A reader asks; Will Russia and the BRIC nations go to gold backing or provide a USD alternative?

So, let me get this straight; The U.S. is the world’s largest oil and gas producer, has the most arable land, and is already the largest exporter of food, and is a growing economic animal. As we can observe in the post-covid world, manufacturing capacity is streaming back into the U.S. as a result of the global instability; instability that its own government seems to be formulating. Do we need to really contemplate why the wealthy like Bill Gates are buying up farmland in North Dakota, which could be used to grow wheat?

Russia and China M2 rising faster than the US’s M2

National currency: Chinese yuan M2 left axis, Russian ruble M2 right axis

China: Broad M2 money supply in China rose 11.1% from a year earlier to CNY 252.7 trillion in May of 2022, the strongest increase since July of 2020, and beating market forecasts of 10.4%. In April, money supply M2 went up 10.4%. Source: People’s Bank of China.

Russia: Money Supply M2 in Russia increased to 68,993.40 RUB Billion in May from 59,583.9 RUB Billion in June of 2021, which is an annual increase of 15.8%. Source: Central Bank of Russia.

Please note how USD M2 has leveled off here. I note this when we observe the fall in asset prices.

United States: Broad M2 money supply in the United States rose 5.9% from a year earlier to $21,754 billion in May of 2022. Source: Federal Reserve.

With trailing 12-month M2 growth rates of 11.1% and 15.8%, there is absolutely no way China and Russia can afford to provide their currencies with any sort of gold backing. Moreover, the money stock measures of Russia and China are exploding much higher when compared to the United States M2.

Russia and China need to inflate money supplies as war approaches

Time to war is running short and neither can provide the world with a serious multinational USD alternative before WWIII

Russia and China could theoretically attempt to index their fiat currencies to the price of gold, but they could look to the results of the pre-1971 USD for the outcome of that experiment.  In order to maintain any sort of gold backing or indexing they’re going to have to institute some sort of capital controls, especially with regards to gold transfers, lest they deplete their gold stockpiles.

All three nations are building up for war. The plan by the Western elite is for the United States to actually prevail in the end, but it will look unrecognizable post-WWIII from prior to WWIII. However, Russia and China both know a global government is coming and if they can strengthen their hands at the One-World Government negotiation table, they believe they both will have a better chance of being at the top of the pyramid versus the United States.

Thus, the last thing these countries want to do is to shift their currencies to gold backing. Furthermore, given the exploding M2 growth of Russia and China, I doubt they wish to establish any serious multinational contender to the USD prior to WWIII.

Time is running short for this war and if these BRIC nations worked to establish any serious currency contender prior, they would only delay their buildup. For now, Russia and China will propagandize about their ambitions to fool the Western analysts.

United States, Inc. seems to be benefiting more than anyone else from Russian sanctions

Top 10 Countries with the Most Arable Land in the world (2019):

Rank Country Arable Hectares Arable Acres
1 United States 157,736,800 389,767,633
2 India 156,067,000 385,641,557
3 Russia 121,649,000 300,594,679
4 China 119,474,200 295,220,748
5 Algeria 75,050,017 185,448,592
6 Brazil 55,762,000 137,787,902
7 Nigeria 34,000,000 84,014,000
8 Ukraine 32,924,000 81,355,204
9 Argentina 32,632,760 80,635,550
10 Australia 30,573,000 75,545,883

The world’s top four food-producing countries—China, India, the U.S., and Brazil—share the advantages of large populations, ample land area, and climate zones suitable for growing a variety of crops.

-China is the world’s largest grain producer, yet has grown more dependent on food imports in recent decades.
-Much of India’s output is produced by subsistence farmers and consumed locally.
-The U.S. is the world’s top food exporter thanks to high crop yields and extensive agricultural infrastructure. Moreover, only a small fraction of America’s arable land is under cultivation. This may begin to change as Russia restricts exports to “non-friendly” nations. How auspiciously it works out for the United States….

So, let me get this straight; The U.S. is the world’s largest oil and gas producer, has the most arable land, and is already the largest exporter of food, and is a growing economic animal. As we can observe in the post-covid world, manufacturing capacity is streaming back into the U.S. as a result of the global instability; instability that its own government seems to be formulating. Do we need to really contemplate why the wealthy like Bill Gates are buying up farmland in North Dakota, which could be used to grow wheat?

On a trip a couple weeks ago across parts of the rural Shenandoah area of Virginia, I noticed a lot of wheat crops that were planted and harvested where I hadn’t seen them before. I observed at how much of the farmland was actually planted this year with the fungible commodity cash crops. It was wonderful to see such farming and agricultural activity, and it’s great to see these farmers finally seeing some profits at the expense of the rest of the world. It’s interesting that the United States seems to be benefitting from all this global instability. Is it by chance?  I Look for the dollar to remain well supported as the US fills the void that the Soviet Union leaves in global trade.

I hope the Soviet Union forces all its “unfriendly nations” to transact in rubles for all its commodities. The US will clean up.

As always, ZeroHedge fans and the alt-media followers are the suckers at the poker table. Nothing ever changes….

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26 thoughts on “A reader asks; Will Russia and the BRIC nations go to gold backing or provide a USD alternative?

  1. Chris is off his rocker again with more delusional analysis.

    Somehow Russia is the Soviet Union again! Oh no! Lenin and Stalin are back to invade the USA!

    What Chris doesn’t mention is that there is no Soviet Union and many of the European satellites of the Soviet Union are now NATO satellites right against the border of Russia.

    Do you not see the war in Ukraine Chris? Do you not see the coup that happened in 2014 that brought in the current Ukrainian government that is aligned with the West/NATO? Do you not see US taxpayer dollars being laundered over there? You do realize Ukraine was a former Soviet state right?

    Russia is now dealing with the Ukraine situation for 4 months and we are expecting them to be able to invade the US? LOL….with what Army? They can barely deal with a border conflict. They have a population that has been devastated after huge crises in the 20th century. They barely have a young population to fight anyone.

    The US can’t fight anyone as these clowns lose to goat herders and have transgendered homosexual sympathizers running the show. The USS Harvey Milk doesn’t inspire confidence Chris but perhaps you enjoy rooting for the homosexual diverse armies of the USSA. Enjoying your freedoms?

    On to China…..how is it their fault that our corporate and government leaders transferred our manufacturing base to them? It looks more like the USA problems are with traitorous leaders who have sold out the country but you seem to leave that out of your analysis. How exactly is China going to invade the US and take us over? I don’t see that in your analysis.

    Somehow the intelligence agencies are all working together and are going to turn us into a NWO one world government huh? What will be the mechanism for this?

    Somehow the US is benefiting from the global instability? What world are you living in? I wouldn’t say that a country that has institutionalized homosexuality, transgenders, etc. is a country benefiting from anything. The country has 30.5 Trillion in National Debt and somewhere above 100 Trillion or so in unfunded liabilities and climbing rapidly. The average person in the US is a debt peon in servitude to the banking cabal. Somewhere around 73% of US persons are either overweight or obese so not exactly a very healthy situation in the USA there Chris.

    But hey, you get off on being a slumlord so being the ruler of the slums must be great for someone like you!

    1. You’re reading too much Infowars and Zerohedge.

      I warned the readers not to pick sides. Your emotions cloud your better judgement.

      USA is a cesspool. So, how does that matter in my economic analysis? The US is doing very well relatively speaking.

      If I were to guess, I would have to say you’re like is frustrated, because the US is the best performing Western nation, and you observe the degeneracy, while seeing the obvious; there is no other Western country that is benefitting more from the Ukraine conflict than the US.

      That is the underlying theme in the alt-media. They can’t stand the obvious. The Soviet Union and Putin even know it. The CCP is sitting on its hands because it knows the obvious, the US is cleaning up. That’s why the dollar is surging. The ruble is rising from capital controls and government dictate. The USD is rising from the market figuring out what this blog already knows.

      1. “I warned the readers not to pick sides.” very good advice.
        Anything that happens seems to be pushed into left or right. If you read in the news about the parade shooter in Highland Park IL you will see some news outlets say he was a Trump supporter and some say he was a lefty Antifa supporter. crazy!

    2. bladerunner, maybe you just weren’t meant to know. At this late stage, you haven’t received the grace to put away your errors, and even rebuke those that are trying to open your eyes. Perhaps you are meant to be just another duped Republican to be cleaned up in the events to come. You won’t be the only one.

  2. The dollar is skyrocketing this AM. The world is figuring out what we already know. USDX above 106. America makes, the fragmented world takes.


    1. DJCI breaking below support on the daily and weekly charts. Is the fever breaking?

      One way to fight inflation in the US is to juice the dollar.

    2. Why does it seem the markets always start the day down only to be pumped up to break even or a little higher at the last 1/2 hour of the trading day?

      1. Perhaps there’s official intervention. I Think there’s official intervention in BTC as well. 20k seems to be the target for now. For a launching pad soon when the dollar weakens. Futures market is the tool, even for BTC.

        I think gold is an excellent deal here. My one concern is that we could see as blowoff of 115-120 on the USDX. Although few seem to be actually bearish on it or shorting it. Maybe the alt-finance is. Nibble at some Ag holdings.

        1. ISM and PMI data look stronger slight higher than consensus. JOLTS looks okay. Dollar likes the strong data. Over 107 on the USDX. Commods and stocks initially not happy.

  3. Is Saudi Arabia Exaggerating Its Oil Production Potential?

    By Simon Watkins – Jul 04, 2022, 6:00 PM CDT
    •For years, Saudi Arabia has made some pretty hefty claims about its oil potential.
    •It is becoming increasingly clear, however, that the Kingdom may be stretching the truth a little too far.
    •Analysts are now beginning to doubt that Saudi Arabia even has the reserves it says it has.


  4. More staged mass shootings to continue until the population is disarmed.

    1. They want to disarm us to get us ready to be handed over to the Russians and Chinese when they invade. The Russians and Chinese soldiers cannot beat us unless we are disarmed. DO NOT give up your guns. Any government that takes guns away from its citizens is an enemy government.

      Even if you do not have access to weapons just remember that God will protect his flock. It is ultimately God that will protect you. The guns will be another line of defense.

  5. I read an article from Mercola.com this morning and it was explaining how Russia was unintendedly benefiting while the US and West was losing and that all of the results were unintended mistakes by the West.

    But we know that there are no mistakes here and that while empowering the new Soviet Union by allowing it to make money from energy to feed its ongoing war machine, the war and its sanctions especially help US, Inc. more than anywhere else. While I just filled up my truck a couple days ago for 4.59/gal the same gas is over $8 in England.

    Russia cuts off supplies and America has the goods to replace. Both nations are building war machines and Russia needed the Western technology transfers to build up it’s industry over the past 30 years.

    As Russia has morphed into the reformed Soviet Union, it can take the rest of the Asian neighbors with it and China. The globalists built up the Soviet Union a hundred years ago, it is still working it today.

    Dr. Mercola should stick to medicine and stay away from the conspiracy sciences.

    Mercola is a new age practician, so he doesn’t get the objectives. While he sees mistakes, we see purpose and order.

    No mistakes here. Japheth needs to come together, and it is. The sides are purposely being drawn.

    I was intrigued by the recent polls in Russia that show a 70-75% approval rating for Putin in Russia. But then I read the poll was managed by the Kremlin. That’s just like the Soviet Union.

    Thanks ZeroHedge for your propaganda placement.

    Get ready for a bottoming in the asset markets. I am looking for partners in farmland. Anyone interested please contact me.

    Those who own the assets win in the new world order, whether it’s the US, or the Soviet Union and CCP China.

    1. I think AR is a good bet, as the home of wallyworld with its corporate army that will try to maintain growth to the death, just maybe not the literal ones of the customers. And OK oyl right there… Its gonna be like Publix and other retailers declining to poison the babies

  6. Sounds like a rock solid plan that is winning the hearts and minds of the ZeroHedge readers.

    Putin’s Ally On How To Force West To Negotiate — Position Hypersonic Missiles To Hit US In 5 Minutes


    Andrei Gurulyov, a crony of President Vladimir Putin and a Duma member, reportedly told Rossiya-1, that Russia should look to recreate the Cuban missile crisis. The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 saw the U.S. and the now-defunct Soviet Union prepping for nuclear missile attacks, the former positioning them in Italy and Turkey and the latter in Cuba.

    “The only way to bring the Western nations to the negotiation table is to launch a threat against Washington,” Gurulyov reportedly said. He recommended that Russia position hypersonic missiles close to the U.S. borders, “with a flight time of 5 minutes, maximum.”

    1. I wonder how many Zerohedge readers bought Bitcoin after its calls of a Western collapse with Russia flying higher.

    2. Is the CIA, MI6 and the rest of the ghouls, are they not using a border state on Russia to destabilize Russia? Yes. So I don’t blame the Russians for pushing back.

      1. Russia is complicit. The plan is to take down the West by any means. Re-read this website

      2. The objectives of these evil intelligence groups is to make sure the world is cleverly guided into the war outcome we enumerate on this site.

        That is the ultimate purpose behind the CIA, MI6, KGB etc etc. Make certain their owners can use them to guide the world into the NWO.

        Never take sides in these dialectic opposites. Once you identify with any one manufactured side, you lose all your objectivity.

        I will never succumb to the anti-West demoralizatiin tactics. My version of the USA is the original template according to the strict interpretation of the constitution. This is the Christian thing to do.

        It seems the alt-media no longer side with the West and its nations of origin, since it can no longer discern properly. The alt-media are a repurposed propaganda machine who dispense demoralizing double-mindedness.

      3. Understand this one point. Very important…

        Russia and China cannot subdue the West unless the West is demoralized, given up by the propaganda, and wicked. These intelligence groups, whether from Iran, India, Pakistan, new Soviet Union, or CCP China, are all working with the CIA and MI6 et al to give us the New World Order.

        For the NWO engineers, it’s great news and progress when they see the legacy patriot movement rallying for the enemy; believing the Soviet propaganda.

        The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (1999), Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia (2004), Albania and Croatia (2009), Montenegro (2017) and North Macedonia (2020) are all NATO members.

        From what I recall, Ukraine was not on tap to belong to NATO until your friend, Russia and Putin, invaded Ukraine. Previously it was not even on the table for any serious discussion. I feel sorry for Joe Ukraine who’s lost everything.

        If the Soviet Union invaded the US, the retarded patriots would be glued to the ZeroHedge propaganda in support of those Godly Soviet Russians freeing us from the Soros and Obama-led bondage.

        The West gave the Soviet Union Kaliningrad as a future launching point. Even after the phony fall of the Soviet Union, it kept it.

        In its zeal to see the enemy collapse, the over-vaccinated alt-media zombies are willing to slice their own throats.

        1. A glimpse of the delusion to come, leading up to the slaughter of what’s left of Christendom around the globe. The surviving zombies will join the enemy in the slaughter and cheerfully do so. WWIII will exceed WWII to a degree unthinkable to the common man.

  7. China Covid Outbreaks Widen as Mass Testing Turns Up More Cases
    Bloomberg News

    (Bloomberg) — China’s virus cases continued to climb over the weekend with hundreds of infections detected in Anhui province where two counties were already in lockdown.


    The CCP needs to get those Chinese working slaves under control before they start their military campaigns leading up to world war 3.

  8. Some 30 year old with 3.9 mm YouTube subscribers keeps preaching on the economic collapse. 3.9 mm suckers who cannot recognize the secular transformation of the new world order.

    For most people, their lives will be adversely affected, but for a carnival barker with 3.9mm YouTube subscribers, he’ll do very well. Same thing for the owners of Zerohedge. They make out like bandits whispering disingenuous evidence to the dumb masses.

  9. Federal oil and gas auction leases nearly 120,000 Wyoming acres, earns more than $13 million


    Ryan McConnaughey, director of communications for the Petroleum Association of Wyoming, said the sales were successful, and will inject needed funds into state coffers, in spite of Biden administration policies unfriendly to the oil and gas industry.

    Given companies’ uncertainty about the future of oil and gas leasing on federal lands, however, they “may have been less willing to take a risk on something that they didn’t have full comfort in,” leaving more parcels than usual without bids, McConnaughey said.

    Under past presidents, the BLM has held oil and gas lease sales four times per year, though the number, acreage and attractiveness of parcels varied, and the ups and downs in the oil and gas markets influenced what producers would buy and how much they were willing to spend.

    Traditional wisdom holds that, with today’s extraordinarily high oil and gas prices, producers should be snapping up new leases. But since the early months of the pandemic, when oil and gas prices tanked and many companies went under, those that survived have reacted more slowly to rising prices.

    Increased costs associated with supply chain issues and labor shortages remain a deterrent. As does companies’ distrust of President Biden.

    The oil and gas industry maintains that the federal government is required by law to hold lease sales at least four times annually, and the Biden administration five-quarter-long delay — which officials say was necessary to complete court-ordered environmental analyses — was unnecessary and therefore illegal.

    McConnaughey said the significant bids on certain parcels, “really shows some pent-up demand for some of these leases.”

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