In trying to remain relevant, the Christian church rebranded itself to conform to the new world order

Fortunately for the NWO engineers, the reasons behind the concepts of national sovereignty were enumerated in the OT, so most Christians today don’t even know why we have national borders anymore with like people; that nationalistic idea was just a silly notion of the outdated Old Testament.

Any professional or commercial organization today must remain relevant in the current and new global orders, lest it fades into obscurity and oblivion.

I observe the struggles of any for-profit or non-profit firm (and this includes today’s churches as 501(c)3 outfits) and how they are desperately seeking to remain relevant. We could call their promotional activities just a type of “modern” marketing, but this type of marketing differs from the marketing I was taught 35 years ago in college. The essential difference is in its shift to developing a more subjective engagement and relationship between the seller and consumer.

Marketing from prior generations viewed the consumer mind as a relatively more objective and reasonable one. Thus, if you look at today’s commercials and get repulsed by them, it’s because you’ve figured out that today’s marketers treat consumers like functional children and concentrate their activities on influencing the subjective and primitive mind for the desired response.

Let’s observe the effectiveness of modern marketing in the food manufacturing and branding industry. Just look at the population in general; it is clear they can no longer control themselves and have no idea as to why they cannot stop eating. I honestly have little sympathy for most fat people as the Bible would say they have unreconciled demons and refuse to recognize their adversary. I no longer have as much sympathy for people who are always broke, since they are the ones who have been given over to the proclivities and foibles of the subjective mind that the modern marketiers target. Essentially, they can no longer control their habits and do not understand why they even do what they do. I digress….

Today’s church is designed to be inclusive and is the product of modern marketing

The church seems to be at ease and well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Now, your pastor can be your Buddha and concentrate on developing your personal relationship with Jesus, warning you to obey the government, speculating about UFOs and fallen angels, worshiping the Jews as God’s chosen, and counting down the days to the rapture.

I have observed a similar, yet drastic, transformation within the Christian church over the past 50 years of my existence in its desperate attempt to remain relevant in the current world system. As opposed to being a beacon of Godly reason and to actively engage with the world to take contention with the growing evil, it has conformed with the age or the century of the self.

This is why I have to conclude that it is expedient for the last days church to deemphasize teachings in the Old Testament and place an over-importance on the more digestible Pauline epistles. I even often see that many pastors deemphasize or reframe the direct ostensibly harsh testimony of Jesus, since it can be seen as too controversial for many. The typical pastor-at-large now spends most of his (or her) time concentrating on Paul’s teachings while remaining politically correct. Once again I am not denigrating the Pauline Epistles, but this is why there is much more emphasis on Paul currently than there ever has been in the past.

And if a person in the congregation keeps emphasizing the Old Testament to his pastor, the pastor can just say the Old testament was written for the Jews and end the discussion right there.

The Christian church wasn’t designed to remain relevant in the field of modern marketing and yet, there it is. I call this the Laodicean church, and it feels perfectly at ease in the age of the self.

Christianity today resembles Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism

Wu wei; an ancient Chinese concept literally meaning “inaction” or “effortless action”. Wu wei emerged from Confucianism to become an important concept for Chinese rulers and Taoism

But there is one glaring problem. In its pursuit to remain relevant and be a religion for everyone, the modern Christian church looks more like any other new age philosophy or religion, and less like the one in which the restrictive testimony of Jesus Christ or the God of the Old Testament would command. When I get emails from readers asking me to explain the differences between Taoism and Buddhism with Christianity, I know our adversary’s job is complete. If all the modern church does is quote the Beatitudes and Pauline epistles there will be no way that the Laodicean church can distinguish itself from the Eastern mystic philosophies that were primarily designed by the Chinese and Asian rulers to subjugate their masses. The despotic rulers of the East employed these philosophies and created religions from their teachings as an effective means to keep the masses in fear and to easily govern.

Lao Tzu was supposedly a Chinese philosopher and never claimed any Godliness. Siddhārtha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, never claimed to be establishing a religion; he was the father of a philosophy. Philosophies such as Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism were further developed into religions that the Oriental ruling elite could exploit to create passivity and fealty in their masses. And in its quest to remain relevant in the wicked NWO, I see today’s church conforming just as easily.

Moreover, in its desperate attempt to remain relevant, the church has essentially jettisoned much of the Old Testament teachings entirely. Fortunately for the NWO engineers, the reasons behind the concepts of national sovereignty were enumerated in the OT, so most Christians today don’t even know why we have national borders anymore with like people; that nationalistic idea was just a silly notion of the outdated Old Testament.

The church seems to be at ease and well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Now, your pastor can be your Buddha and concentrate on developing your personal relationship with Jesus, warning you to obey the government, speculating about UFOs and fallen angels, worshiping the Jews as God’s chosen, and counting down the days to the rapture.

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29 thoughts on “In trying to remain relevant, the Christian church rebranded itself to conform to the new world order

  1. I agree that the 501c churches are compromised. I’ve been in a number of churches and they were full of ungodly, prideful, clique-ridden, rude, nasty, people. We took our daughter and her friend to church and her friend was overweight. They were sitting at a table and one of the ladies in the church demanded that they get up and move because they were sitting at the “Sullivan’s” table (the family that owned the church). My outspoken daughter said “there are plenty of empty seats.” The church lady roared “THIS is where the Sullivan’s sit now you and your fat little friend MOVE!”

    Right in church. We left. I’m sure that event was what turned our daughter and her friend against the church. I think it was one of the family who owned the church who was so mean. The family was later embroiled in a nationwide scandal.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh but the truth often is harsh. When I disagreed with the church leaders in another church the pastor had the gall to tell me that “God put the leaders in their positions and I had to obey them.” Dang we got out of that church.

    I do not attend any church at the present. I had my fill of fakery. I believe most people sitting in the pews are deceiving themselves. After studying demonology I learned that there are “religious demons” and they are some of the worst as they’re cloaked in “righteousness.” I had a friend – who I no longer associate with – who was always jealous of me and would make snide remarks and puff herself and her family up to me. I believe she was jealous of my husband who had a good job and her husband did not. When I was injured she never once visited me yet taught bible study and appeared as the perfect Christian family in their church. She only did things for fellow church members – to be seen by them – and not me. My “unsaved” neighbor actually visited me after serious surgery and made me dinner.

    The clincher came when her son hit a woman and she and her husband refused to pay for the damage. I saw that she was a “Christian” in name only and when the time came where the rubber meets the road she justified why she shouldn’t pay for the damage her son did.

    I used to think she was this great Christian but then I saw that she really wasn’t. She’s a fraud.

    I see now why the verse said “narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it.”

    1. When I went to churches I often kept to myself. The people around here would often become uncomfortable at whatever I would talk about.

      When I was younger, during the mid-aughts, I would often travel to places in the country that had churches I heard about on shortwave and some podcasts. In CO, MT, and TX. I am too old for all that driving now and am stuck here. The internet has helped me profoundly to connect with so many like-minded people. I am not on social media, but this website gets several hundred to a few thousand individuals a day coming by. I get a lot more when I stick to economics than scripture, but the comments section is more lively with the religious posts.

      Don’t feel guilty about not visiting a 501(c)3 charity. The pastors don’t mind being muzzled, although they are supposedly treading the corn.

      1 Timothy 5:17-18 KJV
      Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.

      For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.

      And take my word for it; the IRS 501(c)3 designation definitely muzzles the ox.

  2. Here again, with open borders, we see the SoS attempting to thwart God’s plan by overwhelming America’s natural ability to take in new people by pushing the rate through the roof. I’m as pleasant and professional with the Mexicans and hondurans at the store where I work as I am to everyone else, but there are problems with the locals who just don’t like em. But most would leave if the work dried up and end up in a slum in charlotte, where they can presumably be organised by some other immigrants, a tiny minority who slipped in but are definitely NOT American let alone mannasan and who want to overwhelm the natural system. Personally I like my native regiments. I like their work ethic, morals and the crosses they wear around their necks. It is what it is and there’s not enough time or money left fornthe SoS to debase them all. The locals will come around. They always do.

    1. Here’s the bottom line; you and I shouldn’t be put in a position where we have to prove to everyone that we aren’t racist or this or that. I don’t want foreigners coming in here the way they are. The entire community where I live has been overwhelmed with spanish speaking hispanics. As a landlord and asset owner, I make out, but as an American I shouldn’t be put in this position by my government. They are destroying the ways of life for every working wage American. Only the asset owners make out. The last days Christian doesn’t have the concept of national sovereignty for the reason I enumerated, so they have been demoralized and are continually being caught flat-footed into accepting the tenets of the NWO.

      The argument shouldn’t be HOW we accept being overwhelmed with low-end non english-speaking foreigners, it should be whether or not we accept it, and I don’t. Through their media, since the founding of their private Fed in 1913, the synagogue has reframed the American and Western idea to accept anything that comes across the borders, and we know why this is being done. For instance, we get enough dummy foreigners coming in who never held a gun before, and we get rid of the 2nd amendment and the bill of rights.

      I wonder why crap townhomes in my neighborhood go for 600k when they were 150k 20 years ago. The last three on my street were sold to Spanish speaking hispanics who don’t speak english well. Where do the American natives go? There are no more of these houses being built in this range.

      This is why I have been so adamant about my investment strategy. It’s too late for most people now. These foreigners get FHA loans. You and I are on the hook when they default.

      American Christians are so stupid. They just dwell on the simple NT, reshape the contentious Jesus testimony, and let the NWO ruin their lives. If you point it out they call you the enemy. Enjoy the one world government. (of course, not all) Christians deserve it.

        1. Thank you for your video upload.
          Being an Orthodox Christian Tsarist Russian such old videos bring tears to my eyes as I know that just around the corner the SoS violently destroy’s Russia, murders the Tsar and murders millions upon millions of Orthodox Christians.
          As we speak, history is repeating itself and the same will sadly soon happen to the good Ole U S of A!

          1. Glad you liked it. I once took a bus in that direction off the tourist beat, hoping to for some hiking and to see a wolf. But had to backtrack pronto after arriving late somewhere squalid after an overnight from Kasiryi, and coming across some truly horrible men. Apparently they were Georgian and it was a matter of getting off the bus, walking into the station and getting right onto the first bus west, which was to Ankara i believe. I’m English, Scottish and Irish … except for the Dutch Jew ancestor who was a slave trader just returned from the new world to put in 600m pounds towards founding the bank of Ireland with 16 other Dutch in service to the BoE. He pretended to be an anabaptist and married his only daughter to the first baron — of Dublin. Different bloodlines entirely

    2. I have nothing against foreigners but we just cannot support all these people. A family member was a pharmacy tech who told me of all the elderly who cried at her counter, unable to afford critical diabetes and other medication copays of thousands of dollars. They go home and die. Yet foreigners come in and get everything paid for. Why is this not in the news??? My sister worked in a supermarket and all the cashiers were angered because the foreigners came in with hair and nails done and paid with an EBT card. They got all prescriptions paid for, as well as all over the counter needs. I needed to go into a step-down nursing facility but could not afford it and my insurance refused to pay. The director told me “if you were Mexican you’d get everything paid for.”

      This is all-out discrimination against AMERICANS. How did we allow this and how can we fix it??? If you speak up you’re called ‘racist!’ the accusation du jour.

      These people are also squatting in houses as another relative has to evict them. They steal everything out of peoples homes and use our legal system against us.

      1. There are no mistakes here. The politician puppets want to make a mockery of the constitution, so we look at it as a hindrance to effective government.

        Our adversary hates the constitution and it hates you and me.

  3. Otherwise, not to put too fine a point on it, but the English who founded this country were unhappy when the hated Scots arrived, and they pushed them here into the Appalachians. Nevermind when those filthy Irish and everyone else arrived to partake of, is it Manassah? And oh Lord thing things to come could send a well-bred Bostonian to the laudinum. Now people with obscure Baltic origins are unhappy about Mexicans who as the original inhabitants surely have a right to be grafted in ? Or was the OT’s physical racial purity really just a metaphor for those with the eyes to see?

    1. At least 2/3 of the population of the BRITISH colonies were from the UK. Those who founded the British colonies and lived in them at the time of the nation’s founding from about 1720 to the declaration of Independence signing were from the British isles. They consisted of Anglican/Episcopalians, the Congregationalists from New England, and the Scots Irish Presbyterians. The other third were from mainland Europe, primarily Dutch Calvinists and a sprinkling of other Northern Western Europeans. By the time the early 1700s rolled around, it was clear that the entire seaboard was controlled by Britain.

      And you are correct; there was a lot of animosity and hostility towards the different peoples. Recall that they escaped Britain and UK, primarily because of religious restrictions. That’s why the United States was originally a Confederacy and it’s legacy lives on today. Thank God for that.

      The 9th, 10th, and 11th amendments are very strongly worded because of this. This is what makes the United States unique versus other nations. This is why the adversary’s media continue to illustrate such a harsh differences between the states. Our adversary is trying to show us that having all of these different states with their different laws is too cumbersome. Our adversary is attempting to undo those three amendments. If our adversary succeeds in centralizing the power into the central government, it will soon be lights out for the entire nation. I’ve often said that the 10th amendment is just as important as the second. Without the second amendment we don’t have the first, fourth, and 5th. Without the 10th amendment, the second amendment would soon be gone.

  4. How high will the USDX go before the Fed has to lighten up? Will something blow up to force the Fed to pull something similar to what it did in 2018?

    Wednesday CPI data will be a big one for the markets and policymakers.

  5. What I know about business and the markets comes from years spent as a business and personal finance, now “wealth management”, news editor. Ive never had a taste for accumulating much of it for myself. It’s took me ages to get to the bottom of it all and realize the bollocks of the Babylonia money Magick is all encompassing. Also im sure usury is a mortal sin for a very good reason.

    I also figured out sometime that the babylonian kabbalah Magick ALWAYS plays on the simple fact that the mind likes to see things as opposites, because well God did create male female, day and night, heaven and hell etc. And yes rich and poor, since that matters so much to so many. So Jesus said pray for God’s will to be done, and Crowley and the Satanists say Do what thy wilt … and the apparent opposite nature of these kinds of statements upsets the mind because we all want to think of ourselves as good right. The truth is that you should pray for God’s will to be done and you should also do what you like because otherwise you do another man’s bidding and how else can you learn anything about God’s will for you that way? Satan’s MO is always like that … and so markets and wealth must also have a way of being thats wonderful when people are not gambling and fractional reserve banking controlled by psychopathic control freaks and humans so graspy and easy to buy and worried about the neighbour’s etc etc etc. It’s beyond em but apparently Marx coined the term capitalism so there’s that for obvious.

    Rene Girard’s books are essential to understanding the difference between the gospel and the rest of the world’s mythologies and religions. Only in the gospel is the victim witnessed and exonerated. Everywhere else the vic is hidden and the scapegoaters don’t want to know it tho insider priests would set mob on a single victim in order to avert violent contagion as the least of evil and of course the bible provides insight and timelines here too. All the crowds to a man turned against Jesus because they could do no other. He is God and now we habe the gospel to spell it out for us and do its inevitable work on us. Now he has come to rule… no mention if getting up onto the cross again … and I maintain humility is the trait those of us gifted with knowledge need to keep front and centre, lest we stumble.

  6. Todays churches have sold out to the sinful vagaries of modern society. The church that I went to when I was a child now has a “Christian Rock” band. Rock music is satanically concocted and therefore has no reconciliation with Christianity. I have seen too many local churches put up the rainbow pride flag for gay’s, lesbians, etc. What about Sodom and Gomorah? Obviously these churches forgotten the old testament. Many modern churches also incorporate eastern religious practices such as ” Christian Yoga”. Too many of todays preachers pick and choose the comfortable part’s of the bible while ignoring the uncomfortable parts about sin and changing from sinful behaviors. Joe Osteen is your classic prosperity preacher espousing the comfortable parts of the bible and pandering to people’s material desires. I don’t waste time never mind money at todays churches. I focus on daily prayer and daily bible study.

    Just remember that all passages in the Bible are there for a reason and are very important.
    I see Paul’s epistles as complimenting the word of Jesus Christ.

  7. I had a similar conversation with my wife today, she mentioned her mother’s church which used to be quite a lively well attended Anglican church (I’m in the UK) but now has virtually no families attend, it’s mainly just old people left and a bad flu season would probably wipe most of them out.
    I’m not a Catholic and I’m not
    advocating Catholicism but when I drive past their local church the car park is always full and it seems well attended. The point I’m trying to make is that the Catholics seem to stand for something and don’t pander to modern society as much to try and get more bums on seats, they don’t allow female priests and take a more biblical line on homosexuality etc. Similar thing with the Orthodox Church and the Amish who I read are one of the only growing religions / denominations in the US. Modern churches with their vague wishy washy luke warm version of Christianity, desperately trying not to offend anyone ultimately stand for nothing and will not appeal to people genuinely looking for the real gospel and something the world cannot offer them. I’ve not read it but there’s a book called the Benedict Option by Rod Dreher which suggests Christians should withdraw from the world and form their own communities living a Christian life as an example to others instead of constantly watering down the Bible, trying not to look controversial or out of touch but ‘popular and relevant’ to this modern sick society. In my opinion this doesn’t work and smacks of desperation, we should just be authentic and let the cards lay were they fall. After all Jesus started of with many followers and disciples and over time nearly all of them left even him as they couldn’t accept his teachings.

    1. After all is said and done, and the true Christian remnant is tossed out in the streets, the true church will have nothing to lose, and will once again become mighty. Indeed, we eventually will have to withdraw. I wonder the catalyst. Just the vaccine mandates alone are forcing our hands. What else is to come? How many more proverbial lines in the sand must we confront before the true church says it has had enough?

      Thank you for sharing.

    2. Interesting comment re: the Catholic Church. And full disclosure, it’s the only church I ever attended so I have no frame of reference, but I see a lot of what Chris describes at our church. Namely, and Chris hits the nail on the head here, it’s that the real teachings of Jesus are just too controversial for most of the congregation. Folks would likely feel “abused” if they sat through a real sermon. So what does the Catholic Church do? They avoid the issue and just go through the motions. By doing so the Catholic Church has hollowed itself. But the truth is that most of the congregation prefers a church that generally aligns with their day to day habits

  8. 100% agree – these pastors are leading many to the wide gate with their over emphasis on the Pauline epistles. They do not know much about the 12 tribes of Israel, or how the 10 tribes were lost; or where they’re potentially today. They do not know the Father, and the things the Father finds an abomination; such as a man dressing like a woman; and vice versa. This is because of the over emphasis on Paul. Love everyone and everything. Submit to your government. I drive by these days, and see churches with signs celebrating pride week. This isn’t from the same Bible I’m reading.

    Chris – you’ve ever read the Book of Enoch? It was at one time in the Bible I believe, and Jude (14:15) quoted from it. But there’s so much reference to Jesus; more than any other book in the Old Testament. And it focuses a lot on the end days, and the judgement by ‘God’s appointed one.’ Other places it’s written ‘God’s chosen one.” And ‘Son of Man.’ He sees in his vision this appointed one being worshipped the same way as God himself. Seated right next to him. Whose equal with God.

    1. Why was the Book of Enoch removed from the bible? Can anyone answer? I’ve never read it.

  9. Homebuyers are canceling deals at highest rate since start of COVID

    About 60,000 home-purchase agreements were canceled in June 2022, or about 14.9% of all homes that went under contract throughout the month, according to a new report from Redfin

    Such figures of canceled contracts have not been seen since early pandemic days in March and April 2020, when the number of contracts that fell through hit 17.6 percent and 16.4 percent, respectively. By contrast, 12.7 percent of contracts fell through in May 2022 and 11.2 percent fell through in June 2021.

  10. Historically the Orthodox Church is the original church founded by Christ. There was a schism with what is now called the Roman Catholic church in the 11th century and then in the Reformation there was a reaction against the Roman Catholic church which led to the formation of multiple Protestant denominations. Throughout all these changes the Orthodox Church has maintained the purity of its teachings which come directly from Christ and the Fathers of the Church and all heresies have been resisted and rejected (Roman Catholicism and all Protestant denominations are considered heresies by the Orthodox Church). The Divine Liturgy (service) that is conducted in all Orthodox churches has barely changed in 1500 years.

    As a fairly recent convert to Orthodoxy, I have seen and learned that it is radically different in many ways from what generally passes for Christianity in western countries (and elsewhere).

  11. Interesting re: Pauline epistles, which is where I’ve spent most of my Christian life. The Great Mystery (which is still a mystery to most Christians) was not revealed until it was revealed to the Apostle Paul.

    And, not understanding administrations/dispensations (Paradise, Patriarchs, Law, Christ, Mystery/Grace, Appearing, Final Paradise) can add to the confusion.

    1. Amen Brother
      Chris has know idea what true mid-acts Pauline dispensational teaching is. It’s certainly not
      what’s going in 95 percent of the corrupt 5013c church’s today. If you reject Paul’s faith alone, Christ alone message your on the road to destruction. One of Chris favorite books is James, that says a lot?

      1. Jesus saves – he came for the sinners. Before people stoned sinners to death. Jesus’ message was – the same way you judge others; that same standard will be used against you. Therefore, if you throw that stone to the adulterer; but you’re guilty of sins yourself; then you will be judged harshly. Important lesson – do not judge others for we all sin, and learn to forgive; so Jesus can forgive you.

        Jesus loves people that repent. Repent doesn’t mean confessing with your mouth, and doing it again next week. Repent means someone whose homosexual, or perhaps battling addictions and demons; finds Christ and turns from their destructive path.

      2. Thanks for sharing. I get where you’re coming from, but I wonder of your intentions. I previously said I prefer James’s explanation of being saved and having works (behavior and lifestyle) confirm with the heart. I did not say I find James’s epistle to be one of my favorite. My reasoning here is straightforward; I have always taken contention with the last days church premise of once saved always saved.

        I wonder about your intentions as you take my words out of context. I wonder if you do this often?

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