A case study; A pro-Russian reader takes contention with my analysis

Chris is off his rocker again with more delusional analysis.

Somehow Russia is the Soviet Union again! Oh no! Lenin and Stalin are back to invade the USA!

What Chris doesn’t mention is that there is no Soviet Union and many of the European satellites of the Soviet Union are now NATO satellites right against the border of Russia.

The same leaders of today’s Russia were former Communist party members. With regards to NATO membership, please refer to my comment from yesterday regarding all the NATO nations that already became NATO members.

“For the NWO engineers, it’s great news and progress when they see the legacy patriot movement rallying for the enemy; believing the Soviet propaganda.

The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (1999), Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia (2004), Albania and Croatia (2009), Montenegro (2017) and North Macedonia (2020) are all NATO members.

From what I recall, Ukraine was not on tap to belong to NATO until your friend, Russia and Putin, invaded Ukraine. Previously it was not even on the table for any serious discussion. I feel sorry for Joe Ukraine who’s lost everything.”

Do you not see the war in Ukraine Chris? Do you not see the coup that happened in 2014 that brought in the current Ukrainian government that is aligned with the West/NATO? Do you not see US taxpayer dollars being laundered over there? You do realize Ukraine was a former Soviet state right?

Russian funds are still being funneled throughout Ukraine as well, and always have been. Why did Russia wait until 2022 to invade and destroy the lives of Ukrainians? Perhaps there is something else going on here? Perhaps it’s not all about George Soros?

Russia is now dealing with the Ukraine situation for 4 months and we are expecting them to be able to invade the US? LOL….with what Army? They can barely deal with a border conflict. They have a population that has been devastated after huge crises in the 20th century. They barely have a young population to fight anyone.

I am just going off the rhetoric of Russian officials and oligarch members who claim they intend to eventually use nuclear weapons against the West. Russia doesn’t have the manpower, but they have a formidable stockpile of ICBMs that they use as a wild card in its war against the West. Besides, I never said Russia would execute any land invasion of the West. They need China. China has been underwhelmed with Russia’s performance thus far, plus the CCP is observing what this blog is observing; U.S., Inc. seems to be curiously benefitting from all this turmoil. Thus, the CCP is locking down its citizens in anticipation of joining in with Russia.

The US can’t fight anyone as these clowns lose to goat herders and have transgendered homosexual sympathizers running the show. The USS Harvey Milk doesn’t inspire confidence Chris but perhaps you enjoy rooting for the homosexual diverse armies of the USSA. Enjoying your freedoms?

The US is the last man standing and while it is a degenerate cesspool, its people have more freedoms and opportunities, as well as lower taxes than anywhere else in the world. Perhaps the wars in the post 911 world weren’t at all about taking over nations and forever occupying. Perhaps there was much more about subduing a bunch of “goat herders.” Perhaps it was also about sowing hatred for the US and preparing the world for the final conflict. Perhaps there’s much more than you can see. All I know is that in the 20 years since 911, the Near, Middle, and Far East regions are now less stable, more malleable, and more amenable to the NWO framework. While most saw destabilization and defeat, I observed a global reorganization. The steps to the one-world government are becoming fewer, and we have U.S. military to thank.

On to China…..how is it their fault that our corporate and government leaders transferred our manufacturing base to them? It looks more like the USA problems are with traitorous leaders who have sold out the country but you seem to leave that out of your analysis. How exactly is China going to invade the US and take us over? I don’t see that in your analysis.

Where did I ever blame CCP China? China jumped at the opportunity, and do you blame them? Why do you think they accept dollars in trade? They are under orders to do so. I blame the Western globalists who purposely built up the CCP as a future adversary for WWIII. Ask yourself, who gave them the orders to only accept dollars?

Somehow the intelligence agencies are all working together and are going to turn us into a NWO one world government huh? What will be the mechanism for this?

I observe 100 years of geopolitics. I observe how the Western bankers built up the Soviet Communists in 1917 and that was only made possible after the Federal Reserve was established in 1913. I observe how Western intelligence supported the CCP in the 1940s, at the expense of Chinese nationalists. I observe the payoffs of the intelligence groups in Asia post 911. I observe how the Western intelligence and government actions eagerly allowed technology transfers to their existential enemies. I make many observations, but I do not rely on the writings of others, except when I deem them experts in their respective fields. As of now there aren’t any in the alt-media, save one or two.

Somehow the US is benefiting from the global instability? What world are you living in? I wouldn’t say that a country that has institutionalized homosexuality, transgenders, etc. is a country benefiting from anything. The country has 30.5 Trillion in National Debt and somewhere above 100 Trillion or so in unfunded liabilities and climbing rapidly. The average person in the US is a debt peon in servitude to the banking cabal. Somewhere around 73% of US persons are either overweight or obese so not exactly a very healthy situation in the USA there Chris.

Indeed, the US and West is a moral cesspool, and I discuss this daily. You get no disagreements from me. In my economic analysis, I just look at what US, Inc. has in great supply; energy, agriculture, arable land, a growing population, and technology, and I leave the rest up to the market. The followers in the alt-media can’t stand the obvious. Russia and Putin even know it. The CCP is sitting on its hands because it knows the obvious, the US is cleaning up. That’s why the dollar is surging. The ruble is rising from capital controls and government dictate. The USD is rising from the market figuring out what this blog already knows.

I may say that the US’s open borders policy is anathema for the average person on America’s street, but it lends support to the dollar, while helping those who own the income-generating assets, like businesses and real estate. The U.S. is a talmudic toilet, but it is benefiting at the expense of everyone else.

What I find amusing is how well the U.S. government benefited from all this inflation. I estimate that the $30.5 trillion in debt you somehow claim to be a millstone was diminished in real value by at least $3 trillion over the past 18 months because of this engineered price inflation. While the alt-media claim dollar collapse, the Fed and USG effectively defaulted on $3 trillion. And yet the sun still comes up in the morning. Moreover, the interest that the Fed earns on its UST holdings is remitted back to the US Treasury. By the time this is over, the Fed will own all the debt and the interest it earns will flow back to the USG. Now, that must be a frustrating thought to the alt-media.

But hey, you get off on being a slumlord so being the ruler of the slums must be great for someone like you!

Thanks. My life has been going well as I have been able to see the obvious and have not have had any need of a regular job or customer-driven business for over 20 years. I don’t need any advertising and have no membership costs. Indeed, I have been blessed with a certain insight. Of course, I live a simple lifestyle, while some of my tenants live in better properties than the one in which I live and charge 15-40% below market for rent. I pay cash for everything and drive around in a 20-year old truck. I spot the secular trends, have a well-refined economic understanding to capitalize accordingly, and spend a good amount of time while I am alive trying to impart my knowledge onto others at no cost.

I get your frustration, and I don’t blame you from lashing out. I offer one piece of advice here; don’t get so emotional with these matters.

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35 thoughts on “A case study; A pro-Russian reader takes contention with my analysis

  1. Sorry but I choose Christ only and not any earthly man or politician or country. The deception of these last days is too strong with even the elect being deceived. I pray to God that I am not deceived in these evil times.
    I will say that I am of Russian descent and an Orthodox Christian but have never lived in Russia/Soviet Union but only visited Russia a few times so I do not truly know or understand the politics there. I see many positive things from a Christian perspective that Putin has done well but there are also many negative ones. Only God truly knows the heart of Putin. I will happily continue to sit on my fence.
    As to western politicians, they all pretty much suck, are non-christian and are wolves in sheeps clothing but everyone here already knows this.

  2. In war, international ZOG bankers fund both sides.

    Russian Federation Central Bank is a BIS member.

    Ukraine a member? Not on the list.
    Probably for good reason.

    Biden ZOG admin. provides the blank check for Ukraine Great Reset adventure.
    Russia “coincidentally” profits from it.

    Allegedly, Netanyahu once said, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away. ”
    Research the U.S.S. Liberty if you are skeptical.

    1. Doubt it, Ken.
      More likely an inside job, to quash the global awakening.

      Remember the original Deagel.com website which went down for a while. Then it came back up, without the country extinction data. But digits are forever, unlike physical monuments to Baal

      The time stamp on the “explosion” footage: 4:3:33 eastern daylight saving time.
      EST of course would be 3:3:33 for what it’s worth.

      1. 333. Mark of the semi-Christ.

        If blowing up the Georgia guidestones is the best the heroes can do, then were all doomed. A superficial gesture at best. Wake me up when the real executions start.

      2. The whole thing is the symbol of failure so I can see that insiders would take it down.

        It was conceived in the 1960’s when the world population was around 3.5 millions. We are now supposedly close to 8 billion so two generations later I would call it a fail. Also, not very durable if it was meant to be a legacy monument – all that time, effort and expense has now become thrift store paperweights. The founders are long dead, where are the families of the founders? Do they care about the precious monument? Did they even have families? If not, legacy turned to dust – complete failure.

  3. Chris is still off his rocker and clueless.

    Where do I claim to be a Pro-Russian ? I don’t believe in their cause whatsoever. They have a bizarre state just as much and perhaps worse than the US.

    I am not going to hold back and agree though with you claiming that a new Soviet Union is forming when large amounts of former Soviet states are firmly in NATO and border what is now Russia. Why did Russia invade in 2022? That is something that only they know and we will never know. I imagine that the Ukrainians killing ethnic Russians for the past 8 years and placing missiles in their country likely had a lot to do with the decision. I don’t think George Soros has anything to do with this, this appears to be a non-sequitur on your part.

    I don’t think anyone is ordering China to do anything. China holds dollars in order to make payments for dollar denominated debts and to trade in dollars. I think that is pretty simple. Currently, China uses the dollar to trade for oil with Saudi Arabia. Recently, in March China met with Saudi Arabia and discussed trading oil for yuan. So, perhaps this will change at a point in the future? Is there strong influence on China? Sure, I imagine the BIS influences China to a degree. In regard to manufacturing, China is holding the manufacturing base that the US sent there as collateral for the trade debt that the US owes them.

    In regard to thinking about Russia/China nuking the US, on what grounds will that occur?
    As far as I know, historically, the only country to nuke another was the United States. That is a fact. I imagine if there were outright hostilities from the US/NATO against them then they would retaliate. Perhaps, there is a first strike plan? I wouldn’t know. I imagine the Russians feel cornered with NATO everywhere surrounding them. I imagine having the American base in Afghanistan was part of the plan to loot Central Asia, surround Russia, train terrorists, enrich the military industrial complex, and further the global opium trade via the CIA.

    Lastly, the debt is a millstone. I completely disagree with your assessment. The average person in the US is being ground down into a serf financially. The average taxpayer is on the hook for $242,986 as per usdebtclock dot org. I don’t see the average serf being able to pay his share of the debt. The government is not in a better position either. As the debt continues to rise exponentially it will be unable to be serviced especially as debt to GDP is well over 100% now. This is obviously going to result in either a deflationary depression or hyperinflation at a point in the future. At that point, the overseas military bases will have to be closed down and the US empire will be no more along with the petrodollar arrangement which finances it.

    Seeing as how you fail to understand the oil aspect of the current arrangement leads me to discount your analysis in its entirety. Saudi Arabia is water flooding their oil fields in order to eek out more oil. This is a sure sign of terminal decline and depletion. They haven’t published accurate figures in many years, if ever. The peaking of conventional oils happened in 2005 which led to the financial crisis from 07-09 along with other factors. The FED dropped interest rates and enabled Big Oil to bring shales, offshores, and tar sands online which were never considered viable especially long term. Not to mention that these are the most ecological dangerous and destructive oils there are. The peaking of conventional and unconventional oils occurred in 2018. Then what happened? Repo Crisis in 2019. Then we get the COVID crisis in 2019 which destroyed demand for oil in order to buy more time. Why do you think the people were locked down for a fake pandemic? You can look up the ending stocks of petroleum products of crude oil and petroleum products and see that it has been declining and same for field production.

    Why do you think the US agitates against Russia, Iran, and Venezuela? All of them are the last remaining countries that have large oil reserves that are not beholden to the US and the petrodollar. The US needs those Russian oil fields which is why there is so much agitation. Why do you think the US occupies the Syrian oil fields? Why do you think the US destroyed Libya?

    The concept of a One World Government is being slashed by resource depletion and financial collapse. Essentially, the worlds financial figures are a reflection of the depletion of oil. There isn’t enough to go around now and it is only going to get worse as we move forward. The perfect example is Mexico’s Cantarell Oil field, it peaked in production in 2004 at 2.1 million barrels of oil per day, you know how many it produces today? 159,000. The MOVE index hit 156.16 yesterday, this is higher than when the COVID lockdowns started and the highest measure ever. The FED is bringing on a massive deflation right now and credit market freeze. The system is extremely unstable. When viewing the system in its entirety, the FED/US Gov are going to lose control and it is imminent in the near future. All I see is collapse and disorganization of the Western World. After oil peaks, it is likely that Industrial Civilization itself will come to an end.

    You speak of emotion, I am not emotional at all but I do have to laugh at your lukewarm analysis that befits a slumlord who is blind to the collapse that is coming. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

    1. Worse than ignorance is to believe in a false reality. At least the ignorant might be corrected, but the fool will defend his errors to the death. The alt-media leading goats to the slaughter. The only useful warning you are giving is from your example.

      1. More nonsense from the clowns on this site.

        I am not part of any alt-media or subscribed to their ideas.

        Hell of a following here, you can hear the bah bah bah everywhere.

        1. Blah blah blah faux outrage. Your nonsense could have come straight from RT. Give us a break and go home to Russia already.

    2. If you take such contention with my analysis, why do you come here? I don’t get you. There are no other websites in the alt-media I visit, so I do not know what they are saying, but I assume they are not saying what I claim.

      Any other alt-media site will agree with you, so go there. I appreciate your comments as it seems to raise my bandwidth. Whether you pillory me or not, the results are the same. It’s just like the website trolls who call me racist. Bandwidth rises. You and I are on two different levels of understanding.

      If you feel so certain about your findings, I suggest you start a website. Like all the others in the alt-media, I will never visit it, so you don’t have to worry about my comments. I do feel flattered that you spend a lot of time on my site.

    3. You need to wake up. NATO is long Soviet infiltrated. For example:

      Current NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, has a KGB past!

      Former NATO Secretary General joins bank with Russian affiliation

      It would be pretty short sighted of the Soviets/Russia to infiltrate America and Britain but not NATO. Only a fool would think otherwise. NATO would be the first target of infiltration of subversion, and they have had decades with which to do it. The NATO argument used by you and other Kremlin shills doesn’t stand up to logic.

      Even if the majority of “former” Soviet bloc states were controlled by NATO, it wouldn’t mean much considering that NATO is controlled opposition. But that’s not even true. Most Soviet bloc states are not in NATO. If you haven’t read the Perestroika Deception by Anatoliy Golitsyn (coupled with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), you are never going to understand geopolitics today. It sounds like you are getting your information from state-controlled Russian media. That’s you number one problem. Give it up and get some perspective.

    4. Bladerunner,

      You say that:

      “Why do you think the US agitates against Russia, Iran, and Venezuela? All of them are the last remaining countries that have large oil reserves that are not beholden to the US and the petrodollar. The US needs those Russian oil fields which is why there is so much agitation. Why do you think the US occupies the Syrian oil fields? Why do you think the US destroyed Libya?”

      Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are all socialist hell holes. I know, I’ve lived in one of them. Your narratives are straight from the Kremlin and are not your own. You’ve been had by Soviet propaganda. You don’t belong on this site. Your propaganda won’t work here.

    5. Blade runner – If the elites told the masses about the truth of how much oil there is on this planet – it would make it cheaper than water. They changed the name to “fossil fuels” to make it seem like it’s a resource that can run out; therefore, a premium can be charged. Going to war against nations has nothing to do with oil; but more to do with their leaders not being complacent to the objectives of the new world order.


        1. The sides are all drawn. It really has manifested that way, especially given the way the sides were configured in this growing conflict.

        2. I see a great case for European colonialism that happened in the 1600s through the first half of the 20th century. The Europeans brought improved technology and more peaceful governance therefore bringing peace and a higher standard of living to the locals.

          Once these colonies became independent ,corruption and incompetence took over. These independent former colonies also suffered dictatorships suppressing free will. Also environmental conditions worsened after the Europeans left as sanitation and squalor became worse.

          I hate to say this but I only speak what I see are the facts. Many of the African countries have greedy incompetent leaders who suppress individual freedom. There are also a lot of tribal fighting. These places are also environmentally dirty and unsanitary with people living in squalor. This did not happen under colonial rule.

          India and Sri Lanka also have a similar problem of corruption, religious fighting, and people living in squalor due to incompetence up top.

          I find that countries run by the white races are a lot more competent and free compared to countries run by Africans and a lot of Asians. Japan and Singapore are exceptions because they copied European cultural values.

          1. I’m sorry, but we’re forbidden to say such racist and antichrist things.🤣🤣🤣 Don’t you know everyone is the same?

      1. The whole oil and gas industry and thus a lot of geopolitical theater was built on a lie, for profit first, but also for what you state. It would have been impossible to fight all these wars if the people knew the truth that oil and gas were produced spontaneously in the earth, and that there’s plenty of it.

        Fossil fuels… What a joke.

        1. “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people”
          -Henry Kissinger

          Oil shortage lies….all for The Great Reset.

          Many good, informed comments like the one below:

          June 7, 2022
          “”Thought I’d pass along the following boots on the ground information concerning US oil supply. I just finished speaking with a friend and neighbor of mine who is a tug boat captain who runs oil along the west coast. He works three weeks on and three weeks off and has been at sea for a many years. He is very highly experienced and his tug is cutting edge. (Don’t want to give too much info about him).

          This week, he was due to unload his oil in Long Beach but mid morning Tuesday, he was told to turn around and anchor in a big bay because there was no storage available to unload. He said tankers are stacked up with the same problem, the storage tanks are FULL of oil. I asked him how the supply levels were compared to 4-5 years ago and he said the same, full. He also said that they are pumping the hell out of oil in Alaska and there is a ton coming in from overseas.

          My friend also stated emphatically that he is no communist but the profits being generated by these fuel prices is outrageous and in his opinion, the high prices are a scam. He is shipping the same amount of oil he has shipped for years! His evidence is that there is no oil shortage.”

  4. When is the next Fed disclosure, they are saying 75 again?

    We are being lied to about the Ukraine, it is a Hollywood production experiment, that gave us similar results as if a real conflict happened. I think the Israel government entity has moved into Ukraine and all the money being sent over is funding their expansion. With Afghanistan, the USA military was right in the middle of BRICS railroad apparatus construction. There may have been a few initial skirmishes if even that, but no actual war except televised thru the mainstream news media. There are no conflicts, only massive money transfers, construction projects and military oversight to manage these areas.

    1. This is what I have been saying for months shortly after the conflict – I mean demolition project – began. I’m happy more people are seeing this for what it is but unfortunately there is no stopping it. The excuse to rebuild Ukraine into some modern track and trace system is under way and there is much documentation out there to prove it. Over the years I have met plenty of Russians and Ukrainians from Ukraine who got out. Many are good people that wanted out and that should say something. You have to ask why are they in the US if the US is so bad?

      People like the OP bash the USA while praising Russia, but as a first gen American with family history in Russia, China and Ukraine, I can tell you he’s way out of touch. Over many decades I have got first hand information from people who lived in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, etc… Communism is alive and well. It only changed the color of the uniform or put a different hat on. The end of communism as we in the west know it to be was an excuse for the oligarchs to consolidate the wealth. The people were not properly prepared for such a radical and swift transformation and many suffered as a result. Many Russians will praise communism, not because it was great, but it was better than the free market run by oligarchs.

      Chris is 110% correct in saying the US has been shielded from so many atrocities and financial woes for so many decades. My own childhood was vastly different than my classmates who were from American families who have been in the US for many generations. While they shared stories of their parents drag racing, buying houses, building hot rods, 50s music and drive ins all I had to offer was how my parents managed to leave China alive after Mao took over. My paternal grandfather was rounded up by the Soviets (from China) in about 1947 and taken to a gulag. He died there after an estimated 10 years of hard labor. That makes me a grandson of a slave.

      1. Thank you for your testimony. Of course we know it was all for a purpose. That purpose has neared its end and America will get to join in the misery by paying a much greater price. Perhaps American spooks will set off a Russia warhead in the States, or it could be Russian spooks aided by Americans, a sudden all-out attack followed up by a Chinese land invasion, etc. As we’ve seen from COVID, there is a lot of flexibility available, but the desired outcome is WWIII and open global governance in the aftermath.

  5. I’m surprised the alt media is still in business with their awful track history. Once the alt media starts talking about sunshine and rainbows perhaps then it’ll be a cause for concern?

    Being Pro-Russia means you’re taking sides with the adversary. Being anti-USA means you’re thinking exactly like the adversary wants you to think. Yes, some things going on here in the states aren’t the best; but that’s also being very selective. The cities will always be more far left. Because mob mentality rules – and the mentality the mob feeds from come directly from the adversary. Move a little further away from the major cities; and you still have all of your freedoms that other countries’ citizens would very much love to have.

    1. Wishful thinking and confirmation bias are part of general humanity and the enemy are just making use of the worst aspects of human nature. They should know, because they spent the last century perfecting these techniques and getting down to the ugly bottom of the human soul—not that they believe in it. It’s still part tragedy, because of the degree of deception that has no parallel of history in the present time. If God put you here, you received a greater grace, a gift that billions of people have not received, and never will, but for what purpose in the times to come? We should endeavor to seek out and find the answer before our time on Earth is ended.

    2. The simpleton “conservatives” think that because the western Left is superficially backing Ukraine, we ought to back Russia. They are victims of Kabbalistic dialectics.

      1. Exactly. The sides are presented to us, and once we identify with any one of them, we are done.

    1. Thats hillarious!

      Canadians are on the menu for more jabs, the Health Minister for Canada has stated Canadians are “under vaccinated” and that you will never be considered fully vaccinated. He proposed ( and will certainly push and mandate) boosters every 9 months. We fully expect to be shut out of everything again very soon, prepared for the possibility personal banking will be included this time.

  6. How Oil Prices Could Hit $65

    By Tsvetana Paraskova – Jul 05, 2022, 11:00 AM CDT


    •A recession could demolish global fuel demand.
    •According to Citigroup, if the world enters a recession, oil prices could drop to $65 or lower.
    •“For oil, the historical evidence suggests that oil demand goes negative only in the worst global recessions,” Citi analysts wrote.


      1. I personally do not see how under current circumstances. But commodity prices have really fallen, especially the grains. while I think there was undue premium placed in the entire commodity complex, global demand has begun to slip at the margin.

        With oil and gas, there has been relatively little development, and we have the green agenda permanently tainting it. We need refineries and firms are not building any. We need pipelines and the government is not allowing the building of them. Look at how Biden has handled Federal land auctions, etc.

        We can blame Biden, but I personally can’t think of a better oil and gas industry advocate than Biden. The profits that the sector is generating because of him is startling.

        So, no. I don’t see how. We need to thank the best thing to happen to the industry, Joe Biden. I passed along that article for reading and not because I necessarily believed it. I think the premises in the article are already priced in to the market.

        Biden is the best marketing rep that the oil and gas producers could want while being the biggest lying fraud for the people he claims to be supporting. The voter is dying by a thousand cuts that Biden and his Marxist handlers are inflicting.

  7. What many in the alt-media refuse to acknowledge is that USA, Inc. benefits from just about any economic and geopolitical scenario, as long as QE is in effect.

    Russia and China hate it, too.

    High inflation? Relatively speaking, USA benefits. Low inflation? Same….

    War? USA benefits. No war? USA benefits.

    The citizenry of America do not benefit in any way. Only the asset owners benefit.

  8. WOW! The DJCI has fallen out of bed! Has inflation peaked? The 10-year UST yield breaking support.

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