A response to a reader; Did I just turn bearish on the dollar?

    USDX since 1993; Despite calls to the contrary,the United States economy has been performing relatively well when compared to the other developed nations. The strength of the USD reflects this.

Hi Chris! Now de dollar is dead? what difference from last year…


With regards to my last post, Investment update; A reader asks about investment ideas and strategies for the future, I was speaking hypothetically here. I was merely attempting to address the reader’s concerns about a “dollar collapse.” In fact, I don’t see a dollar collapse in the way most in the alt-space imagine it anytime soon. For instance, I look at the metals this morning as well as stocks and cryptos, and the dollar is surging against them. If asset prices are struggling that means the currency in which it’s priced is moving higher.

While the dollar may be collapsing, so to speak, all the currencies are collapsing together, so as to mask their demise; and this includes the Russian ruble and Chinese yuan. I mentioned real estate as an example in the post. If a person were attempting to navigate a dollar collapse it would affect housing price income multiples and capitalization rates based in dollars.

Unfortunately, for those who don’t own underlevered assets, the whole central banking concept on the individual national level is collapsing by plan and will wipe them out. From the ashes, and like a phoenix, I surmise the answer will be a much larger international central bank similar to the ECB, but for the world. Virtually all will lose out in some way, most more than the few.

Have you ever been to Denver?

The only way the synagogue of Satan can toss the American constitution and its financial sovereignty into the trash bin of history is by diluting, polluting, and finally humiliating the amoral masses through a manufactured nuclear war. The first two objectives have clearly been achieved; only the nuclear take out awaits. This is the humiliating force majeure that will kill many Americans and topple the dollar as the global reserve. EMPs and nuclear humiliation are up next for Americans.

I observe how Americans so easily succumb to the trauma-based mind control of the covid scam, fake racism, staged terror attacks like 9/11 and the Texas shooting, open borders in the name of humanitarianism, and the green energy fallacy, and know the adversary can essentially pull the plug any time. I have friends who think I am political whenever I talk about such issues, so I am convinced the goose is finally cooked. With that said, the USD still serves a vital function in the wealth and power consolidation of our adversary. Thus, the dollar reigns supreme (for now).

Back to my financial thoughts, I even suspect SF homes will soon get hit as well, and will unwind some of the gains from the past year or two. They will still be at a higher level, and unaffordable based on mortgage rates, but perhaps knocked down a notch. Higher rent rolls will mitigate the damage that has been inflicted on the other asset classes, but the Americans need to be humiliated, especially the white Americans, whose forefathers founded this nation. This will all crescendo this decade; the last full decade before Jesus’s return.

For now, the dollar is still the go-to in times of trouble. Just look at Au and Ag this morning. Yesterday, silver looked like it was going to drop below 20 and I made that observation in the comments section.

Anyway, the USD will hold up well given America’s energy resources, ingenuity, and industrial capabilities. A Republican government could really flip that equation nicely. Anything but the current regime in power.

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8 thoughts on “A response to a reader; Did I just turn bearish on the dollar?

  1. A few random thoughts…

    – Research the Denver airport. Apparently it is pre-planned to be some type of base or capital after the reset. True story: The sculptor who created the demon horse pictured here was killed by the statue itself. (You can’t make up shizz this good…) The place is absolutely teeming with SOS, Masonic and NWO imagery and inscriptions.

    – I’ve been telling my dollar bear friends for YEARS the the USD would hold up. My reasoning- it is the least worst alternative among the global fiat currencies. One day it will end, but as Maverick said (hah) not today sir.

    – BRICS are forming their gold-back currency unit. Probably the main reason Russia and China have been stockpiling physical gold for years. I think it’s a good time to buy gold/silver mining stocks. Secular lows and all upside from here.

    – Brandon can’t last another 6 months, his functional capacity is so degraded. That would make the cackling communist hyena President by the 25th amendment or a resignation. If you think things are bad now…

    – I think the US will Balkanize over the next 10 years or so. That will make it much more vulnerable. Not sure Russia or China will ever even need to physically invade. Why bother? We are full-blown Marxist already- media, academia, deep state, good portion of elected officials, etc. “We will take you without firing a shot.” – Kruschev. I assume the demonization of Russia is b/c the cards have been set to co-operate/capitulate to China. China’s not practicing military imperialism- they are taking over countries and even continents (Africa) economically with ‘trade agreements’, lending, and funding infrastructure. Russia is not 1/3 the superpower or potential China is. Russia just has long borders with Europe as its primary threat/advantage.

    Just my thoughts. This is all a very inexact ‘science’.

  2. Chris
    I agree that the US Dollar will not collapse soon. While the world economy and world society are going to the toilet, the USA is the best game in town and the USD is the least bad currency in the world. I feel the the USA will eventually fall, however it will be the last to fall. The Synagogue of Satan is going after the much easier targets in the rest of the world and leaving the harder targets for last.
    There is still a few years to make hay in the USA. This week’s actions are a lesson NOT to put a lot of your wealth in precious metals and crypto.

    I majored in economics in college just like you. However what I learned is now garbage because the economic models in school assume a free market economy of willing buyers and sellers and a fairly equal balance of control between the buyers and sellers.
    In todays world that could not be further from the truth. We are really dealing with a dictatorial socialist economy where the wealthy up top control most of the market while pretending to us that this is a free market economy . In addition there are government mandates telling us what to buy and sell such as requiring health insurance ,vaccines, and other costly regulations. The government also tells us what to produce and not produce as well as confiscate some of our earnings. We really should look at mideival feudalistic economies to really figure this out.

    Only by praying to God and through the Holy Spirit can we understand what is happening behind the scenes and make informed investment decisions. God always gives us what we need.

  3. Not so shock poll….

    SHOCK POLL: Nearly 3 in 10 Americans Believe It May ‘Soon Be Necessary to Take Up Arms’ Against the Government


    As Americans prepare to celebrate our nation’s founding in a few days, the country is more divided than ever, with a recent poll revealing troubling signs of dissatisfaction and unrest — including a stunning number across partisan lines who believe it may “soon be necessary to take up arms” against the government.

    The online poll was conducted for The University of Chicago Institute of Politics by Republican pollsters Neil Newhouse and Joel Benenson with a sample size of 1,000 registered voters across the United States during the period of May 19-23, 2022. The margin of error was +/- 3.53%, and the following demographic criteria were considered:

    Quotas were set for gender, region, age, ethnicity, and education. Modest weighting was also applied to these same variables upon completion of interviewing based on demographic information available from the Census. Modest weighting was also applied by 2020 Presidential vote to match the national election results.

    The poll, according to a summary memo, was intended to “probe polarization and its relationship to the news sources upon which Americans rely in a fractionated media environment,” and Newhouse and Berenson wrote that the results showed “not only the growing divides we have witnessed in recent years but strong sentiments that the majority of media outlets contribute to these divisions by intentionally misleading their audiences to promote a political point of view.”

  4. It does appear they are getting ready for another big event. I thought they would push it out 2025-2030. I think it will be nuclear, however it will be staged. There will be a few big explosions but with regular bombs in mostly abandoned or low populated areas, farm land, desert, etc. They will declare marshall law and shut Everything down this time, and it will be Everything. Covid lockdowns were a trial run leaving essential services running. There will be riots and people will kill others. After 4-6 months they will start with the propaganda, that we were attacked but our military decided not to retaliate and agreed to accept minimal damages. Then reopen to a new world order were by participating in it will require adhering to strict government policies, embracing CBDC and poverty.

    How’s that for some doom n gloom.

    1. Maybe that’s why the billionaires are buying up farmland. Staged explosions and claims of no food to usher in Marshall law under the pretense of famine.

    2. Pretty gloomy. I saw a movie in 1991 that really left an impression on me as a young man. I bought a copy a few years ago and still watch it every once in a while. Great soundtrack. Here is a short trailer, the movie is called “Until The End of The World”. We were blown away by the tech in the movie that is ubiquitous now.


      I don’t doubt the nuke angle, but I always pictured the end being EMP – intentional or accidental.

    3. I don’t know if the synagogue is ready for martial law, but circumstances are coming together. When the streets here are in turmoil, Russia and China will strike. The synagogue wants to make sure that the remnant as I described it in the past will be totally ineffectual.

      The time of Jacob’s trouble…. Coming soon. For the unjabbed, we will live to see it.

      If you end up on a red flag list, there goes your guns. Be prepared to give up everything except your guns.

      The dumb Christians don’t know what’s coming to their towns.

    4. If there is to be a nuclear (or near nuclear) attack, then imo it could be disguised as an asteroid or comet. Nasa made news recently about their fake (imo) James Webb telescope; and there’s been numerous propaganda pieces about “near misses” of asteroids, and several movies of an upcoming comet strike + martial law.

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