Today’s Christian no longer makes controversy

Ungodly controversy versus Godly

I view the latest economic and price inflation data, and all this indicates to me is that our politicians are not interested in maintaining national sovereignty nor peace and prosperity. They are all working toward a goal, and that goal is a One World financial dictatorship. Our adversary first has to create ungodly controversy. Take a look at the news and we can see that these objectives have been achieved.

I ask why are all the same sets of circumstances manifesting regardless of the nation? It does seem that all countries are now working in harmony to achieve some hidden goal; from the ashes rises the Phoenix.

American governors and state and federal politicians have been hand-picked and are all diligently working to undo everything that the country’s founding fathers built. The same types of debilitation now goes on in every other nation, whether it be in England, Russia, China, or Australia. Notice that every circumstance transcends and undermines the integrity of national interests and self-sufficiency. Concomitantly, the concept of national borders has been rendered essentially obsolete.

Let’s take a look at today’s CPI data. CPI Prices were up 1.3% last month and the official data indicate a rise of 9.1% over the past 12 months. Moreover, real earnings dropped by 1.0%. This represents a real sucker punch to the average wage earner. The Nicolaitans are clearly in charge.

Indeed, it’s all about creating a one-world financial dictatorship, and all the governments in the West and elsewhere, including China and Russia, are now nothing but customer service windows for the synagogue of Satan; all working to achieve an obscure and hidden goal.

And the plot is now accelerating, because there is no resistance at all, especially from the church of the past 25-30 years, which has become gradually ever more misguided and broken since the synagogue’s chosen Schofield came on the scene. I see there are very few independent-minded and Godly revolutionaries left.  Don’t look to Alex Jones, Mike Adams, and the patriot movement either for picking up the slack; they have been exploited by our adversary to keep us in the partisan and spiritual cattlepen.

There are few Godly revolutionaries today and Christians are sleepwalking into oblivion

Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:
For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.
The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

Luke 12:51-53 KJV

The internet has been scrubbed clean of any Godly controversy that differs from the synagogue of Satan’s official version, and the church has been neutered. It unwittingly supports our adversary’s goals without understanding. Most of the Christians today, even those whose hearts are in the right place, make the fatal mistake of referring to Google searches for verification. All they’re doing is reinforcing the One World government mindset. Most Christians today have turned inward and it’s all about their personal relationship with Jesus, while the concept of the nation-state burns and the politicians destroy freedom. The pastors are like Buddhas.

Todays evangelical dwells on the self and counts down the days to the second coming, while he waits for his personal spiritual bail out. Perhaps he is impatiently waiting for the two witnesses to appear. But what happens if Jesus doesn’t come back for another 100 or 200 years? What will today’s Google-searching evangelical do? I guarantee he will continually cross each proverbial line in the sand with ever-greater equanimity and ease until he justifies the circumstances. Today’s’ Google-searching evangelical looks upon what was taken for granted 50 years ago as racist and xenophobic. The Christian in 10-15 years will look upon today’s Christian as hateful, homo- and transphobic. Each generation of Christian gets ever more wicked and of the world and doesn’t even realize it. Today’s Christian surfs his porn, nurses a boatload of debts, is morbidly obese, and gets divorced as easily as the supposed heathen.

I think of my fellow wage slaves who continually lose out every month from inflation caused by the nicolaitans and then turn and say that heretics like me are seriously misguided and doing the work of the adversary. Perhaps they will troll us on Google and call us ignorant, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and racist.

I have begged you for years to develop a way of making money that transcends economic and financial circumstances. My reason for being on this blog was to help a few insightful people move forward in this ever more wicked world and to be an example to others, and who aren’t afraid of making Godly controversy. Instead of turning inward, perhaps it’s time to get in people’s faces and make controversy.

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65 thoughts on “Today’s Christian no longer makes controversy

  1. I am going to put out a post showing who really benefits from this inflation.

    1. The inflationary collapse Cassandras are out of their realm, like Joel Skousen, who do not understand that we are undergoing one huge UBI experiment in real time! No collapses and every onward and upward for the asset owner! Viva la asset owners! Inflate away, including real and nominal BOVOB earnings.

      More consolidation of wealth to come. I just found out my rents on my two bed condos are as much as 800 below full market. Time to send out the bad news to tenants. Even my voucher tenants are 400 below, and you’re paying that rent for me. Time to kick out the poor tenants. Oh Chris, that’s so ungodly. Well, I am not running a 501(c)3 charity like a church, I’m running a business, and my time that my fruits have afforded me have allowed me to run this ministry. I don’t ask for filthy lucre either.

      Oh Chris, you’re so weird as well as racist, anti-Semitic, and antichrist.

      1. What if prices come down next year will you lower the rent per lease? I’ve noticed in my area when times were bad the rent price on most units did not come down. Do you negotiate with your tenants or offer them a pay in advance get a rent reduction, yard maintanence discounts?

        1. inflation will come down, but not prices. We will not get deflation. Too much decoupling in the world in the build up to war. Gird your loins.

          Read the post I just uploaded. I wrote it expressly for you! Well, you made me think of some ideas that forced me to put pen to paper.

          Who else is saying these ideas? Nobody. Joel Skousen was nonplussed at all the craziness in the financial markets. I say what craziness? It makes perfect sense now that I have a longer-term time frame from which to analyze.

          Viva la asset owners

        2. Chris’s psychodrama aside, prices never go down. In south africa when the rand first went from 8 to 14 to the dollar around 2002, prices spiked. Did they come down down when when the currency rebounded, no. Importers cleaned up, retailers cleaned up, everyone cleaned up. The same scenario repeated itself over and over again, with prices continually going up on the back of currency fluctuations, which is why south africans of the “landlord” type who just so happen to be most whites there, are squarely to blame for killing the goldren goose, squeezing till there’s nothing left to squeeze. People addicted to gambling and roi on filth lucre really have no idea about the kingdom of heaven. And I can’t understand for the life of me why an Armenian who writes for moscow makow and has no web presence prior to the past few years waxes lyrical about the children of Israel being essentially the British and Germanics responsible for the order and rational innovation that characterizes their own nations and those they founded. Except of course i understand completely. Go back and listen to podcasts here from a few years back where the speaker claims to have been a student of the NWO since the 90s and yet today hes vague and says he doesnt know much sbout the role of people like mike adams and Alex Jones, cutout names if ever, that remind me of the chinese on the bestbuy chat lol where we have Daisy Miller and Sophia Smith. The pranks however are in Russia and Canada, yes Canada like moscow makow hint hint. Meanwhile, the commenters grow dumber and dumber …

          1. I think you need to stop drinking the water straight out of the creek. Filter it first.

            But seriously, I have two old stone buildings circa 1850 built by Scottish stonemasons on which I am repointing the stone. I need someone to mix mortar and help move the scaffold, I work fast and long hours so you won’t have much time to talk or do anything else to get you into trouble. Your Scottish heritage works for me. Let me know.

  2. My wife had me watch this documentary called “Gods of the new age” – its a full explanation of what she was subjected to by her “New Age” parents as a child. It’s a film released in 1984 and is very relevant to the discussion here, it explains the undermining of the church over the last 40 years and the move towards one world religion. Its too long for a nice summer day at 1 hour and a half long, part four is the last 20 minutes and details the destruction of Christianity (starts around 1:16:00).

    Todays pastors (and churches) copied the template of the eastern gurus that came during second wave feminism of the 1960’s.

    1. Absolutely correct. Even the pastors who pound the podium warning of hell are unwittingly copying it. To them, it’s all about the “deep personal” relationship with Jesus. But don’t try to contend with government nor ungodly people.

      Of course, it’s ultimately about that relationship, but when that’s what it’s all about, we can’t point blame at others when we see the evil. We have to accept blame.

      Essentially, the pastors are saying that we Christians should be like the white lotus flower in the mud. They don’t say it like the Hindu and Buddhist say.

      These pastors save tens of thousands, perhaps 100s of thousands in taxes by keeping their tax exempt status.

      BTW this massive infiltration of Eastern mysticism goes back to the Beatles and before.

    2. I watched this in its entirety. In my last few years of teaching in the Catholic School system in Ontario, I was shocked at how prayer was replaced with ‘mindfulness’, yoga and breathing exercises. I was rather repulsed by it and would never put that in my classroom. I had tried yoga – but as a person who enjoys vigorous exercise like running, biking or swimming, I couldn’t stick with it – I didn’t see the point of it. Heart rate never went up in a yoga class, so I lost interest. In fact, I fell asleep at this yoga, to my embarrassment, the sound of my own snoring woke me up. A friend once offered me a ‘free’ invitation to a yoga session in her loft. Not really my thing but I went just to be amiable. It started as yoga, then turned into a weird Wikka new age religious ceremony with tarot cards, dancing with scarves and a walk on a labyrinth that as painted on the floor. At one point, we were all to hold hands in a circle and close our eyes, chanting a mantra. I peaked out of one eye to see if anyone else, like me, was wise to this sham. Everyone had their eyes firmly shut, and murmuring along with the incantation. The leader tried to convince me that this was just like Catholicism, as there was a labyrinth at Chartres. I was told not to speak about this to anyone after I left. It was a secret, not to be betrayed. I never returned – I rarely had free time in those days, and my precious few minutes were not going to taken up with this gobbled-gook. However, I did learn that, while Christians were turning their backs on religion, they were yearning for something spiritual, something to believe it. So while Christianity is torn down, the humans will be looking for something to replace it – they won’t be happy left in the void, to their own devices.

  3. Another reason to stay out of the NE. Just my experience on LI; it seemed a huge percentage were on the government payroll. Three to four layers of government up there. Village, township, county, state.

    N.J. Debt Totals More Than $248 Billion, Led by Benefits Burden

    (Bloomberg) — General obligation borrowing under New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was the highest in at least a decade, driven by pandemic bond issues. The state’s overall debt climbed 22% in the 2021 fiscal year, according to an annual accounting.

  4. Retail sales overall and at the core look good. Empire State index looks nice and so does the import/export prices. Overall, a good morning for economic data.

    1. UM consumer sentiment higher than expected. Inflationary expectations are notching lower at 5.2% vs. 5.3%. The market likes it.

      1. According to ZeroHedge, the same economic numbers I looked at today and liked looks terrible to them.

        The US economy is not as bad as many are indicating. Of course, this is in aggregate, and the wage slaves (I’m sorry, I mean BOVOBs) are losing out. But that is by intent. It’s not a mistake.

        ZeroHedge is the best type of Soviet propaganda; it appears as your ally. Anarchists, unite! As long as it benefits the reformed Soviet Union.

      2. Ya looks like the numbers were okay, but not that great. If the retail number was the same point lower it would have sent things on a downward spiral but just a little number 1 saved it. Either it’s fabricated or that mainstreet is not hurting as bad as the news media states.

        Interesting how they propped it up the last 5-10 mins of the day, which has been happening quite a bit the last few months. Never noticed those huge end of the day upticks so often especially on a Friday.

        And Bitcoin with terrible news of 10K rumors plus the Russia ban still went up. Supposedly the next FED meeting is going to announce 75 soon and i’m sure the market will somehow find a reason that it’s a good thing. What other big numbers is the market waiting for?

  5. The FDA \ Pharmaceutical cabal approved the NovaVax vaccine for Emergency authorization for a reason. They want to target the other 30% for vaccination kill shots that refuse the covid vaccines because of the MRNA technology.

    This is being promoted as a “Safe” vaccine with less side effects. I am sure a lot of us NO Covid Vaxxers will be getting a lot of pressure from family members, friends, and the employer to take this vaccine as it is “safer” with little side effects. Here we go again. The big reason no one heard about the side effects of this “new and improved” vaccine is because it has not been used in the US and in fact it is the least used vaccine overseas as well. So of course you will not hear about as many side effects as less people around the world have used Novavax versus the other MRNA covid vaccines.

    This NovaVax vaccine was approved as a way to break down a major defense of the No Vaxxers as this does not use the MRNA technology and to sucker the vaccine hesitant to take this equally if not more dangerous vaccine. This will also embolden employers and businesses to impose vaccine mandates. Therefore the pressure is ON. Just SAY NO.

    This vaccine still injects spike proteins into your body which the real science has proven that it causes organ damage, blood clotting, and myocarditis. By the way, these spike proteins in the NovaVax vaccine are created in moths. Do you want Moth genes in your body?

    Check out this video from a doctor explaining that the spike proteins cause most of the damage:

    The NovaVax vaccine still injects spike proteins in your body that causes the same side effects.

    Not only the spike proteins from moths are bad in this vaccine but the NovaVax vaccines also use a toxic adjuvent that supposedly enhances the immune response. This video from Dr Jane Ruby explains the technology of the NovaVax vaccine and why it is bad:

    In addition, even the mainstream news articles admit that the NovaVAx vaccine still causes myocarditis(inflammation of the heart). Check this out in the last paragraphs of this CNBC article:

    In addition the European Union has alerted the public that NovaVax causes allergic reactions:

    Another reason why NovaVax has not been allowed until now is they had manufacturing problems per the CNBC article link above. Do you want to take a vaccine from a manufacturer that has had problems? I think not.

    Here is another article from Children’s Defense Fund about the hazards of the NovaVax Vaccine:

    Clearly the approval of the NovaVAx vaccine is an attempt to fool the holdouts that this is a “safe and effective” vaccine so they will take the kill shot. DO NOT let them kid you. This vaccine is dangerous like the others.

  6. Babylon, the heart of the pit, is exactly where the bible says it is. That would be someone I’ll leave it to readers, or their 3 year olds, to locate on the map. There it is. From there it’s moles bought out a new level of filth into the holy land following the captivity. The filth comes in waves because the Magick spends itself and needs constant renewal. After Christ, this tiny group (which today runs a large but not too large, prominent but not to prominent country we have all located on the map) turned its attention eastwards and of course the famous caucasus route is of course the route. I do believe Mohammed as a warrior was sent by God to wipe this menace out. Early Muslims did an amazing job in Central Aisa of destroying Babylon outposts until Satan himself apparently took over the Islamic movement. Khazaria disappeared and sufi mosques controlled the steppes, and say what you like they knew their adversary. The adversary then set up its great dialectic, to wit soviet and zionist Jews. Jews stay bamboozled by the magick over time by virue of their identity as Judaic and their babylonian magician rebbes. To see how this adversary creates its armies, study of the ghettoes of Warsaw is instructive. And the history of lurian kabbalah which is today surplanted by chabad. (I had the amusing experience of flying surrounded by a chabad rabbi and his wife and 9 children on a 30 hour flight recently, only to be met at the gate at JFK by various other children! So weet to be told by a four year old, i can have this snack because it’s kosher and Im Jewish… and yes pity the women.) Williamsburg today is much like Warsaw 100 years ago since our adversary requires many executioners soon. The other army jellied up to the eyeballs in babylonian magic currently is kazahks and … kryzahks … One needs the Scottish sight to understand but they’re imprinted on the Astral plane and one doesn’t need the Scottish sight to judge bt the fruit. Some nasties turned up in South Africa and set about destroying some old school mining companies up and down stream. They often claim to be “Russian” which us why I don’t trust any Russians period even with the Scottish site, except my friend in LA who wears his pain on his face 247. Of course Americans are so so so nice and now the antichirst worm-carrying gay “russian” ? who frequents my hood is off to seminary in Wisconsin in 3 weeks. Quite something to witness the satanic water baptism with the Scottish sight. Which is not to mean that sincere Christians in Wisconsin will fall to this new horror, what happens on the Astral doesn’t necessarily manifest. Just often in the face of apathy. For all this yes it’s important to be aware if your daughter brings a “russian” for you to meet, the entire Caucasus region needs to be handled with the utmost care and suspicion, tho Armenians for the most part suffered enough to break the spells and are generally fine. Mexicans of course harbour none of this junk tho Satan works through their native cultures too, most are sincere Christians. So it’s a question of might and of course none of it is personal but this is the spiritual warfare we are warned about, we are not told to worry about money or food or anything else whatsoever.

    1. Mohammed was visitied by demons. He thought so himself initially. His wife Khadija convinced him otherwise.

      All I know is that I was visitied by someone on 12/08/03 and I am 100% certain it was from God, because whoever it was kept telling me the truth was in the bible. It was a terrifying experience and one I couldn’t shake for weeks, but there was absolutely no way for one second I thought it was a demon. Up to that point, I never really knew anything about the Bible. I was Catholic and knew of its traditions, but I knew little of the Bible.

      1. Mohammed I believe contemplated suicide after being visited by the angel. The angel did give Mohammed some truth; but also mis-lead him and his followers away from the truth. For example, Quran states Jesus did miracles like raised people from the dead. It even says Jesus will come back and defeat the anti-Christ. But its mistake with Jesus is putting Jesus in the same ranking as the other prophets. Jesus is God. Came from God. He is the omega and alpha. The Gospel of John says Jesus was there with God in the beginning of creation. The Book of Enoch says the Son of Man was hidden, and the Most High revealed him only to the chosen. So people like Jacob may of met Jesus. Therefore you can’t put Jesus in the same category as Moses, or Elijah. Not even close. Of course there are other issues with the Quran that I see plain as day.

        Chris – do you mind sharing about your encounter you had? Was it through a dream or actual real life experience?

  7. Look at the metals. Holy moly, the whole commodity complex, save the grains, is collapsing.

    Hg, Au, Ag. Look at silver! What a bloodbath.

    DJCI breaking all support… Again.

    1. Bloodbath in oil market. Nat gas is different as the fundamental problem in distribution to EU still exists.

      1. How much longer will Bitcoin be able to hold at this level? We could see a sharp breakdown.

        1. Bitcoin seems to be doing good today. July 19th of last year gave it a big uptick, will it happen again or tank this time…The 2020 pump started in October around 10k.

          I think Pot stocks may uptick if there are legislation rumors as we get closer to November.

          1. BTC looked nice today. Everything was bought off the lows this morning, especially oil. We need to see a weekly in oil below 93 to substantiate the trend.

    2. I feel an 11:30 Europe close ramp in stocks and beat down in USD is coming.

  8. Headline PPI hotter than expected but the core numbers look like a softening. Jobless claims moving higher and the trend is definitely noticeable.

    Overall, okay numbers. I think if commodity prices stay at these levels we will begin to see lighter PPI numbers next month.

  9. Sad to say. A lot of today’s Christian’s think they are Christians just by going to church on Sunday, listening to the sermon, then throw a lot of money into the plate to alleviate their guilt. However these same “Christians “ commit all sorts of sins during the rest of the week such as looking at porn, backstabbing people at the office, and ripping off little old ladies. They feel that because they go to Church they are absolved of the sins they regularly commit. Yet they continue their sins and don’t change their behavior. That is NOT how repentance and forgiveness works. You are only absolved of past sins by giving up the sinful behavior and praying for forgiveness. Then the power of Jesus Christ will give you the strength to deal with karma from the past sin and also give you strength to make the change in behavior. This is really the only way that drug addicts change their life.

    Those Church goers who continue their bad behavior will end up in the same place as those sinners who do not go to church. The difference is the same( no difference at all)

      1. I went to eight or nine different churches in my area over the past decade and gave up. I no longer go to church. None of them offered anything substantial anymore. And they were populated with the so called conservatives in my area.

        They didn’t serve up anything except warm milk and wanted to hear nothing of what I talk about.

        1. Just like Paul’s epistle 1 Corinthians where the church goers in Corinth continued their sinful ways claiming that they were saved yet continued in sin. Paul said they were babies still being fed milk.
          In addition the Corinthians thought they were special because they went to church while their neighbors did not. Paul had to correct the errors of their ways.

          1. 1 Corinthians 3:2 KJV
            I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able.

            I don’t criticize Paul’s teachings, I criticize today’s readers. I often think of that Bertrand Russell quote and know today’s Christian preachers and congregations are victims of their circumstances.

            1. Last time I went to a church was Easter years ago. It was appalling.

              Before that I went to a Catholic christening. The “priest” said there are rules: the godfather must profess to believe in God or the christening would be cancelled. He was asked and said he doesn’t believe in any of that. The “priest” said oh well it doesn’t matter, let’s continue.

              Once the “ceremony” was over I walked to the back of the church and read the noticeboard. It was 100% covered in jew this, Israel that, zionism, christians for Israel… you get the picture. What a mess. It seemed like some sort of joke.

              Meanwhile Rabbi after Rabbi sits on youtube freely talking about how the goyim are going to be exterminated soon. Ya gotta laugh.

    1. The only way that we can turn this world around is to have some sort of devine intervention which destroys all media in its current form and God forces some sort of second Exodus, and the people in that Exodus cleanse themselves from all of the adversary’s media. This includes the alt media as well. The Godly survivors need to cleanse themselves from all of this. The Christians today are continually bombarded with the satanic influence and there’s no way that the vast vast majority of Christians can undo these conditions unless there’s some sort of divine intervention. There’s just no way as our adversary’s influence is just too strong. I continually fight it everyday. I have a subscription to Netflix and Amazon prime. A shop and transact in globalist outfits. They control my food supply.

      1. Why on earth would anyone have a Netflix sub? What fresh hell is Amazon prime? I have never heard of it. I live in an under-construction Sprinter. Im not paying effing rent to anyone. The price of gold is the amount someone will pay for a sack of potatoes in 2028, which is to say everything he has. It has little real value till around 2033. Give or take … That said, I sold a coin recently to up my comfort level down here by the creek and was fascinated when the guy pulled out a magnet to test it. I had no idea gold is not magnetic.

        1. I will be looking for 5 acres and set up a nice barn for a tiny home / hobby farm just to be sensible, and bring in a container to store my things securely when I’m not there … a def must have is a small creek and “stoop dam” for winter outdoor heated wallow pool, which is, what 3 months of someone else’s rent lol. But then work in towns and live in the van because i like to get out and meet people and see what’s happening… and been working remote for too long now. And then move along and see something else. One has to wonder at the slaves indeed. Freedom is a state of mind.

        2. Netflix sucks. Amazon prime comes with the membership at no extra cost. Gold is getting beat hard. A good time to add more. Same with BTC. Cost average down.

    2. Amen Andrei.

      Also every human body is a temple. Thank God we can go direct to God ourselves, and we don’t need a physical church to reach God. But it’s always great finding a local church that is well lead, and worshipping together ofc.

      Most people predicted the dollar would collapse and gold/silver will run. It’s the opposite. Adversary can continue playing these games for a long time. Every time it gets bad – release valve. Then slowly start the cycle back up again. Over and over again. That cycle will only get broken imo when the two witnesses arrive (most likely Enoch/Elijah). Who knows when that will be, or if it’s even in our lifetimes. That’s why it’s important to not fall into the demoralization campaign of the alt media. They’ve been predicting food collapse for the past 2-3 years; and I walk into the grocery store and all the shelves are full to the rim. Nothing but demoralization from those folks; and “Come Jesus Come.” It’s tough reading about what happened to the Israelites with the Babylon capture; due to their abandonment of God. End times means stuff like that and much worse on a global scale. Who would wish for those days to arrive? But at least “I’m saved.” No one knows they are truly saved till they sit on the judgement seat in front of Jesus Christ. Instead of praying for the end days – pray that the narrow gate becomes wide. Pray for the good people to wake up from being deceived on all fronts. Pray for the mercy for the ones that have been fully deceived.

      1. The northern kingdom with the Assyrian captivity was brutal. The leaders of Judah/Benjamin who were led into Babylon became fascinated with the dark arts and developed their secret Talmudic/Kabbalah/Zohar teachings to spread around the world via the secret societies.

        1. That makes a lot of sense with the Southern kingdom (Judah/Benjamin). Jesus always called some of them out for saying they are Jews, but were of the synagogue of Satan. They must of learned it from somewhere.

          The Israeli country flag itself is an occult symbol. I did some research on its origins; and it goes back to the seal of Solomon. Whom did exactly what God warned the Israelites not to do – marry wives whom worship pagan gods, because they will tempt you to worship them as well. And that’s exactly what happened with Solomon, and what caused the 12 tribes to split up in the first place.

  10. Here’s a thought. While the world continued existing and the sun came up in the morning, the United States government effectively defaulted on at least 1% of its outstanding Treasury debt last month. Its interest costs were a small fraction and whatever the Federal Reserve earns is just plowed back to the US Treasury anyway. Inflation with suppressed bond yields is an excellent set of circumstances for those who own the assets. Wage slaves, look out below.

    Instead of calling people wage slaves I should call them BOVOBs; Burned Out Victims Of Bidennomics. I’ll call people BOVOBs for now on as the word “slave” is too offensive too many. 🤣🤣🤣😲

    1. I got a dollar today where someone blacked out all the letters at the top of the bill except F A R T, perfectly spaced out across. I really think putting my finger precisely on the tension between the wage slaves and their Jewish overlords is turning out to be fascinating. Are there no labour lawyers in America looking for a quick buck? Dude, I could set myself up for any number of strategic payouts without batting an eye.

  11. Nicolaitans – Other scholars think that the group’s name was not based upon an individual’s name, but as a compound descriptive word. Nico- means “victory” in Greek, and laos means “people” or, more specifically, “the laity”. Hence they take the word to mean “lay conquerors” or “conquerors of the lay people”. Wikipedia

  12. It seems in the centuries shortly after Christ was walking among humanity, Christian controversy and boldness was ever present in the face of evil itself. So many leaders who became saints would not dream of going into battle without an Icon of the Holy Mother of God and after serving Divine Liturgy. So many miracles happened in those days. The leaders of ancient Russia were completely devoted to God and Christ’s church is directly opposite of what we have now. The last Christian martyr was Nicholas II who has been canonized a saint.

    St. Vladimir brought Christianity to Russia and here is a brief story of his life:

    “St. Vladimir was a devout pagan in his early life. He was a great conqueror who had many wives and erected many pagan statues in the lands that he ruled over.

    Upon finding out that other faiths existed beyond his own paganism, he decided to send his envoys out into the world to find out what was true faith on earth. His envoys met with Muslims, but felt that there was no joy among them, and that their faith was very mechanical. The envoys also met with Jews and Catholics, but were still unimpressed.

    Everything changed, however, when the envoys arrived in Constantinople. Upon attending Divine Liturgy in Hagia Sophia, the envoys said, “We no longer knew whether we were in heaven or on earth.” Taking the word of his envoys, St. Vladimir had himself and his nation baptized into the Orthodox Christian Church.

    St. Vladimir changed completely after his baptism. He destroyed all the pagan statues that stood in Kievan Rus’, and replaced them with churches. He also attempted to live in peace as much as possible with his neighbors and had only one wife.”

    So perhaps to Chris’s point, the modern Christian isn’t going into battle fully expecting to be martyred as so many have done previously. He or she isn’t destroying pagan statues. It’s about personal safety. No one wants to die. Even Christ didn’t want to die and pleaded with his Father to let this cup pass but alas it was foretold and necessary for those events to happen.

    Then we take separation of church and state. The founders, who are so often held in high esteem by the Christian right, made certain that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” America was set up to fail on Christianity right from the beginning. Not even one battle to uphold the only truth revealed to mankind. The courts are functioning in the same manner that condemned Christ to death by a jury of his peers while releasing a known and tried offender. Talk about a political move?

    What else to say? What has been foretold must happen but the timeline is established by God. How we go on from here is to openly confess Christ just as the Centurion who said “Truly this is the Son of God.”

    1. There was an implied contract with the people of America in its founding.

      God was the personal law of maximum obligation. It was clear the nation was Christian. Please don’t look to Google for the Freemasons interpretation of church and state, with any verification to the contrary.

      God established the maximum laws Americans were to obide by. The constitution set the minimum requirements to obligate Americans. And only Godly self-sovereign people are entitled to the constitution.

      In 1892, the US supreme court declared in a 9-0 decision that the United States was a Christian nation, founded on Christian values and so was the constitution.

      The founders did not wish to establish any theocracy, for they saw what it did in Europe, and by extension “holy” Russia.

      1. If the Supreme Court never made that fateful ruling regarding the United States and Christianity, the United States never would have been as great as it was. However, and unfortunately, because of that important and prophetic decision, the United States will be destroyed just like the northern kingdom of Israel was destroyed. If the Supreme Court never ruled in that manner. it would have turned out to be a s*** hole like communist Russia or China or Japheth remnant nation. God and the devil both have a special purpose for the United states.

      2. I make no interpretation except the actual text I quoted above, which I believe is directly from the founding documents. I have seen the Masonic references but can’t conclude one way of another if that is fact or even damaging. From what I know to be fact, the founders were Deists. Not Christian.

        To me, a supreme court decision that concludes the US is a Christian nation can’t possibly be the final word unless a council of bishops were involved as part of the decision. And along those lines, why do the Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis have such a high profile in a Christian nation?

        The US is as good as it gets, especially for my parents and grandparents that escaped Stalin and Mao. I feel very fortunate and thankful to be born here.

      3. Chris – I knew Alex Jones and Mike Adams are controlled opposition. Can you give us your take on who else in alternative media is? What about Bradlee Dean of Sons of Liberty Media? He seems straight but he and Tim Brown keep having Carrie Madej on when she belongs to a society with a pentagram on the page. Someone pointed out the have SOL on their home page which is short for Sol Invictus: satan. Still Bradlee really uses scripture well.

        I’d appreciate your thoughts.

        1. Hi,
          I do not know about Messrs. Dean and Brown. As for Ms. Madej, I did read up on her from my COVID vaccine study days and I would not trust her. I am concerned about the sensationalists who appear from nowhere and where there’s smoke there’s usually fire.

          As for whom I would trust, I would perform the sniff test. How accurate is the track record and how non partisan are they?

          As I have gotten older I have listened to the alt-media less and less. It’s only because in my realm of understanding, the personalities I have come across just don’t cut it.

          I will admit that up to about 7-8 years ago, I sometimes listened to a couple of the patriot shows on RBN and GCN, but most have since passed on. Up to the late aughts I used to often listen to RBN. I haven’t in years. It’s been a long time. Up to a decade ago used to listen to Jones, but boy did he change since. Someone or something got to him. He is under orders.

          As a rule of thumb, I stay away from younger folk as they lack the importance of longer term perspective. I can vividly recall the 1970s. This battle is multigenerational and the long term view is needed.

          Anyone who takes sides in politics or this ongoing war needs to be forgotten. Just because I am conservative does not mean I am Republican. I don’t even vote anymore.

          There were a few who shared my spiritual views, but they all left this planet, save a couple. I sometimes get emails from readers with links to Carrington Hitchcock podcasts, etc, and it seems he share some of my worldviews with the Bible and such. But I know nothing about him.

          Unfortunately, for us remnant, the only way to determine correctly is to investigate, and it starts with seeing their track record and advice over the long term. Especially in the financial side. Anyone can bloviate like Jones and claim to be right, but most people make so many claims and only refer to ones that flesh out, while forgetting about all the incorrect collapse calls.

  13. Another vaccine formulated and approves in record time.

    U.S. FDA authorizes Novavax COVID vaccine for adults

    July 13 (Reuters) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the use of Novavax Inc’s (NVAX.O) COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, clearing the way for a shot whose more traditional technology has raised hopes of wider acceptance among vaccine skeptics.

    1. I may be wrong but the Novavax approval would put a stop to the “evil non vaxers” who say they wont take the vaccine on religious grounds because the current vaccines involved fetal cells.

      1. mr1,
        Novavax is part of the cabal. Any variation in ingredients is irrelevant.
        The worst part about it is that the claim that there are no fetal cells in Novavax (true or not), will effectively DENY the religious grounds exemption since this”fetal-free” jab has been added to the menu.

        These reported deaths and injuries are only the DOCUMENTED cases.
        The reason Novavax shows the lowest casualties is because it came out so much later.
        You also have to consider the fact that Pfizer is the most used. So don’t be misled that a “lesser of evils” exists.

        “21,333 deaths and 2,244,030 injuries have been reported against the Pfizer jab,
        12,010 deaths and 732,849 injuries have been reported against the Moderna jab,
        9,033 deaths and 1,280,160 injuries have been reported against the AstraZeneca jab,
        2,940 deaths and 156,991 injuries have been reported against the Janssen jab (J&J), and
        2,748 injuries have been reported against the Novavax jab.”

        1. I have always believed the vaccines are being used to prepare people to take the mark of the beast.

          1. “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”

            Bertrand Russell

            1. ““Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

              Not so small victory-

              “However, the judge noted in his ruling that the rule is null and void “until the New York State Legislation acts otherwise,” potentially paving the way for future appeals.”

              Chris, do you have any thoughts on the likelihood that the NY legislature will mandate this kind of quarantine or something similar? I don’t really know anything about NY politics other than it’s a kind of east coast Kalifornia.

  14. I have plenty of info about Alex Jones, but I have been questioning the legitimacy of Mike Adams but have found no useful info. Do you have any?
    He seems to be a leading predictor of catastrophes with most of his predictions falling flat. An Alt-media liar-alarmist.

    1. All I know is he is a Cassandra. During the heights of COVID he paraded out so many people claiming catastrophe. He appeared as the expert in these matters, so I listened to what he had to say. I remember all the calls for 100s of millions of deaths by now. None of it ever came to pass. He also continually claims economic and dollar collapse.

      If I were to give an opinion of the man, I would say he seems like a nice enough guy. On the surface, I think he’s light years better than AJ. As for his analysis, Adams is terrible. I cannot rely on people who can be duped by insider sources to make claims. I really haven’t listened to him much since last year when I realized his COVID claims just instilled deathly fear in his listeners. I won’t be duped again.

        1. Thanks. I did not know any of this stuff about his personal life. It sounds like employees Oprah Winfrey’s philosophy regarding wealth and money.

          Now I recall all of his political analysis during the Trump regime. I forgot about that deep State garbage.

          Here’s the problem with the whole of the perfidy of politicians. We’ve had one – two generations trained in the Marxist doctrine from a young age at school. Many of the people that I interact with daily actually approve of what is taking place in this country. They approve of the open borders and the mass social spending. I’m talking about half the population. This includes the politicians on the state and federal levels as well. They may not know it as one world government, but they’re all for it. No amount of martial law is going to change the circumstances. Where does this term deep State even come from? I don’t have answers, only observations.

          I don’t even waste my time voting anymore, since it’s clear that the Republicans now offer a release valve and false opposition to the ongoing transformation of the United States into a Marxist and centrally planned economy.

  15. Perhaps maintaining “social stability” is another reason for the Chinese lockdowns.

    Chinese Homebuyers Across 22 Cities Refuse to Pay Mortgages – Bloomberg News

    (Bloomberg) — Across China, homebuyers are refusing to pay mortgages as property developers drag on construction projects, escalating the country’s real estate crisis and risks of bad debt for banks.

    Buyers of 35 projects across 22 cities have decided to stop paying mortgages as of July 12 due to project delays and a drop in real estate prices, Citigroup Inc. analysts led by Griffin Chan wrote in a research report distributed on Wednesday.

    The payment refusals underscore how the storm engulfing China’s property sector is now affecting the country’s middle class, posing a threat to social stability. Chinese banks already grappling with challenges from liquidity stress among developers now also have to brace for homebuyer defaults.

    Now is “a critical time for social stability,” said Chan, adding that “the forgoing of down payments may bring social instability.”

    A drop in home values hasn’t helped. Average selling prices of properties in nearby projects in 2022 were on average 15% lower than purchase costs in the past three years, according to Citigroup’s research.

  16. Yay. The WSJ says the Fed will only raise 75 bps. Let the dollar tank and stock fly. 🤣🤣🤣

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