An email from a subscriber; A pro-vaxx doctor is reaping what he sowed

Just say no

I just wanted to pass along this email I received from a gentleman who goes by “AA.” AA had been strongly urged by his doctor to receive all the jabs, but by the grace of God and with the gift of discernment that only the Holy Ghost can provide Jesus’s sheep, AA refused to relent.  This is what AA wrote:

Re: My sports OD got cancer after masking and vaxxing

“Medicine in Motion is permanently closed and the office will be vacated by the end of June. My occupational disability and malpractice policies prohibit me from continuing to practice any longer ”

” I’ve begun my neoadjuvant chemotherapy at Scripps and this will go on for 3 months, followed by a month of observation. If it appears successful, then major surgery will follow (along with all of the joys THAT will bring….). I’m tolerating the chemo (unfortunately, the money that I’m saving on haircuts (bye-bye curls for now) is being diverted to gasoline!”

AA then adds;

I refused his recommendations for injecting poison and self-suffocation, so I am healthy. So sad that a truly great orthopedic OD was duped by Rockefeller allopathic medicine, false germ theory, and fraudulent virus and vaccine narratives to the point he self-exterminated.

The only way to cure a disease is to REVERSE the factors that caused it. Consuming more poison fails to do that. Everyone who believes consuming and injecting poisons “stimulates” your body to heal has been deluded by the world system. MDs cannot cure any disease because they cannot even cure their own diseases. Several of my tenants were MDs that died 20 years younger than my family does.

So there you have it; another talented individual who is on his way to self-extermination with his life ruined forever. I know of a growing number of individuals who are now facing similar circumstances and will suffer the same fate as AA’s ex-doctor. All the while they are deluding themselves into believing the lie. Here’s the worst aspect of all this; IQ level does not seem to have any bearing on one’s choice to get jabbed.

The patriots and Alex Jones can now throw Donald Trump under the bus, since Ron DeSantis is the new champion of the dumbed-down patriot movement. Trump served his function as the false opposition to the covid jab campaign. Trump received his $200 million payout earlier last year and can now walk into the sunset, soon to be forgotten by Alex Jones and Mike Adams.

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10 thoughts on “An email from a subscriber; A pro-vaxx doctor is reaping what he sowed

  1. Richmond and Dallas Fed numbers this morning look bleak. Definitely lower than expected on all fronts. TX services numbers sharply lower.

  2. AA is confirming what I am witnessing with vaccinated people. The CPA I work for got his fourth round of the Covid Vaccines before Memorial Day. He still makes snide comments about my refusal to get vaccinated. Here is a list of his health problems that started since his first vaccination:

    1) Dizzy spells

    2) Lack of energy/ lack of motivation

    3) Feeling overall lousy

    4) I also see signs that he has heart issues

    5) He has greater lack of focus and cannot concentrate on anything.

    He was only working half speed this last tax season so many more clients were put on extension. He usually plays on a baseball team in the spring and summer. He gave that up this year because he is feeling really lousy and that is his pride and joy. I feel his recent health problems are comeuppance for calling me a Nazi for refusing the Vax.

    I have noticed several of his clients suddenly retiring from their work and I presume they are all vaccinated because in the Boston area where his office is just about everyone is vaccinated.

    My 14 yo grandniece who is triple vaccinated has suddenly lost most of her spunk and suddenly has become very indecisive and lacks focus. She also suddenly lost interest in just about everything she used to be interested in.

    My cousin who was always a female and was somewhat of an independent feminist now suddenly wants to be a man. She took the Moderna vaccine by the way which has the strongest side effects.

    I can’t help but notice that all the vaccinated people now have less motivation and suddenly less energy as well as being more withdrawn and spacey.

    If you want to keep your relationship with Jesus and care about your health then STAY AWAY from any Covid Vaccines. They won’t kill you right away but they WILL kill your soul and shorten your life. These shots WILL cut you off from God . I predict that within two years most of the vaccinated people will be dead or suffer serious health complications.

  3. Remember why you and I are on this planet. If you don’t make it, everything that you ever did will mean absolutely nothing.

    Hell is real. I am not going there. Please share the Gospel with everyone. It would be such a sad waste to not make it.

    1. Amen Chris
      Hell is definitely real. I have read about near death experiences where the dying person was sent to hell. It was God’s way to show them to change their life or they will be there facing eternal torture.

      People need to understand the Gospel, however, most won’t but a few will.

      1. God showed me a vision of it on December 8, 2003. Told me I was going there and the truth was nowhere to be found except in the Bible. Couldn’t sleep for weeks. Changed me forever.

  4. Ron Desantis is not… be trusted either. I honestly believe every single one of them including Ron and Rand Paul are given their daily Scripts. This is what….your gonna say and do or else…just as Joan Rivers went off Script

    1. “I honestly believe every single one of them including Ron and Rand Paul are given their daily Scripts.”

      On the surface, anyways, this appears to be painfully true about Ron Paul.

      Soros inside Ron Paul’s (controlled opposition) Presidential campaign??
      This 2011 forum guy did A LOT of research putting this together.
      This is also very prescient concerning current geopolitical events.

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