the works of the illuminati. However, I look at it now as a red herring. My advice to the reader is to continue to invest based on current circumstances. Indeed, the world is very wicked, but waiting for the end and Jesus’s return will only make us poorer and frustrated. While I hope this all ends soon, and would revel in the appearance of the two witnesses, I have to temper my enthusiasm, and stay focused on this grim temporal reality. I am out there making hay while the sun is shining, and if what I am saying is close to being correct, look for more price inflation. I have yet to see any reversal to the trend that has been in place since the past 18-24 months. This is especially true when I view the actions of the fiscal and monetary authorities.

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36 thoughts on “A reader asks about investing in the last days: Read my most important economic research since covid

  1. 75 bps unanimously is fine here. Markets seem okay and American equities holding up well relatively.

    Will the spoos break 4,000?

    GDP numbers tomorrow are huge.


    The Atlanta fed says a drop of -1.2%, while Wall Street consensus is +0.5%.

    That is a huge discrepancy, but even the Atlanta Fed admits that net export changes will add to GDP growth.

    Regardless of whether the Wall Street consensus is correct or Atlanta Fed’s version, nominal GDP will grow nicely, and in the world of writing off real debt burdens, the nominal amount is all that matters

  2. … ans if you simply must keep USD, do it in rolls of quarters. Much cheaper investment and an Achilles heel cuz they’re too darn greedy and cousin it runs the mines. Yankers will go for it when cigs and russian vodka runs out and by then you could get some potater and coon stew for sure

  3. Multiculturalism in terms of a mixture of people of different religions and beliefs never works for long. This is why God told men not to marry women that believe in other gods; because they may tempt you or your offspring to worship those other gods. This is exactly what happened with Solomon. This same standard can apply to a country. A house divided can not stand.

    To make matters worse – marriage rates among Americans are so much lower. Why? Because the synagogue of Satan has deceived women to dress provocatively, and have sex with as many men as possible. So men are doing fornication instead of marrying. How many dozens of millions of babies have been aborted due to this indoctrination? This is one reason why God forbid fornication. This is what it causes. Breakdown of the family unit.

    And to make up for the depopulation of Americans due to this break down of the family unit – foreigners are coming in that may not have our same beliefs to replace that missing population gap. All orchestrated. Wicked to the core.

    Paul is good in my books as well – it’s the churches and those deceived by them that use his verses grossly out of context to push a certain doctrine are the problem. It boils my blood people spreading this falsehood where one little chant can erase all your sins, and future sins with zero need of repentance.

    1. Today’s Christian is an arrogant know-it-all. He believes he no longer needs the Old Testament as a reference guide for life, as Jesus freed us from the need of the schoolmaster. Of course, today’s Christian refers to Galatians 3:24-25 as proof of this to take the foot off the throttle. So, today’s Christian feels he’s more special and knows much more than the OT people.

      Today’s Christian doesn’t need to be told about what it takes to keep a nation intact. He knows better. That’s all OT hogwash, although his nations have been completely overrun by adversarial forces in and out. That’s no longer today’s Christian’s concern. He doesn’t want to be labeled as xenophobic or hateful. He doesn’t want to make controversy.

      Today’s Christian also jettisoned the OT and its commandments about salvation. Of course, people like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, and even Paul and the apostles, struggled their whole lives to remain in the faith until their deaths, but Jesus freed us from that. Today’s Christian thinks it’s easier now, since Paul said that we are once saved always saved. Regardless, Jesus even compared his followers to laborers in the vineyard who worked all day (to their end), but today’s Christian believes Paul says otherwise and Paul freed us from all that. Of course, that’s not what Paul meant.

      The sad result is that today’s Christian is totally at ease, being ruled by Satan and turning inward for his salvation. Let your fire and brimstone pastors be your personal Buddhas.

      This is why that voice told me to leave the churches and stick to the Bible for truth. Today’s Christian is a Laodicean mess.

      1. The deception out there in unreal. If anyone relies on a church or tradition to get their knowledge of scripture; chances are they will likely be very much deceived.

        Even things like Christmas or Easter Bunny for example. What in the world does Santa or Easter bunny have to do with Jesus? These are pagan traditions that were added long after Christ was resurrected. And if you do more research on why they chose Dec 25 – it’s more closer to precious pagan practices vs being a decent guess from the clues in scripture.

        The Jews Jesus talked about in the NT – that pretty much just refers to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, correct? So when someone says Jews are God’s chosen people – this is a very in-accurate statement. Because Israel is 12 tribes. Jews just pretty much cover 2 tribes. Where are the 10 other tribes? Who are the 10 other tribes? I find the 10 lost tribes fascinating. If you think about it – anyone could really be a descendant of an Israelite tribe, and not know it. Of course – only God knows who they are and where they are.

        1. “Speaking of and pointing out the faults of others is a vice which masquerades under many forms of virtue but in reality it is used to hide our own faults and present the appearance of a righteousness we do not possess – a vice which perpetuates self-delusion and negatives every apparent virtue.” – notes on the (“Scary” and most “Evil” eastern text) Bhagavad Gita.

          You guys are hilariously foolish most of the time.

          1. You should most definitely be happy. Look out your window. This world incorporated the finest aspects of the Hindi and other Eastern mystic religions.

            I shouldn’t sweat it anymore. It can be reincarnated anyway.

            I recall the dialogue between Arjuna and your Hindu god Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna tell Arjuna not to have any concern about those he kills in battle, even though his opponents included family members, because they will all be reincarnated anyway. He tells Arjuna to only care about himself.

            I see that Hindu philosophy in action today on social media, politics, family dynamics, and in Hinduism’s close religious twin, modern psychology.

            And may I also note the ease at which you use ad hominems. That is another Hindu flaw. Why do you say we are foolish most the time? Do you know anything about the Bible to compare? How about economic theory? What do you do to be self-sovereign?

            1. You did not understand it – the Gita.

              Yes, I’m a Christian – Jesus is God. Krishna is another divine incarnation of truth.

              Yes, I’ve studied the system for years.

              I trust in Gods Will, instead of complaining about it!

              1. I understand the Gita as well as the other Hindi scriptures like the Upanishads. At one time I was searching for truth a long time ago, and studied this stuff. There is no way one can reconcile the two. Now I study all religions so people like you don’t create double-mindedness in the Laodicean church.

                I find it interesting in how Krishna in Hinduism is described in the Hindi writings with similar thoughts like Allah of Islam, the Greek and Roman gods, and the Incas, Mayas, and Native American religions. All these describe a god that actively deceives, is actively capricious, and shows little love for its believers. Besides, in Hinduism, Krishna is the god you choose, and Hinduism is something we would consider pantheistic – god is everywhere and whatever you choose, and even animistic – god is in living beings and objects, and even rivers.

                There are 33 or 333 million gods in Hinduism. I find that interesting, since a third of the angels were cast down from heaven. I guess that means there were a 100 million or one billion total angels. Perhaps the 33 or 333 represents one-third.

                The God of the Bible is certainly different in this regard. I do not see in any way how one can reconcile between the two. Of course, it means you must stick to the establishment version.

                This is not an apologetics site, but I do note your willful ignorance and must show the errors of your ways.

                Since you live outside the United States and the Commonwealth Nations, these foreign types of philosophies to which you hold dearly are more acceptable to your domicile. In this regard I do hold out more hope for many Americans and the former Commonwealth. Many Americans in the church still possess a modicum of discernment to differentiate appropriately.

                1. They always love to use that number – 33. It’s in freemasonry. In big budget movies. Satan and 1/3 of his followers cast down with him down to earth. Or 33%. These angels have been deceiving humans for thousands of years. They may give you a little bit of truth; but in that truth is buried multiple lies that cause you to do things that are detestable to the living God. Some have you doing idol worship. Divination. Worshipping the sun or
                  gods. A Buddhist is very unlikely to stop a crime taking a place because to them we are reincarnated anyways. Therefore no such thing as loving your neighbor. But the God of Noah. God of Abraham. God of Jacob. God of Elijah has been here since the start of creation, and his chosen Israelites are the only one’s still standing strong since the great flood. Not the Egyptians. Not the Assyrians. Nor the Babylonians. Civilizations that had war chests that were infinitely larger than the group of slaves coming out of Egypt; but when you have the hand of the living God on your side even giants crumble. Which is exactly what happened. Last time I checked – the calendar says 2022 in India. In China. In Australia. 2022 what? 2022 years since the birth of Christ. His commandments reign supreme. Earth is the battleground. Battleground for your soul. Satan is allowed to deceive and win souls. Satan doesn’t like mankind because we are created in God’s image, and have a pathway to the Kingdom of God; whom Satan thinks we obviously don’t deserve. So he will do his best to deceive you and win your soul. But never will he force you. It’s always your choice. Free will.

        2. The promoters of these philosophies count on the reader not researching. Most just regurgitate the official Google narrative anyway. Just look out your window for proof of this.

          Just like Paul says, these people are ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. They learn from Google. These are today’s experts and nobody is ever wrong on the internet.

          My brother in law, who is pushing 70, got into a heated argument on Facebook with a young man around 30, and was so indignant at the young man’s view. If he met the young man in public, he wouldn’t even had given him the time of day.

  4. I think real estate is a sound investment. What about stocks? Or CD’s? Can you share whether you believe a stock market crash is coming and if it’s still wise to put money in stocks or CD’s? I know someone who lost a lot in bitcoin so I wouldn’t invest in that. However, inflation is going to keep hitting and we won’t be able to afford even necessities IMO. Our taxes just jumped really high on our house. We’re being hit from every angle.

    1. Prudent real estate rentals are still a viable way to make money and income.

      As for stocks, based on what I have been concluding, I think I would stay in them here. Value stocks over growth, of course, but if and when the Fed has to reverse, I would change that to advise growth over value.

      As for CDs, a definite NO. I am on my HOA board and the topic came up last night about what to do with the reserves for the association. It was at least 150k. The Treasurer recommended rolling over the CDs. When I asked the rate, he mentioned about 150 bps. I told he to invest directly in UST’s of different durations. The investments needed to be government backed. Since we don’t need the money for at least 10 years, I told him to ladder the direct holdings. I told him not to use Treasury mutual funds, since that exposes the funds to market risk with portfolio turnover. The board loved the idea and that’s how we will probably go.

      Despite gold and BTC going down, now’s the time to dollar cost down. But only use a small amount. No more than 10%-15% of net worth, depending on how much or little you are worth.

    2. Chris is spot on. If you feel comfortable with owning and managing rental properties then that’s a good way to go. The next best asset to own is stocks in corporations because that is another income producing asset.

      Bonds and CDs are bad as they don’t grow with the rate of inflation as the rate of return is fixed at a certain percent. Many bonds and CDs only offer rates far below the inflation rate.

      However it is good to keep a small percentage of your assets in cash for emergencies when the power and internet go down.

      I would only put a very small percentage of assets in precious metals as they do not produce income. If you put money into gold and silver, I would buy in the form collectible coins because they gain collectible value as well as precious metal value. Except for gold ,the other metals like silver and platinum have not really kept pace with inflation. Gold as well as cash is a great way of keeping money out of the banking system if you have a secure place to keep it. Gold does tend to hold purchasing power.

      I focus most of my assets on income producing assets such as stocks and rental real estate.

  5. Thanks for blogging. Help me to understand how oil might go to $65 with the ongoing inflation that the Government wants and is pushing. Thank you.

    1. I am looking at the WTI chart and it needs to hold 93 on a weekly close. If that fails, it’s 85, then 65. Russia has been growing its oil production, coal consumption is still growing outside the developed nations, and it seems the the world is adjusting to the new normal of the decoupling.

      As for the supply side of oil, I keep reading stories like Columbia, Mexico supply glut, Libya’s force majeure and production cuts, and Biden’s recalcitrance towards oil and gas, and wonder what else can keep prices elevated?

      Moreover, I look at energy stocks and their ETFs like XLE and XOP and traders have hit them hard.

      Everything that has sent oil to the moon is now priced in and I think the market is still slightly overconfident on continued price increases. But l look at the entire commodity complex and all I see is red for the past month or two.

      I also think we will see renewed oil and gas production in the states going forward.

      I also get the suspicion that much of this inflation is being generated on purpose for the reasons I claim, and how long can that continue?

      Once we see the world settle down and adjust to this new Russia dynamic with the Asian relationships working out, oil prices will find more difficult environment. Already, China and India are absorbing Russia supply. Unless there is new military incursions elsewhere that impacts shipping, I have to believe that a lot is priced in. Besides, many nations are taking economic downturns including the US.

      With that said, I would not be shorting the sector here. The smaller stocks are already below short term support.

  6. For those of you who are worried about the federal government eventually confiscating assets, I don’t think we need to be concerned anymore.

    The government effectively confiscated $4 trillion in wealth to pay off debt since the beginning of the covid crisis, and nobody said a peep. Imagine if they engineered bank bail-ins or nationalized the pension plans. There would be riots. But the Federal Reserve and USG have perfected scheme in which they can confiscate the people’s wealth and assets and nobody says a thing. Four trillion and counting.

    No mistakes here. Calculated with military precision. The uSG can effectively take money from your assets and hand it out to the illegal migrants and aliens coming across the border. That’s especially true of the blue state pension plans. They continue to lose their spending power year in and year out and the beneficiaries crave the agenda that is actually making them poorer.

    There’s just too many distractions for anyone to make the connections. But the flows are definite and the intended targets are precise..

    So don’t worry about cash in the bank. The USG is slowly taking it out anyway. You just don’t know it.

  7. Here’s the simplicity of the flow.

    The USG has written off 4 trillion in real value balance sheet debt. The bondholders lose that. Plus, those with the income generating assets see a net inflow, while the wage earner sees a net outflow.

    USG +$4 trillion
    Bondholders -$4 trillion

    And after the resulting inflation; nominal household asset balance sheet and real personal income changes;
    Top 10% +4 trillion
    Bottom 90% -$2 trillion

  8. Putin’s claims that attempts to cap oil prices will lead to skyrocketing oil prices just so happens to work out well for the Fed and USG. It is an auspicious circumstance handed on a silver platter.

    More defacto debt repudiation can be blamed on evil Russia. Another couple years of high inflation and the Fed balance sheet will be a pittance of nominal GDP. Then it will be time to ramp up more QE.

  9. How can Turkey switch to another currency to pay for Russian oil when it is depleting its own currency reserves from poor fiscal and monetary management? It cannot. Who will accept Turkish lira for payment? How will Russia provide them with enough rubles to pay for the oil when Russia is determined to show the world how terrific their export economy is? Has humanity become this retarded?

    Turkey Looks to Ditch Dollar in Payments for Russian Energy


    (Bloomberg) — Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will discuss paying for Russian energy imports with currencies other than the US dollar when he meets his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, in Tehran on Tuesday, according to Turkish officials familiar with the matter.

    The two countries have been working on a proposal for local-currency trade payments, including for energy deals, a move that would help the government in Ankara slow the decline in its sovereign reserves, the officials said.

    They expected Erdogan and Putin to take up the proposal on Tuesday on the sidelines of a meeting on Syria in the Iranian capital.

    Putin Arrives in Iran for Raisi, Erdogan Talks Dominated by War

    Russia remains a critical source of energy supplies for Turkey. It provided a quarter of Turkey’s crude oil imports and around 45% of its natural-gas purchases last year, giving Moscow a huge surplus in bilateral trade.

  10. As I always tell the God fearing Christian who is trying to be self-sovereign, “let the heathen rage, but make sure you’re their landlord.” While trolls debate whether I’m xenophobic or racist, my rents have risen about 50% in the past five years. Cha ching!

    Border crisis hits NYC: Adams calls on Biden as shelters overrun with migrants


    New York City’s homeless shelters are being overrun with asylum-seeking migrants as the immigration crisis at the southern border worsens — with nearly 3,000 arriving in recent weeks, Mayor Eric Adams warned Monday.

    Adams called on President Biden to send “additional federal resources immediately” so the city can handle the overflow.

    “If we do not get these urgently needed resources, we may struggle to provide the proper level of support our clients deserve, while also facing challenges as we serve both a rapidly growing shelter population and new clients who are seeking asylum,” Adams said in a prepared statement.

    Adams said the illegal immigrants included families “arriving on buses sent by the Texas and Arizona governments” but in other cases, he said, “it appears that individuals are being sent by the federal government.”

  11. Not getting better… The latest from the Atlanta Fed GDPNow tracker


    Latest estimate: -1.6 percent — July 19, 2022

    The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the second quarter of 2022 is -1.6 percent on July 19, down from -1.5 percent on July 15.

    After this morning’s housing starts report from the US Census Bureau, the nowcast of second-quarter real residential investment growth decreased from -8.8 percent to -10.1 percent.

  12. Nothing but supply chain bottlenecks. Oil would be 65 bbl otherwise.

    Scores Of Fuel Ships Stranded Off Mexico As Pemex Debt Mounts


    An estimated 60-plus vessels carrying imported gasoline, diesel and fuel are stranded off the coast of Mexico due to storage bottlenecks, Bloomberg reports.

    Unable to unload due to a backlog reminiscent of the height of the COVID pandemic when Mexico declared force majeure, fuel importers are paying some $40,000 a day per vessel in the waiting line, while Mexican state-run Pemex struggles in the red.

    According to Bloomberg, the vessels stuck in this holding pattern presently contain approximately 60% of Mexico’s monthly fuel demand.

    At the same time, oil exports by Mexico’s state-run Pemex continue to plummet.

    As Mexico attempts to reduce its dependence on foreign energy sources, Pemex is shifting toward refining, which is negatively impacting the company’s balance sheet, according to BNAmericas.

  13. I agree 100% with the comments. It is good to keep plenty of cash on hand in the form of dollar bills and coins. As Lientje pointed out cash is king when the electronic transaction system is down such as happened in Canada.

    In Puerto Rico back in 2017 only cash was accepted when hurricane Maria left the whole island without electricity for a couple of months. Those upper middle class and wealthy Puerto Ricans who transacted mostly with debit and credit cards were left in the dust. Cash could not be withdrawn when the power was out.

    The other good thing about having cash at home is when the government freezes your bank account. If you have a lot of cash outside your bank account then the government cannot deprive your livelihood. I have had clients whose bank accounts were frozen due to tax disputes. If you have no cash at home your out of luck.

    Pierre’s suggestion is also an excellent idea. When the crap hits the fan and money is worthless, liquor, cigarettes, canned food, and today marijuana are great things to barter with. It is a lesson to stock up on these things.

    Also a great bartering tool is a valuable skill or trade such as fixing machines, computers, or as an electrician or plumber. Medical skills are also great when it hits the fan . Professional skills such legal, accounting, or academic skills are not going to cut it.

    It is also necessary to have a few guns and plenty of ammo for hunting and self defense purposes. Ammunition is also a great bartering item.

    Most of all it is necessary to have spiritual food through a daily relationship with Jesus Christ as the Lord is the ultimate provider and guide through these tribulations.

  14. Not sure how relevant my comment is, but I would certainly keep some cash at home. We had a Rogers communications outage last Friday in Canada – internet was down and so were all the major banks, apparently all customers of Rogers. Cash was king if you needed food. I suspect this ‘outage’ might have been some kind of practice for a banking ‘holiday’ as we go forward through the reset.

    1. For the “unexpected” WEF false flag and more, it’s a good idea to keep cash on hand plus barter items (ie, canned food, booze, cigarettes, etc)

      and about that amazing coincidence between the Rogers “communications outage” and Cyber Polygon
      (that was purportedly “postponed”)

      More coincidence

      “On July 22, 2021, less than two weeks after Cyber Polygon 2021, an internet outage briefly took down many websites belonging to major banks, airlines, big tech, and media organizations.

      ‘Launched in 2019, Cyber Polygon is an annual cybersecurity training exercise put on by BI.ZONE, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and Interpol.

      Headquartered in Moscow, BI.ZONE has been a subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia since 2016, and it was established to “to detect cyber threats and intrusion attempts, as well as to carry out security system audits for the largest bank in Russia.”

      1. Cash on hand is better than gold and silver. 20 years ago I would have said the other way. Most people don’t even know about gold and silver anymore. Good luck bartering with that.

        Cash will always work. Also, try to possess a talent or skill that others can use.

        1. “Cash will always work…”

          Wow! Ireland’s biggest bank (most branches) AIB, just this week, is all in and then all out for going cashless.
          I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with it’s customers pulling all their savings in what could turn out to be an epic bank run.

          “‘Recognising the customer and public unease that this has caused, AIB has decided not to proceed with the proposed changes to its bank services.”

          I highly doubt their plans have been cancelled. Just delayed.

          1. Wow. That’s unbelievable.

            The one advantage with USDs in the US is that there has never yet been a debt note backed currency cancellation. Theoretically, all non-Confederate notes are still legal tender.

            But the people in the states are looking at cash as if I was Walter White for using it. Of course, the TV shows play a big part in conflating cash with illicit activities.

            1. In the recent past when my beard and hair was long in the winter, people would say I looked like the unibomber. When I spoke and remarked with numbers and facts and logic, some would say I reminded them of Walter White.

              We see the conditioning.

            2. Hi Chris,
              You said “there has never yet been a [USD] debt note backed currency cancellation”.
              An idea whose time has come according to TPTB.

              I think the story about the Irish bank adopting and then immediately “abandoning” their cashless plans was a scheme of sorts. Floating a trial balloon in order to study the (obviously anticipated) public reaction and plan accordingly.

              Just like the U.S.Treasury is planning.
              And check it out- they publish this report overlapping the Irish bank affair.

              ‘US Treasury Just Published a Working Paper Pushing for Central Bank Digital Currency to Counter ‘Bank Runs’

                1. Timonthy, with all due respect to your comment,
                  “There are a lot of trials going on right now, like:
                  Bugs for dinner
                  Cashless currency
                  world communism, etc”

                  Most of the things you mention have long surpassed the trial stage.
                  1. Scamdemic
                  Event 201 was the most recent trial.

                  2. Bugs for dinner
                  Not a novel idea. Disgusting, but not novel.
                  Anthony Bourdain famously proved otherwise.

                  3. 5G
                  6G is the trial

                  4. World Communism
                  I think we can agree that you probably mean totalitarianism
                  (communism, fascism or euphemism of “Public Private Partnerships”)
                  But even that ship has sailed.
                  Just look how quickly even Latin America folded to this Covid-lockdown-mask-vaccine scam. Countries with a long legacy of violent revolutions over government overreach. But not this time.

                  I think the 1998, ‘The Truman Show’ was the quintessential “in your face” nod to where we now find ourselves. And just like the movie, most people will never get it.
                  A good review of The TRUE MAN Show-

                  5. Cashless currency
                  The only “trial” that matters.
                  If this goes into full CCP implementation, it’s game over.

              1. I guess they’ll confiscate your property when you can’t pay the rates in DC. Much better to put money into gold or gemstones for long term because there is nothing else. My favorite is someone called Seth Hol… something or other. He makes vids shilling for Q and he’s a precious metals and jewelry auctioneer from JY now based in Ohio where his business says, Sell to Seth.

        2. Yeah till banks don’t accept it. There’s a window to trade it in for DC. And the whole point here let’s not forget is that your vx certification must be showing green to play with your own money. Not sure what to make of Chris here. Def too wrapped up in today’s excitement on the screen to think clearly and therefore conveys garbled “advice”. Glanced a comment yesterday (cuz that’s all I could handle) railing against the “arrogant”. Well I’ve never heard anyone else refer to themselves personally as the “remnant”. Too much pride and conceit for any real lover of Christ for sure. Good luck with that and anyway this entire blog is garbled

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